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June 2, 2013


Accuracy in reporting matters.  I encourage you to post online corrections for statements you know are reported falsely.  Hopefully, one day soon, Matt Gutman, of ABC news will tell us why he reported Trayvon’s girlfriend as a minor.  Hopefully, we will also learn how many interviews he actually did with the girl. I found some inaccuracies in the Orlando Sentinel and the LA Times articles today about the Prayer Gathering. I posted some facts in the comments and warned reporters they may want to do their homework and double-check their facts because thousands on the internet know this case and they will lose credibility if they aren’t prepared with accurate reporting.

Donations are still urgently needed.  At 4:30 pm today, I was notified by the support team that $39,000 had come in so far.  Awesome job everyone but we’ve got a great distance to go.  Donations are needed. Even $5 helps. Please give if you can and use your voice to ask others to help. Thanks to the Captain, he put together a quick minute video appealing for donations.  Please share it with your friends and families and see if we can’t generate the funds needed for George to fight these corrupt people. 

For those who are able, please make a donation to the defense fund. Thank you for helping.

Please continue to spread the word and appeal for donations.  Let’s send a message that it’s not ok to subvert the rule of law in any county for any reason.  Help George Zimmerman fight back.  In doing so, you will be helping every defendant that comes after him to ensure they get fair trials. Who knows, it could be one of your loved ones.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net


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  1. I love the background you have for Guttless Wonder. It is far more fitting than the lovely waterfall scene used for Goblin Scott. Thanks for all that you are doing, Nettles. I read here every day, though I don’t comment often.

  2. Nettles, thanks for checking with the donation site, but I knew it had to be something on my end. I opened the page up with Firefox, and it worked, sent them a couple hundred. I think IE hates me because I won’t use IE8 lol

  3. When you Google “trayvon homeless” it shows that there was an OS article about the videotaped beating of the homeless man by Rene Stutzman on May 31.

    When you click the link, however, it’s gone…

    Did anybody get a chance to read it or save a copy?

    • I didn’t. I did find that link around midnight last night but it was already dead. I’ve signed up for an alert if the link goes live again.

      We’ll likely have to wait until Monday. From a donations point of view, I was hoping to get the video out there. It might seal the deal with donors and ensure George gets the money he needs for a fair trial.

  4. Excellent video Captain for the Defense Fund. Beatles song Help rang sooo true. Please watch this version by Tina Turner who does a slow version. The words are so prophetic to George’s situation. It’s like George reaching out to US, US who have stood steadfast in our belief of his innocence.

  5. I posted this to my Facebook page along with a link to the Fund page; I don’t have a lot of friends, but if we all do something, maybe we can help a bit. Wonder why the GZLegal Defense Fund website doesn’t have a “click to share on Facebook” like they do for twitter?

    The George Zimmerman Trial starts with jury selection on June 10th and he needs $$ to fight for his life against this malicious prosecution. Please donate, even $5 will help! Even if you can’t donate at this time, please share this and help spread the word.

      • I’m bewildered by this whole video thing. I doubt MOM would misrepresent what was on that video. Something’s not right about the article…question is why was it pulled? Was Rene given false information? Did she only watch part of the video? Could have started the way she reported, but ended entirely different…

      • This screenshot is very important as regards reporting from the OS on this case.

        Has the Orlando Sentinel been caught in a “flagrante delicto”?

        Assuming that the screenshot is a valid screenshot from the OS, it sets up a clear litmus test for the OS as regards the impartiality of its reporting.

        The language of the foregoing sentence may cause some to laugh or sneer, given the media’s overall lack of interest in the falsehoods perpetrated by Mr. Crump and others, but let that be.

        The reporting from the OS (and the Miami Herald) for that matter, is key to what the larger media depends on for its leads. The OS (and the local media) set the tone for the narrative.

        In this case, the local media themselves were led by the Crump/Julison misdirective narrative. Note that the local media treated the initial fatal encounter as they would any other, minimally. It was only when the Crump/Julison effort kicked into gear that the new narrative took hold and dominated how the ongoing story was being covered.

        In the midst of all this, the OS reported on developments in the GZ/TM case as they occured, be it the filing of court documents, court hearings, Crump-organized events, community reaction, governmental actions, etc.

        What the OS has not done, purportedly, is expend any effort in independent investigation.

        Further to the point, lead OS reporter on this case, Rene Stutzman stated , according to Sundance over at CTH, that there was limited budget for any investigating and that OS reporters were limited in how they were allowed to report on this case. Discussion of the media’s role is the subject of a CTH thread today – http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/06/02/the-media-vs-george-zimmerman-trial-delivery-at-any-cost-and-the-crs-has-reserved-seats-for-the-lynching – .

        So now we have this screenshot from last night.

        What it shows is that the lead reporter at OS had posted an article, which, if true, would basically call GZ’s attorney, MOM, a liar. The posting was almost immediately deleted. But how did the posting come into being in the first place?

        At the last hearing, MOM mentioned the existence of a video, withheld by the prosecution. This video from TM’s phone had TM recording two of his associates beating up a homeless individual.

        The OS article (subsequently pulled) was under the name of lead reporter Rene Stutzman. The article stated that the video, in fact, showed something different; i.e., “two homeless men fighting over a bicycle”. The article stated that the video “shows something far different” from what MOM had asserted in court.

        Here we have irreconcilable conflict. Either MOM is right, or the pulled (as of now) OS article is right.

        Up until now, Mark O’Mara has been scrupulously accurate and as acted with utmost reserve in what he has said and offered in court (and he has caused much chagrin among the community of GZ supporters for this.) He and his team have gone to great lengths to be sure that they are accurate as to what they have presented on behalf of GZ. The same cannot be said for the prosecution.

        On one hand, the track record for accuracy for MOM is impeccable.

        On the other hand we have the OS article, which makes a contrary assertion and provides no context whatsoever for how this article came into being. Where is that video? Did OS give it to an outside investigator? Did the prosecution gives some information quietly to reporter Stutzman? Did anyone from the Crump camp make such an assertion to the OS? What was the impetus for this article?

        What is key is that this OS article was not tied to a news development.

        It was evidence of OS going beyond their own private cover story of impartially reporting on developments in the GZ case.

        OS has every right to investigate aspects of this case. Indeed, it was the failure of the OS and others to critically examine the panoply of falsehoods emanating from the Crump camp which has so skewered the public’s view of this case against George Zimmerman.

        Make no mistake. Somebody fed something to reporter Stutzman. This was put into the OS article without atttribution.

        Maybe Stutzman got played. As much as GZ supporters may dump on her, she is also getting dumped on from the TM crowd. It is challenging position for a reporter to be in, because nobody likes getting criticized, even if from clearly uniformed and/or mal-intended individuals.

        It is possible, but highly unlikely, that MOM made a factual error. If so, good, that it has been revealed. The GZ side has nothing to fear from the truth. But regardless, the question must be raised as to what is going on at the OS?

        Why did the OS expend effort to debunk MOM while at the same time it has allowed Mr. Crump, the originator of the false narrative, run wild for months with false and contradictory assertions?

        • You have made some excellent points, and your 100% Rene is getting from both sides, yet she always seems to have an inside track to much of the information that does come out. It has been my position that the reason the 4th dump has not been released is that the prosecution is fighting its released. I think there is an injunction to stop the discovery from being released.

          As with other things, this is probably being done behind the scenes, and it will not come out until the issues are resolved. Like you I feel MOM has gone out of his way not to say something he can not back up, because of this I am skeptical that the video Rene mentioned in her article which she pulled is the same video. I have a theory that the video she is referring is a different video, one that must have naturally come from the Scheme Team camp. If my theory is correct and Rene posted a video that is not the one that MOM mentioned, then pulling the article might be prudent, as it would lead to questions, of the source, and why was it withheld from the defense.

          Which brings me to another point, the laughably bad analysis that Reich performed, used as the source of TM’s voice a video or recording of TM laughing, could this be the video that Rene is referring to? No other video of TM has been released, is the prosecution holding on to more evidence?

          • I recall in one of the motions, Mr. O’Mara found out by accident at a deposition that BDLR was aware of a fight on video that involved a bike.

            I’ll see if I can’t track that down again.

            • I seem to recall something like that, but again the question becomes, where is it? If the prosecution is using it to authenticate TM’s voice it should be part of discovery but it isn’t.

            • Rene’s article states “Video released today by George Zimmerman’s trial attorneys depicts…”

              But the defense’s 4th Supplemental Discovery hasn’t been released yet?

              How does Rene know what is or isn’t in it?

              This isn’t the first time Rene has made this same snafu… iirc she claimed the other time that the info had briefly appeared on the court’s site by accident and was removed quickly.

        • hooson1st – the TM supporters that comment on every article at the OS literally HATE Rene & Jeff, they openly insult both on the OS BLOG even calling Rene a hag, call out both Rene & Jeff for inept reporting, Renee a witch, or state both are incompetent & both Rene/Jeff blatantly support the Defense.

          They are FURIOUS over the reporting of what was released in the Defense’s discovery. I don’t recall ever reading a GZ supporter & blogger expressing such disrespect or insults towards the either Rene or Jeff.

            • I accused Jeff Weiner of being biased against George by continually doing the Zimmerman/Trayvon thing. He emailed me back and told me that it’s not his bias – the Sentinel’s style guide dictates that they do things that way.

          • Your point is well taken. My point was that Stutzman and the others get it from both sides and should not be interpreted to mean that it is an equalizing standoff.

  6. Witness John will prove self-defense and defeat murder 2. But avoiding lesser charges due to a possible juror unease about contributing to an escalating situation will need a different approach.

    Handling the NEN operator is crucial in that respect. If he can be led into convincing the jury that he was comfortable with George’s actions, then it will go far in diminishing the risk of a conviction of any sort. O’Mara is going to have to attempt to make it a congenial, cooperative examination that defuses the hot-button issue of pursuit vs. following for observation purposes.

    More than anything, I hope that O’Mara finally enlightens the public that the operator did not know that George was in a vehicle, or to have Sean review the transcript to refresh his memory that he was not. Have him go line by line to point out where he first became aware of GZ being in a vehicle, if Sean maintains that he knew somehow. Naturally, Sean will fail, because it doesn’t exist on the recording. And if he mistakenly has convinced that he was during this interim, it will be valuable to have him confess that it was belated mind-pollution through publicity that brought it about.

    Once the idea that Sean did not know has been established forcefully, then the meme of “ordered him to stay in the vehicle” becomes a laughable assertion from there on out. It also will demonstrate that Sean did not make a point of caring in real time whether he was inside or outside, either before or after getting GZ to stop following. He never asked GZ to retreat for protection inside a house or car, and only guided him to a meeting place. Sean also hung up before a cop arrived, feeling like GZ that he affair had been defused, and that the runner had fled as George was used to seeing.

    Getting him in sync with the correctness of George’s activities is the key to the trial, imo. How can a jury nail a citizen caller if the dispatcher himself was comfortable with what happened?

    • Yes, I agree the 2nd degree was a stretch but with the lesser included charges, it did not make a difference for the prosecution and it provided more for the jury to consider, which as you mention could lead a jury to find a lesser charge to convict GZ of.

      The notion of GZ getting out of the truck makes him responsible has always look curious to me. As I see, this is an admission that TM was dangerous as what difference would it make if not because TM was a hothead and he would look at this as provocation. Then there is the issue of how much time elapsed between GZ getting out of the truck and the altercation. Is not as if GZ ran after TM and pursued him right away, combined with the location of fight started, the conditions that night, cold, rainy and very dark which made GZ continued observation of TM next to impossible from the truck.

    • jamtowzy – you state many good points. Though I have the utmost confidence in MOM/West, it’s the jury that worries me. I don’t know if it is possible to totally vet a juror in this case imo, I pray there is no hung jury, the State would re-try the case, the monetary consequences would be devastating & GZ’s life would continue on hold.

      I am furious that Black Pastors have been given 4 seats in the trial so they can talk to their members, WTF? WHY would anyone think the Black Pastors would be objective, are the Black Pastors going to ask for buses to be paid at taxpayer expense to bring their members in to stand in the protest area? We have seen the likes of Reverend Jesse Jackson & his intentions, a grifter imo, going from one photo opt to the next. I will never forget when the scandal broke on the Reverend Jackson about the attorney that worked for the “Rainbow Coalition” going public that she was the latest “baby mama” of Rev. Jackson WHILE Jackson was .counseling Bill Clinton, then President on his scandal w/Monica Lewinsky.

      While MOM continues to say “this case isn’t about race,” giving 4 seats to Black Pastors is indeed MAKING it about race imo, what about 4 seats for Hispanic Pastors?

      • I continue to think, there won’t be much of a crowd. The facts of the case have tuned even the casual observer into the likelihood that this is a self defense case.

        At yesterday’s gathering, the organizations of the TM foundation hoped to attract 1,000 people and given their biased assessment say 300 attended. At the gathering the priest has heard many can’t make it to Sanford but remind them to keep Trayvon and his family in their prayers.

        With all the lies the family has told, they are going to need to understanding and forgiveness of many.

        • Nettles – in KC’s case, the protestors mostly gathered to hear the verdict announced & when KC was released from jail at night. People were yelling “murderer,” many thought the murderer of her 2 1/2 yr. old got away w/murder, but it was peaceful, just screaming & crying of those that showed up.

          I hate to laugh but it was funny, the only time I saw fights breaking out was of those in line for the possibility of getting one of the very few seats available for the public.

          UNLESS protestors were bused in & promised something in return, there may not be a crowd of protestors as it will be hot there. I do expect many to gather for the verdict, hopefully to watch GZ walking away with his family from this nightmare. They can then scream all they want, JUSTICE will be served.

    • ” If he can be led into convincing the jury that he was comfortable with George’s actions, then it will go far in diminishing the risk of a conviction of any sort.”

      “We don’t need you to do that” sounds like a standardized NEN operator response, imo… as if NEN callers frequently attempt to follow a suspicious person and NEN operators are specifically trained to recognize this natural tendency and discourage it.

      MOM needs to get the NEN operator to establish that following is not an illegal reaction and is a fairly commonplace behavior.

      The icing on the cake would be to get the NEN operator to admit that following is discouraged for the safety of the caller…

      • I wrote this at D-Man site but it addresses the same point.

        People are trying to infer too much from one single statement without looking at the whole. For instance, if the “ok, we don’t need you to do that” was more than that a precaution then why would he continue the conversation as Sean did. At not point did Sean make any other indication to make either GZ think that his actions were wrong or dangerous.

        “Alright George we do have them on the way. Do you want to meet with the officer when they get out there?”

        In fact, Sean downplayed the incident so much that he even asked GZ if he still wanted to meet with the police, if I may infer at this point it seems that Sean thought as GZ that TM had run out the back entrance. So it seems that Sean thought that the police would do a drive around the complex and that would be all.

            • There has to be something we disagree on! Someday….someday my friend. Lol.
              I do agree. This case is upside down!

      • What must continue to be mentioned despite claims GZ was the aggressor is that the State still has the hurdle of proving beyond a reasonable doubt GZ committed second degree murder! GZ defense isn’t the only hurdle for the State. If there are those who claim getting out of the vehicle proves GZ as the aggressor throw back the law. GZ would have had to commit forcible felony which would cause TM either to have a reasonable fear for his life or great bodily injury to hit GZ. The State has to convince the jury that TM had a reasonable fear of death or injury when GZ was “following” him.

        Why do you think the State is trying to get Alan R. Reich’s testimony? Reich is stating not only is it Trayvon yelling on the NEN tape, he yelled “stop” right before he was shot. Reich has concluded “tentatively” that the scream heard before the gunshot came from Martin.
        Having no defense in why TM threw the first punch, the State will claim lil Tray was trying to withdraw from physical contact he started.

    • Just to make it clear, there will be no lesser charges considered unless either the defense requests it, or the judge orders it. It is not an automatic condition. The State cannot request it, because they already had their chance. If the defense does not request it, and the State has not requested it, the judge might be reluctant to take it upon herself, but I don’t have any statistics from precedent to make a good guess.

      • You are correct. Also, the Judge is the only one who can sentence within the guidelines, if found guilty. Florida juries do not sentence. Prosecutors do.

        • “Florida juries do not sentence. Prosecutors do.”
          correction; I meant to say Florida juries do not recommend sentences but prosecutors can.

    • That’s the front of W13’s house and that reddish stain on the garage door molding (just left of the car’s door mirror) is, according to some, Zimmerman’s blood deposited there prior to his coming into physical contact with Martin.

      Not sure it it’s supposed to be from touching it with a bloody hand or rubbing his head against it, but that’s what they’re claiming.

      I know of no actual evidence that that is or is not blood, and chances are the police never noticed it, but took the photo of the house because a 911 call came from that address.

      • W13 did bring a walmart bag and a first aid kit to the scene. Is it possible he transferred the blood there when retrieving those items?

        I doubt it belongs to George b/c we hear on W18’s call GZ never leaves the backyard before Officer Smith places him under arrest.

      • GZ did not have time after the shot, to run around to the front or condo, bang his head or whatever leaving blood and then run back to where he was found by the cops. The only other thing I can think is that they think that GZ self-inflicted his wounds on the off chance that he would run into TM? That makes less sense.

        • A lot of the people who are absolutely sure that it’s “The Blood of the Zimmerman” and that this proves “something” are equally sure that he had one or more people out there that night helping him by “herding” Martin toward him, but never get around to explaining how Martin never mentions any of that to Witness 8.

          (In fact I’m expecting them to eventually throw her under the bus for not supporting their elaborate conspiracy theories)

          But anyway, that stain or smear or whatever it is, that’s the reason someone’s making a big deal online of that picure, whicih otherwise provees nothing except that W13 has a vehicle and a driveway and a working front porch light.

          • When I first saw the picture I thought of this is to prove that the address was visible by GZ and that he could have communicated it to the dispatcher, I really did not even notice the red mark until it was pointed out to me.

            • It’s actually the address that would make sense for him to get, since it’s on RVC and Trayvon (according to George) disappeared from sight behind that house, but on the walk-through video Zimmerman sort of indicates that he got the address of the house across the street.

  7. FROM OS article about the Peace/Prayer rally:

    Fulton’s voice shook as she talked about how her son’s death catapulted her family into the international spotlight.

    But in the months since her son’s death, she said she has accepted her role as the mother of the teenager whose untimely death sparked cries for justice all over the world.

    I SCREAM bull chit! A well orchestrated National agenda promoting racial unrest while spewing lies & hate about GZ.

    Tracy/Sybrina have been more than willing participants in the agenda of Crump/Parks/Natty Jack & countless others. Tracy/Sybrina were ashamed of who TM was, so ashamed they created an image of TM that never existed. Who does that EXCEPT George & Cindy Anthony promoting how wonderful a mother KC was. (it gave the State the opportunity to bring in ALL of KC’s failings as a mother & exactly who she was)

    These grifters aren’t as polished as George & Cindy Anthony that made $ 600,000.00 off Dr. Phil alone, or the Anthony’s being under contract w/NBC for interviews. BUT, many similarities are seen in Tracy & Sybrina as profiting off TM just as we saw in the Trial of the Century, lying just like the Anthonys to try to create a false image to the public. I never thought I would see this again in a trial, but yet I have, imo, it doesn’t get any lower than this.

    • WOW! Oh boy, I couldn’t agree more. The Anthonys worked with Baez and Baez convinced George to play the fall guy – it was the only way.

  8. Shayan is at it again. I thought that boy learned something from last time.

    • reminder folks, Shayan is the attorney that wrote Crump’s Response to the Writ (the Appeal). I’m still scratching my head how attorneys are allowed to tweet stuff like this. I’m old school and back in my day this type of behavior would have set you up for discipline. I guess today they allow this crap from attorneys on social media. I’m thinking that the age of the internet has substantially changed the law profession and that it has become even more vicious than what it was before.

  9. Correction and Apology Regarding Misstated Nature of Trayvon Martin Video

    “During the Tuesday, May 28th hearing, Mr. O’Mara misstated the nature of video from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone which was included in the Defendant’s 3rd Supplemental Discovery. He stated that the video showed “two buddies of his beating up a homeless guy,” when what happened was Trayvon Martin, along with a buddy, was videotaping two homeless guys fighting each other over a bike. Though it was unintentional, it is a particular concern to us because we are and have been committed to disputing misinformation in every aspect of this case, not causing it. For that, Mr. O’Mara apologizes.”


    • IMO it takes a big man to stand up to his mistake. Unfortunately, that will not be the way it’s portrayed. Of course, lie, after lie from the state and scheme team, and never an apology.

      • I agree. The timing of the mistake isn’t good. It puts a quiver in BDLR’s arsenal however he corrected the error and we march on. I’m certain it wasn’t a deliberate intention to mislead and he did correct the record. Would love to see BDLR correct his misstatements. I’d give him the benefit of the doubt it wasn’t intentional. But when BDLR makes no move to correct his misstatements, it leads me to believe he is intentionally doing it.

        • Yes, timing is not good at all. We all know how “they” will spin it. Funny many noticed how the MSM paid little attention to MOM’s comment at the time, but I’m sure it will be headline news now….

          • I am glad the reporters were cautious in reporting it. It will minimize the damage of it being wrong info. As it wasn’t overly reported, the misinformation didn’t spread too far.

  10. (holding my head) … yes, Nettles, it takes a big man, but George cannot afford to have attorneys making incorrect statements when it comes to evidence. Poor Rene … she must have been like … HUH? << when she saw the video. (sigh). MOM is a professional and we just cannot have anything more like this happening. When he or West speak we must have complete confidence that they are not going to hurt George in any way. There are enough that there that hang on every word every movement every eye blink. We ourselves do it to the Scheme Team. OK enough .. a mistake was made … let's move on. Someone please tell me why I was thinking this subject video (with homeless men) was attached to Defense's 4th Supplemental. MOM press release says it was attached to 3rd Supplemental. Where in the 3rd Supplemental does it mention a video re: homeless men? We would have spotted that by now. First time I heard about this video was at the last hearing. So I don't get it.

  11. Well, if on this video we can hear Trayvon laughing .. we can hear more than of what his voice sounds like. Especially, if he goes into a James Brown screech … we can match that up to 911 screams. We needed more audio on Trayvon.

    • If you read the experts reports, the videos are what was used to compare his voice. H&H explain they used his high frequency laugh and mocking voice to compare to W11’s call.

      • Nettles, I commend how you have a mind like a steel trap. You are so up on this stuff. I simply cannot retain these details like you do. I’m sure others will agree that we are so lucky to have your wealth of knowledge and memory to be able to retain it all. There are others here that also have this ability. I unfortunately am not one, and must have things refreshed for me from time to time … and I apologize for that.

      • I made this point at D-Man’s site but I will repeat here as where. Based on the Limine motions and the fight the prosecution is putting to have the testimony of the voice experts. It is my opinion that BDLR is going to simplify the case to who was screaming.

        By doing this, who was the initial aggressor, who was on top, who was getting beaten. BDLR will claim that even though TM was indeed beating GZ, he tried to disengage prior to the fatal shot. The scream of Stop at the end, was a plea from TM, thus he made his intention clear that he wanted to stop. If he can convince the jury that this was the case, the jury might convict GZ.

        All BDLR has to do is call the ME, establish a homicide, and some other witnesses to establish foundation, call the voice experts and rest. None of the incriminating facts about TM come as they are irrelevant, the family’s testimony is not needed, the police, W8 or any of that information as they concede to the beating, and to TM being the aggressor.

          • Not necessarily as they are only numbered, so the order is not exactly clear. We are making inferences but are not sure. They could be rank of most identifiable to less, or something like that. I re-read the report and it does not make it clear.

            • IIRC they identified 16 utterances and from those 6 that might be useable. It makes sense each utterance was numbered sequentially as they played the tape to identify what utterances there were. If they had ‘categorized’ them as least useful to most useful I’d think many utterances would share the same number. A 1 to 10 scale, for example. But technically you’re right. They don’t specifically state how they chose to number them.

              • As the video comment made by MOM, we need to be careful and not infer without all the information, that is why I am being cautious.

                Anyhow, I think the strategy works for BDLR, and it might force GZ to take the stand, as well. Since he is the only that can rebut the experts.

    • Trayvon’s role is the exact same in both versions of Omara’s statement…the only material difference is who was fighting

      That’s true, to the extent that in both cases TM was unconcerned that someone was being hurt (didn’t go get help), and was actually finding delight (laughing) at someone else’s misery.

      However, IMO the difference in who was fighting is important – it’s bad enough to wander upon a fight and feel humor rather than concern – but it’s far worse to have actually caused the beating (had MOM’s first description been accurate). Feeling delight at someone else’s pain vs. going out of your way to have your friend cause the misery so you can be amused.

      I’d be interested in knowing how this misreading of the video happened – did the homeless people bear that close a resemblance to people who could be TM’s friends…? We have lots of homeless here in SoCal, but they’re primarily middle aged white guys with facial hair. (We have blacks here, but I never see homeless ones.) Are there young black male homeless people in Miami, that could be mistaken for TM’s friends? Same level of cleanliness and attention to hair, same style of clothing (not obviously old, tattered, mismatched)..?

  12. At this point I see myself as more of a lookout. Watching for the least bit that my be a clue or a trip up by the other side or watching for improper behavior like Shayan. Already, they are taking this latest bit about MOM’s mispeak about the video and are predicting MOM will be punished by the Court. But when prosecution released photos and info that you posted from thesmokinggun, they were not punished … so I consider this a wash. The thing that bothers me is that we are going to Court on 6/6 on how BDLR lied to the Court. This incident with MOM sure didn’t help and hopefully it will not be an issue. However, if the other side wants to make it an issue then the whole focus that should be on BDLR LYING to the Court will be lost on the media reporting and/or prosecution and this bit about MOM video description. I wanted it to be about BDLR and ONLY about BDLR. If they are inclined and have their way this could end up being more about MOM than about BDLR. just sayin

    • I think it will feed the bloggers and the media for a few days, but I don’t see it being a big deal to the judge. He made a mistake, and he corrected it once he realized it. BDLR has not corrected his “Mistake”, though he has had plenty of time to do so.

      • I’ll be interested to watch BDLR’s response to this. When he screwed up and emailed GZ’s school records and a picture of TM out, Mr. O’Mara took him at his word and said he thought it was inadvertent, let’s move on.

        Without proof that O’Mara intended to mislead the Judge, benefit of doubt among these professionals would likely be given. But BDLR is going to want to distract because the court is going to be reviewing the proof that he (BDLR) deceived the court and O’Mara can prove it.

        • The heat is on BDLR anything that can distract will be tough for him to ignore, and the Judge. Let’s recall her treatment of West on another inadvertent disclosure. So I am skeptical about how the judge will react.

          • The State could argue that the judge made a decision based on what MOM told her, but I don’t see why the judge couldn’t just modify her ruling if she feels that needs to be done. I don’t think she will do that though, as the material difference is miniscule. I can’t imagine that this will be a big deal.

        • Not surprisingly Sundance is all over this. It seems he can’t pass up a chance to attack MOM even if it may hurt GZ’s defense in the process.

            • Seems like a good time to thank you for this place – a place to focus on GZ, without all the political ideology (and concommitant name calling) and religion every other sentence. And it truly is like a huge weight has been lifted to not have to witness the constant MOM bashing, which has always struck me as deeply personal.

              • Thanks. I’m glad to have you here. The MOM bashing from my own side pisses me off. It works against my goal. If I am ever in trouble, I don’t want the help of those who think this helps.

                When Sundance was being bashed on Diwataman’s site, some took that personal and thought if you have a problem with someone from your own side, take it private and talk out the differences. I thought to myself, why don’t you guys do that with Mr. O’Mara, instead of publicly ridiculing him? Some are hypocrites.

                Like I said, that kind of help, we don’t need.

          • It doesn’t help coreshift, especially with the defense needing donations so badly at this time.

            In the last hearing, reading the comment section over there, sundance posted something about O’Mara AND West not being able to argue their case for GZ properly. Last time I checked, sundance had not graduated law school, but likes to act as an armchair lawyer directing what O’Mara and West should do, say, and fight.

            In an honest and truly inquiring fashion, can someone please explain to me why sundance has it so in for O’Mara, and even West lately? I really would like to know how that train went off the track. I have my own personal opinion about it but, I would love for someone anyone to give me their idea as to why sundance absolutely refuses to give O’Mara any credit. Actually he doesn’t only give O’Mara any credit for anything, he jumps at the opportunity to attack O’Mara, and as I said recently, even West.


            • Maybe it’s as simple as they don’t do what he wants them to do. Which is essentially use the GZ case to attack progs, Obama, the ‘BGI’, etc.

              • coreshift- It amazes how you can explain something in one sentence or two. Brevity has never been my strong point. LOL

                That is exactly my opinion. sundance gained a very large following when he started posting positive GZ articles on the case. So many have patted him on the back, given him high five salutes, rely on his every word, and to this day keep doing such. Bingo. He sees O’Mara as a prog (Democrat) and therefore O’Mara can’t possibly be defending George just because of what sundance believes his political ideology to be. It also has much to do with someone who has been elevated to a position that they just can’t handle humbly or without a healthy dose of messianic narsicisim (sp).

                • Politics just isnt my thing. LOL I think they are all crooks, and thats just another convo … I dont understand the whole SD thing about Omara either and as ya say now West. I havent from when SD first got all bent out about Omara way back when. I also am with yall on it doesnt help Geo situation. Enjoy reading his blog, as I have learned a few things. Glad to be able to read here and Dman site and Rumpole too.

            • “. . . can someone please explain to me why sundance [and his acolytes and diwataman and others] has it so in for O’Mara, and even West lately?”

              Rabid, deep-seated hatred of anyone not politically “conservative.”
              Conservative = Good. Anything other than “conservative,” including RINO = Bad.

              MOM is a Democrat AKA dem or dummycrat
              MOM is a Liberal AKA lib or libtard
              MOM is a Progressive AKA prog
              MOM is very well educated, automatically making him suspect
              MOM has great command of the English language, automatically making him suspect
              MOM doesn’t shout, yell, raise his voice, insult, or try to intimidate his opponents with threats, automatically making him a p*ssy
              MOM apparently does not harbor an all-consuming hatred toward the Other Side
              MOM wears a (gasp!) pinky ring, which makes him a sissy
              MOM is polite, even to his opponents
              MOM is not a he-man; a real man never apologizes . . . for anything!
              MOM is not macho (don’t ever talk about his Harley — that’s too confusing!)
              MOM, given his politics, probably voted for O’Bama

              What he doesn’t seem to understand is that undoubtedly, all the above — except for the pinky ring — also applies to George Zimmerman and his family. George seems to be very comfortable with his legal team, especially from an ideological perspective.

              And oh yes, MOM has some mysterious ulterior motive in defending GZ pro bono for 15 months now, because, “make no mistake about it, MOM only cares about what’s good for MOM and not GZ.” Why, he may even write a book about this case after it’s all over. The nerve!

              So, bottom line, written or unwritten, don’t contribute to the GZ Legal Fund because some of that money might end up in MOM’s pocket. But we’ll have GZ on our prayer list, which works better than money anyday.


              * * *
              Please, George needs our help now:


              • Well done! Has the treehouse asked its followers to contribute to the defense fund or are they still asking for donations for FOIA efforts? I would hope at the very least people are not being discouraged from donating?

                If the answers don’t put money in GZ legal defense fund, ignore my questions. I don’t want to know.

                • At the right side of the CTH page is a picture of George Zimmerman. Click on the pic, which links to Therealgeorgezimmerman. There is a donate button to the defense fund there.

                  • But the FOIA donation requests are front and center on an almost daily basis. Seeing a picture of GZ doesn’t do anything to elicit funds for the defense funds, and likely no one even knows that a link is contained there. There certainly has not been any even slight effort to elicit funds for George’s defense. Then again it would be soliciting funds for a pinky ring wearing guy who is not doing his best to represent his client. You know that is true stella.

  13. In my opinion, the info released including TM’s texts about only giving a snitch a bloody nose, and saying he didn’t “breed” enough and he was going to have at it with him again is damaging to TM. He talked about another fight where someone had him on the ground and he “couldn’t do nutin.” TM texted to someone that a teacher said he hit him. There is another video of Trayvon reffing a fight MMA style. He has talked about watching videos of MMA style fighting. There are plenty of instances where TM shows a propensity for fighting. If the video in question shows TM videoing a fight between two homeless guys fighting over a bkie, and he just stood there and videoed the fight, and laughed while he was doing it. He never tried to stop the fight. He thought that it was very funny. So even if it wasn’t his friends beating up a homeless man while he videoed it, it still shows a depraved mind when you stand back and allow two guys to pummel each other, and just laugh and get it in video. It still shows TM as having a fighting mindset.

    I’m sorry O’Mara made the mistake but IMO, BDLR’s outright lying is a much bigger issue. I agree with skeptic above that it will be talked about for the next few days, and absolutely BDLR will try his best to make it a major issue, but, I think that will fade away in the face of a state attorney’s office employee, or former employee, testifying under oath that BDLR and Corey did not hand over exculpatory evidence, or at least in a readable format. There may be some bombshells in that testimony in front of Nasty Nelson.

    • I don’t take that comment about the teacher to mean that a teacher said Trayvon hit the teacher. He says that he was just watching a fight, and a teacher said he hit em. I read that a couple of times, and I think that he meant that he was just watching a fight and the teacher who observed it said that Trayvon was a participant.

  14. There’s someone on another website who has long said she has inside info, and she has indeed said some things that later become public. It seems like it was a long time ago – months – that she said there was a video TM took of his friends beating up a homeless guy – but MOM just heard about it 5 weeks ago from the whistleblower’s attorney and just got possession of it rather recently, isn’t that right? Maybe her mole is in the SA office – or maybe I’m remembering something incorrectly.

    Does make me wonder, though, if there may be both videos in existence, but maybe it has been decided that one won’t be released…. (assuming my memory is correct, because they would have had months to figure out that it was 2 homeless guys fighting and not TM’s friends attacking).

    • ….and so why did Rene reporter put her article about MOM’s mistaken interpretation of the video on-line, only to pull it immediately? It’s her job to make Team George look bad – why did she pull her punch…….? It’s curious…

      • I don’t agree that it is Stutzman job or intent to make anyone look bad. I disagree with what seems to me to be the OS’s uncritical acceptance of Crump/Julison narrative. Stutzman job is to be a glorified stenographer in a sense, as opposed to being an analyst. Also, we don’t know what gets cut from her articles by the editors.

        • I don’t agree that it is Stutzman job or intent to make anyone look bad. I disagree with what seems to me to be the OS’s uncritical acceptance of Crump/Julison narrative. Stutzman job is to be a glorified stenographer in a sense, as opposed to being an analyst

          I was being facetious, Hooson lol But if her job is to be a “glorified stenographer” but she only takes unvettted dictation from one side, I would place “intent” as being in the equation. There can be impartiality in reporting even if you can’t bother with investigating, and IMO she fails.

    • I think you are thinking of someone who came to the Treehouse in August 2012. She was seen as credible because she told of the Osterman interview that was gong to happen on Dr. Phil. Before it was announced anywhere. It turned out to be valid information. She then talked about the show and the Osterman couple being surprised and blind-sided when Alicia Martin was on the show. That turned out to be correct as well. That gave her lots of credibility but I have found her useless and dangerous at times with stuff she posts. Again, I haven’t read at the treehouse for months now so my opinion is based on her posts up until February.

      I think she is related to Sondra Osterman, likely her mother. After reading parts of Mark Osterman’s book I don’t put a whole lot of confidence that he or his family have the facts. I noted as well, her tone on criticizing Mr. O’Mara was one of the most severe. I recall reading that Mr. O’Mara didn’t get back to Mark and Sondra fast enough for them so they printed the book only to find the lawyer didn’t endorse it. Right call, imo and they should have known that without asking the busy lawyer to do a book review.

      As to the comments about a homeless person, recall too CaptainLong posted here, he had inside information about a video beating up a homeless person. The rumor has been out there for months now and I have no idea where the origin came from.

      I do recall a hearing in which we learned the defense found out by accident that BDLR knew of a tape with fighting and a bike. I can’t recall if homeless was mentioned too. During a deposition, the defense asked BDLR about something, he thought they were referring to this tape and he let the cat out of the bag. I think this is probably where a little information turned into what people thought they knew. I’ll try to find that hearing again but if someone else does first, I’d appreciate you posting it for us.

      Everything else with that factz person seems to be wrong. She was adamant a subpoena to get the phone back from Miami occurred. She was sure the phone found at the scene belonged to a little girl who didn’t know Trayvon. I’ve been told she also posted about the Osterman’s deposition with the State. So other than her knowing what is going on with the Osterman’s she doesn’t know much. She criticizes Mr. O’Mara every chance she was getting. I would think Mark and Sondra aren’t too happy about being on the outside of information given what they did in the 6 weeks after the shooting, taking Shellie and George into their home. However, the book and Dr. Phil interview screamed loudly to George and his team to keep them at a distance. They are reckless and inaccurate with information.

      • Thank you for that Nettles. I’m not sure many here don’t know who the person you are referring to is. There was also someone else at the CTH that asked her about getting in touch with GZ, since she claimed to have an inside track to the case, and she admitted that she hadn’t talked with anyone in months as they “could all be called as witnesses.” Not sure that anyone connected to the Osterman’s will be called by the defnse. No one.

        It was my personal opinion that the Dr. Phil interview, as well as the book release was a total and complete bomb. I was especially offended when the Osterman’s took George’s mother to task as being some kind of overbearing, dictatorial mother, who wasn’t kind to George. That actually seemed to be harmful against the family unit all sticking together in a very tough time. It was all very yucky.

        The person you are referring to is also a die hard sundance messiah supporter, and hangs on his every word as though it is gospel.

        • I’ve been surprised by that because Sundance was pretty brutal on the Ostermans. I think she likes the attention she gets there but if you watched closely, she had to be edited a lot.

          I could be remembering wrong but she came out with a claim about a homeless video. So far, everything we heard in advance of the video we are hearing about today isn’t right.

          It appears, Mr. O’Mara may have confused the rumors on the internet with the facts of the tape.

          • “It appears, Mr. O’Mara may have confused the rumors on the internet with the facts of the tape.”

            That would be my guess. There are theories circulating that there may be two videos involving homeless people, but I haven’t seen any support for them.

        • The person you are referring to is also a die hard sundance messiah supporter, and hangs on his every word as though it is gospel.

          My nickname for her is “The Follower” lol

  15. A few more thoughts on that OS video story and MOM’s goof.

    MOM goofed.

    There was some kind of slip-up in the vetting process at team MOM/West. What was the slip-up due to? Did it have anything to do with the continuing battle to pry disclosable evidence from the grip of the prosecution’s cold hard fingers?

    Mom goofed. And then what did he do? He admitted it. He apologized as he should.

    Let’s contrast that with BDLR. BDLR has been caught delaying release of evidence by months and months and the most he has done is smirk. The smirk is a relaxed one because the judge in this case seems to be partial to the prosecution,. BDLR has repeatedly misstated the facts in this case in open court. What consequence to him? None. And there is the matter yet to be heard of testimony on evidence that was on those cellphones withheld from the defense.

    Let’s contrast this further with the actions of Mr. Crump. Mr. Crump has for months upon months propagated a false theory of this case, based on supposition and provably false assertions. Although promising to be open and forthcoming, he has expended every effort to avoid being deposed in this case. Mr. Crump has yet to face any scrutiny from the press reporting on this case. At the last presser Mr. Crump was allowed to escape without answering any questions.

    So let them dump on MOM. All this will do is accentuate the difference between MOM’s honesty and the dishonesty emanating from the prosecution side.

    As for the OS article that came out later today –

    As to the description of the video the article states simply, “the story correctly characterized the video.” Which it did.

    What the article does not state and which should have been noted in that article is an explanation of the manner in which the OS correctly identified that which MOM had misidentified.

    If the OS did that on their own, then kudos to them, and they should be applauded for that. But this raises a further question. If the OS is vetting items, as they should, submitted on behalf of the defense, is the OS also vetting items presented on behalf of the prosecution? What is the answer to that?

    And on the other hand, if the OS did not make this determination on its own, then it owes its readers an explanation as to how the misidentification issue came to their attention. If it came from a source that did not want to be identified, that fact should be acknowledged.

    In reporting on this misidentification flare-up, the OS has fail to report its own role on how the article came about.

    • Not happy about this one. Trayvon’s character did not need embellishment to prove he was a bad kid. The beating up a homeless guy would have been the cherry on top. But we didn’t need the cherry in the first place.

      Egg on a lot of GZ’s supporters who used it to further arguments over the scheme team lackeys.

      • I agree. Thankfully the press didn’t report it. I saw complaints from some about the press staying quiet. I’m glad they did.

        Would love to see them be cautious like this in the future. Next time a Mr. Crump comes to them and tells them a guy he doesn’t know is a racist, they be cautious and look for prove before broadcasting it.

    • Thanks Danny. God Bless you and your family as well. May the Zimmerman family find comfort in our efforts and justice in the courtroom. Trial starts one week from today. ♥

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