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June 9, 2013

Race Here we are on the eve of the trial of George Michael Zimmerman.

In a recent interview, Rev. Al Sharpton, told Mr. O’Mara very proudly that if not for the threats made against the City of Sanford and its police department, there might not have been charges in the Zimmerman case.

Now as the facts of this case are about to be publicly aired in the courtroom, we will all find out whether the angry public was lied to and manipulated into pressing for charges against a man who was defending himself or rather, if indeed, as Angela Corey’s office investigation showed, he should have been charged with 2nd degree murder in February 2012.

 I was so impressed with the display George’s defense team has put on in the Frye hearing thus far.  As I wrote on yesterday’s blog, whether the judge allows the state’s experts to testify or not, need not matter.  They have been discredited so badly, I wouldn’t be surprised if after hearing from the defense experts that Owen and Reich want to reconsider their technique and analysis.

That Mr. West and Mr. O’Mara were able to assemble an FBI expert, Hirotaka Nakasone, Dr. French of Great Britain, George Doddington , Engineer with NIST and the yet to be witnessed James Wayman, Biometric, Research Administrator, in such a short amount of time is mind-blowing to me.

Let me remind the readers, the defense asked for a continuance because the state only added the experts to the class A list and forwarded the preliminary reports of Reich and Hollien and Harnsberger on May 10th!  Less than a month ago!  New and novel was the report on Speaker Identification.  The defense asked the court for more time to source and hire an expert to review this new information.  The Judge denied and regardless, the defense put on a hell of a good response, imo.  There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind, the sample that can be extracted is too poor to even attempt to try.

I made the mistake of visiting another blog to see the comments on today’s hearing.  The first thing I read was about the defense not doing enough.  They should have did this, why didn’t they do that. I couldn’t believe it.  I’ll not be doing that again. One thing is clear, the defense is not spending their precious time looking for advice on the internet.  That was an impressive presentation.

To the defense team, that was an AWESOME response to the state’s experts.  You need not worry about a jury not understanding it.  Even the biased HLN was asking “What is the state thinking?”

Rene Stutzman quoted Owen in the last line of her article which sums it up and makes it clear; the sample is too poor to know with a high degree of probability and the state’s 2 experts did their best. ““Let’s just put it out there that it’s not a perfect tape,” Owen said. “This is not really good evidence.” http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/trayvon-martin/os-george-zimmerman-trial-audio-ruling-20130607,0,903275.story

DONATE_BUTTON2Thank you to everyone who has helped in the fund-raising effort. Last we heard (4pm today) the fund was in excess of $85K.  The goal is to get $120K. Please continue to spread the news that help is needed.  Thanks again.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net


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  1. “In the immediate aftermath of Martin’s death in February 2012, the media portrayed Zimmerman as a gun-crazy vigilante who stalked and murdered a harmless black youth. Since then, Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s tenacious lawyer, has extracted bits and pieces of evidence from an ethically challenged prosecution that prove Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense. So, at long last, the media’s false narrative is about to collide with the hard facts in a court of law.” http://www.abqjournal.com/main/208095/opinion/impartial-zimmerman-jury-must-defy-the-lynchmob-frenzy.html

    • I must have blinked and missed something.

      What’s the lie under oath?

      And why is NCIS stupid enough to buy that software?

      • The software isn’t the problem. It’s how Owen tricked the software that caused the problem.

        Natalie Jackson is tweeting folks that NCIS is going to buy Owen’s software. That’s been known since March 3rd. Mr. Owen failed to mention that when asked about sales of software. In fact, I think he said there had been hardly any sales but one could hope.

        A lawyer for the Martin family may have proved the state’s witness to have lied under oath.

  2. tom owens lied to omara under oath for baldy https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=040a53963f55309bfa7d6424f9b3d2dd&tab=core&tabmode=list&=
    V. P. ‏@VP_JFGZ 2m
    So Owens (when prompted to by BDLR) lied to MOM under oath. @.NatJackEsq @MattAHay @BlueJ64
    Collapse Reply Retweeted Favorite More
    V. P. ‏@VP_JFGZ 3m
    As of 3/3/13 NCIS buying Owens Easy Biometrics software. Owens knew this when he lied under oath https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=040a53963f55309bfa7d6424f9b3d2dd&tab=core&tabmode=list&= … @zimmemrna

  3. You wrote:

    That Mr. West and Mr. O’Mara were able to assemble an FBI expert, Hirotaka Nakasone, Dr. French of Great Britain, George Doddington , Engineer with NIST and the yet to be witnessed James Wayman, Biometric, Research Administrator, in such a short amount of time is mind-blowing to me.

    Do you know if they did this pro bono? If not, what was their fee?

    • I have no idea what theses experts charged the defense. Whatever it was, I’m glad the defense was able to secure them for the Frye hearing and George may need to come up with more if the Judge allows Owens and Reich in.

      • Doddington charged $2,000 for the day, plus whatever expenses. French charges $100/hour more than Doddington – Mantie tried to embarrass Doddington with that, Doddington was unimpressed. I don’t know if the FBI charges, or permits its employees to independently charge. You can bet that O’Mara and/or West have invested substantial amounts of time in identifying experts, and getting them to this point. Looks like at least a full week of work for two people, to me, not counting the experts’ time.

        • Thanks for that info, cboldt. I was thinking about what MOM and West had to do to prepare for this just to be able to ask the questions they did. O’Mara was off a bit at times, but overall he did well. Maybe now he should add audio forensics expert to his repertoire.

      • I honestly am split in my mind about whether or not it’s a good or bad thing for Nelson to allow them on the stand.

        We can not assume that the jury will be either stupid or logical. If they are logical AND fair, then they will see the state’s case for what it is and how absurd it is to even think the cries for help came from Martin who had NO injuries on him whatsoever except the gun shot wound. Doncha think they will notice that and also wonder exactly what Martin would have been “begging” George to stop?

        Maybe George stared at him so hard, it not only insulted him but also terrified Martin enough to beg him to stop.

        I am not sure I would agree that their testimony infers guilt, If the jury hears the NEN tape and no one address the blood curdling screams for help, I think the jury might wonder why the defense did not expound upon that to prove it was George. I have not read that either of state’s experts has said conclusively that it was Martin’s voice unless I missed one of their reports. After getting their veracity completely destroyed during a 3 day marathon, I will be surprised if they don’t suddenly realize that their plan to make money from being in the spotlight, will completely disappear. What sensible/reasonable person would buy that software? I noticed the lone buyer is… you can fill in the blank. If I were them, I would take the money earned so far and run and try to disappear for a while. Can you even imagine the risk of public humiliation they would subject themselves to by testifying? Mom and West will double team them and the devastation will be so bad that even the other side will be too embarrassed to discuss it. Aren’t HLN and the OS already joining in on the jokes about these 2 snake charmers? Do you think the State has noticed that? Bernie is outgunned and completely out of his league on this issue so even he risks acquiring the smirking Jeff Ashton demeanor. Who could love a jerk like him who is so full of himself that he listens to anyone NO else? I “heard” that his mother would send him out to play in the traffic when he was a kid.

        Forgive me for getting carried away but I thought that writing down my thoughts would move me off of the fence. So far, it has not so maybe I should argue in another post why it is a good idea to keep them OFF of the stand.

  4. George Zimmerman: Mark O’Mara, Vinnie Politan discuss trial!
    Natty Jack/Bill Sheaffer are too part of the program.

    Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s attorney, and Natalie Jackson, an attorney for Trayvon Martin’s family, will be guests on “Central Florida Spotlight.” The program airs at 12:30 p.m. Sunday on WFTV-Channel 9. Moderator Greg Warmoth and legal analyst Bill Sheaffer talk to the guests in separate interviews. Warmoth provided previews: O’Mara said that when he took the case he didn’t fear for his or his family’s lives, but now he does. O’Mara discusses trial strategy for Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin’s death. Jackson explains how she and fellow attorney Benjamin Crump will handle the defense’s efforts to raise questions about Martin’s life. Jackson also talks about how she feels people will react to a guilty or not guilty verdict.


    I’d like to see this.

  5. thanks coreshift, I’m going to try to catch it, thanks too for recording some of the hearings for us that are computer challenged or missed them, it’s appreciated!

    • Great catch, freegz. As always, it’s the parts that we aren’t shown that are more damaging to the state. Watching those two videos, the 2nd video in particular shows Martin’s voice to be much deeper at times than in the “oooohhh….I think we need a behind the scenes” clip that was presented on ABC. In Matt Gutman’s report, that’s the way the clip was edited. What Trayvon actually said was “oooohhhhh, he coming to get that ass” and then later he said “I think we need a behind the scenes.”

    • The description that this is filming two homeless men can only have come from one person. I doubt the defense tracked down the men fighting. The buddy who is seen in the tape with Trayvon could have been the person who described the fighters. He must have been deposed in Miami. Mr. Hornsby’s thought that some of the witnesses from Miami may be asking for protection may be right on the mark. Can you imagine going back to Miami Gardens after helping the defense in your testimony?

  6. Another great daily blurb Nettles.

    I have found many people, especially over the internet, happen to be,and how should I say this…..overly critical. People over the internet complain, whine, and bitch about everything.

    Considering one of my personal mottos is to expect incompetence and be pleasantly surprised if you are wrong. Omara and West did a masterful job of destroying the audio frauds produced by the state. They haven’t been perfect, but they’ve done a hell of a better job than I could have done. Additionally, they fear for their lives and family lives from the lynch mob too now.

    As many have noted, I think it would be just fine for Nelson to let these snake oil audio salesmen to testify. They will be thoroughly discredited by the defense including the FBI. For this reason, I mostly expect Nelson to not allow these sound experts. So then later when she disallows all the evidence critical for the defense, she can say. “See how fair I have been!”

    Finally, I think Crump, Nat Jackson, and Jamie Foxx should replace Holder. The Fed Justice Department has not found any evidence against GZ. This persecution is from the state of Florida alone.

    • I didn’t know who Eric Holder was. My first introduction to him was him invoking Trayvon Martin’s name in a speech he gave to the local NAACP in Detroit on May 6th, 2012 http://cnsnews.com/news/article/ag-eric-holder-invokes-trayvon-martin-case-speech-detroit-naacp

      Just as things were settling down and the facts were starting to come out, Eric Holder pissed me off. Mr. Holder had the benefit of the FBI’s findings when he gave that speech. A dozen FBI agents descended upon Sanford and George Zimmerman’s life in late March/April 2012 and as we learned in July 2012 they found no evidence of racism. http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2012-07-12/news/os-george-zimmerman-evidence-release-20120712_1_trayvon-martin-neighborhood-watch-volunteer-george-Zimmerman

      Yet, Mr. Holder stirred up his audience “Despite “significant” progress in civil rights, the nation is still struggling to “overcome injustice” and “eliminate disparities,” Attorney General Eric Holder told the Detroit chapter of the NAACP on Sunday.” and went on to say the work of the NAACP got the President and him benefits in their lives.

      Perhaps so, but the NAACP I was learning also destroys lives of non-blacks as in the case of George Michael Zimmerman, a man who I fully believe defended himself from an aggressive and violent teenager.

      Less than two weeks after Eric Holder’s speech, the prosecutor released her first discovery of what became 18 discovery dumps and in reading the initial documents that presumably had their strongest evidence in bringing these charges, the headlines asked “Should charges be dropped against Zimmerman?” http://abcnews.go.com/US/george-zimmerman-case-charges-dropped/story?id=16392466

      I do think Eric Holder was race baiting then. Not sure what his stance is today.

      • Sorry, that May 6th speech was the 2nd introduction I had to Eric Holder. The first one came two days before Zimmerman’s arrest. A Zimmerman family member reached out to him asking for help with the threats from the Black Panthers. There was no response and a month later I saw his speech to the Detroit chapter of the local NAACP.


        • Robert never even got the common courtesy of a reply nor has any of an outraged citizenry. As Robert says “there can only be one reason.”

      • ” A dozen FBI agents descended upon Sanford and George Zimmerman’s life in late March/April 2012 and as we learned in July 2012 they found no evidence of racism.”

        Exactly. The FBI is testifying for the defense now.

        The persecution is coming from the state of Florida. Obama and Holder will (now) stay as far away as humanly possible from this case. If there are riots, they will speak up for the rule of law and try to calm matters.

        I think we might see sporadic looting and destruction, but the BGI will certainly ham it up accusing the US of the same old typical race baiting BS about the US being such a RACIST country the only reason GZ is acquitted…It wouldn’t be because it was actually self defense!

        • The responsibility for the death/destruction from the riots after GZ is acquitted should go to

          1) The people that actually committed the act.
          2) Matt Gutman and the other media sources who made this self defense story national news to further their career. (There will be blood on their hands, in fact there already is)
          3) Crump, Natalie Jackson and the BGI lawyers willing to threaten destruction and stir up the lynch mob to make a buck.

      • Outstanding comments, Nettles. I was going to follow by copying and pasting additional bull crap and make my own comments about each one until I realized that would be every single paragraph and take me quite a while. None of that is necessary for those who know Holder and what he is criminally trying to do, using his position as the chief LE officer in our country. This article deserves NO attention.

        For the record, Nettles, he, like Jesse and Al and Crump, and other black “leaders”….phooey!!… all use the phrase “our people” to say that their people deserve more than white folks. We need brave white people to stand up and talk about how OUR people are getting screwed and also declare that we gave THEM their chance and now demand OUR civil rights and we no longer give a damn about THEIRS.

        Get over it, Eric, or we will show you that we are perfectly capable of running the plantation again and putting you in your now richly deserved place.

        Note: David Duke did not write this.

        • “Note: David Duke did not write this.”

          No, he would have been a little more subtle in his racism, and not quite so blatant.



          • C’mon unitron.. You know damn well it was a figurative comment. I am disturbed that you would label me or imply that I am a racist when after a year or more of our reading each others posts, you know that is blatantly false.

            • “…we will show you that we are perfectly capable of running the plantation again and putting you in your now richly deserved place. ”

              I’d say the matter speaks for itself.

              If you aren’t a racist you certainly appear to be playing one on the internet.

  7. Does anyone know if there is any ping or gps data from the phones that will be introduced at trial?

    • Ping data comes from the cell towers. We don’t know if O’Mara intends to use the fact that Martin’s phone was seen by towers out of range of the path from 7-11 to RTL.

      There is probably no useful GPS data on the Martin’s phone. There was a thought that the data had been eradicated for 2/26, but GPS data is obtained and stored only “on demand” by the phone user, like for tagging photos with location, or using a browser to find a nearby restaurant, fuel, etc. The absence of GPS data on 2/26 is “typical,” as most smart phone users that use GPS at all, have gaps of days between calling for GPS.

    • I don’t know the accuracy of ping data. I think it would not be accurate enough to track movement to better than plus or minus a few hundred feet, and might not be taken/recorded often enough to show the kind of motion sought to be known in this case.

    • Roughly confirming the “hundred foot or so” accuracy. I haven’t found a source that describes how often this information is recorded from each tower.

      With the older style analog cellular phones and digital mobile phones that are not GPS capable the cellular network provider can determine where the phone is to within a hundred feet or so using “triangulation” because at any one time, the phone is usually able to communicate with more than one of the aerial arrays provided by the phone network. The cell towers are typically 6 to 12 miles apart (less in cities) and a phone is usually within range of at least three of them. By comparing the signal strength and time lag for the phone’s carrier signal to reach at each tower, the network provider can triangulate the phone’s approximate position.

      Locating Mobile Phones through Pinging and Triangulation

      • There is at least one person at CTH who appears to be very knowledgeable about this subject if you want to wander over there. He has explained in detail how to use data from the phone to virtually pinpoint someone’s position. I sent an email to O’Mara about this new technology, including contact info for experts who could help him. His CTH username is waltherpk.

  8. With the voice analysis being exposed as junk science, I think this case me come down to DD’s testimony.

    I can’t see a jury finding her credible, and even if so she doesn’t completely help the prosecution.

    I find GZ credible, although the ending of the NEN call where he tells the dispatcher to have the police call him rather than meet at a prestablished place is a little troubling.

  9. Does anyone know if the state has an expert who will say that the location or trajectory of the gun shot wound is incosistent with GZ’s version of events?


    • There is no such expert. The forensic evidence on the gunshot wound is unequiviocally consistent with Zimmerman’s description of events.

  10. The AP stories are really whacked out. Some selected excerpts:

    There is no disputing that Zimmerman fired his 9-mm. handgun after calling police, exiting his pickup truck to follow Martin, then getting into a fight with the 17-year-old …

    Investigators know Zimmerman was on patrol following a series of break-ins inside the Sanford, Fla., community. And they know the altercation occurred as Martin, visiting from the Miami area, was returning from a convenience store where had bought Skittles and an iced tea …

    Zimmerman says Martin spotted his gun holstered around his waist and under his clothes and said, “You are going to die tonight.”

    Zimmerman says Martin grabbed the gun first and fired. …

    Zimmerman was well known to police dispatchers for his regular calls to report suspicious people and events and was told that night to stay inside his vehicle.

    Trial begins for George Zimmerman, accused of murdering Florida teen Trayvon Martin – FoxNews

    • As MOM West systematically destroy the state’s case, doncha think the media will do an abrupt U turn at some point?

  11. Another jaw-dropping stupid remark in the press. Trayvon Martin murder trial to raise complicated questions – LIZETTE ALVAREZ – The New York Times News Service

    “What happened?” asked Michael R. Band, a Miami defense lawyer and a former chief assistant state attorney in Miami-Dade County who has prosecuted high-profile criminal cases. “Who knows? The evidence is reasonably clear that we really don’t know.”

    This could pose a problem for the prosecutors from the 4th Judicial Circuit of Florida who are trying the case, legal experts said. If jurors do not ultimately know what happened, they tend to acquit, they added.

    Ummm, the burden is on the state to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt? Presumed innocent? The jury customarily follows instructions and this could pose a problem for prosecutors. Hahahahahah.

  12. Trayvon Martin murder case goes to trial in Florida!

    Crump stated: “I honestly think this is a civil rights/equal justice issue because everybody in the world is watching to see if everybody in America gets equal justice,” Crump said. “This family has wanted to have their day in court. They wanted to not have their son’s death be in vain. They pray continuously that the justice system does not fail them.”

    Francine Oliver stated: “What this community wanted was for George Zimmerman to be arrested, the police chief to be fired and the state attorney to be gone. And all of this has been done,” said Francis Oliver, one of Sanford’s long-time civil rights leaders.

    Mark NeJame said: Prominent Orlando defense lawyer Mark Nejame suggests viewing the case through separate moral and legal lenses.

    “Morally, I think it never should have happened,” Nejame said. “I think that George Zimmerman was somewhat of a zealot in his effort to protect and serve and he should never have been following anybody when he was carrying a gun.”

    Legally, the case would depend on what the jurors believe happened in the struggle in the moments before the killing, he said.


    • The BGI is alive and well, and their enablers to keep it going, like Nejame, are equally responsible for this railroading. I would have to say that if any white or white hispanic person defends his own life, and has to shoot a black person to do so, don’t seek out the services of Mark Nejame to defend you. GZ was a zealot in trying to protect his community????? Why not just repeat Serino’s statement that George had a hero complex, and Crump who said he shouldna never got outa da truck. Guaranteed if Trayvon went all the way back to GZ’s truck, and attacked him while he was in his truck, the narrative from those who think they are “taking the moral high ground” would still be the same.

      BREAKING NEWS FROM FLORIDA- Self defense is no longer legal, and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Zero tolerance applies.

      • GZ was a zealot in trying to protect his community. Surely you know that Mark is a pansy.. the kind of guy who thinks soldiers should fire warning shots before wounding the enemy. The last resort is shoot to kill cuz LOVE is the answer

    • “What this community wanted was for George Zimmerman to be arrested, the police chief to be fired and the state attorney to be gone.” What a lie. She meant: What this BLACK community wanted was for George Zimmerman to be arrested, the police chief to be fired and the state attorney to be gone.

      So this BLACK community can dictate what is supposed to be done? How does that work?

  13. http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/06/zimmerman-case-the-five-principles-of-the-law-of-self-defense//#more

    Most excellent article by Atty Branca over at the Legal Insurection blog giving an overview of the 5 hurdles GZ’s team will have to prove that GZ was in fact acting in proper self-defense, according to the law. When I read articles like this it makes me look at this guy compared to those like Marl Najame and so many others who look more like Alan Reich to me. Nejames is a lawyer, and should be covering the legal process, not acting as some kind of preacher who brings morals into the story. Another legal analyst I have no time for, even before the Zimmerman case has been Eiglarsh (sp).

    Read the 5 elements of self defense and tell me where Zimmerman fails in any one of them. I was especially interested in the first item on Branca’s list where he talks about Zimmerman “recovering his innocence” even if he initiated the argument (which I don’t believe). Once GZ was pinned on the ground with Martins knees with grass stains at his side, and throwing punches MMA style to GZ’s head.

    • I have strong differences of opinion about what Braca says in that article. The “Avoidance” principle is bullshit. The pivot point is threat or use of force. You can stand anyplace you are entitled to, and insult, verbally taunt, to your heart’s content (shy of breach of the peace), and you are NOT an aggressor, as long as you do not threaten to use force. That principle is a far cry from any “duty to avoid.” He misses the boat on other points too, but not by quite as far.

      I totally agree with your take on Nejame. He’s an entertainer, not a lawyer. FWIW, Jerry Rivers (aka Geraldo Rivera) is a lawyer too. He and Nejame are cut from the same cloth.

    • Nitpick point … Branca doesn’t mention F.S. 776.012 – Use of force in defense of person, which I think has as much play as 776.013(3).

      On to the “recovery of innocence.” Also a nitpick on my part, but if you threaten or use force, you don’t “recover your innocence,” in fact, you forfeit immunity from prosecution because you are liable for threatening or using unlawful force! But, the law does hold you to forfeit your life just because you assaulted somebody. So, if you are guilty of assault, and your opponent tries to kill you, you can defend yourself. The alternative allowed is that if you “give up” but your opponent keeps swinging, you can use measured force to defend yourself. But, when all the dust settles, you aren’t innocent – you just had a right to defend yourself.

      Branca did not deal with what constitutes “aggression,” and this happens to be a major point of contention in the public argument. I said it before, so this is repetitions, but aggression HAS TO BE something reasonably taken at least as a threat to use force. Following does not cut it, meaning following, even by “a scary guy,” is not aggression. Not that it matters here, there is zero evidence that Zimmerman endeavored to confront or get close to Martin, and “following from a distance” isn’t threatening force in this context.

      • With all respect cboldt, I’m going with Branca, as that is area of legal speciality. He is clearly applying the law to the specific case of GZ, and he states that he is providing a very brief “overview” of the law, and that there are many details that could be added. I guess that is why the case is where it is because differing legal opinions and interpretations are running rampant, everywhere. As far as nitpicks go, I’m with O’Mara with his role in the voice expert witnesses for the past few days. All the lawyers, and non-lawyers want to also interpret how O’Mara should have asked this, he should have done that, he missed on this point, he didn’t do that, and blah blah blah. I find that amusing coming from anyone other than O’Mara and/or West, as no one was in that courtroom doing the arguing except O’Mara and West. East to sit back and use hindsight as to they should have said or done. I guess this is the kind of stuff we are going to be subjected to from those that always think they know better, and would have been so much better than the defense team. That is not a personal attack cboldt, it is a general attack on the armchairs. It is my own personal choice to go with someone who has heavily involved themselves in the self defense laws. I’ll repeat again, this is the difference between a French or Doddington, as opposed to an Alan Reich, or Tom Owen. Again that is my personal opinion, for whatever it’s worth.

        • No offense taken. I don’t take your “preference” as a personal attack in any way shape or form. and even though my remarks were in reply to your post, my remarks are meant for all the readers, not just you.

  14. Thanks for including Eric Holder as a race baiter. I don’t believe many people realize how involved the justice department has been in this case. George is not getting a fair trial. For anyone that doubts that it is naive to think that a Governor can be pressured to appoint a special prosecutor who bypasses a grand jury and makes an arrest yet a trial judge can’t’ be pressured to make biased rulings like Judge Nelson has and will continue to do.

    • doombug- I respectfully disagree. The Fla. Gov. had every reason, and every right to oppose any pressure from Holder, the BGI industry railroading GZ, and surely the state Attorney Gen Pam Bondi could have fought against this sham. They didn’t simply because Scott and Bondi, from everything I’m reading, are both not the most popular people in Fla. at this time. aside and appart from the GZ case. Scott could very easily have never allowed this to get to the point where the entire Fla. legal system is now under a massive corruption microscope. Scott could have called out the National Guard against those threatening riots and mayhem. He didn’t. God forbid he ruin the tourism industry into the groud, God forbid he stand up on legal principles and defend not only GZ but every other person that has been railroaded by the likes of Corey and BDLR, Pam Bondis mentors. The most egregious words I’ve ever heard come from a state atty. general was when Bondi proudly proclaimed that Crump and Parks are her good friends, and that they were very fine attorney’s. Hopefully the good people of Florida will send these jokers, wimps, cowards, and law breakers back to their former lives as non-elected losers. I don’t care what kind of monet the Obama admin. will have withheld from the state. They sold an innocent man for their quest for a few pieces of silver. They could have prevented from this happening, and they can still stop it in a nanosecond. I promise they won’t. They are too scared to death of losing the black votes they so desperately need, that they will never get anyway.

  15. Hey everybody. Here’s the deal. I figure whatever Nelson decides on this evidence coming in on the 911 tape … doesn’t matter. It’s a WIN/WIN situation for the defense. If Nelson says YES, it’s in! … the defense just needs to bring their experts to clearly and in layman’s terms CRUSH that testimony. The jury will listen to a nutcase, and then a man who is hard of hearing for the prosecution. The defense then can bring their parade of experts that will totally bring the curtain down prosecution’s feeble attempt to prove who’s voice is on the 911 screaming for help.

  16. interesting observation noted at CTH by eastern2western that Sybrina will not identify the voice in the bicycle video as being Trayvon’s, which is a somewhat cleaner examplar of voice; whereas she can identify the screams on that fateful evening as being that of Trayvon.

    “NBC News has not independently authenticated that the voice is Martin’s. Ben Crump, a lawyer for the Martin family, says that Martin’s own mother isn’t sure it’s his voice. Another lawyer for the family, Daryl Parks, says that’s not the issue.”


    • Thanks for sharing this. I was watching the conversation on twitter about this article.

      A few days ago there was “noise” that Sundance was going to release some block-buster stuff. I haven’t heard anything further. Did it turn out to be debunked or did it get revealed at all?

      • I think he is still working through the blockbuster stuff. They wouldn’t give him the material in transcript form claiming that it is only on tape. So they are charging to have it transcribed and that is where it is as I understand it. He has done a good job in everything that he has requested. Of course, at this stage, everything is very touch because of the GZ trial and the uncomfortable questions raised by the material that Sundance has received that he has made public.

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