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May 23, 2013

George Grad George Michael Zimmerman


Defense posts 3rd Supplemental Discovery. http://www.gzlegalcase.com/index.php/court-documents/174-defendant-s-3rd-supplemental-discovery


Thanks to Coreshift for the Video of Mark O’Mara on today’s release of discovery.

Take a good hard look at George’s Grad Photo on top.  Try for just a moment to put yourself in his shoes.  Pictured here he was looking forward to putting his schooling behind him and starting a career to help others.  George was not a home owner.  He rented a townhome in a community that was being rocked by burglaries.  George is community-minded.  He took the initiative to contact police about setting up a neighborhood watch program.  He volunteered to recruit block captains which was turning out to be a difficult job.  Witnesses have said they met George standing on the corners of the complex asking people to volunteer to be block captains.  At the September 2011 meeting there were about 50 residents.  At the next meeting in December there were  10.  One block captain admitted to quitting in December 2011 and not telling anyone and the other captain admitted that she was suppose to introduce herself to her neighbors but she hadn’t done it.

We all know what happened on February 26th.  I’ll not go into the details with you again but recall I asked you to put yourself in George’s shoes.  He had just turned 28 four months earlier.  How would you feel about going to the store and moments later shooting your weapon into a youth?  George’s attack was mostly centered around his head.  What long-term effect with that have on him, physically?  What emotional effect will that have on him?  We’ve seen the physical toll this has taken on George.  He’s gained over 100 pounds in a year.  Robert shared with us on Piers Morgan that George cried for days afterwards. The police told us George spent his first night in jail on April 11th crying.  He likely still cries when recalling the incident.  He carries a GPS monitoring device, the size of an old cell phone, on his leg each and every day.  He lives in fear that if he doesn’t keep his batteries charged and maintain the device properly, the authorities are looking for anything, anything little thing at all to give them a reason to put him in jail.

His parents, at their own expense, are displaced as they try to stay safe and protected from the threats that appears to bother no one but the family and their supporters.  I’ve seen no effort from police to publicly send a message that threatening GZ or his family won’t be tolerated.  The Zimmerman family has taken it upon themselves to keep them safe.  They’ve had too.  The community by and large doesn’t care.

Over the past several months, at one time or another, some supporters online, including myself, have been bickering.  A person has an opinion that post was offensive, uninteresting or unwarranted, a person has the opinion that George retained the wrong lawyer and they try time and time again to prove it, rules about blogs are ignored.  It has resulted in some voices being shut-down.  The person looking to help gave up and concentrated on something else.  It caused some of us to split and create other blogs.  If that’s what it takes to help George in our own way so be it.  Lots of choices out there.  Please don’t quit on George.

We are not in competition with each other.  At least this blog isn’t.  The goal here is to help George Zimmerman fight against the injustice the State of Florida is heaping upon him.  From this Canadian’s perspective, I’ve seen news stories of the U.S judging another country’s justice systems and stepping in at times to help with the investigation because no one has a better system in the world than the United States.  This trial will be your opportunity to show why the United States claims to be the best in the world.  So far, the system is failing.

After reading all the discovery, I am of the opinion this trial is a “show trial”.  The State of Florida has decided to reward the public, who were lied to, and motivated to anger and protest and arrest a man in a case where the evidence shows he killed the youth in defense of himself.

The media let the public down big-time on this case.  A slick PR firm and lying civil lawyers were not questioned or challenged.  Spending just 4 hours on the information put out revealed more than 25 lies.  Yet the media just reported what the lying lawyers said.  The Zimmerman family gave no counter argument until March 28th when Robert appeared on Piers Morgan.  Well that was the news and it resulted in a public that may have a hard time believing so much of it was a lie.

What the online community has done to right the wrongs we are witnessing is to be commended.  A message to those in power that think they can abuse the power and position afforded them needs to be sent.  If even one defendant in your system receives injustice, then all do.

We are not lawyers by and large.  We need to work with the team George chose and do what we can to make them successful.  In trying to destroy their credibility and show why they shouldn’t have been retained works to ensure George has even more stacked against him at trial.  His lawyers will be talking for him.  It’s vital, imo, they are efficient and thorough.  We can help them with that.  We by and large, don’t understand all the legal reasons for evidence getting in or left out and we do need to yield to the professionals fighting the case for George.

We also need the media.  Our voice is not large enough to reach the public who will help us demand the right things be done in this case.  How did the media get so bad?  While we all complain about what we read, how many of us contact the reporter to correct the record?  Do you email in suggestions for stories?  When you find a reporter made a mistake, do you call them names and say how stupid they are?  Unless you are prepared to never make a mistake, I’d suggest not being so judgemental.  As with the legal team, we need to support reporters too.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  You put a reporter on notice their stories are being read and accuracy matters?  That’s a good message right?

I appeal to the participants here to keep in mind George Zimmerman.  Put yourself in his shoes and do whatever you can to lift the voice and truth of what has occurred in this case.  Donate to the defense fund.  George is accumulating debt that if those in power had of done their jobs, he would not have to fund against. What if it was you?  Would you want your community to help you?  In order for George to stand up against the political power he is facing, he needs our help.  Not our bickering or our sensitivities.

Post facts on the media stories. While there is a core TM group that are still spinning the lies told, your target audience is the lurkers.  The readers there.  It’s a chance to put the facts out there.  Once they read your facts, they’ll tell friends when discussing the case about what they read.  It matters and it helps.

Don’t take criticism personally and walk away.  Those posting their opinion based on your post(s) can’t possibly know you.  You therefore cannot take their feedback personally.  Remind yourself why you are here.  If YOU were in George’s shoes, how frustrated would you be to read oh he said this about me so I don’t post anymore.  Your ideas, thoughts and opinions are important.  They can spark ideas in others and when we work collaboratively we can and we will push back the injustice we know we are witnessing.  Who knows, if you are brave enough to listen to some feedback it could help you become a better person.  What’s so bad about that?

It doesn’t matter where you post.  It matters that you do post.  For those really shy and just read.  That’s ok.  Please take what you read and pass it on to others in conversations.  That you get others to know the facts and get them questioning the lies they were sold.  Together, we will succeed.  Divided we will fail.

On February 26th, 2012 George Zimmerman screamed for help.  Together, let’s answer him.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

If you’d like to share something privately, you can email me at nettles@bell.net

For those who are able, please make a donation to the defense fund. Thank you for helping.


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    • Couldn’t agree more. I especially enjoyed Nettle’s narrative for the day and I for one believe that as we may have many blogs now, we stand shoulder to shoulder with all of them in this fight against injustice and we will stop at nothing to ensure George receives a fair trial even tho he should have never been charged in the first place.

  1. Not only did State Of The Cabbage Patch get my youtube account terminated, with his bogus copyright infringement claim youtube handed him my home address and cellphone number which Trent has been happily tweeting to all the dog pound morons.

    It wasn’t the movie intros that got me. Trent seriously went so far to claim my entire videos were his “original content” that was stolen from him. http://imgur.com/USQkkJV

    • I watched the one video with the guy humping the doll. I would say that video probably did inringe on his copyright, because all you did was put his video to a different soundtrack. Copyright law allows you to use another’s video to provide commentary, so if you’d have taken parts of his video and interspersed your commentary about it, that should be okay.

      I think I’d contact a lawyer to find out what rights you have in terms of Youtube giving him your home address and phone number.

    • You should report those tweets to Twitter and Youtube. That’s crap that Youtube did that and I would love to see their reason for releasing private information like that.

    • After seeing your video, I finally began to understand TS, and his love/hate relationship with the cabbage patch doll, which most assuredly was a one sided relationship. My main concern was for the any rights violations to the cabbage patch doll…even to illegal use of or sexual assault of a cabbage patch doll. Whew!!!

      • Trent has told others he’s looking forward to meeting me at the trial. I thought I’d bring him a new cabbage patch doll but I can’t find them anywhere. Do they sell them in your area? Can someone tell me where I could pick up one for Trent? I wonder if he’ll bring me a gift?

        • Where I live…there WERE tons of them in thrift stores…some of them with early “birth” dates were worth a few bucks…and I was getting them left and right for my daughters. Now that they are older…they gave them back to the thrift stores…ie..Goodwill…Amvets….etc. Check there, if not…ebay would probably have them…and if you are really looking and can’t find them…I might have one sitting upstairs you could have for postage….

    • Dude! Your channel got yanked? Oh, man. I figured that was gonna happen. I’m the one who sent you the PM “a tip”, and warned you about the intros. (sigh)

      Yeah, actually Jordan2222 had asked the question over at the CTH blog about how could you be using those intros, and I went, “Bingo! If I see this, someone else could too. Better send the guy a “heads-up”.

      Oh, well, do you have a current YouTube channel? If you start uploading again, let me know, OK? Sorry for the hassle you’re getting from all this. I can’t believe YouTube doxed you to that Trent guy. 😦


  2. I sure hope others are reading your commentary each day because it is excellent andy you obviously invest a lot of time in doing this for George AND US. It does concern me when I do not see a lot of comments about it.

    Where did yoiu learn this? If this is still true, MOM should be doing something about getting him a modern tracking device. I thought those old ones were banned.

    He carries a GPS monitoring device, the size of an old cell phone.

  3. I noticed you mentioned that we need to correct bad reporting. I have an idea that I want to think through first. More later.

  4. Got a bunch of new material for video intros thanks to all the great suggestions! I have Perry Mason, Dragnet, COPS, Tj Hooker, Magnum PI, CSI Miami and Las Vegas, Kojak, and a few others. Found atreasure trove of new video material as well.

    • Racist BlackButterfly Xena is now getting into the video business.,, Shaking my dang head. That one iS a racist. Remb when she first came about.

    • Ha ha…I just left you a long message up above, and then see this.

      Just a word to the wise form a hard-core, 24/7, 6-year, YouTube junkie: Don’t use ANY material that could possibly be copyright-questioned in your videos on the Zimmerman case. You will be nuked for it.

  5. Hi Nettles,

    From the Pittsburgh Tribune-review Wednesday night:

    “OTTAWA — Daniel Alfredsson knows what was lost for his Ottawa Senators on Wednesday.

    For that reason, he picked up the puck at the end of a 7-3 loss to the Penguins at Scotiabank Place.

    “For my kids,” Alfredsson said. “To get back into this series seriously, we had to win tonight.”

    Ya gotta admire Daniel Alfredsson — he’s a First Class guy in my book.

    The Penguins coach said that that Game 3 — which PIT lost in 2 OTs — was his team’s best game of he playoffs. The Senators apparently gave PIT a hard slap to the face in Game 3 and was apparently what they needed. OTT fought valiantly in Game 4, but I think PIT just had too much depth to back up the front line with our much-loved Canadian team Captain Sid Crosby and Russky Evgeni Malkin.

    So now it’s back to Pittsburgh for Game 5.

    Our offer still stands if we prevail . . . would a personal invitation from Captain Sidney work for you?

    * * *

    Hi boricuafudd,

    Got your message/post de ayer, and with your Game 4 coming up tonight, I want to say that if things don’t work out for the Rangers this year, I’ll extend a helping hand to help you get on the Pengiuns bandwagon, donde se habla espanol.

    Coming soon in the NHL, the Rio Piedras Coquis!!!

      • Hiya boricuafudd,
        I hear you!
        Maybe you’re in the same neighborhood that my PR bro-in-law/cunado is from.
        Let’s see; Boston vs. New York, any sport, you name it! I get it.
        Don’t know what Pens vs. Bruins previous record is, but if we manage to get there, we’ll do our best to kick some BOS azz!!!
        Vamos a ver . . .

  6. “On February 26th, 2012 George Zimmerman screamed for help. Together, let’s answer him.”

    That may be the single most powerful statement I have ever read on any blog, anywhere.

        • Your second post was the wrong link too. So I edited your first post with the right link and put your second post into pending.

          I didn’t realize you’d get a message it’s in moderation. I’ve put it back on. Let me know if you want to keep it posted.

              • I know it doesn’t work. My theory is that tomorrow, if the opinion is released, this will be the correct address to the opinion. This is based on the case number, which is 13-1233, and the way that the DCA clerk formats their links on the “Most recent opinions” page. Consider this recent example of a working link:


                This is a link that was posted for the week of 5-13-13, and it’s a 5D (5th DCA) case number 13-1072. Using that formatting is how I arrived at the address I posted, but if the opinion comes down tomorrow morning, it will be posted using the date 5-20-13 and George’s case number 13-1233. I just posted it so that tomorrow you could all marvel at my clairvoyance, but since I’m having to explain it in such depth, I think the effect will be lost. 🙂

                • ROFL….Sorry! This was too brilliant for me. Thanks so much. I will leave posts alone from now one. I need to go to Diwataman editing school. My apologies again for the confusion.

                  • Well, I confused myself the first time I posted it by using the date 5-24-13, which is tomorrow’s date, instead of 5-20-13, which was Monday’s date. They post using the Monday date for that week.

    • I wasn’t aware you were. I edited your comment with the wrong link and posted the right link. Bare with me while I figure out what that did. Thanks.

    • I think we should do a comedy reenactment of the Traynuts’ version of the events of February 26, 2012, complete with George sitting in his truck with his KKK hood on, making a shooting motion with his fingers at Trayvon and mouthing racial slurs as Trayvon walks by the truck, and George telling the dispatcher “Quiet, I’m hunting waccoons” when he’s commanded to get back in his truck and leave that poor chile alone, and George hitting a tree with his face as he chases Trayvon back to Brandi Green’s apartment and drags him back to the T before holding Trayvon at gunpoint and forcing him to straddle George and allowing Trayvon to yell out for help 18 times in 42 seconds before George shoots him just in time for the police that George called to be witnesses to the execution to arrive on scene.

  7. And that, folks, is the sound of the fat lady singing…!!!

    If the state continues with this farce, un-friggin-believeable.


  8. Hello Sybrina… this is the RTL HOA. Um, yeah, we kinda want that $2,000,000 million dollars back.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  9. So we have evidence of Trayvon Martin making drug purchases, growing marijuana, attempting to purchase a .380 or .22 handgun, and admitting to fighting repeatedly and even saying that someone didn’t bleed enough and so Trayvon was going to fight him again. All of that in this one evidence dump, just from the stuff that’s NOT redacted. Admittedly, none of this shocks me about Trayvon, but it’s shocking to me that the State of Florida would continue this farce of a trial in the face of this kind of evidence. No wonder they want to exclude everything from prior to the actual encounter with George Zimmerman.

    • Scheme Team + 3rd Discovery Drop = Team Butthurt !

      Betcha tomorrow has 4th Discovery + decision from 5th DCA

      Time for Corey, BALDY, Scheme Team to throw in the towel & stop this one-sided fight. What’s that? You want more? Comin’ atcha — BIFF POW BAM CRUNCH !

      Keep ’em comin’ Mark & Don !!!

  10. I had read on Global Grind a comment that Sybrina had kicked Trayvon out of her house for stealing. Now reading Extraction report 1, Trayvon texted that his mother threaten to kick him out in November 2011. On December 22, 2011 he tells his friend he is moving in with his dad. His mother texts him to clean up his room, she loves him but he’d be better off with his dad.

    • Nettles- I read TM’s exchnage with someone saying that his mom kicked him out. She told him to pack his clothes, and that she wanted him to move with his father because she was afraid he was going to get in trouble again, or something like that. If I am not mistaken that exchange took place a few weeks before the shooting. Wasn’t he supposed to be living with Alicia then> Didn’t Tracy give TM’s last address as Alicia’s? I wouldn’t be surprised if TM called Alicia Mom, some were calling Chad TM’s little brother.

  11. It appears Trayvon took the bus to Brandy’s house on Feb. 21st. His dad texted him to adjust to his lady and be a brother to Chad and not a DONKEY. Show he’s a good kid.

    • Speculation only, Feb 21 is also the day that TM supposedly hit a bus driver. Maybe, Brandy did have to pick him up half way as he got kick out of the bus on the way. Forcing Brandy to pick him up. To cover it up, they said that Tracy took him halfway. Just a thought.

          • No official update on the defense fund since January. I am po’d because he promised to do that along with how it was spent. I think it detracts from interest to donate.
            A verbal update sucks. Sounds too much crying or begging. /

              • You are right so I stand corrected but had forgotten it. Here is the problem for me. Here is where I go to see updates:

                There is nothing on that page that clearly indicates updates. You have to first click on MOVING FORWARD . That takes you here:


                Then scroll down to Keeping You Up-to-date

                Then pay close attention to find this hidden inside of the paragraph

                updates section of this website

                Here is what you get when you click on it. Do you really think the average person would do all of this?

                Page not found

                The Page you are looking for doesn’t exist or an other error occurred. Go back, or head over to GZdefenseFUND to choose a new direction.

                • keep it simple. click on the update tab found on the website.

                  Again I thank all those who have donated to the fund. Today’s work paid for the results we are seeing. The press know now they’ve been lied to.

                  • I still get page not found but now I think there are two ways to get there if you follow the steps I outlined. Don’t you agree that should be corrected\? How would people know to do it your way?

            • Jordan, I understand that if they promise something they should deliver, but as we can see they have been busy getting ready for the trial, so let’s give them a pass for now.

              • See my reply to Nettles. Every day the link to donate is posted at the top but it is not possible to get updates from that link.

                I know the defense is busy but they need money badly and this may be their only source.

                As soon as others started bashing MOM, contributions dropped dramatically overnight. They have never recovered and won’t unless people know where and how that money is being spent and regain confidence in the Defense team.

                You have probably notice the controversy about it including people wanting a voice in defense strategy if they donated, which is nuts, but it is happening.

                I strongly believe in a renewed different type of campaign to raise funds and for sure, the updates link should be fixed and put on the front page.

                • Jordan, I understand your concern, but I also look at this from a slightly different point of view. If someone is concerned that MOM or GZ are profiting from the donations then they don’t have a realistic view of things. Experts cost money, remember the expert that is charging $3,300 to be deposed. The several thousand spent to video tape depositions, etc.

                  Its very expensive to defend someone against the might of the State, so while they should update the site periodically, I don’t find that they have been very bad at maintaining us informed.

  12. Cross-posted from TalkLeft

    “…Wyd ?
    Tired nd sore
    Mee too,but wat happen tah yuhh ??
    Y !?
    Cause man dal [epithet] snitched on me
    Bac y yun always fightingg man, yu got suspended ?
    Naw we thumped afta skool in a duckd off spot
    Ohh, Well Damee
    I lost da 1st round 😉 but I won da 2nd nd 3rd
    Ohh So It Wass 3 Rounds ? Damee well at least yu aonn lol but yuu needa stop fightingg
    bae Forreal’
    Naw im not done wit fool….. he gone hav 2 see me a again
    Nooo bac Stop, you aint gonn bee satisfied till yuh get suspended again huh ?
    Naw but he aint breed nuff 4 me, only his nose….. but afta dat im done
    Wow Smh’l”

    So, Martin – upset with the prospect of being reopted – finds a secluded place in which to fight. In that fight he targets the victim’s nose. Sound familiar?

    • Thank you but didn’t Nelson also indicate that she would set aside two more dates for hearings before June 10th?

      +++++++++ official updated rant (sarc)
      The more I get ahead in catching up the further behind I get and it will get worse if we hear from DCA tomorrow. I am not complaining and I do this by choice but when I make a comment about how many comments are made each day at ONLY these 3 sites you can get an idea of how active they are and the time involved in reading EVERY single post which I do unless WP or Yahoo scre up:

      Annette’s blog

      I stopped following all others for a while but I visit them late in the day and try to read that day’s post. Sometimes I have to wait for a day or two. By then the comments are almost complete. I do miss the CTH, but I sensed I was close to getting banned so I restrict and self censor the very few comments I make. Even that resulted in a threat… yes a threat along with other some truly disrespectful comments and when SD let that pass… well you get the picture. That site would be so much better if certain ones (maybe only one) stepped down. There is a lot of talent over there but I wonder if they feel uneasy and do not say everything they would like.

      Warning: Sarcasm may be included in this post/

  13. BOOM! I heard Angela Corey’s head exploding about the time the defense released the 3rd supplemental discovery. And the State has charged George with a crime that includes having a depraved mind?!?!?!

    • I just watched an interview on HLN with Crump first and then O’Mara. Mr. Crump admits all this is nothing new for the family. They know their son and it’s irrelevant to the Feb. 26th incident. So there you have it, all the honor student stuff, they knew they were lying.

  14. The defense team is not going with the SYG laws, as they said that George had no ability to flee from his attacker. Then I read this text from TM_

    11/22/11- Yea cause he got mo hits cause in da 1st round he had me on da ground nd I couldnt do ntn.

    Isn’t that exactly the position he had GZ in? Sorry, I am not familiar with MMA style fighting, but isn’t one of the goals to pin your opponent to the ground, and then reign down punches on them. Is slamming someone’s head into the ground a part of MMA?

  15. There is a text from TM saying he was at retreat view circle dated 1/14/12. Didn’t Tracy say he had been seeing Brandy for about 2 years? Brandy said TM didn’t know anyone there. I have also read somewhere that TM would play football with the kids at RTL. Yet no one could identify him that night?

      • Not yet but Fox 35 news is confirming the motion has been filed. Also the defense has filed to sanction the State for withholding information from Trayvon’s phone from them.

        • I’m wondering if the defense got the information from TM’s phone when they sent it out to their own forensic experts? If the defense got the information from the phone from any other source other than the state turning it over, sanctions against the state should be the least of the charges against the state. IANAL but, if I were the defense, I would release every bit of information allowed by law, and then ask for a dismissal of the charges against GZ.

          I’m sure everyone caught all of the texts that went back and forth between TM and W8. W8 apparently knew every bit of what TM was, and was into, but agreed to lie through her azz about the last moments, that TM was scare, he was trying to get away from the “white” that was following him, and that he just went out to get food and drink for his little brother. Can she be charged with obstruction of justice? The PCA was dependent on her testimony.

          Does anyone have any idea why the defense has included the SPD report from 11/1/09? That was approximately two years before the incident. The report indicates a Blak Male, approximately 44 years old, 6 ft., 200 lbs., and born in CA, who was making threats and verbal outbursts. Any idea who that could be? Tracy?

          • Even if her statement was not pivotal to bringing charges, if she gave false of misleading information in the course of an investigation, she has committed an obstruction of justice offense.

            That a false and misleading statement is pivotal in charging an innocent person should lead to charges by the state. But, in this case, the state is just as guilty as the lying witness.

  16. Please will someone tell me the gist of what O’Mara had to say about the 3rd supplemental discovery with Meghan Kelly? Thank you.

    The defense said on their website several weeks ago that some information will come out about TM that would not portray him in the best light. Ya think?

      • Nettles- I don’t have the ability to watch videos. I live in the boonies, I don’t have any access to high speed internet, I am stuck with dial up, and I can’t watch videos. Please will someone just give me a short synopsis of what O’Mara said. Thank you very much.

          • Thank you for that cboldt. I did notice a later post from annoyedbeyong where he states-

            Yeah thanks.

            “I’ll wait until I get actual guidance from The Hostess before I say anything about this stuff though–I’ve had enough posts deleted for saying the exact same things as in this current release.

            I don’t know where the character assassination line ends and the evidence line starts.”

            I do remember all along that Jerylyn would not allow any character assassination of TM. So, as the above poster has so rightly claimed, where does character assassination stop, and reputation evidence, which is allowed by law, begin. Is Jerylyn now open to the true portrayal of who TM was in his own words allowed as discussion at TalkLeft? I don’t know as I only read what has been linked here to TalkLeft. Will Jerylyn now acknowledge TM’s past that expanded a long period?

            • She’s fine with any remark that is directly taken from evidence. She’s delete speculation that is not directly in evidence, for example, discussion about the red liquid that is shown in a photo being a drug extraction (DXM). Her preference is for discussion that applies the law to the evidence, and that deduces conclusions from the evidence.

  17. Coreshift and Nettles (and everyone else too of course), apparently ModdaresLaw read your tweets yesterday about his inappropriate tweets to Robert. He tweeted today:

    • But note !! He states: “I will not be responding to hate and ignorance any more”.

      #1 – Nobody was talking to him
      #2 – He inserted himself in tweets between Robert and Rene.

      heh … we must have had him worried for a minute.

      But to someone not keeping up with his tweets it would appear from today’s tweet that someone (Robert/Rene) tweeted him, he responded, and he gave an inappropriate reply. That is not what happened. I love the way they twist and turn like worms and then assume nobody is hip to the BS.

      gotta get up pretty early … but that still wouldn’t work

      • I tweeted a defense lawyer, Richard Hornsby, asking him about your thoughts on intimidating a witness and copied Modarres and Robert Jr. in it. Modarres and Hornsby and some of the dog pound got into it. Bottom line, it is inappropriate for him to be communicating with Robert Jr.

        • I saw a little bit of YOUR tweets with Hornsby yesterday. He didn’t think it was necessarily actionable if I remember, but as you say did think it was inappropriate. Again, I try to picture one of the defense attorneys doing same and getting away with it, and if it wouldn’t fly for them, it certainly would be the same for the State. Just using common sense. I am going to go to Hornsby’s twitter and try to pick up on the conversation you say occurred. Should be interesting.

          • I agree that Judge N wouldn’t do anything about the exchange RZ had on tweeter, she’s protected the liar Crump DESPITE the lies told in his affidavit, she has protected BDLR for with holding Brady Material, she even wanted to shoulder the blame for the A$$ claiming it was her fault for holding up the deposition of DD.

            Judge N has shown her support for Crump/Prosecutors, I HOPE the APPEAL comes down in favor of the DEFENSE, the railroading needs to stop.

          • if RZ is a witness and the exchange rises to the level of witness intimidation, then it would be up to MOM to bring it to the court’s attention.

    • Maybe it’s just me but, it seems that they are planning on bringing Norm Wolfinger in to testify, and that the state should not have the ability to smear him, and the SPD either. Crump started the whole thing with Wolfinger and the SPD as having racial motivations for NOT bringing charges against GZ. Wasn’t that Crumps reason for calling in the DOJ?

    • Again, many thanks to AJ for the drop box. I have read the text messages. I tried to enlarge best I could and then also used a hand held magnifier. I notice that there is discussion about “fights” “fighting”. TM terms what his mother did is throw him out. I did see him type “I love you” to his cousin. If only Tracy wouldn’t have left his troubled son alone, his son may still be alive today. His boy made a bad decision as many teens do … and it’s just a tragedy all the way around. But it is unforgivable to try to railroad an innocent man because you failed to parent correctly and left a troubled boy alone. I read his tweets and I see also that this kid was hurting inside. He was a time bomb. I blame his parents for not putting him FIRST, and their lives way down the list of priorities.

  18. Does anyone know who W14 is?

    Isn’t W25 the cousin that was with TM the night before the incident, and the next morning? It’s sick that they think that showing pictures of being beat up, and all bloody is some how cool.

  19. Just a little thing maybe, but everyone always refers to BDLR, and his actions in this case. BDLR is doing Corey’s bidding. He is a very willing peacock. Would it be a good idea to refer to Angela Corey as the one who has agreed to railroad GZ? The defense has included her presser when she announced the charges against GZ, which we all know was disgusting. I don’t want Corey to escape as the lead prosecutor who has orchestrated this whole debacle. Any chance we can start using Corey’s name in many posts about the railroading? Up until now it has all been BDLR talk every time. Don’t let this witch escape scrutiny. She is the boss, and she has control over what has happened. Name her every time you can. She cannot be allowed to escape and use Bernie as the scapegoat when this all goes south.

    • I just read the motion to Sanction the State for discovery violations. In it you will learn that all the discovery we have been talking about today was found in the .bin file the State gave the defense. The defense had to hire an expert who was able to partially extract these pictures and texts we are seeing in the 3rd supplemental.

      Mr. O’Mara said the State has all of this information as they mined the .bin data and they had a duty to turn it over to the defense. There may be more on the phone that the defense expert didn’t get. His motion for all information on April 30th from Trayvon’s phone was to get this and other information and the State said they didn’t have it.

      Mr. O’Mara likens this to handing over all the letters of the alphabet and saying all the words are there in discovery. There is going to be another hearing about discovery violations and this latest leaves no doubt in my mind, the State of Florida is purposefully prosecuting an innocent citizen.

      Thank you very much to all who donated to George’s defense fund. It was those funds that hired the expert and got us the 3rd Supplemental. The State otherwise would have kept the pictures and text hidden from the defendant.

      The State again seeks to gag the defense. They don’t like the defense using social medial to get help in this case. Wake up all prosecutors and those in power. People who see an injustice will ban together and fight you and if you don’t like it….tough! Best to live a life that can stand up to sunshine. Truth usually always gets revealed at some time.

        • This could be a good indication of the media’s willingness to be fair by at least supporting our sunshine laws. How many of our papers will be represented there? I trust you see my larger point.

      • The Motion for Sanctions and Judicial Inquiry isn’t on the GZLegal site, or at least not where I’m looking. Do you have a working link to that filing?

      • This is much too simplistic:

        “His motion for all information on April 30th from Trayvon’s phone was to get this and other information and the State said they didn’t have it.”

        In fact, Bernie lied TWICE to Nelson herself. Might be worth posting the exchange for those who could see the motion.

    • An excellent point, BDLR may be the Bus but she is the Driver. She needs to be held accountable too. Thanks for the reminder.

      Speaking of Ms. Corey she actually showed her face today to bemoan that the release of this evidence by the Defense undermines the system.

      • boricuafudd – BUT Corey didn’t mind when the “SCHEME TEAM” calling GZ a murderer & spewing lies, claimed he chased TM with a GUN & murdered him in cold blood, the list is endless. Corey DIDN’T MIND when BDLR hid evidence or made complete fools of the State Prosecutors office! Corey benefited from CRUMP’s LIEs UNTIL he told too many & was exposed.

        Corey makes me sick, no one has UNDERMINED GZ’s rights to a fair trial more than Bondi, the Governor, Guy, BDLR, Corey & the ENTIRE Scheme Team.

        Is Corey ASHAMED of the person TM was the night he died, obviously the entire Scheme Team including TM’s parent’s were, they did everything to prevent the facts from coming to light. Corey’s a real skank imo, she needs to crawl back under the rock she slithered out from under.

        LMAO! The Defense is going to introduce Corey’s PRESS CONFERENCE in which she appeared too pleased w/herself imo, smiling & nodding to the press & even stated she prayed with TM’s parent! BUT what about GZ & his family? The supporters prayed for them & still do.

        • Art-Isn’t it funny that now that the shoe in on the other side how they want to talk about the law, and whether something will be admissible or not.

          They have been playing hardball, misrepresenting things, holding back things, pretending not to know, until caught and now they want to talk about how it might hurt the system.

          She should have thougt of that before she dismissed the GJ and with big smiles announced the charges against GZ. All the time knowing full well, that the she did not have any evidence to prove the charges, how is that helping the system.

          • boricuafudd – you are spot on, Corey couldn’t prove her charging document when she filed it, and she can’t prove it now. Corey has me fuming, as a woman I detest the qualities she projects, lying/intimadating/bullying & smirking at the media in her cases, BDLR/Guy supporting her bullchit & willing to convict GZ at any cost along side her, ALL trying to deny GZ right to a fair trial.

            Corey did the bidding for the Governor/Bondi, but the trio didn’t anticipate MOM/West coming to the defense of GZ. The State can try to cheat, hide evidence, & lie, but they are clearly out laweryed by the Defense imo. Those guys, imo, are a class act.

      • They were all happy as clams with the Sunshine Laws brought forth their case to the public. Now they want to sit on Reciprocal Discovery as it pertains to George Zimmerman? Like MOM said, this is not “new” news to the Martin family. How they chose to portray him is a far cry from the individual he was becoming. That is the individual that approached Zimmerman and assaulted him.

        The State “accidentally” released three or four things that were protected by law, including Zimmerman’s school records and the photo of the deceased at the scene as taken by a witness. The school records led to many nasty comments from TM supporters. They have done their own damage in a much more subtle form when it comes to polluting the jury pool.

        Mark O’Mara has ethics. He could have released Martin’s school records with an “Ooops, my bad!” excuse…it worked for the State!

        • I did not hear her complaint when BDLR, as facts things not yet in evidence or disputed. When he misrepresents the evidence to give the wrong impression. BDLR is a master at inserting jabs and calling as facts his impressions. She needs to clean her own house before she can even begin a conversation about the legal activities of MOM. Unlike her side, nothing unethical or illegal is being done by MOM or the defense team.

      • Bori, if BDLR is the bus, and Corey is the driver, I wonder who is the dispatcher, who is the manager, and then, who is the CEO, and finally, who is(are) the owner(s):? 😉

          • Ha ha, Bori. Love it! Yeah, you’re tracking me perfectly – as far as you took it. Dancing puppets, all of them.

            But, the $64,000 question…who’s writing the damn tune? 😉

            “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” ~ President Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom (1913)

            • Interesting, but I think they write their own tune. No dark or mysterious entity needed. They all see profitable their endeavours for whatever reason or rationale. The mysterious entity is a way to excuse how complicit they are in it all. The search for darkness in others hides their own darkness, and glorifies those times they act in the light.

              • Bori, I admit I’m really “out there”. The permanent penalty, I guess, for the weed and bell-bottoms of a misspent youth. 😀

                One last offering, if you’re not hideously bored with me by now: I feel I see a certain “pattern” in this whole thing. This video shows a portrait of MLK which reminds me so much of Crump, and the events with the “Trayvon thing” are, to me, a micro-reenactment of the events of the ’60s

                • Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and as those from back in the day reminisce they do seem to attempt to recreate that. You see the support the OWS crowd got and still gets, a cleat manifestation of that. With this case, I believe you may be unto something, the early portrayals of TM as a modern-day Emmett Till, and of Sybrina as the next Rosa Parks, while totally opposite, imo, of the events of that time seem to try to evoke feelings of that era. It took a long time to change that, we know Crump is no MLK, TM no Emmett Till and the same goes for Sybrina and Rosa Parks. But for a time, they were able to re-create that, with that assist of the old-timers who bought the story that Crump was peddling.

                  • Bori – oooops! I seem to have misplaced my “mental Rolodex card” for the definition of “OWS”. Could you tell me again real quick what it stands for? 😛

                  • Bori – LMAO! That caught me by surprise, that’s why I couldn’t figure OWS out. But now that I know, you’re exactly right! 😀

                    Pffft! I never paid any attention to OWS, considered it another synthetic, “inorganic”, manufactured “movement”. We can be SO silly sometimes.

                    We’re running out of offered “reply” options here. I’ve loved talking to you. If you ever want to reach me privately, you can always do it thru a PM to me on my YouTube channel, which is also “nameofthepen”. Peace/out. 🙂

                    • The feeling is mutual, I will check your Channel, if you promise to check my site, I do about 1-2 post a week, and would love some criticism. Boricuafudd.wordpress.com


    • pinecone – I agree that BDLR is doing Corey’s bidding, BUT, imo, BDLR is a more than willing participant & Corey has rewarded him handsomely.

      REFER to article:
      State Attorney Angela Corey has spent $235,000 in taxpayer dollars to upgrade her pension and the pension of her senior prosecutor, according to state records.


      Taxpayers monies added to BDLR’s nest egg by Corey, all he has to do is take the heat, but imo, he doesn’t hold up well when confronted with reality & the facts. $ 100,000.00 each, its a hell of a lot of money, TAXPAYER MONEY that is.

        • jack203 – your comment is true, but it made me laugh. I wish someone would add $ 100,000.00 to my retirement!

    • Brilliant. I tell ya. Brilliant

      So the State and the Schemers can claim George is a murderer but the defense cannot assert his innocence?

      This is his third attempt. Didn’t he state that you cannot ask the judge to change her mind? Wonder if he knows what is now before the DCA?

      Maybe he should do the same.

      One way or another the jury will find out about the voice test.

  20. If this has been posted, I apologize.

    Angela Corey’s news conference in which the Defense will introduce at trial. (25 minutes)

    • You had me going for a minute. I thought she might be speaking but frankly, I don’t recall hearing her saying a word about the case in any recent time, nor has BLDR except for one brief outburst following a MOM presser. Bernie speaks in court but not outside of it. So when we say “THEY” it means lots of others and not the state, per se.

      Looking for feedback on this one.

    • Talk about “harsh” . . .

      Guess that’s where MOM/ West found the info that TM brought dope with him to Sanford to use. Verified.

      • Jeralyn has expressed before that she’s had her fill of that gig. She used to be a regular, but stopped appearing 6-8 years ago. I doubt she’d take an offer to appear. She keeps quite busy, and she has very good reasons for conceding the limelight to others.

          • She lives in Colorado, but teevee can allow talking heads to appear at any network affiliate for camera duty. She wouldn’t have to travel far, it at all. She just doesn’t enjoy the work, and doesn’t find it useful or productive.

            • Thank you. It would be awesome to have her participation because she’s read the discovery and knows the facts.

              I heard an “analyst” from one of the local stations down there talking on the news today about how Trayvon’s tweets from 2 years ago are irrelevant and shouldn’t be allowed in. Of course, if the man looked at the discovery he’d know the tweets were within 6 months of Tray’s death.

              • In fairness to that spokesman (I think I saw the same piece), what you saw was an excerpt selected by the press. He may well have studied the evidence, and have exactly the same opinion that Jeralyn does. Not saying he does, just that it is possible. The press is notoriously dishonest in cut and paste, and frequently creates an impression that is 180 degrees out of rig from reality.

                It’s harder to perform that sort of manipulation in a realtime exchange – but watch how CNN manipulates excerpts for replay. Teevee news is worse than useless, it is damaging, and it causes stupidity. I detest the press, and my sentiment is well founded. It takes hard work to uncover what is really going on, but once a person undertakes that journey and sees how phony and shallow the reports are, with his own eyes, he necessarily arrives at the same point.

          • Some people are too sane for teevee. Seriously. Teevee is inanity, and the public that relies on teevee for their worldview are not going to affect the outcome of any case. Teevee is entertainment. Jeralyn is a serious person.

              • Jeff Dean, former Prosecutor & now Criminal Defense Attorney & Analyst backed up Corey in her statement today about the rules of evidence, I saw him on the Corey link someone shared. He didn’t think most of the pictures/tweets/etc would be admitted in.

                IANAL but I believe what MOM has stated, “if GZ is portrayed to be the aggressor, TM’s history of fighting will come in.” (sorry to paraphrase but have seen too many videos today)

                What exactly can Tracy r Sybrina now testify to in Trial? They can’t say how wonderful TM was, because if they do, the defense will introduce a boat load of evidence that shows differently.

                Tracy & Sybrina wouldn’t likely say they loved Trayvon unconditionally because they have spent more than a year trying to convince the public of a TM that never was. Will the defense ask either parent where TM was actually living when he died?

                • The prosecution is trying very hard to dictate what information can be seen at trial. For some reason that I am not able to figure, Corey is highly thought of in the Jax area.

                  I have heard that she has intimidated everyone where no one will speak against her, but whatever the reason, she is force in her native Jax.

                  Based on what I have read from several attorneys whether the pictures and other exhibits come in will depend on several factors.
                  Can the defense find someone who knows TM well enough to testify about TM’s reputation and is willing to testify.
                  Will the prosecution open the door by introducing character witnesses, then they could be used as rebuttal exhibits.

                  As they stand right now, they jury won’t see them, but it will depend on what happens later.

  21. Jeralyn said the following:

    In my opinion, the only lawyers making prejudicial comments to the media are those representing the Martin family. Today, they referred to the release of defense discovery about Trayvon Martin as “red herrings” and a “distraction.” Those are comments on the evidence with a tendency to prejudice the public. The state wants it both ways. They want Crump to be considered counsel on the case for the purpose of avoiding having his deposition taken (which he is not) but they don’t ask that Crump & Co adhere to the ethical rules for lawyers when making public comments.

    That the state complains about O’Mara and West while giving Team Crump a pass speaks volumes about the blinders the state has donned. It’s okay for lawyers associated with its side of the case to prejudice the public against the defendant, but a when the defense accurately describe pleadings and court proceedings in neutral terms, it wants a gag order.

  22. On February 26th, 2012 George Zimmerman screamed for help. Together, let’s answer him.

    Wow. What a perfect ending; it totally pulls the whole essay together with a succinct, two-sentence summary. And those two sentences work really well standing together on their own, as well. Best post yet.

  23. Remember the infamous “swung on a bus driver”? Who just happened to be riding a bus to Sanford after getting kicked out of Cupcakes house with a bag of weed up his ass? Oh that’s right…..that would be Trevon!

  24. After reading through the excellent discussion between John Galt, Chip, and Bori…..here’s how I would play my cards if I was in BDLR’s shoes. I would intentionally try to induce a mistrial and then come back and refile for something along the lines of negligent homicide. Just my two cents on a great discussion.

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