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May 19, 2013 – Open Thread

Sybrina Tracy 1Jack Cashill “To convict an innocent man of murder, the prosecutors will have to deny him a  fair trial. Apparently, they are prepared to do just that.”

On Feb. 28th, 2 days after his son was killed, Tracy Martin was thinking of suing.  He hired Ben Crump to investigate the possibilities.  Crump immediately contacted Natalie Jackson and the next day the leader of the local chapter of NAACP, Turner Clayton Jr. emailed Chief Lee and asked for a meeting to discuss the Trayvon Martin incident.

The family of Trayvon Martin called for Justice.  How do they define Justice?  It appears they define it in dollars.  My definition of justice is “truth”.  What is the truth of what happened that night?  The family has worked hard to hide the truth of what happened.  They have not been forthcoming with the public, who they pleaded with, to help them get Justice.  While calling for a full investigation, Tracy didn’t tell the public he heard the tape and told the Police it wasn’t his son yelling.  Before holding their press conference, the “team” took Trayvon’s online activity off-line.  Tracy told the press on March 8th, he won’t help the Police get information off the phone.  When Tracy learned of a witness who was alleged to have been talking to his son just before incident, he didn’t immediately inform the police.  They meddled in the witness’s testimony and may have contaminated it.

donation canThe parents have fought hard to keep the truth of Trayvon’s troubled history in the dark.  When they say George Zimmerman should not have gotten out of the car, they know how that may have affected their son.  When Tracy realized his son was missing the next day, Tracy thought Trayvon may have gotten himself into trouble.  He had Brandy call Juvenile Justice.  Next he called the police to see if Trayvon had been arrested.  He didn’t call hospitals or missing persons first.  No, after learning his son wasn’t in custody somewhere, then and only then did Tracy call non-emergency to report his son missing.  What does Tracy know about his son that he refuses to share with us?

Within a month of this incident, the family hired a team of personal injury lawyers, trademark lawyers, they started a foundation to collect donations, filed to trademark two phrases “I Am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon” and they launched a song on I-Tunes.  The shooter’s claim of self-defense couldn’t be refuted and no arrest had been made yet.

The parents demanded a full investigation.  They owe all the tax payers paying for this trial their full cooperation with the defense’s investigation.  It’s clear the State is not interested in learning why Trayvon would assault someone watching him.  The family attorney Mr. Crump, continues to fight being deposed about the circumstances that led to the bizarre and poorly handled interview of W8 and what if any information he has about the conspiracy of the police to not affect an arrest.  We await the decision of the higher court.  It’s expected next week.


Would the crowds have demonstrated if they realized the parents wanted to be paid for their son’s killing?  That the parents really didn’t want to know the truth of what happened that night?  They just wanted someone, anyone, to pay.  A conviction isn’t needed to meet their goals.  Justice is measured in dollars. They’ve already settled over a million dollars with the HOA. No one ever asked them if the evidence shows your son did attack will you apologize to Mr. Zimmerman?

It’s clear to me, the family is NOT interested in what really happened on February 26, 2012.

Thank you to Captain Long for the photos. For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be removed.  If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life.  Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

If you’d like to share something privately, you can email me at nettles@bell.net

For those who are able, please make a donation to the defense fund.  Watch out for fake donations accounts and if you come across any, be sure to notify the defense team.  Thank you for helping.


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  1. Nice talking points as usual, Nettles.. .. thanks. It is still amazing to me how quickly the Scheme team put this crap into motion with little to no resistance. If they did not already have a blueprint, they sure do now for the future.

  2. Has anyone heard anything about Julison lately ?

    One more question that is probably getting old. Does anyone have any idea what happened to the blunts that Martin got at the store from the three stooges?

      • What do you mean? I am speaking of the physical blunts. I doubt that he swallowed them but who knows? I do not believe that anyone paid for a full tox report to test for all drugs due to cost. Remember that this was NOT a big deal at first and did not warrant that kind of expense. The ME said, in some words, there was pot in Martin’s system. IMO, that was sufficient for the state and the defense does not have the money for such luxuries.

          • Did I say three? Holy cow.. I am losing gray matter. LOL

            The 3 stooges bought TWO which is clearly visible in the video at the seven eleven store.

            OTH , they might have given him more. IDK but they were not found at the scene. So my question is still:

            What happened to them?

            Am I making sense?

    • Thanks. .. it’s the first in a while that I have seen Al comment. Don’t think for a moment that both Al and Crump do not know that SYG is not the correct term for this case. SYZ has become a PC buzzword to provoke anger and change. At least the “expert” seems to know a little bit about it even if he is not totally correct.

    • “AND… one note; in civil court George Zimmerman has sued NBC Universal for defamation and the company has strongly denied his allegations.” Al Sharpton (disclaimer at the end of the segment)

      I’d love to see the folks that NBC fired over the inflammatory editing of the NEN call use the company’s own words against them in a nice, fat wrongful termination suit.

      It would put NBC between a rock and a hard place… they can’t simultaneously claim that they did nothing wrong by airing the edit ~and~ claim that they did nothing wrong by firing those responsible.

  3. In the Fall of 2012, the family for Trayvon Martin stood outside the courthouse and explained to reporters they were going to be at every hearing in this case. They wanted to remind the court and the public about Trayvon Martin and they would be Trayvon’s voice.

    Then, money got in the way. On October 26, 2012 the family and their lawyers, known as the “Scheme Team” had an opportunity to sit down with the Home Owner’s Association and negotiate for money. (See page 2/11 http://www.gzdocs.com/documents/0413/mot_to_unseal2.pdf )

    The trouble was, a court hearing in the case was also scheduled for October 26, 2012. What to do, what to do. When it came between a choice on being in the courtroom and being the voice of Trayvon Martin, you will find that on October 26, 2012 neither the Scheme Team or the family for Trayvon Martin was in the courtroom. No one showed up. All attention was on the HOA settlement.

    It is believed they settled for over a million dollars. The family has not been in the courtroom to represent their son since October 19, 2012. Even including a hearing that was scheduled on his birthday.

    • Do you think it was a coincidence that they scheduled the meeting with the HOA on the same day as the hearing… a day when MOM, West, and GZ would obviously be unable to attend.

      • George Zimmerman wasn’t a party to the settlement so he nor his representatives would have been included in the mediation meeting.

        You may recall, the last time the family was at the courthouse was to launch yet another attempt to get donations. In October they launched the Change 4 Trayvon initiative that asked for donations so they could lobby the government and support political candidates that would help change Stand Your Ground Laws. (A law this case isn’t using in the defense).

        They did a “commercial” for the new effort outside the courthouse on October 19th. It was the last time they would appear at the hearings. You may recall Sybrina Fulton asking the public not to forget her son. Then she went into the commercial.

        Once again, they demonstrate a desire to get money and leave the life they had before Trayvon’s death.

        • “George Zimmerman wasn’t a party to the settlement…”

          I get that GZ wasn’t a party, per se, but considering Crump et al were meeting with potential witnesses in their client’s criminal trial it’s hard to fathom that MOM and West wouldn’t have strongly objected to the Scheme Team meeting with the HOA in private had they known or been able to attend.

          It was completely predictable that Crump et al would insist on confidentiality… or more aptly put, he was negotiating for their silence.

          • On Page 7 of 11, you will see a letter from the HOA informing the parties about the claim that was filed by Sybrina Fulton. George Zimmerman is copied. http://www.gzdocs.com/documents/0413/mot_to_unseal2.pdf

            Mr. O’Mara told Rene Stutzman in February he knew a mediation meeting had taken place a few months prior and was told that over a million dollar settlement offer had been turned down.

            “During an interview in February, Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, said Trayvon’s parents had tried to settle through mediation and the association or its insurer had offered $1 million, but Trayvon’s parents had rejected that amount.”


            So that tells me that the October 26th mediation was not successful in reaching a settlement.

            Then Mr. Crump files the news that an HOA Settlement has been reached and wants to put it into the criminal case file and keep it sealed. Rumors abound about Mr. O’Mara’s role in getting the Martin/Fulton family a settlement and we learn from laywers.com that Mr. O’Mara did not know there had been a settlement and was going to motion the court to release the document to the defense and also wanted to know the parties who settled and for what amount.

            ““We don’t know the details surrounding any settlement between the homeowner’s association and the Martin family,” O’Mara says. “[W]e haven’t yet received the documents that Mr. Crump filed with the court, and we would have no other way to verify that there was, in fact, a settlement.”


            • Well the meeting on October 26th he was in court, but regardless him being at any of those meeting does him more harm than good. Besiddes, the clear ethical issues, any word of MOM participating wth the talks, but it would damage his case, tremendously.

      • If I am not mistaken, MOM, West and GZ would not have been invited to attend the meeting. The shakedown was between the HOA board members and/or their attorney’s, the Schemers and the Martins. Was there some kind of wording in the settlement agreement stating that they were not admitting guilt on their part of GZ’s? It was shut up and go away money. The only problem was that Crumpy refused to shut up when he thought the agreement could influence the potential jurors. In my view it backfired on Crumpy as he and they have proven they are in it for the money, and justice for anyone be danged. For the schemers and the Martin parents justice equals money.

      • IF others can speculate that MOM was involved in the decision to pay off Crump and the family, then I will speculate that maybe he did so intentionally to create money tainted witnesses. NO idea is too wild in this very strange case.

    • You said:

      Then, money got in the way. On October 26, 2012 the family and their lawyers, known as the “Scheme Team” had an opportunity to sit down with the Home Owner’s Association and negotiate for money.”

      I still cannot find where it specifically states the family was present. Am I missing it?

      The family has not been at any hearings because they fear the truth will be exposed and that any of them could be called before the court as Crump was.

      If the trial begins to take a decided turn in George’s favor, I will not be surprised to see them give their choice seats up.

      You “hinted” that Wild Bill’s crew of 10,000 MIGHT not be there for peaceful purposes and even though I do not agree with you, maybe the family read what you said and got scared. LOL.

      • The filing I posted says there was a mediation with the HOA on October 26, 2012.

        We all thought the family wasn’t in court that day, because they were afraid Mr. Crump would get called up to the bar as he did in the October 19th hearing. Now we learn, they were in mediation with the HOA. Still they could have sent some family representatives and some lawyers to the courthouse, no? I guess not.

        I did not hint Wild Bill’s call is not peaceful. I do however want an assurance that he does indeed want these 10,000 to be peaceful before I put my support into it.

        Mr. Crump has been irresponsible in his speech inciting race divisions and I’d say the same for anyone on the other side who does the same. Wild Bill didn’t call for that but I’d feel better hearing him tell those he calls to the courthouse to remain peaceful.

        • I did not hint Wild Bill’s call is not peaceful.

          Sorry if I misspoke. Perhaps I should have said “it seemed to me that you were hinting”

          I think we should give Bill the benefit of the doubt as we often do when other civilized crowds assembled UNLESS they have a history of violence.

          If we demand and/or insist that he actually publicly state it will be peaceful we are jumping to conclusions and presupposing that it might not be peaceful. If I were Bill, I would be insulted and offended about that. Wouldn’t you?

          Has anyone demanded that the blacks also be peaceful? I mean the ones that Crump says are mobilized and ready to go into action, whatever that is. I am also speaking of other black groups who could participate. You know who they are, I think. I believe we have become complacent about potential riots and expect violence.We DO NOT try to prevent for one simple reason. Doing so would mean we are racists. It appears to me that backs have become entitled to riot and wreak havoc. How many peaceful black riots do you recall?

          Search for black riots in America and then do the same search leaving out the word black.

          I have posted those truly eye opening links here in the past.

          Here are the white riots. Notice the historical time line. You will find that most searches yield race riots and not white riots because they do not appear to do that any longer.


          I did not mean to be so picky about who was in mediation but you know how precise I like to be. 😀

          • I don’t care what color you are. Calling for assembly and not making it clear you are calling for peaceful assembly shouldn’t be insulting. It’s common sense. Left to ambiguity and some less intelligent folk may think it’s a call to riot. Clear and concise communication is a must.

            Mr. Crump has talked out of both sides of his mouth on this. So has Sybrina Fulton. Having Black Panthers stand at your stage with their backs to the stage and facing the crowd with wanted posters offering a $10,000 reward is not in line with calling for peaceful assembly in my mind. As a participant, I would refuse to be a part of it.

            How are you feeling by the way? I trust things are getting better?

        • Nettles, my 2 cents concerning Wild Bill,
          I know you are Canadian and perhaps all the information you have about the Tea partiers is fleshed out the media accounts, which have been biased against them to the extreme. I can tell you personally that our local Tea Party organization is nothing but peaceful. The group has been accused of racism, violent acts, extremism, yet there has not been one corroborated incident of that within the group. Violence for violence sake undermines the goals of the Tea Party, they have enough opposition without it.

          Your apprehension is understandable, but I believe in this case misplaced, I am more concerned with TM supporters who might use the trial as an opportunity to show-off. Either way that is what all I wanted you to know.

          • I know zero about Wild Bill other than the video he posted. I was not aware he was a Tea Partyer. If that was in the video I missed it.

            It would be irresponsible on my part to blindly accept his call to action to be what I want it to be.

            Like I said, I liked his message. The media getting an idea that GZ has thousands of supporters is sorely needed. Before I’d throw my support behind it, I want an assurance of exactly what he’s calling for.

            Call me crazy, but I’m thinking there isn’t going to be a trial. The State of Florida can’t possibly want to take this case to the public. Too much damage to their trust will ensue. To be effective, they have to have public trust. A lot of people think GZ is guilty only b/c the State brought charges. They trust the people they put in power that much. I was one of those people. In this case, I read the discovery. If the State airs publicly what it has and its summarized each night on the news, they will have given defense lawyers a great gift in future. The public won’t trust the State.

            • Forgive me for my assumptions, like I said your apprehension is worthy as endorsing something your are not knowledgeable is dangerous, just look at all the TM supporters that know little to nothing of the case.

              If you had asked me 45 days ago, I would have said this case was never going to trial, now I think there is nothing to stop it. As you stated most people think that if there is smoke there must be a fire somewhere, and see the State bringing charges as prove of smoke. This worries me, going forward because I feel some might feel pressured to convict GZ of something.

              If this case goes south for the State as it should, it will be ironic that the AA community which the State wanted to restore faith with, will be even more disillusioned after an acquittal.

                • The state, along with the scheme teams help over promised. They knew from the SPD investigation they were fighting something they couldn’t win, but as Cashill said, the prosecution is prepared to deny GZ a fair trial, in order to convict George, and they are willing to throw the entire Fla. legal system into the garbage pile to do so.

                  I truly hope and pray that It’sMichaelNot Mike is serious about going after Crump after the trial is over. He indicated that there are others that have been keeping Crump’s actions since the beginning in their sights as well as him.

                  • There will be NO winners in this case regardless of the verdict. I sure hope that It’sMichaelNot Mike keeps his word because he knows exactly how to do it. Others have said the same.

                    “I truly hope and pray that It’sMichaelNot Mike is serious about going after Crump after the trial is over. He indicated that there are others that have been keeping Crump’s actions since the beginning in their sights as well as him.”

            • It would go a long way if the POTUS would simply come out and apologize for his knee jerk “If I had a son” reaction…

              It’s not the first time that Obama has inadvertently fanned the flames of racial tensions and spoken out of turn about a matter he didn’t have all the facts on… the infamous ‘beer summit’ between him, Professor Gates, and Sergeant Crowley quicky comes to mind.

              • Has Obama ever apologized for anything? The only thing that I see him doing, and it is a big if, the public perception turns around completely, then he might say that the justice system worked and ask to accept the verdict.

                • ANY statement he makes will be carefully crafted and rehearsed just like the first one. There is more to that statement than has ever been publicly revealed but you have probably read about that. It was an planned event and did not originate from BO.

            • Call me crazy, but I’m thinking there isn’t going to be a trial.

              I have considered that as well as a long term delay in the trial to include recharging, if that can be done legally. IDK
              Anything can happen here.

          • Thanks for chiming in. You said what I did not want to say about the Tea Party because the public perception created by the media is that they are violent and racist. NONE of that is true and if you visit Bill’s site, you will read about blacks who have joined the TP movement. Local TP friends here in Florida say that a lot of blacks have joined the movement and some were actually Ron Paul supporters.

            Perception? How did people get the perception that the TP is evil? It’s another one of my rhetorical question and I am still looking for good symbol for it.

            • As with Sarah Palin, but with slight differences, they are viewed as dangerous to the status quo or both the Republicans and the Democrats. Grass roots groups with no real allegiance but a common goal, Non-violent, cross racial lines, no central authority, not anti-government but for a smaller more efficient government, and a populart message. It is not a wonder that the establishment saw them as dangerous and went to a lot of effort to portray them as bad.

            • Fear, a truly national movement with appeal across party, racial, sex, ideology lines. Not beholden to anyone, and it spoke freely against the establishment, it struck fear in those that want to maintain the Status Quo.

  4. I found this at Rumpole’s site it is John Galt estimation of what BDLR will do at trial, I think it is interesting hopefully you guys will as well.

    “BDLR’s anticipated story:

    GZ Background: Neighborhood Watch, prior calls to police about youth burglars, Neighborhood Watch meeting, training, not supposed to pursue or carry gun, GZ lives in neighborhood, familiar with neighborhood and streets. GZ criminal justice training. Knows the law. Implication: GZ knows how to conform his story to requirements of law.

    NEN call: GZ profiled TM as a criminal because he was walking in the rain with a hoodie: fuarking punk, azzholes always get away. GZ followed, even after dispatcher told him not to follow. Looking for an address excuse is BS, GZ was still pursuing TM. BDLR will reference NEN call as containing running and wind noise from running. BDLR will reference GZ’s prior calls to cops, purchase of gun as demonstrating GZ’s evolution into crazed vigilante who wants to stop azzhole fuarking punk from always getting away.

    TM returning from 7-11: This is a big problem. I think W8 would get shredded. Chad might fold and his story is inconsistent with purchase of a single WMFJC and a bag of skittles. Not two drinks and no snack for TM. There is also the half time basketball game problem and why Chad didn’t hear shooting and sirens and other commotion. The 7-11 video shows a scary hooded, pants sagging thug. 3 stooges drug deal might surface. So if I were BDLR, I would be inclined to skip the 7-11 trip and have cop testify about what was found at scene of shooting: WMFJC and candy. Not really pertinent where or why he bought items. No drugs, burglary tools, stolen property, no bag for carrying burglary tools or stolen property and no weapons. Just simple facts: We found dead kid with WMFJC, skittles, lighter, a small amount of money (no drugs or big drug dealer cash), headphones, cell phone, button. No gang tattoos, has his momma’s name on his arm. Nothing consistent with any intention to commit a crime. Dead kid was staying with father and girlfriend in the neighborhood. [That simple little last part might be a problem, maybe just have cop testify that he subsequently located TM father staying in neighborhood and looking for missing kid. Don’t want to open the door into why TM was staying in the neighborhood. Maybe Nelson helps out by banning mention of anything bad about TM.]

    Timeline: If GZ was returning to his truck after NEN call, he would have been at his truck. GZ had no intention of returning to his truck as evidenced by telling dispatcher to have the cops call him upon arrival, rather than meet him at his truck. “have them call me and I’ll tell them where I’m at” GZ was hunting TM, didn’t want “fuarking azzhole punk to always get away” If I was BDLR, I would make that my mantra. Try to say it as many times as possible. GZ evolved into an obsessed gun toting Neighborhood Watch vigilante, falsely profiled TM as a criminal, and consistently pursued him to keep “the fuarking azzhole punk from always getting away.” Depraved state of mind.

    Confrontation / Fight: TM body and phone 30 or 40 feet away from T where GZ alleges he was attacked. GZ chased TM down the T. Witness heard confrontation moving in that direction. GZ advancing, chasing fuarking azzhole punk to prevent him from always getting away. TM retreating. No GZ blood found in vicinity of T. TM has only one tiny cut on his knuckle. Inconsistent with administering MMA beating. GZ has minor scrapes on head, inconsistent with beating head repeatedly against sidewalk. GZ sustained broken nose after he chased TM down and attempted to keep him from getting away. GZ started the fight. Sybrina & Cutcher – TM was screaming for help. Poor little boy was screaming for help. [I think Nelson would be doing BDLR a favor if she banned the flaky voice experts. Cross-ex and rebuttal would be extremely ugly, and would make it appear that BDLR is engaged in a desperate attempt to BS the jury. Don’t put Tracy on the stand for voice ID. Just Sybrina and Cutcher.] I would also call W 6 so that the jury won’t be surprised later, dark, not sure who was screaming for help, guy in red was on the bottom, but didn’t see or hear blows struck, didn’t hear head hitting sidewalk. Austin saw somebody on the ground, doesn’t know anything else, didn’t see anybody on top throwing blows, didn’t hear blows or head hitting sidewalk.

    Medical / Gunshot: Kid is dead, shot in the heart by Z’s gun. Shot placement intended to kill, not merely disable or stop attack. GZ shot to kill.

    Aftermath: GZ astride TM, holding his hands apart, down, still trying to prevent the fuarking, azzhole punk from trying to get away. GZ still obsessed, depraved: keep fuarking azzhole punk from trying to get away. Depraved Neighborhood Watch vigilante gone wild. Not trying to help TM, not lying or sitting on ground as if he had a serious head injury or had sustained repeated blows to the head. GZ lucid and nonchalant, tells neighbor to call wife and tell her he just shot somebody, tells cop he shot the kid. No big deal, not agitated or distraught or dazed or confused. [BDLR has already filed motion to exclude GZ’s “I was screaming but nobody would help.” as a self-serving statement. This is a very important motion, imho.] GZ declined medical treatment beyond cleaning up blood from superficial abrasions.

    Then rest and see if defense puts GZ on the stand. Cross GZ with inconsistent statements if he testifies. Make him look absurd. You’ve lived in the neighborhood for how long? You are Neighborhood Watch and regularly patrol neighborhood. You have previously called police numerous times, yet you still don’t know the names of the streets? Serious injury? Fear for your life? You thought you were sustaining life threatening blows to the head, but you refused to go to the hospital. Isn’t it true that you had determined in your mind that TM was a “fuarking punk” ? Isn’t it true that you had determined in your mind that TM was an “azzhole who always gets away” ? Isn’t it true that you had determined in your mind that TM was a criminal intending to commit a crime in the neighborhood? Isn’t it true that you called the police because you believed in your mind that TM was a criminal intending to commit a crime in the neighborhood?”

    • BDLR has a very grating and obnoxious personality as we have seen in all of the hearings so far. He is not a very likable person in the courtroom. Unless Francis Oliver gets all of her choices on the jury, the jurors will be ready to convict BDLR of harassing them, and insulting their intellect and sensibilities.

      I trust that O’Mara/West can and will let the jurors know that all of BDLR’s statements are based on speculation and heresay, he has no facts to disprove self defense. O’Mara/West will be the men, the leaders the sane ones, and the most credible in the courtroom.

    • …that’s probably a very accurate approximation of how BDLR plans to present his case to the jury

      But (and I know I’m preaching to the choir) that entire story/scenario falls completely apart when the jury hears that TM actually has a recent and documented history of engaging in exactly the same behaviors that GZ believed he was witnessing that night. Long story short, there is ample proof that his suspicions were likely not unfounded.

      • Yes, but if BDLR gets his way the jury will never here about that. Or the reason for the police hesitancy and the SA’s unwillingness of Charging GZ.

        The motions are set to stack the deck, against, GZ.

        • Wit 8, imo, presents another legitimate route for introducing character evidence concerning TM…

          They’re calling her an ‘ear witness’ but the truth of the matter is that much of her story is little more than Trayvon told me this, Trayvon said that, yadda yadda… that’s hearsay.

          Under these peculiar circumstances, both Wit 8’s and TM’s character and credibility are fair game… he is the actual source of the account she will be giving if she is put on the stand.

          • With respect to the 2 DD theory, who would prove that the person who Crump interviewed on the phone was a different person than the one who showed up to the BDLR interview, and again for a meeting in Jacksonville. The only people who were there for the Crump interview were the people who have a vested interest in the outcome of the case. BDLR wasn’t there. No one from the defense team was there. Gutman was supposed to be in the same room as Crump when he did the telephone interview. Gutman said he had spoken with her a few times, but did he ever meet her in person, or did he just talk with her on the phone. Who would ever come forward, except the first person interviewed herself, that would admit that the Crump interview DD was a different person than the DD interviewed by BDLR and the defense.

            So even if there are/were 2 DD’s, how would anyone prove that, again short of the first one calling the defense to tell them she was the DD that was interviewed by Crump, but backed away after that? That is about as likely as me winning the powerball jackpot. Crump said that he didn’t know her last name, she wasn’t under oath, and no ID was provided. He could have been talking to his sister or cousin, and no one could prove that. Whether there was more than one DD, he did get the arress he needed to advance his shakedown scheme. Sybrina and Tracy supposedly talked to DD before her Crump interview, will they ever admit that she was a different person, if that was the case? not on your life. The phone records would have to have been transferred from one girl, to another’s name, and retroactively. Even I doubt the state would get the phone company to commit that level of fraud in a murder case.

    • BLDR cannot say any of this without getting a witness to do it unless you mean in opening or closing statements. So what witness would he call to get his version heard by the jury?

    • Five seats for pastors? WTH? What churches and/or denominations will be represented? Just curious cuz I would not be OK with 5 black pastors in that court room for the jury to see everyday. O’Mara should have a voice in who gets those seats. Is anyone else going to be there who could influence the jury? Remember the hearings in the Godfather when people showed up and testimony abruptly stopped.

      I would not be surprised to see that court room filled with black faces. Our friend Howie always reminds me of the unlimited power of Nelson and the system.

    • I think this offers RZjr a perfect opportunity to ask to meet with these pastors, to support their efforts to calm any violent reactions, and to acquaint them to the other side of the case.

      It seems fairly evident that the pastors are coming into this from the side of a preconception that GZ is guilty. These pastors, above all, should be sensitive towards being fair to all sides.

      When most of the individuals quoted in the media talk about “justice for Trayvon” or the Martin family, they are talking about a conviction of GZ. But the facts do not fit this preconception and the “neutral” observers should be afforded the opportunity to at least be acquainted with the facts of the case.

      Of course, it bears repeating, that for a lot of people, the fact of an unarmed individual being killed by an armed individual is all they think they need to know. But the law is the law, and the facts under the law are the facts, and every reasonable effort should be made to make those facts available to them, since it certainly is not going to be presented in the media.

      There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

      • Hooson, your optimism about certain things can be contagious. But counting on black pastors to change or affect the minds of some blacks in issues of race is really beyond optimistic. Remember that GZ tried to enlist their help to assist another black man with minimal results, asking them to as some will no doubt see it, go against a black kid to support his “murderer” is asking to much.

          • IMO the best outcome will be that they will act as peacekeepers and that they will urge everyone to live by whatever outcome the trial brings.

            Its not about right or wrong, this has become a “are you with us or are you against us” type of things. I will speak with you privately if you want more details as to why I say that.

  5. Nettles, love your site and great blurb before today’s comments section.

    – I still have my money on there being a trial. I think the results of the trial will almost certainly be not guilty….however, if lesser charges can be applied…I am a little concerned about a manslaughter (or even less than that) coming back a hung jury.

    Many already have their minds made up on this one. I really do hope no matter what color you are…when you go in that jury box, you leave your prejudices aside.

    – Last month alone, Jamie Foxx wore a “No Justice No Peace” Travyon shirt to the MTV movie awards. I think you are being overly optimistic if you think interest from the BGI has dried up on this one. The BGI will put their full weight in this case soon enough. There will be hundreds each day outside the trial.

    – There simply won’t be any destructive PRO-Zimmerman riots. It would never happen.

    • – There simply won’t be any destructive PRO-Zimmerman riots. It would never happen.

      Thank you for saying that which supports what I have been saying about Wild Bill’s call for 10,000 folks to show up in support of George.

      Try to imagine the crowds being overwhelmingly black. The jury will be sequestered but suppose they were to see such a crowd.


      I love you big as the moon but I am not going to give up on persuading you to consider the consequences of a predominately black crowd supporting the conviction of an innocent man. This could easily become a lynching by proxy IF we do nothing about being represented there in equal numbers. Yes, I know I know I am violating my own principles by trying to change your way of thinking about this issue. Forgive me.

    • No.

      If you like what you see here and want to help, would love it if you give a donation to the defense fund. Links are found at the top page.


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