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May 26, 2013


Happy Memorial Day Weekend to my American Friends.  I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

While demanding the truth of what happened the night of February 26, 2012 these parents were lying to police who were conducting the investigation.  In my opinion, these parents owe the City of Sanford and it’s police department an apology for sending their son into town on a bus and leaving him unsupervised, while serving a major school suspension.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

If you’d like to share something privately, you can email me at nettles@bell.net

For those who are able, please make a donation to the defense fund. Thank you for helping.


61 thoughts on “May 26, 2013

    • Thanks for your reply/ post late last night, Cap’n.
      In case you missed this:

      (The Capyain sez)
      “Torrent……whistles innocently LOL”

      JB from SoCal
      MAY 25, 2013 AT 9:59 PM)

      “i sure “bit” on that one! Message rec’d Cap’n . . . than-Q !!!

      saw yr skull & crossbones flag logo — hmmmmm . . . LOLZ”

  1. Wow, did anybody already get a copy of this Memo that I just discovered on a computer here in SoCal?

    “We want to thank you, Attorney Crump, Esq., for your kindness in permitting the admission at trial of the photos taken on the night of February 26, 2012. If I may quote you from your statement during the WLN4 TV interview (5/23/2013), “. . . the only photographs that are relevant are the photographs of Trayvon Martin on the night he was shot and killed.” Your statement begins at about 03:33 on the YouTube video at this internet address (URL):

    So saying, the media we will introduce before the jury will include, but not be restricted to, the following:

    * The 4-photo Folder from the 7-11 Store depicting Trayvon in a hoodie at the counter, now presented as “Exhibit A.”
    * The full video from same 7-11 store depicting Trayvon swaying or “leaning” at the counter, hereafter presented as “Exhibit B.”
    * Several dozen other photos, videos (which are moving pictures, after all) and video stills in our possession taken on that same evening, being the as-yet-unnamed Exhibits C to ZZZZ.

    On behalf of the Zimmerman family, and GZ supporters everywhere, and speaking for the entire GZ Legal Team — Attorneys, Evidence Experts, and Staff — we appreciate the fact that you are thus keeping the promise that you made before Judge Nelson during the Hearing on October 19, 2012, to wit: “. . . on behalf of the [Martin] family . . . we will absolutely cooperate in any way, fashion or form . . .”

    Your complete statement before the Judge, not under oath of course (as pointed out by our Attorney Don West), regarding your cooperation begins at about 1:09:10 on the YouTube video at this internet address (URL):

    Please have a relaxed and wonderful Memorial Day weekend, Ben (if I may call you that, my friend), as all of us here plan to enjoy and celebrate as well. We fellow attorneys are proud of you and the courage you have shown. Best regards from us all, and may God bless you.

    Mark and Don”

    • It must be me…I took that to be throwing down the gauntlet by using Crump’s words against him. Team Crump has always said that they are cooperating with authorities but rarely do it. In fact it is just the opposite.

      I’m not floored. I thought it was funny how they used that video to point out what he was saying and when.

  2. Morning Nettles,

    I am with you on challenging the various law enforcement agencies to take ACTION against those responsible for the threats against the Zimmerman family.

    I think we need to narrow down a list of specific people in the various agencies and social media companies to contact and then bombard them with phones calls, emails and letters.

    Any ideas on the list? Not being a Floridian I do not have a good sense of law enforcement organizational authority.

    on a personal note, we received threats as snitches and leadership against gang crimes in the neighborhood, and I cannot fully explain in words how deeply the fear affects people, it is a powerful, harmful experience.

    It took me about a week of repeated contacts to get to the right person at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, CA, requesting they block a user for creating a facebook page and online petition advocating that as the snitches mother I should be gang raped.

    Any help with the list and I will get busy.

    • Oh my God Nettles, now I’m really worried for you. I thought I’d heard everything, but this make me (literally) want to throw up. I feel frustrated at not being able to help you, living some 2,500 miles away from Toronto. And what a disgusting coward this “person” is. I’m sure you’ve already considered reporting this POS to the police.

      Probably like you, I always despised guns even though I’m a US Army veteran (peacetime betw. Korean & Viet wars). Since the GZ experience though, I’m having strong 2nd thoughts, although I live in California, which has no concealed carry unless your job or situation would require same. Only cronies of the local Sheriffs seem to get the permit$.

      Well all I can offer for now is my sincere wish for you & your family to be safe. I am sure everyone here feels the same, if not more so. Yes, it is frustrating — and scary.

      Stay strong!

      • JB,

        are you perhaps confusing my comment about threats to my family with the threats Nettles received recently.

        Nettles recently posted about the uptick in threats the Zimmermans have received. RZ twitter account shows recent threats. Nettles recommended we collectively demand enforcement against these threats, I agree.

        The one example I shared about the facebook petition created by high school age boys was stomach churning.To add to this travesity I knew the boys parents so I contacted them, would it surprise you that the moms just cried and did not take me up on my offer to invite their sons to my house to apologize. In short, I blame enabling adults on the current cultural norm “whatever you can get away with”.

        • “whatever you can get away with” — sad but true, cassandra, and it permeates our entire country from top to bottom.
          Again, please accept my apologies for mis-identifying the author.

      • Please forgive me, Nettles and cassandra. I feel so stupid that I mixed up the author of that gut-wrenching story that CASSANDRA told, and not Nettles. Now I’m only 400 miles away from you cassandra, but I still feel powerless & unable to help.
        Berkeley was a bitch to traverse back in the days of “free love” ‘n’ sh*t (late 60s & early 70s). It was always a powderkeg ready to explode back then. Now . . . f**k!

        Stay strong,, ladies, we ALL love you for all you do and are.

        • no need to apologize, but seriously there are threats against the Zimmermans, death threats regularly, and the state pretends the Martins need protecting. No wonder GZ looks the way he does. The burden of worry for his wife, his mother and father, his brother, not to mention himself. The state is allowing the threats to go unchallenged.

          • You are too kind cassandra.

            At present I’m sending George money and a little pep talk every 1st of the month, but you ladies are on to something in regards to contacting the powers-that -e concerning the Zimmermans’ security. We need a leader or leaders here to help solve a real life problem.

            I wish there was a voice nationally, a strong, well-recognized personality to take the lead, someone with instant credibility. Sports stars, movie stars, TV personalities, someone . . .where are you? We need you!

    • Ever since reading the TM texts that were released by the defense, obviously I no longer believe that DD was manufactured out of thin air by Crump. Having said that Crump and Tracy and Sybrina had to have known just how dangerous it would be to force this girl to come forward, yet they did it anyway. I guess the thoughts of possible millions of dollars outweighed any common sense, if they ever had any.

      If I read the texts correctly, it appears to me that DD mother bought her a gun. If I am not mistaken you have to be 21 to own a pistol which makes it illegal for DD to have a gun. In addition, the mother had to have bought the gun, went through the background check, and had the gun registered in her name. That is totally and completely illegal. That’s if she bought the gun through normal legal channels. DD is also involved with drug talk with Trayvon. Fla. has zero tolerance policies with drugs.

      From where I sit, both DD and her mother could be arrested because of the gun issue. The mother for purchasing a gun in her name, if she obrained it legally, and for giving it to a minor. It appeared that DD was looking to sell the gun to Trayvon if I am not mistaken. I bet the gun is long gone.

      For Crump, and Pam Bondi to all but force this girl to come forward, when she obviously didn’t want to in the beginning, will hopefully be a day they will rue for a very long time. No wonder DD seems to be coming clean with the defense.

      • Second attempt:

        If you can understand and/or translate those texts, you know something I do not. It is one thing to talk funny but to also write funny is too much for me.

      • While there may be a firearms purchase violation (straw purchase, etc.), the age for legal purchase of a handgun for a Florida resident is 18.

        Bernardo has been known to leverage a threat of prosecution in exchange for favorable testimony. This activity popped up in another case, from memory maybe a decade ago. No, I didn’t know him before this case, just read the appellate opinion that somebody else found.

        • The gun does not have to be registered in her name in order for her to use it, unless things have changed here. Many kids say “It’s MY gun” because, in a larger sense, it is even though an adult bought it.

          Both of my daughters have owned .357 S&W Magnums since….. well maybe since birth.. /sarc/ but for sure by the time they were teens.

        • Isn’t there more than one appellate opinion involving Bernie’s misconduct? And doesn’t he have a history of being disciplined for telling lies and scaring witnesses? IIRC. someone dug up the dirt on him and posted it.. maybe at CTH.. but I am not sure.

          • I only recall reading one opinion. I don’t recall where I saw it. But my only point was that if Witness 8 has any evidence of criminal conduct, I believe Bernardo would threaten her with prosecution if she deviates from her testimony. I think that was his MO in the other opinion, but Witness 8 may have baggage in addition to any risk flowing from a false statements issue.

            • The cost of this debacle cannot be accurately measured. Consider how many people who are directly involved and the “negative” affect on their lives. Not sure how many that is, but the entire country has suffered a serious set back in all of the progress that has been made in respecting one another.

              We have already seen an escalation in black violence on whites and other races for no reason whatsoever except for their skin color.

              The real tragedy is that all of the major players could stop this mess at any time and choose not, too, knowing that there is no fair way to restore those that have suffered needlessly.

              How long will it take us to get repair ourselves and heal? rhetorical

        • cboldt- Thank you for the info. My husband thought that an 18 year old could have a long gun, but you had to be 21 to own a pistol.

          As to Bernie threatening witnesses with prosecution if they didn’t abide by his orders, so to speak, was a very interesting case that you and I both read somewhere. I think it may have been posted here, but I don’t remember by whom. As to DD cooperating with Bernie, or more appropriately Angela, and the info. being released of her texts with TM, I would think others could go after her and her mom if they read the texts and decide to investigate. Right? It’s an especially interesting issue that is now on deck with the anti gun crowd, the anti-SYG crowd, the increased background check politicians in the country right now. The fact that GZ had a licensed legal firearm, and used it to defend his life from a violent attack is something many anti-GZ people have been groaning against. Now that we find out that DD and TM may have been involved in gun purchase talk, the show is on the other foot. So will the anti-gun crowd go after DD, and the fact that TM was involved in guns, if he is holding the gun in the picture on his phone, go after him and DD as much as they have GZ? Pretty interesting development, no?

          • The press will simply downplay that DD has a gun, and that Martin made an attempt to buy an illegal street gun. They will rationalize it internally as those guns didn’t do any killing, so they aren’t newsworthy.

            Huge double standard, and the people who perpetrate the double standard don’t think twice about it. Martin’s past is irrelevant only because he lost the fight, and Zimmerman’s past is relevant because he shot Martin. It’s utter nonsense. Always fun to watch the press spout nonsense, as it uncritically repeats Crump and Natalie Jackson.

          • Firearm purchase and possession laws vary widely from state to state. I looked up Florida and the age for purchase of a handgun, and it’s 18. One has to be 21 to obtain a Florida permit to carry a concealed weapon.

            Not saying Witness 8 is “legal” either, just that she isn’t illegal by dint of being too young. Same with the mother who was involved in the purchase and transfer. There are federal laws involved too. It is a federal crime for a pot smoker to possess a firearm. 18 USC 922(d)(3) (sale), and (g)(3) (possession). “Unlawful user of a controlled substance” Not often enforced, but it’s a federal felony for a pot smoker to possess a firearm.

    • Thank you. I found no factual errors in the article but Crump is making a fool of himself. Oh, well, it is the media’s choice to give him more exposure.

      Funny how all of the articles have changed, huh?

  3. Hmmmm…..the liberal controlled trayvon loving mainstream media is now racist?

    Natalie Jackson

    Thursday at 10:19pm • STATEMENT REGARDING PHOTOS OF TRAYVON MARTIN RELEASED BY ZIMMERMAN DEFENSE TEAM (PLEASE SHARE THIS POST): The photos and documents released by George Zimmerman’s Defense today are irrelevant to his guilt or innocence. Their release was meant solely to prejudice a potential jury pool in the days leading up to trial. It is HIGHLY unlikely they will even be admitted into evidence at trial. There is no evidence that George Zimmerman knew anything about Trayvon Martin before he exited his vehicle to confront and kill Trayvon. The evidence that will be admitted at trial about Trayvon Martin is that he was an average teenager, without a criminal record, who was unarmed and legally where he had a right to be when he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. Further, the evidence that may be admitted at trial about George Zimmerman is his documented history of a propensity for violence, such as his arrest for battery on a law enforcement officer, his injunction to prevent domestic violence taken out by his ex-girlfriend, and evidence of his work as a bouncer for Data Whore Productions, Inc.Lastly, the release of these particular photos by the Defense and the media’s interest in these photos begs the question of exactly what is it these photos are meant to prove? Is the defense trying to prove Trayvon deserved to be killed by George Zimmerman by the way he looked? If so, this stereotypical and closed-minded thinking is the same mindset that caused George Zimmerman to get out of his vehicle, pursue, confront, and kill an unarmed teen who he didn’t know. Is the media reporting on these photos supposed to support the absurd position that George Zimmerman was justified in killing an unarmed teenager because of the way he looked? If so, what does that say about the media and its reporting on black youth?

    • How on earth would Natalie Jackson know what is admissible at trial? Can she now predict the future, too?


      Well, OTH, she just might be in cahoots with Nelson. Crump is saying the same thing.

      • They’ve been asserting nonsense factual points and nonsense legal points from the start. It’s bluster. Unfortunately, the press can’t tell bluster from fact, so the public is fed bluster – and the public is dumber for the experience.

    • This is just a very blunt attempt by the Scheme Team to make the media to back-off. So far it has not worked from what I have seen, they are over-playing their hand as their have none, except to call the media and everyone else racist for showing the pictures.

      What NatJack does not mention is that these pictures were discovery, which the prosecution had in their possession but chose not to provide them to the defense or release as they were bound to. They could have argue with the Judge that they needed to remain confidential but did not do so. They knew that the defense would release them as part of their reciprocal discovery and were hoping to make the defense look bad for doing so.

      NatJack and Crump are hoping that they are found inadmissible, but knows that if the past transgressions of GZ are presented this will also come out. After more of a year of lying as to who TM, was and accusing anyone that dared to question their portrayal as fact, this not only makes them liars but manipulators for profit and complicit at least morally in the assaults of people in the name of a hoax, TM.

  4. While I’m chaperoning a small flock of teenagers (I think they’re at the movies, but I’ll call in the morning…), I thought I’d cull my collection of documents and synopsize ten outrageous or infuriating aspects of the TM / GZ saga. However, I am quickly finding that ten categories may not cover the dynamics of this case and am asking for suggestions, please.

    My draft topics are: The Narrative; SPD; GZ’s injuries, re: self defense; ‘911’ call; Race; Crump, et al.; ‘DeeDee’; The Confrontation; TM’s family; The Law.

    Am I missing any important categories or subjects? Does anyone care? (Has anyone seen those darned teenagers?)

    • There are probably scores of ways to carve up the incident and fallout, and as many angles to view it from. Carve it up in a way that is most interesting for you. You’ll do your best work that way.

      There is a PR angle. The state of the case in the eyes of the public evolved and changed over time, and with more widespread exposure. I think it is a fact that the actions of SPD (Serino in particular), Wolfinger, etc. were changed by the public being whipped into a frenzy on a false narrative pushed by the press. “Follow the money” is usually an interesting angle. I see willful blindness on the part of the judges. From a legal standpoint, the case is “upside down.” I have never, ever, seen a case (other than police corruption, malfeasance) where the prosecutor is working AGAINST the police, while claiming to be WITH them.

      Sort of like a Salvador Dali, “The Persistence of Memory,” this is a case of persistence of false narrative. Once wound up, there is no way to unwind it. All the liars are fully invested, even though the reality obviously cuts against them.

      • Thank you very much for the advice. After looking through some screenshots, etc., the last few nights, I wanted to render out a few themes for my own ‘amusement’ and quickly realized that – as your myriad comments have often related – there are probably twenty facets of this case wothy of their own book. It is both incredibly fascinating and sinfully infuriating.

        • Dysfunction is, by it’s nature, infuriating and interesting! I’ve been fascinated, again and again, by dysfunction all around. Congress is dysfunctional, the press is, this case is, etc. In every one of those cases, the people who are inside the system usually don’t see it as having a problem. FWIW, I’ve run into the same thing in “private life,” working inside organizations that have competing departments, etc. People work to whatever you measure them by, and the twists and turns made to “make the numbers come out” are sometimes destructive of the organization’s mission.

          The Zimmerman case is such a blatant example of dysfunction, that most people see it.

          Another angle is the social polarization. This case is both a window into it, and a contributor. It’s also a window into power and corruption. On the “power” end, probably not a good analogy, but motorcycle (or bicycle) vs. car. The biker may be in the right, but the care will always crush him. Things do not always turn out in a “just” way. Old age and treachery beats youth and enthusiasm.

          • I made a rare comment re: my professional exploits at JOM several months back, as I was witness to treachery at the highest level of a government agency – blatant disregard for ethics. I’d like to say I was shocked, but reading Orwell since the 7th grade prevented any such reaction.

            • Cui Bono, rather than just a financial motives, there are other motives, and agendas at play, they all gave the story legs that made the story what it became and distorted the original facts. The different motives and agendas all illustrated different parts to the story in cases it became the story, SYG, quickly come to mind.

  5. Nettles – love the customized Andrea theme. It scrolls smoothly, it takes you back to your comment after you post, and it uses the width of the screen so that posts aren’t so “vertical” and therefore don’t even require as much scrolling.

    Something happened this evening that was funny. I was at my family reunion, and my nieces came with my brother. One niece was really tired, and they told me “she was stung by nettles.” You can imagine the look on my face. Then they told me that she had been stung by stinging nettles and she had taken some Benadryl, which was why she was tired.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. There are some things I really like better (the comment link being at the top of the thread) about the theme and some things I don’t (the commentator shown at the bottom of the comment). Let’s give it a few days and see how it goes. Please feel free to say what works for you and what doesn’t. I’m hearing there are limitations with wordpress on all of the themes. But if it can work for most of us, we’ll keep it.

      Weird how this case creeps up into our lives when we aren’t expected it. My nephew offered me some skittles the other day. I said a quick no thank you! Now I need to check the medicine cabinet 😉

      • Be careful that you don’t turn Injun on us.

        Even the CIA has done it and many informants, too. I am messing with you.

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