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May 18, 2013 – Open Thread

Scheme teamJack Cashill “To convict an innocent man of murder, the prosecutors will have to deny him a  fair trial. Apparently, they are prepared to do just that.”

The decision from the 5th DCA didn’t come as expected and my next best guess is that we will hear on Wednesday next week.  I think the defense will hold onto the motion to continue, just in case they need to add deposing Mr. Crump to their reasons for a delay.

The lawyers pictured above have made it abundantly clear they aren’t interested in the truth of what happened that night.  Their goal is to sue for money.  They look to profit off this tragedy and have shown they are willing to spin the facts and hide evidence in order for that pay day.  Let’s hope the 5th DCA stops this in its tracks and grants the Writ to depose Mr. Crump.

Thank you to Captain Long for the photo. For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be removed.  If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life.  Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

If you’d like to share something privately, you can email me at nettles@bell.net

For those who are able, please use the link at the top of the page to make a donation to the defense fund.  Watch out for fake donations accounts and if you come across any, be sure to notify the defense team.  Thank you for helping.


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  1. As bad as the lawyer on top of the page are, they would be powerless if the the State and the media did not help them. Without the State bowing to their demands and the media spreading their lies without vetting them, all they could do is flap their mouth. Only with their help, did they get far. Their is a lesson here, but nobody is listening.

    • From an anthropological viewpoint, is not a lot of this just the normal progression of things in a society as rarefied as that in the United States?

      Haven’t many ethnicities come to the U.S. as members of an underclass, subject to discrimination and deprivation. Slowly, these ethnicities adapted to utilizing the opportunities that the American system offered and learned to “game” the system such as it existed at the time. For example, the Irish, who once were greeted with signs in windows that Irish need not apply eventually rose to power in the police unions of several major cities.

      African-Americans started from further back in the pack than other ethnicities in that their arrival to America was as slaves and remained in that status for several hundred years. That status included the sociological outcome where “uppity” slaves (i.e., intellectually capable and curious) were weeded out, and the physically superior survived. African-Americans also had the burden of bearing a different skin color which made their integration into American society more difficult.

      These factors serve to explain part of where we are today. They do not serve to absolve the self-destructive behavior that challenges black society today. But, African-Americans are taking their place in American society, just as have the other ethnicities before them.

      To be sure, there have been changes in American law that have benefitted them in the form of racial preferences and the like.

      But where we are today is the result of many factors. It seems somewhat obvious that in this particular case, the GZ/TM tragedy, the political establishment in Florida is more sensitive to the political power wielded by the BGI than it is to its responsibility to insure that the legal structures of Florida administer equality before the law.

      • Hooson, we agree that the AA community is trying to set their stake in American Society and they are taking advantage of they have been given.

        Your comment “included the sociological outcome where “uppity” slaves (i.e., intellectually capable and curious) were weeded out, and the physically superior survived.” is still evident in their community where physical prowess (basketball players, etc) are still the desired characteristic, while intelligence is seen as trying to be “white”.

        This has had terrible circumstances specially in the poorer neighborhoods, as education is not seen as a possible means of bettering their situations.

        • Yes, that is a big challenge, and Michelle just spoke to another black audience about that yesterday (I think).

          There are all kinds of poverty, not the least of which, is a poverty of values.

          Someone like Condoleeza Rice grew up in financial poverty and racial discrimination. But her family, because of her parents, were wealthy in values.

          How one addresses this in today’s society, with its rampant materialism, and anti-spiritual public focus is a problem indeed. It is a problem that extends to all segments of society.

          • Anti spiritual? Or perhaps society has evolved enough not to believe in nonsense like talking snakes and talking donkeys, flying chariots made of fire, a man living inside a fish for three days, and jewish zombie apocalypses in downtown jeruselum. Abrahamic religious nonsense is soon to be relegated to the shelf right next to zeus and thor.

              • There are four aspects of all humans.. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I think of three of them being like kids in the back seat of a car on a long trip, fighting and competing for attention .. very selfish kids that all want to be satisfied. When those three can sing in tune and in perfect harmony with the spiritual, I think like improves.

                Still working on perfection and learning my lessons of love so I don’t have to come back here and start all over again to try to get it right.

                Nope, I have not yet ascended.


            • I know you are being funny but there valid explanations for these “strange” things that have been passed on for those who are willing to study.

              One example you mentioned is: a man living inside a fish for three days

              Well the proper translation is not whale but “Big Fish” which was the name of a ship. So he was indeed in the belly of that ship.

              See Jonah 2:1 in the Ferrar Fenton translation of the Bible.

              There are also scientific explanations for many “miracles” in addition to common mistranslations which occur frequently in the KJV.

                • I have been kicked out more than one church for asking tough questions about Scripture and proving that the KJV has many mistaken translations. King James is all that many of them know. They want you to believe what they do without any questioning. This became an issue with me around age 8 or 9 when I first began my studies.

                  I try to live by this:

                  “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance — that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

      • To be precise, Europeans preceded blacks. Many were criminals and in particular those released from debtors’ prisons but there were many more lower class folks, including ethnic groups. All “slaves” were not black.

        We can never undo the mistakes of the past and it’s past time to get over it, move on to more constructive ways and QUIT revising history. Otherwise, ALL of the people will perish for lack knowledge.

        My take on this is that there is a certain segment of blacks who are either incapable or refuse to assimilate into a predominately white society. That will never change and may even worsen UNLESS, that other educated segment begins to speak up en massse as one collective voice AND the enabler Progs aka as Progs, aka Enabless or all sorts, aka Fabian Socialists, aka Democrats stop “buying” their votes by virtually “forcing” them to remain slaves to THEIR new plantation. Same song, different tune.

        It is not likely that folks will give up free stuff or money after they begin to receive it and that now includes lots of Hispanics and white folks who voted and bought into the liberal Fabian Socialism philosophy.

        Of course, it would also help if the intelligent, educated black leaders who support change were not stifled so that they are rarely, if ever. heard, and when they are, they are quickly labeled traitors and Uncle Toms… not even true blacks.

        When do you hear from Thomas Sewell, Larry Elder, or Alan Keyes, for a few examples of many conservative. reasonable leaders.

        Consider why so few conservative blacks get into the Congress today. Let’s see.. there is Tim Scott AND AND AND…. who else, you say? Are there really no others? Go figure.. really there is NOT much to figure but it is not for lack of good candidates. Here are a few coming up soon:



        Your comments inspired me to speak. Hope it’s not too far off topic.

      • I beg to differ with your theory hoosan, it is purely revisionist history, and is actually the description of Critical Race theory to a T.


        You have slid right past much of the history in this country with respect to slavery. Yes the first slave owner was a black man, and there were thousands of blacks who owned black slaves, particularly in the south. I wouldn’t exactly consider blacks who owned slaves to be the “uppity” slaves who were dispelled only to leave the physically strong blacks as the survivors.


        Those very same people preaching CRT are the very ones who try to keep the majority angry and resentful, and on the plantation, one in which they can continue to exert control which doesn’t include the freedom and initiative to pursue their dreams as every other American citizen has had the right to do. They give them some free stuff like big screen TV’s, Obamaphones, and and enough money to feed their habits and try to look like the big saviours of the black race. You see exactly what happens to any black person who sees right through the nasty game, and does in fact escape to pursue their dreams such as Dr. Ben Carson, Justice Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Herman Cain etc. They have truly escaped the slavery of the blacks who are still trying to keep their ownership of the majority of blacks. By your definition, they would be the uppity blacks who didn’t survive for the more physically able. Hey, maybe you do have a point there, unintended and all. Physically giving a white hispanic a beat down is the way to fight back, because they are so physically able, rather than even bothering to waste any brain power. According to Benjamin Crump et al, if you can’t beat them and get away with it, sue them for every dime you can steal.

        • pinecone:

          The factual basis you cite has a lot of validity.

          I commented in a very general sense about a very complex issue which is reduced too often, in today’s society, to an “us vs. them” proposition.

          And I apologize for drawing this thread away from the GZ case specifics.

  2. I dont think its just about money. I think they think they are on the side of the angels. They really think they are foot soldiers in the black struggle towards total equality. I dont agree with how they are doing it, but I think their motives are a bit more lofty than just money. They assume that the black person is always the victim of the white power structure and that they must all unite against it. The facts are irrelevant to them. They are just happy to have a high profile case to rally around. I feel the same way about martins parents. I think they are proud to be part of a movement that has given their lives meaning. They dont want to go back to being nobodies. They like being important. This has radically changed their lives and who they see themselves to be. Of course they also like the money and the attention.

    • I am sure there is some of that involved, that they see their mission as getting payback for any injustices real or imagined. With the parents it is easier to understand, particularly with Sybrina, she has gone from an unknown government employee to the face of a stagnant movement.

      The thing is they aren’t fighting for equality anymore, they are fighting for preference. They want special rules that will only apply to them. Whether as restitution or not the fact remains that equality ( in the sense of equal treatment) cannot be achieved if you continue to demand special treatment.

      • In a sense, they want to be a new class.. a privileged, entitled one with preferences none of the rest of us have.

        They get support to do that in exchange for votes.

        • In a sense yes, they use incidents like GZ as proof that they are disadvantage, that the rules are against them. Its a self-fulfilling prophesy for them, a ready made excuse for the bad things that happen in life.

          • On my youtube channel I get comments all the time from traynuts essentially arguing that estabilished case law and precedents should not apply to Trayvon……it’s absolutely absurd. They are so emotionally invested they truly believe trayvon is above the law….coincidentally so did trevon himself

            • The whole “if GZ did not get out of the car” argument is based sorely on the premise that GZ broke one of their laws. GZ had the nerve not to cower in his truck.

              Because he did not cower in his truck he deserved to get a beat down, and he should have accepted his punishment. A question that escapes all TM supporters, how did TM know GZ was still following him? How did TM know that after getting off the phone, GZ was not just walking home?

              The answer he didn’t or couldn’t know, but if DD is to be believed, right after TM asked why are you following me? GZ said, I am not following you?, before she change it to what are you doing around here? That response by GZ was not good, as it shows GZ was trying to de-escalate the incident, so it change to a demanding what are you doing here?

              • I, for the longest time, have believed that TM knew who GZ was, the neighborhood watch guy. It may have been Chad who told TM who he was. The neighbor Austin Brown’s mother knew exactly who he was and told a reporter that he was always calling 911 on the residents for all kinds of reasons. Ausin is about the same age as Chad, and I would think it likely they went to the same school, and rode the same school bus. Austin’s mother said that the RTL complex was always safe, and the kids were always playing outside together, until GZ shot TM. Chad and Austin were likely friends, and knew who GZ was.

                It makes no sense that anyone couldn’t be sitting in their truck, with the engine running, talking on the phone, and raise the suspicions of anyone, unless TM knew who GZ was, the neighborhood watch, especially because it is not known where TM was between leaving the 711 and entering the RTL. What else would cause TM to go and check out GZ in his truck, and circle the truck, which GZ was relaying to the NEN operator as TM did so.

                Then you have DD telling BDLR that when TM left the corner store, it was dripping water, so he ran to the mail thingy. DD skips right to GZ following TM. It is on the NEN tape where GZ relays that TM was coming to check him out and circling the truck, but DD says absolutely nothing about that. If TM was telling her everything that was happening, why would TM not tell her that he was going to check out a guy in his truck?

                I believe that TM was worried that GZ may have seen him doing whatever he was doing, got paranoid, possibly because of drugs, and decided that he could not allow GZ to get him in trouble yet again. I believe that TM hid in the bushes, or on a patio close to where the incident happened, and heard GZ talking to the NEN operator. GZ said that he had lost him and he didn’t know where he went. I do not believe that DD was on the phone with TM when, according to GZ, he walked up to him and asked him if he had a problem, GZ said no, then TM said now you do and sucker punched him. I’ve read three different versions of DD saying that TM asked GZ why he was following him, and GZ replying, I’m not following you, to what are you doing around here, to what are you talking about. GZ then sucker punched GZ in the nose hoping to knowk him out, and escape with the GZ not being able to identify him to the police. When GZ didn’t lose consciousness, TM had to get on him and beat him to shut him up. Didn’t GZ say that TM told him to shut up when he held his hand over GZ’s mouth and nose.. GZ was not going to be able to describe him to the police no matter what. He was already in enough trouble.

                That’s my speculation.

                • We can only a get an accurate idea of what W8 has to offer when we read her deposition or observe her replies under cross-examination.

                • Minpin, you pose some interesting points. Your mention of the interview with Austin’s Mom is very interesting, she is the first one that said that GZ was harrassing other people calling the police. I wonder if Austin was one the those that he called the police on, or if he had a prior encounter with GZ. Either way, she was antagonistic from the beginning.

                  To me it means that the possibility that they knew of GZ is very possible. I was always skeptical about TM describing GZ as white or anything since it would have been difficult to see without the added difficulty of looking through a truck window which may or may not have been tinted. But, we know all of this, we knew that the stories being was hinky, from the start, it just required listening to see it.

                • That actually makes a lot of sense. I vaguely recall Wagist making a similar argument that Martin knew George in advance of his trip. I think they found some social media…. maybe on FB or Tweets but not sure.. that were made before he arrived in Sanford but IDK for certain if any of that was ever confirmed.

                  Your speculation is valid to me and is just as reasonable as any other… maybe even more.

                  • I remember now, they had some early evidence that the Narrative that was being touted by the family, was misleading to say the least. I find it amusing that while knocking the stories as presented they kept them as they were. The pressure got to be too much, another example where a media entity, bent with the strong winds coming from the Martin camp.

          • There already are special laws for them as well as many entitlements not available to white people. That actually started after the Civil Rights movement with new discrimination laws.

              • I thought I had responded when you first posted it.

                This is terrific.. so well written it’s not easy to tell what party he belongs to, if any. That said, this sounds like it was actually written by a long time “friend” of mine soon retiring from the US Congress. It is Ron Paul and Major McVay (an avid Goldwater supporter) who inspired me to get my degrees in finance and economics…and to later study the FED and subscribe to the Austrian School of Economics.

                James Pethokoukis has brilliantly said, in one article, exactly what is wrong with us. Thanks for sending this to me.

                • Jordan, the author was actually Professor Deirdre Nansen McCloskey from the University of Illinois in Chicago, she considers herself a “Christian Libertarian”. If you click on her name on the blog post you can read some more of her writing. She teaches Economics, History and English.

                  • Now that is interesting. I have strong Libertarian leanings and love folks like Andrew Napolitano and John Stossel so I guess I need to read more of what she has written.

                    I did not really believe that she could be an impostor. It is hard understanding our belief system enough to write this stuff and not be one of us. We inherently recognize truth and deception. LOL .

                    Thanks a lot for tuning me into another patriot.

                    • I always have enjoyed Stossel’s no nonsense approach, from way back when he only did consumer reporting. As for professor McCloskey I have read snippets, and quotes that was perhaps the longest post I have seen of her, outside of her books.

                      She always has a very clear-cut approach and adds historical background.

                    • I am familiar with them but you know what? There is simply too much good stuff to read and so very little time but thanks for sending the link. Are you Libertarian?

                    • I don’t like to label myself, to any particular ideology, all of them by their own reasoning aim to better us and our society. I do lean Libertarian, but don’t espouse every position. It is interesting that nowadays you are either Conservative or Liberal, that is the catch all categories, but neither one would describe me.

                    • Exactly so now you know why I said that I have Libertarian leanings in my first post. I do NOT support either mainstream party. NO simple label fits me but I am a strict Constitutional Conservative and like Scalia, I am an Originalist. I currently am studying Rand Paul and Ted Cruz but have not made up my mind about them. I parted company with Rubio after NDAA and the Patriot Act. He changed to THEIR ways so damn quickly. I think we should get back on topic. Don’t you?


                    • Not a bad idea, anyhow I think that all politician due a great disservice if they are pigeon holed to any strict ideology. Even Scalia has had moments when decisions are not strictly what would be expected. There has to be some area of growth, I won’t say compromise as I hate the word, left to work. As long as your principles are not in question, then I don’t see an evolvement of the position as completely wrong.

                    • One thing is for sure/// We meed to evolve ourselves out of unconstitutional wars and mind our damn business. That would be growth to suit me for a start but my idea for growth means cutting back of useless wasteful programs so growth can seem backward.

                    • Does it matter? Sorry, I was more interested in what she said. She was a man, and was married for 35 years before transitioning to a woman. It is part of the reason she is not better known.

                    • To be honest I did not know, either, I had read one of her books, and was very impressed, the rest of ther work was mostly scholarly papers. then I saw her the blog post of her essay, and I thought I would share. It is sort of funny but she is described as a Conservative and has been attacked by Liberals for her views.

                    • She says she is not a conservative: hummmm

                      Speaking of labels, how is this one?

                      “I’m a literary, quantitative, postmodern, free-market, progressive Episcopalian, Midwestern woman from Boston who was once a man. Not ‘conservative’! I’m a Christian libertarian.”

                    • Today there are no liberals. How about Progs? Fabian socialists is more definitive. NO conservatives either.. maybe a few are left. Neoconservatives at best. I call all of them lying crooks who never uphold the oath of office. Dirty rotten scoundrels that care nothing about you and me. They should all be impeached but how would they impeach each other? Nothing will change with revolution and/or rebellion by the people but it may be coming soon at a theater near you.

    • Frenchpug. Agreed.

      The struggle has is a big part of this. It makes victory at all costs necessary for them despite all facts or evidence to the contrary. Do not expect compromise or mercy from them.

      They are clearly aligning themselves up with the threats of additional violence and rioting if and when they lose.

      I don’t care anymore for the petulant children. Let them stomp their feet and have temper tantrums (temper tantrums being rioting and burning stuff down).

      Right and Wrong does matter! The evidence against GZ is non-existent. It was an unnecessary and sad event. MIstakes were made on both sides GZ and TM to led to the unfortunate event. But it was SELF DEFENSE in every sense of the word. To try and prove BEYOND a reasonable doubt that it wasn’t is PREPOSTEROUS.

      • jack203 – I read several analyst commenting after OJ’s trial, “the black community TRIED to right a percieved wrong that’s over a hundred years old, they let a murderer walk free.” imo, this is anther case of that same mentality of some, wanting to right a wrong.

        BUT! The wrong is lost on them, when blacks burned down stores in a predominately area of town in my city 20 yrs. ago, the store owners TOOK the insurance payouts and didn’t rebuild their store leaving burned out buildings. How stupid was that to burn the neighborhood stores that serviced their neighborhood?

        Voir Dire, the vetting of prospective jurors is going t be difficult. MORE difficult, imo, is having a jury that is strong enough in their value system, honestly considers & weighs all the evidence for GZ, and the LACK of evidence for the State. If that is accomplished, no doubt there will be reprucssions for that that voted on the evidence & freed GZ.

        • In yesterday’s thread we were discussing how the threats of violence persist today with the Travonistas. ex: Spike Lee tweeting GZ’s family address (It was wrong, but it has come up again recently). Jamie Foxx “No Justice No Peace” Multiple documented threats against GZ,

          This is an important distinction between us and them. There has NEVER been a threat of violence against anyone related to TM or Deedee. If there was ever a threat of violence made from our side, they would be immediately banned from whichever site they posted from, and disavowed by the rest of the community. If anything, we feel sorry for Deedee and hope she does the right thing, but understand the forces pushing her to lie. I have yet to see any policing from the Pro-Trayvon side against the many threats of violence to GZ and his family.

          The Trayvonites do not police themselves for obvious reasons. The threat of violence is the biggest (and only) gun in the BGI arsenal. Without the threat of causing indiscriminate havok, they really are quite ignorable. But the threat of violence is enough for the elites to really not give a cr@p about GZ. The powers to be will gladly throw him to the wolves to preserve the status quo.

          There is only one way to stand up to a bully in my opinion. Do NOT back down. Let them threaten and beat their chest, and then let them burn and destroy if they lose. I think we will discover their bark is worse than their bite.

          • I think the Trayvon Martin side has petered out. In the anniversary of the shooting in New York City, the “team” was hard-pressed to get 200 people there.

            Some of the protesters when questioned by internet bloggers, didn’t know who Trayvon was. They were there for an anti-violence demonstrated and two of the girls admitted they had been paid $40 to be there.

            The State’s discovery shows this isn’t a case of someone killing a black boy and getting away with it. The State’s case shows this was self-defense and should not have been charged in the first place.

              • I’m not so sure. Look what happened to that Jody Arias trial. FIrst off, who the heck should have cared about Jody Arias and that stupid case…I know I didn’t.

                But the media “tried” to make that a huge national news story. Eventually, it did start to sink in the national consciousness. They were blabbering about it every night.

                The media is going to make the GZ trial a complete and utter circus. Mark my words, the Trayvonistas will be stirred up again.

                It’s hard to predict how “bad” various rioting will be if they lose. Probably not too bad. But some places in Florida I know I wouldn’t want to be.

                A hung jury may be a possible scenario that will leave this case in limbo without resolving anything.

                • If there are riots, they will be national and cities outside of FL could be worse. A hung jury would leave George in a mess with no money to live on or pay for another defense if the State tried him again.

                  The state paid over $1.4 million to defend Jody Arias. I am a proponent of all defendants receiving as much for a defense as the prosecution spends. Otherwise, the poor folks go to prison. It also cannot be fair that the rich get better attorneys than the indigent.

                  My idea to fund this is to require the networks to pay to televise trials. They could generate even more revenue with Pay Per View for certain trials. The networks will make a ton of money off of George and he could be left destitute. I say make MSM pay for televising it AND for the damn lies they told to create this movie. Doncha think this is one reason why they will not yield and tell the truth? The false Julison/Crump narrative is more entertaining and will mean a huge payday for all networks that televise this circus.

    • There will NEVER be total equality in ANY society. If it’s not skin color, it will be monetary, or youth vs. old, or sick vs. healthy, or political inequities. It all keeps changing and morphing as we live each days of our lives. What’s acceptable in one country is frowned upon in another and so on and so forth. It’s not about our differences. We could all be the same color on this planet, and you would still feel the inequities of a world that holds power and money as a God. That’s why you have people on this planet that have given up everything. They have stripped everything from themselves in order to find out if man stripped of all lives a life richer than those that have it all. My guess is some do and some don’t. That by virture of the genes that make up that person there may always be a slice of themselves that wants power … that wants money, so they can never truly be free. Every people on this earth has gone through the fires of tyranny and inequity, and tho hundreds of years have gone by, ppl still endure the horrors. We see Syria today using chemical weapons on its own ppl. Whether just taken or African leaders selling their own ppl to the slave traders … doesn’t matter. The Egyptians held Jews in slavery. It was through a fight using our Constitution that slavery was abolished. Then over the years like women, blacks were able to have their voice heard in our govenment. We have a black president named Barack Hussein Obama. Does that not speak to how far equality has come? What blacks need to work on is educating their youth, and steer them away from the trappings of drugs and crime and the gangster life. There is nothing for them at the end of that road.

      • Up until about ten years ago I never seriously considered Karma and reincarnation but when I realized that most Southerners were believers I had to consider it .

        Today, I firmly believe that this is not the first rodeo for my 2 daughters and me.

        Genes and Karma are worthwhile studies.

  3. When Crump used the words, ” we are ready to MOBILIZE,” as shown here, I immediately visualized MANY thousands behaving badly all over our country. However, if I mention Wild Bill’s peaceful call for assembly per the Constitution, that is somehow perceived as racxxxxt.

    Will someone PLEASE tell me more about the vid?

  4. I posted this today at DMan’s place

    MOM’s best performance:

    The above “argument” with supporting facts by O’Mara, brilliantly created by DMan is actually found in Part II of the October 26th gag order hearing here:

    It begins at the 21.20 minute mark and continues until the one hour and one minute mark, a total of 33 minutes.

    I consider this to be MOM at his best. If anyone has any doubts about his knowledge of this case, then this is a must see and if you have seen it, it is worth looking at again.

    Around the 31 minute mark, he discusses Voir dire and emphasizes several questions that “must” be asked. “Must” is my word but I think he is implying that he will have to ask those questions, a time consuming, but necessary process. So the court has been given notice that voir dire will may be the longest in history.

    72 percent of the prospective juror pool do not believe that George can get a fair trial, implying, in a sense that he is guilty. Whoaa!!!

    Who wants to play in a “game” that is rigged that much? Yet, George must play so I would be OK with almost anything that MOM and others do to level the playing field. as long as it is legal.. Maybe it’s time to forget about ethics and follow the tactics of the opposition, employed extensively by Crump, et al and the State.

    The odds are stacked against George so much that common sense and previous court decisions tell us the trial probably cannot be fair and that Nelson will be unbiased.

    When MOM says “something is afoot” several times. referring to Governor Scott and how he ignored our legal process and made this a political case, I thought, for sure, Nelson would shut him or BLDR would go ballistic but that didn’t happen.

    I am now even more certain that they both know this and in even greater detail.

    What the hell is BLDR looking at and what is he doing while MOM is speaking? I guess he is not paying attention because he knows what MOM is saying is true.

    It is also thought provoking that MOM indicated that any attorney who does not use the internet ten years from now would be guilty of malpractice. Hummm.. excellent point.

    Again.. this is MOM at his peak and, damn, I wish he would be permitted to argue his motions at length as he did here. Is 33 minutes the longest he has spoken?

      • Getting the facts right about when and where O’Mara performed so well became one of my normal searches for truth. I wanted to know the precise time in that hearing so I could post it for those who think MOM does not know the facts of this case.

        DMan’s creative and well researched vid added supporting facts to what MOM said. It is obvious to me that DMan spends a lot time on these things. I hope everyone knows and appreciates his work.


  5. Im still perplexed why Crump would hire an attorney only 18 months out of law school to handle his appellate brief (shayan Modarres). That makes absolutely no sense to me to have a rookie handle that for him.

      • There is a rumor among some lawyers that Blackwell did not like that Crump was less than truthful in the Affidavits and he got caught. Since he could not recuse himself as Crump’s attorney of record, without having some awkward questions asked, he limited his involvement, and Modarres stepped in. After the DCA decision, Blackwell’s involvement will be done, the other attorney quietly stepping in, since he already helped on the DCA matter if he continues nobody would raise questions. At least that was the plan.

        • bori – that makes sense that Blackwell would want to step aside as quickly as possible dumping the parasite.. LOL, I bet Blackwell was shocked to hear Gutman/ABC’s additional tape posted on their site disproving what Crump told him. The Coaching of DD exposed, that just doesn’t bother TM supporters, go figure.

          Wonder why Crump didn’t think Natty Jack & Parks could have written the response together? Guess Crump didn’t trust them, Mr. Trump is in way over his head. MOM & West don’t play w/morons, I hope Crump gets everything coming to him.

        • I suspected that Blackwell got po’d when he realized Crump lied to him and put Blackwell in a pickle. Isn’t he an ethics lawyer, too? He could have trouble with this but maybe getting out now is to his benefit. I never saw the rumors to which you refer. Do you have any links?

    • Was Modarres a mentee of the Parks-Crump Law program (they may call it camp, not sure)? Cheryl Brown’s female attorney was (the one who appeared on TV with her.) . Rashad Campbell was. (He uses a different name on twitter, I think. His niece goes to school with my kids.)
      btw – Is Cheryl Brown Austin’s mother?

  6. WINNSBORO — The Winnsboro woman that set her self on fire last October is now facing criminal charges. Sharmeka Moffitt has been charged with terrorizing and filing a false police report.

    Franklin Parish sheriff Kevin Cobb says Moffitt has not been arrested yet, but will be processed and arrested when she goes to court in April.

    Cobb says the District Attorney Mack Lancaster made the decision to not arrest Moffitt yet due to her medical condition.

    Lancaster says they don’t consider Moffitt to be a flight risk and that’s why they are delaying her booking until her arraignment.

    In October, Moffitt made headlines when she claimed three hooded men set her on fire and wrote racial slurs on her car. Police investigation revealed the incident was self-inflicted. Moffitt was in ICU at a hospital in Shreveport for severe burns. http://myarklamiss.com/fulltext?nxd_id=198672

    • captainlongschlongsilver – I live in Shreveport, La., not far from Winnsboro. This case was just like all the other cases, the MEDIA interviewed Black Preachers, the black community was outraged & wanted blood, the family had a lot to say, an outpouring of sympathy for the victim, the discussion of race consumed our newspapers UNTIL LE, through investigation realized she had lied & hurt herself. Now there is hardly anything about the case. There are a lot of red necks & chit kickers, but they usually stay out of trouble, it’s the black on black gang violence that is the problem in La.

      Of course the family was humilated and couldn’t understand why she lied, YET, everyone just assumed this was a racial hate crime. What about those inocent people that were beaten in the name of Trayvon? THAT got very little publicity, imo,

      • She was trying to get her erstwhile boyfriend to pay attention to her via sympathy. Or just trying to get back at him for not turning off the football game to go meet up with her. She’s one sick puppy, that’s for sure.

        If you didn’t catch Skolnik’s outraged (and outrageous) editorial about evil white people before he deleted it, ask @vlpate or @coreshift for a screenshot of archived copy. He is so happily gullible when it comes to anything about the oppressive white man keeping black folks down. Guess if you’re a nobody in your own demographic, you can be a star/hero with the Global Grind crowd (who are not the most discerning bunch, IMO.) He’s a nobody. Nothng to UncleRush but their token white person.

        Speaking of Global Grind, what is their fascination with the Kardashians?

  7. Finally found where “GZ injured his head on a sign came from”. During interview 1 with singleton GZ says when Trayvon was on top of him he could not tell if TM was whacking his head against the sidewalk or whacking it against the metal upright pole of the dog walk signs. The traynuts just spun it from there.

  8. I know “GZ tried to detain” comes from Serino bluffing saying an anonymous witness called in and said they saw GZ try to detain TM. Comes at about the same time Serino bluffed and said the whole thing was caught on video.

    • The State’s motion to zip the lips of the Defense in bringing to the attention of the jury that a particular witness wasn’t called, do you think that is Chris Serino? I’m betting on him so far.

        • So with the state stating that even if it was a lead detective doesn’t give you a hint at where they are going? Why would they use language including the lead detective if that isn’t the direction they were going? Serino should be a major part of the state’s case, yet he admitted that he was pressured to file charges. Why would the state ever want to see him on the witness stand when he can destroy their case?

    • This is why I have such a problem with these do-gooders. Waterboarding was considered cruel and despicable forms of getting information from terrorists that has proven to be effective. Hell, in Iran, and elsewhere, they put wires into the peepees of those they claimed to be enemies, and turned up the juice. Daniel Pearl was beheaded because he was a reporter in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

      BUT, we allow investigators and/or detectives to lie through their freakin teeth to those they are interrogating. Yeah, Serino said all kinds of crap to GZ, trying to break him to just admitting he was a murderer. Is that right or acceptable? Apparently it is OK to interrogate US citizens, including lying to them in their interrogations.

      The best thing that came out of GZ’s mouth when Serino said that someone videotaped the whole thing, was something like “great.” He was not lying, but Serino tied to reduce him to a blathering idiot, or someone who wouldn’t know the truth if he tripped over it. Why do we allow these obvious azzholes to continue to do this crap? I know the SC agreed to allow this intimidation of defendants, but I really believe that was as wrong headed as so many of their more recent decisions. You can literally lie through your teeth in doing an investigation, but Shellie Zimmerman can’t suggest that the court call her brother in law to get the correct information about the paypal account.

      • Hi Minpin, I also have been thinking about who is the prosecution thinking of not calling to testify, and I think that the State will not use GZ’s interviews, any of them. They will use the NEN call and the W8 testimony to establish a “chase” by GZ.

        Looking at the information that the State is trying to keep out, and the “self-serving” statements, my guess is that keeping the interviews which in essense are exculpatory makes sense. This way if in order to get his self-defense testimony, GZ will have to testify himself.

        • My head hurts from reading so many well reasoned opinions about whether or not to include the NEN call and the W8 testimony on the part of either side.

          The same is true with George’s statements. I am almost certain that quite a while back, I read a conclusion that only one could be used anyway provided MOM cited established precedent that there is no significant differences in them.

          IDK bit I get confuseder and confuseder every day. Yes. I meant confuseder.

      • In addition to defendants not receiving the same money for a defense as the State.. and Brady, what you say here is another reason why I question if our judicial system is the best:

        BUT, we allow investigators and/or detectives to lie through their freakin teeth to those they are interrogating. Yeah, Serino said all kinds of crap to GZ, trying to break him to just admitting he was a murderer. Is that right or acceptable? Apparently it is OK to interrogate US citizens, including lying to them in their interrogations.


        This has happened to me before when I was questioned by both the FBI and an US Treasury agent, who wanted information about someone I had known and worked for me. I told them both to go to hell and to not ever contact me as well as as few other things, like the law itself. I never heard from them again even though the Treasury agent threatened me. He did make good on that promise and it resulted in IRS problems plus a full line by line audit of my company. One of their tricks was to send me a $7000 check and then refuse to let me return it, then they claimed, that I cheated. Oh boy.. too much for a post here and I am already OT.

        My CPA who had a full staff of 100 percent females. turned the tables on them and they ran for cover. I dropped the whole thing.

        That said, I tell all of my friends and family to NEVER answer questions asked by any LE officer or any government official. You can get away with lying to cops but being deceitful with federal officials will get you a prison term as Martha Stewart discovered. The worst thing is that they cam twist your truthful statement into being a felony if they even think you are not telling them everything you know. So never talk without an attorney.

        George innocently made a huge mistake by trying to do the “right” thing.

  9. LOS ANGELES —A massive manhunt is under way for Christopher Dorner, a former Los Angeles Police Department officer wanted in three killings, and a Central Florida connection has emerged.
    The armed and dangerous man left behind a bitter manifesto on his Facebook page. In it, he weighs in about a controversial news story from Sanford – the Trayvon Martin case.

    Dorner addressed George Zimmerman directly.

    “If you continuously followed me while I was walking at dusk/night I would confront you as well. Too bad Trayvon didn’t smash your skull completely open, Zim,” Dorner wrote.

    Read more: http://www.wesh.com/news/central-florida/Ex-cop-wanted-in-deaths-mentions-George-Zimmerman-in-manifesto/-/11788162/18463336/-/ovsrl6/-/index.html#ixzz2ThfPso8v

    • So far, AFAIK, everything he wrote in that manifesto has been ignored. He died in vain if he wanted to change the LAPD. He knew nothing about the Martin case so his words prove a lot of points often made here. Those comments were made in total ignorance. Like many others, he has no shame.

    • Amazingly, Christopher Dorner had a good idea on what most likely actually did occur.

      Most Trayvonites are off in dream land concocting ridiculous and contradictory theories.

  10. I get email notifications of all comments made at the various WP blogs I follow which often means hundreds of them. It works for me.

    Saturday was unusual in that I received duplicates of at least a hundred comments. Did anyone else experience this? I am trying to determine if it’s is a Yahoo or an overall WP issue. I was already way behind but this made that even worse. Oh, well.

  11. If only crump were the prosecutor.

    “Witness 8 please open up page 14″

    “You mean the page with a 1 and a 4 next to it?”

    “Yes maam i mean minor child”

    ” ok. I am ready. But do i do this in the sad voice we rehearsed yesterday?”

    “Yes. Please. Are you ready”?

    ” uh huh”

    “When did trayvon see george on his motorcycle armed with his rocket launcher aimed at trayvon?”

    “Right after trEyvon tried to run home but kept getting caught in quicksand. I could hear it all. He first saw the white hood we thought it was a ghost. Thats when i learned of this tragic kkk rocket launcher story”


    Omara: “your honor, this is ridiculous!”

    Judge nelson: “zzzzzzzz huh wha? GUILTY!! Wait did we get to that part of the script yet or are we still rehearsing? Wake me up when its feeding time”

    What a friggin disaster our country is.

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