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June 13, 2013

Today is day 4 of picking a jury.  Yesterday, we witnessed the defense out a stealth juror who tried to get on the jury and the family of Trayvon Martin immediately held a press conference thanking the jurors for their honesty. hmmm

Is Bernie telling Tracy not to worry about the other discovery not given to the defense?  Is he assuring him he did a better job of hiding it from the defense?  Is he assuring Mr. Martin to just be patient, the railroad is on schedule?  Right after this meeting, the stealth juror entered the courtroom.  Sadly for the prosecution, the defense outed the trouble-maker.  The judge smiled and the prosecutor said nothing.  So expect more lies in courtroom 5D, it’s become the norm.  If you are on the defense though, expect charges.  Everyone else?  No worries.

Possible Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/watchlive/

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html

 DONATE_BUTTON2Thank you to everyone who has helped in the fund-raising effort. Last we heard (4pm June 9th) the fund was in excess of $85K.  The goal is to get $120K. Please continue to spread the news that help is needed.  Thanks again.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net


254 thoughts on “June 13, 2013

  1. I haven’t heard that we hit the goal of $120K. Please continue to put the word out there about the need. Thanks to the Captain, 3 versions of this 1 minute appeal can help communicate the need.

  2. I think I missed June 12th entirely.. Oh Boy!! Getting ready to read more about the jury rigging that has been exposed.

    • Yeah, Jordan; the jury pool isn’t looking very promising. I imagine people are holding fire until this phase is completed, but when the population is 11% of demographic A, and 18% of demographic B, yet the population sample is 21% of demographic A, and 0% of demographic B, something’s fishy.

      • Are the procedures they followed in choosing these 500 prospective jurors available to the public? Were the 500 randomly chosen and did they know race beforehand?

  3. a fair trial? i don’t think so. i hate to be negative but the reality is the deck has been stacked against george from the get go. the 5th dca seems to be the only entity with any sanity.

  4. great summary of yesterday’s action, nettles. Corey is back in the court room.

    first juror: E50; male.

    E-50, a white male maybe late 50s, early 60s, with a hint of an old Florida accent.

  5. The day started off with the lawyers with the Judge inside chambers. Unknown what the discussion was about. About 9:10 they emerged and called the first potential juror (PJ) who is a white man at about 50 – 60 years old – E50.

    BDLR Questions
    He, like most, claims to have not followed it closely. He gets his news from channel 2 and reads the Orlando Sentinel. He is not on facebook. He doesn’t watch too much news, it depresses him. He watches sports.

    He doesn’t think there is a lot of accuracy in the news.. It’s others opinions. He has no doubt in his mind he could only weigh what is said in the courtroom and leave behind what the media reported.

    The PJ said he felt bad for both families. He has lost a child as well. He won’t let that factor into his decision in this case. He’s a golfer and doesn’t discuss anything except golf with his friends.

    In reference to the racial slurs used, the PJ shook his head at the ignorance and went on.

    There could be a problem serving on the jury as his daughter may be getting a job and he’d be needed to watch his grandchild.

    End of BDLR’s questions, Mr. O’Mara up to ask questions.

  6. I read a comment somewhere yesterday that Nelson, during the jury selection process, asked George if he was happy with his defense team representation during the process, he answered yes. In a past hearing Nelson, against the defense objection, asked George if he was happy with his defense representation, again he replied yes. I believe that was in reference to O’Mara not using the two weeks set aside for the immunity hearing. I think she said something back then about him not being able to come back later and say that he had inadequate or incompetent representation.

    Does anyone find this questioning by the judge odd?

    O’Mara said on many occasions that he was confident that a jury would acquit George. With the potential jurors so far, even aside from E7, is making me very nervous. There are far too many women questioned so far. I truly believe that many have gotten Francine Oliver’s message.

    • yes, that is a great point. it is odd. It is obviously being done so that gz cannot later claim inadequacy of counsel.

      • There are many other points of appeal. The reason O’Mara objected strenuously to the line of questioning about taking up a motion for a finding of 776.032 immunity, pretrial, was that he felt it encroached on attorney work product and trial strategy. That concern doesn’t exist in the current context.

        The questions were “have you reviewed the completed questionnaires,” “have your lawyers explained their decisions,” and “do you agree with your lawyers decisions.”

        As far as a claim of ineffective counsel on the points of pretrial immunity motion and jury selection, Nelson’s CYA is half-effective at best. Similar to signed waivers and acknowledgment of risk (informed consent), the most they can do is create a rebuttable presumption that the counsel was effective. The fact that Zimmerman agrees is of no moment – he is not a lawyer, he’s not equipped to judge effectiveness of counsel in detail, and he’d probably answer the same way if his counsel was ineffective.

    • pinecone – the question of “whether GZ was happy with his representation” is customary in Fla. Trials, just as Chief Judge Perry ask KC the same thing & Adam Kaufman’s judge ask him. It gets into the Courts record the defendant voiced no objections to his attorney.

  7. one was a white man and one was a young black man; and he was on neighborhood watch.

    well, got some of those “facts” wrong!

  8. Next juror entered E-75 – is a man with a deep voice.

    Doesn’t watch a lot of TV and doesn’t read papers. Seems to know a lot about online sources. Facebook, twitter, instagram.

  9. WEST: Aren’t you cold? Is it hot in the jury room?

    west doesn’t like him; looking for individuals who RESPECT the judicial system.

  10. Sad that recent high school graduates have no opinion about things. Then wonder why they can’t find a job.

    Unless of course he read How to Become a Juror for Dummies.

  11. So he has friends who claimed they were friends with Trayvon? Too closes of a connection. Should be dismissed for cause.

  12. PJ – E81

    Woman is white in 40s and has formed an opinion, she thinks that GZ should go home. She can set that aside if evidence is shown that he murdered him.

  13. bernie is going to have to use preemptory. god forbid we have an intelligent person who knows gz is innocent!

  14. smoking pot, getting involved in guns–learning to street fight; family loved him; got into wrong crowd; went down the wrong path; things escalating.

    Putting it in the parents face!

  15. first honest PJ. no matter what the outcome, someone is not going to be happy.

    i feel like i am going to walk out of here with a bull’s eye on my back.

  16. BDLR: What did others think?

    e81: What does it matter?

    You’re going to have to prove to me that you’ve got a good case.

  17. Sounds like she is giving BDLR a taste of his own medicine. She will not be bullied by him. No question she will never be a juror, but this interview should go viral. Captain, where are you?

    • Similar to Crump’s incendiary presser yeasterday, some aspects of the proceeding are aimed at a wider public audience. What this prosepctive juror said was her honest point of view, and her voice represents quite a few people.

      • yes, that’s probably why MOM let it go on so long. But remember, Crump and the family said they have complete faith. And that they will shut up now. Highly unlikely. Remember, you just said the jurors were so honest. Funny how they hate it when they really get an honest one.

  18. I sure hope someone can isolate and record the questioning of PJ – E81. Are you up to doing this, LJS?

    I was listening but not watching so was it evident that Sybrina/Tracy were “moved/upset) by the truth so well spoken by E81 and did they return to the courtroom?

    Would be great if more PJ’s were as outspoken as she is.

    • Juror E81 said she thought Tray’s dad wasn’t present in his life much and had he been, Trayvon wouldn’t have been going down the wrong path. BDLR ask her why she thought that and she said that Tray’s dad didn’t have any recent pictures of his son. She gets her news from Channel 13 and the Orlando Sentinel.

      The threat was seen on twitter, someone from Trayvon’s side thought the juror should be killed on her way home tonight.

      • Ty. Stephen, when he was mr_4dat (before rip_tray9) said ‘if the cracker is set free…’ something to that effect, he continued he’d take the law into his own hands. Just fyi (2-27-12). rs.peoplebrowsr.com has it if you search 2-26-12 and click ‘newer’ and look carefully enough (otherwise it’s as his future handle). Classy.

    • I was going to say that when W81 is dismissed, and is leaving the courthouse, some media outfit ought to put a camera on her, hand her a microphone, and let her speak as long as she wants. That would be even more impactful than a GZ family member trying to get the truth out there, as everyone expects the family to defend GZ. Guarantee this woman’s interview will be viral within hours. I also guarantee the Schemers will be doing a presser slamming this woman just as quickly.

      Does anyone know what line of work this woman is in? She needs to get into honest reporting, but alas, no one would her her because she is honest and says it like it is.

  19. I think Crump texts the State and tells them who HE likes and does not like. <<< I believe it this strongly.

  20. O’Mara will take videotape of the last two potential jurors to the DCA when he appeals Judge Nelson’s order not to make the entire juror pool anonymous.

    • The jurors are inevitably public. May as well face the fact that the community, or part of it, is violently dysfunctional. There is no juror anonymity. Once the case is over, the names WILL be published. Sequestration just keeps them from being influenced by “during trial” publicity.

      • I have said before that they can all be identified during the first day just as they have already done. It is stupid to even think that anyone can remain anonymous today. I do think sequestration will keep the jurors honest in this particular case. If not, I would be concerned that “someone” might get to them.

  21. You know when Bernie was asking her if she could deal with potential repurcussions if the jury came back with a guilty verdict, she wanted to say “white people don’t riot.”

  22. so there is more potential for chaos if gz aquitted? jurors cannot be concerned about reaching the “wrong” decision.

      • I disagree with the juror on the “if convicted” would not be as big a backlash. Throw out the word “backlash” and insert “celebration”. To this mindset it is normal to celebrate by turning over and burning cars, breaking out windows in businesses, looting. << that's their normal celebration.

  23. I think West wants to inform the judge that she allowed BDLR to question this witness about race. He asked her which side she felt was more responsible for the racial undertones in the case and she answered Trayvon’s side.

    Yesterday when West was questioning about race, BDLR objected and the judge told West he was out of bounds, stick to pre-trial publicity.

    When BDLR finished questioning this potential juror K80, West asked to approach the bench. They’ve been up there about 10 minutes now.

  24. don’t believe a word of that; she quit hoa b/c they didn’t have liability insurance, and she follows the law. Own agenda here much?

  25. In case you missed it, here is the Part 1 of yesterday’s hearing – Thanks as always AJ. I’ll post this in the hearing tab where you can find them all.

  26. Potential Juror N18 was a religious man who is so troubled by the last 3 days of jury duty, has got up at 3am and 4am and got on knees and prayed.

    Don’t confuse N18 with Nettles18. He’s a guy. I’m a lady. 🙂

  27. This juror has similar beliefs to the prior juror. Killing is guilty. Nothing can change his mind. BDLR stops questioning and asks to approach the bench.

  28. The juror explained sequestering would be a hardship for her. Her son is coming from Texas to visit with her and then he’s off to Germany. BDLR asks to approach the bench and the juror was thanked and left the courtroom. Next!

  29. This juror is saying since it’s his first time it would be nice to get more information on what to expect. BDLR is telling him why no one can tell him about the case. There has been 3 questions in a row where BDLR is saying one thing and the witness is answering something else. I think the juror may not understand English very well.

    He said he’s been here for 4 years. His family is in Chicago. He communicates with family through facebook. He posted to his family he might be on the Zimmerman jury and asked their opinions.

    One of his family told him this could be a racist or the case is about race. The juror thought it’s his opinion. He says he would like to serve on the jury. He would find it interesting. He was born in Mexico.

    • I bet almost everyone here would immediately get on the computer if they got a summons, especially if it was for a case as big as this and I knew nothing about it. I know I would and that’s just a human instinct to find out what you might be getting myself into.

      I am personally going to decide if even want to sit on a jury. Would I want to sit in the box for this trial? Yes, but I also know that I would be hard pressed to even consider convicting George of any of the charges.

    • 1) She doesn’t sound stupid to me, and in general, unless you know the person, have time to watch them and so forth, calling them out as stupid shows a bit of a mean streak. 2) Yes, she’s been exposed to press accounts, nothing else, has a vague recollection. What she recalls shows the power of a misleading press.

    • B-65 returns for hardship inquiry. She is the black female who was heavily into church in Goldsboro, heart of Sanford’s black community. Looks like she has been excused.

      • How is it that she happened to be in court today? Once they are passed on to the next round, don’t they then get to go home?

        I wonder if the prosecution dug something up on her (attended a rally, made an internet posting) in favor of the Scheme Team and wanted her off before the defense could call her out? Just sayin

    • Wouldn’t it have to be Nelson who gave 4 precious seats in the courtroom to the pastors, that will apparently be there all through the trial? I’m finding some of the PJ questioning targeting on how the juror would fell about their presence at trial. IMO this is just one more item to add to the long and growing list of appeal issues to the DCA. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time a group of pastors have been given star seats, and even through the jury selection process. It is highly unlikely that there would be riots, protests, calls for boycotts etc. during the jury voyeur dire process.

  30. Remember how mad Judge N got about West saying the Jury would be sequestered? Ridiculous imo, she claimed “she hadn’t made up her mind.” We ALL got it, Judge N was in control, it would be her way OR the highway but it looks like her controlling temperament has WASTED time in the prospective jury selection & she has drawn criticism from many. imo, Judge N OWED it to those that have sat for GOD knows how long to be ask a million questions, she knew damn well she would sequester the jury.

    Bill Sheaffer/WFTV person were discussing how long the process would take. One of them said “Judge N had hoped to have a jury selected by next Monday.” LOL! Bill Sheaffer predicts next Friday or longer.

      • I was struck today on how many people have been affected by this. 500 people have been summoned and all those employers and their coworkers are dealing with the loss of their co-worker’s production.

        Those summoned are told very little and I felt for the guy who asked for more information on what is going on and what to expect. BDLR’s response was awful.

        The lawyers sometimes get so zoned in they forget they are dealing with real people. I think Don West and Mark O’Mara have done a reasonable job introducing themselves to the PJs. BDLR rarely introduces himself, let alone Guy and Mantei and he doesn’t thank them for their time.

        Take note: Introduce yourself and show some concern for the person sitting in front of you how has been sitting around the courthouse waiting for you guys to get your stuff together.

        • You said: BDLR rarely introduces himself

          What’s he gonna say? I am Bernie, the lying prosecutor who believes it is my duty to obey orders issued by Angela Corey, my POS commander in chief. As you can see by my presence, I have the blessings of both Pam Bondi and Governor Rick Scott.

          You also said: Those summoned are told very little and I felt for the guy who asked for more information on what is going on and what to expect. BDLR’s response was awful.
          One might think that is great to find someone who really has not a clue WTH is gong on? If were totally in the dark, I would also want to know more about what is happening and oh, BTW, “how the hell did you find me?”

  31. Nettles: What is the deal with the lack of protesters? Do you have any inside scoop?

    Also someone on Dman’s board was wishing to hear from you about Shellie’s bodyguard.

    Can the decision be appealed? She looks a bit nervous without a security blanket.

    • Am I being punked? inside scoop Jordan?

      OK, at the last secret meeting where I control the universe, we took a vote about attending Sanford. We decided as a group that the poor people of Sanford had been through enough of everyone’s agenda. Did you hear the citizens today? They have been inconvenienced by traffic jams, downtown business has dropped, now souls are being asked to go weeks without a salary and contact with family and friends. And for what? Nope, the world-wide association of protesters knew we’d look like the asses we are if we descend upon this poor community again. It was bad enough when Tracy and Sybrina left their kid there unsupervised and high.

      Shellie’s bodyguard and a Miami Herald reporter were removed from the courtroom for forgetting to turn off their cell phones. I question why he needs to be in the courtroom anyway. Surely, they are safe inside the courtroom? I believe they can return to the courtroom tomorrow.

    • Jordan, you really do need to buy that sarcasim tag for $1.99, or maybe just insert /sarc after your posts which is free. Or were you really seriously asking those questions? Last I heard Nettles was too busy in the courtroom to pay much attention to the no protesters. She isn’t being paid by the defense team to monitor the protest area. /sarc

      • u b funny, pinecone. I think those who know me expect sarcasm in most of my comments, but I also notice a few others do it too at the most unexpected times and it sort of wows me out.. Then I wonder if they are serious or not. 😀

        If we could only have a signature. oh well, we don’t.

  32. Nettles, I know you have your GZ defense fund requests on all your posts. Any chance we can go all out again to remind people that the defense fund still possibly isn’t at the level it needs to be to get GZ even a reasonable defense with experts, investigations, depositions etc.? I see there are some that have taken the Martin trashcan method of begging dollars to support their own agenda, which unfortunately will do nothing to help George in his fight for his life and/or freedom for the second time.

  33. No wonder the scheme team has such trouble with factual information: Natalie Jackson ‏@NatJackEsq 1h
    @LLMSPapa BEAUTIFUL. Thank u 4 sharing. I’ll make sure Sybrina sees it. You Sir…have helped more than u will EVER know ;-).@attorneycrump

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