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June 15, 2013


Shellie’s courage has been on display this week and reporters were tweeting out that George and Shellie held hands going to lunch.  Shellie you are a beautiful person both inside and out.  I applaud your bravery and your public support of your husband.

On the other hand, the Martin/Fulton family who demanded this process was not in court yesterday afternoon.  Did they have another mediation meeting?  Or just decided to nap somewhere else rather than in the courtroom?

 DONATE_BUTTON2Thank you to everyone who has helped in the fund-raising effort. Last we heard (4pm June 9th) the fund was in excess of $85K.  I’ve been advised that no update will be given until after a jury is selected.  I assume all energies are being focussed on jury selection right now.  The goal is to get $120K. Please continue to spread the news that help is needed.  Even a $5 donation will help.  This is one worry we can take off Robert Sr.’s shoulders. Thanks again.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net


86 thoughts on “June 15, 2013

  1. I read Robert Sr’s book. I am glad to see he is aware of the truth in all aspects of this case. He gives some great insight also.

    • Amazon must be shocked at the response they are getting on their review board particularly from the Traybots. George needs to get out in the sun more and darken up a bit.

          • Thank you, I was able to read the document. There is still so much the defense has to do, through no fault of their own. Obviously the prosecution is holding evidence until the very last minute, if it hands it over at all, so that the defense has no ability to address the newly released information. So Nelson denied the continuance request on June 10, that comes as no surprise at all. The motion for continuance is most likely just another item to take to the appeals court at the appropriate time, and carefully lists the major items missing.

            I’m curious who the newly discovered medical examiner is that did not perform the autopsy. I would guess it is someone who attended the autopsy but didn’t participate in it. I’m still wondering about the claim that the medical examiners office didn’t take the drug testing samples properly. I wonder if it is connected.

            I am thrilled to see that the defense isn’t dropping the ball on the state attorney’s investigator witnesses they have yet to depose. They aren’t allowing White and Boudaris (sp) to hang out to dry. Surely the Zimmerman case has only begun to pry the worm can lid just a pinch as to what is really going on there.

  2. Unrelated to the Zimmerman case, but yet another example of the corrupt judicial system in Fla.


    They arrested a teenager who was in possession of crack cocaine. He accepts a plea bargain and is prosecuted. His public defender tries to seek out the evidence at the crime lab. The crime lab lost the evidence. The state attorney’s office claims they were unaware that the evidence was missing. A low level employee is accused of being sloppy with her work, and gets a verbal reprimand. The state attorney’s office says that it will erase the plea bargain, and likely the teenager will walk.

    If someone offered me an all expense paid luxurious trip to Fla. I would decline the offer.

    • pinecone – as someone who lives in the South & visits Fla. at least once a year, I’d go to Fla. in a heart beat. Corey just runs one State Attorney’s office, there are 19 OTHER State Attorney offices & Prosecutors. There are a total of 1900 assistants, or assistant Prosecutors. It seems unfair to judge Fla. on Angela Corey’s behavior when there are many other ethical State Prosecutors doing a good job..

      Jeff Ashton, former Prosecutor in KC’s case, is now a State Prosecutor holding the same office as Angela Corey & is ethical, compassionate, & professional. His right hand person is Linda Drane Burdick, who was the lead prosecutor in KC’s case. ALL State Prosecutors are NOT Angela Corey, she stands, imo, in a class of her own & she’s proud of it.

      • The governor picked her for a reason. I’d think with so much pressure for an honest unbiased investigation the governor would have picked a State Attorney known for being fair and thorough. He signalled that was Angela Corey when he picked her. Now I get the distinct impression, the governor picked her not for a thorough investigation but for someone who lacks ethics and will bring a charge where the evidence doesn’t support it.

        • Nettles – I think you are right, Corey shares the reputation of being unethical & doesn’t seem embarrassed by it or is ever reprimanded for coming off as a loose cannon like by calling Harvard & Alan Derchowitz threatening them in a 40 minute rant.

          Jeffrey Ashton does not nor does probably most of the other 19 State Prosecutors in FLa. share Corey’s unethical agenda. Corey too has deep political aspirations as I read she is interested in Bondi’s job should Bondi run for Governor. Corey has deep ties to Bondi as she was her former campaign manager & is still Bondi’s mentor, Bondi has political aspirations to be Governor.

          • That’s funny because I recently read an article which claimed Scott is beatable in a primary. There may be a few people who run against him from his own party. His ratings are pretty low, and when he all of a sudden changed his mind and wanted to go with the medicaid expansion, he made some real enemies. The legislature told him to pound sound. If that isn’t bad enough, Bondi has an even lower rating than Scott and sits with something like a 23% approval. It is widely believed that Scott and Bondi got involved in the Zimmerman case to counter the threats by the BGI who vowed to riot if Zimmerman wasn’t arrested. So with Scott and Bondi it appears that they believe they can get the black vote in Fla. because of their toughness on Zimmerman, but they don’t understand that the minorities will always vote with the Democrats. On the other side of the equasion, they have already lost the vote of those that believe in a fair and equal justice system. In other words, they are danmed if they do, and damned if they don’t. They should have kept their noses out of a local law enforcement issue. Corey wants Bondi’s job? Hahahahaha. Not unless she can perform her duties of the job from jail. Thankfully there are some former employees of Corey’s that have been willing to put their careers on the line to expose her utter contempt and corruption.

            Nelson also has career motive in mind. She threw her name into the mix twice now for FLC spots. Both times I read that she didn’t even get a minute of consideration. Now she was booted down to divorce court, and off the criminal bench. Not exactly the resume enhancer required for a spot on the FSC. I’ve also read that she is frequently overturned by the DCA. Even if she manages to get the Corey Express thundering into the courtroom at trial, she has already provided heaps of appealable decisions to the defense. No doubt when they see her name on yet another motion(s) to them, maybe they will finally put her out of her judicial misery.

          • I agree with Art Tart on this one. Bondi recommended her good friend and mentor Corey because she knew she had the perfect person who was unethical, corrupt, and willing to do whatever it takes to get a conviction. I do see your point though in having a white send a white hispanic to jail for life to appease the BGI. It’s the optics.

                • If a caucasion from Africa immigrated to the US, what would they be considered a white African American? Isn’t African or Syrian considered an etnicity rather than a race. Or does Corey have black blood in her?

                  • ackbar- You sent me down a rabbit hole that I didn’t really want to go down. Thankfully I wasn’t deep enought that I couldn’t extricate myself from long before it was to late.

                    Arabic is a language which has nothing to do with race or ethnicity.

                    All Caucasians are not white. All Hispanics are not brown. All Asians are not yellow toned.

                    The world has not held people of differing countries within high walls and fences to keep all other races out. The mixture of races has been worldwide for centuries. Not sure there are any of a pure race, actually likely impossible.

                    If anything, Corey is a white skinned person of Syrian ethnicity.

                    Now if you want to talk of Syrian culture, that’s a different story.

                    Please don’t take my post in any wrong way. Syria has a very, shall I say “unique” justice system, if you want to call it that. At least Corey hasn’t pushed for George’s beheading. Her harsh prosecution of all of those she charges seems to be possibly symptomatic, if you know what I mean. Tough on crime, bring out the rastafarian music, or maybe the most beautiful music Obama ever heard as an Indonesian student in his Islamist school.

                    • My initial reaction on seeing Corey the first time was to ask myself “is she black?” She definitely does not look “white” (like, in the way, for instance, that O’Mara, West, and BDLR are white) and I suspect that could have had something to do with her selection.

              • There are only 3 races – white, black, and asian. Everything else, including hispanic, are ethnicities. These have always been the traditional classification, but with the advent of DNA, it has been confirmed. That’s why George is called a white hispanic (although he has some black in him, and ethnicities besides hispanic, at least from his father’s side). It’s interesting to ponder what varied benefits that hispanic groups, media and politicians get from so many years of misinforming the public that hispanic is a race.

                • Enhhhh…No. You’re confusing white and Caucasian. All whites are Caucasian but not all Caucasians are white. Caucasian describes a bone structure of the skull and face where white describes a skin tone.

        • News flash..50 years ago George Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder. Now that everyone in that case is now dead, we can finally disclose today exactly why Mr.Zimmerman was charged.

          • Too funny, the time capsule. I won’t be here 50 years from now, and I guess many here won’t be either. I suspect this case will be dissected long before 50 years from now, and it won’t be a pretty picture of what America once stood for. The link’s provided by the Captain are still heavily weighted by the current times in America. I’m at the point where George Zimmerman needs to be free, and my tomato and green pepper garden give me an abundant crop. Ha, I’ve actually been called a bunker by some young archelogists, just because I love to grow my own fresh veges.

  3. For those who missed it, here it the time in the hearing when the stealth juror was exposed. In case the time code doesn’t work, it is at the 3hr and 13 minute mark.

    • Is that the executive or judicial shuffle she does with those papers at the beginning of this tape when she returns to the bench? I have seen her do it before when she returns.

    • Now, make that show white and have white comedians doing same schtick re: a black defendant … let’s just like De’Marquise Elkins (black teen that allegedly shot baby in the face), and the curtain would drop on that white show, and the white comedians would never work again. I might add that for me personally that I never found jokes about defendants funny. I also would add that I have NEVER liked Chris Rock in anything. I prefer Chris Tucker. Tucker makes me laugh.

  4. I posted this at cth and diwatamans blog. Does anyone know why the jurors are called in the order they are?
    Although I know how everyone feels about him, and I don’t care for him myself, leatherman has an interesting article up today about the importance of jurors numbers. It’s really worth a read. You probably don’t want to read the comments unless you want to get mad. It basically says that any unchallenged, inexcused jurors make it into the jury in the order that they are called. So even if the total number of juries reflects the demographics perfectly if more minorities are called in the beginning they have a better chance of making it onto the jury. The first 6 that are accepted make up the jury, and the next four will be the alternatives. We really need to find out why they numbered the jurors the way that they did. It may be very important. It will also be more difficult if there is a critical mass if minority jurors early on. It would be impossible to challenge them all without being questioned about their motivation. Since they can’t challenge a juror on the basis if race they have to come up with a different reason.

  5. http://law.freeadvice.com/government_law/civil_rights_law_ada/malicious-prosecution.htm

    How do I prove Malicious Prosecution?

    You must prove four different things in order to receive damages for a malicious prosecution case. The first requirement is that the original case was terminated in favor of the plaintiff. This means that the judge dismissed the case in favor of you, not the person suing you. If the judge specifically dismisses the case and uses terms such as “malicious prosecution”, “no probable cause” or “frivolous lawsuit”, contact a civil rights attorney immediately, as you may have a malicious prosecution case.

    The second requirement is that the defendant played an active roll in the original case. This basically means that your malicious prosecution case must sue the right person. So with the two examples stated earlier, you would sue the local police and child protective services respectively.

    The third requirements is that the defendant did not have probable cause or reasonable grounds to support the original case. This means that the defendant acted without having any proof or reason to act. So in the first example, the police would have to arrest you without any actual supporting evidence to do so.

    The final requirement is that defendant initiated or continued the initial case with an improper purpose. This means that even once the defendant realized that the case was without merit, they continued pursing it anyway.


    1st requirement- Nelson will never stop the railroading and protection of the state attorney’s office. George will likely have to have his case dismissed or overturned by the 5th DCA. Yes, I am at that point in my belief, not because of his defense team but, because the railroad tracks start at the highest levels of government. Hopefully Scott and Bondi will be gone next year.

    2nd requirement- Get Corey and everyone who played a role in this prosecution.

    3rd requirement- No probable cause- check. No proof or reason to act- check. No evidence to prove the charges- check. The threat of riots by the BGI is not grounds to charge someone with murder.

    4th requirement- The presecution knew the case was without merit when they came up with their bogus PCA, which never included any of the exculpatory evidence such as the pictures of George’s bloody head. They hoped to find some kind of incriminating evidence along the way, but only kept coming up with more and more exculpatory evidence proving that GZ acted properly in defending his life against a raging beating drugged out thug. Yet they still pursue the case.

    • Oh, and, nothing against George’s current defense team but, get an out of state attorney to file the charges. That way the state cannot retaliate against any defense attorney’s that would pay dearly if GZ did not win and get the corruptocrats disbarred.

      • Minpin, an attorney must be admitted to the Florida Bar to represent a client in a Florida court.

        Mark O’Mara & Don West have never before defended a client being prosecuted by State Attorney Angela Corey’s office and likely never will again. Her circuit is up on the Florida-Georgia border, far from Orlando & Central Florida.

        Each judicial circuit’s State Attorney is elected by the citizens of that circuit for four year terms. In Corey’s case, it is the citizens of Clay, Duval, and Nassau counties. The State Attorney answers to the citizenry, not to Pam Biondi, the governor, or anyone else. The governor may remove one from office similar to removing a mayor, sheriff, or other local elected official. It happens, but it is rare and requires proof of gross misconduct.

        There is no cabal or conspiracy.

        The SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) and NAACP twice did something similar to this in Palatka, (Putnam County) Florida. Even without social media and round-the-clock cable coverage, justice prevailed and all survived. If you would like to read more, Google Archives has copies of area newspapers of the era (1977-1985.)

  6. There are a bunch of Zimmerman case books out already …….. My favorite being “Numerology For George Zimmerman and His June 10th Trial” ROFLMAO










  7. I found something interesting. On the GZLegalcase website, there is the following link: http://www.gzdocs.com/documents/0513/defense_discovery/general/gz_consealed_weapon_permit.pdf

    Not that any of this matters one bit to me, because I don’t care what race either individual was or is, but notice that you can just barely make out a “W” under the word “Race” just to the right of the state seal on the permit. I’m sure that there will be those who will say that George must identify as “White” since there is a “W” in this field.

    However, just to provide context, since I just completed my CCW permit application, the CCW permit instructions include the following possible entries for the category of Race (it says these are the FBI codes for race):

    W = White
    B = Black
    I = American Indian or Alaskan Native
    A = Asian or Oriental
    U = Other or Unknown

    Those are the only choices. Given those choices, I think most Latinos would choose “W” for white rather than “U” for unknown or other. I found another website which discusses the race codes here (and yes, I know this is a page for Wisconsin, but it’s relevant). http://wi-recordcheck.org/help/racecodes.htm

    Note that on this site, it says “You may notice that Hispanic is not included in these codes. The FBI classifies Hispanic as an ethnic indicator, not a race.” It also says “Hispanics should be entered with the race code most clearly representing the individual.”

    It would seem normal and appropriate, then, given these choices, for Hispanics to choose “W” when filling out a concealed weapons permit.

    • I realize this categorization is from a form – but DNA analysis confirmed that American Indians are Asian (it was long theorized they walked across the land bridge that used to cross the Bering Strait from Asia to Alaska, so apparently that was correct). I’ve seen forms that list probably 10 ethnicities under “race” – no wonder the difference between race and ethnicity is confusing to people!

      • As are all the natives from the Inuit to the Amerindian in Central and South America. They are short, squat, heavy, straight black hair, eye folk and flat wide noses. They are all of Asian decent.

  8. I was thinking about the newly found medical examiner referred to in the defense request for a continuance. I am wondering if the whistleblower Boudris (sp) from Corey’s office, who testified at the sanctions hearing alerted the defense of an additional medical examiner involved that wasn’t disclosed by the prosecutor. In that same hearing there was a guy from the FDLE who I believe was going to testify before Nelson knew the defense was getting to close to major exposure, and had to cut the hearing off. The FDLE guy was the one that provided the defense with info. that they hadn’t gotten all of his reports from the prosecution. He may have had additional information about the missing medical examiner.

    • She should be asking that of SF/TM. Where is their personal responsibility? It’s repeated over and over TM was doing nothing wrong, just hurrying to get home with his snacks for his “little brother”. How can anyone be so sure of this? George reported him as acting suspicious, the same way the MDSPD reported him acting when he was found with jewelry in his backpack. SF/TM know very well what Trayvon was capable of doing. Why else would Tracy’s first call be to Juvenile Justice to see if he was picked up. They have taken no responsibility, they have only done all they can do to hide the truth about Trayvon. Trayvon was sent to Sanford for Tracy to supervise. Instead, Tracy left him with no supervision. When do Tracy and Sybrina take any personal responsibility for Trayvon’s actions?

      • CCG – this is one aspect of this case that drives me crazy. Tracy NOR Sybrina are ever going to take any personal responsibility for the parents they were as they have chosen to BLAME SYG, guns, & GZ. Both parents provided nothing but an unstable environment for TM, dumping TM on any relative that would take him in when they were tired of him, Alisha having TM for 10 yrs. while she was married to Tracy, not Sybrina. Yet it was Sybrina that bellied up with her hand out for her part of the HOA settlement as the grieving bio mom.

        THEN, Tracy starts up w/Brandi, TM mentions he might move to Sanford, enter yet another school, & live in yet another home, I assume w/Brandi/Tracy. The ex marine Uncle of TM must have been at his wits end w/TM entertaining his 3rd suspension in 6 months while TM was living under his roof.

        TM imo, was a product of his environment. imo, even if the tragedy had not occurred that night w/GZ, TM was on a downward spiral & nothing positive seemed to be in TM’s future by the choices he was making.


    • That cuts both ways, as much as they try TM was not a child, he also knew right from wrong. He made choices that could have avoided the confrontation but he choose to respond violently to his perceived slight. If he was not taught how to react properly and with respect to others, that is the personal responsibility of their parents and all those caretakers in his life.

      • boricuafudd – you’re right, TM was certainly not a child that TM supporters want to portray him as. I couldn’t understand WHY Tracy/Sybrina didn’t do an intervention on TM, he too needed to be tested for “ODD, or Oppositional Defiant Disorder” or perhaps anything that could shed light on why he seemed a happy kid in the football uniform & then it was downhill from there. I have seen kids like TM in high school acting out w/aggression, lack of respect for authories, etc., & some have been diagnosed w/ODD. Disorders are not excuses, just as alcoholics are responsible for their sobriety, those the age of TM would have been responsible for his medication & behavior.

        The PROBLEM: Though Sybrina/Tracy both had jobs, & at least Sybrina would have been afforded decent insurance through her job, it would have taken CONCERNED/INVOLVED parents to have spent the time & money on getting to the bottom of TM’s problems. It seems, imo, they did nothing. TM only grew bigger, more aggressive/hostile, was spiraling down in his drug use, had no respect for authority. Were Sybrina/Tracy just waiting for him to go to jail at 18 yrs. old because TM wasn’t improving, he didn’t live with either parent?

        Sometimes programs screen for everything but it seems the time for an intervention for TM was around 15 or 16.

  9. I missed this article last year in the Wall Street Journal. It’s was written on April 6th, 2012. Before GZ was arrested and before the discovery was released by the state. This black author, Shelby Steele from Stanford University nailed it.

    “The absurdity of Messrs. Jackson and Sharpton is that they want to make a movement out of an anomaly. Black teenagers today are afraid of other black teenagers, not whites.

    “It has given us a generation of ambulance-chasing leaders, and the illusion that our greatest power lies in the manipulation of white guilt. The tragedy surrounding Trayvon’s death is not in the possibility that it might have something to do with white racism; the tragedy is in the lustfulness with which so many black leaders, in conjunction with the media, have leapt to exploit his demise for their own power. “


    • Because Vinnie Politan is young and dumb. He has bought into the Trayvon Justice crap from the beginning. He just says a few correct things once in a while so some will still listen to him.

      • Vinnie Politan was a former prosecutor too, although they should be objective, he imo, looks at the cases through the eyes of a former Prosecutor.. It appears all the of HLN Analyst are assigned who to defend or support on whatever trial they are covering. It seems since early on, Vinnie has been assigned to defend TM & his family in their debates. BOTH sides get represented by someone on their panel.

  10. ackbar- Responding to your comment above down here-

    “My initial reaction on seeing Corey the first time was to ask myself “is she black?” She definitely does not look “white” (like, in the way, for instance, that O’Mara, West, and BDLR are white) and I suspect that could have had something to do with her selection.”

    So sorry but, I don’t think I can make my rubber band stretch that far.

  11. I was watching the video compendium and one thing i noticed right away was that weasel Michael Skolnik has his laptop open and he’s busy typing….most likely tweeting his sheep to keep the false narrative alive from the courtroom. Such a disgrace!

    • No worries. It isn’t working. Cheryl took him to task on HLN. People, black, white and yellow can and do think. You can’t build a case on lies. TM’s family are in a spin. Built on lies. They left their kid unattended and unsupervised. They taught him to be aggressive. More likely dad than mom.

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