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June 10, 2013


Today, we put our trust in the judicial system. What other choice do we have?  Rallies? Riots?

My thoughts will be with the defense team today. I was saddened to learn that Mrs. Gladys Zimmerman has been having some health issues. May the family find the love, support and strength in each of you to carry you through the days ahead. Please remember, you are not alone.

Be safe.


186 thoughts on “June 10, 2013

    • Any sensible person knows it is not right for someone who was clearly revealed in court to be a lying criminal to even be inside the court room, let alone prosecuting an innocent man.

    • Let’s hope that Mr. Parry will cover the trial and mock Corey, Bondi, Scott and Bernie while he’s doing so..I sense this may be a prep story to doing something no Florida paper would dare attempt. This is right up the Inquirer’s alley…ready to pounce on and expose the soul of the corrupt Florida justice system. If the Inquirer will do this in their own back yard, then Florida is fair game.

      Definition of Inquirer: To make an inquiry or investigation…..: inquire into the extent of the corruption.

      The Inquirer has won 19 Pulltzers. Notice the subject matter… not afraid to expose any institution


  1. LLMPapa and his/her companions are even nuttier than I thought. I can see now why they put so much stock in Reich and Owen. What’s next? Tea leaf reading? Can tell George is lying because of his auras? Will we see them outside the courtroom sticking pins into a fat voodoo doll? I demand a Frye hearing! 😀

    • Just a news report quoting O’Mara. I’ll take him at his word on this one. He also said he’s ready even if there isn’t a continuance.

  2. Saying again, Heartfelt Prayers for Geo and Shellie, and their Families, and for the Whole Defense team and their Families. This is a heavy burden that shouldnt be. God give them peace, courage and strong faith in the days ahead.

  3. My prayers are with George and his family. May we see justice be done. However, it is Florida and it is well known for a lack of justice.

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  5. It seems to me that MOM/West are more prepared for this trial than the state. Of course, they could use more time to nail down the loose ends. No trial is ever completely perfect and no lawyer is ever completely ready for trial.

    If anyone should be asking for a continuance, it is the state. The jury is going to see right through this farce.

    • Depending on how you define prepared, I think that issue can go either way. The state has a leg up as far as discovery, but the defense has a leg up as far as facts and evidence. O’Mara rasied completely valid points as to admissibility of evidence when faced with a rush to trial and inability to secure authentication and similar factual material. That will impact defense ability to present the real Martin to the jury. I sense that the state is going to go for a scorched-earth offense against Zimmerman, and will happily pen the door to similar as to Martin. Then when O’Mara tries to present Martin’s past, the state will object and Nelson will sustain the objection.

      Even with all that disadvantage, I think it is impossible to secure a conviction.

    • The state has the advantage, but also the burden to prove the elements of murder2, which I don’t see how they can sustain it.

  6. court has started! I have it on WESH.

    Motion for continuance.

    Nettles, do you know who is the African-American woman behind MOM, in the first row? Thanks.

    • Good Morning! I don’t know who that is. I’ve been unable to watch so far. Just tuned in to see the seal.

      Talk Left is giving two thumbs up for Robert Hirschhorn.

      In case you missed it, the Martin family did a mini-presser in the courtroom seconds before the judge entered. Then they left the courtroom and made their reentrance again. *Rolls eyes* Here is their presser.

  7. You can see Nelson is already to deny the continuance motion, without hearing argument. What else is new?

  8. MOM should now file a motion for reconsideration to continue. Then go immediately to the DCA. This is an obvious rush to judgment.

    • Not appealable at this time. Might as well treat it as final. It’s a point for appeal if Zimmerman is convicted.

  9. Jurors; Race may be focus! (Matt Gutman reports)

    Sybrina stated:
    “We have an issue with security,” Fulton said. “We have decided that we would not wear bullet proof vests. Are we taking a chance with our lives? Yes, we certainly are, but we’re putting our faith in God.”


    Sybrina fails to state at least they have PLENTY OF MONEY to pay for security & body guards, and that’s if she is even telling the truth.

    • They don’t have an issue with security. That’s a fabrication, like the uninjured person wearing a neck brace.

      • Exactly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sybrina and Tracy wear bulletproof vests in court to try to sway the jury. They aren’t allowed to wear Trayvon shirts or pins or anything. How is Sybrina supposed to earn any money from her Traydemarked merchandise if she can’t advertise it during the trial?

      • cboldt – You are spot on, I too don’t believe there have been treats against the Scheme Team or Sybrina/Tracy, BUT, they will continue to LIE & BILK any media they can TRYING to keep the FOCUS on RACE.

        • Their behavior indicates it is a lie. They don’t live in hiding as the Zimmerman do. Just last week, Ms. Fulton was in New York doing her press tours.

          I have come to know this family will lie about everything. Absolutely everything.

          • My favorite lie is when Sybrina did the interview where she said “They killed my son, and now they’re trying to kill his reputation.” The way she shakes her head and bats her eyes when she says all of that is a clear sign of deception.

    • Defense is using the services of Robert Hirschhorn as a jury consultant.

      ROBERT B. HIRSCHHORN of Cathy E. Bennett & Associates, Inc., Lewisville, Texas, is an attorney and a nationally recognized expert in jury and trial consultation. He is a co-author of Blue’s Guide to Jury Selection, which is currently available from Thompson-West Publishing. Mr. Hirschhorn has been a jury consultant since 1985. In 2005, he selected juries that returned more than $750 Million in verdicts. Those cases include Lexar v. Toshiba (breach of fiduciary duty; $461 Million) and Ernst v. Merck (1st Vioxx litigation; $253 Million). He has also assisted lawyers in many high-profile criminal cases including State of Florida v. William Kennedy Smith (sexual assault charges, not guilty verdict), State v. U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (ethics charges, not-guilty verdict), and State v. Robert Durst (acquitted of murder charges). Mr. Hirschhorn has appeared on Good Morning America, MSNBC, Court TV, CNN, Dateline NBC, 48 Hours, Nightline, and many national radio programs. He lectures nationwide to lawyers and judges on the art of jury selection.

      Also by Hirschhorn:




  10. If you listen carefully to the feedback in the clickorlando live stream, you can hear “Zimmerman is guilty”

  11. getting ready for the first 21 victims, i mean jurors.

    Recently had the pleasure to serve. Judge told us how important it was, blah, blah… Then, by the way, this case is scheduled to last about 6 weeks! (Huge groans.) Judge: OK, how many can’t do it for good cause, i.e., a hardship; and a hardship is specifically defined, like losing a lot of money, yes. Taking care of kids, no.

    Judge excused for lunch 1/2 the jurors who could do it. The rest of us had to fill out a questionnaire…very standard–if you personally know any of the parties involved, etc. Judge began interviewing to confirm hardship, but finally gave up and let us go.

  12. The shooting received little initial attention, but that changed after Martin’s parents hired Benjamin Crump, a prominent civil rights attorney. He began complaining to the news media, accusing the police and prosecutors of letting the murderer of a black child go free, and contacting other civil rights leaders, including the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, to get their support.
    Gov. Rick Scott appointed State Attorney Angela B. Corey from the nearby Jacksonville district to re-examine the case. She decided to charge Zimmerman.


    Another article : (works for AP)
    Zimmerman’s attorney walks tight line in defense


  13. the mysterious process of picking a jury. how do you think jurors are feeling about this case? my bet is that the good ones, the serious ones, the ones who agree to follow the law as their constitutional duty will be chosen.

  14. Kathi Belich, WFTV @KBelichWFTV (from Kathy’s twitter)

    Martin family attorney Daryl Parks says one of the big concerns is a “mole” getting on the jury. #Zimmermanon9


    WTF? Guess Park’s is already setting up an excuse when GZ is found NOT GUILTY!

  15. Robert just gave the most concise summary of what this case is all about. I can’t wait to see this little press conference on youtube so we can pull out that one portion.

    • He basically said there was no probable cause, that Chief Lee and Wolfinger were on the right track, and that Corey’s decision is a policial move to appease. “Law has been defiled.”

      • Question (at 6:50 mark): Should he have been charged with anything?

        Robert Zimmerman: No, you don’t charge in this country simply to assuage the concerns of masses. You charge when there’s probable cause, and I have no doubt that Mr. Lee, the former Chief of Sanford Florida, Chief of Police, and the district attorney’s office, or, state attorney’s office as it is here would have liked nothing more than to find any shred or ounce of probable cause that they could have used to charge George with any crime. They in fact found none, and then it became politicized, and, unfortunately, a political calculation was made, centered around the politics of race, and the law was defiled.

  16. robert is a media genius; he is taking questions from the spanish press in spanish. So how could his family possibly be racist, having suffered discrimination like all minorities.

        • It’s not the first time. He critiqued Robert’s clothing on that presser outside the courtroom, in which Robert told of GZ support when Robert told his family he was gay.

          Richard tweets a lot of GZ’s weight as well. I think he is just trying to give something to the other side.

          Odd though for a guy to be so catty. I know Richard thinks Robert should stop talking but any defense lawyer would want that. The family though can’t sit silent as the other side spews lies unchallenged. So I do support Robert speaking out.

          • I think Robert’s speaking out is marvelous. Absolute net plus for society, and for his brother. In fact, I see nothing negative in his actions or remarks.

            As for Hornsby, his catty remarks reflect badly on him. His catty remarks are his problem, not Robert’s.

  17. jk on that last one!i hope he doesn’t judge just by race, but that might be the tendency in this case. it is illegal though. but if you can find an alternate reason for disqualifying, it is constitutional.

    • Diana Tennis said in a recent radio interview that of the 500 questionnaires that were randomly sent out that probably 30 of them were to people of color.

      It’s highly likely that GZ will have an all-white jury. Ben Crump said that was going to be a problem.

      It’s likley a reason the trial wasn’t moved to somewhere else in Florida. The jury pool candidates favor the defendant.

      • I went through the math a year ago. If random selected (and jury selection is emphatically not random), the probability of a no-black jury (which is not the same as all-white) was about 50%.

        Given voir dire, I figure the jury will be at least 1/6 black, probably 2/6 black.

          • I don’t know. But, if 30 out of 500 are black, the probability of a no-black 6 person panel increases to about 69%. IIRC, I used about 10% black (vs. the 6% black resulting from 30 out of 500) to come up with about 53% probability of a RANDOM no-black jury.

            • I think it is highly unlikely that Nelson would allow an all white jury. Her idea of fair is at least 4 blacks because these people get extra points for being black.

              • It’s a myth that blacks will feel too much pressure to be on TM side of the case. O’Mara’s office has black employees, my facebook group has black GZ’s supporters. I never took a poll here on the race of commentators but it wouldn’t suprise me in the least to learn some are black.

                Someone tweeted out today that this case comes down to emotion vs logic. If the person reaches their decision based on emotion, the state is likely to win. If the person reaches their decision based on logic, the defense is likely to win.

                I agree with that. We are all human. I look to others as souls. We need 6 logically thinking souls on the jury and I’ll leave Mr.Crump to put his racist views on what their skin color says.

  18. Looks like we are ready to go. It’s 10:54 a.m. Chicago time. Don West’s face when he looks at Nelson is like saying … I can’t believe someone is actually married to this woman. His facial expressions are priceless. Believe it or not … I find West sexy. LOL

  19. Nelson is already showing what a terrible manager she is. She should have formulated the procedures for how these questionnaires would be distributed to each side well in advance and provided that information to both sides. They shouldn’t be sitting there now with a huge stack of papers and no way to know which ones will come up in which order.

      • Guys – you know Judge N is hell bent on her way or the highway DESPITE the consequences on the trial itself!

        I agree w/the peep that stated “Judge N looks like John Goodman w/a wig on!”

  20. My bet is that they are concerned about one question:

    Have you heard about this case? Possible answers are Yes, NO, idk, maybe and blank.

  21. jordan2222 – I like watching the hearing on WFTV, Bill Sheaffer, Legal Analyst is there full time & weighs in during the down town. Bill Sheaffer is reciving questions from bloggers. One blogger ask “WHY refer to TM as the victim until after the verdict?” Sheaffer responded, “he refers to them as complaining witnesses.” LMAO. He to state, “traditionally the State would refer to TM as the victim.”

    Sheaffer said attorney’s are reviewing to see if they want questions ask.


    they too report Orlando news during down time, FYI when they are not asking Sheaffer questions.

      • jordan2222 – WFTV too has a “live blog” on the same page which is moderated in which bloggers ask Sheaffer questions. Thus far, GZ supporters SLAP TM supporters down that continue the same lying mantra on the blog. LOTS of GZ supporters out in full force supporting GZ’s right to a fair trial.

  22. I don’t believe a word a press spokesman has to say on behalf of the family. Furthermore, no suprise to me that the media person agreeing to spread the bullshit is Matt Gutman.

  23. Here would be my question: Do they HAVE to go through all 500? Or let’s say after they grind out 25, they found 6 with 4 alternates in that 25? Anybody know for sure?

    • geeeeeeeeeeez louise – MAYBE it was the eye liner that flipped up on the edges making her look nutty, just sayin!

    • yes, b/c remember abc’s rival is nbc. if gz wins, huge bucks from them. what ABC doesn’t know though, is they are next!

    • What does she mean by this and the ten lawyers?

      ABC & NRA are two big sponsors for the George Zimmerman defense team composed of 10 top-notched criminal justice lawyers across the country.

  24. from the state which brought you hanging tabs…now featuring….illegible questionnaires!!! this is just sad, Floriduh!!!!!

    • I think of them as WTF-TV. It’s a shame the public by and large thinks the press is credible. They spread falsehood faster than corrections can be made.

  25. PUKE! Could BDLR kiss her ass any more than he is doing? I hate to say it, she wants on this JURY! Maybe she read WHAT NOT to say on her questionnaire. just speculating.

  26. Apparently, asking about their concern for crime is not allowed. Like in your experience have you ever lived in a crime ridden neighborhood? I would ask this witness from Chicago why her and her husband left Chicago, and whether they lived in a pretty much crime free area of Chicago, or a neighborhood that had lots of problems leading one to take measures to secure their residence. Have you ever been a victim of crime?

    • Ottawa925 – You are right, good observation. I don’t believe this witness. It’s likely she got a summons because she is new to the area & registered to vote which, from my understanding, moves you up the list to serve jury duty.

      imo, it would ONLY be normal for someone to state, I got a jury summons, what a pain the ass in making conversation at work or home. Seems her boss was STOOPID TOO if he didn’t mention the case.

  27. I thought this person said she would lose her license (nursing home) if she didn’t work at least 3 days a week. << confused on that.

  28. I hope this old mans adult kids or his girl friend are waiting in the wings to give him a ride home. WAYYYYYYYYYYYY to much knowledge imo, on the case.,

        • I liked him too. I really liked the last one, B-76. She’s sharp, a critical thinker. No cable teevee in their house, she knows that crap will rot your brain, and she’s looking out for her kids!

          • I missed her entirely. What do they do after they question the potential juror at the Judge’s table? Are they telling her if they accept or reject the juror? Is there steps? Once they make it past this step is there another interview?

            • The sidebars are after the one who has been examined leaves the courtroom. The sidebar is just between counsel and the judge. I don’t know if they are agreeing to pass/reject examinees at this point, or if the sidebars are just about choosing the next person who will be in the barrel (for examination).

              The ones that get past this will definitely be subjected to another interview, but it might happen in a group setting. My impression is that once 21 are selected, those 21 come in, and the lawyers can isolate individuals and ask them questions.

  29. I didn’t realize the Defense can request that the charge of 2nd degree murder be removed from the verdict form IF the State doesn’t prove their case.

    It would remain a problem, it would be at Judge N’s discretion! Judge N to the Defense, “sit down, shut up, DENIED!”

    • cassandra – I don’t know if you watched the Anthony trial or not, but LE vetted threats on KC & they found there were no real threats, Most threats were boasting or hoaxes. That didn’t STOP Baez/Defense Team from getting as much mileage as they could out of the claims. KC still remains in hiding, she hasn’t had any security since shortly after her trial, she couldn’t afford it.

      I wish LE would call the BLUFF of Crump/Sybrina/Tracy on the “supposed threats” & VET them. imo, it’s about publicity.

      For years I thought someone would take the smirk off OJ’s face while he dodged paying his Judgement to the Goldman’s. OJ moved to Fla. to protect his assets, Fla. offers more protection of assets in Judgements than most other states. OJ played gold everyday smiling to the cameras & flaunting his life of leisure, no one did anything to the POS, his criminal mind & self destruction put him where he belongs.

      • Long before the murder, I read about fascination with white blonde women but also his propensity for violence toward them. Nicole was NOT his first experience with rage. Much about OJ was documented in a study about blacks having genetically borne uncontrollable impulses. Even after he was freed from the two murders, he was unable to stop or even keep his mouth shut. He was obsessed with being in “on the action.” and was always seriously out of control. If anyone needs to be caged and separated from society, he’s my choice for the poster boy.

    • MSM must have never received the full tape of the NEN call. I wonder if they know how the call ended. So far, none have played the part in which George says OK. Can’t wait until someone sends them a copy.

      • They have the tape. They ignore GZ response b/c it doesn’t go along with the narrative.

        This also explains why Landry’s interview of W6 on Feb. 27th remains largely unseen in the MSM.

  30. GABC Gutman repeats Sybrina Fulton claim that the family is receiving death threats, we have seen plenty of threats against the Zimmermans has anyone seen any of these threats Fulton refers to? I am skeptical of her claims.

    • Do what most people do when you get credible threats, call the cops, report it. O’Mara has done that. It’s a law enforcement issue.

      • Seems too reasonable for the Martin’s, gee maybe that is why TM did not call the cops since he felt threatened by being watched.

        I made the mistake of reading LSM and the comments, your correct in you assessment the vast majority of people are not REALITY based.

        • I’m not sure that anyone ever considered the fact that TM may very well have heard GZ telling the NEN operator to have the police call him when they got there. TM may well have been scared away if the police had actually called GZ on his phone when they were close by. If TM knew the police were on the way, he may have continued the beat down until GZ’s phone would have rang. The police never called GZ when they were arriving on the scene. Wasn’t it just seconds after GZ hung up with the NEN operator that GZ was attacked? Didn’t the police arrive on the scene just something like 30 seconds after TM was shot? The police shoulda called GZ as he asked them to, the ringing phone coulda stopped the beat down as TM woukld have known that the police were very close to the incident. Am I really off there?

          • ” Wasn’t it just seconds after GZ hung up with the NEN operator that GZ was attacked? ”

            About 120 of them.

            “Didn’t the police arrive on the scene just something like 30 seconds after TM was shot?”

            Not sure when they came through the front gate (although apparently it wasn’t until after the shot was fired) but it was 2.5 to 3 minutes after the gunshot before Smith got to Zimmerman and handcuffed him.

        • cassandra- I’ve never known someone who has been involved in likely criminal activity to depend on, or call the police to help them out of a bad situation. I doubt that ever happens.

  31. Benjamin Crump said that this is the civil rights case of the decade, and that the outcome of this case will determine how far the US has come with civil rights. Of course code is civil rights for a black who was shot, but civil rights for George Zimmerman, not so much. Sybrina and Tracy were looking at the potential jurors in the coutroom today.

    I heard on ABC radio news today that as jury selection is going on today. GZ is sitting at the defense table, where he is required to be, and that Sybrina and Tracy are sitting in the first row while any jurors are questioned. Reminds me of Sybrina sitting next to DD as she gave her testimony in the BDLR interview, that was held in her residence. Sybrina and Tracy were sitting in the courtroom today looking at every potential juror.

    Has anyone ever heard of the parents of the so-called victim giving a press conference in the courtroom where the trial will take place? Sybrina and Tracy were sitting in the first row in the courtroom today looking at every potential juror.

    I was disgusted to read a column at Breitbart Big Government site today where the author stated that all Trayvon had in his hoodie pocket was a bag of skittles, and a “bottle” of iced tea. Sybrina and Tracy were sitting in the first row of the courtroom today, looking at every face that may or may not convict George. They had dollar signs floating from the bullets that should have been floating above their heads.

    As humorous as the witness that was called W30, who said he prefers that to W65 which he is, and made it to the courtroom, that his current Sanford girlfriend told him that George should never have gotten out of the truck. Please. He must be trying purposely to get out of jury duty. What has been the biggest narrative pushed by Crump and Serino, he shoudna got outa da ca. Why were Tracy and Sybrina sitting in the courtroom today witnessing every possible juror that may determine the fate of GZ?

    The majority of the MSM has ramped up their agreement with the Crump/Julison narrative. Sensationalism and hype sells, and the MSM is much more concerned about their dollar bottom lines than they could ever be with due process of law. Self defense is in fact legal in this country, and that they fell for a false and destructive narrative, even when it incited riots, people beaten and killed in the name of TM, it all about the hype and the meme that if it bleeds it leads. Sybrina and Tracy were sitting in the first row watching every potential juror that may just have the nerve to exonerate George, and therefore dissing their thug son who beat down George because he was dissed, by some opinions.

    For those that follow high profile cases, I don’t, but have the family members, sitting in the front row, been a common practice in past trials? As bad as the false narrative in the MSM has been, it makes sense that the Martin parents, and their various and myriad of lawyers would save the biggest and best fireworks for the trial. So what time does Sharpton’s plane land in Sanford?

    • pinecone – usually family members sit closely behind the defendant, sometimes a few rows back as in Adam Kaufmans case, I only base that on the high profile cases I have seen EXCEPT for KC’s. George/Cindy/Lee were seated near the back. In KC’s case, they may have requested that arrangement, AFTER the verdict was read, while everyone in the court room was stunned, they had made a fast exit.

      I could scream at the press Crump is getting STILL PROMOTING his racist agenda. I LMAO when reading at the OS that there were more photographer’s than there than protesters & most of the protesters were sitting in the shade.

    • yes, it seems unfair that Sybrina is now trying to poison the jury by sitting there crying in front of them. Poor baby! It is important that George’s family shows up to support him and to counter that influence!

  32. does nat jack really have the little baby trayvon as her twitter handle now? Can we possibly be any more biased?

    • i mean her twitter photo.

      can’t wait, natty jack.

    • Art, I had read the study she mentions, the whole thing is bopkus, it is nicely written waste of paper. First of all the comparison are of blacks on the jury pool, not black actually seated on the jury. Both of the counties used Lake county and Sarasota county have lower black populations that the state avgs. Which lowers dramatically the chances of a black person making it to the final jury pool.

      Aside from accounting if someone had prior charges, variables such strength of the case, legal representation (public defender), type of charge. The whole thing is a little insulting in that it is advocating some sort of special set-aside so that blacks are always on the jury pool. In order words the study goal was to prove bias, and limited the variables to achieve it. It even counted cases that were not heard by the jury, but reached a deal after the pool was selected, claiming that this was done as a result of the jury pool selected.

      It is a American Liberal Urban Myth, that just won’t die. The DOJ conducted a study from 2009 to 2011 and concluded that when all variable are taken into account the composition of the jury the effect is negligible. In fact the study found that when the jury is majority black it will convict black defendant at higher rates, that a mixed, mostly white or all white jury.

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