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June 6, 2013


How did this charge get laid on the facts as we know them?

The hearing today is scheduled to start at 9:00am EST.  Be prepared to start a little early, if all the attendees are in the courtroom.

I will be on facebook discussing the hearing as I watch it live online.  The link to the facebook page is here. We’d love to see more commentators there. Ofcourse, you are welcome to discuss the hearing here as well. I’ll get an email whenever someone posts.

Possible Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFT~ http://www.wftv.com/s/watchlive/

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html

For those who are able, please make a donation to the defense fund. Thank you for helping.  Thanks to a handful of large donors the fund went from $46K to $77K.  The goal is to get $120K.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net


194 thoughts on “June 6, 2013

    • She says she misses her son’s affection — “I miss him hugging me”

      I notice that she no longer talks about Trayvon “sleeping” with her. I wonder if that had anything to do with her kicking him out.

  1. From the nytimes article
    “Those waves of sorrow have been replaced by a reservoir of resolve. She now speaks of her loss with a practiced eloquence, that of a person aware that history is recording her words. And at this interview she came with her attorney and a public relations representative. ” *Wonder who the PR rep is? 😉

  2. From last thread, discussing how the TM supporters think that MOM had to include an inlimine motion that Nettles wanted because she had donated (!)

    Well, I’m a donor, so I think I’m going to ask MOM and West to attend the next hearing in their shorts. I guess they’ll have to do it because I’m a donor! lol

    • Remember when I demanded that MOM start going on all the black-centric television shows and crying about the racial implications of this case and implying that he is glad that Zimmerman was arrested so that Trayvon Martin’s death wasn’t for nothing?

      Me neither. That wasn’t any part of the blog-defined defense strategy.

  3. It’s 5 AM so I will probably miss the hearing but hopefully ackbars will fill in for me in person.

    • Ackbarsays has decided not to appear in person today. I am too tired and I really need to take the day off from work if I want to go over there, which I wasn’t able to do with enough notice this time. I could just call in sick, but then there’s the potential my boss would see me on national news reports sitting in the background of the Zimmerman courtroom, and I don’t think that would look too great.

      Another day, for sure.

  4. Be safe Peeps… Praying for safety and good feeds from court

    Tornado Watch issued June 06 at 3:45AM EDT until June 06 at 11:00AM EDT by NWS

    Effective: Thu Jun 06 03:45:00 EDT 2013
    Expires: Thu Jun 06 11:00:00 EDT 2013
    Severity: Severe

    Affected Areas: Brevard; Broward; Charlotte; Citrus; Collier; DeSoto; FLC057; Glades; Hardee; Hendry; Hernando; Highlands; Indian River; Lake; Lee; Manatee; Martin; Miami-Dade; Okeechobee; Orange; Osceola; Palm Beach; Pasco; Pinellas; Polk; Sarasota; Seminole; St. Lucie; Sumter


  5. I think that O’Mara is going to try to keep Witness 8 anonymous. The only reason he would want that is if he is certain the prosecution isn’t going to use her, and because she has given him information that blows the state’s case out of the water.

      • However, MOM states they were not handed over to him.

        via Miami Herald;

        “It has to do with the rule of law,” White said. “When Mr. Kruidbos testifies next week, it will be his testimony and not my own.”

        O’Mara said Tuesday that he felt compelled to bring this matter to the attention of the judge after a hearing earlier this month in which De la Rionda was emphatic that he’d turned over all evidence related to Martin’s cellphone.

        “(Kruidbos) knew information that nobody else would know about what (the state attorney’s office) didn’t give us,” O’Mara said. “The picture of the gun in the hand, for example, had not been turned over to us. But that had been created back in late January within the state attorney’s office.

        “That inquiry, if in fact it continues and it certainly should, could lead to some very dire consequences for those who made presentations to the judge that were not accurate.”

        Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/05/29/3422519/lawyer-zimmerman-prosecutor-withheld.html#storylink=cpy

      • Without hearing what the whistleblower has to say in sworn testimony, how do we know if the only thing he has to talk about is the bin file? It would seem to me that if it was so cut and dried that the state handed over the bin file, then why is BDLR going berserk? INO there is something more there that would come out or else BDLR would have just said, your honor we handed over the bin file to the defense. BDLR is attacking the messenger who is there representing the witness that will offer the sworn testimony, even before that testimony has been heard.

        It seems wrong to me that BDLR himself is allowed to fight the introduction of a witness that is going to testify against BDLR’s own actions. Why isn’t Guy or someone else from the state arguing this issue?

        Nelson has always shown a propensity to side with the state, and against the defense. Now she is witnessing SAO attorney’s fighting with each other. She must be perplexed and thinking “what to do, what to do.”

    • Absolutely Danny. They are taking their cues from Eric Holder who is still breaking the law from every angle, and on every scandal coming to light. Holder refuses to turn over documents, just as BDLR thinks that he doesn’t have to turn over critical exculpatory evidence to the defense. Radio host this morning asked if we are now living in a police state, or a Banana Republic. The same applies to this case.

    • I heard O’Mara say something along the lines of “last it will happen”, and Bernie apologizing/acknowledging his mistake about something.

      • It was a non-issue. What happened was O’Mara got the original evidence (printout of some e-mail, I think), which is supposed to stay with the court.

        • Thanks cboldt, I was thinking that it probably sounded worse then it actually was considering the proximity of the mic.

        • You mean he didn’t say “I forgot”? LOL

          I’d love to hear BDLR telling the judge at his criminal trial that he forgot, and that his misdeeds were not intentional. If it wasn’t Fla. that would actually be possible.

  6. Now…only if the media will start doing some digging into Corey’s office after that cross examination

  7. This guy is the most credible witness I have ever seen. Bernie will have NO luck in attacking his credibility and trying to show some kind of conspiracy to bring down Corey.

  8. There were over 1,300 pieces of evidence FDLE did not add to the original report according to testimony.

    • Si in other words, the FDLE was into hiding evidence as well. We know that O’Mara found evidence in their files when he visited there that was never given to them. Sorry folks, but this is going all the way up to the top If Bondi didn’t know that all this evidence hiding was going on, she should be fired. She should step forward right away and drop the charges againt George, but we know that she won’t, she’s as corrupt as the rest..

  9. wonder if she is scared that Judge will call her up like she did Chump

    • Duh, and it is also convenient that after they found out defense got the gun pic Corey’s office pretty much demoted this whistleblower in April as well, but BDLR claims he was demoted for other reasons. I am so glad this came about. It really lays to rest for those that did not believe illegal activity is going on in Corey’s office

    • +1 I’m quite impressed with Ben and this is the kind of employee you want on your team. Too bad there was no one in the office he felt was trustworthy to share his concerns with. That says a lot about the office.

      Any employee from the State watching how Angela and BDLR treated Ben, what must they be thinking. Ben did his job and they turned on him.

    • Every taxpayer in Fla. should be getting down on their knees and thanking Mr. Kruidbos for uncovering how their money is being spent. Every defense attornet that has ever had to go up against the corruptiion coming out of Corey’s office is probably clapping and cheering loudly for the under oat testimony of the massive corruption they have waged on everyone. If Corey and BDLR and their SO team is willing to do this with thise case, you know they have done it before this.

      No matter what Nelson decides to do with this information is going to be almost insignificant compared to what will likely happen as a result of today’s door opening. I can smell a RICO case on the way against Corey’s entire operation. I can see other whistleblowers coming forward now that they have seen the courage of Mr. Krudibos. They will not want to get caught up in the net that will likely sweep through her office.

  10. 3 new motions were posted on the legal site today:




    Also posted was the State’s 17th Supplemental, but still no sign of the Appendix

  11. Steve Brenton was in the courtroom. He is the guy from FDLE who did the report. You’ll recall the State didn’t turn that one over either. They found out by accident that Brenton had produced a report and had to write a motion compeling the state to turn it over. I wonder if we’ll be hearing from him after lunch.

    On another note, I believe the April 25th depositions were Alicia Martin and Ronquavis Martin (Fulton). It’s likely the Qua in the text messages about buying the gun and the questions that BDLR referred to as be asked where questioning Ronquavis about his texts to and from Trayvon on buying a gun.

    BDLR insinuated the defense got the texts from .bin file but Mr. O’Mara pointed out, that information was actually in the Feb. 22nd Brenton file.

  12. O’Mara had said in the past that they were not getting information from the state concerning the FDLE reports and info. Nelson told him to go to the FDLE and get his own information. Today it seems that Mr. Kruidbos backed up O’Mara’s claim when he said that there were something like 1300 pages from the FDLE that apparently weren’t turned over by the state.

    I remember reading in the Fla. Rules of Evidence that any agency submitting info. to the state, it is the state’s responsibility to turn that info. over to the defense. That includes the FDLE, the FBI and anyone else submitting info. to the state. BDLR blew that off by claiming that the state was not going to do the defense’s work for them.

    I wonder what kind of sandwich BDLR is having for lunch today?

  13. What could be better then this? BDLR on trial….ahaaa. Yeah regardless of the ruling BDLR & Gang are crooked

  14. Bernie is now claiming he did not get defense report on Richard Conner.
    Hey, Bernie the Defense don’t work for you! Look through the reciprocal discovery!

      • Her only focus is to start the trial on Monday, why? This does not make sense, is she trying to get kicked out of the case? Or just trying to ensure there is a reversal, regardless of the outcome? SMH

        • After the blistering opinion from the DCA just days ago, it almost seems as though she is doubling down because she got smacked. I can only imagine what the DCA will write next to another appeal to them by O’Mara West which will surely be filed on emergency tomorrow. I would not be one bit surprised if they don’t remove her from the case. It is becoming more and more obvious why she was removed from the Criminal Court and sent over to Divorce court. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is removed as a judge completely.

  15. Judge Hagface just stopped this whole line of inquiry, plus signaled that she would in NO WAY be open to the forthcoming 4th motion to continue. I sense an immediate appeal coming.

  16. Now why didn’t the judge refer the WHOLE motion from the beginning. She’s letting herself and the State prep. MOM needs to just headway to the inquiry above her.

  17. George obviously cannot get a truly “fair” trial because of the media manipulations that occurred in this case over a year ago and continue to occur. However, the judge and prosecutors should be as fair as possible – any other appearances would cloud any guilty verdict they might ever achieve. That they are showing such obvious bias against George just tells me that fairness will never come from Judge Nelson’s courtroom. I would, at this point, appeal to the 5th DCA for removal of this judge.

  18. Continuance?

    Although trial courts are endowed with rather broad discretion in deciding whether to grant or deny a motion for continuance,
    Onett v. Ahola, 780 So. 2d 979 (Fla.5th DCA 2001), the exercise of that discretion is not absolute. DCA’s look at a few factors to see if the rial Court abused its discretion ) whether the movant suffers injustice from denial of the motion; 2) whether the underlying cause for the motion was
    unforeseen by the movant and whether the motion is based on dilatory tactics; and 3) whether prejudice and injustice will befall the opposing party if the motion is granted.Cole v. Heritage Cmtys., Inc., 838 So. 2d 1237 (Fla. 5th DCA 2003);Florida Fruit &Vegetable Ass’n v. Wells, 755 So. 2d 828 (Fla. 5th DCA 2000);see also Peiman v.Peiman, 829 So. 2d 307 (Fla. 5th DCA 2002).

    Furthermore, Realities of our adversary system of justice require consideration of more specific factors, which include: (1) the length of the requested
    continuance; (2) whether the counsel who becomes unavailable for trial has associates adequately prepared to try the case; (3) whether other continuances have been requested and granted; (4) the inconvenience to all involved in the trial; and (5) any other unique circumstances. Consideration of these factors allows the courts to balance the protection of the client’s right to counsel of his or her choice with the general interest in the prompt and efficient administration of justice, which includes an opposing party’s right to prompt resolution of the issues involved in the proceedings.

    Bring it up on appeal.

    • As Sean would say “We don’t need you to do that”. “It’s an attempt to delay a trial he can”t win…It’s a breach of professional ethics by O’mara/West, and they should be disbarred…BDLR won by showing the defense did the same thing…blah, blah, blah.”

  19. They were trying to see what the defenses expert will be testifying to. Geez even the FBI found it inconclusive.

  20. OMG – I can’t believe that black woman in the black outfit is standing there at the defense table next to George! Doesn’t she know she’s in DANGER! Someone WARN HER!!!!!!!!

  21. In recess. I will be able to watch tomorrow’s hearing from 9 about 10:15 Eastern time. I have to take Mom to an appointment tomorrow. I can DVR it on HLN but I have not watched any GZ hearing other then live stream. If I DVR on HLN will I get most of the hearing?

    • Oh and if possible can someone post the 2nd half of this hearing here from coreshift? I would like to share it with those I know could not see it today.
      I have the summer off technically, unless something else comes my way, on top of my family obligations, so if there is anything specific someone would like me to investigate or help with contact me.

    • “If I DVR on HLN will I get most of the hearing?”

      Don’t know about that, but you’re sure to get all of the commercials.

      I didn’t get to check them until around noon-ish (EDT) or a little later today, and they seemed to use the Zimmerman case as filler for the few moments they weren’t talking about Jodie Arias or some ex-cop who’s supposed to have faked his wife’s suicide and burned down the house.

  22. Someone please do a photoshop of Bernie as Burger King!

    Seriously, the only hope for the defense is to appeal witch Nelson. This is ridiculous!

    My prediction is that this case eventually becomes a federal civil rights investigation on behalf of gz. At least that is what would happen in a just society. The entire state of Floridah is CORRUPT!

    • Will not happen with current administration, the head of the Civil Rights division is on record as saying that civil rights violations do not apply to whites, since GZ is a white Hispanic he had a chance but going against the BGI no way, no how.

  23. Hello my friends. Re: Sanctions part of today’s hearing … here’s my beef. Judge Nelson last time all were in court set aside this time for the hearing on sanctions v. BDLR and Judicial Inquiry. IF Nelson was going to set aside till after trial, why did she not state that THE LAST time they were all in court? SHE again is the one wasting the Court’s time. Second, this trial is not about Nelson’s time. This trial is about a fair trial for the Defendant, George Zimmerman. If a prosecutor is found to be hiding evidence, this is not something that should be swept under the rug until company leaves. Media reports in same ole fashion: “In a hearing today, Judge Nelson had enough of the nonsense and ….” ENOUGH OF THE NONSENSE? The prosecutor is hiding evidence … evidence in a trial that will effect an individual’s life? WTF !!!! People are tweeting they will riot if George is acquitted and those tweets are not being investigated by authorities? I’m just sick and tired of what is going on in this case !!

    • 1. I agree with wasted time. I stated that same thing above. 2. I believe an appeal on the continuance should be done 3. MOM and West do not need her permission into a State inquiry. Ashton did it. Go to the source hold Corey accountable. That is why she walked out. 4. State would never win a DCA appeal on continuance. Never, Ever. 5. Let them riot, and see Crump protect REAL civil rights!

          • Any time there is a denial of the 6th amendment, due process, it is appealable issue. Denial of continuance due to stated facts on when attys. were prepared for trial becomes an issue of whether the defense was prepared because the defendant has rights to representation.

            • Right. That gets back to that whole thing about the calendar. The judge tells the defense she only has her calendar through June 2013, so they take the latest date that she offers them. Then for at least 6 months, they’ve been asking her for a continuance because they aren’t going to be ready, but she keeps telling them “you told me you’d be ready by June.” It’s really shameful how completed biased she is.

              The sad thing is, I bet if BDLR went to her now and said that he needed a continuance for some reason, she’d grant it in a second.

        • Technically, not appealable before trial. It’s an appealable issue – the question is when (before vs. after trial) the appellate court will be willing to take the case. Big word you can impress and confuse your friends, “interlocutory.” That’s an appeal taken “in the middle” of a proceeding, holding things up until the issue is decided. For denial of a continuance, the appellate court will not entertain an interlocutory appeal. But, for a petition to remove the judge for cause, the appellate court will take up the interlocutory petition.

          • Because due process involves postconviction relief. No appeals court can hear what is not on record. But I will say this…. it is not appealable so close unless GZ enters ineffective counsel motions.

  24. Right now this is how I feel … can’t help it.

    Here’s me with the Mohawk, and poor Nettles has to put a sleeper hold on me to calm me down:

    Be Still My Dog of War

  25. So, did Nelson ultimately rule that at least a few of the defense witnesses can testify anonomously?

    I’ve read now a couple of times that the defense has at least one witness who saw TM attacking GZ, not W6 who saw a part of the best down, but saw TM throwing the first punch?

    Could the witness or witnesses, that O’Mara wants to remain anonomous be the eye witness to the start of the assault, if they exist? There is no question in my mind that that witness, id it is true, would be targeted for revenge from the BGI, and especially those like Francis Oliver.

    • Coreshift posted the first hour and half of the hearing. The motion about the witnesses are on it an it’s posting in the hearings thread up top. The Judge showed no interest in helping these witnesses concerns and abruptly denied the motion.

      • Well in the defense of justice, being a witness to any crime is dangerous. But a witness benefits a jury when they can look them in the eye, see their responses, and put a face to their words. I am all for open court, and even though I know these witnesses testify on the behalf of GZ their color and fear should not shield them or justice served.
        I would never suggest or want such justice, you see the corruption already? Why add to the element? I agree with the court on this motion at my own expense I suppose.

        • However, what was proposed would have made the witnesses and the jury visibile to one another, and would have allowed everyone to hear them, it just would have kept the “audience” from being able to see them.

          I suppose a witness who feared no reprisal would be more likely to lie or hold back information if they already had a reason for voluntarily doing so, but how much faith can you put in the testimony of a witness who does fear reprisal?

          There are some problems for which there are no perfect solutions.

        • If I was one of those witnesses, I would refuse to testify plain and simple. I would risk jail time for not testifying no matter what I saw or heard. I would not put myself and all of my family members at risk for the retaliation that would surely come from the Scheme team the entire BGI industry, and the Black Panthers who have been allowed to operate freely, post wanted dead or alive posters, and have had no punishment for their activities and actions. That is why doctors and nurses don’t stop at accident scenes to help the injured, they are sued if the person dies. That is why many good people don’t run for office, not only are they attacked, their entire familes are brought under the microscope. That is why people watch killings and just keep walking, and never stop to help the victim. That is why this whole freakin country has gone to absolute pot.

          Now tell me again Danny why any witness should look the jury in the eye and tell them what they saw. Tell me again why they should be willing to put themselves and their entire familes at risk. Tell me again that you would do that and subject your ewntire family to every piece of crap that would come your and thir way. Would you be willing to sit in the shoes of those that can be destroyed even though they just wanted to tell the truth. Would you really be willing to do that Danny? Didn’t you and I have a bit of an exchange earlier about “liberal prosecutors” running rampant against the law, and doing the chit they are doing?

      • Nettles- I have no ability to watch videos or live streaming. That is why I have asked the questions that I have. I only can rely on what people are posting in the comments. I was jumping around today between a few different sites trying to get a feel for what was being said in court by those that were posting comments.

        I thought I read above that Nelson denied the motion, but was going to take their issues up in camera. I thought Dman said that she may have allowed 3 of them to remain anonomous. I don’t know where that stands, I’m just asking.

        I’ve been gleefully watching fibre cables being dug underground not 100 ft from me. Soon I will be able to retire the gerbils that have been trying their best to keep the wheels turning to keep me somewhat aware of what is going on. LOL

        • PS- Why is DD’s identity still being protected by everyone? She is not a minor, she is not eligible for protection as the star state witness. Yet her identity is still unknown to everyone. So DD can hide, but witnesses for the defense are to be considered open game?

        • I’m sorry. Now that you say that, I’m reminded you’ve told me that before. There was an attorney at the hearing asking for an in camera meeting about the witnesses who had concerns and I thought she was going to consider it but then said this motion is denied and but still wanted the names of the witnesses on a piece of paper to be handed in by the lawyer.

          They did have an in camera session after court, not sure if the issue was revisited there.

          • The in-private session was imho to excoriate the lawyers for making her look bad, I would bet money on that and some sort of warning. Some case related things might have been mentioned but I would venture there was little of that, mostly it was the principal telling the students how bad they been.

  26. To refresh your memories, the FBI report completed in April 2012 was in the first discovery dump. It’s on page 146 and ends on 148.

  27. Told yall that the Ms Candy couldn’t stay away from the Camera til after the trial! (per article last night, that Chump said)

    • I just posted an article in the media with an interview she did with Charles Blow. She still hasn’t been to the kid’s grave site since the funeral.

      • Yep that’s what I read last night. I think I posted the link last night, not sure if it the same. I think it sounds like it. Chump said she wouldn’t be doing any more interviews or something til aft trial. AND the author said she had her Attny and PR person with her at the interview. Wonder if it was Julison?

      • “She still hasn’t been to the kid’s grave site since the funeral.”

        Maybe that means she’s basically indifferent to her son’s fate or maybe it means it’s just too painful a prospect for her to face.

        I hesitate to say that everyone has to grieve a certain way.

    • So NatJac admits that BDLR has been in touch with the scheme team and the Martin family. When has BDLR been in touch with George Zimmerman’s family? Didn’t Corey say in her presser, say that her office was working closely with the Martin family, and that she was praying with them. Didn’t she indicate that she has been in touch with his family’s attorney? When did Corey ever even acknowledge even speaking to anyone with the name of Zimmerman? She hasn’t. When his disbarment comes up, it must include that she promised to be one sided from the get go. Her presser should be the blueprint for what no prosecutor should ever do, and on national TV.

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