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May 31, 2013


George’s team posted an update yesterday, the defense fund brought in $12,000 in the first day. 10% of the goal. Awesome job everyone! IIRC, on April 12th, 2012, GZ’s appeal for donations resulted in $72,000 for that day. Let’s repeat that so we can focus on the facts again. Donations are needed. Even $5 helps. Please give if you can and use your voice to ask others to help. For those who are able, please make a donation to the defense fund. Thank you for helping.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net


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        • Three weeks ago I gave “99% chance of a decision by the end of Tuesday, the 21st,” and look where we are on the calendar!

          I’ll change that to 50/50 for today. The DCA could make it very easy in itself by waiting for the trial to start, then ruling that a decision on the issue is moot. I would guess that its first priority is to itself.

          • cboldt, the public information officer replied to me the other day and told me that the issue IS being decided at this time by a 3 judge panel, so I would think that a ruling is on the way at some point.

            • Thanks. I read your report the other day. I chuckled at the thought that it dismissed jello’s optimistic prediction that the case was being heard by the entire DCA panel.

              As for timing, I don’t know but assume that judges and panels have a stack of cases, and the fact that a panel has been assigned and “is working on it” doesn’t necessarily mean a decision is imminent. I think it would serve the DCA well to get the decision out today, but their calculus is their own.

              • They should have had it out long before today. The Florida Justice System is looking scummer and scummer every day they wait.

    • His site is down right now but look up Fred Reed.. as in Fred on Everything. He has a few articles about this but one of them is “We Must Lynch George Zimmerman.”aka as “The Coming Race War.” It is excellent as are most things Fred writes. Would like to hear what you think of that article, if you can get on his site.

  1. Looking back at the White/Kruidbos issue, I’m guessing the circumstances of the disclosure starts not with the whistleblower law but with Florida’s labor laws.

    Florida s. 447.301(2) states:

    Public employees shall have the right to be represented in the determination of grievances on all terms and conditions of their employment.

    and 447.301(4):

    Nothing in this part shall be construed to prevent any public employee from presenting, at any time, his or her own grievances, in person or by legal counsel, to his or her public employer and having such grievances adjusted without the intervention of the bargaining agent, if the adjustment is not inconsistent with the terms of the collective bargaining agreement then in effect and if the bargaining agent has been given reasonable opportunity to be present at any meeting called for the resolution of such grievances.

    So it seems pretty clear – to my layperson opinion at least – that Kruidbos has a right to speak to White about his potential liability under his terms and conditions regarding this information.

    Like Jose Baez, once White has this information, it arguably becomes his own ethical obligation to inform Zimmerman and the court of its existence. I think it’s important here that White did not name Kruidbos as the source – in effect White was the initial whistleblower under his obligation to the rules of conduct. Once again, this is my layperson speculation. I don’t want to misinform anyone here.

    Once White is sworn, in the box and presumably armed with a conditional waiver – he would only name Kruidbos in court, MOM did not know his name beforehand and made a point of eliciting that fact in the hearing – White is free to inform Kruidbos’ boss, the court and Zimmerman as a stakeholder (my term) all in one fell swoop.

    One interesting point I think that doesn’t get enough attention is that Kruidbos is a 4th District employee. He’s Corey’s boy; not Wolfinger’s.

    • Cylinder – thanks for the information, Kruidbos no doubt needed an attorney to protect himself since he had been grilled twice within Corey’s office. I wonder if MOM will ask him those questions at the next hearing when he testifies about who grilled him, what they ask, etc.. Meanwhile, Corey has him on paid leave & she can’t ask him more questions without White being present, but how long can that go on, he does have rights, she can’t fire him?

      Will they try to smear Kruidbos, try to portray him as someone with an agenda as opposed to someone being honest & disclosing BDLR’s efforts to hide Brady Material?

      cboldt suggested in a comment the other day that BDLR may take an early retirement, but what about the other’s that have helped BDLR & I am assuming others are involved. I too wonder if BDLR has gotten a lawyer, he needs one.

    • Thanks for that summary. The whole kruidbos story has been vague and confusing. If white didn’t name kruidbos until the hearing then how could the state question kruidbos before the hearing? How did they know he was talking?

      • Pugfrench – just speculating, but maybe Kruidbos confronted BDLR about the photos & when BDLR didn’t turn the information over to the defense, maybe he threatened to expose BDLR. I can’t think of any other reason for Kruidbos to be questioned twice within the SAO office. What ever went down, Kruidbos knew he needed an attorney.

        Corey has a reputation for intimidation & bullying, even writing her peers scathing letters on SAO stationary threatening them if they criticized her publicly, much like she tried to pull w/Harvard & Derchowitz. (just google her)

        • Maybe that is why BDLR is always flapping and jumping around in the courtroom. She probably has electrodes taped to his body, and whenever she needs him to to go over the top, she zaps him with her remote control. LOL

          I would say that her behavior is directly related to why she has had so many people quitting in her office just in the last year. Having a reputation as being a real tough guy is one thing, having others lie and hide evidence is something completely different. I am still convinced that she knows this is her last rodeo, and BDLR’s as well. That’s why she upped the pension funding when she did. Isn’t there some kind of saying about not involving others in your criminal activities as you only create witnesses to your actions.

      • At this time no one really knows anything about who all Kruidbos may have talked with about the downloads of the texts and pictures he had taken from Martin’s phone. From White’s remark that Kruidbos had been questioned twice by the state investigators, and said they asked him what he was prepared to say. White indicated that it could have been an intimidation or bullying tactic. Who called the state investigators and reported that he was going to talk? He had to have talked with someone in Corey’s state office in order to bring in the state investigators. There was someone in that office that knew he was going to talk about the evidence not turned over to the defense. White said he was made aware of the issue 5 weeks before. Kruidbos must have known that there was going to be trouble coming down the pike for him, so he called White, an attorney. Is Kruidbos an attorney, or is he only affiliated with Corey’s office as the head IT guy?

        O’Mara and West have been pushing hard about the slow release to them of evidence, and have now filed two sanction motions against the state. Because Kruidbos is the one who downloaded the phone evidence that was not turned over, did he start getting nervous knowing that he was directly involved in extracting that evidence? Did he have a “come to Jesus moment” knowing that the state has been hel1 bent on railroading GZ? Did he mention it to who may be a former fellow employee, Wesley White, who may have talked him into doing the right thing in coming forward. I would think that White would have known how Kruidbos should handle the situation, having worked in that office, and knowing the players involved, and advised him appropriately. Did Kruidbos fear that he would be used as the scapegoat if the chit hit the fan?

        If someone in the state attorney’s office had the ability to download the texts and pictures from the phone, why did the state send the phone to Cellbrite? Is it Cellbrite that created the bin file? When the defense asked in court if the state had any additional information about TM’s phone, BDLR said he didn’t have anything else from Cellbrite. The judge asked him “or anyone else.” He replied no. O’Mara already knew about the state IT guy’s download no doubt. Since O’Mara/West have tried in vain to get the judge to recognize the evidence breeches by the state, getting BDLR to lie directly to the judge was absolutely brilliant. We shall see how she feels about being directly lied to.

        Hopefully this is another item to add to the list for a future lawsuit against the state from GZ for a malicious prosecution.

        • I wonder if the State’s Attorney’s office realized someone must have given the defense a heads up when the defense released in their reciprocal discovery the photos mined from the .bin file.

          If I heard correctly, Mr. O’Mara was given the file on February 22nd. In order to mine the file, the defense needed to know the software to use and the State was secure in the fact, they wouldn’t realize or unlock that information. When they saw the defense had extracted information, they know someone in their office or perhaps at Cellebrite may have given the defense the pathway to mining that file.

          So anyone who could have had that information was questioned by State investigators. Kruidbos could honestly answer at that time that he did not talk with the defense. I bet you others were talked to as well. Which will reveal to the staff the prosecutors misconduct.

          No one knew who the leak was until Mr. White said it on the stand. As I understand it, Kruidbos was put on paid leave five minutes later.

        • pinecone – I think BDLR received the information from Celbrite in the bin folder but the State had the software to interpret the information, MOM didn’t. The problem remains, BDLR should have turned over ALL information from the phone to the Defense. I too read that the Defense had asked for the information BDLR received from Celebrite in the same format that BDLR received it in. Bori mentioned it again the other night. about MOM’s request.

          • Excellent point Nettles. 5 days was plenty long enough to bring in the state investigators. I still would love to know who requested that the state investigators be brought in to investigate. Since Corey is in charge of that office, I would think she would have done that. She is also known to be retaliatory and doesn’t like being criticized.

            So if I understand this correctly from Art Tart and others, the state gave the defense the bin files, but never told them what software was needed to read the files? Is that correct? Then it may be that someone through Kruidbos told the defense what software they needed to read the files? Is that correct? So the state gave the defense the bin files and expected that they would not be able to read the files? Then the 3rd supplemental discovery is released by the defense with the text messages and photos from those files, and BOOM, Bernie knows he has been exposed as lying to the judge, and was not able to skank the defense. He was able to get away with saying that he did give the defense the files, but believed that they would never get the key to reading them, and therefore they would never be revealed as evidence.

            I will be here with open ears waiting for you all, or is that yall to give me the blow by blow from the June 6 hearing. Why do I believe that Debra Steinberg Nelson will say that the prosecution fullfilled it’s duties, and that they didn’t have to do the work for the defense. Any bet takers?

            • pinecone – from my understanding, the Defense hired an expert, maybe a technical person familiar w/the bin file format & possibly owned the software himself & he was able to retrieve a lot of the photos, texts, videos, etc., I assume they are the ones included in the Defenses Discovery. MOM/West & their expert can’t be sure if they have retrieved everything available & if BDLR has more. DD’s missing texts are important, SUCH AS DD’s missing text messages.

              Corey’s office is as corrupt as they come imo, I googled corruption in her office today and they were ACCUSED of hiding evidence in another case & tried to protect the policeman that was corrupt. This ain’t their first rodeo for screwing over defendants.

              I want Corey’s office brought to their knees, IF Judge N doesn’t do something about this, what can be done?

              • FIrst we meet behind the courthouse at midnight, armed….. then we ride at dawn.
                Be there or be square/

  2. I’m wondering what the prosecution is going to do to try to insure that there will be at least one or two AAs on the jury? I just checked the demographics of Seminole County. 9.5 percent black. Some quick arithmetic…10% of 6 = .6. There is a very real possibility, barring any blatant attempt by the prosecution to select blacks, that there will be no blacks on the jury. Can they possibly allow this? Will the public ever know the composition of the jury? Is there any way to monitor this process? I’m OK with the black jurors as long as they are not selected because they are black, and I have a feeling that might be in the minds of this prosecuting team. Just because I’ve gotten to know them.

    • The racial composition of the jury will be known to the public early on. What can’t be disclosed is their personal identity.

      I think O’Mara has more interests in common with the state then many people expect. One area they are in close agreement is the preferred racial makeup of this jury. Both O’Mara and the state prefer to over-represent blacks. The state would probably like to have 3 of 6 be black, maybe 4 of 10 (counting alternates); Omara’s ideal ratio might be 2:6 and the same 4:10 counting alternates.

      I agree with your conclusion that blacks won’t vote lock step with the state on this case. This is not like a presidential election.

        • O’Mara would want the same racial makeup on the jury, as the state, to show that he does not believe blacks are prejudiced his client. IOW, to show that he does not see this as a racial civil rights case.

      • Even if there are 4 Francis Olivers on the jury, it still doesn’t guarantee a conviction. Doesn’t a guilty verdict of 2nd degree murder require unanimous consent? There are also other factors that the defense should be looking at such as mother’s with teenaged sons, anti-gun supporters, and those that want to be on the jury for the future earnings potential simply for being a juror on a high profile case. I wish so much that the defense can start getting some real money in their coffers so they can hire a jury consultant. I understand that that is a very lucrative job, and they have all but made the selection all but scientific.

        I just know that some high dollar donor, like a Sean Hannity for example, will come forward and insure that GZ has the proper defense. I just know it.

      • If there is only a small percentage of blacks in the community .. what if the majority of potential jurors are black? Wouldn’t that tend to lead you to believe that they looked over info on the community and sent the notices out primarily to black residents? I’m getting ahead of myself, but this should be something we should be concerned about because at this point I’m paranoid about everything in this case, I have my tinfoil hat firmly in place and am ready to strike in any direction. Bottom line, if what is reported is that notices were sent mainly to blacks, then we have ANOTHER can of worms here. Am I wrong?

        • Yeah. You are wrong. Notices are sent randomly. The 500 people who comprise the venire (nice legal word you can impress your friends, it means “jury pool”) should mirror the demographics of the community, within a fairly small range due to sampling error. I recall going through a statistical analysis of this at JustOneMinute about a year ago.
          JOM Comment of May 18, 2012 at 08:06 PM

          … roughly 50% chance, excluding voir dire, the jury would be all white. With voir dire, my guess is blacks become over-represented, and hold 2 or 3 of the 6 seats. … Correction, that 50% was that zero of the jury members would be black.

          I’m looking for the probability thread, so far, no luck.

          • Cboldt, while black constitute only about 10 percent of the total population in Seminole Country, they are over 35 percent in Sanford, I am curious if that will be manipulated to include a larger portion of Sanford population, thus ensuring some blacks in the jury.

            • All the random probabilities change ALOT if the population drawn from is 35% black, compared with 11% black. At any rate, I think it would be a huge mistake, and I see no way it could happen, to seat a jury with no blacks on it. Plus, seating a jury isn’t random.

    • They probably won’t be selected because they are black, but they might not be rejected because they are black. It think its a subtle but important difference.
      I really think that an all white jury increases the chance of riots.

    • skeptiktank – This article is from Feb. 2013, but I had remembered Sheaffer’s comment on the possible racial makeup of the jury.

      From article:
      With only six spots on the voting jury, WDBO legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said seating even one black juror could be difficult.
      “From a statistical perspective it is more probable that you may end up with an all-white jury,” Sheaffer said.


      I too read that MOM had predicted 2-3 weeks for voir dire, but Morse, I assume she is from the clerk’s office as she sent out the jury notifications, suggested it could be accomplished in a week. WTF? Thats pretty hard to believe. I too am not comfortable with the limited time Judge N is allowing for the jury questionnaire.

      • The court needs to get 10 jurors. That’s a rate of 2 per day to get it done in a week. Much of the culling can be done from juror questionnaires, and only the “better” prospects being put under oath to answer questions in voir dire.

        • Do you recall the series of questions that MOM indicated SHOULD be asked of each one? It is on the record and was in a hearing on the day the results of a survey were announced that plainly indicated that George could NOT get a fair trial. Hummmm. Will he get a chance to ask those questions if Nelson does not?

          • Nelson has unilateral control of the printed questionnaire. She does not have unilateral control of voir dire. So, assuming the questions don’t run afoul of some limitation Nelson has imposed, O’Mara can ask questions that Nelson didn’t ask.
            I don’t think a question about “have you participated in a Justice for Trayvon rally?” would be ruled off limits, and I think even the judge would excuse a juror who answered “Yes” to that question.

          • Oh, I do not have any recollection of the set of questions that O’Mara said should be asked. My grasp of the minutia is awful.

      • Nelson hasn’t set any time limit for jury selection, and Maryann Morse (clerk of the court) is just giving an estimate. She should have a pretty good handle on the time required, from experience. It’s just an estimate. The process stops when 10 jurors have been selected.

    • It is disturbing that no one has taken any action of the video depicting the beat down of a homeless man. Are there free passes being handed out?

      • A friend on facebook emailed the support team at legal and asked that if no decision came before the start of trial, would they lose the chance to depose Mr. Crump. Here is the response she got,

        “If we’re allowed to depose Mr. Crump, we can do so, even if trial is underway. The 5th DCA does not have an obligation to make a ruling.”

        • That is what I figured. I know some were assuming a depo would or could delay trial. But the best that would come from it, if they chose to rule that is, is a day or two, or after trial hrs. Depo. I do not think the whole trial would be delayed.

      • It seems that a DCA opinion would be pretty easy to render, the case law seems quite clear, even in Florida.

    • “Peace” gathering, a euphamism for “no justice, no peace!” See too, titles of Congressional acts. They usually say the opposite of what they do.

    • “Trayvon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, will speak at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Bethel Apostolic Temple at 1855 NW 119 Street in Miami. More than 1,000 people are expected to attend the Community Program of Peace, Justice and Prayer.”

      I think they are grossly underestimating the crowd. Surely, this will be another million stupid hoodies here. Maybe they should rent the stadium. Doncha all agree?

    • prior to the election last year I called the White House and Democratic party headquarters and said the same thing, that Michelle would never let a teenager like TM near her daughters and her husband should know that. I added the president let us down by failing to distinguish character over race.

    • Thanks for sharing that.

      A few notable comments that none of us could make without being labeled racists even if they are accurate:

      Some black leaders invoked Selma, Alabama because their lives require that every third sentence they utter consist of a noun, a verb, and Selma, Alabama.

      Released text messages show that Martin spoke in an urban slang that can barely be described as English. To be fair to Martin, he did attend public school, where most of the kids long ago replaced English with incoherent acronyms. Martin’s texts contained violence and misogyny.

      They do not socialize in any capacity with people who, as the song says, have their “pants on the ground and their hat on sideways, acting like a fool.”

      • can you link me to at least one tweet to inform Kelly … cause I’m looking at her twitter account and thus far haven’t seen anything.

          • Thanks, Nettles. Aside from her total lack of understanding of the case, what IS evident from this video is that Crump basically stuck a finger in each of her nostrils and led her around like Moe use to do with Curley. I’m almost positive that I will feel the most frustration with media from here on. It is clear that they ARE NOT up to speed (and many are lawyers like Kelly) and they will do these types of interviews, which in my opinion hurts George. This is reminding me of the Dr. James Manning video that the CTH had on today. In the video Dr. Manning basically calls the media whores. That is THEY who strive to blow it up so they can have ratings. Since Kelly did not have a representative for Zimmerman, it was up to her IMO to shoulder that responsibility. These ppl cover so many stories that until it is in FULL SURGE .. It’s just a blip on the screen. Shame on Kelly for not keeping the format fair.

            • Ha ottawa- Isn’t Fox supposed to be fair and balanced? Right. I cancelled my cable tee vee (LOL) subscription more than a year ago when their was no fair and balanced in existence any longer. Megyn Kelly unfortunately goes along with the Fox script put in front of her. They will not go against anyone like Benjamin Crump. They will not be responsible for any riots that take place in the country by the BGI. This is not the first time Meghyn Kelly has been anything but fair and balanced. When she lost me, that was the final straw. Goodbye all and every cable news channel.

        • Cassandra – I don’t know if you know or not, but Kelly is also an attorney. She did well on the Anthony case, I don’t think she’s up to speed on this case. Kelly is clearly outspoken & I don’t think she goes by the script, she’s too opinionated. Cindy Anthony smarted off to Kelly during an interview & Kelly shot back, “why don’t you get off your butt and search for your grand daughter with the thousands of other volunteers looking for Caylee.”

          • Your right Art, I don’t know TeeVee personalities, and after this case I probably will never even bother to view videos of their segment. I agree with Cbolt, TeeVee will rot your brain. I do watch Charlie Rose.

            None of these pundits ask Crump, the Martin family, Jackson any substantive questions, gee, is that because they are black and therefore off limits? Has anyone confronted Crump or Martin family lies? what are they waiting for?

            Megan should get her priories in order, this madness excusing criminal behavior in black youth as normal has to end. Never mind her kids will go to private school, no worries.

            • cassandra – I don’t even have cable now, I had it turned off but now I regret it because I’d like to watch some of the trial on cable, I’ll just watch it on my puter. You are absolutely correct, it’s unacceptable to excuse TM’s behavior as normal, imo, TM was a product of his environment. Look at Tracy’s lifestyle, TM learned to disrespect women at a young age, he watched Tracy, sadly Tracy didn’t have his gang tats removed until TM died. The TM supporters didn’t miss a beat in making excuses for his behavior & argued that weed should be legal instead of accepting the person TM was. Megan it sounds like needs to get up to speed, I’m disappointed & surprised to hear she made excuses for criminal behavior..

              I read on online news today Chicago had 8 murders in one day

              I can’t stand listening to Crump, what a scumbag imo. The lies he continues to tell is outrageous & the MEDIA does the public a tremendous disservice to allow him to get away with it.. Even when MOM said the information came from TM’s phone, Crump/Handler’s were spinning it wasn’t. Just nuts.

    • I used to like Megan, not so much after that interview. Good old Ben, true to form…we’ve seen those videos, not TM. So MOM is lying, I believe MOM said the information was vetted. MOM put out the information to taint jury pool…Crump tainted any potential juror from day 1 and continues to do so with interviews like this. His latest is George was on prescription drugs and carrying a gun…

        • Actually Crump is getting ready to shakedown the SPD, the city of Sanford, and the state of Fla. Crump doesn’t focus a lot of attention away from going after the local and state government entities. Former Gov. Crist arbitrairly gave him something like $5 million just becae the jury in the Martin Anderson case exonerated the institution staff and personnel. There was absolutely no reason for the state of Fla. to pat Crump off, simply because the jury decided again him and Pam Bondi.

        • Freedom – Crump/Handler’s/Sybrina & Tracy have every intention of suing GZ and they can. EVEN if GZ is found NOT Guilty, they can still sue.

          Remember OJ walked on the murder of Nicole & Ron Goldman, but OJ was sued in a Civil Suit & the Goldman’s won a 30 million Judgement against the scumbag. (the testy thing about a Judgement is you have to try to collect the monies

          Hopefully, GZ will have lots of money. Hornsby said unlimited earning potential, books, movies, etc. Of course GZ may be competing w/MOM for a book or movie deal. Baez DIDN’T make big money off KC’s case, it was Jeff Ashton, the Prosecutor that made the money off Caylee’s story w/a book & a Lifetime movie.

    • Oy. I get so tired of hearing “he was shot and klled while walking home”.

      No, he was shot and killed while straddling Zimmerman and smashing his head into the concrete.

  3. I thought this was interesting and overlooked because we are concentrating so hard on the Zimmerman case, however, are you aware that Judge Bass was caught doing something she wasn’t supposed to do in the State v. Dunn case (re: Davis)? Please note the part about the motion to declare Dunn indigent which resulted in this Judge Bass having to step down. You watch these Judges and cases and just shake your head. What in the heck ????


  4. I don’t twitter, but if you good folks make sure you keep Kelly in your tweets maybe she might learn something and get a clue. Got to educate the media. They are paid to educate us, yet we are paid nothing to educate them. What a world.

  5. I’ve been trying for 3 days to donate – but nothing happens when I click on the “donate” buttons. Twice I got a green progress bar at the bottom of the page, but each time it gets almost halfway then stops. All the other times I didn’t even get the green bar, the web page just acted like I didn’t click on the donate button. I tried erasing cookies, I even updated my flash player…. but those didn’t help. Anyone have any ideas? It must be something on my end.

    • I just checked it and it worked fine for me. I haven’t a clue. Perhaps there is a pop-up block or something on your setting?

      Let’s hope a techie comes by soon.

    • Caro . . .I mean lorac, sorry (dyslexia) . . . why don’t you try a using a different browser? Leo The Tech Guy (syndicated radio computer genius) recommends Google Chrome. I have used Opera, but now have IE8, Firefox v17, and my fave, Chrome v26 all as shortcuts on my desktop; usually in case one develops a snag, a different browser seems to work. Chrome is a quick and easy D/L, and transfers bookmarks in seconds

      Been wanting to tell you, I was drawn to your avatar, because that’s my favorite pic of HRC of all time, campaigning in the rain. She was robbed, ironically, exactly 5 years ago today, on May 31, 2008. I sh*tcanned my cable that day and never looked back. How can you say it politely but, “She wuz robbed!” So you color me “I” for independent, after a lifetime with a different outfit.

      • JB – I have firefox saved on my computer, so I’ll try that, thanks!

        Yes, May 31, 2008, the day I also became an independent. When they stole her delegates to give to him to steal her win, it changed my worldview.

        I’m interested in GZ’s case partly because I feel he is innocent, but also because, just as in Hillary’s case, there are political and journalitistic shenanigans. Since 2008 my anger against politicians has subsided, though, because I realized that they couldn’t get away with their bad behavior and crimes without the media. The media is supposed to be protecting us against the government, not manipulating/creating/hiding stories just to make a buck. So now I mostly hold the media responsible, and I don’t expect politicians to be much higher than dirt lol

  6. Nettles, I saw your tweets which included to kelly, however, when I click on her (even from your own tweet), I see nothing from today on her twitter account. Bah … this twitter … so much I don’t get. I’m toopid apparently.

    • Megyn will see them in her connections. Unless she responds to one of them, what people sent her will only be seen by the sender’s list of followers.

      • Re: twitter. If you type the persons handle in the search box (without @ or #). Hit enter and select ‘All’. you should be able to see all incoming and outgoing tweets. Disappointed in megynKelly – for crissakes, is anyone going to ask Crump a difficult question!? in fairness to megyn, I’m sure crump called up FOX livid about her o’mara interview, so she probably just gave him his equal time.

        • Thank you for the twitter information; I was unaware of that.

          It’s astonishing with how high-profile this case is, on how very little the media appears to know.

          On commentator last week referred to the Judge in this case as a “he”.

          Tracy has a quote on their facebook foundation page saying a son is the greatest gift God can give you. I wonder how that makes his daughter feel. Will a reporter ask? Likely not, because so many don’t know he has a daughter.

  7. I’ve just spent a little time contacting Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin asking if they would consider sending a donation to the Zimmerman legal defense fund.

    Sean Hannity-


    Rush Limbaugh-

    Fax- 212-445-3963

    Mark Levin-


    Even if you disagree with their politics, their money would spend just as well as anyone else’s defending George Zimmerman. I did not make it about a Zimmerman vs Martin issue. I made it about a man facing murder charges who deserves his fair day in court according to American due process laws. Mentioned the fund broke, and please can you help.

    If you have a minute or two can you add your messages to mine? There is strength in numbers.

  8. Nettles: Your board has been increasingly more popular and is attracting a helluva lot of knowledgeable, informed posters. MOST, but not ALL of the time, we all stay on topic and do not belabor points but it has happened as we all recently witnessed.

    I have a suggestion. At some point, I think you should consider closing threads. Why? I think many of us reach a point at which we don’t want to waste any more time either reading comments in email or even having to scroll past certain posts. I can’t speak for others, but I read well over 300 comments each day and I have had to stop following some blogs completely. My heart belongs to you. LOL. Only YOU would decide to do that. IF and only IF someone wants to follow up on an older post, it’s simple to copy and paste it into the current day’s thread and do it there.

    I read pretty fast but it has become impossible and I mean impossible for me to be as informed as I once was because I have had to limit my participation and NEVER have a chance to read other opinions at other blogs.

    One example: I have not read anything lately in detail at CTH except for headlines I get in email. Maybe others have tuned them out completely but I feel a bit obligated to drop in more frequently since I may not even be making this post were it not for SD and that site.

  9. Wow! Times are changing. Back in April when I made my first donation everyone was wanting to stay anonymous. Now I’m reading picture proof donations that are being sent in on twitter. Very cool Everyone! To those in power who abuse your job responsibilities in the justice system, know that the little guy can and will fight back!

      • Well I’m feeling ever better now about Mr. O’Mara’s interview last night. NBC has to be careful, they are under threat of suing.

        I note Mr. O’Mara’s interview was 21 minutes and Mr. Cumps was just over 11 minutes. The first 5 minutes is telling the public that Mr. O’Mara said there is no proof that GZ continued to pursue. Crump’s non-answer should be telling to folks.

  10. How in the heck did I ever miss it, it is all O’mara’s fault. How dang dumb should I be to miss it that it is all O’Mara’s fault. I guess I must be really stupid because I didn’t jump onboard the O’Mara bashing bandwagon. It just never stops. It just never stops. It just never stops, The obvious hate is alive and well, but why?

  11. I believe if he is an atty. he is a wrongful death atty. Being that he views GZs action of leaving the truck was the cause of the physical confrontation. His thought is that this was an avoidable consequence, and that GZ did not use extrodinary care by leaving the truck to track a suspicious person. I do believe his conflict is genuine but how he is trying to reconcile it is illogically flawed by using morality, and hindsight as a means to justify that GZs decision was wrong.

      • Very few belief systems say that ALL killings are morally wrong. I can only think of Buddhism but I suspect there might be a few others.. not so much here in the US though.

    • dannywarrior

      That link is now back up

      The Need to Lynch Zimmerman
      The Coming Race War in America

      April 19, 2012


      All of his articles can be found here. I would like some feedback from you about this article and Fred, please.


      Here’s how Race War closes for other interested parties:

      “via the internet whites now know of the racial attacks, and grow quietly very sick of them. There is among many white men an undercurrent of “Bring it on.” This is not confined merely to cops, soldiers, conservatives, Southerners, westerners, the rural and the blue-collar. You can find it, carefully hidden, in federal offices and even among men in newsrooms. The extent of this sentiment is easy to underestimate. Those who share it don’t dare express it, and most journalists live in ideological bubbles.

      We must lynch Zimmerman.”

      • Why thank you for your interest in my take on this very touchy topic. I will read the articles and give you my take on them on my blog in a few days. I have a very busy next few days but I will try my best to give my insight.

        • Well thanks but thought your blog was down so I removed the bookmark. BTW, I do think of your family situation as mine is quite similar and hope things get better for everyone.

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