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May 27, 2013


George Zimmerman’s Legal Team prepares to do battle tomorrow!

This small team and it’s support staff have my gratitude and thanks for the work they are doing to stop the injustice we are witnessing.  I get overwhelmed at times when I think of the force against you. I can only imagine what’s going on in your war room.


  • The State of Florida brought 2nd degree murder charges with these facts
  • The State of Florida is playing games with discovery
  • The Judge sent a message she won’t stop these games
  • A Judge who is sympathetic to the State of Florida
  • An uncooperative family lawyer
  • What is still unknown
  • Political Influence
  • Lack of time
  • Lack of money

I post on a number of places online and want the legal team to know you have the thanks and appreciation of many for the job you are doing.  I am noticing in the news the reporting for the most part is looking to present a fair and balanced account since your reciprocal has come out.  That is totally due to your work and your diligence to uncover evidence that has been in the hands of law enforcement since that night; Trayvon’s phone.

I will not be able to watch Tuesday’s hearing.  I have interviews scheduled throughout the day but will peek in between appointments.  I wish the team all the best of luck in getting the Judge motivated to give this man a fair hearing.

Diwataman has done a great job in a thread on his blog to prepare for the May 28th hearing.  You can find all the resources there on what motions will be taken up with the court and he has links to live streaming.  As always thanks for your work and effort Diwataman.  http://diwataman.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/george-zimmerman-hearing-may-28-2013/

During hearings, I usually talk on facebook with friends.  The link is on the sidebar.  New friends would be very welcomed.

Happy Memorial Day to all my American friends and sock it to them in court on Tuesday Team Zimmerman!

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

If you’d like to share something privately, you can email me at nettles@bell.net

For those who are able, please make a donation to the defense fund. Thank you for helping.


106 thoughts on “May 27, 2013

  1. I enjoyed Hornsby’s article & I’m glad to hear about the Daubert Standard possibly becoming the legal standard in Fla. BUT! BDLR/Corey/Bondi are out in front of this possibility imo, bending the ear of the Gov. & reminding him of the repercussions it could have on this case. THEN! There is Judge N. There remains many unknowns, the DCA, a possible depo of Crump, the completion of DD’s depo, the length of time voir dire will take. Most Judges hate to be appealed after a verdict is rendered, I don’t think Judge N would care, she will be in Civil Court. It would seem with all the outstanding things to be done, even if voir dire started on June 10th, its predicted it will take 3 weeks but it could take longer, IDK.

    I followed the Aisenberg’s case, they too were convicted in the MEDIA of murdering their baby Sybrina, of course their legal fees exceeded the 2 million they won, but the State’s behavior was appalling, Prosecutors exposed, but today their baby has never been found. ALL the time wasted focusing on the parent’s & the trumped up voice experts analysis. The experts listened to taped recordings from LE to make their opinions, BUT, what they listened to were voices from the TV that the couple had on in their bedroom, it was not Sybrina’s parents talking. Time wasted INSTEAD of LE looking for the person that took their baby.

    • All of us in Tampa Bay followed the Aisenberg’s case. Most of us were disgusted with what the state did. By now, they might have found the baby.

    • There is no consensus on the science of voice experts. I have seen perfect recordings of a suspect talking over a bugged phone being strongly contended by prosecution and defense in court.

      The two self professed “voice experts” who declared that it was not GZ voice that made the screams is what got me heavily involved in this case. I knew for a fact they were full of shit. I absolutely couldn’t believe that the media was plastering all over the news how it was Trayvon screaming over a static recording, outside, 100 feet away, through the rain. It was OUTRAGEOUS. The only thing it proved is how many people, and the media, bend over backwards to be PC.

      I didn’t hear about the Aisenberg case. Thanks for the other example of just how wrong voice recognition technology can be. It was the TV! ./Hits head

      • And then if you actually read the articles about the voice experts.

        One guys method was listening and guessing. How about that for hi tech!
        The other guys (a history major) method was some kind of proprietary software he was trying to sell! He had, I’m sure, a completely arbitrary threshold of 60% for a “match” And GZ just missed the threshold so the guy said it definitely wasn’t him. I couldn’t believe the level of stupid I was reading.

        Those series of articles about the voice recognition bullshit being Trayvons screams really flamed the lynch mob fires. I don’t forgive them or the media. It was an important cog in the wheel of injustice to understand where we are now.

        His name was Tom Owen. Am I reading correctly, the defense wants to use him now? If so, I am completely floored, and can not in a million years understand why.

        • jack203 = RE: Sybrina Isenburg
          so much for Govt. wiretaps & bugging a suspects home. Jeb Bush called for an investigation, the Federal Prosecutor got reassigned, 2 detectives were demoted, they should have all been fired imo..

          It’s very likely that Judge N is going to allow the States experts saying she will let the jury decide, she’s allowed Crump to submit an affidavit instead of doing the deposition she previously approved & the Defense had set up, she allowed BDLR to hold up the depo of DD for 5 hours because the lazy POS didn’t bother READING that the depo would be videoed BUT Judge N claimed it was her fault.

        • The defense doesn’t want to use Tom Owen as a witness; they want to depose him to find out what he’d say as a witness for the state.

  2. Can text messages on a phone be deleted remotely? By logging into an account on the web, maybe? I also wonder if there is a log of when a text message is deleted.

  3. Nettles and hockey fans everywhere: BEWARE. Actually we should all be aware of this.  Give the link time to load. This is amazing to me.

    Want to commit a crime while hiding in a crowd? Don’t think for a minute that you’ll have anonymity in a large crowd and the government won’t be able to ID you! ……..You’d expect so much pixelation that faces would not be recognizable when zoomed in 800% or more…….this is very interesting……….

    Put your cursor anywhere in the crowd, double-click a couple of times and then use the scroll button in the center of your mouse. You can zero in on one single face. The clarity is unbelievable.

    This is the photo taken by Port Moody photographer Ronnie Miranda that appeared in Tri-City News Friday (24-June).
    You can see – perfectly – the faces of every single individual – and there were thousands!

    Just think what the police – and others – have at their disposal!


    • There is very little anonymity left, for better or worse, Jordan. I’m not at all surprised at how much data is available in this case, e.g., texts, pics, phone logs, but that there hasn’t yet been some random electronic file (perhaps an image from streetlight cam or neighbor’s security cam) brought forth.

  4. Nettles, sorry you won’t be able to devote your attention to the hearing tomorrow, however, we will have your analysis once one of our GZ Warriors puts it on video and I’m sure by the time you ARE able to watch it will already be available. Our people are pretty quick about getting the videos of the hearings up. That said, in a way you are spared any real time reactions to what could be the same ole same ole. More than anything else, I find my blood boils most watching those hearings. And it’s not the State, because I EXPECT them to pull every dirty shot in the book. No, for me it’s Nelson. This is supposed to be the person that represents the law, and in consideration of the law … it is Nelson’s job to ensure that a fair process goes down in their courtroom. Thus far, Nelson has done everything in her power to lean toward the State. I’m generally an easy going al biet passionate person on various issues. However, I have observed that I do get rather frustrated and angry when I watch the hearings. How many hearings is this now under Nelson? Remember that song … Once, twice, three times a Lady? Well, I have another version of that song when it comes to Nelson. I’d like to be able to say I’m going out on a limb – meaning taking a chance – but unfortunately if anyone here expects to see any change in Nelson’s MO, you can just get that out of your head right now. The leopard DOES NOT change it’s spots. And to suggest I suppose that she is a leopard is an insult to the leopard because the leopard uses stealth, goes undetected. She is like a bull running through a shop of fine china.

    The arrogance is so overwhelming that this is why I get so darn upset. Why does she even bother and use up the court’s time in listening to oral arguments? Anybody? It’s a total waste of time with Nelson – yes Nelson the one that is so concerned about wasting time. ok ok … I went into a lil vent there … I’m better now. But I can assure you that I do not see her granting anything for the defense. With a competent, unbiased Judge, I could at least have some measure of hope.

    Judge Nelson? Have you seen the injuries sustained by the defendant? Is it your opinion that the defendant gave himself those injuries with police due to show up on the scene within minutes and people coming out to see what is going on? Or is it more likely that the victim caused those injuries to the defendant? If the victim caused those injuries is it not important for the defense to show what state of mind the victim may have been in … under the influence, agitated because of arguing with his girlfriend and was looking to vent his frustration?

    Is it not important to show the victim had a problem controlling himself, and thus, incidents at school, kicked out by his Mother and shuffled from this house to that house? Is it not important to show that he admired and tried to mimic the thug culture with talk/possession of weapons and drugs and drug money? Is is not important for the defense to show that NO we are NOT talking about a little boy with an angelic face that everyone has become use to seeing, but a young man 6’3 versed in MMA style fighting?

    Judge wouldn’t you agree that if the defense does not go down this line they themselves would be guilty of malpractice? They absolutely MUST demonstrate that Trayvon was a ticking time bomb and the FACT that his parents were more concerned with their own lives instead of concentrating on a troubled kid is a factor as well.

    Trayvon was a “HOT POTATO”. Here you take him … no you take him … NO YOU. Nobody wanted to deal with him. All they did was disengage and enable him … leaving him to his own devices.

    This is the case of the HOT POTATO that was shot and killed because the HOT POTATO decided to make a Mr. Potato Head decision to STALK THE DEFENDANT after he knew he was spotted, catch him off guard, and then begin a vicious beat down on the defendant. It ended with a dead Potato.

    People have noted there were no injuries to the Potato other than the fatal gunshot wound. I would disagree. The injuries to this Potato were not to be seen by the human eye because this Potato had many many injuries … on the inside … the kind of injuries sustained from divorce, abandonment, shuffling from house to house, no interest in their life so they go into their own little world. Those injuries were sustained from his Mother and Father who together created this Potato and then forgot the Potato needs to be nurtured, mentored, involved, supervised, engaged, honor (NoLimitN), integrity (NoLimitN), compassion, and common sense. I do think the Potato wanted these things, but since it was not available to him, he just sank into agitated depression.


    • I sometimes find it difficult to watch live hearings. Sound quality can be awful plus it is easy to misunderstand a comment so I try to watch live and then go back to the recorded version but it is not necessary to watch it ALL again. You can easily find what you want to review again.

    • ottawa925 – you make many good points about Judge N. She too gets on my last nerve, her mannerisms lack much to be desired & I always get the feeling she’s in a rush to wrap things up, where does she need to be that is more important than MOM/West just trying to get a fair trial for GZ & needing to be heard?

      imo, if the DCA should rule in favor of the Defense in allowing the depo of Chump, Judge N might be scrutinized more closely by MEDIA covering the case but thus far, the Orlando media doesn’t seem concerned by the efforts of BDLR hiding Brady Material. There is no doubt imo, that BDLR deserves sanctions, but I assume Judge N will again make excuses for the POS.

    • I am assuming Leatherhead will be taken to the cleaners….Jeralyn posts on the legality of the defense motions make it more than clear Leatherhead has no clue what he is talking about.

      The Leatherheads have definitely gone off the deep end with the latest defense motion. They have been hurt badly and are seeing their case evaporate.

      They are still clinging on to the following with every fiber of their souls.

      1) You have to be racist to think George acted in self defense
      2) You have to be racist to think that any evidence that reflects poorly on who exactly Trayvon was in March 2012 is relevant
      3) OMara and West should be disbarred and “arrested”. Haha.

      The arrested part is so ridiculous. Here is a movement hell bent on disregarding every law and right the defendant has. A political/racial arrest to appease the “No Justice, No Peace” lynch mob. And now they want the defense lawyers arrested.

      These people need to be defeated. This can’t happen in the 21st century America. We have come too far for this.

      • I know how they are feeling. I felt the same way when BDLR released W9’s statements in discovery thereby making them public.

        This discovery about what is on Martin’s phone is actually the State’s discovery. It should have been them who gave it to the defense instead of playing hide and seek with it.

        This isn’t about what will get admitted into the trial as evidence. This is about discovery. For the State not to turn it over and in a readable format and quite possibily left undiscovered would have been a miscarriage of justice. It’s not for the State to decide what’s relevant and what isn’t.

        This information is discovery and must become public when given to the other side. My question is why aren’t the reporters asking the State about hiding it.

          • This is because GZ had in some interviews alluded to his bad memory and issue remembering somethings. So the NASA engineers at the site decided that GZ was always in a fog-en. Fogen was born.

        • Exactly, this is part of the prosecutions discovery, but formatted so that we know what was in it. It was disclosed as a .bin file maybe in the hopes that MOM would not be able to get an expert to turn those 0000 and 1111 into the correct format. Even then the Defense gave the prosecution another opportunity to release this information but claimed that they did not have the .bin files correctly formatted.

          This is belied by the Limine Motions which aim to block the very information that these 2 discovery dumps illustrate. That BDLR tried to conceal his knowledge of the discovery in the motions by assigning the reason for asking for them to the questioning done during deposition, is another indication that if someone is engage in deceptive, unethical behavior it is the State.

          Finally, by not releasing the discovery as required by law in Jan, it forced the Defense to be the one to release it. This is like a last-ditch effort to try to gain favor in the public by making the Defense look as a villain for releasing derogatory information about the poor dead “child”. This is disingenuous to say the least because if the prosecution seriously thought this discovery material was irrelevant and thus inadmissible they could have released the information to the defense and filed a motion to maintain the information under seal. The prosecution knew that it would have been denied and as such moved to make the Defense be the one doing the release.

      • You said:

        This can’t happen in the 21st century America. We have come too far for this.

        It hurt my head to think about how it not only can happen, it IS happening.

        We have NOT “come to far for this.” We have only gone backwards and this case will eliminate any progress that has ever been made. This is now an official RACE WAR by anyone’s standards who is objective.

        What a tragedy.

    • I could swear I have seen this and John Galt replied with detailed responses. Over at RT, maybe.. It is not easy remembering who said what and when and where.

      • Thanks, Jordan .. I’m reading random topics now so I will check it out. I put it there to begin with. I kinda go between Nettle’s and Rumpole to post. Not sure who is reading who. Just spreading myself around when I find something. Thanks again. I mean ya gotta read Galt … right? lol

  5. On second thought, jack203 and all others … don’t even bother addressing Leatherface’s BS.

    I was handed this today thanks to MurderbytheBook at Rumpole’s site. Tells ALL you should know about Leatherface:


    Now what WOULD BE NICE is if one of you twitter ppl could twitter NatJack and tell her how surprised you are that she follows the blatherings of a WHITE SUPREMIST !!!!! and then give that link. Would love to read her response to THAT !!! What a deadly web some ppl weave. Post that link everywhere you can. Drive the demon back into his hole.

    • I was just going to post that. FINALLY someone is telling the truth and calling NatJack a racist. A bit more:

      • She’s trying to influence the analysts and she outed herself as a racist.

        • May as well delete mine. Same tweet. Not only did she out herself as a racist, she also outed herself as someone with a vested interest in the outcome of the trial trying to influence potential jurors via media. Unethical to say the least.

          • Thanks for sharing the tweets, I love Mike Iglarsh, he has a good reputation & was a good analyst as well as Hornsby during KC’s trial. Iglarsh was a regular on Dr. Drew’s show several times a week. I hope some station uses him during the trial.

            I really appreciate Jeralyn, Hornsby, D Tennis, cboldt, & any other attorney’s sharing their legal opinions on the case. Had Hornsby not taken the time to write his latest article, we may not have known about the Daubert Standard possibly being adopted by Fla., at some date in the near future.

            Natty Jack EXPOSED, I’m so glad she has been called out by respected attorney’s and she looks to be the fool, again.

    • Check out ItsMichaelNotMike at Mike McDaniels Update #29. He is on a roll over there is obviously back with a vengeance. He says he is going to do exactly what we can all do.

      GO ItsMichaelNotMike!!!!

  6. Richard Hornsby says:

    ” His statements to LEOs are all hearsay; he will have to testify in trial to present self defense claim.”

    How can that be?

    (Sorry, I still haven’t figured out how to post tweets)

    • Thank you! If you click on the date and time of the tweet it takes you to a site that displays the tweet. Then you just copy the URL address. Then post the URL address on its own line in wordpress. It’ll display the tweet.

      • cassandra – Jeralyn too stated after Mrs. Z’s open letter to the public that the family needs to let MOM/West handle speaking to the public or interviews. Since she stated, “family,” that too would encompass RZ. Sybrina & Tracy got sympathy for TM all over again when responding to Mrs. Z, TM supporters ranting at least Mrs. Z had a son that was alive.

        I understand WHY RZ has been vocal as his family has been under attack, but Criminal Defense Attorney’s don’t share our opinion, we are lay persons when it comes to the law. I too can understand why Criminal Defense Attorney’s have little patience for those speaking out & possible unforeseen repercussions.

        • Well, Jeralyn and Hornsby might not have all the answers. And even if Hornsby was truly sincere in his concerns the way he phrased it was insulting to many of us, who fully recognize this case is only about race. Have you read the tweets. Hornsby is too arrogant for my sensibilities.

          If Hornsby is uncomfortable dealing with the topic of race dynamics in this case, he should at least be fair and not equate RZ educating the public about the role of race with the abuses by Crump and Jackson.

          • I seen Diwataman and a few friends for facebook gave him a what for. I went in search of that tweet that Natalie sent out in June 2012 about defending George is a threat to all people of color. I found it and tweeted it to Hornsby and Einglish.

    • LOL. I’ve never seen a full conversation display on wordpress have you?

      To get just one tweet or a response to a tweet to display, I click on the grey link that displays the time in a tweet. 15m, 1m, that takes me to an internet page, then I copy the link and paste it in wordpress and it displays.

  7. I think I give up…I’ll leave it to the pros. LOL…

    Anyway…NatJackson is a piece of work isn’t she. The audacity of that woman to send out that tweet telling the media how to do their jobs, using a racist comment to boot. And the scheme team says GZ’s team is pathetic and transparent! The media has been doing the scheme team’s bidding for over a year and now they want to silence them when they go against their narrative.

    • Natalie Holloway was truly the victim of a predator. How does that equate with the TM incident, except in the minds of those truly willing to suspend reason by swallowing the rapidly-disintegrating narrative. A shameful and factually dishonest comparison by a dim vulgarian.

      • I was thinking the EXACT same thing, Analyst. Only in the 2 watt bulb mind of NatJack can you compare Natalie Holloway and Trayvon Martin.

    • I seriously don’t understand how people are still saying, over a year later, that ‘we know for a fact’ George chased down and confronted Trayvon. Where do they get this stuff from? IT’S NOT A FACT. And she thinks the judge is male? She obviously doesn’t know anything about this case. What a joke.

    • Sigh…

      Ottawa, not only has she obviously not viewed any of the hearings (she thinks Judge Nelson is a ‘he’), around 4 minutes into the interview she remarks that she hasn’t even seen or read the texts from TM’s phone that she is commenting on?!

      This is part of the problem with this case… people who don’t know the first thing about the facts of this case are being hauled in front of the cameras as credible commentators.

      • Just wait to see what kind of “expert” riffraff they will be rolling out. Headline News has already announced their brilliant crew.

  8. the BGI is making a big issue that gz did not know trayvon was violent when gz got out of his vehicle, therefore that evidence is irrelevant. However, evidence of violent tendencies, i.e. engaging in MMA fights, is definitely relevant to show how trayvon acted that night. Trayvon’s reputation can be used to show that it is more likely than not that he engaged gz. It is intellectually dishonest by the BGI to ignore this part of the law.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike made a good point on Mike McDaniels blog. Jackson and Crump knew from news stories on Feb 27th that John had said the guy in the red shirt was on the bottom and they put out pictures of Trayvon in the Hollister shirt. What color is it?

  9. Nettles, your friend Hornsby was a little rough on Robert today. You probably saw what I’m talking about.

  10. since crump does not seem to have the ability to keep his mouth shut, then the only way to counter his lies is by presenting another point of view. get it?

    • I agree Stevie. When your brother has been accused from day ONE that he’s a racist, who else can have a voice in the media to push back against it? I think Robert has been very good about it. The man after all IS his brother and I can only imagine the stress on him to keep fighting back against the Crumps and NatJacks that daily keep pounding away at George. NatJack spent the whole day today on the issue of race and that’s why guys like attorney Eiglarsh called her out. So Robert is to be silent? I think not.

  11. George Zimmerman returns to court for pretrial hearing
    Defense attorneys will ask for a trial delay and that a state audio expert be barred from testifying.


    Key court hearing set in George Zimmerman case.
    Defense will ask for trial to be postponed; Other motions also to be argue.


    Judge may rule on several motions Tuesday in Zimmerman case
    Court filing states text messages include angry exchanges


    • OMG.. Unbelievable that 3 articles are factual. I am telling you, Nettles, we skeered ’em up good. LOL
      It’s amazing that they are behaving so much better than in the past. Yes, I know it could be better but let’s be thankful that we have made progress.

      The best news is the media is now making the defense case for them without them having to make any arguments in court and/or at trial about all of this newly released discovery. Even if the State gets Nelson to approve all their motions to suppress the information, it is now front and center. Good job, Bernie. Is there any other truthful facts that you do not want to be used? Hey, just write up a detailed motion that even blind folks can read.

      The media, in a large sense, is telling the public the Truth about Martin and other issues in the case so they will know beforehand even if none of it is used in court.. People are listening maybe more than ever as we near the trial.

      If you are one of the 500 prospective jurors, what would you be doing before the trial? Even if you do not know that you were called for THIS case, I guarantee that interest has greatly increased.

      Thanks for putting all 3 in one remarkable post so we easily compare and evaluate the BRAND NEW media.

  12. Just wait until you see all of the brilliant arm chair lawyers begin to explain GZ’s racism. Their assignment is to prove murder two right before your very own eyes on the big screen TV.

    I am looking around for a network that will have qualified legal analysts. It is not HLN who recently announced their staff.

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