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June 7, 2013

Neighborhood WatchHow do you think Mr. West feels about the misconduct on exhibit by the State Prosecutor?

The hearing today is scheduled to start at 9:00am EST.  Be prepared to start a little early, if all the attendees are in the courtroom.

I will be on facebook discussing the hearing as I watch it live online.  The link to the facebook page is here. We’d love to see more commentators there. Of course, you are welcome to discuss the hearing here as well. I’ll get an email whenever someone posts.  Best of luck to the defense team in court today.

To the Zimmerman family, please know there are many that are with you today and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Possible Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFT~ http://www.wftv.com/s/watchlive/

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html

For those who are able, please make a donation to the defense fund. Thank you for helping.  Thanks to a handful of large donors the fund went from $46K to $77K.  The goal is to get $120K.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net


156 thoughts on “June 7, 2013

    • I am guessing that most of our group followed the hearing on other blogs. Would that be a good guess?

  1. Just finished watching the FBI expert’s testimony (thank you Michael SF for posting it!)…

    …and, in my ianal opinion, the state knows that it would be suborning perjury if it puts either Reich or Owens on the stand to testify under oath that it was TM’s voice on the 911 call.

    The state seems to be hoping that Nelson and others won’t know what a scientific working group is, know what a swg does, or know the significance of a swg only recently being formed… and is fully prepared to take advantage of the fact that no consensus regarding minimum standards yet exists.

    The state is obviously going to claim that Reich and Owen simply hold a different opinion than (most) others in the forensic scientific community.

    To put it into perspective, claiming to be able to identify a speaker with absolute certainty using only one or two words would be like the state putting a latent print ‘expert’ on the stand claiming to be able to identify an individual using only one or two ridge lines (versus a complete or partial fingerprint), or a handwriting ‘expert’ claiming to be able to identify an author with only one or two characters to work with.

    Yes, there are ‘experts (for hire)’ out there who would make such outrageous claims about their abilities… but Frye requires that such claims be accepted by the scientific community at large, not simply be the opinion of one or two lone ‘experts.’

    • Nivico, I agree with you, the issue is whether they arrived at their opinions using an accepted technique. The techniques used have been accepted, though the FBI Nakasone is clear that there are problems which limit the techniques and their capabilities. Listen to the cross, and you will notice that the State got Nakasone to admit that he objects to the opinions not the technique. I feel that though she shouldn’t it will be allowed.

  2. Tom Owen is the first witness today. He is testifying via video conference from his home in New Jersey. He starts off saying after school in 1969 he thought he wanted to be a lawyer “God forbid”

  3. I am Facebook challenged…how does one get into the “chat” for the updates? I have to keep refreshing to get the latest comments and that gets tedious.

  4. Why won’t Owens just say ‘inconclusive’…..?!

    The three results that you can get are identification, exclusion, and inconclusive.

    There is no ‘probable’

    • Even the analysts on the biased HLN are laughing at this guy. What is the State of Florida thinking?

      West is doing a great job with Owens. Reich will be even better. He hears what no one else does. “These shall be”

  5. Seriously…?!

    The state just had Owens, the creator of the Easy Biometrics software, admit that he doesn’t know how it was created or programmed???

    • There is a gap in the examination and cross examination, and the issue of expertise is sitting in that gap. Owen doesn;t have to be a programmer, but he should have knowledge of spectral analysis in general in order to be qualified. He would be a better expert if he also possessed some medical-related knowledge abput the vaious mechanisms that come into play to create “voice” sounds. Vocal cords, teeth, tongue, lips, etc.
      But just on the point of spectral analysis, a person can know and understand the math, but not be able to program digital methods, or not be able to design a microphone, etc.
      Even if Owen doesn’t understand the math (and if he doesn’t, he’s best off admitting it), he can qualify by substituting some other form of experience or knowledge. I noticed that any time the questions got technical or the answer would be unfavorable, he didn’t answer the question.

  6. And I’m not sure who that is conducting the Frye hearing for the state, but man even a used car salesman would wince at his sales pitch.

    He is blatantly trying to confuse the issues.

    It’s like I said last night, the state KNOWS their ‘expert’ is full of it and willing to bs the court … and frankly, that’s tantamount to subornation of perjury.

    • Turns out according to Mr. Mantei, we can all be experts if we just learn how to use the software. And if there isn’t enough sample, just duplicate it. I can do that.

      • Mr. Mantei does makes used-car salesmen look bad, even with a microscope if you don’t know how to use it you won’t be able to get a good result. There is a reason for the software calling for a certain amount of words, just as you can’t examine a whole apple under the microscope, you have to make small slices for the microscope to work. The software needs the words necessary for it to work otherwise the result is at best a fancy computer generated guess

  7. West: What are the standards you applied in your analysis?

    Owen: They’re online. You can look them up.

    West: …but can ‘you’ tell us what the standards are that you used?

    Owen: They’re outdated anyway…

    Paraphrasing, but wow, just wow.

  8. Seems to me that the defense should file and emergency motion with the DCA in order to stop this travesty of justice.

    • The state filed a motion this morning to compel the defense to give reports from their experts. The defense said there were no formal reports but rather emails and they consider them work product. The judge is reviewing them now. From one expert she said it is work product and not needed to be turned over. She is going through the second file now.

    • funny she did nothing against the state. now she threatens the defense for not turning over information?

      Then she found that nothing SHOULD have been turned over.

  9. He perhaps is drunk. Why would he be allowed to testify by phone?

    Dr. Reich could be the long lost voice of Tigger. He is also quite silly for a murder trial. This case is more and more bizarre each day!

  10. in Reich’s world, he can hear lots of things!

    Cauth in hith world evwythwing thwounds like thiwth!

  11. ROFL she can understand him, she works with CHUMP

    • “It sound like to me”? Huh………And why pay an expert if all you need is to “turn up the volume” ????? Hey Judge Nelson…. Turn up the beat!

    • I have said since the Reich report came out that his suggestion that George yelled “These shall be” sounds an awful lot like “Please help me.” I also think that “I’mma kill you” could sound a lot like “I’m begging you.”

      • “I’m begging you” just doesn’t seem like it would be part of the jargon used by young Trayvon.

    • “I’m begging you” could also sound like “I’m calling now” or “I’m calling 911 now” which could go along with John’s statement.

      It would be important to know at what point John says that he told them he was calling 911. Was it just before the shooting?

      • Yes, he closed the door and ran up the stairs to call 911. Once he got to the top, he heard the shot, went to the window and saw what he saw.

        Initially he thought he was on the stairs when the shot rang out but in later statements, he said he made it to the next level of his house when he heard the shot.

      • No, they have him on video saying that AFTER the shot and when Martin was plumb dead. Whatcha drinking, ackbar? LOL

    • I do not follow tweets or anything from the dark side but it is strange that they are unhappy with the media and Nelson.

      • Jordan, which is why I have decided to delay my response to your request for the articles you wanted my assessment on. The lynching is much like pitch forks and rope until the crowed reached the house. There are some previous cases I would like to associate with this, to give you my opinion,13 to be exact, because there are variables to the public whom pays attention on either side. I will be glad to after I am aware of a few more things.

    • This is very similar to the original BS Sentinel article. Two sleazy experts hoping to get famous and make a buck.

      Owen had some crappy computer program, the other just listened and guessed. And of course, the listen and guess guy criticized crappy computer programs as unreliable.

      As to the rest of the persecutions “case”, their audio “experts” are a farce that anyone with an ounce of critical thinking will be able to see through.

      The only expert with credibility was the FBI expert.

      Thank god the persecution does not extend past the State of Florida and the FBI has not joined in.

      • Yeah, like THAT is gonna happen.

        This guy could not have better PR but hell, they can’t speak! Take the shit out of your mouth. Even Ashton would cringed. Canned air vs. 1.3 seconds. I’d love a jury to see Owen and Tigger! Bring it!

        • The Brits have been a surprise to me. After the United States, this blog is looked at the most by Great Britain and Canada is 3rd.

          World-wide interest. The United States is always about they are the best, no one does it better. I’m shocked at what I’m seeing from the 4th District’s SAO. They aren’t the United States of course, but in this case, this is representative of the country. Hopefully we see their best stuff in the days ahead.

        • Someone posted your lastest blog post on facebook last night and told others to read it. It was really good. I was on my way to sleep. But I was very proud to see it’s reviews.

  12. Bill Sheaffer thinks Judge N is going to let in the States experts & let the jury decide.


    imo, common sense will prevail, there was NO REASON for TM to scream while giving a beat down.

    Since neither side appears ready as Hornsby suggests up thread, Judge N imo, will simply issue a ruling & have it released to the State/Defense/Press. She isn’t about to delay this freaking trial for a day, she’s hell bent on her jury selection starting on Monday.

    imo, Judge N should have insisted BDLR RECUSE HIMSELF, but hell no, she decides she’ll decide AFTER TRIAL.

    HAS the Defense even had time to DEPOSE Crump? This is the biggest “cluster” I’ve ever seen.

      • No. I’ve posted the 4 parts to today’s hearing in the hearings tab. The only thing missing is a short piece at the end of the day where the Judge allowed George to extend his curfew to 10pm to visit his lawyers during the trial.

        They didn’t finish today and will reconvene at 9:30 am. tomorrow morning.

        • So that information about continuing on Friday was not correct, right?

          But now they will finish up on Saturday… and then.. and then….?

    • Questions for anyone who visits the dark side:

      How do they explain the absence of injuries to Martin if was the one “yellowing” for help?

      What did he want George to stop when Martin used that word and also “I’m begging you?”

      Do they say Martin was on the bottom or top?

      I am asking because I do visit the dark sites.

  13. West did a really good job today, but I think he could have nailed Owen on something and I wish he had.

    Owen testified that the EZ software he was using would not accept the sample initially because it was less than 16 seconds, so he just repeated it (garbage in, garbage out basically). Owen also testified that the EZ software was the first software to have this requirement that he has seen (this was supposed to suggest that the 16 second requirement is not needed). He said that other software he has used in the past to do the same job didn’t have this 16 second requirement. Don West asked Owen if he had ever done this looping practice before with the EZ software, and Owen admitted that he hadn’t. He even said something to the effect of ‘that part was new’. The prosecution later tried to do damage control on that by asking Owen if he had ever done looping before with other software, even if he hadn’t done it before specifically with the EZ software. Owen said yes he had done it before with other software, so it wasn’t a new practice per se. But the crucial point is, why would he need to do the looping at all with other software he has used in the past? He said earlier that EZ was the only software he has used that has the 16 second requirement before it will proceed with the comparison.

    Also, why can’t the software just loop it for you if that’s perfectly acceptable? The answer is because it isn’t. The error is a warning about garbage in, garbage out. Tricking the software into bypassing that warning is all that Owen did.

    • It is jury selection that starts Monday & imo, it’s soooooooooooo boring. When the trial actually starts, I anticipate more to show interest. I can’t imagine anyone having interest in sitting all day long during the jury process.

    • Notice how well they listen:

      StateOfTheInternet @StateoftheInter

      @Nettles18 shut the fuck up u vile disgusting nasty dangerous fucking bitch. Doesnt Canada have any problem that need your racist attention?

  14. Shayan Modarres, Esq ‏@ModarresLaw 24m
    “@JohnPhillips: wonder if State asked 4 #Zimmerman defense fund donor list to cross reference for exclusion of them from juror panel.” Hmmm
    View conversation Reply Retweet Favorite More

  15. Greatest exchange ever:

    BDLR: My question is, should we be asking for sanctions for you all, for waiting until the last minute to disclose it to us?

    WEST: (SMH)

    BDLR: Well, you don’t think it’s a fair trial for both sides?

    WEST: I’m not laughing because I think this is funny. This is far, far from amusing.

    BDLR: Let me ask you this…….

    WEST: (raising voice) We caught you hiding the information and confronted you about it and you never gave it to us and we called a witness today to prove that you hid that information and then misrepresented it to the judge. And that’s OK?

    BDLR: Sir, stammering…..i’m not going to get into a banter back and forth, blah, blah, blah….Mr. Brenton will explain.

    MOM: Is this a question?


    MOM: Our motion was not just for sanctions, it was for a judicial inquiry, because if in fact Mr. De la Rionda sat here and said what he said to you a couple of weeks ago and you interpret that to be an untruth, then that’s direct CRIMINAL CONTEMPT..

    Nelson: (interrupting) and that can be done also post-trial is my point.

    It is amazing how no one is letting anything come out in this travesty of justice. For shame, for shame. If Judge Nelson had been born 200 years later, surely she would have been burned to death at the stake as a witch. Now she is a certified Floriduh trial court judge.

    Just my humble opinion, to which I am entitled if our constitution means anything, which more and more is being put into question.

    • Nelson: (interrupting) and that can be done also post-trial is my point.

      MOM: No, your Honor, it cannot wait. My client, will no longer sit in a courtroom with Bernie, who has now been proven to be a lying criminal. While YOU may be OK with hearing the state’s case being presented by a lying criminal as we proved today, my client refuses to sit in the same courtroom with a prosecutor whose criminal conduct you deem to be OK during the trial. Mr. West and I will decide tonight if your denial of our request for a judicial inquiry should be included in another writ asking for your recusal that is being prepared as we speak.

  16. I LMAO today when reading a tweet from Richard Hornsby, he stated “next he will hear REDRUM, REDRUM!” (I paraphrased his tweet but his reference was to “The Shining” w/Jack Nicholson, the little boy wrote REDRUM, which is MURDER backwards.

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