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May 25, 2013


Happy Memorial Day Weekend to my American Friends.  I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

We still await the 5th DCA decision.  I’m curious to watch how this issue hanging over the court on Tuesday has any affect, if any, on the proceedings. I’m sure those from the higher court will be watching the Judge and the lawyers.  

In reading through Trayvon’s texts released in the 3rd Supplemental, I noted two more things I haven’t seen discussed anywhere else.  Sybrina texted him that his Dad would be there on Friday.  Trayvon asked how much money she was going to send him.  She said $50 if you are good.  Not bad for a suspended kid looking to buy a gun huh?  The second thing I noted, was GZ Witness “U” is a friend of Trayvon’s who asked Trayvon to teach them how to fight.  So his skills were so good, others went to him to perfect their skills.

Thank you to Yancy Faith for the heads up of a shooting of a 11 year old student shot in Miami-Dade today.  http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/05/24/3415153/student-shot-in-leg-at-south-florida.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

If the Martin/Fulton family had of taken an honest look at what occurred the night of Feb. 26th, perhaps they could alert other parents in their area that kids are getting guns into their hands, sometimes with the help of the parents.  This of course, could lead to less kids dying.

Yesterday, the defense filed defense response to state motion about admissibility of Martin attributes.  On each point raised by the State, the Defense gives great examples on how the facts are true and relevant.  Most interesting was the new news that W8 and Trayvon were angry and hostile toward one another on February 26th which will provide a fuller understanding of who George Zimmerman intersected with that night.  This contradicts what W8 told Mr. Crump in the March 19th interview.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

If you’d like to share something privately, you can email me at nettles@bell.net

For those who are able, please make a donation to the defense fund. Thank you for helping.


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    • …&^%$ redacted, lol

      If the items marked W8 are ~from~ Wit 8 ~to~ TM, am I reading that right that Sybrina bought Trayvon a gun the week before he attacked George?!

      • I read it that W8’s mom bought her a gun. When the column reads “send” that is TM texting to W8 and when it says “read”, that’s TM reading what W8 sent to him.

        • OK… d’oh moment, lol. The link is showing only the sent messages from TM’s phone… I thought the items marked W8 were from DD.

  1. I’m just catching up up on today’s thread (it’s still “today” here lol) but this new thread is open – so here’s some carry over…..

    Leatherman commentary: “Last I heard, skipping school, pot smoking and participating in refereed fights between equal combatants is not a death penalty offense.”

    It’s amazing that they always get away with this tactic. They throw up these straw men, and totally ignore what TM did (smashing GZ’s head) that DID get him killed. No one calls them on it.

    I’m pretty sure that the DCA will rule that Crump can be deposed; but I’m not sure that it will rule that the trial be put on hold until the deposition and any follow-up investigation is complete.

    Are they allowed to do depositions once the trial has started?

    • There is no prohibition on taking depositions within a trial time-slot, or just questioning the witness on the stand, for that matter. But the rationale for discovery is to give attorneys time to branch out from the deponent (guide the gathering of other evidence), and to have time to consider how that testimony could be used in the case.

      If the DCA orders Nelson to rescind her order precluding deposition of Crump, and does so while the trial is underway, the trial will be stopped.

      If the DCA says that Crump should or may be deposed (that all that “opposing counsel” smoke is not controlling), but it will NOT order Nelson to rescind her order because the time for such an order is after a trial, then Nelson can decide whether to stop the trial or let the trial run to completion.

    • I wasn’t aware that there were a lot of people claiming that skipping school, pot smoking and fighting should be death penalty eligible. He needs to start reading a better class of blogs. Although he claims that he NEVER visits defense oriented sites so there must be martin supporters claiming that. Or he just has a very mistaken idea about what goes on at defense oriented sites.
      I’ve been following his blogs because I think they are funny and I can tell you that they used to think that trayvons character was very important, judging by how often they mentioned it. They also felt that George’s character was very important, well at least the bad parts. However now that they have evidence that tms character was pretty bad, it’s now considered irrelevant.

      • I read Leatherhed for 5 minutes last night.

        They seem to be concentrating on having Omara and West arrested and disbarred for trying to affect the jury pool, and they think that all GZ supporters are racists who think Trayvon deserved to die.

        Both points are patently ridiculous.

        I very rarely see anyone claiming Trayvon deserved to die on the Pro-GZ boards. I certainly 100% do not feel that way.

        • On the point of GZ supporters saying Trayvon deserved to die, I attempted to explain this accusation to Frances Robles in November.

          She had characterized me and others as Trayvon Haters in a tweet and I got highly offended. Ms. Robles attempted to portray the defense asking for feedback as reaching out to “Trayvon Haters”

          In explaining it to her, I told her that while I think Trayvon’s actions caused his own death (he put a guy carrying a gun in fear of his life), I don’t think the kid deserved to die. But TM supporters always interpreted my comments about Trayvon’s own action led to his death to mean Trayvon deserved to die.

          I have said many times, who wants to be remembered for our teen selves? A number of us made dumb decisions in our youth and by sheer luck we lived through some of our more dangerous ones. Trayvon did not.

          Frances replied to me that she had scores of examples sent to her by TM supporters of vile and nasty things being said about Trayvon. I knew then that the TM supporters were doing what the civil lawyers had done. Taken facts and spinning them. I decided then I needed to be more communicative with reporters so they get the other side of the story too.

          • Robles is an ambitious reporter, the way she reports on this case is not about the truth .

            I notice you just described DD as “contradicting” herself, is the term lying off limits here as it is at TL. West described DD as lying during a hearing, yet TL Merritt deleted my post because I suggested the new evidence shows the parents lying. How could they have possibly forgotten that TM rode the bus to Sanford, how could Tracy claim he drove TM to Sanford to the police, that is a outright lie, a lie told to the cops investigating a homicide. This is just the kind of ongoing nonsense ( even from the brilliant Merritt) protecting TM family that I am sick of. The parents have been lying to the cops from day 1. Yet the authorities and media are protecting them.
            When a parent claims a child is missing and evidence shows the parents are providing false statements authorities are public about false statements from the parents, yet throughout this case the Martin family has been pandered to.

            Free GZ

            • The term Lying is not off limits here. A reason I am a target of the opposition is because I’ve been calling out the lies told by Tracy Martin from minute one. I’ll express myself in my own way and feel free to express yourself in your own way. You’ll note on today’s thread I described Mr. Crump as lying. I believe that to be the truth.

              Calling W8 a liar or saying she contradicted herself boils down to the same thing in my book. Please don’t lecture me or anyone else on how they choose to express their opinions or beliefs.

            • Don’t take Jeralyn’s deletions personally. Maybe you already don’t, and don’t need my advice on that point! She’s done the same to me, most recently a couple days ago when I was gently giving Yman the business. I think I referred to his remarks as coming off like a prick, or something like that. She deleted his message too, the one I was replying to.

              As for her aversion to the “lying” word, I think you’ll find, over time (if you haven’t seen it already), she is not uniform in applying that rule. Sometimes something will strike her as inappropriate in her venue, and she acts on it. She did mention a concern about being caught up in a defamation suit, and that’s a legitimate concern seeing as how she does make an effort to moderate.

              I don’t always agree with her legal conclusions either, but she is smart, she is very good at finding and citing the authorities for her positions. From an “application of the law” point of view, she is head and shoulders above most of the rest of the field. She’s drawn a few commentators that I know from elsewhere, that I enjoy interacting with. MJW in particular – for some reason he (she?) and I are able to dig pretty deep into the weeds, and communicate our respective points of view very efficiently. IIRC, MJW was also a significant contributor during the Libby trial, and I spent most of my posting energy at JustOneMinute (great place).

              • I know Cassandra’s pain. I recall a moment when the legal team deleted my posts on facebook. I got so mad I nearly walked away. I had to talk to myself that I wasn’t there for myself but to help out this guy getting railroaded.

                The challenge is to find a way to express yourself within the boundaries of the moderator. Not always easy to do. I really enjoy reading the Talk Left forum. I think it’s my favorite of all the sites. Due mostly to my lack of legal knowledge. The people there do a great job of putting it into layman’s terms and I’m thrilled some of the commentators there post here. Thank you!

                • you are right nettles. being censored by a blog is a real drag, especially when one has formed a reasonable conclusion which might be contrary to the opinion being expressed, and one has taken the time to write it down. that is why i like your blog, because you don’t engage in ridiculous censorship (that i know of). it is just sad when some commentators suppress ideas or opinions, only because they conflict with the message the blogger is trying to convey.

                  my view of getting banned from CTH is that if SD’s views are so very weak that they cannot withstand a modicum of criticism, then perhaps those ideas are not viable. it probably takes a tough skin to run a blog, just as it takes thick skin to be an attorney and deal with lots of criticism. But the hope is that bad ideas are put to rest in the “marketplace of ideas.” By suppressing ideas and opinions, even contrary ones, we are not doing any justice to getting out the truth.

                  Also, i think there is a fair amount of insecurity which goes into childish behavior when banning members or deleting comments. Obviously, if the idea is racist or overtly threatening, it should be deleted. But there should be room for some disagreement which could even lead to people changing their ideas about things, i.e., convincing others to see the light.

                  I am happy that you don’t seem to have any of the hangups and insecurities i see at other blogs, and you can even take a bit of ribbing without being offended. That is the sign of a mature person, so thanks for having this blog and allowing others to express their viewpoints. I think that is one of the reaons that more and more people are coming here–the ability to state their opinions without fear of being ridiculed or blasted for daring to post something off topic, God forbid!

                  • Thanks Steve. Moderating the blog has taken zero time. Every post sent to this blog is public. You will note the commentators here are respectful and at times can agree to disagree. Thanks for being a part of it.

                • You said: The challenge is to find a way to express yourself within the boundaries of the moderator. Not always easy to do.

                  Boy, is this ever true at some places. Worse yet, some of those who post there get the same kind of uppity attitude. Another real problem is that the boundaries are not clearly defined. Some who post are given a lot more flexibility than others. A few are never challenged without taking great risks.

              • thx CBolt, and everything you stated fits with my ongoing legal education about this case and my experiences with the blogosphere. I think you can lift from my comments the essential criticism, which actually aligns with the dreaded CTH notion of cultural marxism , YMAN is a great example of the liberal mental disorder SD writes about regularly. Yet I am an atheist with a conscience and I vote Democrat and was bashed as a liberal by CTH regulars. I am disgusted with the double standards in this case and society inability to educate youth that high risk criminal activity can result in death, as if that is not obvious.

              • I’ve enjoyed many of your comments at JOM – it’s a great site. Posted there almost daily (not under this name) until the comment section went haywire a month or so ago.

                • Bummer about the comment section at JOM going haywire. I still read there off and on. Tom Maguire is a gifted writer, and an all-around good egg. Good crowd – tough crowd, but good! I figure Maguire will pick up the Zimmerman case when the trial starts.

                  • Tom is a good guy. And a tough crowd, indeed. I made a comment about a company my grandfather had founded (the comment was germane and I wasn’t bragging) and Ignatz called me out on it. When I posted some proof, he not only became my ‘friend’, but he actually owned one of my grandfather’s products. Small world…

              • Thank you very much, cboldt. I certainly enjoy reading your comments and analysis. Your comments at JustOneMinute contributed to my interest in the GZ case. I think you were the first to cast doubt on CTH’s W8 identification. You and I (along with Jeralyn, of course) seem to share an interest in actually reading Florida case law. (I’m a “he,” by the way.)

                Jeralyn can sometimes be inconsistent in what she allows and doesn’t allow, and a few of my comments have been deleted for reasons I didn’t agree with. For the most part, though, her rules keep the discussion civil and focused on the evidence. The TalkLeft forum structure is also very useful for looking up forgotten information.

          • If we wanted to we could come up with a lot of unfair and nasty things said about GZ and his family. And the fultons/martins aren’t being forced to live in hiding, fearing for their lives. They weren’t driven from their homes and jobs, kicked out of school. Obviously both sides have attracted unsavory groups who want to support them. I have seen no evidence that GZ had a racist bone in his body. I’m sure the racist accusations hurt him, as I’m sure that having his Hispanicness questioned also hurts. I’m not racist. My significant other of the last six years is black. I have seen him have to put up with racist BS that I wouldn’t have believed actually still happened six years ago particularly in dealing with the police during traffic stops. He’s been pulled over for “looking nervous”. I’m a registered democrat and have saved both newspapers from when Obama was elected to show to our future children. I support gun control. But I understand the difference between what I want and what the law is. I wish zimmerman never got out if the car. But I know he was legally entitled to. I believe martin sucker punched him and I believed he feared for his life. I would have feared for my life in that situation. I don’t believe that martin intended to kill him, but I know I feel different sitting at my computer than I would lying on the ground, in the dark, with someone attacking me. Of course since I am a woman I doubt many people would question my right to shoot.

            • Having seen TM photos do you believe GZ claims that TM said , your gonna die tonight mofo? and if that was said to you, how do you think you would respond?

              • I would be frightened. I think if someone attacked me like that and I had a gun I would shoot. Thats what I meant when I said that I would probably feel differently if I was the one on the ground. He only had seconds to make a decision and ive had over a year to evaluate what happened while sitting at a computer. And honestly im not sure I believe martin said that. The wording he has used has varied a bit and ive always suspected that he exagerated that. Plus even if he did say it who knows if he meant it. I think its irrelevant to the case either way. The beating was enough to justify the shooting. I think maybe george started to get scared that they wouldnt believe him so he changed a few things. Like when he said he wasnt following he was just going in the same direction. Since he admitted to the nen operator that ihe was following its likely that he was afraid it would look bad so he said he wasnt. He really did himself a disservice talking to the police. I think I would talk to the police also, but its still a bad idea. So to summarize I think his actions once he was punched were justified and legal. I dont expect him to be able to read martins mind

          • Nettles, I have to disagree with your conclusion that TM didn’t deserve to die that night. The fact that George was justified in his use of force to defend himself is predicated on the fact that TM was applying such powerful and potentially lethal force that George’s only recourse was to employ deadly force in return. Trayvon brought this action upon himself by his act of attacking George the way he did, and George’s action that night was the only possible action that he could undertake that would save his own life under the circumstances. Therefore, in my mind, Trayvon deserved what he got. You can extend this argument out and ask yourself – what would Trayvon “deserve” if he had succeeded in beating George to death that night?

            That is far different from the question of whether I am glad that Trayvon is dead, or whether I would have wished death for him, even knowing what kind of person he appeared to be. I am not glad he’s dead, other than in the sense that I am glad George is alive, and, sadly, George had to kill Trayvon to save his own life. I am not the type to wish death on anyone, even my worst enemy. I would rather pray for them than wish some harm to come to them.

            • Not sure I agree that he deserved to die but I understand your thinking and feeling. I suppose I initially felt much the same about those “thugs” who were permanently memorialized in Sanford. I am not sure if thugs is the correct word but they as hell did not have peaceful lives. It was truly a bad choice and to claim that NONE of them were resolved, is absolutely not true.

              In a sense they permanently enshrined the false narrative of Law Enforcement and even provided evidence that their claims are malicious lies.

              How bad is that?

        • BTW, I have since learned that Frances Robles’ source for the characterization of George Zimmerman supporters was the Dog Pound. She gave them a voice in a few of her columns and I would argue motivated them even more on their attacks.

          Ms. Robles was also being portrayed at the Treehouse as a lousy reporter who doxed Mr. Osterman and I’m sure that didn’t help the impression she formed of GZ Supporter’s either.

          • I sent Ms Robles an e-mail to that effect, that while she is attacking the GZ supporters, she is using information provided by of the most rabid TM supporters that were guilty of the same she was accusing us, and much worse.

            She never did respond, but with her move back to NY, I don’t think she is still covering the story. I do remember that back in April I believe, she posed a question in Twitter asking if the prosecution was withholding evidence from the defense, and some in the dogpound jumped on her for just asking the question. It made me laugh, but it showed her what were talking about. I don’t think she has twitted much about the case since.

            • When I first communicated with her via email, she thanked me for being polite. She said that hadn’t been her experience with most of the GZ supporters. While that may be true, Ms. Robles has to take an honest look at what she is reporting and judge the feedback from that. For example, George saying he wants to send out thank you cards got interpreted by Ms. Robles as him selling his autograph. So yes, his supporters may not be too polite in letting her know what they think about that.

              I talked to her via twitter in April and she said she was in New York for 4 months and then moving back to Miami in May. Whether or not she’ll go back to reporting on this story remains to be seen.

              She did go to Union Station in New York on the anniversary of Trayvon’s death for the vigil the family organized there. She tweeted that not many people showed up and while she wasn’t a crowd number expert, she put the number at around 100 people.

              Judging from that and the number of people outside the courthouse on Trayvon’s Birthday, she thinks not many are going to show up at the trial. I tend to agree with her. Mr. Crump is going to try to reignite that anger but now the public knows that 12 FBI agents investigated George Zimmerman’s life looking for a hate crime and found no racism in the man’s life. With the latest discovery to come out about Trayvon’s reputation for fighting and his drug use, I’m not sure that even lying Mr. Crump can spin this to a place where people are motivated at their own expense to make their way to Sanford.

              • Thanks Nettles, your point about people from the outside coming to Sanford to create problems is a valid one in my estimation. Thing is that in Sanford and the surrounding area there are plenty of people who would love to cause mayhem.

                • Thanks for that. The community is something I still don’t have a very good grasp of yet.

                  The people of Sanford have been through so much due to lies. I hope the citizens and their police get back to a life they can enjoy in peace; if they ever had that?

                  • I have been to Sanford, and from what I was told the small town, was a good place to live in. It has had past racial issues, that flare up from time to time but for the most part the biggest issue in the last couple of years had been with the SPD and what was perceived as targeting by the cops.

              • I have not heard this:

                I talked to her via twitter in April and she said she was in New York for 4 months and then moving back to Miami in May. Whether or not she’ll go back to reporting on this story remains to be seen.

                I have read that she is not welcome back; Remember the petition to have her fired?

                • She left the Miami Herald. I don’t think she was fired, although I don’t know for sure. She joined the New York Times. I asked her if she was reporting for them from Miami and she shared she’d be in New York for 4 months and would be coming back to Miami in May. She is not coming back to the Miami Herald. Just the area. I’m not sure if she will be reporting on this story for the New York Times once she gets back to Miami.

                  • Excellent investigative reporting as always, Nettles! A solid 1 to 1 1/2 % filled already with around 6 days to go. wow

                    “No Justice, No Peace !!”
                    “Louder — I can’t hear you!”
                    “no jusss . ss. . . s . . ” . . . [fade to black].

                    But you know, o’course, there’s 1 or 2 E-Z solutions for Traymarks, Inc. per their recent secret Twitters & flyers that I just uncovered:

                    *** Time to roundup th’ homeless & dudes hanging out @liquor stores & gas stations. Workin’ girls welcome too. “FREE FOOD & DRINKS — JUST HOP ON IN!” signs on church buses, SUVs ‘n’ vans — that workz 4 me. Gotta fill them seats. Now B sure 2 get them dang camera shots so’s they avoids all them empty tables, know whut i’m sayin?

                    OR . . . OR . . .

                    *** Sign on venue door:
                    “Cancelled Becuzz Of Threatz By T-Party, NRA ‘n’ racisss GZ foolz — f’o realz peeps!”

                    >>>Happen to have a JFTM facebook link, dear fellow Penguin playoff fan?
                    (that cartoon blew me away!)

                  • Thanks for such an optimistic update. Things may be getting better each day. I have not seen any malicious articles containing lies since we agreed to contact them about correcting mistakes so I wonder if we scared them? LMAO.

                    Have you seen any at all?

    • Actually, Jordan, I noticed yesterday that in the “high profile” cases listed on the 5th DCA’s website, they take about 2.5 months from the time they first accept a motion until issuing a ruling. It’s been about 1.5 months so far for this motion for writ of certioari from O’Mara.

      • You are counting from the initial filing, right? The responses all came much later. I suspect that NO ruling before the trial means the trial will be delayed.

  2. Mornin’ Nettles,
    OMG, your reply to “Sidney” was a CLASSIC !!!!
    For once, I was left speechless. It would be impossible to top that one, dear lady . . . so I won’t even try . . . you win on points.
    Oh and Captain Crosby said to tell you, “Welcome aboard (for the playoffs)”

    • I love Nettles responses to the Trayvonites.

      Reasonsed and respectful responses are almost always the best way to disagree with others. Unfortunately, I don’t think most of the Trayvonites have a different opinion because of lack of facts or illogical reasoning, but because of a racial agenda.

    • All of that will ride on Judge Nelson actually following the law, which I have no confidence in at this point, but reading Richard’s blog, it seems that the tables will be pretty much turned around on Ben Crump. He’s saying that George’s reputation and propensity for violence can be introduced but Trayvon’s can’t, when Hornsby seems to be saying pretty much the opposite (assuming George doesn’t testify and say something about how he’s never been a violent person, etc..).

    • I dont see how releasing his tweets and photos and texts is character assassination. Unless you consider it as martin posthumously assassinating his own manufactured character. The texts, photos and tweets speak for themselves

    • Richard Hornsby is one of my favorite analyst, he has answered a lot of the questions I have, but I have many more now.

      imo, what will come in according to Hornsby’s article is what is testified to by the families or others & we don’t know yet what that will be. If Sybrina/Tracy claim TM was a great kid, yadayadayada, then evidence comes in to impeach their statement as to TM’s character by the Defense.. The same for GZ, if RZ Sr. testified GZ was a great son, never was in trouble, GZ’s history comes of his arrest. GZ hasn’t been convicted of a crime nor was TM, so I assume GZ’s previous arrests & TM’s school history won’t come in unless the families state otherwise. Hornsby has already stated in a past interview that the State cant paint GZ as a “liar,” it too won’t come in as GZ has been convicted of any crimes encompassing lying.

      Richard’s explanation more clearly explains MOM’s MOTION asking Judge N to wait on making her decision on some of these matters, clearly no one can predict what the families will testify to. I don’t see how Judge N can rule against this MOTION but I have no confidence in her abilities. No one expected the Anthony’s & relatives to claim what a great mother KC was as this was discussed before her trial in the media & the consequences that testimony would bring. BUT, the family did just that opening the door for all the damning evidence to come in & to what extent KC was a terrible mother brought on by the State.

      • Art- that is also the reason why the State wants to prohibit any talk about that from the get go. That way MOM can’t bring this things on cross. Take the school suspensions, one won’t be able to ask why TM was not in Miami that week.

        While I understand the strategy, I am still at a lost as to how Corey feels that even excluding TM’s character will get them a conviction.

  3. Nettles, I’m beginning to think that this chalkboard theme is the reason that comments don’t seem to load properly. On D-Man’s blog and on CTH (both WordPress, obviously), after I enter a comment, it always takes me directly to the comment I just entered. On this blog, it always takes me to some random spot in the middle of the page and I have to scroll back down to find my comment and continue reading where I left off. Does anyone else have the same issue here?

        • I tried some of the other color combinations through the customize link and really like them, but I guess I can’t change colors without paying. I think I remember you saying you did pay, though.

          • Yes I did pay to get the chance to customize the colors. I didn’t like everything being in white. I’d even invest $100 to give us a theme that works for most of us.

            I assume I get to keep that if I change to another theme, the changing of colors?

            Thanks for the feedback. I’ll look into it.

    • Always in Safari, sometimes in both Firefox and Opera. I learned to accept but it makes it difficult to find a link or vid that does not appear in my email.

  4. On the state’s general objection to TM discovery being made public, I think a review of its past arguments is interesting.

    State’s Response to Defendant’s Motion to Permit Defendant to Appear in Civilian Clothing and Without Restraints in All Proceedings

    Defendant does so on the novel theory that “the manner in which [he] is portrayed by the media will have a tremendous impact on his ability to receive a fair trial.” This is, obviously, a false premise designed to provide a foundation for a meritless claim. In fact, when the Defendant actually proceeds to trial ALL jurors (both prospective and seated) will be instructed (Per Standard Jury Instructions 1.0, 1.2, 2.1) that they are not to consider matters discussed or portrayed about the case outside the courtroom, including media both print and electronic. Jurors are presumed to follow instructions.

    • Ah, yes, that was back when the state wanted people to see George Zimmerman on TV in the prison jumpsuit to permanently sear that image in their minds. Bernie, you’re a real piece of bull excrement.

      • What I found amusing at the time, Corey and Bernie were arguing that the media portrayal of Zimmerman would have no effect on conduct of a fair trial, while within days (maybe even simultaneously) they were arguing for a gag order because publication of evidence would compromise the ability to have a fair trial.

        That same amusement can be put to use over and over, as the state is incredibly inconsistent in its application of law, other than being incredibly consistent in citing precedents for propositions the precedents don’t support.

        • This week the state filed it’s third request to have O’Mara gagged…

          …and then Angela Corey herself just happened to be sitting down with News 4 Jax cameras rolling as the ‘news broke’ and feigns surprise that MOM posted the defense’s 3rd supplement discovery at gzlegal. How lucky for her that she had a speech already written out and memorized for just such an occasion…

          That ranks right up there with Crump expecting folks to believe he had no substantive knowledge of exactly what Wit 8 was going to say when he invited ABC News to film the interview.

          They’re peas in a pod those two.

  5. I am getting very angry with the silence of law enforcement on the threats sent to the Zimmerman family and it’s picking up now as the trial gets closer. I call on everyone here to contact law enforcement in Florida and demand a public statement about threats to this family and I ask you contact facebook and twitter to start enforcing their policy and taking the priviledge to use the software away from those who violate the policy.

    If you know addresses, emails, that our complaints can be sent to, please post them here. They need to start hearing from the public that this won’t be tolerated. If I hear BDLR get up in court one more time and minimize the threat GZ and his family has been under due to his actions, I’m going to campaign for that man to lose his job.

    • Captain, if you put your link on it’s own line with an empty line above it, your video will display in the comment like above. I edited your comment to show you how you can change the link to a preview. Thanks.

    • Captain,
      I l appreciate the work you do, love your sense of humor and appreciate your talent, but I could not bring myself to watch this video for more than a few seconds. That man (or whatever he is) just makes me sick to my stomach.

        • On the matter of “calling people names” the story goes like this. years and years ago I was watching this parenting thing hosted by Henry Winkler aka The Fonz. Anyway, the topic was when teaching you kids about the birds and the bees someone asked Winkler what they should refer to the genitalia as. Winkler’s response was…..”Call it what it is”. Those words have stuck with me for years……Call it what it is. So if someone/something is an X, Y, or Z…..I call them an X, Y, or Z…..pretty simple and it makes sense to me.

            • It’s weird how things turn out sometimes isn’t it? George would have been scared to death learning a dozen FBI agents were digging into his life and now he uses the investigation to prove that hard to prove slur of racist doesn’t apply to him. Go figure.

    • Regarding Papa always trying to undermine the evidence, yet his biggest failing is that this is evidence provided by the State, not something gathered independently. In essence, while he fails to get it, he is undermining the State’s own case. His videos are probing reasonable doubt exists because in order to prove GZ guilty the State’s own evidence is useless.

    • In his Knox ‘rebuttal’ video LLMPapa measured from the top of the manikin’s head to the shoulders as 10″ IIRC. Trayvon’s bullet wound was 17.5″ from the top of his head. You can just use that 10″ distance as a ruler and see that the hole in the hoodie is actually about the right distance from the top of the head (2:27 in your video)

      In addition, you can see that where LLMPapa placed the bullet hole in the manikin, again using the head as a ruler, is about 20″ (you get a glimpse at about 2:41) from the top of its head.

      While LLMPapa did put the bullet hole in about the correct position relative to its non-existent nipple, the manikin wasn’t the same size as Trayvon and/or had different proportions. Complete fail on LLMPapa’s part.

    • Captain, this video is basically unwatchable. Your cut from picture to picture happens so fast that you can’t read any of the questions and you have no time at all to focus on what is being portrayed in the pictures.

    • Wow! All these months of debating with Peggy and we had the means to find out exactly what time the photos were taken. Can’t wait to hear Peggy’s response to this!

    • Hey Cap’n,
      Left you a comment on your last post yesterday May 24th. Same applies here:

      U gots U great stuff, luvz th red-letter tex, soundtrack fly agin (yesterday’s wuz killer!), onliest prob iz — you gone 2 dayum fass !!!!!! don has enuff time 2 read d’ebidens !!!!
      Leave that sh*t on d screen longer m man — PLEEEZ now !!! a brotha cant no way keep up
      i B n SoCal — where U stay???

      /AAVE switched off

    • That was the day of the Million March Hoodie rally. It’s also the day Tracy and Sybrina posed for their pictures used on the TM Foundation site. Tracy looking into the camera and Sybrina looking off. Publicity pictures someone called them.

    • Curious to know the origin of that now-iconic Hollister pic — mainly WHEN.

      Cap’n: is abylon EXIF-CLEANER freeware, shareware or? I’ll look it up, but sometimes they won’t tell you the pricetag until after you give them all your credit card info.
      I sure like that report sheet that the pic generates — very impressive.

  6. Just checked in to see the latest GZ news. I guess it really is a slow news day when what the Travon posters have to say about the case is the main topic of discussion. Sigh. I’ll check in again tomorrow when there is something substantive to read, hopefully. Hope your health is well Captain, and hope you haven’t gotten any more threats or whatever you’ve gotten. Have a good night.

  7. I want to say that this is the most important video that Dman has ever made. Everyone should watch again and keep linking it every chance you get.

    • This video has to be a damn forgery — Hah! D’man would NEVER, EVER give a compliment to Mark O’Mara, let alone praise him, EVER !!!

      Oh wait, this was way back THEN . . .

    • I would love to see D’man remake this video adding everything that has come to light from Wit 8 lying on forward…

    • Be-you-ti-fulll ! Outstanding work, Cap’n, as always. [salutes]

      more Yiddish [by a goy, for the goyem/gentiles] :

      shmendrik (שמענדריק ), n. A jerk, a stupid person. Dictionary image = Any random Traybot

      schmuck (שמאָק), n. (1) Often used as an insulting word for a self-made fool, (2) [other reference respectfully omitted @ annettekblog] Dictionary image = Attorney Benjamin L. Crump, Esq.

      meshugenah, n. A crazy or insane person. Dictionary image = LMMPapa

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