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June 4, 2013


Judge Nelson! Did the 5th DCA Get Your Attention?

This is a high-profile case. The higher court will follow the law. So you might as well save your reputation and follow the law too. We will be looking forward to a sign you have the defendant’s right to a fair trial uppermost in your mind on Thursday, June 6th when you consider the games with discovery and the testimony of unscientific experts.

In discovery, we know that the picture below was given by Tracy to Det. Serino as a current picture of Tray. This picture was posted to Trayvon’s myspace account in 2010. It is the same picture they used at his funeral. So if he was 17 when he died, then when he posted it in 2010 he was 15 in the photo that Tracy gave to Det. Serino.Tray15

On Trayvon’s my space account, I found another picture of him in a Hollister shirt that was posted to the account in 2010. So how old do you think Trayvon was in the younger picture they gave the press?How Old Hollister

Donations are still urgently needed. Even $5 helps. Please give if you can and use your voice to ask others to help. Thanks to the Captain, he put together 3 versions of a one minute video appealing for donations. Please share it with your friends and families and see if we can’t generate the funds needed for George to fight these corrupt people. One version is music by the Buffalo Springfield, one by the Beetles and the popular requested one by Tina Turner.  

For those who are able, please make a donation to the defense fund. Thank you for helping.

Please continue to spread the word and appeal for donations. Let’s send a message that it’s not ok to subvert the rule of law in any county for any reason. Help George Zimmerman fight back. In doing so, you will be helping every defendant that comes after him to ensure they get fair trials. Who knows, it could be one of your loved ones.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net


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  1. Ackbarsays said:
    ” look at the facts of the case outlined in the first appeal that they released on Friday, and then apply that to the Zimmerman case, along with them putting her on notice today that they expect her to apply the law to this case, I think they are signaling that from what they’ve seen so far, if the Zimmerman defense moves for a directed judgement of acquittal, Nelson should grant it unless the state has truly proven their case. I don’t think they’ll look kindly on her denying said motion (which we all know is coming at some point) just to appease the BGI.”

    Ackbar, said it on another site, better that I did. We think that the other decision handed down by the 5th bears reading. In that decision Judge Nelson, as in this case redifining “opposing counsel”, redefined what “emergency medical worker” was. She also failed to provide the self-defense jury instructions, because of another faulty interpretation of her. She was admonished for both and told that she needed to apply the law, not to expand the interpretations. This could be significant as she has expanded the meaning of the law in her rulings. To me it amounted to a follow the law or we will overruled you.

    • bori –

      I am not so sure that the DCA looked beyond the issues put before them. Those were two different appellate panels that rendered separate judgements smacking Nelson. I don’t think that they can be in cahoots. It doesn’t work that way. I don’t see any signalling to Nelson from the DCA in this.

      There is a hopeful signal that any other appeals to the 5th DCA will be judged on their merits and application of extant law and precedent.

      • While it is true that the panels were different, the fact that it was the same judge and that in both instances she misapplied or re interpreted the law to find in favor of the prosecutions theory while denying the defense’s to me is telling.

        I understand what your saying as to they being in cahoots, but it being the same judge, I would be very surprised if they did not talk, even informally about it.
        That both cases were wrong on its merits even more so.

        • I have said this a few times and mostly been ignored. I am okay with that, IANAL! 8=O

          My biggest fear is for Nelson to make a correct legal ruling “on the fly” during the course of the trial. I haven’t had that many issues with her decisions so far. I do wish a few more had gone to The Defense Team but her habit of reviewing for 48 hours beforehand troubles me.

          Blackwell handed in Crump’s Affidavit just before that hearing. She didn’t have time to review and she made the wrong call.

          Everything is “correctable on appeal.” It shouldn’t have to come to that but I am afraid it might go that way because of Nelson.

          • “I do wish a few more had gone to The Defense Team but her habit of reviewing for 48 hours beforehand troubles me.”

            Maybe she needs time to decide how she’s going to rule and to write up her responses before even hearing the verbal arguments. She always seems to have everything decided and written beforehand.

            • So how is this supposed to work during a trial? She can put her hands into a “T” and yell for a time out for 2 days?

  2. TM looks 13 in the picture in which he is smiling. The other photo in the car he looks 14 years old.

    • I am glad that there are some that are actually coming out in George’s defense. I just wish that they had the facts more down pat. If I am not mistaken, Cashill has George exiting his vehicle long before the evidence of the NEN call shows him exiting. Didn’t Cashill have him getting out of the vehicle when Trayvon circled his truck, or something like that?

      When the seconds count, and what exactly happened in those seconds, it is critical that anyone reporting on those details must be completely accurate. Trayvon was shot less than a minute before the police arrived. Seconds are critical to this case.

      • “Trayvon was shot less than a minute before the police arrived. ”

        Depending on how you define “arrived”.

        The back of head photo was taken 2 minutes, 11 seconds after the shot and before Smith got to Zimmerman.

        If there’s an arrival time for him recorded somewhere, it was probably when he first turned off Oregon onto TTL.

  3. REPOST: This was in spam and I didn’t see it. I’m reposting on a current day and my apologies to the commentator.

    From mordecaiwashington.wordpress.com

    Here is the text of Mark O’Mara’s apology for his misstatement about the homeless men fighting video.

    02 June 2013

    During the Tuesday, May 28th hearing, Mr. O’Mara misstated the nature of video from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone which was included in the Defendant’s 3rd Supplemental Discovery. He stated that the video showed “two buddies of his beating up a homeless guy,” when what happened was Trayvon Martin, along with a buddy, was videotaping two homeless guys fighting each other over a bike. Though it was unintentional, it is a particular concern to us because we are and have been committed to disputing misinformation in every aspect of this case, not causing it. For that, Mr. O’Mara apologizes.

    And here are the texts of the apologies for misstatements by Angel Corey, Bernado de la Rionda, Benjamin Crump, Esq, Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin, Chad Joseph, Brandy Green, Natalie Jackson etc. It is a long list so I apologize for any inadvertent omissions.

    • “And about six months after the hoax, Ms. Brawley’s former boyfriend told Newsday that she had invented the allegations”

      I’m fully expecting that one day Chad will similarly come forward and expose the whole behind-the-scenes workings of the scheme… the money to do so will be too tempting.

      • Speaking of Tawana Brawley, she is currently living in VA., and has changed her name. She was taken to court here a few months ago and a judge ordered her pay garnished in order to pay the judgements won against her in civil court by those she falsely accused. She skipped out on them and had never paid a dime.

  4. Opinions of Legal Analyst:
    Brian Tannebaum,
    “There’s only two people who know exactly what happened, and one of them is no longer alive,” said Florida criminal defense attorney Brian Tannebaum, president of the Florida Association of Bar Defense Lawyers and past president of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. “It’s a hard burden when Zimmerman is going to say, ‘Listen, I was in fear, I got into a fight with this kid, I didn’t know him, I didn’t know what he was going to do.’ What is out there to dispute what he’s saying? That’s the difficult part.”

    Jose Baez
    Jose Baez, lead defense attorney for Casey Anthony, who was acquitted of murder, said he doesn’t believe the prosecution can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman’s story isn’t true.

    “The state is going to have a hard time refuting the claim of self defense- that’s where the case can easily be won by the defense,” Baez said. “The state not only has to put forward their evidence, they have to exclude every reasonable hypothesis of innocence and do so beyond a reasonable doubt – I don’t think they can

    A lot of emphasis is put on the believability of GZ, but there are witnesses that support GZ, W-6 said TM was astride GZ, TM had grass stains on the knees of his pants, TM could have stopped the beat down but he chose not to. (of course there is more evidence to support GZ)

    But Natty Jack says in her tweet, “the State has the NEN call, they may not need DD.” I cannot wrap my head around why the State or the Handler’s think this evidence is enough to convict GZ. MOM has explained what GZ means in his NEN statement, but will that be enough, will GZ have to take the stand to explain it himself?

    I continue to try to look at the case from the State/TM supporters perspective, I just can’t wrap my head around WHY this case is even proceeding. imo, Judge N will probably let in the voice analysis experts & let the jury decide. Jurors are supposed to be people like you and me, imo, its simply not believable that TM was giving a beat down & calling for help.

    Does anyone else see a strong piece of evidence for the State? If Corey was brought in to quell the racial unrest, she may have only delayed it since, a reasonable jury wouldn’t convict GZ.

    • Didn’t Alan Dershowitz say a long time ago something to the effect that Corey was actually exacerbating the problem by overcharging Zimmerman, as she wouldn’t be able to deliver on that promise?

      • Minpin, your are right but a conspiracy theorist would say different strokes for different times. I think we have all have agreed that this case moved forward only because of the political pressures put on the States attorneys office. Let’s look at the Nation and circumstances going on at the time; an election year, the national Republican Convention being held about 100 miles from Sanford, both parties trying to garner votes in Florida as key to winning the election, the peaceful protest turning violent in some instances and not just confined to Sanford but throughout the country.

        Flash forward to present day, the Nation is being rocked by a series of scandals involving the WH, the DOJ and the IRS. While the case itself is imploding the National circumstances now are that riots or large scale protest of any kind will distract the Nation from all involved. If protest due happen when GZ is acquitted the response by the State governor, the DOJ, and the WH not only could go a long way to help them politically but also hide their complicity in the affair to begin with.

        This is all very speculative, of course, but the reason for tamping down any protest are no longer present, and some have opine that protest at this time are just what the WH needs, to allow time for their current scandals to pass.

        Just a thought from a conspiracy theorist, and it is why I hate them.

        • Bori- I refuse to engage in politics concerning the George Zimmerman case. There are those that support George across political ideologies. Please do not think that I do not pay attention to “the news” but, I want as many on the George team as possible. I certainly have strong opinions, but right now my only goal is getting George out from under the railroading. I think many have adopted that position, unless of course you live for every word that is posted at the CTH. I am not accusing you of that, but it does exist. It has been my opinion that the messiah at the CTH judges those that do not ascribe to his political ideology as the enemy, and that includes O’Mara. Surprising that that same guy has been on George’s side, despite the fact that George was a registered Democrat.

          BTW, has the CTH displayed more prominently a donate button for the Zimmerman team. It would surprise me as that site would be hypocritical to ask for donations for a defense team they think is so completely incompetent, inadequate, and just all around dopes, because they are so much more brilliant than the lawyers representing George. I can only imagine what negative posts will be made there about the defense team during the trial.

      • He called the affidavit unethical and, for the most part, to answer your question – yes, he did seem to believe that. This of course led to Corey stopping her usual routine of throwing people in jail before lunch and, because of this, chose to attempt to sue him. I just recall him, more than anything, being floored that such a sloppy and false affidavit could see the light of day let alone lead to this case taking place today.

    • I am in the process of writing a post about the history of our judicial system and the affects the civil rights movement had on it specifically in the political arena. Or was is vice versa? It is slow moving because well 1. I never write about race wars (Thanks alot Jordan!) 2. I really have a weed of a yard and 3. Still adjusting to a very crazy schedule. Slow but it’s coming.

      • Looking forward to reading your article Danny. Hope Mom is doing OK, and that you are managing OK. I know the pressures, and the physical and mental draining when taking care of elderly parents. Prayers for you Danny boy. Now, will you please explain to me what a weed of a yard is? Would that be what Trayvon did via container gardening? LOL

        • First of all, lol, yes I am managing, just adjusting to the demands. Secondly, nope, lol,no illegal weeds or I seriously could have the DEA start weeding my yard for me! Perhaps I could create a lean type drug from dandolions and crabgrass and we would be set for life!

    • What might also hurt the state is that the one witness who originally technically sided with George (the 13 year old boy with his dog) changed his story once the story exploded, and found himself on ‘black talk radio’ doing an awkward interview and then his mother being interviewed by Al Sharpton. And the other witnesses, Mary Cutcher and roommate, couldn’t get enough of the tv tours.

      Just as Tracy changed his story when Crump came along, probably due to political pressure more than anything, you can make a strong case that Austin did as well. There is likely not one credible witness who stated Trayvon, without question, was on the ground and has not exploited that perspective by joining the Ben Crump gravy troun tour. That will likely not bode well for propeller arms.

      • I don’t think many can forget the interview of Austin, where he seemed to change his story, with his eyes darting all over the room. His mother was sitting there and, she was one that claimed that Serino stood in her living room and claimed that the entire incident was about race. She later did an interview with a reporter where she claimed that Geoge was always calling the police, even on those that just left their garbage cans out too long, or some such. The mother obviously knew who George was, and she had many animosities against him.

        If Austin is ever called to testify at trial, I’m sure he would be asked about why he changed his original story that the guy in red was on the bottom.

      • Tracy Martin did not change his story because of political pressure associated with Crump. Tracy Martin told many porkies right from the start of this saga.

  5. The Forgotten Scandal

    At this point allow me to interject my opinion on the matter of guilt or innocence. As a federal civil rights official many years ago I investigated numerous cases of police and mob brutality imposed upon black citizens. Often I found clear evidence of such illegal actions and so reported it. Nothing in the Zimmerman case appears to me like those old cases I investigated. Especially important is the fact that Zimmerman was not a racial bigot, quite the contrary. Accordingly, I have concluded that George Zimmerman is innocent of all the charges against him. That is the same conclusion that the Chief of Police and the chief legal officer of the area had reached.


  6. “imo, Judge N will probably let in the voice analysis experts & let the jury decide.”

    This is another area where the state has painted itself into a corner… Reich was not their first ‘expert.’ When the state received the Hollein & Harnsberger report which was more favorable to the defense and was in line with much of the FBI’s analysis, the state went opinion-for-hire shopping to find another ‘expert’ who would tell a jury what the state wants them to hear.

    I don’t know, but somehow I don’t think Judge Nelson would be doing the state any favors by allowing Reich to testify. The jury will see it for what it is… a desperate act of a prosecutor with no case.

  7. How in the world are we supposed to accept any ruling Nelson makes?, so far and with this ruling she seems incompetent to me….I dont get it in my world when u mess chit up that bad u get FIRED.I mean cmon this is serious chit going down, a unanimous decision too….unreal, send her to traffic court or something but allowing her to continue whens she has proven shes clueless or biased is just wrong imo.

    • sunnydaze77 – Judge Nelson has already been reassigned to Civil Court, this is her last Criminal case, UNFORTUNATELY, she will preside over the GZ vs NBC trial.

    • Especially after the smackdown of Nelson by the DCA, she is proving to be a gift to the defense. The defense team has been playing her like a violin, and she, and her handlers, have never gotten even one step ahead of the defense strategy. She has been played but, she is willing to fall on her sword to follow orders. That’s why she was delegated to the lower divorce court where she can’t side with her beloved state prosecutors.

  8. From Lisa on Facebook: here is MOM’s comment in that article.. UPDATE: Tuesday, June 4 — Mark O’Mara told HuffPost, “It was a mistake, I’ve acknowledged it, it happened and I’m sorry. I only wish that those who are so willing to condemn would be without fault first.”

    “I said something wrong, and I apologize,” O’Mara added. “What they’re doing is trying to make more out of it because they have, for the past year, put Trayvon Martin up on a pedestal where he shouldn’t have been, because he’s a regular 17-year-old kid and they knew all this information about him.”

    “Quite honestly, I’m not sure there’s any impact at all because no one has seen the video,” O’Mara noted. “They’re entitled to their opinions. I would only hope that they apologize for their mistakes as quickly as I have.”


    • Jasmine Rand – “…And if you fabricate evidence once, I don’t trust that you wouldn’t fabricate evidence twice.”

      Hmmm, sounds a lot like the proverbial pot calling the kettle, uh, well whatever…..”

      • Jasmine on the Democracy Now show ticked me off. She was on in March 2012 not clearing up the record that Tray layed in the morgue unidentified for 3 days.

        I saw the interview in July when I had the facts and couldn’t believe how misleading she was. She isn’t fooling anyone.

        • Unless O’Mara actually went out and recorded a bogus video, there’s also her misuse of the term “fabricate evidence”.

          • …or if O’Mara selectively edited any of the 911 calls to indicate something that was not there.

            • “or if O’Mara selectively edited any of the 911 calls to indicate something that was not there.”

              Considering that the City of Sanford posted all of the 911 calls (as well as Zimmerman’s NEN call) on their website before O’Mara got involved with the case, I’m guessing any discrepencies in any he played back would be noticed by thousands of irate bloggers.

  9. Even though the DCA has ruled, I would think that the defense would have to go through judge Nelson in order to proceed with the deposition of Crump, because she must reverse her ruling. This could happen on Thursday. When will the actual deposition take place? I don’t see how she can avoid delaying the trial.

    • skepiktank = Besides reversing her ruling, it has to be at a time Judge N can sit in on Crump’s deposition.

      LOL, wonder if MOM/West will video it!

    • I predicted here on this blog somewhere, that we won’t see Crump testify until the credits are rolling near closing statements. He will ( and Nelson will help) delay the depo. There will be no trial delay unless MOM appeals any decisions to get that depo. now that the DCA ruled.

    • IANAL but technically, the DCA already overturned Nelson’s ruling. Unless Crump has any plans on appealing their decision, he has been ordered to sit for a deposition. Didn’t his footsoldiers say that he was ready to do so today? It would seem to me that the defense has already been in touch with the state and Crump, and the logistics are being worked out. I do not believe that the DCA said that Nelson has to sit in on the deposition, but that she should be available for any decisions whether the defense is trying to overstep the boundaries of the questioning not staying in the confines of their orders. I would think that the depo. will take place in the courthouse on Thurs. where the judge will be immediately available, unlike her unavailability during the DD depo and the videoing fiasco.

      It is my guess that the DCA smackdown of Nelson will have zero affect on her decisions in the criminal trial, or anything leading up to it in any way. I honestly believe that Nelson is being controlled by some of the others that also were indirectly smacked down by the DCA, namely Bondi. It just may become a fight between those that are aghast at what destruction the Fla. legal system is and will continue to suffer by the railroading, and those that are running the railroad. It has seemed to me that Nelson enters the courtroom with her decisions already in hand. If something comes up out of the blue, she runs back to her chambers, and court is adjorned for the day once she is safely in her hiding hole.

        • Yes Danny, I understand that. Aren’t they the very same that were just slapped upside the head by the DCA? So far the defense team has won at the DCA simply because they don’t run there every time the judge does something gross. The DCA said that Crump will be deposed, albeit narrowly, but he was required by the DCA to be deposed. Will Nelson ignore the admonishment, probably. Will she act in the same defiant and pizzed off mode she has been doing already, probably. It will all be to her detriment in the long run. The DCA for all intents and purposes ruled on the case brought before them, they had no other choice, however, they included langyage in that opinion that gave a loud and clear warning to Nelson, Crump and Bondi. Nelson, BDLR, Corey, Bondi, et al will not be allowed to embarass the entire state of Fla. with their actions in the GZ case. At least some are looking out to not have the entire Fla. judicial system trashed by those that are willing to do so. Yup, it is all about the players you mentioned. They will not prevail. The defense has their mojo on.

          • I agree but not without a fight. Just like TMs bruthas said….they knew he went down fighting. Justice served. And the Schemesters they got more riding on this then impressing w8. We gots gangstas in tha judicuary and Momma is proud now. Lets not let Momma down. Hey BDLR is close to clubbin, he at least flaps, good nuff for a white guy seeking justice.

            In the end it will be the jury. I knew it would be a jury trial. Rest is for the need of appeal if needed.

            I called the Anothony trial with her Judge and I call this as well. She even had two charges dropped. Jury trial is GZs right and best bet with these nut jobs. Next it will be prosecutors submitting foot sent air for the night GZ shot Trayvon proving there was a lack of fear. Judge will allow it. Florida sunshine distorts reasoning.

            The lack of proof in the initial investigation, decidcing against a grand jury, and playing the field for over a year PROVES the state does not have a 2nd degree case. End of Story!

      • pinecone – your thought about it taking place on Thursday at the Courthouse seems plausible, if Judge N isn’t available to referee what Crump has to answer, he’s just going to answer some questions imo without taking the 5th if he can get away with it. Who’s to define the scope of what can be asked, although the DCA gave their ruling, Crump’s attorney will just argue w/MOM/West about what is “limited & the scope.” I guess if Judge N were available to give a ruling immediately that’s one thing, she allowed BDLR to hold up a previous depo for 5 hours & then had the audacity to claim it was her fault. (BDLR had been shown the law by MOM/West, ineptitude is not an excuse imo)

        I agree that Judge N may well be receiving pressure from others. Besides Judge N being bitch slapped twice in 5 days being from the DCA on 2 different cases, Pam Bondi & her office were slapped down. imo, Judge N is now under scrutiny from many people, she understands the DCA will over rule her self imposed misunderstanding of the law & they will over rule against her. The MEDIA will be watching her performance more closely, BDLR may be out of her reach for the protection she has afforded him in the past & so is Crump, she too must realize MOM/West have had enough, they’ve grown tired of the games. imo, if the whistle blower proves by his testimony that BDLR did in fact hide Brady Material & Judge N doesn’t IMMEDIATELY impose sanctions, Judge N may see another APPEAL in the making.

        • According to the “View” Crump, Sybrina and Tracy are going to be on their show on Thursday. That may change now. But they were planning on not being in attendance on Thursday.

        • Plausible and reasonable are two different arenas. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. But Crump testifying on stand is great no matter which way you look at it! I think many are assuming a judge leaving the criminal code to civil actually give a rats a$$ who one ups her. Hell, the defense is asking for judicial review and she aint sweating.

        • I have no doubt at all that Crump will do eveyrthing known to man to shy away from answering anything that the defense asks him. I really doubt that this guy will even try to take the fifth. He has had the state, and the federal government behind him from the get go. He will lie his azz off, it’s what he learned from Al Sharpton. He will lie and lie, and then act as though it is criminal that a white guy would have the nerve to question him and his inegrity and reputation. If his type ever honestly answered any questions, Sharpton would have been gone as the eminent, premier race baiter long ago. Sharpton has been rewarded with his own TV show which he is turning into the GZ lynching show. Crump can and will say any damn thing he pleases, and if you don’t agree with him, he and his footsoldiers will call you a racist. NatJac has been calling the defense team racist for a long time. They could care less about the truth. That doesn’t fit their MO, and it never will. I promise Crump will say anything he wants to and what will ever be done about his lying? Nothing.

      • That is an astute observation and it is shared by many, the appearance of collusion with some other party, Bondi, CRS, Scott someone is evident to any that have followed the case. We will have to see what she does next, but your point is well taken.

        • My radar keeps indicating that we don’t know the full extent of Holder, Perez and Carvalho on this case yet. We have “indications” of their fingerprints, but I haven’t seen the pieces fully assembled yet.

  10. Thursday: is this all that hearing will encompass?

    Frye Hearing
    Defense Motion for Sanctions against SAO for discovery violations (whistle blower testimony)
    Defense Motion “sealed confidential motion, to maintain anonymity & confidentiality of certain witnesses
    Request for Judicial inquiry into violations

    Didn’t Judge N say they would discuss the jury questionnaire?

    • boricuafudd – TM supporters have been screaming this for over a year. It didn’t give a reason as to why he was rejected, but I assume the State wants this in IF GZ testified, they could ask him why he was rejected, I assume the “boxing” education GZ had, will be used against him if he testifies, they will try to show GZ wasn’t defenseless. I guess the State could use both statements in their Opening Statement. imo, MOM/West are on top of this, they will have the explanation prepared once they hear the States opening.

      Just speculating, I would think GZ could have been rejected because of his lack of education in Criminal Justice.. At one time, many years ago LE would hire young men with limited education. In recent years, friends that have family that are LE Officers tell me it is so competitive to get those jobs, the minimum education to even make you competitive would be an associate degree in criminology or Criminal Justice & some of those applying have 4 yrs. degrees or higher. With Community & Junior Colleges becoming more prevalent & reasonably priced, it’s easier for more young people to work & attend at night or complete an associate degree in 2 years. Though it sounds damning, I wouldn’t think it would be for any other reason because if it was, GZ wouldn’t have wasted his time pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice & had almost completed it.

      GZ/SZ both had a life plan in place it seems, I hate this tragedy has occurred for everyone involved, once released, GZ can finish his degree.

      • The State isn’t going to use this. This is simply tit for tat, trying to influence the already summonsed jury pool. As far as GZ being turned down, all that means is he was less qualified than the ones who were selected from a pool of applicants which is usually quite large.

      • What I find interesting and ironic is that for the talk about the Defense using material from the CTH, BDLR is doing that all the time with material from the TM supporters. There is no context to this story, GZ had been living in Florida for 10 years, was this after HS, before he moved to FL. 10 yrs. ago, was this before the ride along in 2008, regardless this was a pretty long time ago , it seems and it is a reach at most. Completely irrelevant just something to placate its supporters, it seems to me.

      • It wouldn’t matter if he were a great boxer if you cannot prove he wasn’t sucker punched. Mr “worldstar” (world star hip hop) fan even texted how he knew how important it was to get on top of somebody because, in the opposite role, he lost the first of 3 rounds in his fight.

        Since ‘George the Boxer’ would have been the only one to ‘box his way to a bloody face, and not leave any marks in his “victim”‘ the state would have quite a hill to climb.

      • I can’t imagine George being able to pass the physical part of the test. Can’t see him doing push ups, sit ups, running, skipping or hopping and the like. George is not the pysical type. I don’t see Nelson’s demeanor changing in the Courtroom either. She is gonna push her prosecution biasis as far as she can. Will be reverved again. Perhaps even relieved mid trial. One can but hope.

        • You mean” tug boat ” boxing an experienced fighter has no relevancy? Hell no, there is no relevancy there! You fool! How dare you mention that to the jury! Shit…. he could not even become a cop! Ok. I can not do a hood Crump if I tried, but you get the picture.

      • Oops…I just read Hooson’s post above. Rene did put out an article about the DCA. I apologize to her. It didn’t show up in my search of google news.

  11. Tony Pippitione discusses hearing tomorrow & stated Crump said “pertaining to MOM’s apology, it would be laughable if this wasn’t a tragedy.”


    Pippitone stated the information MOM released about the fighting homeless men “HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH TM!” Seems Pippitoine needs to catch up before going on air.

    Does anyone EVER remember the SCHEME Team apologizing for the slander, lies, & racial hate they have spewed about GZ?

    • Before MOM apologized about mischaracterizing the video, Crump said they knew about it all along. Was he lying, or is there a video?

      • What Trayvon was doing in the video hasn’t changed from the false statement that it was his buddies beating up a homeless guy to Trayvon taping and laughing as he filmed two homeless people fighting over a bike.

        In both scenarios, Trayvon is doing the same thing. What got mischaracterized is Trayvon’s buddies. They weren’t doing the beating. However, Mr. O’Mara did characterize Trayvon on that video correctly. So I think that’s why we didn’t hear BDLR correct the record there and nor Crump afterward. His parents are already aware their son laughed and tape the fight of a homeless person.

        • The question is what else where they aware of that they deleted, lied about or hid from the pubilc. At what point do we start to wonder if the purpose of a lawyer was to protect themselves instead of lining their pockets. Without a gun, that family is in serious trouble:

          Assaulted George
          No Parentl Guardians Around At The Time (for their ‘small child’)
          Pot Smoking With Cousin (and, I guess, Chad in the house) At Brandi Greene’s The Night Before

          Who knows what they did to lie to the public. I wish they could depose Brandi or Chad to be quite honest.

  12. This just posted to the Seminole County Sherriff’s Office Facebook page.

    SCSO has responsibility for security for the Criminal Justice Center (CJC), the courthouse in which the State vs. Zimmerman trial will take place. Our role is to provide a safe and secure environment for all employees and visitors to the courthouse and its grounds, to ensure the proceedings take place without interruption or distraction, and to provide for the continued safety of our community as a whole. SCSO today launched a website for the public at http://www.seminolesheriff.org/trial. The site contains information on parking, accessing the courthouse, assembly zones, security considerations, and items prohibited inside the courthouse and on courthouse grounds.

    Seminole County Sheriff’s Office – Donald F. Eslinger, Sheriff

  13. Be careful or the lying spaghetti monster ™ will come after you after she tries, fruitlessly, to convict George for chewing gum too loudly next to a 4 year old black girl 14 years ago.

  14. Rene updated her earlier story to include a separate pleading from MOM from the story:

    “In a separate pleading, defense attorney Mark O’Mara has asked the judge to ban prosecutors from using several specific terms, ones he describes as “inflammatory”.

    They include “profiled”, “vigilante”, “self-appointed Neighborhood Watch captain”, “wannabe cop” and the phrases “He got out of the car after the police told him not to”, and “He confronted Trayvon Martin”.

    In his paperwork, filed Monday, O’Mara writes that there is no evidence Zimmerman confronted Trayvon and that it’s a oft-repeated “misstatement” that a police dispatcher told Zimmerman not to get out of his vehicle.

    Wrote O’Mara, “There is little probative value by the use if these terms and the danger of unfair prejudice to the jury is substantial.”

        • dannywarrior & Nettles18 – I read from a blogger today at the OS that it is rumored there is more than one whistle blower to testify against the arm flapping blow hard BDLR. Though a rumor, imo, a possibility as we know 4 have left Fiona Shrek’s office, (Corey,) & they didn’t leave because they were happy w/the work environment.

          • I will take it. As long as it is an even number…. JK…. I swear that guy could have been slapped with assault numerous times in the court room. Crump thought of it too I am sure. And his shoulders….he is such a slump over. If I was opposing counsel Iwwould walk into his flap on purpose and lose an eye then hire Crump the ambolance chaser. Maybe I would end up in front of Nelson. Oh the irony.

  15. With schools that have primarily minority students, no doubt this is the atmosphere that Trayvon grew up in in Miami-Dade. Diane Sawyer did a piece here on May 30 of this year and give you an idea of what is going on:

    ^ O’Reilly referenced this piece today on his show and then discussed with Alan Combs and Alan’s sister-in-law. O’Reilly wanted to know their opinion as to WHY this was happening. I kinda had to laugh cause sister-in-law says breakdown of family unit, DIVORCE <LOL, Divorce? Don't you have to marry first? And with around 70% born out of wedlock, I doubt DIVORCE is the culprit. Alan said POVERTY. O'Reilly pointed out that the most recent statistics coming out of NY City show: 98% of murders in NY City are committed by minorities. That's black and hispanic put together. He stated the percentage which was the higher part of the 98% that were committed by blacks, but I cannot remember the number, and that could be because my jaw dropped on 98%.

      • The handling of GZ case gave every good-minded citizen a reason to stay indoors and pretend you didn’t hear or see a thing. Let the burglaries continue. What if you suspect a black person and you’re wrong? Wow.

        • Nettles that’s the general idea. They don’t want you to have the ability to defend yourself. This case is fighting for rights on so many levels it’s not even funny. This is how it is now … think about this: today’s troubled youth KNOWS they can’t go around carrying guns at school or just hangin in the hood. So they have learned to fight. That’s why you see all the fight videos of both boys and girls. If the loser is still angry they lost … that’s where the drive-by shooting comes in. That’s in addition to the drive-bys for drug deals gone bad etc. But they KNOW not to carry the weapon around. So they learn to FIGHT.

        • The police and LE have always supported NW programs but they have been under fire from civil rights groups for years. It is unfortunate but they have been seen as racist for reporting on blacks and minorities, combined with the higher participation of whites in the program they have been targeted. Go back and look at the early news coverage; White NW captain, self-appointed White NW captain, etc it is a lament by some civil rights groups who see them as reminiscent of groups that kept blacks and minorities out of some neighborhoods.

          • That’s something that I’ve been waiting to see since I first became interested in the case… the RTL HOA policies at the time regarding guests and more specifically, Brandy’s rental agreement and what it stated regarding guests.

            People have long argued that Trayvon was just walking down the street and had every right to be where he was, but this was not a public sidewalk, it was private property.

            It’s not unusual for HOA’s of private, gated communities to require that guests be accompanied at all times by a resident, and if that was the case in the RTL,… then, no, he did not have a right to be wandering around the neighborhood without supervision.

            • This was discussed at Talkleft a while back, the consensus from the legal eagles there was that TM as an invited guest, regardless of the rules of HOA he was legally on sound ground.

              If he was there against HOA rules the issue would be a civil one for the HOA to sue whoever broke the rules in this case Brandy.

  16. Before any of this BGI business, railroading, politics, when I first learned about the shooting you heard “gated community”. In a way, I can see why Crump won his case against the Retreat. Instead of a “gated community” it seemed more like “an abandoned community”. As Robert or whoever said, the Retreat was victim of the housing bubble where you had lots of vacant townhomes and prices dropped. When I see pics of the night of the shooting, I’m struck by how DARK it is. There should have been more lighting to the entire Retreat. Darkness is a great ally to criminals, especially for break-ins. Another aspect is no motion sensor lighting, and last but certainly not least … no security cameras on individual townhomes. The ones located at the Retreat … didn’t even work. It is obvious because the way the Retreat is set up that it was easy pickins for criminals. One thing mandatory in my area is you MUST have address not only for front of house, but also for the back. We have streets and alleys. So you have address on front of house, and you have to have address on back of your garage. These townhomes should have required a front/back mandatory address. Especially important to aid emergency units should they arrive from different directions.

  17. I extended an invitation to ItsMichaelNotMike to join us here if he finds the time. Let’s hope he takes us up on the offer. He’s a really smart guy and I miss reading his thoughts on the case. For those who don’t know, Michael coined the phrase “Scheme Team”

  18. I have his old blog linked. Oh the old days. What a loss for the CTH. I left soon after. He did coin Scheme Team!

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