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May 17, 2013 – Open Thread

Justice for GeorgeJack Cashill “To convict an innocent man of murder, the prosecutors will have to deny him a  fair trial. Apparently, they are prepared to do just that.”

Thanks to Cboldt’s Post yesterday, I expect we will hear around 10:30am the 5th DCA’s decision on whether Mr. Crump  will be deposed by the Defense .  So far, with 104 votes, 67% think the defense will get the chance and 33% think they won’t.

Once the decision is known, we will see the defense file a motion to allow a continuance of the trial.  We’ve seen some hints the defense wants more time to investigate some leads and they want to find an expert to challenge Mr. Reich’s report if the Judge allows his testimony.  Judge Nelson has the choice to allow Reich’s opinion and give the continuance or go ahead with her much desired trial date and strike the expert testimony about whose voice is screaming on a tape that even the FBI said is too poor of quality to get an accurate decision.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be removed.  If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life.  Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

If you’d like to share something privately, you can email me at nettles@bell.net

For those who can, please use the link at the top of the page to make a donation to the defense fund.  Watch out for fake donations accounts and if you come across any, be sure to notify the defense team.  Thank you for helping.


103 thoughts on “May 17, 2013 – Open Thread

  1. I really wish sundance would shut his piehole about “the identitiy of Francine”. He has caused enough grief for the defense already with Bernie’s endless moronic arm flapping rants about the treehouse doxing the wrong dee dee. What if sundance dropped the ball AGAIN and once again has the wrong person. We don’t need Bernie flapping away weeks away from the trial telling the media the defense’s “surrogoate” has “done it again”

    • I won’t argue tactics, but the whole ‘DeeDee’ construct has been under my skin since its revelation. I’d just like this incredible W-8 fabrication and miscarriage of justice – in my opinion – to be revealed in a way that helps George, i.e., justice.

      • I feel MOM/West are getting to most of the facts concerning DD. I read, can’t remember where, MOM/West know who Francine is & that’s the most important thing to the case, whether SD knows who she is or not isn’t important though it may be of interest to bloggers imo. BDLR sat through the deposition where Francine was exposed by DD, BDLR knew who Francine was, BDLR would have given instructions to have plane reservations made for DD & Francine, the State paid their way to Jacksonville.

        If a chain is as strong as its weakest link, imo, DD is clearly the weakest link in the States case.

        • Without Witness 8 and Sybrina saying the voice on the 911 call is Martin, the state’s case is based on the same evidence that SPD gathered. Using only the evidence that SPD gathered, Serino had to invent a legal theory that assigns culpability to a person that could have stopped the chain of events, in order to recommend the State Attorney file charges.

          Just saying, not only is Witness 8 the weakest link, IMO, it is the only link.

          West made the remark that the defense knows who Francine is, during examination by O’Mara at the May 10th hearing.

          The state’s withholding of Witness 8’s address and other identifying information from the defense is hinky as all getout. The defense has never been a vector for leakage to the public, and Lester’s order said NOTHING that gave the state the right to wihhold information from the defense on witness protection grounds. That Nelson construed the order in such a fashion makes me think that Nelson knows the state’s case depends on preventing certain details from being revealed.

    • If it hadn’t been CTH, it would have been some other blog. There is no way to stop informed speculation, and informed speculation is frequently wrong. The item at risk is public identification of witnesses and players, and that’s the only thing at risk. It’s not as though, assume there is no informed speculation getting under Bernardo’s skin, he would publish the identity of the players. The state has an independent reason for its secrecy, and it’s the state’s own secrecy that causes the informed speculation.

      O’Mara doesn’t have to, and as far as I know he hasn’t spent any energy defending CTH, or taking action to remedy damage caused by CTH. I’m hard pressed to find any damage caused by the CTH, other than damage to itself.

        • No harm to the defense, and if CTH is wrong, then the speculation doesn’t hurt the state, either. I suppose, if by “hurt,” you sweep in the fact that Bernardo is upset, then I’ll agree that CTH hurt the state. I was thinking of “hurt” in a more narrow sense, that of affecting the outcome of the investigations and trial.

        • I can’t imagine Bernie doing the CTH nonsense in the trial in front of a jury, Are the jury going to be avid bloggers or woud even understand the sly reference? If he does, he is even dumber then most think he is. We are dealing with serious charges here not how many DDs. It is enough that that she was caughr in a low level lie which cast a doubt on her and her testimony. SD is a free agent on his own blog and at least not hiding his blog from the bright light of sunshine nor are Zimmerman supporters scurrying into the walls to hide, I think we got the Traybots on the run.

          • The only use CTH has been for Bernardo is to cast general aspersions against Zimmerman supporters, and to insult O’Mara. His only “hooks” have been the doxing of a deedee, which, as O’Mara pointed out, the state (and not O’Mara) had the keys to correct the CTH error.

            Once the trial is underway, all the arguments for witness secrecy, even the bogus ones, go away. I don’t see Bernardo get any traction out of insulting O’Mara. What’s he going to say in open court, “Where’d you get your law degree, a Cracker Jack box?”

            The conduct of the state and the courts in this case has been despicable. If it had a righteous case and acted juvenile, that would be one thing. Here, the state knows it is railroading a person whose use of force was justified, and is capitulating to the mob. The lesson is, if you want state action in your favor, form a mob.

    • The fact is that the media, in general, has kept its collective head in the sand about salient facts in this case. The media has shown little investigative curiousity and has been content to piggyback the Crump/Julison narrative.

      BDLR, in singling out CTH, probably has made a mistake. If this goes to trial, some media focus will be directed to CTH as the media is in a constant search for “new angles”.

      Such focus would be a double-edged sword.

      On one hand, the incredible collective efforts of the Treepers to analyze, dissect, and uncover evidence will subject the Crump/Julison narrative to overdue scrutiny.

      On the other hand, the racially blunt tenor of many discussion threads at CTH will be used to cloud the remarkable e-sleuthing that has taken place there over the past year and a half.

      Crump and Co. have had a free ride for months and months in crafting and disseminating their faulty narrative. CTH, let by Sundance, has at least put facts, and exposed relationships, out in the public arena that would otherwise have remain buried.

      • If the press decides to do an expose on CTH, I predict the expose will be one-sided against the CTH. The press would cite only the comments that can be spun as racist, and errors in conclusion.

        The press is deeply invested in protecting itself, and it will dig in just as hard as the state will, to preserve the narrative that it created in the first place.

        I’m a big proponent of free-wheeling discussion and debate, and appreciate CTH and other places that analyze and argue over the evidence. I don’t expect the bloggers to necessarily get it right, and there are quite a few instances where I have sharp disagreement; just like there are quite a few instances where I have sharp disagreement with the established press. My attitude is that finding “the truth” requires personal effort. No source should be taken as unquestionably reliable. Years ago, the press was uniformly biased, and the readers knew it. One paper took one side, the other paper took the opposite. Readers took in both, and had to make up their own minds. With the advent of radio and later teevee, the press started to spin a fiction that it was objective. And now, here we are. The press is a pack of liars, and a good chunk of the public either doesn’t know, or doesn’t care; or (even worse) actually expects that the function of the press requires that it (the press) be honest and objective.

    • The Treehouse didn’t “dox” anyone, nor did the Treehouse even “out” anyone. If I recall correctly, it was the Global Grind (or some similar outfit, PuffHo, even?) that first published an identity.

      Furthermore, even if the Treehouse had been the first to publish her identity, she isn’t a minor, and was not a minor at the time of the altercation. She has no special expectation of privacy.

      The non-outing of non-covert Valerie Plame was a bigger deal than the (mis)identification of Witness 8.

      • What I don’t get is if this was the wrong girl why didn’t anyone speak up for her?

        It was irresponsible of the Martin/Fulton team to allow it to stand. I recall tweets by Natalie Jackson saying how awful it was to have this girl outed but she never hinted it was the wrong girl.

        Something is off with that. If the State or the family’s legal team knew the wrong girl had been identified, they should have corrected the record. We have all kinds of signs they knew about it and didn’t correct the record. I don’t get it.

        • NatJack and the Scheme Team never cared for correcting erroneous information, in fact they were the providers of most of it. They only cared about gaining enough sympathy for TM so that there would be an arrest.

          The family knew from the very beginning that TM precipitated the incident, but they have tried successfully, I may add to turn the innocent actions of GZ into something illegal and deserving a conviction.

          It has been actions of the bloggers like the CTH and others whose skepticism and doggedness did not allow the Narrative to consume the facts of the case.

          For any Trayvonites that may happen to stop by this blog, I have a question; If the prosecution is so righteous, and has all the evidence it says it has to convict, why are they so determine to cast doubt of GZ’s story, while hiding anything to do with TM?

          Such tactics would not be needed unless your case is so weak, that you feel you need to destroy the other side to have a chance.

          • boricuafudd – you are exactly correct. BDLR didn’t give a rats ass about the PUBLIC LYNCHING OF GZ! The State allowed Crump/Sybrina/TracyNatty Jack & others PROMOTING the racial agenda, making the MEDIA BLITZ & LYING to the public!


            There were 2 shots (LOL, W-5, NUT JOB Cutcher even promoted their theory)
            GZ ran after TM hunting him like a dog
            GZ running with his gun in position to shoot TM
            TM was murdered for the color of his skin

            The HATE is still promoted everyday, JUST read the comments at OS, the most hate filled morons that think GZ deserves to die, have already convicted him, & their latest theory is that John, W-6 will be charged WITH PERJURY! The OS CONDONES the hate filled comments not based in reality.

            GZ HATERS have speculated about EVERYTHING since this case began, HATE FILLED BLOGS are too numerous to list. Even though Discovery didn’t support their LIES, they just ignored it or SPUN it to fit their agenda.

            • Art,
              “you are exactly correct. BDLR didn’t give a rats ass about the PUBLIC LYNCHING OF GZ! The State allowed Crump/Sybrina/TracyNatty Jack & others PROMOTING the racial agenda, making the MEDIA BLITZ & LYING to the public!”

              I don’t know if they know or cared but by allowing rhetoric to go unchallenged and continuing with this prosecution they have set themselves up for failure of the worst kind. A GZ conviction will set a precedent that they will have to deal with for years to come. An acquittal after setting the bar so high, and not correcting the record while they had a chance and the coming disturbances(riots) will be on them.

              The State and the Media allowed this to go this far, now everyone will have to pay the consequences. I hope that I am wrong, and cooler heads will prevail, but so far I have not seen any indication of that.

            • I am curious as to how they explain this happening in those TWO minutes (estimated) that no one else witnessed.

              GZ was hunting for blacks to kill. When he spotted Martin, he chased him down and shot him like a rabid dog. Was there time to do all that they claim happened? Rhetorical question but do they have a time line or blow by blow account before the first witness NEN call and after George’s NEN call ended?

              I would really like to see it, if they do.

      • Keeping in mind that Bernardo’s dictionary is not the same as the one the rest of use, he may see the speculation of witness 8 ID in whatever thread was loaded with twitters and teehees purported to come from Witness 8 (daisha? I forget the name and handle that was claimed to be Witness 8), amounts to doxing Witness 8.

        You brought up Plame – the way the leaker law at 5 USC is set up, there is no requirement to be the first leaker in order to be charged. Just saying, if Bernardo did have a righteous complaint about a witness being outed, the fact that some other outfit outed first isn’t much help, if the goal is to limit the extent of public knowledge. Anyway, the Libby case wasn’t about outing, it was about giving false statements to investigators; and identification of witnesses in this case is restricted in order to keep the Martin forces from intimidating Zimmerman witnesses. Pro-Martin witnesses don’t need any protection, you could ask Cutcher about that.

        If she was age 16, I don’t think Witness 8 deserves or needs any particular protection from publicity. She’s not charged with a criminal act, no stigma attaches to her for being a witness.

          • I think BDLR know exactly what doxing is, but is counting on the rest not to know the difference. He is doing the same with much of the events, take profiling, getting out of the car, for instance. He is counting on the general ignorance of the law to poison the jury and stack the deck.

            • Yes. He is being deliberately deceitful. One of his tools is to stretch the meaning of words, hence my remark that his dictionary is different. That writing by Witness 8 or Francine or whoever, he caller it a “letter.” It’s not a “letter” by any normal construction of that word.
              Not that the difference in that case matters (much), but it’s a sign of his deceitful nature.

              • I was trying hard to give him the benefit of the doubt but reading his motions dated May 10th leaves no doubt. He knows he’s trying to convict a guy who acted in self-defense.

          • From my understanding the proper use of the term doxing refers to the release of personal information for purposes of witness intimidation so technically what Bernie suggests would be correct under that definition…….IF it were the “correct dee dee”. However since the scheme team mislead the public regarding the identity of “the wrong dee dee” she is NOT actually a witness, therefore no doxing occured

            • Since I have publicly supporting George online I have had my home address and phone number posted online 9 times by Traynuts, I have had my personal health information posted online by the traynuts (I have epilepsy), I have had an appellate decision relating to my divorce posted online by the traynuts (there was a paternity issue), I have had letters sent to former employers by Traynuts, my family members facebook inboxes have been flooded with hate messages from traynuts, and I have had the Traynuts call the local police, state police, and fbi on me numerous time……this is the degree of insanity the martins and scheme team have whipped up in our country…..all for personal financial gain

              • The people who are harrassing you are emotionally invested. My guess is they get paid nothing. They get satisfaction out of ruining others, and they probably feel smugly proud of what they’re doing.

            • What evidence is there that the purpose of revealing the information on the falsely-suspected DeeDee was intimidation? I don’t think that was the purpose at all. The purpose was to question her credibility by showing inconsistencies between the W8 interviews and her public comments. It she had been the correct DeeDee, the point would have been entirely proper to make.

  2. For those who are not aware Judge Nelson gets reversed a whole lot. When she was first assigned to the case I did just some really quick research and found something like a dozen reversals in only about 15 minutes time.

    • captain – I wonder if reversals may be why Judge N is only going to do Civil Cases after this case. It sucks she will be the Judge in the GZ vs NBC.

    • jordan2222 – I had a fantasy the decision might have been posted after 12:00 but it wasn’t. Hopefully the decision will come later today. Enquiring mind can’t sleep tonight!

  3. The city of Sanford is making final preparations for the George Zimmerman trial, which residents say is a critical moment for their city.

    Residents tell Local 6 the Zimmerman trial goes beyond 17-year-old Trayvon Martin’s death and that a lot is on the line with Zimmerman’s fate.


    imo, its scary that some of these people could have gotten a jury notice.

    • In that video snippet, the justification for continuance is to prepare rebuttal to Reich. As Nettles points out, Nelson can give the defense what it seeks either by excluding Reich, or by granting a continuance. I don’t assume a continuance is in the cards, as the law that acts to exclude Reich’s testimony is fairly clear cut. I don’t think the state will raise more than a perfunctory objection to the exclusion of Reich.

      It is also within Nelson’s power to deny the defense both exclusion of Reich, and time to prepare rebuttal. Bernardo made a point that the defense hasn’t even taken the time to depose the state’s experts, and Nelson has, in the past, ruled against the defense on the basis that the defense didn’t act diligently even though it had months of time to depose the witnesses or holder of evidence (FDLE, for example). The fact that Reich’s report is “late” doesn’t matter (and it doesn’t matter, in fact), IF the expert was made known to the defense months ago. I don’t know for a fact that Reich and H&H were made known to the defense months ago, just saying, IF they were, then it undercuts O’Mara’s motion for continuance based on late disclosure of the experts’ reports.

  4. Anyone else find it odd that the chief nutjob in the Treehouse chose to only release half to two thirds of his thousand page MD-SPD FOIA. SUndance definitely has an agenda and has really become more of a liability than an aid to the defense.

    • I think you need to lay off Sundance. You may not like some of his theories, and there have certainly been personal disagreements. I wish he were less harsh toward O’Mara sometimes, and I certainly don’t like the way things ended up between him and Nettles, but that “chief nutjob” has done more to help George Zimmerman than anyone in the blogosphere. It’s laughable to say that him doxing Francine will hurt George.

      I do not believe Nettles intends this to be an anti-Sundance rant page. It’s fine to say you disagree or you’re withholding judgment about his latest theory or that you think he’s just plain wrong, but nutjob? No, that’s over the top and wrong.

      • People posting here are free to express their views about Sundance and his blog. I have spoken with Captain Long on many occassions about the name calling of anyone connected with the case. We have agreed to disagree on the matter. He wants to express his displeasure this way. I’ve told him when I read an insult, I skip his post entirely.

        Sundance himself, resorts to name-calling and I think takes away from the message. One moment I was insightful and articulate, next minute I was an apologist liberal prog.

        I see myself as a contributor to the CTH. Just the George Zimmerman threads. I never read any of the other threads so I can’t speak to what gets posted there. I believe almost everyone who posts here, has posted there on the George Zimmerman threads. When and if the media does attack the blog, we shoud all be defending what occurred there. As I have stated many times, you can’t put a GZ supporter into one descriptor. We come from different countries, different politics, different races, different income levels, different ages, different life experiences.

        Collectively, by and large, I saw a group of people trying to find the truth b/c the media showed no interest. They decided early to run Mr. Crump’s lies in the press and not challenge them. The grieving parents used their grief to keep the reporters from asking questions about the mountain of inconsistent statements given by the family. For a family that went so public, a great deal about them still remains unknown. Most in the public would be surprised to learn Trayvon has at least one biological sister and a couple of step-sisters.

        Sundance wrote to us that he was certain that his post telling us who W8 was correct. When we learned that W8 was 18 years old, Sundance again was adamant. He knew who the girl was who Mr. Crump interviewed on March 19th but he is not sure who BDLR interviewed on April 2nd. Now we read he is certain he knows who the March 19th girl is but it’s not the person he allowed to be posted in Update #10. These girls are minors and great care must be taken. I don’t want any part of outing these kids. I’m confident that GZ’s team is on it and if there is something there, we’ll know it soon.

        As to Captain Long’s name-calling, I’ve witnessed first hand the harassment and vile comments that have been directed at him by those who project themselves as Trayvon Martin Supporters. Captain Long has been forthcoming in private groups about his life and unfortunately, those who want to hurt have posted some pretty intimate stuff about Captain Long’s life and relatives. So I do give him understanding in hitting back. I too have been harassed and threatened once. I chose to handle it differently.

        What I see on the blogs, facebook groups and twitter is a group of people who think George Zimmerman is being railroaded. We all have an opinion on how to stop this injustice. I see a strong desire to get it right. When someone posts something as fact, many rightly so demand proof and links to sources.

        I think we need to keep the media honest. When we see something reported that we know is wrong, write the reporter and see if you can’t get it corrected. Be Polite. Post facts in the comment sections of the local stories so readers get the facts.

        My agenda is transparent. I want to help George Zimmerman fight the injustice that is taking place right now. Self-Defense is not a crime and the evidence showed it. Feel free to posts links here that help participants get the information. If you want to be read, keep the insults to a minimum.

        • well, nutjob is kinda mild, doncha think? we have all been called much worse. LOL!

          again, we can disagree with ideas, but to attack personally is not really productive, is it?

            • HI Jordan!!! I been trying to keep up 🙂 . Been really busy with my 4 grandbabies.. loving every minute of it! Hope your doing well!!! enjoy reading on these now, MANY blogs, I feel we are all long distance family, been together so to speak for a good while (sadly) now. Even in families, we dont always agree, but there is always a common thread/bond. We all have that with this case. Have an awesome weekend my friend!!!

              • Maybe TOO MANY blogs. I cannot keep up so I pretty much live here and visit Dman when he has something to say. I ALWAYS listen to DMan, more so now than ever. Between Nettles and Dman, I hear all I need to hear.

                😀 😀 😀

                • Nettles, Dman, TH and Rumpole, thats all I read, and LOL thats ALOT, when trying to stay caught up 🙂 Yep I really enjoy Nettles and Dman too!!!!

                  • I need to get back over to RT. For some odd reason, I have had log in issues and after correcting that I do not get notifications of replies even though I subscribe. I am sure it is my own damn fault. 😀

    • if she were racially biased as alleged, then that might work in gz’s favor, if he were considered white! maybe she is pretending she is going along with the defense and then is going to spring the big one!

  5. WOW just took a trip into the Trayvon twilight zone and the spin on the H & H report is that the numbering sequence for the 16 cries do not necessarily follow along with the 911 tape in chronological order. What they wish to suggest is GZ yelled first then Trevon screamed and begged and the numbering 1 – 16 does not follow a time continueum……WTH!!!!!

    • It’s utterly insane. This whole case. I have never seen a prosecution swing so wildly with so many diverse conspiracy theories, hoping that one of them sticks.

      Usually that would be the strategy of a defense lawyer trying to defend the indefensible. It’s like the OJ Case all over again, except the prosecution and defense roles are reversed.

      The prosecution is clearly playing for a lesser charge or mistrial.

    • The cognitive dissonance is high in that group. Even the report by Reich, that they feel demonstrate GZ malice, is based on one simple principle; that the younger sounding voice is TM’s. If you disprove that, guess what the results are turned upside down, and it is TM who sounds like a carnival barker.

      • Traynut explanation about how GZ blood got on Trevon’s undershirt: cantlieaboutit 5 hours ago

        @captain teenyweiny

        The blood on the bottom of TM’s under shirt further incriminates GZ. It proves GZ had his hand(s) on TM’s clothing after wiping his head when his clumsy ass fell chasing TM.

        Seek help at LIARS ANONYMOUS, after the trial…they can help you get back to REALITY.

  6. 5th DCA Opinions and PCAs Released the Week of May 13, 2014

    5D11-3723 Raushamon Brown v. State
    5D11-3972 Jose Ramirez v. State
    5D11-4292 State v. Reginald Hampton
    5D12-263 Chubb v. U.T. Investments
    5D12-497 Christopher Voyer v. State
    5D12-1362 Saltzman v. Hadlock
    5D12-1723 Stephen Smith v. State
    5D12-1807 State v. Jamar Thompkins
    5D12-2016 Hagood v. Wells Fargo
    5D12-4245 Stephen Downey v. State
    5D13-864 Walter Zinkiewitz v. State
    5D13-1072 William Johnson v. State


    • Heh, scanning through the substance of the cases just for, well, just for wasting time. Found this little nugget in an appeal based on the trial court granting a lenient sentence, and the state appealing that deviation from sentencing guidelines.
      5D12-1807 State v. Jamar Thompkins

      In reasoning that leniency was appropriate for Thompkins and prison was not, the trial court seemed rather dismissive of his conduct, remarking that “I don’t [think] this was as much a criminal act necessarily, it was just anger and stupidity.” The terms “anger” and “stupidity” are nowhere to be found in the lexicon of the Criminal Punishment Code and if trial courts are permitted to impose sentences below the minimum guideline range based on their perception that the crime was committed out of anger and stupidity, it would be difficult to find many cases that would not qualify for a departure sentence, thus making departure the rule rather than the exception.

        • I just called the court to tell them about the mistake on their website with the “2014” date, and I spoke with a nice lady who told me that there will be no more opinions posted today, so whatever’s up there is all that’s coming this week.

          • Thank you for that. I was just looking at the site and it said if you wanted to know about a specific case to inquire with the Court Clerk, Pamela Masters.

            Perhaps I’ll call her on Monday and see if we can learn when the Zimmerman petition will be considered by the Court.

    • 5D12-3605 S.G. v. DCF was filed on Wednesday, April 24. The appellant and appellee (state) agreed on error below, the state filed Concessions of Error. The case was remanded, without remark, to the trial court.

      5D12-4759 Winthrop v. Castellano was filed on Wednesday, April 17. This one is a reasoned opinion.

      5D13-1244 Samora Rancy v. State was filed on Wednesday, April 17. Interesting habeas motion on errors during a pretrial detention hearing. The state conceded that the pretrial detention order from the court was deficient. I think Lester’s pretrial detention order was similarly deficient.

      Anyway, the point of reviewing a few weeks (and I’ll look at more, but won’t post findings unless they are really standouts) was to determine the possibility of an opinion before Friday, next week. I think that is a possibility, and from the few cases (and only a few), it looks like the releases are either Wednesdays or Fridays, with the bulk of decisions being issued on Fridays.

    • Not applicable for Zimmerman’s “depose Crump” appeal, but the 5th DCA appears to release “citation opinions” on Tuesdays. A “citation opinion” is just a conclusion, and a citation to authority. One page, no discussion at all.

      Most, but not all of the opinions the week of March 25 came out on Thursday, March 28. I assume the court took Good Friday off. One out of ten opinions was filed on Wednesday, March 27th.

    • Not happening, Chip. See my comment above. The DCA didn’t release the Zimmerman decision, at least not yet. It’s not among a long list of decisions released today.

      • If you scan through previous weeks, some of them have decisions coming out other than Friday. I’ll poke through them, but my first impression was that the “other than Friday” material was not reasoned opinions.

        Separately, 5D11-3723 Raushamon Brown v. State is on the subject of whether or not a screwdriver is a deadly weapon. Short answer “it depends,” on how the screwdriver is being used. The ONLY act that is use of deadly force, as a matter of law, is discharge of a firearm. The trial court erred by not giving the jury an instruction that included justified use of non-deadly force.

  7. re: the 5th DCA Opinion, it has been my experience with Appeals that someone from the clerks office usually gives a call to the attorneys and lets them know the outcome, as they await the written Opinion. They usually call the attorney, and at that time the attorney can ask which Judges, unanimous, or who was for and who against … questions like that. They just give the basic info … nothing more. Nettles you might see if the person you communicate with at MOM’s office would be willing to send you an email should they get such a call in advance of the publishing of the written Opinion.

  8. It really troubles me that more in the general public and the media are not scratching their heads and saying HUH? over the fact that BDLR literally told the court they want to prosecute GZ over self defense but they want to prevent GZ from presenting any and all evidence showing that he was in danger, necessitating self defense.

    • Not only that but, they intend to prevent others that would who could provide information to prove GZ was acting in self-defense from testifying as well. The icing is they don’t want those witnesses that might have exculpatory information, mentioned.

      The gall of the whole thing is amazing, yet as you say nobody in the media is asking, WTF is going on?

    • “Y’all know what to do. Retweet this. He gone learn today.”

      Monsters. Absolute monsters. How many threats on the Zimmerman family have their been?

      • I checked these tweets. It appears a 16 year old started it again. Let’s hope there will be accountability to send a message. Too many being brave behind fake accounts.

        • Not sure of this but didn’t that couple receive a “substantial payoff” last year from Lee or someone?

          Maybe they are eligible for another one? This is scary stuff.

          At some point, we are probably going to have to create better laws to punish people who make posts that clearly result in real danger to innocent folks. Will you second that?

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