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May 22, 2013 – Open Thread


Defense posts Defendant’s 2nd Supplemental Discovery


Lots to dig through today! Thank you to Cylinder and Coreshift for bringing the new post to us.

  1. Five photographs of Trayvon Martin at 7-Eleven on February 26, 2012 Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5
  2. 7-Eleven Surveillance Video from February 26, 2012 (previously disclosed)
  3. 80 photographs of evidence taken by the Defense at FDLE on August 8, 2012 
  4. One ABC News photograph of Mr. Zimmerman’s injuries
  5. 97 aerial photographs of Retreat at Twin Lakes and surrounding areas
  6. Retreat at Twin Lakes full neighborhood photograph
  7. 29 Google Earth and Google Maps Images (included with the aerials.zip file above)
  8. One photograph taken by GZW 13 of Mr. Zimmerman’s injuries
  9. One photograph taken by Officer Wagner of Mr. Zimmerman’s injuries
  10. 6 photographs taken at Retreat at Twin Lakes February 26, 2012
  11. 34 photographs of Mr. Zimmerman taken February 26, 2012
  12. Three photographs taken at Retreat at Twin Lakes February 27, 2012
  13. Two photographs of Mr. Zimmerman’s graduation Photo 1Photo 2
  14. Copy of the New Black Panther Party flyer
  15. Fox 13 and Fox 35 photographs of New Black Panther Party flyer
  16. 93 photographs of Retreat at Twin Lakes taken by Defense on May 6, 2013
  17. Notice regarding Sanford Police Department and homeless man incident
  18. Notice regarding City of Sanford Commission meeting
  19. Email from Mayor Triplett on September 20, 2011
  20. The videos referenced below are publicly available on the Internet:
  21. Two videos of March 22, 2012 Rally
  22. ABC News recording of Mr. Crump’s interview with GZW8
  23. ABC News video regarding GZW14
  24. GZW14 YouTube statement
  25. NBC 4 video of Mr. Crump
  26. 11 photographs of Trayvon Martin’s Clothing (redacted)
  27. Mr. Zimmerman’s Florida concealed weapon or firearm permit
  28. 6 additional Medical Examiner’s photographs of Trayvon Martin (redacted)
  29. 17 crime scene photographs of Trayvon Martin (redacted)

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

If you’d like to share something privately, you can email me at nettles@bell.net

For those who are able, please make a donation to the defense fund. Thank you for helping.


238 thoughts on “May 22, 2013 – Open Thread

  1. The defense seems to have taken special care to photograph the stains on Martin’s pants near his knees. DSC_138 – 43.

  2. ROFLMAO!!! The “spin” on the response in regard to toxicology is that since it says Trayvon was “impaired” that is even more proof he was a “helpless victim” and further shows George’s “depravity”

  3. A few pictures of the stains on Trayvon’s jeans.

    (Nettles, feel free to edit, delete, combine separate, whatever… as you like. Just posting the links)

    • Here’s another of George at his graduation ceremony. Why isn’t he going into a racist rage? There’s a black guy to his left and a black woman in front of him.


      • Seminole state college I think. He didn’t really graduate, but they let him take part in the ceremony, I think. He had like one class left to go and he was taking it when the shooting took place. The school dropped him at some point because of a security risk or something like that.

        • Well, maybe someone encouraged him to finish it while he has been hiding out instead of sitting around putting on pounds. I would be curious to know what he does all day after waking up until bedtime. Did Shellie come back?

        • I would add the college to the list of targets when GZ begins his fusillade of legal reprisals. Perhaps security was a valid issue for his dismissal, but I believe they could have handled it in a more temperate manner, i.e., allowing him to take his last class remotely.

  4. One the highest res pictures of Trayvon at the 7-11 that I’ve seen. He sure doesn’t look like what the media has been showing. He also seems to have a much darker complexion. And look at how he dwarfs the sales clerk. Amazing.


  5. I knew O’Mara West would be doing a comparison of Martin and the clerk size to show how small George was to Martin. I expect to see the clerk on the stand and standing next to Zimmerman.

  6. Just saw a poster on another page make the observation that the time on Trevon’s cell phone is approx. 7:04…..anyone know about this? I would think that causes a massive problem with the dee dee narrative if true.

  7. Ms. Dorival:
    I wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation for all your hard work and effort for the SPD and the citizens of Sanford.
    We all know how hard it is to get a compliment, but to have someone to take the time to sit down and write and e-mail, means that you have gone above and beyond your ordinary job description.
    Thank you for taking on a leadership role with our community.
    Jeff Triplett Mayor
    P.S. Chief Lee, thank you for passing this e-mail along to me. It’s not often that we hear good things about our employees. I would like to share this e-mail with the other commissioners on Monday night!
    From: Lee, Bill
    Sent: Mon 9/19/2011 1:05 PM To: ‘RTL Neighborhoodwatch
    Cc: MCAULIFFE, JAMES; MORGENSTERN, DAVID; Dorival, Wendy Subject: RE: Community Volunteer Coordinator Feedback
    Mr. Zimmerman
    I appreciate you taking the time, first to get involved in your community and help in organizing the neighborhood watch program and secondly for providing positive comments regarding Ms. Dorival performance. Hearing comments that are supportive are certainly welcomed. I will make special note of your recognition, pass it onto Ms. Dorival and make it part of her personnel file.
    Please, let us know if we can do anything to assist you and your neighbors to ensure you feel safe in your community.
    Bill R. Lee Jr.
    Chief of Police City of Sanford Office (407) 688-5075
    bi 11. lee@sanfordfl. gov

  8. WOW!!!!! There are some super angry Traynuts already turning up on Facebook already that the defense’s discovery dump has been a “smear campaign against an innocent dead child”…..I’m talking far more angry than usual

      • It’s why I included the disclaimer. I can agree with each and every opinion of what that photo shows right now because we simply do not know the circumstances of what the picture was intended to show. My personal interpretation is that is one of the forensic techs working on the phone and the purpose of the photo is to illustrate when it went dead and was last used. Pure speculation but my opinion on what it shows.

      • Aj who posts here sometimes has this to say: I think David is correct. The metadata on that picture says it was taken at 3:06PM on August 8th, 2012. If it was taken at that time, why would it be showing a time of 4 or 16 hours later?

            • Would one of you fine folks who are not banned from the other blogs kindly share the video just to get some other opinions? I added the metadata info into the video description to help facilitate discussion.

              • Speaking of such, can you post a screenshot of why you think you are banned, like some have requested? No need to go back to yesterday’s thread to do so, and would put that issue to rest.

                • I bet if CLSS went over to D-Man’s blog or (preferably) sent him a private message and said “Hey D-Man, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding yesterday” he’d be perfectly fine with him continuing to post there. It’s the little things that make a difference.

                  • Still thinking about it. I have no objection really to taking the initiative and extending a little olive branch diplomacy. I have just been staying off the page. his house his rules and i’m cool with that, i just dont feel comfortable in posting in such a restrictive environment.

                    • It’s not restrictive. He’s just posted in the past about how his threads get taken over by unrelated stuff. These open threads that Nettles hosts are for all the loosely or barely related stuff of the day. D-Man posts here sometimes, too, but other times, he has very specific subjects he wants to post about and discuss, and he does that on his blog, where he invites discussion, but just wants the discussion to stay focused on the issue he brought up. There’s nothing wrong with that, and you should feel free to participate in the discussion. I know we all appreciate your videos and your pictures and all the other things you do.

                    • I am so wowed out I am having troubles with the right choice of words.

                      When have you EVER seen so many diverse members of an internet blog reach out to help one of their own when the person made a mistake that at many other blogs would get you banned with NO CHANCE FOR FORGIVENESS?

                      This is only supposed to happen in churches but, by golly, here it is plain as day.

                      We should be proud of ourselves. Do I hear an amen?

                • I could but it’s a little late now…..hypothetically he could have unbanned me just so he can say …see the captains full of crap. Not at all saying he did or thats what happened……just saying its a little pointless at this juncture. Look, i’m already over it and moved on. I dont even go on the page. Im busy working on videos and pics with the new discovery.

            • Nobody is logged into the phone nor could they log in.

              A more rational question would be: Why on Earth would the phone show the time it was last used on the login screen? There’s absolutely no rational reason for something like that. A clock always shows what time it thinks it is.

              • Question though…can you disprove my interpretation. And yes there is a rational reason if they were using some type of forensic software to try and see when it was last used. I have further evidence to support my claim. I just cant post it because it is screen shots of a privateconversation I had with someone who is very close to the center of the case.

                • Hey, you can imagine whatever you want. It’s just not rational IMO. A clock does one thing. It shows what it thinks the current time is. Any info about power loss, last turned on, or whatever, would be in log files.

            • Quite possibly the entire lab is one big Faraday shield to prevent any outside electronic interference, including any kind of network connection.

              That’s certainly how I’d do it.

          • Not sure who took the photo or where. But what if… the person/camera, was from a diff time zone (camera would be set to that time) and when took pix of the phone, the phone was reflecting the time zone of the phone in at the time. Just wondering outloud, hope I made sense.

              • All good ideas and realistic possibilities….i could also be right too. As I said I have a source about as close to the center of the case as you can get without being George who has told me directly the defense has proof that phone call did not happen.

    • Great Article! Thank you for sharing. Finally a recounting of the night as I know it.

      I really llike the way Mr. Cashill writes. I’m looking forward to his book when this trial is done. I have to say, he’s got some REALLY good sources!

        • Thanks. I have so much work to do here at home with the people we put in office. Are you hearing about our role-model Mayor of Toronto? What a disgrace.

          Different views are valued. They might give me ideas on how to be more effective at home. I’ll check it out. Thanks again!

  9. THANKS EVERYONE for the links & pictures. Don’t you guys ever sleep?

    NOTICE how CRUMP hasn’t held a news conference complaining about TM’s drug use? Guess CRUMP is waiting on the Appeal decision but it is a welcome break from his grand standing. I guess Sybrina will ratchet up the rant “they are killing my son again, or they are demonizing my son.”

    APPEAL??? APPEAL??? WHEN are we going to hear something, this has given me anxiety!

      • boricuafudd – I meant to compliment your “sermon” yesterday but fell asleep before I got the chance. You were spot on in your comment, your passion as well as others joining together & demanding GZ have a fair trial despite the railroading & the smear campaign against him gives me hope that the message is getting out, little by little.

        FINGERS are crossed on the Appeal.

        • Thanks Art, I too hope that the message is getting out. That is why the infighting is not helpful, agree to disagree or stop posting at the site, let it go, a bigger issue is at stake.

  10. Defense attorneys release scores of photos, preparing for George Zimmerman trial!

    Defense attorneys have just released scores of new photos as they prepare for the George Zimmerman second-degree murder trial, including new photos of the clothes he and Trayvon Martin wore the night they got into a fight and Zimmerman killed the teenager.

    Those new photos were taken by Zimmerman’s defense team in August at a state crime lab. They show pieces of evidence after they had been analyzed, including the bullet hole in the hoodie Trayvon wore and the gun Zimmerman used.


  11. Look at this video. How would you describe the motion that the guy in the white shirt makes at about the 17-22 second mark? It’s like skipping, but it’s also sort of a show-off type of motion. I wonder if that’s the same kind of “skipping” that George Zimmerman saw that night. Trayvon skipping away and making preparations to come back and attack the crackuh that had the audacity to follow him and call the police on him.

    • IMO too much has been made of that statement, but anyone who has seen someone attempting to run with the sagging, baggy pants that TM was wearing that night would understand.

      You can’t run with those pants without either falling on your face or losing your pants, so to move fast you run in a skipping like motion so your pants don’t fall off. I thought it was something else but watching the 7-11 video, again and how TM is pulling up his pants which appeared to be falling off, it became clear to me.

      • Plus it’s hard to run when the crotch of your pants is at your knees. It restricts how much your legs can move since it holds your legs together down to the knees. Imagine trying to run with a strap around your legs just above the knees holding them together and you get the idea.

    • When I heard George say “skipping”, I thought I knew what he was talking about. I don’t watch football (American) anymore, but used to be when a player received instructions from a coach on the sidelines, or sometimes when a player is replacing another, rather than run, the player takes a few skipping like steps and never breaks into a full run. It is more like: skip/trot to the line or huddle. That is what I think George was describing.

  12. I posted this at Diwataman’s blog as well; can someone explain all of the cut out areas in the clothes under evidence? Do those deal with stains that were subsequently tested? TIA

  13. After the Jodi Arias trial concludes, HLN has big plans, and George Zimmerman is a major part of them!

    HLN on Wednesday announced that it will offer a Zimmerman preview, “Zimmerman Police Tapes,” at 6 p.m. Monday (Memorial Day). Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin.

    HLN is promising extensive coverage of the Zimmerman trial, set to begin June 10. The channel will present the special “HLN After Dark Zimmerman” at a date to be announced later.

    The channel did offer this preview: “This special will review issues surrounding this hot-button case and feature HLN’s on-air team including Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Dr. Drew, Vinnie Politan and Ryan Smith, who will provide expert commentary.”


    I QUIT watching NG when she CONVICTED the Duke Lacrosse players without a trial, of course they were not guilty, BUT NG nor Sharpton EVER offered an apology to those HURT by their incompetence & rush to judgement. NG’s touts she was a “former Prosecutor!” LOL NG, Mike Nifong as a FORMER Prosecutor too.

    imo, NG needs to stick to cases involving missing children, no one else covers that.

    • Frank Taaffe tweeted out a picture of him and Vinnie last Friday. Vinnie and his crew were at the Retreat preparing a documentary for the upcoming trial and Frank was a part of it.

    • Can not stand Nancy DisGrace! Do you remb that mother that she hounded over and over and the lady committed suicide? NG was sued and had to pay. Hey does anyone know if anyone will be recording the trial and posting like some did on the CA trial? This one I followed when I couldnt watch or wanted to rewatch, recorded in segments and had on her You Tube page. After a while she stopped said something about infringement or something a station said she didnt have permission to rebrowdcast. Also saw that happen in the Dr Conrad Murry trial. Thanks in advance 😉

    • Folks, we can turn the tide one reporter at a time. Earlier today, when this story was first published, it didn’t say soft drink. It said iced tea. Someone tweeted Rene and asked her to correct it and also mentioned that this iced tea vs fruit juice cocktail issue can be used as a marker to determine if a witness is lying and has actually concocted their testimony based off of incorrect media reporting. Witness 8 is the best example of this. Maybe since she corrected this one aspect of the story, she’ll dig into the larger issue here.

      • Perseverance does pay, there has been a slow evolution in Rene’s coverage, through the months, and now it seems she is reporting it straight or a least trying to.

        Hopefully, the Editors also see it the same, and more balance stories get out. Ackbar, thanks for pointing this out.

      • I corrected another Slantinel reporter a couple weeks ago and she changed “iced tea” to “non-alcoholic beverage”.

      • Is this idea too far fetched? Everyday when an article is “wrong,” “someone” here HINT. HINT. . . could post the link, along with the appropriate email address for the reporter as well as what should be corrected. Then we send the emails, maybe within a predetermined time frame. Call it overwhelming brutal force, if you please.

          • If you are going to do it. we should do it soon because we are going to start seeing a helluva lot more regurgitation of the same old lies as get closer to the trial.

            My suggestion is to post it in the very first comment of the day. I suspect a lot of folks start there instead of reading your blog at the top as evidenced by the race to be first. Uh., oh. that won’t work b/c you would know of the article at midnight. I guess you might have to put in a comment when you first read the article.

            • I meant to say: I guess you might have to put IT in a comment when you first read the article.

              Yuk. . I am tired and still have a hundred more comments to go.

              • know what you mean on the 100s of emails lol I just finally got caught up from 3 blogs, Nettles, Dman and TH. Email tho is usually easiest for me to keep up. THANKS again Nettles for such a great flowing site!

                • I just finally got caught up from 3 blogs, Nettles, Dman and TH.

                  If you read every single comment, then you know something that I do not know. What’s the secret aside from ignoring some of the comments?

                  • lol I get busy some days lately and have missed complete articles. I like Rumpoles too. I read by the emails and then have to delete tons lol

  14. In looking at reaction today by pro-Trayvon people I was reminded of something that I have felt strongly about the minute I saw it happening. THAT IS: That attorneys attached to the case should not be tweeting in ANY way about this case. Two that come immediately to mind are NatJackEsq and ModarresLaw. Excuse me if I am incorrect, but I believe the code of ethics prohibits this type of behavior. As attorneys and officers of the court they engage in conversation with people who say the most vile things. Can you even for one moment imagine MOM/West responding to people who tweet vile things. Not only that but I feel to tweet to GZ’s brother is totally out of line. Not sure how this tweet will show up using previous method elsewhere, but here goes:


    I seriously think they should be brought before the disciplinary commission for this type of behavior. Sorry, just my opinion, but I cannot even fathom if I was attorney and would conduct myself in this manner and not have anyone find it out of line, not professional, and certainly not in the realm of how an attorney should be conducting themselves. Maybe I’m full of chit. IDK.

    • They seem to think they are only subject to the law and not subject to the ethical standards maintaining membership in the Florida bar requires. In Florida, if you aren’t a member of the bar you can’t practice law. I’m very interested in seeing if the Florida bar still requires that its members behave according to its rules regarding ethical conduct.

      • coreshift, correct me if I am wrong, but I THINK Robert is on the witness list. Why on earth is this attorney talking to him on twitter? One could say he is harrassing a witness. #1, Robert wasn’t talking to him. He was talking to Rene. ModarresLaw just decided to insert himself into that discussion. Why? Let’s just say a witness FOR the State (like a relative of Trayvon’s) was twittering. Would you think it proper that MOM or West should barge in there and tweet them a tweet like Modarres did? Can you even imagine the fallout? Again, No attorney attached to this case in ANY WAY, should be tweeting in connection with the case period.

              • I don’t know him. Most get my trust at first until I learn not to trust. I tend to give the benefit of the doubt. Hornsby is a lawyer and I wanted a legal opinion. He gave me a non lawyer answer I thought. He may have taken my question lightly.

                  • Dummy me does not see how he was disrespectful to you. Did you ask him a question? I am NOT a Twitter guru. LOL

                    I took his demographics comment to actually be directed at Modarres, who sounds like a cocky, sarcastic, badly behaved, out of control, know it all, fool with NO manners, let alone class or even the semblance of being a professional anything. However. I did not read the entire conversation. Hornsby knows better than what he said. Perhaps it was intentional to stir up the idiot. Some people pick fights and mock the other party by ignoring them.

                    • Hornsby wasn’t disrespectful at all. He answered me but I thought he took my inquiry lightly so I asked a follow-up question and he said it “Probably” is unethical for Modarres to tweet Robert (a witness in the case). Then Shayan did his thing and some of his friends joined in too. Richard handled them very easily.

              • cassandra – I have followed Hornsby for several years.. He is already an Orlando Legal Analyst, what would be his “self serving agenda?” I respectfully disagree, UNLESS you know something about him that I don’t. He has been fair when being interviewed about GZ as well as the opinions he has stated in his BLAWG!

                • In addition, Hornsby has stated several times that he thinks GZ will be acquitted. He stated GZ had a “right to defend his life.”

                  Hornsby tells it like it is, some don’t like it, it’s about the law w/Hornsby & he makes no apologies for his opinions WHICH he backs up with the law.

                • I did not take kindly to his dissing Robert Zimmerman as a petulant child. Seems he is critical of RZ taking his family’s fight to twitter. It felt like professional elitism to me when he answered a reasonable question from Nettles with an off the cuff remark describing RZ as immature and without impulse control.

                  • Cassandra, after Mrs. Z released her letter, Jeralyn stated the family shouldn’t be speaking out, that if something is stated, it should come from the Attorney’s. Tracy/Sybrina responded to Mrs. Z & got as much or more exposure as Mrs. Z & it angered the TM supporters even more.

                    Alan Derchowitz has been critical of Angela Corey, but AD does not find GZ “morally innocent” in TM’s death if you refer to his last comment on the case.

                    IF Judge N isn’t going to do anything about BDLR’s abuse of with holding Brady material & hold BDLR responsible for holding up a deposition for 5 hours, WHO is going to enforce anything about the 2 on twitter? Who has been harmed? That would be the reaction Judge N would have if the complaint were brought to her. Although RZ is a witness, he is too becoming a public figure through Media Blitz, not unlikeSybrina/Tracy have done to promote their agenda. I support RZ’s message & efforts, but I clearly see how attorneys thinking objectively don’t see it as a big problem. UNLESS someone is threatened, I don’t see it going anywhere. jmho.

                    • Yeah, I understand all your points, and agree with your presentation of the dilemna. This is where TL Jeralyn legally focused analysis leaves me wanting, and where Dman bold and direct discussion of race is so satisfying. So I stand with RZ and the CTH in confronting the underlying racially dynamics empowering the miscarriage of justice.
                      Life is messy, but uncomfortable truth is painful and challenging. You would have laughed at my phone conversations with Black Caucus Congress members offices and Florida politicians staff for their role in creating this injustice. I did not hold back criticism, I blamed them for continuing the lies and manipulations which are central to why America is failing to suppress inner city violence and gang culture.

                      It has been a fascinating personal experience for me to witness this event and the blog sphere role in educating the public and the push back against the Lame stream media.
                      I have become a junkie, and I hope everyday to see GZ and SZ free from this injustice.
                      I read everything I can take time to read. I found the conservative oriented sites, Cahill, CTH, Stately McDaniel etc and TL once I realized that Sybrina and Tracey were lying in interviews. I read TL on the case, but find the rabid libs there nuts, just as nutty as they find the CTH.

                      To my thinking RZ is leading and winning hearts and minds. Our family is very impressed with his presentation and we do not share MOM or Merritt’s concerns. I think there really is two courts deciding the outcome of the case, and in final analysis, it will be interesting to determine how important the influence from CTH, DMAN and RZ are in leading the public to stand for truth over riot ideology. I have a big soft spot for RZ, because as GZ bro he must hurt so deeply, yet he is so professional and serious in his media appearances. I loved his take down of NPR Michel Martin. I posted a criticism of NPR on their site and was pleasantly surprised to see fellow libs agree in the majority. DMAN is right, the real fight is against the
                      race hustlers and liars.

      • coreshift – Fla. take character seriously, Jose Baez was DENIED a license to practice law in Fla. for unethical behavior for 8 years.

        FROM OS:
        For eight years after he graduated from law school, however, the board that screens prospective attorneys in Florida would not let him practice law. The Florida Supreme Court agreed with the decision, issuing an order in 2000 that cataloged unpaid bills, extravagant spending and other “financial irresponsibility” up to that time. Justices reserved their strongest condemnation for his failure to stay current on support payments for his only child.

        His overall behavior, they wrote, showed “a total lack of respect for the rights of others and a total lack of respect for the legal system, which is absolutely inconsistent with the character and fitness qualities required of those seeking to be afforded the highest position of trust and confidence recognized by our system of law.”


        Baez too had 2 or 3 complaints filed with the Fla. Bar during KC’s trial. WHY hasn’t someone reported these attorney’s?

        • They shouldn’t be tweeting to supporters for Trayvon or supporters of George and certainly not people involved in the case. If they want to say, “here is the latest filing” fine. That’s it. If the State wants to hold a press conference on something .. go ahead. That’s what Mom does. Plus he has gzlegal which allows for one to read documents or a press release, but DOES NOT allow for comments. GZlegal also has the defense fund however one is not forced to look at it or go there. If they want a twitter account for fundraising … fine and if an attorney wants to host that account it should be for the fundraising and not for comments about the case. My suggestion would be to have a non-attorney to monitor the fundraising twitter account. This way people don’t turn to the fundraising account to get info about the case. It’s just common sense to keep everything as professional as possible. These young attorneys like ModarresLaw need to go back and read about professional conduct. And NatJackEsq has also made some really unprofessional comments and is very close to the BigBoi crowd and has been for a very long time now. You want to convince me she hasn’t seen the filth posted at BigBoi’s? … cause I’m not gonna buy it and nobody with a lick of sense is gonna buy it either.

          • “This way people don’t turn to the fundraising account to get info about the case.”

            As to the position taken by some who donate to the GZ fund, I’ve actually seen positions taken where some believe that if they are donors, it gives them the right to demand information from the defense. For some, it doesn’t matter what the defense strategy is, or why they are releasing or not releasing what they do, it seems to be a matter of I expect to be provided the information I helped pay for. I’ve thought that position was very wrong from those that have posted that. If you are giving donations to the GZ fund, I would think you are doing so to see an innocent man exonorated, but truly some think their donations are buying info into the case. It is perfectly reasonable to expect to see how the funds are spent but, you are not buying a say in what or how the defense team is handling the case, or to buy info from the defense.

      • I continue to urge folks to stay away from those sites. Maybe they are spreading a new contagious disease of the brain that causes perfectly ….. good…. normally respectful folks to come back over and act just plain crazy. ….

    • For a while I did some searches to see if I could find about any complaints about Crump and his cohorts. I never found a thing so I gave up thinking it might be protected work product after Crump sent brief responses.

      Isn’t that supposed to be public information?

  15. Hi there Nettles,
    Big game tonight in Ottawa and the Senators must win or return to the Steel City down 3-1. Just look at it this way: This nice young man (link to pic), a Canadian through and through, plays for the Penguins, so how can you not cheer for him tonight? Or OK, maybe if the Sens should fail in this series, maybe later in the Cup Run, you could cheer for him a little, eh?

  16. I watched HIN for a while this evening to see what they had to say about the GZ case. I seldom watch that biased station, but wanted to see what they were saying about GZ. It may just be paranoia on my part, but it sure sounded to me like the voice of GZ has been made to sound deeper than I remember it from the videos of him at the SPD. Captain (or anyone) do you recall offhand where to find the videos of him being questioned at SPD? Did anyone by chance record the preview they were showing as to what will be televised Labor Day? I flatly do not trust the media. Someone with the “knowhow” needs to compare what they are broad casting with the actual voice on the video.

      • I had same problem Ottawa. Will keep checking. Need to find it and have it ready when the program comes on- don’t even know what the guys name is that is doing it, but his bias is already showing.

      • I will check D-Man. I know my way around on his site. I was hoping maybe the Captain might have it on youtube.

        • Both Rumpole and Daman post some amazing invaluable stuff about the case. Doing what they do requires a lot of time and there is virtually everything one needs to know and wants.

          Kind of reminds me of this song;

          Applause, please for both of them.

      • DUH – I didn’t think of that . Thx nettles. BTW- The one I’m looking for is the one where he said that he had forgotten that he had the gun until TM said, “you are going to die tonight” and he felt TM’s hand moving towards the gun. That is an important piece of evidence for his self defense claim imo. Just want to make sure GZ’s voice is the same on the video as on HLN.

        • It wasn’t any of those. The one they had on HLN was a video. Those were just audio. I will keep looking- signing off for tonight- nite all.

          • It must have been the walk through video. You may recall the State pulled a slime move by releasing the tape at first without GZ injuries at the end.

            When GZ told the defense about the talk of the injuries on tape then and only then did the State released the full video. But in typical fashion most sites don’t have the injuries part posted. Here is such an example. It cuts off before they walk back to Twin Trees and discuss GZ injuries. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX1sxARNq_c But it will have what you are looking for I think.

        • I am hoping others are interested in my little project to gather everything George has said that is known to the public.

          We have the LE interviews but NOT ONE single recoding of all of the calls he made to SPD.

          And then, there is the Hannity debacle and what he said on the stand at the first bond hearing…. another fiasco but it is what is.

          Aside from the calls to SPD before he was arrested is there anything else I am missing? IIRC, he called them regularly.

    • And when they’re caught slowing down the tape to make his voice deeper, they’ll say ‘Sometimes we adjust the tapes to fill the allotted time for the story’.

  17. Gonna go slumming at Leatherheads I am in need of a good laugh, and those Poor souls are past the drop off.

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