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June 1, 2013

Gov scott

Robert Zimmerman Jr. tweeted an update yesterday, the defense fund brought in $32,000 so far. 25% of the goal. Awesome job everyone! IIRC, on April 12th, 2012, GZ’s appeal for donations resulted in $72,000 for that day. Let’s repeat that so we can focus on the facts again. Donations are needed. Even $5 helps. Please give if you can and use your voice to ask others to help. For those who are able, please make a donation to the defense fund. Thank you for helping.

A team of civil lawyers and a slick PR firm lied to the public and put pressure on the police force of Sanford to bring charges where the evidence was showing no charges should be brought.  The public pressure worked and the local State attorney, Norm Wolfinger, agreed to seat a Grand Jury to decide if the evidence warranted charges.  He publicly stated the Grand Jury would meet on April 10th.  But there was a problem.

Witness 8 wasn’t cooperating.  Governor Scott (pictured above) sought out a prosecutor in the State of Florida that would “play ball”, bring charges, even if they weren’t warranted and get a plea deal and make all this just go away.  He assigned Angela Corey’s office the task.  On April 11th, she held her news conference and well, the probable cause affidavit speaks for itself when you go through the discovery.

Please continue to spread the word and appeal for donations.  Let’s send a message that it’s not ok to subvert the rule of law in any county for any reason.  Help George Zimmerman fight back.  In doing so, you will be helping every defendant that comes after him to ensure they get fair trials.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net


98 thoughts on “June 1, 2013

  1. Discussion panel on Anderson Cooper the night the prosecutor released their first round of discovery. Mark Geragos discusses how thin the probable cause affidavit actually was.

  2. The parallels between Mike Nifong and the Duke LaCrosse case, and Angela Corey and the Zimmerman/Martin case are haunting-

    The big huge difference between the two cases is the fact that Nifong was actually facing charges from the GA state Bar, and then the state Atty. Gen. stepped in and dropped the charges against the LaCrosse players, and declared them innocent. In Fla. that will never happen.

    “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice…” U.S. vs Jannotti

    • pinecone – Nifong had bigger problems than facing charges from the GA. Bar, his license was revoked, he filed for bankruptsy, he served jail time & the Lacrosse players made millions from a Civil Suit.

      I have to wonder at what point Bondi will step up and do the right thing, rumors have circulated she has higher political aspirations than Attorney General. Corey, Bondi’s campaign manager and Bondi’s mentor, has now become a huge problem for Bondi with more “corruption” accusations hanging over the office. Bondi’s friend Crump has become a problem, but she needs the votes he may be able to deliver should she run for higher office. At what point does this case become bigger than Judge N’s Court room * MOM/West continuing to BEG for sanctions?

      I hope something happens with BDLR, some National News outlets bigger than the few Orlando Media outlets willing to EXPOSE everything bringing more political pressure & embarrassment to the Governor imo.

      • Art- My point was that it was the GA Bar that had charges pending against Nifong before he even stepped aside. Were those charges because of the LaCrosse case, I don’t know, but he had charges pending against him long before he was disbarred, jailed for a day, and whatever else happened to him. The GA bar was onto him and was apparently not going to allow him to even get close to railroading the LaCrosse players.

        The difference between GA and FLA. is that in Fla. it is very difficult to bring anything against the members of the bar. They turn the decision of punishment over to the FSC. As I have said before, the Fla. bar seems to be focused on the trust accounts held or controlled by lawyers, but miscarriage of justice doesn’t seem to enter their lexicon.

        The state attorney gen. Pam Bondi “could” step in and end this farce but, she won’t. She made it clear from the beginning that Corey was the greatest thing since sliced bread because Corey was her mentor, and she helped Bondo get to the position she currently holds. Bondi said from the get go that she is “good friends” with Crump and Parks. Can’t get any more clear than where Bondi’s alliegences (sp) lie, right. Again, Bondi
        laid the railroad tracks, she bought the high speed train, and she got the conductor she wanted to take the train, unencumbered on a direct path to the courtroom. As bad as Lester was, she has her dream judge to finalize the crash for George Zimmerman.

        If anyone still doubts that this is a Pam Bondi orchestrated circus, who is doing everything she can to protect her good friend Crump, and has not only bought into the riot threats, but has in essence enabled those that have threated riots is not opening their eyes.

        As far as Bondi’s political positions, she was very quick to claim that if she backed Mitt Romney in Fla., and helped him win the primary, she was promised an important position in his administration, even though I don’t believe she was actually promised anything. Pam Bondi is an opportunist who will sell her self and her soul to anyone who she thinks can further her career. If Obama promised her some position in his administration, she would be a Democrat tomorrow. Pam Bondi is a pretty face with an agenda.

      • art tart: Come on now. Surely you do not believe that Crump could deliver votes for Bondi after this? I live here in Tampa Bay. We learned her true colors before this case and becoming “buddies” with Crump may have sealed her fate, especially after getting Crist to give him millions in a frivolous suit. Too much for a post here about that but also keep in mind that Crist finally showed his true colors too just like Bondi has done.

        I have been here since I arrived in 1969 courtesy of the USAF. Politics has changed for the worse since the Northern invasion began and we are no longer an old Southern cracka state. Just like the Progs now own the US political machine, it is getting that way here, too. Democrats used to be as fair as Republicans but Progs are not old school Democrats.

        We have fallen victim to imposters as we did with Charlie and now Pam but as wild as this may seem, there is doubt here about Scott now. too.

        It is as we temporarily lost our spidey senses but we are starting to get wise.

        The point is that Crump is now a liability, not an asset to Bondi. She can do the right thing and stop this train or she can kiss my gotohell and lose it all.

    • I am not giving up on the possibility that one of our “elected officials” who helped start this might also end it but I am not holding my breath. I think they have to decide if they can get reelected by blatantly authorizing/approving an attempt to try and convict a man who they ALL know is completely innocent.

      I believe that this will become an issue in the reelection because at least 2 of the players.. Scott and Bondi.. are already facing an uphill battle from the get go.

      Scott has lied over and over and his wife still owns the drug company, AFAIK, and Bondi’s true liberal political persuasion has now been exposed.

      Corey was elected unopposed last time but only a fool that would happen and it would not be only as a result of this case since there are others plus her unethical “confiscation/seizure” of taxpayer money to pad her and Bernie’s pension accounts and trying to hide it from the media.

      In spite of what anyone says, all three of them have the power to stop this. If Scott can appoint a SP, he can “unappoint” and fire one, too.

      As attorney general, Bondi, has almost as much power as Eric Holder. Folks around Tampa Bay where I live are not going to forget that recorded conversation she had with Trayvon’s parents in Crump’s car, which I still believe might have been taped without her consent or knowledge.

      Then there is the matter of her public acknowledgement of being “close friends” with Crump and even bragging about she helped Crump extort millions from Crist.. (that means my fellow taxpayers and me)… in anther case in which no one was convicted of anything.

      ALL politicians fear losing an election and Scott/Bondi were easy targets even before the Zimmerman case. Corey has since joined that elite group due to her behavior other than what she has done to George.

      Did I leave out any of the elected officials who are big players in this scandal? And don’t you agree that they COULD intervene if they really wanted to?

      • I’m a long time lurker (You, DW, Bori, McDM, CTH, etc). I applaud your efforts. It’s amazing what the FL state prosecutors and the BLI (Black Lying Industry) are getting away with. George needs us.

        • I’m glad you found your voice. I’m talking with a number of shy people through email as well. We need voices, the more the merrier. I have no doubt together we’ll make a difference. I read almost all of those blogs as well. If you see anything in your travels, please be sure to share it with us.

          Also if you see something here of value, please be sure to share it at the other blogs. We’ve become a divided group but still working toward the same goal. Justice in courtroom 5D in Florida.

  3. Thanks to a suggestion by Art, I’ve added a Media page on the menu. When posting news articles about the case, for quick reference if you would also post it in the media section, it’ll help the readers get up to speed quickly when pressed for time. I am unable to have the links show the most recent first for that page only. If I change the order to show the last post on top, it changes for all the threads.

    If the page gets too full, I’ll create a page 2. I don’t know how to do that yet, but from Diwataman’s blog I see it can be done. So we’ll figure it out. Again thanks for being a part of this effort. Those in power and those in the media are duly warned. We are watching and we want the truth.

    • Nettles – you are too kind, hopefully this will too will save you time. This will help us when trying to find a link, LOL, I resort to GOOGLE when looking for old articles many times as it takes less time to do that than going through hundreds of comments looking for a link.

      Nettles, you have done a fantastic job with your BLOG, thanks for all your hard work.

  4. For those of you hoping to attend the “Peace/Prayer” movement in which the Handler’s expect 1000 people, Tracy and Sybrina will be speaking at 3:00 pm. That is 2 hours & 40 minutes from my time zone, which is central!

  5. This is a very interesting read by this person who apparently was a victim of poor Self-Defense laws in Florida. Hopefully someone who knows the law can verify the contents. Do read also this person’s personal story. While we await, jury selection/trial, what may be the most crucial is the faulty jury instructions which is the heart of the matter in this read:


    • In reading a Writ on this author’s site … he writes:

      “III.. Does the cumulative effect of certain structural aspects of Florida’s justice system violate Due Process and prevent fair trials? In Florida, uniquely, the defendant doesn’t get a grand jury; doesn’t get 12 jurors; doesn’t get to tell the jurors the penalties; doesn’t get the last closing argument; and in 75% of cases, doesn’t get an opinion on appeal, the “lead curtain of appellate silence.”

    • No doubt that jury instructions could get George convicted. IDK if they have been changed or not since then but hurricane invaders are what inspired the changes in law but later had a diminishing affect on the right to self defense due to flawed jury instructions. He did, in fact, try to get them changed but for the record, I read this about the 2 warning shots he fired:

      “According to the official affidavit which is public information, He had been informed by his GF that the cops were outside and that one of the TWO shots fired were at a VISIBLE police officer and only missed him by less than a foot!”

      So IDK, ottawa. Do you know more about what actually happened?

      I would like to hear more about those jury instructions for George from our legal staff.

      • The issues of the writer are mostly confined to Castle Doctrine, and home defense 776.013. Issues that will not affect GZ’s case, as the self-defense statures that apply to GZ, are the inability to retreat 776.012. Some of the issues he mentioned have been address by the FSC on the newer jury instructions from 2011.

  6. wow what a page u have created Anette<(hint) i didnt know u had one, i am impressed…….I have not been too active with the case lately and miss alot of my buds that started this case off together , I am getting rather nervous that the trial is going to begin soon, my heart cries for justice for George….without saying names, do u remember me with that little hint? lol? hmmmm HUGs

  7. I donated $300 in honor of Crump and Jackson. (I should have tweeted their names – would have been cool to have seen the replies)

    • Whoa! That’s awesome. The other side has helped in getting donations. I felt so horrible about the trouble I caused in the outed email fiasco, I sent in $1,000 last November in honor of the dog pound. That made me feel better. 🙂

  8. Nettles, our CTH per Dman report Rene Stutzman put up an article on the 4th Supplemental Discovery then took it down.

    If you plus in this search you will see the article come up.

    Could you use your tweet powers to find out why in the heck she took it down. Dman said she put up the fight video too … all gone for now. Tweeters get on her to find out why she took it down. Here’s the search link, plug it in your address browser:


    • I heard Mr. O’Mara say he put the videos from the phone into evidence. At the presser after court on May 28th, he told reporters it was there to take a look at. So far, the defense hasn’t posted it nor has the court site. We do see that a 4th supplemental was put in by the defense.

      I did see the article last night go up but when I copied the link it was gone. Initially, Rene reported that the video did not show what Mark O’Mara claimed but rather it was Trayvon videoing two homeless people fighting. The link went down and hasn’t come back up yet. When I google it, the description now changed and does read the video shows Trayvon laughing while he videos his buddies beating up a homeless person.

      I’ve tweeted Rene to ask when the article will be put back up and can I have access to the video. Keep your eyes on Talk Left too. Jeralyn has paid for access to discovery and we may see her post the video.

      • I’m wondering why FIRST she reports video shows two homeless men fighting, then she changed her story. It’s not rock science. You watch a video and report what it shows. (big sigh) If I ever come back in another life I want to come back as either a weather man or a local reporter. You don’t have to be correct and you still get paid. I can only imagine the fallout once this material IS released considering the fallout from the last supplemental. Hopefully we will get to the bottom of this with Rene.

          • yes, I saw that, and noted the date. Do you think that reporters are not allowed to post the documents until the court site or MOM’s site puts it up. I thought they have in the past posted stuff before it actually was posted on either of those two.

            • No. In the past some of the discovery is made to those who pay for access to it. Not sure if that’s the case with these videos. Listen to Mr. O’Mara at the 2:35 minute mark. He tells the reporters to look at the videos and decide for themselves what it tells them.

          • I am late to the party but what’s the Scott picture at the top?

            Fro, the article:

            They’ve implemented a set of rules to manage protesters and spectators — they’ll be confined to a specific part of the lawn — and enlisted a group of local black pastors to watch the proceedings and try to keep everyone calm.

            How many WHITE pastors?

            Four have been set aside for black local ministers, part of a much larger group of Sanford-area religious leaders who’ve been working with the U.S. Department of Justice since Trayvon’s shooting to minimize racial tensions.

            Four BLACK ministers get choice seats? WTF?

            Notice the ridiculously black presence. Are all of Holder and Sharpton’s people and their organizations coming to this lynching?

            Oh, but this is NOT about RACE….. Its only the civil rights trial of the century.. nothing to do with blacks. .OH BOY!!!

  9. I emailed the support team about the problem one of our participants here was experiencing with the donation site and they don’t see any problems at their end. I just got an update that $39K has come in to date.

    Anyone with time on their hands and the skills, it would be helpful to put a short video clip together appealing for donations that we can tweet and email to others. A David vs. Goliath sort of an appeal. Looking for anyone to raise their hand?

    Recall $75K will give GZ a fighting chance and $120K will be him a fair fight.

    • This video was pretty good. Great job, thanks for sharing it. I’ve always had the impression Sybrina didn’t know Tray. She gave his favorite things to eat as chicken, steak and burgers on 3 different occasions. When describing him, she appeared awkward and provided no detailed stories.

    • According to the Orlando Sentinel the crowd at the church was about 300. They had expected 1,000.

      “Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin joined their attorney, Benjamin Crump, Saturday as roughly 300 people gathered for the Community Program of Peace, Justice and Prayer Saturday afternoon at the Bethel Apostolic Temple in Miami.”



      • At that gathering Sybrina said: “I no longer have any regrets and say, ‘Why me?’ because God decided it was me,” she said. I am wondering if anyone will ever ask her what she is regretful about. Did she feel any regrets about what they are doing to GZ. Finally, why knowing what we now know it is okay for her to say this, while it was wrong for GZ. The hypocrisy of it all, is astounding as every day passes… I am going to stop.

        • bori

          I don’t know your level of knowledge of Scripture but have you ever studied what taking the Lord’s name in vain really means? I assure you that saying goddamnit is not what it means. Now think about the truths that these people actually know and what they are doing with that knowledge in the name of God Almighty.

          • My point was more philosophical and to point out the general hypocrisy of the media and those against GZ. If we examine her statement, what she is doing is justifying all her wrongs on the will of God. The lies, the profiteering and persecution of GZ.

            On a completely different subject you are behind. Did you read my blog? Never got your comment about it.

            • I am subscribed to your blog but never get an email about new threads so unless you or someone mentions, I would not know. I just made a comment on your latest and once again checked both blocks to receive all comments and new threads.

              I have spoken my peace about the NEN call, not getting out the car and the morality issues. It has drained me and I trust you will understand that.

            • When people justify all of their wrongs as being the will of God, that is taking his name in vain. It is the same as crying out for God to save you as the ship slips beneath the surface, when it’s the first time you ever spoke to Him in your life.

              God damn is also a shortened form of MAY God damn you for taking his name in vain but not necessarily in a judgmental sense.

              The will of God is for us to use the free will He gave us.

              Yes, I trust God, but I still lock my car and use plain old common sense.

            • My lengthy post got gobbled up the internet gremlin.

              Short version is those who justify their wrongs as being the will of God are taking his name in vain.

              God gave us all free will and He expects us to use it along with some common sense. Trust God but lock your damn car.

              I know some people who believe in death bed confessions, but I submit to you that anyone calls out for God to save them as the airplane goes down is taking His Name in vain if it’s the first time ever that person ever even had a conversation with Him.

              God damn also means MAY God damn if you take His name in vain but not in a self serving way to one who speaks those words. My Dad used to say goddamnit and it bothered me until I realized what the IT was at the end of his exclamation. I always thought it was interesting that William F Buckley liked using those words.

              So what is really going on with Sybrina and Tracy? I dare not risk being judgmental myself but we are all entitled to observe.

              Your Bible lesson for the day.

  10. Im just glad that people, even some that don’t support GZ, are at minimum supporting his right to a fair trial.

  11. If George had been a soldier recently returned from Afghanistan, and did exactly the same thing, the press would have spun it as someone concerned about his neighborhood, and Sharpton, Jackson, Crump, et al would not have shown up. They played the wanna be cop angle for all it was worth, and the easily amused among us ate it up.

    • If George had been black, no one would have shown up. If Trayvon had been white, no one would have shown up either.

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