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May 24, 2013


Is today the day we hear from the higher court? We hope so!

Ackbarsays posted this link yesterday which should work when the decisions for this week are posted. http://www.5dca.org/Opinions/Opin2013/052013/5D13-1233.op.pdf http://www.5dca.org/opinions_recent.shtml Last week’s posting were available before 10:00 a.m. Let’s hope for a favorable decision.

I want to thank everyone who donated to the defense team and gave them the means to do the depositions they’ve done and so importantly, to get the expert with the .bin files and software to mine the field and extract this hidden discovery. In educating others, at this stage we are talking about what’s discovery not what’s going to be put in front of jury. If George’s cousin’s statements belong in discovery then most certainly the evidence from the phone Trayvon was using belongs in discovery. The State must answer why they hid it.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

If you’d like to share something privately, you can email me at nettles@bell.net

For those who are able, please make a donation to the defense fund. Thank you for helping.


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    • I noticed last night that my link-guessing methodology might be flawed. For most cases, the link I posted would be the correct link if the decision is released today. However, I noticed that the DCA has a different page for “high profile cases,” and they link those differently. There’s a link, for instance, to an opinion they gave on Casey Anthony’s case located here:

      /Clerk/Anthony 11-2357/11-2357_op.pdf

      In George’s case, they use /George Zimmerman 13-1233/ in place of the /Anthony 2011-2357/ that was used in the link above. So the link for the opinion in George’s case, regardless of the date they release it and if they continue with this methodology, would be:


      I guess it could end up at both links.

  1. Unitron posted this at the CTH, but I thought it should be shared

    “Here’s the worst part about all of this recent stuff…

    For a long time I really tried to give the parents and family in general the benefit of the doubt, and a lot of slack. I reserved most of my ire for Crump, Julison, and the media.

    I told myself well, yes they are going along with the deception but I bet Crump framed it as justice for their son and “just seeking answers” and he smooth talked them into being okay with it, because early things they said here and there showed glimmers of not being bad people. Things like “I see humanity in [Zimmerman]” and “I do believe it was an accident” etc.

    But what is finally clicking into place in my mind is that I have been far too generous with these parents. They’ve had over a year to have their “Come to Jesus” moment and call off the dogs. They weren’t just unwitting participants, either… they knew what kind of kid Trayvon had become. They knew enough to kick him out of their houses, to send him places with the expressed goal of “straightening him out” – the long and short of it is, they knew that what GZ described him doing was ENTIRELY in keeping with recent behavior on their son’s part.

    And yet they still pursued a path that not only, if successful, would put an innocent man, already victimized by their out of control son, into prison for years…. but even if unsuccessful would ruin him and his family’s lives in the meantime. A path that, whether successful or not… was increasingly obviously going to generate riots. Remember the guy barely clinging to life who was beaten into a coma by Trayvonites? Remember the hammer attack in Sanford? The police car shot up? The Virginian Pilot reporters mobbed in their car and beaten? The flash robs triggered by this case? And I predict the worst is yet to come, by far.

    Yet, they still have not used their ready-made public platform to come out and just admit what Trayvon was like… what he had been doing. They’ve actively hidden it. They could’ve done so much more good by speaking directly to other parents, particularly black parents, about how quickly this thug culture can turn a good kid into a thug. They could’ve made all this public spotlight a referendum on parenting and a discussion about telling kids in that community to keep their hands to themselves, etc.

    Opportunity missed. And as I look again at the pictures of his parents… with the rose tattoo or getting drunk at middle age out clubbing and pursuing strippers… I realize these are perpetual adolescents, in a society that has encouraged adulthood to be delayed or foregone entirely. They’re a particularly bad example, because they’re just clever enough to convincingly lie about it to a casual observer.”

      • It is, but in a world with adolescents and adults, especially adults in positions of power, society deserves to have the adults “in charge.” I’m thinking of Crump, Tracy and Sybrina as the adolescents, and Scott, Bondi, Corey, and the entire legal apparatus as the adults. Adolescents will do what adolescents do, and it’s the job of adults to keep that trouble from spilling over to the general public, and to keep that trouble from ruining institutions that exist to maintain some semblance of social order.

        Not that the adolescents didn’t fail here, but we expect adolescents to make unreasonable and irrational demands. The larger portion of blame goes straight to the adults – the state of Florida. It could have shut this down last April, but instead it chose to amplify what the adolescents demanded, by making it into an adult demand, or at least trying to.

        Sociopaths, and I am serious. They have no business in the positions they hold, and I won’t say what I think they deserve.

    • I saw internal troubles in Trayvon’s life,, reaching out for help the only way he knew how. NO ONE noticed but his parents to see that now only if they will be honest.

      • It’s not too late, but I doubt that it will happen. They are committed to their course. Another lost opportunity to teach young people about the dangers of certain lifestyles. Shame.

    • I don’t think there’s ever been anything convincing about Sybrina. She has always seemed to be lying about everything she’s said. Tracy does a better job of appearing sincere, but the very first time I saw Sybrina on TV, my deception sensors alerted me. And THAT was back when I thought George was a racist murderer.

      • I have always viewed her as particularly bitter and angry – above and beyond what would be understandable given her circumstances, via TM’s death. I construed that her emotions were driven by a few stimuli: ‘having’ to play nice around Tracy for the sake of the narrative; being uncomfortable about the certain revelation re: the general details of her and her family’s construction, e.g., Alicia; and then – again, all my conjecture – realizing that she was caught up in a larger, more unseemly scheme, e.g., DeeDee, that would eventually unravel.

    • Just to keep the record straight, so that credit goes where it is due, the above was posted by Unicron and not by unitron, and boricuafudd made an innocent mistake in attribution.

      We now return you to your regularly scheduled comments.

  2. I wonder if this was the first time that the Trayparents saw these texts? Sure they had a clue, as they knew of their child. I am not being sarc. I am really sure now thats why Tracy didnt help with the pin

  3. Found this at Leatherheads … so was it a gun or dope tm was texting about?
    colin black says:
    May 23, 2013 at 8:24 pm
    Yup .380 is dope an ounce is 28 grams.
    Half ounce is 14 grams.
    qtr ounce is 7 grams
    16th is 3. 5 grams

    In metric its slightly digrent kilos ect an its .280 milligrams or killigrams an not sure metric an me dont compute.
    Any way a 16th bag of weed metric works out as .380 millgrams

    Basicly the smallest deal you could buy before your dealer punches you.
    An the fact he wanted to share it half it with a freind means he was a very casual toker

    • BS, all around. Put aside the fact that the math is wrong, 1/16th is about 1.75 grams of weed. The smallest amount is usually 1 gram which is 1000 milligrams. Now visualize what ,38 milligrams is a microscopic amount. A grain of sand is 1.5 milligrams for comparison.

          • They thought his character was important when everyone thought he was a sweet little boy, but when the truth comes out his character is irrelevant.

            • One of the biggest question those that doubted GZ, was why would cute, angelic TM attack someone. GZ has to be lying that sweet chile could not hurt anyone.

              That illusion is gone now, we see that not only was it possible but probable that he did attack GZ. Now the image is not important or as NatJack likes to suggest, “how dare we say that he should be killed for the way he looks”.

      • And the picture sure looks like a gun to me. The .380 is shown in the pics on his phone. Also somebody asked if he wanted a 22 revolver.

  4. Nettles amd bori

    Do you think maybe the writers read about our plan to correct their BS articles? No issues today and I was rearing to go. I am ready to rock n roll with them. TV was a different matter with Crump and MOP on that one show. They continue to allow and support Crump’s impossible version.

    • The writers only care about accuracy to the extent it loses readers (and errors may actually gain them readers), or results in a defamation suit. If you aren’t finding mischaracterizations in the reports, it’s usually because you aren’t looking close enough, and/or have gotten so used to their style that it doesn’t seem “wrong.”

      • “You can say anything you want during a debate and 80 million people hear it,” observed Peter Teeley, press secretary to Vice President Bush. If reporters then document that a candidate spoke untruthfully, ”so what?”

        ”Maybe 200 people read it or 2,000 or 20,000,” he said.
        The good old days when people actually thought that reporters bothered to find out if what was being reported was actually true. Now? Meh. It could be said:
        You can say anything you want during a tv interview and millions of people see it. If the reporters find out that you were untruthful they won’t remind the audience that they reported the lie as the truth 1 year earlier.

  5. I am guessing you all think I have gone insane after saying I saw those 2 HOA documents when MOM’s site was updated. Is there a way to reup its history so you can see the documents were there?

    • If the site was up long enough to get mirrored by an outside “spider” like wayback, you can find it there. google’s cache is historic, and can be used to pull up documents that aren’t at the claimed URL. If the appearance was as fleeting as has been reported, I doubt a web-spider had time to grab and archive the site as it stood for those moments.

  6. Cry me a effing river. Trayvon Martin’s family attorney’s didn’t care that George’s past incidents may not be admissible or that W9 accusations of molestation and racism against GZ haven’t proven to be credible but they have vilified GZ and his family about it and let their pals on twitter do it relentlessly. Now the meme is “how dare the defense try to vilify the victim.” Hypocritical much? If I am not mistaken, the family attorney’s and TM’s parents, supporters, others, opened that door when they portrayed this person as a good, honor student. I am thinking a parent doesn’t ask a 17-old “chile” to leave her home unless she profiled that “chile” as being “up to no good.” As Crump said in a tweet back in April regarding W9, “family knows family.” Also, it is very disingenuous for the family attorney’s to say that GZ has a right to the best defense his lawyer can give and then attack the lawyer for doing just that.

    Good morning everyone and have a fab weekend! Coreshift, maybe start a contest on who makes the last post as I bet that would be interesting 🙂

  7. Just a thought: Crump recently mentioned that the only pictures of TM that matter are those taken on Feb. 26th (paraphrasing). Is it true that the phone data is missing for that date because of a ‘forensics snafu’? Could mean nothing; could mean another Crump meme for the sheeple.

    • then they should have no problem with the 7-11 video and still shots huh? Not that lil chile in the red shirt or the lil kid grad outfit; Just the thugster from the sto

  8. Hope quotes work:

    pinecone (minpin): Isn’t that exactly the position he had GZ in? Sorry, I am not familiar with MMA style fighting, but isn’t one of the goals to pin your opponent to the ground, and then reign down punches on them. Is slamming someone’s head into the ground a part of MMA?

    It’s not necessarily a goal per se; being in the mount or full mount position (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_%28grappling%29) allows you greater control over your opponents body and allows you to be in an extremely dominant position. It also allows you greater leverage when you do start swinging (ground and pound).

    • Thank you very much for that Dangermauz. I appreciate it.

      The only eyewitness to a part of the fight, W6, said that TM was fighting GZ MMA style. TM’s text’s, in his own words, talked about participating in MMA style fighting. IANAL but, it would seem to me that the texts would be admissable for reputation purposes as it was his MMA fighting that caused GZ to shoot him.

      • pinecone – RE: W-6, John
        John first told Serino that there was MMA style by the guy on top, TM. John later retracted that statement claiming “it was too dark & he only saw them when they were in an altercation on the ground while they were hand wrestling.” (BUT, it seems John’s first impression was correct about the MMA style, I don’t think he will testify to this since he retracted the statement..)

        TM supporters give W-6 a beat down for changing 2 points of his interview. The other is that John first claimed “GZ was yelling for help,” but later stated he “didn’t see GZ’s lips moving because it was too dark, that common sense would indicate the person on bottom would be screaming for help.”

        I assume BDLR will try to discredit John, W-6, but Jeralyn has stated that the 2 small discrepancies in John’s interview shouldn’t be a problem for the jury.

    • All seven of the opinions were filed today; but the “citation opinion,” filed on May 21, didn’t appear on the website until today. I don’t expect Zimmerman’s case to result in a citation opinion, but holding the website publishing of a May 21 opinion until May 24 may indicate how the clerk handles opinions that might issue on Wednesdays.

      The Crump deposition is hanging in limbo over the trial court. The DCA can issue an opinion favorable to the defense next Friday, or even a week later, without causing much disruption and rescheduling of the jury, etc. Plus, there is a possibility that Nelson will grant the motion for continuance based on defense’s assertion that it needs time to process the phone discovery.

      • An opinion will issue eventually. Meanwhile, even without a win on the Crump deposition, O’Mara has a very strong hand in the Zimmerman case. My sense is that a Crump deposition has the most value in a prosecution of Crump for obstruction or similar charges; and not so much value in the Zimmerman case itself. W8’s credibility is shot to hell already, for all sorts of reasons.

        • cboldt- For me personally, and IANAL, one of the strongest arguments made by the defense is that if Crump can do what he has done, it will set a precedent for any future cases. We know that there are many corrupt and unethical lawyers who will take Crump’s playbook, hire a PR team, get all and any kind of lies out to the public, taint the jury pool, and control the narrative of the case. With Crump, he has added the racial element to the case, and has been a participant in the threats of riots if he and the schemers don’t get their way. Didn’t he recently say that the outcome of this case will determine just how far the country has come with civil rights? meaning civil rights for Trayvon, and no civil rights, or due process for George.

          I agree that the value of a positive decision by the DCA can, or should be, valuable should Crump be charged with obstruction. Who would have standing to bring any charges against Crump? Would it be Zimmerman, and the attorney’s of his choice? I have no faith in the Florida Bar doing anything to punish Crump for his egregious behavior. They’d rather give him another award.

          • A civil claim could be brought by Zimmerman. It would be defamation, the same thing he’s suing the press for, but the standard for prevailing against a private party is lower than the standard for prevailing against the press.

            Obstruction is a criminal charge, and I concur with your opinion that the state wouldn’t charge Crump, even if there was rock-solid evidence that he personally manufactured W8’s narrative. Same goes for the Florida Bar.

            I’m pretty sure that the DCA will rule that Crump can be deposed; but I’m not sure that it will rule that the trial be put on hold until the deposition and any follow-up investigation is complete. It can do that, and such a ruling is a deterrent to future misconduct of this nature.

    • Back when the boot lester motion was filed with the DCA, I remember reading somewhere on the DCA site that the clerk updates the website at 10 in the morning, and again at 4 in the afternoon. Is it possible that it could be released this afternoon? Do they notify the interested parties prior to listing the decision on their website?

      • IIRC, Ottawa925 told us that it is customary to phone the lawyers when a decision in made and advise when the decision would be made public.

        When we learned of the decision to recuse Judge Lester, it was the defense who advised us with a posting on their wall. I think when we do hear about it, either the defense will post it first or Modarres will get it out (as he’s trying to make a name for himself).

        You may recall, Modarres wrote the response for Crump.

      • Hey, thanks for that, minpin. I vaguely remember someone awhile back (hmmm,was it Nettles18?) had called the Clerk’s office directly to find out that info.
        Would be nice, with this coming Monday being a holiday.
        [Reminder to self: 4 PM Eastern = 1 PM Pacific]

        A real nice surprise would be “DEFENDANT’S 4th SUPPLEMENTAL DISCOVERY” with even MORE explosive sh*t to hit the fan in Corey’s office.

    • I suspect that “sequester” here has a different meaning from the one most people take. O’Mara wants to preserve the venire’s anonymity. I can imagine he would ask the court to order the members of the venire to refrain from hearing or seeing news about the incident and case, but he won’t ask that they be kept in a court-controlled space, like hotel room.

      Members of the venire that don’t care to preserve the anonymity are of course free to discard it.

            • Leatherman commentary: “Last I heard, skipping school, pot smoking and participating in refereed fights between equal combatants is not a death penalty offense.”

              Neither is getting out of your truck to follow a suspicious person.

              • I’ve said for a long time that even if you agree with a Traynut that Zimmerman should have stayed in his truck, the question then becomes – did Zimmerman deserve to die for getting out of his truck? If your answer to that is “no” then you have to agree that he had a right to defend himself.

              • Neither is defending yourself when someone is beating you with an intensity that may cause you to lose your life or sustain life altering injuries.

      • Jumping the shark is like when a popular TV has run it’s course and is no longer popular. People have moved on to something else. Like that.

        • My friends on facebook posted a few days ago that Mr. Leatherman posted donations to him were lagging and it takes a lot of work to maintain his site. I can’t imagine why he would be appealing to readers to pay him. That brings everything he writes into suspicion. Is he telling his readers what they want to hear to get money? Is he dramatizing or making stuff up to generate interest?

          • I had to laugh, Marinade Dave, Leatherman’s side kick was one of the first BLOG Owners to ask for DONATIONS at his site. Dave took tremendous beat down, I guess he too wanted to be paid for going to KC’s trial trying to get a seat & pray his face was on TV.

            It seems the nutjobs that post the same tired comments at the OS must get their talking points from the Professor, since they all say the same: (1) he shouldn’t have gotten out f the car, (2) GZ chased/stalked/racially profiled TM, (3) GZ murdered an unarmed child/kid.

            This ignorance continues to worry me. imo, MOM’s bigger problem in trying to sequester 500 people, is when those that received the jury notice & announce it to their families, someone is going to bring them up to speed & voice whatever their opinion might be in the case. This will occur before they ever show up for voir dire.

            • I’m an optimist. I think with everything I know about this case, I could walk into the courtroom and give both sides a completely clean slate. I would give George the presumption of innocence and then listen anew to the prosecutions case. If they did show me that George murdered Trayvon I’d vote guilty.

              Those without a vested interest in the outcome will too. The jury members have to be vetted for any agendas they may want to insert either for or against by using the case.

              The civil lawyers want money, some people of color want to show racism exists, some may want to send a message about SYG laws, others about gun laws, etc. etc. The trick is to find someone that isn’t emotional about a guilty or acquitted verdict and will weight the evidence presented in an objective way.

              It can be done. It will be done.

        • ottawa- The way I would interpret “jumping the shark” would be by example. When Glenn Beck moved over to Fox, in the first year he was wildly popular. He was in fact gaining in the ratings rapidly. His shows were well researched, and he was exposing much that the people didn’t know. He was truly seen as a purveyor of truth with facts. By the end of his first year, he said that he didn’t like doing the shows he had done through the year, which gained him much popularity, and that he was going to change direction in the next year. The next year he seemed to go into preacher mode, his shows were largely about religion, and his ratings went into the crapper. My husband and I waited for his show each night at 5pm in his first year, in the next year we turned his show off, and his ratings dived into the gutter. Glen Beck had jumped the shark. My understanding of jumping the shark is when someone decides to change their whole trajectory, thinking they are so popular that people will follow them in whatever path they choose to take. Beck was replaced on Fox, but I don’t believe he would have been if he had stayed with his original programing. Beck got bored with his own stories, and went in the direction he personally wanted to go in, and he lost his audience. I’m not sure if Beck even knows where he is on many subjects at this time. He is very confusing.

    • Nettles, I want to say that even tho I’m not a Twitter person (I just read them – I have no account) that your tweets to the press to try to keep them honest are truly appreciated by me and all the rest of us too. They respect you – I can tell. That’s important. You are not the run of the mill on twitter, so when you speak they pay attention. Tweets like the above are very important IMO. We need you to keep using your respectability to make the press THINK and certainly a question as to WHY wasn’t it released causing the defense to have to file motion after motion to get discovery that they have a right to. I can see it happening once or twice, but good Lord, we are almost to trial and the State continues to hide evidence. Did Bernie “forget” on this one too? Come on. Stop the Mickey Mouse BS and get on the stick.

      • Thank you. What an incredibly nice thing to say. I’m new to twitter. I joined it to follow the reporters on the case. In the case of Frances Robles, she shared with me that it was refreshing to talk with a person on twitter that wasn’t hiding, that gave their real name. It’s lacks confidence when reading tweets from people hiding behind fake accounts and names. I do get there is a legitimate reason not to put your name out there, I’ve been harassed but thankfully that appears to be in the past now. No one has bothered me since starting this blog.

      • Agree, Nettles tweets are on the money, and are hard hitting without being hard. I love seeing them.

        Nelson gave Corey a license to keep on hiding discovery when she refused to sanction them in any way, not even a slap on the wrist, when the defense filed the first sanctions motion. The fact that they have filed another sanction’s motion I’m sure is not with the expectation that she will actually sanction the state but, rather to get it on the record for a future appeal. Nelson will likely say that the state did hand over the phone record information, and so what if they had to pay someone to convert the files to a readable format. Didn’t BDLR say that the state is not going to do the defense’s work for them? So far the defense has a list of decisions by Nelson that have been unethical, illegal, and against George’s due process rights.

  9. Circuit Judge Debra Nelson allowed the defense to delve into Martin’s personal life and phone records, ruling the information could be relevant if it showed the teenager had a propensity for violence.

    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said there’s a good chance the judge will allow the evidence, because it is relevant to the defense’s argument that Martin started the fight.


    • Ashleigh Banfield did a segment on it today. Sonny Hosin and a Judge (sorry didn’t get her name) both think this evidence could be relevant but still ruled out by the judge as being highly prejudicial.

      Ashleigh pointed out evidence by its nature is always prejudicial.

      • “Ashleigh pointed out evidence by its nature is always prejudicial.”

        Exactly… any relevant evidence is by its very nature going to be prejudicial, should be prejudicial, needs to be prejudicial. If it’s not going to sway the jury’s opinion, then why bother presenting it.

        Prejudicial only becomes an issue when the evidence is irrelevant and has little or no probative value and when it’s purpose is ONLY to prejudice the jury.

        W9 for example… completely irrelevant and highly prejudicial.

        Trayvon’s texts showing that he has a history of drugs and violence and beating up snitches, on the other hand… highly prejudicial ~but/and~ absolutely relevant to the matter of his attacking a NW volunteer who was reporting him to the police.

        Trayvon’s texts describing his mindset, bloodlust, and dissatifaction with only giving a previous snitch a nosebleed… highly prejudicial, but again, absolutely relevant and necessary towards establishing why TM kept viciously beating the NW watchman even after he had subdued him with a punch to the face.

        The state is going to argue that TM was scared, TM’s own words however will paint a very different, violent motivation.

  10. Further attempt at reading cut off text number 393 in Trayvon’s inbox: Oz of purp 300 and – Oz of K 1 260 on deck get at me if you need that. Purp and K 1 are weed. On deck is readily available.

    • I just tweeted the author of that article and asked her why they used a heavily photoshopped image of Trayvon with a story about the defense releasing more accurate photos.

        • The story is okay, but I felt that they should have included no photo at all, or they should have included sort of a before/after showing the original photos that were so widely distributed, along with the photos of TM smoking pot, shooting the bird, holding the gun, etc..

          • No argument there, but considering the source, it was a step forward, I particularly like the Mr. Martin as opposed to the Trayvon that had been used in the past.

            As for the pictures, not surprised they would not use them, I think that was an editorial decision not the reporters, imo.

    • Yesterday’s evidence dump has definitely sparked a renewed media interest in the case…

      …and despite the media’s desperately trying to put a negative spin on why MOM released the info to the public, I’m noticing that this new info seems to be a game changer for many readers in the comments sections.

      Those believing in the Tea & Skittles narrative received a much needed reality check… there are two sides to every story, and now that other side is coming out.

    • Nettles, I am sick and tired of the Scheme Team, especially NatJack claims, that anyone is claiming that TM should be killed for his looks. It is asinine and deflects from the real question of why he got into the situation that cost him his life. His actions, not his looks, the Scheme Team and their mantra about looks, really they mean because he is black, is utter bovine excrement. Had TM decided to go home that night, he would have been home, but he did not. Had he decided not to attack GZ, he would probably been home as well, but he did not. The pictures and texts are evidence, not of his looks, as NatJack claims but of the type of actions he had committed and give an indication of the actions he would commit when confronted with GZ. I am tired of being called a racist because people are too stupid, or don’t want to believe that this young man could and did attack GZ. If not as if this is not a common occurrence everyday in America. The difference being that GZ defended himself with a gun, and did not take his beating “like a man”.

      The Scheme Team racist, sexist rhetoric and the mass of sheeple that are deluding themselves on a daily basis, are a reason why some of this communities suffer from high crimes levels for generations. Stop excusing behavior to protect your “culture” or admit that your “culture” is violent and a reason for its problems. You can have it both ways, a set of rules for you and another for us.

      • Those strawmen and inflammatory insinuations would be ho-hum, but for the press amplifying them unchallenged. I mean, who takes NatJack seriously? Or Crump? Comic relief, the “angry clowns,” sorta like “angry birds.”

      • “If not as if this is not a common occurrence everyday in America. The difference being that GZ defended himself with a gun, and did not take his beating “like a man”.”

        You’re right… it is so extremely rare for the victims of violent assaults to prevail in these situations that there is a tendency to automatically assume that the last man standing is the guilty party.

        And with the release of Trayvon’s texts this week, it has now been confirmed that George was not the guilty party… he was simply Trayvon’s last victim.

        • You are exactly right in what you have posted nivico. Reminds me of- “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.” Not to knock the police, but as George was getting grounded and pounded he must have wondered if the police would ever show up. He had only seconds to stop the assault on his life. Do I remember reading that when the first police officer arrived, he went in the wrong direction?

  11. OK, I’m getting pissed again. Why? Cause once again an attorney DIRECTLY involved in this case is tweeting stuff like this:

    And BDLR is complaining about MOM’s press conferences? Good Lord Almighty. NatJack needs to get muzzled. She is DIRECTLY involved and throwing out this type of language???? and is not admonished? It’s getting very nasty. And will continue because the truth is really starting to hurt now.

  12. ModarresLaw has his tweets private now. New tactic in view of the damaging discovery released by the defense. He wants to be able to tweet crap privately. OK, now think about this. If press is signed up to his private twitter account, YOU now can no longer view what crap he is feeding to the press. Now I’m REALLY pissed. That little fker. I expect NatJack to follow suit shortly. Let’s see.

    • I can prove it, but I can say with a great deal of confidence Modarres hasn’t stopped tweeting publicly. He’s just using alternate accounts. He’s incapable of staying silent and not insulting and attacking people. He needs them to hear him and he can’t do that from a private account.

  13. Nettles, I think Modarres got a talkin to about that tweet to Robert, and that’s why he has now shut down his tweets to private. I think that tweet was a more serious breach than what your attorney friend, you and I had thought. He would never have gone private unless there was some fallout from that tweet. Maybe you could send that offending tweet to defense as it may be useful when they defend on BDLR’s Request for Gag Order. This goes beyond GAG, as he was directly messing with a potential witness – Robert.

    • I think that what Hornsby said in terms of the law, was correct, as Modarres is not party to the prosecution, regardless what Judge N. said. The issue is that Modarres is an officer of the court and an attorney representing the Family, as such his communications with a possible witness, could raise ethical issues with the Florida Bar. It could very well be seen that Modarres is attempting to intimidate a witness to an action that he is a party to.

      Ethics from what I have seen, and my friend tells me is not a subject that lawyers like to talk about, but that might be the issue here.

      • You don’t give up talking to PUBLIC, possibly jury pool, in order to preach to the choir (private) for no good reason. They told him to pull the plug because of that tweet to Robert.

  14. I think that we are going to continue to be disappointed for quite some time at the lack of apparent action regarding the decision from the 5th DCA. Looking at their “Public Info” page, which lists information about cases that are high profile, the last two cases listed (Casey Anthony and James Ward) both show about a 2.5 month delay between when the case was first taken by the DCA and when the opinion was issued. O’Mara filed his motion for writ on 4/9/2013, so that would put a likely DCA decision somewhere in late June if the timeline is similar.

    • Looking at the cases with opinions filed today, one dates to 2010, two to 2011, five were filed in 2012, and only one was filed this year. Just to give a sense of the time scale. It is long, and it is broad.

      I did notice one case pop up in the afternoon. There were seven posted before 10 am, and an eighth one posted around 4 pm.

      I think the DCA will try to get this one published before the trial starts, and will monitor the decision on the motion to continue.

    • Chalk up another lie told by Witness 8. She told Crump he was a normal happy guy on February 26th and now there is evidence they were fighting with each other that day through text messages.

    • I know I’m not crazy but I remember reading something about DD and TM fighting that day. I believe it had something to do with him being with another female. The only site I was reading way back then about the case was the CTH. I know if someone wanted to go way back into the archives of articles posted there, it will be in there somewhere. I don’t remember how it was discovered, or by whom.

      When DD tells BDLR in his interview with her, when he asks her if they were dating, she replies that they were getting there. With the release of the texts, if they weren’t dating, I would have to ask if she thinks she was just practicing dating. It also speaks to the Tweet from a TM family member saying that the DD they saw interviewed was not the same girl they knew Travon to be going with. This gets curiouser and curiouser.

        • It was the GPS coordinates for February 26th that was not there. BDLR gave them to Mr. O’Mara just before the start of court in a hearing that Mr. O’Mara was scheduled to ask for it.

          • Clarification? BDLR gave MOM forensic reports, but they didn’t include GPS data for 2/26. Right? I thought GPS data for 2/26 was still missing from anything, other than possibly the bin file, that BDLR gave MOM.

            • Mr. O’Mara talks about the motion and the Missing GPS data for the 26th at this presser held after court on Feb. 5th. Just before the hearing started, BDLR handed Mr. O’Mara the Supplemental Discovery #12, I think it was and he said the GPS data was there but there was no chain of custody. The state was order to provide that on Feb. 8th, which they did.

              He talks about the phone data at the 3:35 mark

        • Nettles, that was one of the things I was referring to in my post. If I was willing, and I’m not, to go back to the articles at the CTH more than a year ago, there was mention about DD and Trayvon arguing on 2/26. As I said it was purported that the fight was over TM being with another girl, and DD was pizzed. I don’t remember who posted it, and how it was determined but, it was posted more than a year ago. Nothing about any argument has been posted since then. Perhaps SD will go back and look for that info. (hi SD, waving, I know you will find it there somewhere).

  15. In the Defense’s Response to State’s Motion in Limine re: Trayvon Martin .. last page … the defense makes reference to texts that would demonstrate that Trayvon and W8 were arguing and hostile with each other throughout the day … and defense could use that to show he might have been in an agitated state.


    I read the texts and was not picking up on that so does anyone here think that these were texts that were blacked out (re-dacted)?, if not, which texts do you think the defense was referring to?

    • I think you nailed it. The redacted texts or at least some will be from her. Redacting them protects them for trial, when she will be able to talk directly about them.

      Speaking of W8, another lie under oath, she testified that TM would not fight, that he was not like that, obviously that is not true.

    • Ok, and thank you for those replies confirming that you really saw nothing either and that they are most likely contained within the redacted texts. That said. I live very near a local High School. And I cannot tell you how many times I have not only observed (eyes watching) but hearing boy/girl on the phone obviously arguing with their boyfriend/girlfriend. I have seen more boys than girls over time and notice that they become completely unaware of their surroundings and begin to shout and use the F word. Further, I have seen them get so angry they begin to tear at vegetation (leaves on trees or bushes), kick at anything laying on the ground obviously trying to work off the frustration. My observation has been that they appear very dangerous when in this agitated state … ready to take it out on anything that moves. Thankfully, I have the safety of my LOCKED yard and they rarely see me watching because I do have a lot of vegetation in my yard to obscure me from their view. I have a corner property and I can watch them from the first they come in view till they are out of view and this would cover about mmmm 4 blocks? They walk, and kick and throw their hands, and scream and shout. This doesn’t happen daily, but over let’s say the last ten years … I have seen much acting out.

  16. Hi Nettles18,

    Penguins won tonight against the Senators — did you happen to be watching? — and now go on to the Eastern Finals. Ottawa has a tough, young team and will be a threat from here on out. PIT was simply unbeatable tonight . . .

    [what’s that? oh, thanks, sure, will do, buddy . . .]

    Oh wait, here’s a note just handed to me ~

    “Dear Ms. Annette,
    Would you like to join us now? We would love your support,
    and speaking for myself, it would make me very happy.
    Hope you liked the pic I sent.
    XOX Sidney Crosby”

      • OMG Dear Nettles– now, THAT IS A CLASSIC. Don’t know just how you managed to pull that off, but you sure did get in the last word!
        I am simply stunned, shocked, speechless . . .
        but welcome aboard . . .

        [LMAO — I still can’t believe it, my friend]

    • (Sometimes went a little too fast there to read all the red-lettered text, like the 2nd long read. I had to go back back, pause it then re-read. Otherwise . . . )

      Hey man, now that some powerful sh*t !!!
      Sound track wz righteous — no clue who they wz, but U NAILED IT!
      Gotta show it @ Cannes nex year bro. 1st Prize Documentaries, fo’ rlz . . . ! FB !
      Yo > i B n SoCal — where U stay?

      /ebonics switched off

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