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June 14, 2013

Roberts Sr happy birthday                                                                  Robert Sr.!

Today is day 5 of picking a jury.  Yesterday, we learned the judge will be sequestering the jurors for the duration of a trial that is expected to last between 2 and 4 weeks.  Late breaking at the end of the day was the Judge agreed to change the jury pool to 40 candidates to be processed to stage 2.  So far, 24 candidates are in the pool.

Robert Jr. thought we may be seeing more of his family members in court this week.  So its possible we’ll see them there today or early next week.  I can’t imagine the strain that Robert Sr. is under with the stress of watching George go through this national bashing and the health concerns over his own heart, his wife’s recent health issues and George’s grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

George has an older half-sister, Dawn, from his father’s first marriage and a younger sister, Grace, in addition to his older brother Robert Jr.  It’s not clear if we will see them but I hope so.  I hope that family walks into the courtroom with their heads held high, shoulder to shoulder and be present.  It worries me that George’s family row has remained largely empty this week.  I do understand the concern but the message could be perceived the family is too embarrassed by what George has done.  They are a very attractive family and their influence in the courtroom would be very positive on the public.

Shellie’s courage has been on display this week and reporters were tweeting out that George and Shellie held hands going to lunch.  Shellie you are a beautiful person both inside and out.  I applaud your bravery and your public support of your husband.

If the family does go to court, remember to stay awake! 😉

Possible Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/watchlive/

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html

 DONATE_BUTTON2Thank you to everyone who has helped in the fund-raising effort. Last we heard (4pm June 9th) the fund was in excess of $85K.  I’ve been advised that no update will be given until after a jury is selected.  I assume all energies are being focussed on jury selection right now.  The goal is to get $120K. Please continue to spread the news that help is needed.  Even a $5 donation will help.  This is one worry we can take off Robert Sr.’s shoulders. Thanks again.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net


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    • Sigh… the JFTM’ers have already found the Amazon listing and are leaving negative (to put it lightly) reviews.

      • Practically every other comment mentions GZ playing doctor with his cousin when he was eight.

        Someone with an Amazon account should reply to these comments and remind them that a cell phone on Tracy Martin’s TM Mobile account contained child pornography.

    • I don’t have a kindle. I read the preview. I encourage others to read it too and get the book if you have a kindle. Interesting to note, GZ’s date to the high school prom was black. Boy, did $ybrina and Tracy ever peg the wrong guy as a racist.

      • You are soooo right about that. .

        They were in rush to make some money and when they learned George was Hispanic, it was too late to turn back w/o risking damage to both Crump and Julison’s careers. It got out of control in a hurry and it’s still that way.

        Wonder why the book is only available for Kindle owners? What a bummer.

      • You needn’t a physical Kindle to read Kindle ebooks. Amazon offers Kindle Reader software for many platforms, and they are tied to your Amazon account. You can try out the software with whatever free Kindle books are being currently offered.

      • You don’t need the kindle gadget to buy and read the book. There are free reading apps available for most computers and smartphones, as well as the kindle. Go to Amazon and look near the top where it says “Free Reading Apps”, click and decide where you would like to put it, download the app, and then you can buy whatever kindle books you are interested in and enjoy. They even have a Cloud Reader version. I read “kindle” books on my iPhone, no problem. And anything you buy can be read on any devices you own, so you can put a copy on a phone, tablet, computer, etc.
        I suspect they used that format because it is easy, fast and very inexpensive to publish that way. No investment in paper books involved. Don’t have to wait for an editor to approve. And the profit margin is good, too.

        • I am just now reading this at 3:38 AM. Thanks for your reply. Before I saw it, I downloaded the Kindle app for Macs. I will deal with the book later but thanks again.

      • Neither do I, but I bought it and it gives you an option to download and read on “cloud reader” which popped up automatically. I’m half done, and it is good. Even some new info for those of us who are “know it alls” and actually have been paying attention.

  1. I am signing up for the long haul.

    Do you think the book is a bit premature? We have not had a trial yet maybe the book is focused strictly on how we got to a trial.

      • I think the timing is fine. Other than helping the family financially, I don’t think the book will have an impact. The press will treat this the same way it did the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (SBVT) by misstating the contents of the book, and then knocking down the strawmen. This process is used to “debunk” the contents as unreliable of false, when in fact what is unreliable and false will be the media-created strawmen.

      • Nettles, I haven’t read the book yet, but will be buying it and reading it on my PC very soon. From what I understand, this book isn’t coming out too soon, as someone said, it’s almost too late. Perhaps if the Zimmerman family would have been able to get out their a long time ago, they may have been able to counter at least some of the false narrative pushed by the media, and designed by the Crump PR guy Ryan Julison. Just listen to many of the potential jurors who repeated the most often told lie. George was told by the police to not get out of the truck, but he did anyway. It’s unfortunate but, once lies are told over and over, they grow deep roots, and it almost becomes impossible to pull up those roots and replace them with the truth. I wish someone from the Zimmerman side would have come out early and often to expose the Scheme for what it is. Even Robert Jr. wasn’t out there as early as he needed to be which almost made it appear that the family was embarrassed by what happened. And yes, I agree, it would be great to see more of the Zimmerman family members in court supporting George.

    • Arnold S. Trebach was chief of the Administration of Justice Section, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 1960-63, and Chief Consultant on Administration of Justice, White House Conference on Civil Rights, 1965-66. Currently he is a professor emeritus at American University and a member of the Maryland State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

      • Another judge wrote an “open letter to the court” but I cannot find it or it’s been deleted. Since the beginning I have seen several hard hitting articles/blogs written by reputable writers that were NEVER covered in MSM. Maybe you have seen them, too, along the way. Instead the media prefers to allow Crump to perpetuate lies like the iced tea myth as recently as this week. It sort of makes one wonder if the media might now believe that crap too. Otherwise, at some point, they should begin to feel “embarrassed” and stuff or something. It is true that a few of them are angered that they allowed Crump to deceive them, as Nettles has stated in the past.

        I have some close conservative gun carrying friends who I had shown the facts early on and they then believed that George was innocent. They then suggested that I stop sending them updates because they had a life and it was not necessary for me to do that any longer.. Then earlier this week, we had lunch together, and I was stunned to hear that they have now turned and believe that George could have prevented this by…. You ready for this?.. by not getting out of the car. I went ballistic because these are intelligent Constitutional folks who carry concealed weapons and their concern is how what George did could possibly serve to change our current SD laws and stymie our movement for open carry. IOW, they fell for the trick. I thought.. OMG,. the world has gone mad…..I am a one man show who cannot possibly be my brothers keeper, nor should I have to. I am alarmed that so many folks have been so utterly deceived by corrupt political powers with an “agenda”{ that would send an innocent man to prison for life. If George is an expendable sacrificial lamb..then any of us could fall victim, too.

        Cbolt: I need to start over with them with the NEN call to prove that George believed that he was doing what he thought Sean meant by trying to keep Martin in sight and leaving his vehicle. … I have a few hurriedly made comments about that tape but if you have a suggestion as to who has a more accurate detailed analysis of the NEN tape, I would sure like to know so I can send that to them along with my own notes. I am angered that I have to do this but., if I don’t do it now, they could easily influence others so I feel it is my duty.

        I have long followed you, respect your knowledge and insight, so I figure you have a grip insofar as to who did the best job of dissecting that tape and also suspect that YOU may have done so yourself.

        I am shocked that normally logically thinking people have done a turnaround by falling for the often repeated line that George should have never “got outta da ca.” I bet Serino truly regrets putting that in his report. It shows you the power of the media in repeating a lie often enough that it can be perceived to be the truth. What a shame!!!

        Do you have any suggestions and/or links?

        • I’ve never composed a dissection of the NEN call. Your friends have more or less politely told you they have their minds made up and have other things to think about. I hope they never get in the position of Zimmerman, being told they could have prevented being in a self-defense situation, therefore they are criminals.

          • I do not know whether to thank you for responding or not, cboldt. You are being awfully judgmental about some very close personal friends that you do not even know. I am surprised that you would do that.. We should NEVER give up on friends or abandon them. You damn well know that the scheme team strategy implemented by the media has been, to, at least some degree, successful. Everyone does not follow this case like those here on the blogs. Unless someone has studied that NEN tape, I can understand how many have not even considered that George thought he was simply following what he perceived to be “instructions.” If you are intellectually honest, then you also know that, too.

            • IMO, the problem your friends have is a misunderstanding of the law, or, maybe, they have the same “concern” that analyst did last week or the week before. I think you have all the tools you need to dialog with them, but based on your representation, “They then suggested that I stop sending them updates because they had a life and it was not necessary for me to do that any longer.”

              I’m not suggesting you abandon them as friends. But I don’t think their error in understanding the law matters to anybody, at least for now. And I wasn’t being snarky about hoping they never find themselves in a position to have to rely on “the law,” especially when “the law” is twisted the way Corey, Bernardo, Serino and many others (not just in Florida) see fit to twist.

  2. You guys will love this. Clickorlando printed this comment from me on the live chat video:

    8:56 Comment From Ackbarsays
    That one lady who always comes in with Sybrina Fulton is obviously a Star Trek fan. She wears a Tribble on her shirt.

  3. They love me at Clickorlando. They just printed this one, too:

    9:07 Comment From Ackbarsays
    This is probably her order specifying the way the rest of voir dire is going to proceed. Anyone who says they believe George is guilty will be moved to the next round. Anyone who says he is innocent will be sent home.

  4. Imagine the boring life of a PJ: just sit around and wait, watch movies, no contact with outside world. Almost like being in prison!

        • yes, probably. A lot gets lost in interpretation on the internet.

          Judge calls out certain PJ’s who have been picked. They are dismissed until Tuesday!

          • I heard that BDLR sent Francine Oliver a list of their names, addresses and phone numbers. Oliver school, lesson two, now that you have passed the first hurdle, what to do next. LOL

        • I gave him shit yesterday when he was calling a specific juror as “she sounds stupid.” He’s getting even.

          • cboldt- Please stop. I’ve seen tons of comments on all the sites calling all or some of the PJ’s stupid and worse. This really is childish. If someone relies on the “news” to get their factual information, I really couldn’t consider them very bright.

            • I’m not about to follow your orders, nor am I about to give YOU any orders. I think what I said was a fair recapitulation. It wasn’t a judgmental recapitulation.

                • I said the recapitulation wasn’t judgmental, but on reflection maybe it was because I said you were getting even.

                  That said, I didn’t and don’t think the exchange was much of deal, sorry to have caused any sort of hard feelings, embarrassment, etc. My remark yesterday was sincere, I’m not taking it back. We don;t know the lady, she may be sweet as apple pie and “smart enough” to not deserve being labeled. As I do with pinecone, I’ll make a point of refraining from responding to your remarks, unless you address me directly.

                  • i would appreciate that.

                    as i said, there is no need to attack someone you don’t know. since you don’t want to take back your opinion that i have a mean streak, then please do not comment further on my posts.

  5. well if it took 4 days to get 23 potential jurors, then it should take about another 4 days to get about 40 of them for the next round.

    • What is really scary is that 85% of those who have passed the first hurdle are women, according to Dman’s calculations. nivico had a great comment at Mike Mc’s site a few days ago. He said that all of the possibles who would be excluded for hardship reasons are already gone. They can’t afford to lose at least a month of pay to sit on a jury. That leaves stay at home moms, the disabled, and retirees. That is obviously not a representative jury pool.

  6. Good Day Everyone. I haven’t time to follow along today. I’ll be reviewing what those can share after the work day. Who from George’s family is in court today? Saw this on twitter and thought I’d share. Have a good day. Happy Birthday again to Robert Sr. – Hope it’s a great news day in the courtroom for the defense.

  7. So, Fla. has their Sunshine laws, which require that both the prosecution and the defense release the discovery they have obtained to date, or at least they are supposed to, for the public’s consumption. Yet when it comes to picking jurors, they are not supposed to know much of anything about the case? Isn’t there something wrong with that picture?

    • Maybe the problem lies with choosing from a group of folks with a driver’s license. That is a good sign that they do not live in caves and only such people would not know much of anything about the case. Can you really imagine that some folks do not know anything about this case? However, there was one who seemed sincere in asking what was going on and wanted an explanation of what will happen. Bernle mocked him. I guess he was PO’d that the Scheme team’s lies and manipulations somehow did not get to him.

  8. head in the sand much?

    gotta keep that disneyworld economy going!

  9. i actually kind of like g29, the last AA female candidate. she seems intelligent, but i think they should have explored potential fear if the jury acquits.

    • I didn’t get to see any of her. I watched HLN After Dark last night and was quite impressed with a black woman, Cheryl, who took Michael Skolnik to task in polluting the chances of George Zimmerman getting a fair trial. She said Michael was prejudiced against Zimmerman and she was quite angry about it.

      Michael kept grabbing his shirt and saying, Cheryl, I’m white, I’m white. She told him it doesn’t matter what color you are. We can’t keep putting everyone into a box. We must remember we are all individuals.

      I fear the white jurors more of deception so far than the others.

      • yes, i worry about if the jury gets to be too influenced by say 4 AA and only 2 whites. i also worry that jurors would worry about any AA on the jury, and worry about offending them. but i will try to be positive and not too paranoid! i think the jury consultant is going to make a huge difference in this case.

        • Me too. I never heard of this 6 member jury before this, and frankly I’m concerned.

          With 12 people, I was convinced there was practically nil chance of a conviction (although a mistrial was always possible).

          With 6 people, it is completely up in the air. With 3 or 4 AAs, who knows what kind of pressure they will be under from the lynch mob. With 6 there is more scrutiny on each of them, and with the TM side threatening violence. It could get dangerous.

  10. I don’t trust this last PJ. I got the impression he thinks the defense has to prove innocence. His lack of knowledge on what the rallies were about and him not seeing pictures associated with the case, in spite of working at a place that has a TV tuned into the news, isn’t believable.

    • Agreed. I read elsewhere that he said that he and his friends talked more about the Casey Anthony case is suspicious to me, among other things. If this guy is so completely not interested in this case, then no one should force him to get interested by sitting on the jury. In my opinion, there are likely not too many young, 20 something, single people who want to sacrifice their communications with their friends, their parties, their activities to be sequestered on jury duty for up to a month.

  11. #g47

  12. I know I haven’t been posting here much and that’s because personal circumstances have limited my ability to participate more. However, after catching up I have to agree with Stella at CTH in that it seems people do not watch the news, or just seem to take virtually no interest in what is going on in the world. I’m a horse player and deal with odds. The odds that the bulk of the ppl interviewed thus far have NOT read the news or NOT know anything, or have NO interest, is very low in my opinion. There is no way one can open a major news source and not see the prevailing story of the day. Getting more local, there is no way all these people have not seen and discussed this case. I don’t buy it. Then you look at the bigger picture, and just like in this case … all roads lead to politics. This HIGH PROFILE case and these interviews have me to believe that either ppl DO read the news and are lying or doing a stealth move, OR do not read the news and are totally oblivious as to what is going on in the world. No, we are not in pioneer days when getting news was scarce. There is no excuse for not getting the news in 2013. My final bottomline point is that I think we have reached a stage in society today in USA that in order to vote you must first fill out a brief questionnaire before going into the voting booth. Who is VP, Who is Sec. State, What is 2nd Amendment, What is 1st Amendment. I may be criticized for this stance, but I think we’ve reached a point where ppl do not care what govt is doing and therefore do not understand what is at stake for them personally before they vote.

    • Keep in mind that the group being interviewed may be selected in part because they are not news-hounds.

      Plus, all the steath jurors are going to claim little contact with news, even if they are addicted to news.

    • Once half the voters figure out they can vote themselves a paycheck out of the public treasury, the gig is over. We’re past that point. Plan accordingly.

    • sorry about the “voting” business (topic), but then this leads to being a juror. I would think one should be able to read, write and speak English fluently. They will be handed INSTRUCTIONS and they have to have an ability to understand those instructions. Decades upon decades ago when I was in school we had social studies and I believe part of the reasonsing behind that was that they wanted to develop in an individual a desire to keep up with what is happening in our country and in the world. I seriously believe that even with ALL the media that is out there that this trait (desire to know) has completely been compromised. I knew this was a ME generation but I didn’t think it went THIS far, but this case has put the cherry on the top of the pie for demonstrating to me that ppl simply do not read the news and that they simply skip over to what the Kardashians are doing and that’s about it. If I was depressed on this point before the Zimmerman case, it certainly has escalated that depression in me that ppl are just interested in their own lives and have no idea that what they are not paying attention to will ultimately effect them. I had given Americans more credit than that, but now I am certain I was giving way too much credit. I am right now one disgusted American.

    • I hope everything is o.k. with you and I’m always glad to read your input. Thanks for being a part of it whenever you can. To all the readers and writers here, thank you for your participation.

    • Reminds of of those who could care less that so many people lost their jobs, until they lose theirs. Then it is a major tragedy. Just like some of the PJ’s from yesterday saying that murder is murder, and that you never ever kill someone. If they are attacked, being beaten, and had the chance to save their lives, would they just lay there and do nothing to fight back, including killing the other person if necessary? I highly doubt it.

  13. One last comment on my catch up and that is that I saw Crump do the presser in a courtroom. That should not be allowed. A presser does not belong in a courtroom setting. If he wants to do it outside on the grounds I have no problem with that, but not in the court itself, and how and why he was allowed to do it is curious to me. Who gave him the go ahead to do it. I cannot recall a presser given in a “courtroom” EVER. I live as you know in Chicago suburbs and have seen many pressers after mob, and govt officials on trial for one thing or another, and all were given OUTSIDE the courtroom. NONE in my lifetime experience were EVER given in a courtroom. They try that again, somebody needs to put the kabash on that.

    • Ottawa925 – I read another Court Room that was not being used for trials had been up for the MEDIA’s use. I asumed it was for the MEDIA to store some of their equipment over night & I guess it is also being used for interviews.

    • From what I’m reading elsewhere, vocal hesitancy doesn’t seem to be the problem. He has been described by a bunch as being arrogant, smart mouthed, and acting less than upfront with his answers.

      • Wow. That wasn’t my impression at all.

        I didn’t hear the first one, of the 2nd one I think he wouldn’t offer an opinion and go along with whoever comes out more vocal and the 3rd one, might also defer to the group.

    • When he first started I thought the same thing. As the interviewing progressed I changed my mind. He doesn’t buy into stereo-types. He thinks the people protesting didn’t have all the information and could have been misinformed, like most protesters are and he is interested in the law and looked it up to understand more. He seems to me to be a logical thinker not an emotional one. He had a stuttering problem and not knowing that, his hesitations were coming across as deception at first.

      • It’s funny Nettles because I have now heard every kind of description of this guy from 100% honest to a likely stealth juror. I can only rely on what I’m reading, knowing that it is all everyone’s own opinions. I do have some big problems with anyone saying that they didn’t care about the Boston bombings because it didn’t affect them personally. Was that the same guy, or are we talking about different people?

  14. Thanks to Lisa for the heads up on the posting.

    The court website has posted the defense’s 3rd Motion to Continue which the court denied quite quickly on June 10th.

    Of particular interest is on Page 3 of 4, the defense has been trying to depose a recently disclosed medical examiner.

    Page 3 of 4

  15. JN’s failure to shut down bernie has led him to rock back in his chair, hit the table and generally act like an unprofessional clown.

  16. if the jury pool is 11% AA, but PJ’s at this point are 20-25% AA, what could explain that?

    Perhaps AA’s were standing up more in the inital questionnaire, and whites didn’t want any part of the case, so they tried to get out from the beginning. After all, we all know it is very easy to get out of jury duty–simply say you cannot ignore outside information you have heard. Or better yet, say that you follow God’s law, not Floriduh law!

  17. News 13 reporting stealth juror from Wednesday, Jerry C….(sp), was just removed from courthouse for trespassing.

    • he obviously liked his 15 minutes of fame; but can’t citizens go to a courthouse????

      what kind of police state are we becoming?????????

        • Well duh. When you post crap like he did under his own name, it ain’t hard to find. After seeing his name the other day I did a search and easily found the Coffee Party posting, the jew hating stuff, and even other stuff. Hel1 they could have just called the NSA and got the info. LOL

      • Does he have a case, though? Weren’t these PJs suppose to be annonymous? Are there names given to the prosecution and the defense for research purposes? Now everyone knows his name. I’m confused on this issue. Someone help.

        • He may have a case for being outed, I don’t know but what he did today was dangerous. Mr. O’Mara talked about it a bit at the presser after court today. Jerry tried to get to the other jurors and “warn them”. After about 30 minutes, he was given a trespass notice and informed not to come on court property again unless he had official business there.

          Mr. O’Mara said, if Jerry had of gotten to the jurors, he could have jeopardized all the work done so far. George is glad this process is underway and is also stressed that it is real now.

          • He has no case for being outed. His anonymity ends when his service ends. The fact that he was in the pool is instant public knowledge, when he walks out the door without receiving the “stay away from news reports and discussions” admonition.

            “4. Prospective jurors may not be photographed or identified during the course of jury selection. Such prohibition shall be lifted upon their release from jury service by the Court.”

  18. g81 is AA? This is really getting ridiculous! At least there should be no riots if GZ is acquitted. But some people smell a conspiracy–the railroading of gz.

  19. It is almost as though all of the AA PJ’s attended a special class on how to answer questions to get seated on this jury.

  20. Oh Mr. O’Mara! You are good! The PJ says he watched Channel 9, CNN, Fox and MSNBC. Mr. O’Mara tries to get him to say what programs on each channel. The only program he could name was on MSNBC. On Fox he said he watched O’Reilly. Mr. O’Mara said O’Reilly had done a number of shows on the case. Which one could he remember. Then the juror got real vague and thought maybe he saw one show.

  21. Hmmm i was going to make a new video but ABC and other media outlets seem to have scrubbed where cupcake says she is not sure the voice on the fight video is trayvon. My contention is cupcake can no longer claim the screams on the degraded 911 are trayvon when she claims she is unable to identify her sons voice on a tape with clear audio without it looking like she did it for the payday.

    • I don’t either. He’s from Miami and so is his family. He’s too blase about his reaction compared to others from the area “as a black male in America”.

    • “Counelis was at the courthouse on Friday during the lunch hour complaining about his anonymity and saying he is hiring an attorney. He was trespassed by authorities after about 30 minutes.”

      • He’s upset because he gave away enough information for people to find him, which made his name public. So now people (I’m sure) have gone to Facebook and sent him nasty messages. So he’s upset. Too bad, so sad.

      • When I did a little search on his name the other day another site came up which listed him as an organizer of an annual cannabis fest at some club in Fla. His picture was included on the posting where he looks like he started the party way to early.

  22. here comes the slavery argument–AA’s killed at a much higher race; typical that AA’s in this country are going to lose their life by violence.

    So it’s all because of slavery–and it’s all YOUR fault MOM!

  23. BDLR gets right to it with G87. Doesn’t introduce himself. doesn’t thank her for waiting around. doesn’t thank her for her service or tell her what to expect. He does however tell her she already did something wrong. Don’t nod your head, say it, the court reporter needs to get it down.

      • He ticks me off when he talks to the jurors about sequestering and we know its a sacrifice but hey we all have to sacrifice the lawyers and the judge.

        The lawyers and the judge can sleep with their spouses while this case goes on. The juror gets cut-off from their family. Don’t tell them it’s even-steven.

          • See the difference with Mr. West. He introduces himself, O’Mara, George, Robert and puts her at ease. Asks a question “did you know you’d be sitting in a chair all by yourself in front of all these people” then gives her a big warm smile.

      • I’m sure he was told something like “We can escort you off the grounds or we can tell the judge you’re here. By the way, the judge was asking about you this morning.”

      • stevie- I’m sure you read what he wrote on the Coffee Party posting, right? He not only went after Zimmerman, he also threatened that he or his group were about to give the SPD the enema they needed. He said they were coming for them. What does that mean? Would you take that as a threat? Does his lying to the court not bother you? What if the defense didn’t have the ability to research the basic public postings of PJ? He could have been sitting in judgement of a man he said he was coming to get. He is lucky he wasn’t charged with perjury. The judge is the one who outed his identity. All you needed was the Coffee Party, and the date, which he said yes was his post. If he had a beef with who and/or why he was outed, there are much more professional ways of asking for information, like writing a letter, or not just threatening but just hire the lawyer to do it. From what he wrote, I’m sure he is on many more people’s radar than just the defense, the prosecution, or the judge.

  24. MOM and GUY look like they are keeping West and Bernie apart. Why don’t we let the two of them have at it? Parking Lot today–great for the news! More DisneyLand money! Why didn’t they think of this before?

  25. The Judge went to tell G87 something then couldn’t think what to say and then instructed her to follow the deputy. She then shook her head and mouthed no to the deputy.

    What happened? I missed it.

  26. well that is a real shame. g87 is gone. She probably was too close to the action. And she is of course scared to death.

  27. bernie accidently on purpose had her disclose the school. traybots could track her down.

    Just too close to the action.

  28. Wow! That was weird. The sound is off in the courtroom. I’m watching the backs of all the lawyers talking with the Judge and all of a sudden all the lawyers turned around to look at the court galley. There must have been a noise. I hope it wasn’t some poor person’s cell phone!

  29. There is quite a long discussion going on that appears to be Mr. O’Mara doing most of the talking. Judge Nelson keeps shaking her head no. At times, she looks to Bernie for his input, Bernie says nothing, Mr. O’Mara keeps talking. Don West has crossed his arms in front of him. Mr. O’Mara at times is rocking back and forth on his feet. Bernie and Guy appear to only be listening.

  30. After the very long discussion, the lawyers went back to their tables and Mr. O’Mara kept going and went to talk with Ben Crump. Mr. O’Mara did the talking and Crump did the listening. Looks like O’Mara was explaining something to Crump. Crump nodded. O’Mara patted him on the back, shook hands with him and returned to the defense table. here’s a screen grab taken by Jeff Weiner

    • I’ve read so many times how some of the PJ seem to be really scared. I hope that for the balance of jury selection the entire courtroom doesn’t need to be filled with the entire Scheme team and the pastors who seem to be intimidating the PJ’s. And yes, if that means no Shellie in the courtroom either, than so be it. Then again, maybe they are going to do Crump’s deposition when everyone leaves.

      • Except for the media, the gallery is empty. The parents of Trayvon Martin weren’t in court this afternoon.

        I think it is important that both families be there. Its a visual reminder of those who they want to represent is a person and should not be forgotten or taken advantage of.

        It’s easier on Judge Nelson to beat up on George when there is no one in the courtroom to remind her, he’s a son, husband, brother, etc.

        • Nettles – have Robert Sr. or Gladys attended jury selection this week? I didn’t see them but I could have missed them.

          • No his parents haven’t been in the courtroom. To protect the family, I don’t want to reveal where I learned it, but I have heard a family member say that Gladys has had some health issues. This person was grateful for people who helped get rides to the hospital. So this tells me the family is dealing with a lot and can’t be at both places. I did hear Robert Jr. say on June 10th he hoped his parents could work out the security issues and may be in the courtroom this week.

        • I’m going to have to disagree with that Nettles. The Zimmerman family obviously can’t be there for George because they have been hiding out, living in fear of their lives, and likely wanting the jurors not to be tainted by the sad faces, the emotions, the lack of a hundred lawyers representing George, and of course the pastors that are there to “keep the peace.” Shellie has sat in that courtroom all week behind George. The Zimmerman’s are not trying to taint the jury pool to their benefit, they are relying on the evidence that will come up at trial. OTOH, you actually heard questions of jurors this week being asked if they “can get passed Sybrina’s tear”? WTF What about the turmoil and the hiding the Zimmerman’s have to do to just show up in public without someone having a target on their back. Has Sybrina and Tracy been in hiding from death threats, NO. They cross the country doing their trascan tours, and keep repeating how their boy was murdered by this evil white guy, excuse me, white hispanic guy. The Trayvon parents show up everywhere and anywhere they want, and speak thiey chit freely. The Zimmerman family has been in hiding, moving from location to location, with Gladys being sick, the grandmom having Alzheimers and George and Shellie not being able to see the light of day, or to breath fresh outside air. The prosecution side of the aisle has has many many more people sitting there for Trayvon. Shellie sits there by herself. I so disagree with you Nettles that both sides families should be in the courtroom for jury selection. And I go back to the many jurors who said they are scared to death to be on this jury.

          I understand and agree that this shouldn’t be about race, and no racist comments are allowed. How do you fight those that have designed this entire charade aroung those that have made this the “civil rights case of the decade”? How do you square that round peg when even the jurors are scared to death of being a part of a jury pool that may acquit GZ? Nettles, I know you don’t live in this country, but I do. Before the current president was elected back in 08, racial relations were lightyears ahead of where they are now. I promise racial relations were so far advanced before Obama you couldn’t even imagine. No one race was trying to usurp power from any other race. The BGI push to demonize George Zimmerman would likely never have happened if our president didn’t give the gree light to railroad Zimmerman. The DOJ would never have been looking to involve itself in a local law enforcement issue. This is not happening in a vacuum.

          • pinecone.. ,maybe he did say the case of the decade but he has also called it the civil rights case of the century

            Crump on State V Zimmerman: “Civil Rights Case of Century” – O’Mara “Race Has Nothing To Do With Case”…. http://wp.me

            Here he says the case of the last millennium. … a thousand years.

            What an idiot.

  31. I just finished watching Mr. O’Mara’s presser after the hearing. He also used courtroom 1A for the interview. He had no statement to make per se. He said he is pleased with how things are progressing so far. He thinks they could have a jury by mid to late next week.

    He announced the Frye hearing will commence again Monday at 4pm and is expected to be about 3 hours on the defense part. If the State wants to rebutt, the Judge will likely set aside time on Tuesday for that. And depending on how much time she needs to consider, a decision about the experts could be known as early as Tuesday. If she lets the testimony in, it could lengthen the trial about a week.

    Mr. O’Mara also said his talk with Mr. Crump was about scheduling his deposition. The defense has been very busy and he’d like to get in touch with him to get the scheduled and done.

    Please post the presser when it comes online. Thx

    • Yes. It was reported he tried to communicate a warning to the other jurors.

      “Counelis was at the courthouse on Friday during the lunch hour complaining about his anonymity and saying he is hiring an attorney. According to the trespassing report, Counelis walked into the foyer of the jury assembly and expressed his privacy concerns and animosity toward the jury process to the clerk.

      Authorities approached him and said that as a dismissed juror he could not be in the jury assembly area or have any contact with potential jurors until after the trial.

      Counelis then said, “do they know what they are in for!” pointing to the jury assembly room.”


      • One reason people post things to “public groups” is to amplify their influence. So, he does that. And now he is upset that his writings get an even bigger audience? Schizo.

  32. Pertaining to Robert Sr’s. book, I am NOT BEING CRITICAL, I am just wondering why he released it now instead of at the end of the trial? Why not wait to see how the trial ended since it would have only been a possible 4-6 weeks longer. I am sure he has his reasons, but it seems it has inflamed an angry support system for Sybrina/Tracy even more than they already are which shouldn’t matter, but they are heard loud and clear.

    • I agree with you on this. Why give them anything to use against George and his family. I’ve read some excerpts, not the book. Many of George’s supporters surmise what has been going on, but without documented proof (which all involved in this malicious prosecution seemed to have escaped so far), only sets George up for ridicule. I know I may be in the minority, but I wish Robert Zimmerman had waited.

      • CCG it’s unbelievable at the hate spewed all over again directed at Robert Sr.. TM supporters ranting RZ, Sr. is profiting from the murder of TM. It’s tiresome to read the bullchit, but it seems to have fueled more hateful energy. If some don’t think the hate exist, just read ANY national blog after a National story on the case or read ANY comments on all the local media in/around Orlando.

        It too wouldn’t surprise me if a TM supporter bought the book, scanned it, & released it free on GOOGLE to prevent any monies to be made.

      • Cowards buckle to the narrative, and are so scared to death of every little thing the Scheme Team might say against those that stand for Zimmerman. Good Lord can we stop falling on our knees to what/who might offend those that are offended by most everything. Robert Zimmerman Sr. has every right to say what he has in his book, every bit as much as Tracy Martin has crossed the country sayong about his son. Anyone want to do a fact check on what Tracy Martin has said?

    • Art Trat- Your post is truly laugh out loud funny. Don’t inflame the already riled up Sybrina and Tracy supporters? You really didn’t say that right. Who in the hel1 already inflamed the Trayvon supporters? Who already took the trashcan tour on the road, telling lie after lie. What Scheme team already peddled their sensationalistic story, filled with lies, decit, and witness tampering on the road. What tearful and emotional show has already been presented in the courtroom, to the point when PJ’s have been questioned if they can get beyond Sybrina’s tears? But, because Robert Zimmerman writes a book, talking about the case, but it is to be disregarded because it doesn’t have factual evidnce contained in it. What the f have the Scheme team provided that has been provable facts and evidence? Nothing. What has the media done to report the first truth? Nothing. There isn’t the first MSM outlet that has ever even tried to attempt to report what the evidence has shown. Fla. has Sunshine laws with discovery releases. It’s there for anyone who wants to have access to it. Not the first news outlet, including FOX has ever bothered to even acknowledge that it is there. The book is premature because it will inflame the Trayvonites????? The Trayvonies???? The Trayvonites need help with inflaming, they are already inflamed and have been for decades. Whatever Robert Sr. said in his book should have been out there long ago.

      • I want to add that the Zimmerman family didn’t run out and hire a PR firm to paint their son and family member as a pure as the driven snow angel who never did the first thing wrong in his life.

      • pinecone – I don’t need your re-cap of the events in this case & how we arrived where we are nor a lecture from you, I know as much about this case as you do AS WELL as most that blog here & the other sites supporting GZ, apparently that’s lost on you. I STATED CLEARLY, I was not being critical of Robert Sr. I am puzzled by the timing of the release of the book when the trial will be over in 4-6 weeks.

        RE-READ WHAT I WROTE: I DIDN’T SAY: The book is premature because it will inflame the Trayvonites?????

        Take a deep breath & RE-READ what I wrote. I stand by my comment.

        • ” I am sure he has his reasons, but it seems it has inflamed an angry support system for Sybrina/Tracy even more than they already are which shouldn’t matter, but they are heard loud and clear.”

          “RE-READ WHAT I WROTE: I DIDN’T SAY: The book is premature because it will inflame the Trayvonites????? ”


          Again, why so much concern about the sensibilities of the Trayvon Martin supporters, Sybrina and Tracy? Again, why would anyone buckle to the wishes and demands of those supporters? Buckling to the demands of those on the anti-Zimmerman position is cowardly. I never said that you were being critical of Robert Sr. per se, I just think you are wrong in your position that the Zimmerman side should just sit down and shut up, at least until the trial is over. I believe that the Zimmerman’s should have been as outspoken as the Schemers from the get go to counter the Schmers narrative very early on. Robert Sr’s book is better late than never. Should he have waited until George is in prison to write the book? Should O’Mara just sit back and wait until after the trial to keep pushing his strong case for sanctions against the state, with state witnesses to the corruption, until after the judge has allowed the illegal and corrupt state office to continue the railroading. O’Mara isn’t backing off his position, and neither should any Zimmerman who wants to speak out against the Scheme. Not a lecture Art Tart, just honest intellectual debate on the issues.

          • pinecone – You continue to PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH I DIDN’T SAY!

            My POSITION is NOT that the Zimmerman side should sit down & shut up. You have gone off on a tangent, I just quit reading your comment as imo, it’s a waste of my time. I STATED WHAT I MEANT TO SAY & I stand by that comment.

            In the future, don’t respond to my comments if you continue to STATE things I didn’t say.

      • A few weeks ago, I commented on this and people though that I was wrong for saying that including the Pastors was a bad idea. A lot of these pastors were on the front lines, organizing and protesting for TM. They were the agitators, orgarnizers and facilitators for the Scheme Team in many instances.

        They are still agitating, last Sunday there was a prayer meeting for TM in 2 of the Pastors churches that have been in the Court so far. Both we asking for justice for Trayvon.

        • In that article where Frances Robles named me as a GZ donor, she asked a minister what he thought of those who were donating. H.D. Rucker was his name and he said “There’s lots of racists out there”. I was incensed. He is suppose to be a man of peace and without knowing me he called me a racist b/c I donated to GZ. (see bottom of page 3 in linked article)

          Yep the pastors are agitators in this case. It’s a joke to ask them to keep the peace.


          • It is extremely sad to me and also so very human, that even in the Churches some people just can get past racial identities.

            Because whether they try to shrouded into the police treats us differently, or cloud the issue into some sort of discrimination, it boils down to racial identity.

            When I was living in Georgia, Florida’s neighbor to the north, I attended service with my father-in-law at his church. The pastor said a sermon that basically said that few if any white people were going to heaven. After service, I was introduced to the pastor and he asked you not really white? Are you, you are mix with another race?

            You see my in-laws had talk to the pastor about my marriage to their daughter and had asked for advice, they had never insinuated a problem before, so I was taken aback. At the time we had been married for close to 7 years, and they still were unsure about our union.

            My in-laws apologized about 5 yrs later, he told me he had stopped going to that church, and had join a different church, one that preach unity, not divisiveness, he was really sincere and he is like a father to me now, but racial identity had gotten in the way for a long time.

            • Racial identity will be more greatly brought back into focus now than ever before.

              My observation in life is that birds of a feather tend to flock together and we will never be able to force people to do something that is not natural and instinctive. While intelligent educated blacks who are also successful have assimilated into a white society, there are clearly those who refuse to do so. It is THEIR choice to be segregated. I think peaceful coexistence might should be our first realistic goal.

              Since you chose to marry outside of your race, you must know know better than the rest of us how BOTH races mistreat you. I will not say I can identify but bless for doing what makes you happy. That was a HUGE leap but I suppose you knew the risks and consequences.I bet your place of residence was carefully chosen.

              • I was young an idealistic, the way I was raised the only division, that I had noticed was financial, some people had more than we did.

                Race was never a factor, with my family as we had friends and family of all shades. My extended family is very diverse, one side is very European, the blonde eyes, blond hair type, the other side is more of a mixed bag with Native American and African in the mix.

                One peculiar trait in my family is that most males have olive green eyes, as I do and my eldest son. The point is that growing up race was not a factor to us.

                As I told you before, I really did not realize the differences until I graduated from Jr. High, and then it was very evident he in the mainland, when I was in Puerto Rico, that is not as pronounced.

            • Quite a few churches practice “racial identity” theology (see Obama’s Rev. Wright), closely related to “persecution theology.” There are well known forms of theology, I studied them in a comparative religion class in the early 1970’s, with Jesse Jackson’s Chicago operation being an assigned field trip.

              The attendees are true believers. The ministers are essentially agitators, charlatans and propagandists for what amounts to a redistributionist and socialist political future. “Revenge” is transmogrified into “justified entitlement.”

              • Reparations by other means, except the only ones that actually benefit are them. Truly sad, that this is what Dr. King legacy became, so many of his core group became hustlers, using racial identity and persecution theology for their and their family’s benefit.

          • I do not recall hte details of how she found out who you were.

            The goal is to raise $1.5 million for programs such as teaching conflict resolution to teens. Really?

            Trayvon’s legacy? What legacy is that?. How about we build an alternative memorial featuring the railroading of George Zimmerman along with revealing Martin’s true legacy?

            This is what is truly absurd but yet “THIS guy” has been appointed to be peacekeeper and emphasize fairness in the judicial process? Is this a joke?

            “The guy is living paycheck to paycheck, he kills a teenager and all of a sudden, he’s got $200,000?” said Sanford minister H.D. Rucker. “What does that say about our society? There are racists out there.”

            Attorney Crump said he’s puzzled.

            “I look at those donations, and I scratch my head,” Crump said. “I ask myself: ‘What cause is it exactly that they are contributing to?’ ”

            • Ms.Robles took my facebook post off the legal team’s facebook page in May 2012. I knew it was public and made a conscious decision to tell others that I didn’t fit the racist, gun loving supporter the press was painting GZ supporters as. I was contacted by the Sentinel and Herald to give an interview before this was published but I didn’t respond to them. (Ariel and Frances)

    • Good Job. Why isn’t the press reporting on the judge’s rush to trial with so many things not completed and she won’t give the time? The press has reported nada on it.

      • I asked a reporter that, her answer was that the Defense had been trying to delay the proceedings. IOW, she had bought the prosecution and Scheme Team narrative that it was MOM who was responsible. She did not know about the cell phone information, or the slow rolling of the other information.

        She also told me that in the editorial meetings, that was the type of story that would not get printed as it appeared to show preference to a side, by only highlighting one side’s misdeeds. She would have to find something negative on the defense to balance the story and get it past the editors. If it was an editorial they would have more leeway but she is a beat reporter and does not write those. One last thing she also told me about a general template that must be followed in the stories and I think anybody that has read stories on the case knows it already.

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