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The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 28: Audio Evidence and Deadly Force

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One of the most venerable lawyer’s aphorisms goes something like this:

If the facts and the law are against you, attack the police.

This is almost exclusively the province of defense lawyers as it is assumed—and virtually always the case—that the prosecution has the very great advantage of having the facts and the law on its side. There should be no arrests and prosecutions otherwise.  But this is not at all the case in the George Zimmerman prosecution.  Not only are the law and the facts aligned against the prosecution, so are the police.

It is always the defense seeking to establish reasonable doubt about the prosecution’s case.  In the Trayvon Martin case, it is the prosecution seeking to establish reasonable doubt about the case of the investigating police!  It is difficult to explain precisely how unusual and downright strange this is.  The prosecution is  in the position of arguing…

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18 thoughts on “The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 28: Audio Evidence and Deadly Force

  1. Here I go again.. overwhelming myself.. . following there and here but don’t want to miss a thing so close to trial.

      • Our community continues to grow as word gets out. So far, we are getting the cream of the crop.. only the best. Such a great job, Nettles, in the growth of this blog and keeping it clean. We are one of a kind.

        • The compliments goes to those who post here. I spend more time learning about wordpress and no time moderating the blog. Excellent job everyone!

          Together, may we show the State of Florida, it’s not ok to do what they are doing to George Michael Zimmerman. We will do what we can to expose the games and level the playing field. Give this man a fair trial.

          • We are self moderating . . . we can leave you to figure out how to increase the font size in the comments section.

  2. I must attend to my Mother. I made my blog private as I can not attend to it. Forge ahead and I will be following as closely as I can. God Bless, Danny

      • Danny: I do not know you very well but I have read your comments so I know who you are and that you are respected here. I just wanted to say, I can partially identify with your plight as I have a similar situation with my own Mama. I wish only the best for you and her.

  3. Update: The appearance as well as comment behavior varies greatly from one web browser to the next.

    Reply to a comment on a Mac in Firefox and you will be returned to your comment to confirm it was posted accurately. That is NOT the case in Safari.

    However, font size when making comments continues to be way too small to read with serious eye strain in all browsers I have tried.

    That said, if I break my eyes, would that be grounds for a law suit? You do know about broken eyes, right?

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