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June 12, 2013

Today is day 3 of picking a jury. It’s been interesting hearing how those close to the incident came to know of the case and how for the most part have given it only a small consideration.

 Thanks so much to AJ for the work he is doing in recording the day’s events.  You can find them in the hearing tab at the top of the page.

Day 1 resulted in 4 jurors being interviewed and of those 1 was dismissed, likely because he was hard of hearing.

B12 – A white woman who works the third shift at her job. She told attorney’s she does not watch a lot of TV but has heard of the trial. She’s familiar with shows like “CSI” and says she wants to keep an “open mind” and does not have a pre-determined opinion of the trial. “B12” told the attorneys she has heard of George Zimmerman’s wife and remembers she and George had raised money from donations to pay their bills a remembers seeing a photo of Trayvon Martin in a hoodie.

B29 – A married female third-shift worker who has five children and moved to Seminole County from Chicago four months ago. Says she never paid attention to the news and doesn’t always believe it. She watches a lot of reality TV. A 4-6 week trial may be a problem if she was sequestered because although her husband is supportive she doesn’t know if she would be emotionally tough enough to be. “B29” says she has seen t-shirts and photos of Trayvon Martin and assumed he was 12 or 13 years old. She told the attorneys she has friends who have already took sides in the case but she has not.

B30 – A 65 year old white male. Started off with a joke when the attorneys said that he is juror B30 and he said he’d rather “be 30 than be 65” – a comment that got a chuckle from George Zimmerman and most of the courtroom. B30 says he does not watch TV because it is “too negative” nor has he done research about the case because he’s “not tech-savvy.” Played in a band for 20 years and that’s why he says his hearing is bad.

B76 – A white woman who says she remembers a gun involved from watching the news. Says her family is very open-minded and has lived in Seminole County since 1981. B76 does not have cable television or access to national newscasts. She has discussed the case with relatives but that hasn’t lead for her to make a decision or personal judgment yet adding she can keep an open-mind and disregard what the media says. She told the attorneys she was aware when Zimmerman was arrested and saw spokespeople from both sides on the news.

Day 2 saw 10 jurors interviewed:

At this link you can get a summary of each juror:  http://www.cfnews13.com/content/news/articles/cfn/2013/6/11/zimmerman_trial_day_2.html

Most interesting was potential juror #35, An African American male who had strong views on what has gone on in this case.  I’m certain he and Tracy Martin would not see eye to eye on the matter.  Here’s a really good write up and what transpired in the courtroom during #35’s interview: http://www.local10.com/news/jury-selection-continues-in-zimmerman-trial/-/1717324/20514338/-/j29snk/-/index.html

DONATE_BUTTON2Thank you to everyone who has helped in the fund-raising effort. Last we heard (4pm June 9th) the fund was in excess of $85K.  The goal is to get $120K. Please continue to spread the news that help is needed.  Thanks again.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net


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  1. What are your thoughts on B35? Hard to figure out. If he’s an anti-Zimmerman plant, he’s the most well-rehearsed plant that I’ve ever seen. He completely flies in the face of what you expect from a black male in regards to this case. Total wildcard. I think the defense leaves him on the table until the last possible second to see if the state uses a challenge on him.

    • This guy reminds me of one of the black commentators on the facebook page. They both appear to see through the lies and they won’t and don’t make excuses. The poor man on facebook has been harassed beyond belief and called an Uncle Tom, which was another lesson for me on how some are pressured to conform to a group’s way of thinking or get kicked out of the group. It’s like high-school in a way.

      This man on facebook told those pressuring him to take a hike. He’s a father raising kids and says if he doesn’t hold his kids accountable and give them expectations then he let’s them down. He insists they get an education and he insists they learn to talk proper english.

      You have to be one self-assured, independant thinking man and I’ve run across several in talking about this case online. So potential juror #35 could be for real. One does have to guard against a stealth juror but put through some more tests, I’d love to have him on the jury. I think if he passes those tests though, it’s highly unlikely the prosecutor wants him on the jury.

      It’s a lesson though, not to stereo-type people. We are all souls doing the best we can to raise our families and help others do the same.

    • I thought he was genuine, and that the defense should dismiss him on account of him going to lose many friends and business relationships once/if he acquits.

      The ideal black juror is one who is already ostracized, not one whose friends have already damned Zimmerman.

  2. Nettles – I mentioned yesterday that Bill Sheaffer had stated that “if the State doesn’t prove 2nd degree murder, the Defense can request it be removed from jury consideration BEFORE deliberations.

    I ask Hornsby that tonight just to confirm I had heard correctly:
    Hornsby replied:

    He is correct, and I agree that there is a high likelihood that the judge will reduce the charge from Second Degree Murder to Manslaughter by Act due to a lack of evidence of depraved mind, which Second Degree Murder requires evidence of. Self Defense applies to both charges.


    Hornsby seems to have more confidence in Judge N than I do, but he has tried cases before her & should know. The 2 recent cases in which she was over ruled have to be something she is not likely to want to repeat.

    That would leave the jury with the decision of “manslaughter” or “self defense.” It would be wonderful if the case were dismissed but I don’t anticipate that happening.

    • Thanks Art. There are a number of shy people following the blog that don’t want to post. I’d say about 5 of them are predicting (through email) that this case doesn’t get to the jury for deliberations. I think it will.

    • If the state can’t prove 2nd degree murder because an element is totally lacking evidence, why would the defense ask to repair the deficiency?

      I can see the defense asking to dismiss the charge on the basis of insufficient evidence / missing evidence of an element. But asking to “repair” the jury instruction rings to me like the joke about the three guys sentenced to die by guillotine. The blade stopped half way down, stuck, for the first two. Protocol says if that happens, the prisoner is freed. The third prisoner, an engineer by the way, just about to be put to the same test of fate, says to the executioner, “If you look at the track right about ‘there,’ you can see what’s making the blade wedge /stuck.”

      • cboldt – If the State can’t prove depraved mind which is required for a second 2nd degree murder charge, then it is for lack of evidence. If they can’t prove “depraved mind,” then there is insufficient evidence to prove the charge pg Murder 2. I don’t see it as “being repaired” if the State lacks the evidence to prove the charge, this has been debated since the charging document, Alan Derchwitz took Corey to task over this very issue.

        Manslaughter, from my understanding in Fla., is always included as a lesser charge.

        • My point was that it is to defense advantage to allow a state deficiency to stand unrepaired. Just that the defense would not ask to have the deficiency repaired, in particular as to depraved mind.

          I’m not saying that manslaughter won’t be an option to the jury. I’m saying that such a change will not come at defense volition. It’s up to the state to ask for instructions as to lesser charges, and each lesser charge will have its own set of specific instructions to the jury.

          It has been pointed out that the justified use of force (self defense) works equally well against all the possible charges.

        • By “repaired,” I mean that if the charge is the wrong one, that is, can’t be proved, then it’s not up to the defense to fix the state’s mistake. It’s up to the state to change or “repair” the charge to one that doesn’t have the deficiency.

    • At jury instruction time, we’ll see one of the two hidden reasons that Corey used an information instead of grand jury, and why she chose a murder charge instead of a manslaughter charge.

      Because the charge is an information, not involving a grand jury, the prosecutor has complete latitude in adjusting the information. If the charge was handed down in an indictment by a grand jury, much of that latitude is missing because the prosecutor has to go back to the grand jury to get a different charge. All this outside of the latitude inherently provided by plea bargain and lesser included charge.

      The other hidden reason is that charging manslaughter would have required the information and supporting affidavit of probable cause to proffer disproof of self defense. One of the elements of the 782.07 manslaughter crime is “without lawful justification according to the provisions of chapter 776,” which contains all the justified use of force provisions. The 784.04 murder statute make no reference to self defense, giving Corey a technical justification to omit self defense from the charging documents. Of course she is required to find there is probable cause, supported by evidence, that it was not self defense, but she doesn’t have to reduce that to writing when the charge is murder.

      • cboldt – we’ll just have to see how it plays out during the trial & before deliberations. Hornsby has said that Corey charges everything so I guess the Fla. Attorney’s have seen this before in her cases.

        You make a good point about Corey denying the Grand Jury & her reasons for doing so. imo, Corey might have thought she would find the evidence to prop up the charging document before trial, it appears she didn’t find the evidence.

        • IMO, Corey knew that no further incriminating evidence would surface, and that there was a possibility that further exculpatory evidence, such as Martin’s reputation, was more likely to surface. She knew the charge was improvidently brought, but brought it because she believes she can put on enough of a show to stave off a claim of wrongful prosecution.

          • I completely agree that it would be a tremendous mistake for the defense to ask that the Murder 2 charge be taken off the jury options list. Your anology of the engineer telling his executioners how to fix the problem, which would insure his own beheading is perfect. Revisiting the long time speculation that Corey so overcharged, and knew she could never prove her case, in hopes that George would plea down to a lesser charge is again applicable. I’m sure the defense team is not dumb enough to remove her egregious Murder 2 charge that the nation will see she cannot prove. As Robert Jr. had tweeted, when the enemy is in the midst of self imploding, step back and just watch the show.

            As to self-defense being an option for the jury, wasn’t Nelson just overturned on appeal when she refused to include self-defense as an option in another case. That indicates to me that the state can request charging options, but it is up to the judge to allow or disallow those options. The DCA overturned Nelson, not Corey.

  3. Interesting that Frederica wilson felt a need to respond to B-35’s criticism. In her statement, she repeated an allegation that is contradicted by the evidence. She’s a closed-minded bigot.

      • I know I saw this one! Still looking for a URL. It was part of a news report. I looked at her official webpage, and see nothing in a news release. I’ll persist for awhile longer.

      • I do recall the remark, and it was a repetition of the unsupported (other than W8) contention that “Zimmerman continued to follow Martin after the dispatcher told him not to.”

      • Found it! Potential juror says shooting ‘not racially motivated’ – Christina Vazquez, Reporter, Local 10

        Rep. Wilson’s office issued a statement, saying: “Inspite of being told by a Sanford police dispatcher to stop following Trayvon, George Zimmerman ignored the police dispatcher’s instruction and continued to pursue Trayvon. Despite this evidence, Zimmerman remained free. I felt it was necessary to describe Zimmerman’s obvious and dogged pursuit of Trayvon to ensure that Mr. Zimmerman was arrested and brought to trial.”

          • Her remarks are consistently over the top. Frederica Wilson Press Release Tuesday February 05, 2013

            We all know the tragic circumstances surrounding his murder: Trayvon was racially profiled, chased, made to fight for his life, and ultimately murdered. Yet we as a nation have yet to take substantive action to stop such a heartbreaking incident from happening again.

            Enough is enough: We as a nation have buried too many young black boys. Let’s set Congress on course to address the underlying causes behind the crisis that Trayvon’s death symbolizes. Let’s take action to stop racial profiling and give our people a chance to succeed.

        • tks……that initial comment really crystallized the intemperate response from some members of Congress, the fact that such a remark would be made without any qualifiers, given the paucity of information available.

        • …George Zimmerman ignored the police dispatcher’s instruction and continued to pursue Trayvon. Despite this evidence…

          I realize that “evidence” and “assertion” are both multi-syllabic words; but surely a sitting congresswoman should know the difference between the two?

    • As so many in the BGI do consistently, Frederica was telegraphing to B35 that he better not even think about getting off the plantation, or his own kind will insure that he is punished and ostracized by the black community. That is all Fredericka lives for, and it is a reflection of the community that keeps sending her back to Washington.

  4. Atty. Branca, at Legal Insurrection overview of day two of jury selection-


    I couldn’t agree more that the jury pool has been completely poisoned. Crump and the Scheme Team kept repeating, over and over, that the police told George not to get out of the truck, or as Crump often said, “he shouldna got outta da ca.” It once again proves the theory that if something is repeated often enough, even if it is lie, it will stick in peoples memory as truth. The other falsehood that was splashed everywhere were pictures of Trayvon when he was a sweet innocent looking little kid, next to pictures of George looking like a vigilante.

    The way I see it with B35, the black guy who watches Hannity and O’Reilly, is if the state doesn’t fight to have him excused, the chances of him being a “stealth” prosecution juror increase exponentially.

    • Ditto.

      It is scary listening to the thinking of these brainwashed potential jurors, no independent thought.

  5. Looks like the media got into trouble by reporting identifying information on the jurors. Age, race, gender, etc.

  6. Having read that the county is 11% black, I’m quite surprised by the number of black potential jurors that have come in for an interview. This is 5 out of 12 now isn’t it? Statistically, that’s highly improbable.

    • This group isn’t random any more. This group is “self-selected” on the basis of answers to questions. How much do you know about the case? Wehre did you learn it? What is your opinion of the case? Will a 4-6 week trial work a hardship for you? A person who made the right answers to those questions is brought in for oral examination.

  7. I don’t really care about what happen.

    R39: male; illiterate; minority? i really don’t watch the news you know what i mean. sounds AA. another one?????

  8. R39: don’t like him at all–YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?

    all over facebook; probably has commented on leatherman! big boi?

  9. funny how bernie tries to trap everyone.
    Did you google george zimmerman? Bernie knows that websites are tracked and he can always get information showing websites visited, images seen and pretty much anything else which government now monitors. Just so you know, we now live in a police state. You have been warned!

  10. yes, there is more leeway for the state; this is judge nelson, remember!

  11. i love the way MOM pretends he is totally NOT interested in this juror. he is going to just hurl a couple of softballs and then hope Bernie doesn’t get rid of her.

  12. Mom wants to completely rehabilitate her so BDLR can’t excuse her for perhaps considering outside information.

    • Pardon me if I don’t find Mr. Weiner to be credible. The press has not suddenly developed conscience or a sense of duty to the truth.

        • The motivations are multi-faceted.

          Weiner, I believe, does not set out to deceive nor tell untruths, nor does he believe that his reporting is slanted to either side.

          Weiner is a stenographer of sorts in these proceedings.

          What he records, through his reporting, is affected by what his editors have indicated is of interest to them, in addition, to whatever prejudices he possesses that he might allow to infect his reportage in terms of what he may included in his article and what he may exclude in that article.

          Nettle’s point on a complete identification for Francis Oliver in reportage is totally valid and should be incorporated by the OS.

          While, the publisher of the OS is vitally interested in selling the OS product, the editors toe a fine line between the publisher’s game plan and their own craft, editing the news. At the reporter level, Weiner does not have to worry about a motivation to sell product when he is covering a high profile news story such as this case. The case sells itself.

  13. Reading around the sites, there was some talk about “all the blacks being questioned” which some even claim was a rigging. This is the breakdown so far, now including B72 who is up now-

    Whites- 13
    Blacks- 4
    Asians- 1
    Hispanic- 1? B72

    Much more worrisome is the gender makeup-

    Females- 14
    Males- 6

    2 males excused, one because of a hearing problem, the other because there was no way he was going to miss out on partying with his friends for 4-6 weeks, as he would be sequestered.

    1 female possibly excused who had private discussion with judge.

    Is the majority of the population in the jury pool area made up of females?

    Speaking as a female, having a jury of mostly females would be deadly to GZ, and would be very helpful to the emotional appeals from Bernie, seeing Sybrina sitting there crying, and pitying the poor widdle black boy who was an angel, who never did anything wrong, and was killed just for walking with skittles and a tea.

  14. one of the great ways to get around heresay, is ask about the testifier’s knowledge. That is clearly within the scope, but sometimes can be seen through.

    Technically, West is correct in that he can ask about the PJ’s knowledge. But Nelson continuously rules for the state.

  15. Was West asking the court reporter to read back his answers? Are they trying to get him off without using their Pre-emptory challenge? BDLR looked too happy up there for my liking on this one.

  16. if they cannot get a fair trial with this judge, then what. for example, what if she holds attorneys in contempt? how can she run a trial where the prosecutor has been accused of criminal contempt. Shouldn’t BDLR be forced from this case at this point?

    Or has she already decided that she will not find BDLR guilty. Even though MOM proved he directly lied in court.

    • This has been a sad display of the justice system so far. I’ve lived almost 50 years and haven’t needed the system. I imagine in Canada we’ve got our problems too. We (the people) have to ensure checks and balances so those who are given the priviledge of power don’t abuse it as what I would argue, occurred to George and his family.

      Social media is going to make that easier, to shine lights on abuse, (I hope).

      • yes, it is a poor example of our system. that’s why it’s so troubling. we all need the system soon enuf, really from birth through death.

    • I don’t think we’ve heard the last of the discovery violations against the prosecutors office. I must believe that the defense didn’t bring the whistleblower and his attorney into the courtroom, and is willing to just let the guy telling the truth hang out to dry. Nelson had to drop the whole thing like a hot potato, and stopped the testimony in it’s tracks. She could not risk her precious trial schedule while the prosecutors office is investigated for corruption. The fact that the whistleblower talked about specific evidence that was withheld, naming dates numbers etc. is enough to get this entire fiasco thrown out by the DCA. I really seriously doubt that BDLR, Corey and whoever else in the prosecutors office who had any direct knowledge of the tampering will walk away with no penalty. I’ve long believed that Corey padded her and BDLR’s retirement accounts because she knew that what they were about to do was not only unethical, but illegal as well. She knew that they both were risking their law licenses in what they were both about to do. Guy may now be included in that sting

  17. does orlando sentinal have a particular slant? Black female says no. Shocking!

    in other words, she is buying it hook, line and sinker.

  18. well, there you have it! Proof most PD’s were lying!

  19. asked and answered; Judge is now making objections for the state, then correcting herself. WAKE UP BERNIE!

  20. i have a terrible connection out of the country today; have to listen to 3 separate broadcasts, then assimulate!@

    tried wesh, wptv and wild about trials. couldn’t get fox yet.

    • I didn’t know who he was and he followed me about a month ago. I wondered if a Judge in Florida was looking to help me with the threats. I quickly learned he’s a personality down there. It appears he stopped following me I have no idea when. Another weird situation to add to the stack of my experiences so far.

      • probably just wanted you to follow him–like i said.

        i would rather just concentrate on this case, like you; it’s enuf for one person!

  21. From what I’ve been able to observe so far these potential jurors do not represent my peers. Someone with even half a brain should be able to conclude it was a good shoot. Me being a middle aged person of rather small size, I would have shot Martin way before GZ finally did. What a waste of money and human capital. Shame on Florida and the cowards who have defiled justice. My prediction as of today is 75% chance acquittal 25% chance hung jury.

    • yes, it seems as though he took quite a beating and finally remembered his weapon after trayvon went for it. state has NOTHING to the contrary.

  22. E7 is a starving musician. Gotta like him for that, but what kind of music?

    Maybe he should not have left his day gig.

  23. Remb when CHUMP said that Traymom wasnt gonna be speaking to the media til after trial? WFTV just stated that Martin Family will have a presser after court today

  24. Since Ms. Candy & Tracy have ANNOUNCED they are holding a Press Conference after Court today, I HOPE RZ is there also so he can be given the same amount of time for his OWN news conference.

    • Pretty easy to find the guy. March 21, 2012 post. He’s got a long face, salt and pepper beard, photo background is PA equipment and guitars. Definite stealth Martin juror.

      Also pretty funny thatteh Crump presser was bragging about how honest the jurors have been, and “keep it up!”

        • This could be the post: In Sanford…& I CAN tell you THIS. “Justice”…IS Coming!…& I’ll tell you why. The ONLY reason this corrupt City Police dept. was stonewalling was because since they KNOWINGLY worked with this Self-appointed “Neighborhood Watch” Security…& KNEW he carried a weapon…They knew they AND the Homeowners Association were Liable for HUGE $$$ damages in court…MINUTES after the shooting occurred. But with the noise WE made…it couldn’t be covered up. I only hope the Feds go farther than just THIS case in investigating This “Police Force”. The Seminole County “Justice’ System needs an ENEMA…& they just MIGHT GET one!

          • I hope after this case is over I never have to hear about neighborhood watch rules again. Yes, george didn’t violate a state or federal law by carrying a gun, but he violated a NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH RULE, which now seem to supercede the constitution AND the bible in terms of seriousness. Horror of horrors.

      • I just emailed that reporter asking her to correct the factual inaccuracies in her story.


        There are at least four errors of fact in this article. It would be helpful in this case where there is something much we don’t know, if the media would at least report the things we do know accurately. 

        1.  The iced tea –  Martin bought a can of Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail, not iced tea. This misconception was based on a mistaken notation on the police report. That mistaken notation became a nationally-recognized “fact” regarding Trayvon Martin’s activities that night. The reason this may be important is that witness 8, who is supposed to be the state’s star witness, told prosecutors that Martin had bought iced tea that evening. The only reason that she would have said iced tea is that she heard either on television or through a third party that Martin had bought iced tea and Skittles. This witness has already been caught in several lies, and this inconsistency between fact and fiction calls into question how much more of her story is untrue.

        2. Went after Trayvon even after a police dispatcher told him not to follow – Inaccurate – During the non-emergency dispatch call,  Zimmerman reported that Martin was approaching his vehicle (“He’s coming to check me out. He’s got something in his hands. I don’t know what his deal is.”).   Immediately after this, the dispatcher said “Okay, just let me know if this guy does anything else.”   A short time later, Zimmerman reported “…He’s running,” to which the dispatcher asked “Which way is he running?”  It was at THIS point that Zimmerman exited his vehicle and began following Martin on foot.  After about 15 seconds, the dispatcher realized Zimmerman was moving and said “Are you following him?”   When Zimmerman replied that he was, the dispatcher said “okay, we don’t need you to do that.” Zimmerman replied “Okay,” and a few seconds later the wind noises stopped, indicating he had stopped moving.  Zimmerman then proceeded to talk to the dispatcher for at least another 60 seconds while standing there.

        3. Prosecutors contend that Zimmerman racially profiled Martin – This is inaccurate.  Prosecutors have gone out of their way NOT to use the words “RACIALLY profiled” as there is no evidence of that.  Instead, the affidavit of probable cause simply says that Zimmerman “profiled” Martin.  They know the word “profiled” carries a racial connotation (which is the only reason they used that word), but there is not one piece of evidence that suggests Zimmerman’s actions that night had anything to do with race.  It was misreporting in the news media, based on heavily edited versions of Zimmerman’s call to the dispatcher, that planted the seeds of Zimmerman’s supposed racial profiling.  NBC News, who Zimmerman is suing, made it appear that Zimmerman said Martin was suspicious because “He looks black,” when in reality, that comment was a response to the dispatcher’s question “Is he white, black or Hispanic?”  The FBI, by the way, interviewed over 30 people from Zimmerman’s background, and could not find one who said he displays any kind of racist behavior or thought. This is the reason Zimmerman’s attorneys have asked the judge to bar prosecutors from using the term “profiled” during the trial.  It’s prejudicial towards Zimmerman by suggesting a connotation towards racism that simply cannot be proven by the facts in this case.

        4. Oh, and it wasn’t his dads house. It was his dads girlfriends house. Neither the dad nor the girlfriend were home at the time. They had left Trayvon, who was serving his third suspension from school in that school year and had a propensity for violence and other criminal behavior, home alone to supervise Brandy Green’s son, Chad.

        All oof what I’ve said above consists of verifiable FACTUAL parts of the record in this case.  You are not alone in misreporting these facts.  I hope that you will correct the errors and report only the true facts in future articles.  Thank you for your time.

  25. Crump cares about civil suits (civil rights) and creating an atmosphere where he prospers (monetarily and politically) as a civil rights attorney. His focus, and the efforts of those that follow his lead, will be on that. Keep an eye on his media appearances with that in mind.

    • Fixing link for you … http://t.co/Gt60jnsEVQ

      It’s a “tweet” by Adam Hashbrown @ThatOrlandoDude, that says, “Someone murder George Zimmerman and get it over with.” It’s a retweet by Deborah Cutchins. Look for them soon, in the courtroom being questioned about their familiarity with the case.

    • Was that today’s presser, once again in the courtroom? If so, who is allowing these people access to the courtroom for pressers? Is it Nelson? That seems like an important fact to know. This will most definately be in the defense appeal to the DCA. What other cases in this country ever allowed a party to the trial to ever speak out in the courtroom, even after everyone has left for the day.

      • On Monday, they set aside courtroom 1A and called it a media room. For the safety of those giving these statements and not knowing what protesters would be outside, this courtroom was to be used to give statements to the press.

        Robert Jr. used it on Monday. I think the optic is awful and given there are no protesters, have them take it outside.

  26. I am outraged that CRUMP continues to try this case in the media.

    Remember when Ms. Candy stated: “we just want an arrest, nothing more.”

    Ms. Candy wanted so much more: (1) to promote an image of TM that never existed, (2) TOUR London on a Media Blitz, (3) promote racism, (4) publicly labeling GZ as a “racist” that racially profiled her 17 yr. old unsupervised son. & shot him in cold blood. (5) Ms. Candy WANTED money, & she’s not done pursing that effort with the help on the all the attorney’s that too have their hand out.

    Ms. Candy wanted to be in our faces, although she may not speak, Crump/Natty Jack/Parks won’t shut up weighing in on the case daily. They make me sick.

  27. This article explains what happens next when 30 potential jurors make it past first round of questioning (pre-trial publicity)

    “Nelson said after they reach 30 people, they will all be brought into the courtroom and asked broader questions.

    That means for the first time the potential jurors I this case will be able to hear each other’s response.

    Ladan said that could change the dynamics and relieve some tension. People tend to feel more relaxed when they realize they are not alone in the process and especially if someone is speaking candidly.”


    • Sure- they will all be one big happy family when they realize they all said that George Zimmerman ignored the police and continued to follow Trayvon against the police’s advice.

      This jury pool is very scary, and in my mind it has been so poisoned by the Scheme team and their media blitz, where they kept repeating the same lies over and over. It worked, the jury pool has been destroyed beyond rehabilitation. I actually believe that O’Mara and West are allowing every juror to say what they are, without objection, to prove to the DCA just how much damage the Scheme team has done.

      • You can be assured this team is out 2 to 3 steps. The know some potential landmines and they have a strategy for them. It was no accident that Don West asked the questions he did of juror E7 about the arrest. He gave him a chance to be honest and the juror made his intentions known.

        When will people learn DO NOT go into a courtroom and lie. In everyone’s defense though, we’ve watched the prosecutor lie and the judge provide cover.

      • He has deleted the comment on the page but too late. I had a screen grab of it sent to me before the man got on the elevator at the courthouse.


        This is quite a serious matter. So much money has been spent to get the case to this stage and this dumb-ass put all that in jeopardy. The inaction of the Judge and the Prosecutor invites more of the same. It’s become the norm to lie in courtroom 5D and if you are on the defense side expect charges.

  28. Richard Hornsby was on WESH (5-6 hour), it’s not posted on web site. Best as I can paraphrase, he was surprised by the Crump presser and said something along the lines of tainting jury pool. He also spoke about the makeup of the potential jurors called so far. He thought they didn’t seem to represent the makeup of Seminole. He said the state would be happy, the defense should be concerned. (Again, paraphrasing as best as I can remember).

    • Yeah – 200 jurors still haven’t been called in, and I’m not sure that ALL of the remainder from the 300 has been admonished to stay away from news. I’m surprised that Hornsby is surprised. Crump and others are going to do all they can to whip up public sentiment, fan the flames, etc. It’ll be like late February 2012 all over again.

    • I believe it did, and just kept mum. You can bet the state has a handle on anybody who isn’t buying the media and prosecution misrepresentations.

      • Would have been an automatic conviction of the lesser charge, but for the trial court error as to the self defense instruction.

        Notice a pattern of the prsecutors making BS arguments about what the law is? This is Corey’s doing.

        ASA Bernie De La Rionda Awarded “Best Of The Best” Honor – June 6, 2013. Amazing self congratulatory jerks. But, they have the sheriffs, guns and courts to enforce their crap.

        • Too funny, yet some think that Hornsby’s opinions are gospel. Again, Hornsby defends clients against Corey and BDLR. He sure as hell is not going to risk the displeasure of Corey and BDLR in any future case. This is exactly why the Fla. corruption in the legal system continues. No one, including Hornsby has the brass pair to challenge the state with very deep pockets of taxpayer monies.

      • stevie g – whether a case is retried or not is at the discretion of the Prosecutor, they are not always retried especially if the Prosecutor doesn’t think he can win the second time arund. This case probably would be retired as the family would continue to put political pressure on Bondi/Corey..

    • This is the danger of those that want to rely on anything that has Atty. after their name as thought they are the God’s speaking to all of us idiots. Hornsby posts his opinions, and that is all they are, opinions. As far as I know, Hornsby doesn’t have any in with the defense, yet according to arttart said that the defense could request that 2nd degree murder be taken off the choices for the jury. Is this guy nuts? Sure, it is a fact that the defense can request that the highest charge be taken off, but is he so damn dumb that the defense will help the judge, and the prosecution to behead themselves. Sorry, Hornsby is not my go to guy just because he tweets and is a lawyer. Crump and NatJac tweet and they are lawyers also. IMO, Hornsby is marginally better than NaJame.

      • PS- Put it this way. Both Hornsby and Najame defend clients in the same district where Corey and BDLR prosecute cases. They are not going to go too far in their analysis, or even to disparage the corruption in Corey’s office. If she is not punished or removed, they will still have to face her rath in the courtroom when defending their clients. It is obvious Corey tries to destroy anything that moves that is against her actions as a prosecutor.

        • Corey & Delarionda prosecute in Jacksonville (4th Judicial Circuit, I believe.) There are several judicial circuits between there and Orlando & Sanford which are where Diana Tennis & Richard Hornsby (and Mark O’Mara & Don West) practice law. I doubt they ever have or ever will have clients being prosecuted by Angela & Bernie.

      • pinecone – the opinion Hornsby expressed was the same opinion Bill Sheaffer expressed the day before on WFTV. I ask him on his BLAWG if it were true & he stated it was true. I provided the link for you to read, I guess you didn’t go to the site..

        I like Hornsby, Sheaffer, & Tennis, & NeJames, ALL legal analyst during KC’s trial, all did a good job imo & all practicing Orlando attorney’s. I certainly put far more weight on Fla. Criminal Attorney’s opinions than those of bloggers rendering opinions that are not attorneys. Hornsby has had many trials in Judge N’s court room & is familiar w/the way she rules, she has done just as he said she would do. I’ve read many times where Hornsby has called Corey out for her behavior, especially for over charging.

        Hornsby, like Jeralyn backs his opinions up with statutes; If you don’t like him, don’t read him. I find NON practicing attorney’s in Fla. less credible since Fla. has unusual laws

        • Too, with the exception of Bill Sheaffer, All the other legal analyst practice all over the state of Fla., Seminole is just one county where they have tried cases. Hornsby too has an office in Atlanta, Ga., Bill Sheaffer, is employed full time for WFTV, covers ALL the cases in & Orlando for the station.

    • WESH says it is keeping the name secret, but NY daily news and WKMG Local 6 (clickorlando) have published the name. Talking heads suggest criminal charges, or at least contenmpt, is appropriate. Nelson lost her chance at contempt, the guy was right there in her courtroom, lied his ass off, and she smiled.

    • Moments before the stealth juror began his interview (3:30pm) the court took a short break. It was reported that BDLR told Tracy to be patient.

      Jerry C. was the next juror and the same reporter who reported the conversation between Tracy and Bernie, tweeted the defense team were all writing furiously.

      • That’s pretty interesting re: the sequence of events.

        Hate to be petty but surely Crump & Parks or Natty & Francie could spring for a decent wardrobe for Trayvon’s father to wear to court. Nothing fancy, just so he doesn’t show up looking like a scarecrow. The lovely Ms. Jackson did not appear to be dressed for the occasion.

        Maybe that’s an indication of how hastily they set up this press conference? Something is afoot here, I just don’t know what yet.

    • Are you guys aware that the ‘analyst’ next to Hornsby is the one who represents Austin the 13 year old witness who magically changed his story once she came along?

      Austin’s first real interview, before she was hired from ABC:

      Not sure ABC still has that video on their server. Have fun trying to find it. Everywhere you go, there is a rat. Everywhere you look, one is staring you in the face,

  29. Michael Skolnik ‏@MichaelSkolnik 3m
    .@Jynlynn Nobody in America would follow me…because I am white. That is called white privilege and I have it. I was born with it. #honesty
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