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June 16, 2013

I read Mr. Zimmerman’s book. It confirmed what I am suspecting. I look forward to helping this lovely family get their lives back. You are not alone and we are supporting you.

I’m going into work today to get some tasks out of the way so I can be with you in the courtroom tomorrow.  It’s going to be a long day for the lawyers, who I might remind everyone, has taken the case without payment to date.

 DONATE_BUTTON2Thank you to everyone who has helped in the fund-raising effort. Last we heard (4pm June 9th) the fund was in excess of $85K.  I’ve been advised that no update will be given until after a jury is selected.  I assume all energies are being focussed on jury selection right now.  The goal is to get $120K. Please continue to spread the news that help is needed.  Even a $5 donation will help.  This is one worry we can take off Robert Sr.’s shoulders. Thanks again.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net


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  1. I’m halfway through it myself. Very interesting. Well worth getting as it has some details (mostly regarding the investigation, not the night of the attack) not previously known to the general public. Besides, Natalie Jackson seems to have enjoyed it.

      • One of my favorite moments living in Berkeley, the capital of bended knee to the altar of the BGI, was Shelby Steele reading from his book
        “White Guilt: How Blacks & Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era” . None of the comments from the old guard made a dent in his social criticism.

        It’s a shame, Steele says, that whites and blacks can’t have any dialogue on the subject of race, that white guilt clouds cross-racial relationships like a lingering ether. There’s a stalemate between the races: a tacit agreement that each side keep its distance.

        “We’re very programmed to keep that conversation within narrow limits. And I hate that. It cuts me off from people. If I’ve caught my share of hell in writing what I’ve written, one of the great benefits is that I can talk now to anybody about anything, racially and otherwise. And people feel comfortable with me: They know I’m not going to hold it against them if they make some sort of little faux pas. I’m not going to take a knife out and tell them they’ve defamed my whole race.

        “I don’t know everything about other races. So if I was having a conversation with an American Indian, I might step on his sensitivities without knowing it — not because I don’t like American Indians, but because I’m ignorant about certain things. So what. Inform me then, don’t put me down. I wish more blacks had that point of view.”


      • The Video mentioned Bill Cosby and I remembered the controversy when he told AA to be better parents. He delivered a famous speech referred to as the “Pound Cake: speech. Here is a link to it: http://www.eightcitiesmap.com/transcript_bc.htm
        Funny thing is you can apply it to TM and his parents. Had they been better parents, especially the dad, TM would be alive today. B. Cosby says in the speech that in his day, a kid would stop himself from doing something wrong because he did not want to embarrass his parents. TM did not hesitate to walk up to a grown man and punch him in the face hard enough to break his nose. And all the TM supporters see absolutely nothing wrong with that.

        • Morning Sun_Light ~ Although Bill Cosby has addressed many of the problems such as sagging pants, unemployment, shuck N jive lingo, Bill Cosby BLAMED guns for TM’s death saying “if GZ didn’t have a gun, TM would be alive today.” (that was a GREAT speech Bill Cosby gave, I remember it.)

          I wholeheartedly agree that TM’s parent’s let him down, NEITHER parent stepped up to intervene in the spiraling out of control behavior of TM or his drug use, 3 suspensions in 6 months reflects the situation needed immediate intervention, if nothing else to save TM from himself. BOTH parents failed.

          It angers me that Tracy & Sybrina don’t take responsibility or speak of their regret for not intervening to help their son, they instead blame SYG, Guns, & GZ.

          • I disagree with Steele on the notion that there was a fight motivated by macho egos. GZ screams demonstrate how terrorized he was during the assault. TM was a ticking time bomb.

      • I enjoy reading Mike’s thoughtful articles. He does a fine job.
        The numerous lies, even criminal acts, that the persecutors of George have made to date are alarming! It is beyond all reason, all understanding, that they have been able to get away with so much, and continue to do so. It is frightening for us all.

  2. Hope you guys don’t mind I wish a Happy Father’s Day to the Dad’s participating here. Hug your Dads close. My Dad has passed on and to those of you who’s Dads also are gone … I offer this:

    and I miss him … the Old Man

    • Thank you! My apologies to the fathers. I didn’t realize today was Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there. May your day be everything you want it to be and may your kids appreciate the love and support you provide for them.

      I lost my dad 6 years ago. His lessons are still with me though each and every day. Happy Father’s Day!

  3. keeping up with my theme of debunking common TM talking points “no dna on cuffs/sleeves” is actually inconclusive

    Left cuff/lower sleeve:
    The mixed DNA profile obtained from Exhibit ME-8 left cuff/lower sleeve demonstrated the presence of at least two individuals. Assuming Trayvon Benjamin Martin (ME-3) is a contributor to the mixture, foreign DNA results were obtained. Due to the limited nature of these results, this data is insufficient for inclusion purposes.

    No determination can be made regarding the possible contribution of George Michael Zimmerman (JR-2) to the mixed DNA profile obtained from Exhibit ME-8 left cuff/lower sleeve.”

  4. Well good ole’ Sundance has posted another article on the failings of MOM. This does nothing to help the case at this point.

    I am still waiting for him to release info on the 2nd DD. Until he does that, he is not credible.

    • Wow. He’s getting predictable. I’m thankful you guys have joined me here so that I don’t have to read at the treehouse anymore.

      In reading Robert Zimmerman’s book yesterday, I opined the characterization of Mr. O’Mara as a control freak was going to set off Diwataman and Sundance. Not sure if that is why the post today but it’s highly likely.

      Sundance is close-minded on the subject. He shut down my voice on it and many others. So with each posting those who disagree will shut-up or get banned. He’s entitled to his opinion as each of us are as well.

      Now, where were we?

      • Exactly, now where were we.

        I read Sundance’s some of his stuff, ignore others. He’s a good writer, but being a good writer doesn’t mean he’s right on OMara.

      • You guessed correctly Nettles. Yes, sundance has taken the O’mara said he was a control freak statement all the way in his latest trash piece.

        Sundance, I think, early on believed that O’Mara wasn’t doing justice for GZ, or keeping his best interests at heart, if he didn’t take on the BGI agenda, which is not inclusive only within the borders of Fla. It is nationwide, and with the current Obama admin. goes right to the top including Obama, and his atty. gen. Eric Holder, who proclaimed proudly that he is “looking out for his people,” meaning the black race. If anyone, anyone at all, for decades was capable of stopping the BGI and their race baiting, Sharpton and Jackson would have been stopped. Sharpton and Jackson have gotten it wrong in every case they have involved themselves in. Those Tawana Brawley accused of raping her were acquitted. The Duke LaCross players were declared innocent, after a malicious prosecution was underway, pushed and fueled by the race baiters. Those prosecuted in the Martin Lee Anderson case were acquitted of any crimes. And Mark O’Mara was supposed to swoop down like superman and take on the national race baiters, who are grooming Ben Crump as their successor as they are getting a little long in the tooth. Can’t have a break in the plantation cycle.

        Mark O’Mara also was supposed to take on the MDSPD and the entire school district higher ups, with their agenda of Baker Acting young black males, in order to lower their criminal statistics, which no doubt brought in more federal dollars for their efforts at protecting those from the criminal justice system. Scott and Bondi couldn’t have been more supportive of the program, and gave speeches declaring that they wanted to see the oh so successful program repeated in all the school districts across the state. So O’Mra is not properly defending his client, and not looking out for GZ’s best interests because he again was not superman sweeping down on what sundance belives is the first and highest priority, according to the book of sundance. I’ve said before that taking a closer look at what is happening with the Backer Acting program is a worthy goal, but it cannopt be O’Mara’s goal while trying to defend GZ from 25 years to life in prison. It is not even questionable that Nelson would allow the first word about the program into the GZ murder trial.

        Yes, sundance grabbed the “control freak” language and ran all the way home with it in his article. It is a clear case of projection on the part of sundance. Sundance wanted O’Mara to run his defense of George the way sundance wanted him to, taking sundances priorities as the only worthy goals. So, who iexactly is the “control freak”? You do what I tell you to do, and the way I tell you to do it, or you will get trashed as often as I can trash you. Again, who is the “control freak”? And those that disagree with the proclamations can take a hike and go post somewhere else, you are not needed nor wanted around the treehouse. You get pushed off that nice cozy limb you were welcomed to, before your blasphemous opinions.

        • See. No reason to read there and I still know what’s going on with him.

          In reading Robert Zimmerman’s book I think his opinions align with Sundance. I was sorry to read it. I think Mr. O’Mara deserved better than that from George’s father. He, too is entitle to his opinion.

          I’m going to make another prediction: this judge is going to thoroughly piss us all off when she won’t allow what we deem to be relevant information about Trayvon’s reputation into the trial. Be prepared for it.

          • Nettles, I haven’t read the book yet as it will take over three hours for me to download the free app. in order to read the book on my computer. I don’t have a kindle or any other device where I can download the book to.

            What exactly did Robert Sr. say that gave you the impression that his opinions align with sundance’s. From what I’ve read that Robery Jr. has been saying, he doesn’t seem to hold to sundance’s opinions of O’Mara. Don’t tell me that even Zimm’s dad has fallen under the spell or cult of sundance. Then I remember reading that it was Robert Sr. who first contacted Uhrig and Sonner to represent GZ. That would have been a disaster, especially now seeing that Uhrig has yet again been punished by the Fla. Bar, and that is going some as they are loath to punish anyone. I also remember the presser they did saying they were resigning as GZ’s attorney’s even though GZ never formally hired them. They really made GZ out to look like a basket case in that presser. That is who Robert Sr. wanted to defend his son?

          • I think RZ sr has been radicalized witnessing the corruption of the justice system, I do not blame him. Pinecone gets it right on SD, he is projecting. SD admits this case is complicated yet fails to factor in how complicated when evaluating MOM choices and decisons.

          • It wasn’t so much what Mr. Zimmerman said as it was what Mr. Zimmerman could have said but didn’t. Please know the “control freak” characterization isn’t Mr. Zimmerman’s. Mr. Zimmerman shares that at the first meeting with O’Mara, O’Mara advised the family he is a “control freak”. I’d think every lawyer defending a person in the system needs to control communication and will be seen by those with differing opinions as a control freak.

            I may have been unfair in my observation and should let Mr. Zimmerman speak for himself on the matter. I won’t be surprised to learn he agrees with Sundance. Mr. Zimmerman didn’t say much in the section and talked about how he would have like to see more confidence in George’s innocence in the press than Mr. O’Mara first put forward.

            I get the distinct impression that George keeps his father out of things. Does he do this because he doesn’t want his dad to stress due to his health problems? Does he do this because there is a difference of opinion between father and son? If I were to guess, both Roberts are Republican and George its been reported is a Democrat.

            It’s been reported that it was RZSr who brought the first 2 lawyers on board and George didn’t cooperate with them. Was that because he didn’t like the lawyers or did he not trust his father’s input?

            Robert shared he hasn’t had many conversations with O’Mara and he used the witness in a case meme to explain why. I read in the Miami Herald that Mr. Zimmerman did not know about the donations that came in at first. Robert confirmed that in the book.

            While Robert described to the readers about George’s younger sister, without naming her (Grace), Robert told a story of George’s older sister but didn’t identify her as such. I think he’d do well in fully explaining his kids, not sure why he didn’t. Perhaps Dawn asked to be excluded?

            Anyway, I believe it was George’s older sister who was present with the family when they testified telephonically at George’s first bond hearing. I believe it was Dawn who was helping Shelly at the time and it was Dawn’s husband Ken who helped George set-up the website and who Shelly asked the prosecutor to go to to learn current information.

            Robert shared after the hearing and the bond amount was set, Robert took Dawn outside to question her about the donation account and she assured him there was enough in there for GZ bond. But then he was being asked to put the title on his house up to make the entire bond and everyone was confused and frustrated during that time.

            Why hasn’t the family been in court? Robert Jr. was always there but when Shelly turned up, Robert Jr. disappeared. Whatever is going on, I hope they put it aside and walk into the courtroom in support of George and remind that damn Judge George’s life matters too and he has a family who’ll fight for it!

            • Thank you for writing all that Nettles, I appreciate it. As to the donation account originally set up by or for George, that happened just a day or so before he was arrested and put in jail. Other than the one who had access to the website, no one could have known about the amount being collected. Robert Sr. and Gladys likely didn’t know what had been collected. I think even George himself must have been shocked at the amount pouring in. I also remember that on the day of the first bond hearing the amount was climbing very quickly. Even if Shellie tried to give an amount, she would have been off by large sums apparently. BDLR and Lester didn’t seem to have any interest in the account that day. O’Mara did give him the information very quickly, as requested, but that didn’t matter to the judge who never pressed the issue when he could have and should have. It seems Lester was remiss and turned around and took out his own shortcomings on GZ. Lester even said he didn’t know if he had any authority over the funds. He never did come back and rule on his authority, or lack thereoff on that account.

              As to the control freak O’Mara remark, not to knock George but, I remember reading that GZ did try to call Corey before he was arrested, but she refused to take his phone call. GZ also spent the night of the incident without even considering legal representation. Did he think he was capable of handing it all himself? Most likely he thought that being up front and honest, and not trying to hide behind a lawyer would indicate that he was very honest and had nothing to hide. I’m sure Mark Osterman didn’t help. Perhaps George was taking the advice of Osterman over his dad’s. Who knows. Osterman did include destructive information in his book about GZ’s estrangement with his family, which has to have been hurtful to the whole family that all did in fact go to bat for George early on.

              There aren’t very many families, if any, that don’t have disfunction, or the crazy uncle you see only at Christmas dinner. I don’t think anyone can understand what all of the family members have been going through, and for a prolonged period of time now. Most of them have had death threats, they’ve had to move around from place to place, they don’t seem to have a whole lot of money, and the parents and grandma all have health issues. George and Shellie will never have a normal life again here in the US. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if when it is all over they leave the country whose justice system left George. None of them will ever have the life they did before warts and all. They will be carrying this through the rest of their days. And for what? so George is paid back for his going to bat for one of their own, but who have now turned on him as though he is a leper. For them, $$$$$$$$$$ is all that matters. Hey, all Scott and Bondi have to do to stop all of this right now would be to just hand Crump the millions he is looking to otherwise extort. I’d bet he would go home and call off all his I’m gonna riot dogs.

              • It’s interesting to note, Robert Sr. didn’t take Shellie outside to ask about the donations. He thought the person with that information was George’s sister. Also, we learned they had assembled for that telephone interview in the Osterman’s home. So Mark and Sondra were still on the inside on April 20th. I wonder where in the process he decided to write his book.

                He did the Dr. Phil show on August 9th and around that time, I think his mother-in-law showed up at the treehouse looking to sell the book. As of late February, she is extremely critical of Mr. O’Mara. I’m not sure if that is b/c she believes it or she wants to impress Sundance.

            • Why hasn’t the family been in court? Robert Jr. was always there but when Shelly turned up, Robert Jr. disappeared.

              For real? I haven’t watched most of the jury selection, just a part of some of the days, but I remember seeing Robert next to that Renee reporter several times, and I’ve seen Shelly, too – I thought I had read that Shelly had been there every day? I hope there’s not a problem between them.

    • I take every thing Sundance says very seriously. He brings up a lot of good points and his style is kind of attack-dog on the issues he cares deeply about.

      His criticisms of MOM are unrelenting, and yet, he continuously brings up points that bear further introspection.

      One of particular interest today concerns what evidence may yet available at MD-SPD concerning interactions with TM for which, according to Sundance, MOM/West have not made application. This is a good point and deserving of an answer.

      The evidence from MD-SPD that Sundance has unearthed so far, is quite astounding. Even more astounding is that the media has pretty well ignored it all.

      My primary view on MOM/West is based on what they do in court, and what they submit to the court, and how they frame their arguments. I am somewhat less influenced by what they say outside of court. By this count, I think that the defense is doing a pretty good job.

      Could they do better, of course. So can every lawyer. I believe MOM has GZ’s best interests at heart, and that is where I differ with Sundance.

      There is a lot of discomfort out there among some GZ supporters because the defense does not engage in verbal skirmishes outside of the courtroom with the likes of Crump, Jackson et al, and that their demeanor in court is restrained. This offers a portrait of a less than full representation of their client’s innocence. Yet, histrionics (like arm waving and barrages of leading questions, and calling Crump a liar) are like a fusillade of blows in a boxing match, none of which touch the opponent.

      MOM/West were not hired to take on the BGI. They were hired to defend GZ.

      The Mark O’Mara we see at this trial, is the same as he was before the trial, and as he will be after the trial.

      • Sundance’s opinions have lost value for me.

        Don’t know if the message reached the treehouse or not but the defense isn’t being afforded the time to turn over every stone left unturned by the state. Priorities have to be set. There is no question some things will go undone.

        Those reading at the treehouse now have to know they are getting a skewed look. What most GZ supporters are thinking isn’t being voiced there anymore.

        • For a long while my thirst has been left unquenched when reading yet another sundance article. It’s like reading a spy thriller, going through all the motions of trying to catch the bad guy, having him within your scope site, and the book ending with come back and buy the next installment to find out if they got him or not. I am always left feeling like, is that it, that’s all there is? It’s raising expectations yet not being able to find the answers. Geez, when sundance came out again yesterday saying, yes we “need” to talk about O’Mara again because it is necessary, I was waiting to read something like I have proof that O’Mara is really married to three women at once, he has child porn on his computer, or we found proof that he stole thousands of dollars from 4 of his past clients personal bank accounts. It’s like Dershowitz said of Corey long ago, with charging GZ with murder 2 she is raising the expectations of the TM supporters, but will never be able to fullfill those promises with an ethical conviction.

          Yes Nettles, the last thing O’Mara needs to waste his time on are what sundance has decided should be the priorities in taking on the entire BGI and the MDSPD. The defense was almost out of money completely, and they have been unfairly cheated out of the time they need to prepare a proper and complete defense for GZ, through the help of the unethical and corrupt judge who only has the state’s best interests at heart. God forbid the trial not be rammed through right now, before the defense uncovers and exposes even more criminal wrongdoing by the Corey prosecutors office. That is literally why Nelson stopped O’Mara and West mid-sentence in the sanctions hearing.

            • Same goes for the jewelry investigation. Unless I missed it, did the officer SD contacted ever return the jewelry to the rightful owner? Was there any follow up?

              As far as MOM obtaining the FOIA documents, while it was an eye opener revealed by SD, we don’t know MOM wasn’t already investigating this through the schools records. MOM did depose several MDSPD officers and could have obtained the same information and maybe more from these depositions.

              • CCG –

                One of the intriguing questions that may get answered along the lines is that mention has been made of a photograph from TM’s phone of jewelry on a bed. I just wonder how that photograph might compare with the photographs of the (cough) “found items” found TM’s backpack?

          • I just went there and read. IMO, that guy is so full of himself. And he’s always criticizing idealogues, and doesn’t have the first clue that he himself IS one. He considers himself open-minded, but IMO he is the rigid one. And his obsession with and hatred for MOM has always felt very personal to me – as though somehow he has been slighted by MOM. TM reacted with violence at feeling disrespected, and perhaps this is how SDC reacts when feeling disrespected. I appreciate the work done to obtain info through FOIA requests, but let’s face it, it’s nothing that’s going to help George in his trial.


            • This was meant to be with the last comment:

              Some people cannot accept using a critical lens to look at the O’Mara aspect. Many of those people are no longer here because of their inherent constitution not to be open-minded in the same regard.

              If you have never studied how ideology influences intentions then this case will drive you nuts. However, if you understand how ideology can and does influence behavior then things begin to reconcile.

      • hooson1st – SHARED: “The evidence from MD-SPD that Sundance has unearthed so far, is quite astounding. Even more astounding is that the media has pretty well ignored it all.”

        hooson1st – WHILE you may personally be astounded, DIDN’T a Media spokesperson tell Sundance they are NOT INTERESTED in his MD-SPD investigation UNLESS he can provide them everything, that includes names, places, file numbers? The MEDIA apparently isn’t interested in chasing Sundance’s leads as they have stated it seems.

        WHY would you assume or anyone else to know more than MOM or West about GZ’s defense UNLESS you are directly involved in the Defense? imo, if the Defense Team can use anything to defend GZ, they will, they employ a real investigator to assist them.

        • Art –

          It is my belief that MOM/West are most likely most knowledgeable about the facts and the issues in this case. Accordingly I do not assume that anyone else is more knowledgeable.

          Initially one local reporter did seem interested but she is now in Texas. Normally, even in cases as highly charged as this, a good amount of FOIA work is done by the local press. It is not in evidence here. I guess I am the only one surprised.

          • hooson1st – I disagree with your thoughts on how much local press investigates. They investigate backgrounds such as arrest records, DUI’s, complaints on individuals, probably mainly done by computers or through court documents easily accessible from computers. Look at quickly the potential stealth juror got busted, ALL from computers used by those sitting in an air conditioned room.

            Baez writes a book on KC’s case & states, I’m paraphrasing, that “KC didn’t have access to a particular web account & only George A did, so it was GA that made the comment/posting.”

            2 bloggers from webslueth, “AZLawyer” & “JWG,” a computer whiz took Baez to task & PROVED BAEZ wrong, they investigated & found evidence KC did in FACT have an account & KC could have well made the entry. It was due to their hard work & the FACTS they uncovered that made their findings a MAJOR story Nationally & they proved Baez wrong.

            George/Cindy’s attorney held a news conference on AZ & CWG’s findings & the facts they unearthed. Tony Pippitone REPORTED the story as if he FOUND this evidence giving ONLY a sentence of thanks to “AZ, CWG, & webslueths.” Tony promoted himself, what a real scumbag imo but it’s not surprising.

            Rest assured MOM/West are on top of MDPSD & TM’s school records & suspensions.

        • Agree Art. The MDSPD story is what I would consider off topic to the GZ case. Crump supposedly sealed TM’s school records, and someone shut down all of his social media sites and scrubbed them early on. The defense had to fight with the judge to get the state to turn over TM’s school records, phone records, and social media site records. Nelson shut down quickly the exposure of the criminal activities done by the prosecution. Does anyone believe for a second that she would allow the MDSPD project to be brought up in court? Not on your life. Hel1 she likely won’t allow his own words to be brought into court except on a very narrow basis.

          The MDSPD Baker Act program has become sundance’s bloggy horse. It is what he is interested in, and apparently he believes everyone else should think the same. Not many TH articles have been written lately that don’t keep pushing the issue. If sundance is trying to make his break into the world of journalism, writing about the issues he is interested in, he doesn’t need to use the George Zimmerman trial to be his take off place to do so. Think about this for a minute. Way back closer to the time of the shooting incident, sundance was gaining new readers to his site by the tons every day. Since he has gone on his crusade against O’Mara, how many of those tons of original supporters are even still around at the TH. Go back and look at some of the earliest articles there. You will see names that no longer exist at the TH. Do not disagree, do not push any meme I don’t agree with, or you will find yourself swinging from that tree branch rather than sitting on it eating smores.

          • MDSPD is a non-issue. woulda, coulda, shoulda. You can make the same argument that his parents could have prevented the tragedy. It makes no difference at this point.

          • pincone – I agree w/your thoughts on the treehouse, TM supporters rant about the nut house & laugh at the 2 DD theories in which most of us that left didn’t believe it as it was & remains just a theory.. Once bloggers leave, they rarely ever go back. From my understanding, Sundance is not an attorney, but a Blog owner.

            imo, to make an analogy, some forget the actual facts of Watergate/Woodward/Bernstein & forget that was a different time in Media Reporting, when all MEDIA had more money because people got their information from newspapers, NOT off a computer. Those days are gone.

            Bernstein & Woodward are perhaps the most famous Journalists of our lifetime, instrumental in bringing down a sitting President. BUT! Both were employed by the Washington Post & the Post paid the young men as “Investigative Journalist” to RUN w/the FACTS, the Washington Post had endless resources at the time, something small Media Outlets like Orlando don’t have. B & W were dogged in their pursuit of leads doing most by their fact finding by their own leg work. They didn’t have the convenience of email & GOOGLE, I remain humbled & in awe at what they found.

            Anyone could pursue Sundance’s leads IF there was an INTEREST.

            • Both were employed by the Washington Post & the Post paid the young men as “Investigative Journalist” to RUN w/the FACTS, the Washington Post had endless resources at the time, something small Media Outlets like Orlando don’t have. B & W were dogged in their pursuit of leads doing most by their fact finding by their own leg work.

              …Anyone could pursue Sundance’s leads IF there was an INTEREST.

              Exactly – journalists/newspapers may not have as much money now, but there’s no excuse for not finding as many facts as non-paid bloggers (new media) have found. You’d think it would occur to them that if they offered a different perspective than anyone else (ie, not the narrative), they might get more business.

              • lorac – times they are a changing. I agree I wish there were “investigative journalist,” but outside of the big newspapers reporting on political stories, imo, the smaller newspapers which encompasses most newspapers have suffered due to computers and the availability of FREE news reported 24/7 by TV & the internet.

                If you notice, BIG Blogs that report news like Huff Po or the Daily Beast, have many investigative journalist that contribute to the BLOG. I assume they are paid for the article & aren’t necessarily employed by either web site although I think Huff Po does employ some as staff that post liberal political views & staff that reports on Crime. I never read the TM articles there as I figured my blood would boil.

                The MDSPD would have to become of interest to someone willing to do the hard work of reporting it, it just seems the interest is not there for someone to be assigned by a MEDIA outlet to do it.

      • Hooson- I saw the mentioning of the MD-SPD but SD makes a big assumption in that he feels they don’t have that information. When SD says why have there been no FOIA for the information from Miami, he forgets that MOM does not need a FOIA he can subpoena the records. Regardless of which MOM has TM school records which would include any evaluations by counselors, if he was Baker Act, interactions by the School police. But, having that information does not mean that it will be admissible or relevant.

        We have to remember that it is GZ who is on trial, trying to put TM on trial, with negative or inflammatory information as the prosecution did with W9, usually backfires, reeks of desperation, and GZ does not need that to prove his case.

        As for the media, imo they will not report on things until the outcome of the trial is decided, the backlash if GZ is found guilty and are seen as partisan to to GZ will outstripped the value of anything they might uncover. Not to mention, that there is support from the President on down to finding solutions black youth violence and discipline in schools, which most editorial boards support and applaud, right or wrong.

  5. It may be premature, but we have to start thinking about whether zimmie should testify or not. Of course, MOM will move for an acquittal after the presentation of the state’s cases. If it is denied, zimmie might want to testify. Should he?

    Yes, imho, if he can be completely honest. When asked if he was following Trayvon, zimmie answered Yes, I believe. So he should not try to deny he was following Trayvon. That is a completely normal response. He did not want him to get away. He has a right to keep him in sight until the police arrives. But when Sean told him “we don’t need you to do that,” zimmie said OK. At that point, no one really knows what happened. The forensic evidence speaks for itself.

    • here is a quick personal recol lection:

      Some drunk kids went by myself and threw the empty bottle so that it smashed into pieces on my sidewalk. I quickly went out and took down the license number and called 911. Was it an emergency? Yes, they could kill someone driving while drunk. They went down a street which i knew was a dead end…typical stupid criminal behavior. I got in my truck and tried to follow them. Somehow, I think they had figured out it was a dead end, and escaped while i was calling the police.

      The police showed up when i was on the dead end street. They asked if i was following them, and i said yes. The police did not think that was odd. I didn’t want them to get away and, as long as i kept my distance, i think i was well within my rights to try to keep them in sight. I had the license plate anyway. I gave the license plate to the police and i even asked if they lived around our neighborhood. I also asked who it was. The police said they couldn’t tell me, but they did say it was in the area. I am sure they went to the home of these youths and had a word with the parents. Never had anymore problems, knock on wood!

      I think every citizen has a right to safeguard his or her neighborhood. I don’t think any juror would object to that. There is no reason for Zimmie to hide that. He should be proud that he stood up to suspicious behavior.

      • Absolutely he should be proud. Sometimes I think we’re evolving backwards. I find rap music to be incredibly anti-social, but it’s been popular for 25 years (unbelievably). Hard rock can be criticized, but most rock was different than hard rock, IMO there has never been any music as anti-social as rap. Huge numbers of kids are dropping out of school, never interested in the first place. The people with the least financial or emotional ability to raise kids are having the most kids – and often having those kids while on drugs.

        Anyway, to say something positive lol – some people are worried that women will fall for the tears of TM’s parents. I think it could go another way – women want their neighborhoods and kids safe from thugs – maybe they’ll be proud of GZ, too.

  6. The next part of the jury selection should be interesting. After a panel of 40 PJ’s are assembled, they move on to Round 2. Here, the most important question will be regarding the Presumption of Innocence. Jurors will be asked whether, if the State fails to prove its case, would they still want to hear from Zimmie. Anyone answering YES cannot follow the law. It is very important the PJ’s understand that they don’t have to hear from Zimmie in order to acquit him.

  7. I continue to read DD’s statements being quoted and she is referred to as a “credible witness.” My question: will she not be IMPEACHED during cross exam by the Defense if her damage outweighs the positive for the Defense?

    I wish we could read her deposition, LOL, I bet Crump does too but his good friend BDLR could tell him most of it since he made a fool of his dumba$$ while attending & claiming don’t hold it against me because I’m stupid & DIDN’T read you were videoing this depo.”

    DD has helped the Defense too, her role will be interesting to see how it plays out. Without DD, what’s left for the State?

  8. This article is from my hometown TV Media outlets, UGH!

    “Trayvon Martin is today’s race case,” says Christopher Darden, a prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson murder trial, another defining American moment. “I don’t know that anybody can really sit there and objectively look at the evidence. It arrives with so many different kinds of emotions.”

    And for others, the case symbolizes that black people see racism when there is no evidence of it.

    “I reject the idea that this happened specifically because of color,” says Mychal Massie, a columnist and former chairman of the black conservatives leadership group Project 21.

    “I’m not saying that Martin deserved to be shot,” Massie says. “I’m also not saying he was a paragon of virtue. Indications are he was not singled out because he was black. He was singled out because he was there, Zimmerman was doing his job as a neighborhood watch person, and he saw a stranger.”

    Massie strenuously objects to any comparison between Till and Martin. Till, Massie says, died in “a different time.”


    • I used their article and others in my blog post. Mr. Darden like can’t remove their racial identity from the facts of the case. I had a black tweeter friend who for the most part usually sees right through the BS that is sprouted by the Scheme Team. She kept trying to convince me that GZ has a violent history, pointing to the fight w/girlfriend, the incident with the police and the alleged issues when he was a bouncer all of these incidents were 7 years or more ago.
      I pointed this out to her, and debunked other information, and she ended up blocking me. Getting past racial identity is just too hard for some, even if they do not conform in other aspects.

      • bori – I was really surprised to read Christopher’s Darden’s opinion. I read his book after the OJ Simpson trial, he made a joke that he was the “token black guy for the Prosecution.” Darden too stated his disgust at how after the jury was selected, “one of the 9 black jurors made the BLACK POWER FIST holding it over his head.” Darden too stated “he knew OJ would never be convicted because of the jury makeup & attitudes of the black community.”

        I’m disappointed in Christopher Darden’s comment, he clearly saw that race would FREE the murderer & it did. WHY he has formed such opinions now, well, I guess is racist!

        • That is why I called the case a civil rights case, though it is not TM’s civil rights that are being violated by GZ’s. There are too many people, not just blacks that are willing to overlook the transgressions against a non-black citizen to achieve what they see as the right result.

          To think that 50+ years ago people wanted equality above all else, now they want special treatment. It not about equality anymore, it is about getting over.

          • Fifty + years ago they (understandably) wanted a good education. Now, growing numbers don’t care.

            But, the same thing has happened to women. We fought so hard to not be reduced to sexual objects, and succeeded to a large extent. But look now at advertisements, reality shows, etc. It’s all back. And today’s young women don’t care – heck, they think it’s cool.

  9. What can actually be done about the race baiters after George is acquitted? They repeat the same behavior (ignoring the majority of black deaths by other blacks, and swooping in on the rare white on black death), and nothing ever happens to them. I think they can get Crump for behavior not becoming an attorney. But what about Sharpton and Jackson – are they attorneys, or just “reverends” ? I’m so furious at how the scheme team and TM’s parents have been able to pollute public opinion.

    Anyway, I’m glad Robert Jr is out there with his calm demeanor and intelligent discourse. And I’m glad Robert Sr got his book out (although, I wish he had had a friend proof-read it for the grammatical errors and typos, but that’s not so important in this dire situation).

    I’ve been buying copies and sending them to people I know. All you need is someone’s email address, and you can send the book to her/him for free (free for the receiver).

    • lorac1 – My guess is nothing is ever going to happen to the BGI, they REFUSE to address the black on black gang murders that are increasing as imo, there is NO MONEY to be made there! Sharpton never apologized for his assinine participation of spewed lies from Duke Lacrosse. ONLY in America, can a scumbag like Sharpton score his own show on MSNBC.

      Jesse Jackson is NOT trying to prevent young blacks from murdering other young blacks in gang violence in Chicago NOR standing up for the innocent victims from babies to the elderly from catching a random bullet & dying in Chicago, IRONICALLY, the district his son served as a representative & will soon be going to jail as well as Jackson’s daughter in law after securing PLEA deals but it encompassed jail time for both..

      WHERE’S JESSE JACKSON on this news from his home town?

      7 Dead, 30 Wounded in Weekend Violence –

    • Lorac1- As bad my opinion is of the race hustler, my sentiments for the MSM are worst. What to do about them? Well we can start by holding the media accountable for promoting, expounding and covering those fools. Without that forum that the Media provides them, they influence would diminish to the point of irrelevancy. As long as they have such a willing venue and partner to sprout their philosophy they will continue on their course.

      • I totally agree. The race baiters (as well as politicians) could not get away with what they do without the media promoting them and not being critical or investigative. People might actually start reading them if they actually did their jobs.

        • They will get the point eventually, but in the meantime at least their alternative media, like bloggers and such, that do their best to keep people informed.

          Polls are showing that more and more people are now using those means to get their news and stay informed.

  10. From Mike McDaniels:

    It now appears–and I doubt this will surprise anyone–that the jury pool has been manipulated to place more blacks and women in the jury pool than a truly random selection process could possibly provide. A blatantly pro-narrative activist also lied during voir dire in an attempt to get on the jury, and nearly made it.

    The folks at the Conservative Treehouse have the story, as does The New York Daily News.

    It would also be worth your time to visit Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection. He has a parallel article on this mess here, and is doing a daily review of events in the courtroom, including a summary of the testimony or prospective jurors, here.

    If both of these factors are true, they indicate an attempt–a systemic attempt–at jury packing. Here’s the related Florida Statute:

    918.12 Tampering with jurors.—Any person who influences the judgment or decision of any grand or petit juror on any matter, question, cause, or proceeding which may be pending, or which may by law be brought, before him or her as such juror, with intent to obstruct the administration of justice, shall be guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

    A third degree felony carries a sentence of five years. They would also indicate perjury, also a third degree felony:

    837.02 Perjury in official proceedings.–

    (1) Except as provided in subsection (2), whoever makes a false statement, which he or she does not believe to be true, under oath in an official proceeding in regard to any material matter, commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

    (2) Whoever makes a false statement, which he or she does not believe to be true, under oath in an official proceeding that relates to the prosecution of a capital felony, commits a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

    (3) Knowledge of the materiality of the statement is not an element of the crime of perjury under subsection (1) or subsection (2), and the defendant’s mistaken belief that the statement was not material is not a defense.

    The man who was almost empaneled, Jerry Counelis, must be carefully and competently investigated and if he did commit perjury–if the elements of the offense fit, must be prosecuted.

    At this point, West and O’Mara should be screaming–not only to Nelson–but to the appeals court, for a mistrial and an investigation into the court packing and perjury. How can any reasonable person possibly believe that there is the most minute chance for a fair trial in Florida for this case? Indeed, a fair trial may not be possible anywhere, and it is surely not the fault of Zimmerman or his attorneys.

    I suspect–I sincerely hope–there may, with these developments, be behind the scenes scrambling to try to restore some semblance of integrity to the Florida criminal justice system. If not, every citizen in Florida should understand that what is happening to George Zimmerman absolutely could–and likely will–happen to them.

    Could this case become any more corrupt and bizarre? Don’t answer that–tomorrow is another day…

      • nettles: Please help! I was reading a good article today about the jury pool, and an opinion on how it is being stacked. Did you happen to see it and know what i am talking about? Can’t seem to find it and it is driving me crazy! LOL!

        Anyway, it followed the selection of the jurors and possible sources of bias/jury stacking. First 500 PJ summones were sent out. Normally, they are picked from driver licenses and ID cards. But the source thought they might not be using the whole county, just Sanford. This would bias the results. Then, 100 PJ’s were chosen from the 500 and they were given questionnaires. How was this done? Alphabetical order, first to show up, randomly. It seems as though AA’s have somehow been given priority. My theory was that whites are afraid and don’t want to be targeted, so they have tried to get out of jury duty. A lot of the jurors seemed to have been coached on how to answer. It is funny though how West and MOM are like trained bloodhounds sniffing out those with an agenda.

  11. When all you have is negative personal opinions and animosities against O’Mara, do what Crump does, go back to something that has already been debunked, and start that meme all over again. I’m referring to O’Mara’s decision to forgo the immunity hearing for GZ that was set to take place in April. Here we go again, O’Mara doesn’t have George’s best interest at heart because he didn’t go through with that immunity hearing.

    O’Mara said that he had once considered an immunity hearing, but the defense planning had changed, or evolved, over the last year and a half. O’Mara said that he can still request an immunity hearing when the prosecution puts on their show and then rests. He can also put on the defense case, and before the case is handed over to the jury, he can request it then if desired. He can also request an immunity hearing even if GZ is convicted. I believe those opportunities have been addressed in many articles, including from some legal websites. O’Mara wasn’t lying or making stuff up.

    If O’Mara went for the immunity hearing back in April, the burden of proof would have been on the defense, they would have had to show all their cards, and GZ would have to have testified. Nelson granting GZ immunity had about as much chance of happening as me winning the gazillion dollar lottery.

    If O’Mara waitis until the prosecution puts up their case, and then rests, O’Mara then knows exactly what the state has or doesn’t have. I don’t believe there will be any surprises coming from the prosecution. If what we have all seen in the discovery dumps is all they got, they ain’t got nothing. DD has already been proven to be a liar, and will without doubt explode the state’s case if she takes the witness stand. Tracy and Sybrina, and anyone else taking the witness stand to speak to Trayvon’s character opens the door for the defense to bring in his texts, pictures, school records etc. They can’t do that. The defense seems to have most of the SPD on the defense side. Serino already admitted that he felt pressured into charging GZ. Even if Nelson allows the voice experts in at trial, what will Reich or Owen accomplish especially on cross from the defense. Who and what does the prosecution have other than an especially obnoxious asst. prosecutor, who will turn off everyone with his arrogance, shadiness, antics, dramatics, and shouting. I don’t believe that BDLR can bring in any character evidence about anything in GZ’s past, or he opens the door for the defense to go after TM in the same manner. Of course Nelson will never on God’s green earth, despite all of the evidence to the contrary will never find GZ to be immune. The defense, especially if they let West do a lot of the crossing during the prosecution show, can and will turn the prosecution witnesses to mush for all to see. The defense has already made that very clear in their willingness to do.

    Will someone please tell me how O’Mara doesn’t have GZ’s best interests at heart because they strategically decided what would be the most opportune and appropriate time to request an immunity hearing? If I were George, I would also be in agreement to let the state prove they have no case, and then ask for immunity once the prosecution has been exposed as the sham it always has been. I truly would have taken that gamble. Maybe then Nelson could request the cell that sits between Corey’s and BDLR’s.

    • pinecone – after reading your thoughts on DD, I wonder if DD can possibly OPEN THE DOOR on TM’s bad characteristics? For example, will DD say: “He don’t fight” in which there are probably texts to DD stating he does fight. OR, “I thought it was just a fight.” Did TM tell DD he was going to kick some butt? DD is the wild card imo, WILD for the State in what she might say. At the least DD can be impeached IF the Defense decides to do so.

      • Ever since Natalie Jackson tweeted that the prosecution “doesn’t need” DD, it’s made me suspicious that she’s not going to be at the trial.

        • Not sure if you saw it, but on Monday, Mr. Crump appeared on CNN’s Erin Burnett show to talk about the trial selection. Here’s the video of that interview and when Crump talks about GZ’s inconsistent statements, Erin brings up W8’s inconsistencies and Crump having to answer questions about that. It begins at the 2:15 mark of the video. Crump says W8 is not the star witness, GZ is. It will be a short trial if GZ doesn’t take the stand, W8 doesn’t take the stand and we are hearing the lead detective might not take the stand. http://outfront.blogs.cnn.com/2013/06/10/jury-selection-begins-in-george-zimmerman-trial/

          • That’s interesting Nettles. It’s fun watching Crump squirm. Wasn’t he the guy that came out with the presser event proclaiming that DD was the one who “connected the dots”? He said that with her it blew George’s claims of self defense out of the water. With Serino admitting to the FBI that he felt pressured to file charges against GZ, and from black officers and a female officer who was married to a black man, blows there lead detective support out of the water. They have no credible witnesses, they have no evidence to prove GZ didn’t act properly, they have no case. That was all a given at the first bond hearing when Gilbreat admitted they has no evidence to prove the PCA.

            • Don Lemon had a good segment on earlier with Mark Nejame. Mark told Don the prosecution has a very weak case. Don Lemon was concerned about GZ getting a fair trial when most of the potential jurors say they haven’t heard of the case. How believable is that he asked. Mark thought it was believable and he thought the jury would be seated by the end of the week.

        • lorac – I saw that tweet of Natty Jacks. How convenient it was a day or 2 after the DCA said the gum flapping self promoting POS Crump would sit for the depo for the Defense!

          LOL, too, remember how Natty Jack said the “NEN call was all they needed.” (I’m paraphrasing, can’t remember exactly.”

          TOO, did you see Hornsby’s reply to Natty Jack? He stated “without W-8, it doesn’t make it to the jury.” (from memory)

        • lorac- If I am not mistaken, the defense attached all of the state witnesses to their witness list. I believe that the defense can and likely would call DD to the witness stand. We don’t know all that the defense got from her in their deposition, which I understand is still not finished until they get Crump’s deposition. From what we know she already toild them that she was more or less intimidated because Sybrina was present at the interviews, and sitting right next to her during the BDLR interview which was conducted at Sybrina’s apt. She said she told BDLR back a long time ago that she lied about the hospital visit. She claimed that there were texts missing from the records the defense showed her. She claimed that Crump was the first one who she spoke to, yet we have Crump’s story that Tracy contacted her first after “looking on” TM’s phone account online, and then called Crump late on a Sunday night with the bombshell info. I would think they asked her how her age was reported as being 16 at first by Crump. BDLR was sitting right there as the defense depo was taking place. Then of course you have the Gutman 5 minutes of recording when Crump was coaching her during the times the tape recorder was turned off. No question the defense would have hit that issue with her. What did she speak with Sybrina about when they took a walk outside when she was at Sybrina’s house? In my heart I do believe that DD did not want to get involved knowing that the texts on TM’s phone were incriminating against her with the drug and gun exchanges. And we have the tidbit by O’Mara that DD and Trayvon were fighting the day of the incident, and that at times it was very angry and hostile. Those texts were redacted.

          DD is going to wind up being the best gift to the defense, and then some. She was “used” by the prosecution which cited her in the PCA. She is their only hope of trying to prove that GZ followed or chased down TM. In her state interview, she pins Trayvon as being the one to approach GZ to ask “Why you following me for.” Then she “heard” bump and the grass thing, and a little bit “get off.” So it comes down to DD’s word against GZ’s word? That is actually funny.

          • Minpin- I also believe that DD wanted her involvement to end with her sign letter and she was talked into more. Considering that it is not surprising that the Scheme Team tried to keep her hidden, she is a wildcard for them and now the prosecution.

            • Bori, I agree. If she knew she had exchanged the texts she did with TM about the drugs, the gun, and acknowledging that he was a fighter askin him “bae you need to quit fighting” she knew her Goose was cooked. She knew that she could possibly be implicated in TM’s crimes if for no other reason than knowing what he was up to. DD has so very much to lose by testifying for the prosecution, she, or her family must have grown a brian. They know now without any question that she is in deep doo doo if she does, or if she doesn’t. The Scheme team has destroyed yet another young life, but the prosecution participated in that destruction. Crump and the prosecution have actively participated in the destruction of another person in their quest for dollars and convictions. DD never wanted to be a part od any of this. She was made to fell guilty if she didn’t participate. Now the state and Crump are ready to throw her under the bus.

              • Exactly, and if you listen to them they are already doing it, NatJack herself said it. I hope that does that have some sense left in them, will see how badly they have been played.

                I was in NY when the Tawana Brawley case was happening, and I knew some people who were really upset that they were suckered so badly. They wanted it to be true, they wholeheartedly believed it, that time was very tumultuous for race relations in NYC and it helped get David Dinkins elected as the first black Mayor of NYC. Dinkins was thought of a racial healer, instead things got worse.

                Familiar theme, similar to what is happening with President Obama.

    • It obvious it’s personal with him. What set this off was reading Mr. Zimmerman’s book. He can’t point to anything Mr. O’Mara did to justify the timing of this post AGAIN. I guess he struggles to come up with a Zimmerman thread every day. I thought he was getting out of daily Zimmerman threads? I guess not.

      • When I first started posting at the TH, you didn’t need a wordpress account to do so. Way back when, the TH required you to sign up for a wordpress account in order to post comments there. No word of a lie, at the same time that requirement went into effect, the advertisements were displayed on every article posted there. I know the money made from advertisements isn’t a killing, but the more often someone clicked on any article, the more pennies were added to the coffers for the TH. I don’t begrudge anyone making money for whatever reason. What struck me was that one article you clicked into, made you click into yet another article to get the gist of what was being said.

        If sundance was doing what he is doing to get the information out there, his research coupled with a whole lot of his philosophical opinions, and ideology, he would be truly willing to do it for no money or benefit. I will never forget his article about his expweriment on how easy it is to get people to buy into a meme. He has been selling his meme since then, and it has nothing to do with supporting GZ. It all has to do with his ability to become a Pied Piper, plying his flute to control what he believes shuld be the story about GZ, and his attorney. I’ve said before, and will repeat, sundance has narrowed his audience to only those that march in lockstep behind his ideas which at times seem to be in lockstep with the greatest conspiracy theorist currently Alex Jones. Truly, no question, I’ve seen some posts and comments by sundance that truly border on tin foil hat, or black helicopter theory. Go back and read all of the posts by sundance. Anyone who doesn’t adhere to his political ideology is a damn prog. He decided that O’Mara is a dreaded and hated “prog” and he just can’t have that, even if it means the GZ case is sacrificed on the altar of political ideology. That is the ideology that sundance is obsessed with defeating at every turn or corner. It really is that simple.

        • To be fair, O’Mara IS a “prog” in every sense of the word, and I think that a big part of Sundance’s point is that this case presented an opportunity to take the BGI out at the knees, and with the right attorney, that could have been done, but O’Mara isn’t interested in doing anything like that, so he seems to be tailoring the case to avoid doing that to as great an extent as possible. It’s a valid point. I’m not as rabidly anti-O’Mara as Sundance is, and honestly at this point I think that George is moving ahead with O’Mara regardless, so it doesn’t matter all that much. I also think that at this point, it doesn’t matter if Sundance says something negative about O’Mara in terms of the case against George, because that case is going to be decided on the basis of the strategy that O’Mara has already decided on and moved ahead with, and I really don’t think that potential jurors out there are reading the Treehouse to see what Sundance thinks about George’s attorney. Most of those people don’t even know what the Internet is, apparently.

          • IMO, this post he made in April calling me a liar and a prog. was emotional b/c I didn’t share his view on Mr. O’Mara. He says those who left aren’t open-minded. His closed-mind banned me. He told me to take a hike. How does one keep an open-mind in that case? I read at a number of sites. At only 1 site mainly, will you constantly read the battering of George’s choice in a lawyer. Everyone else works to make the lawyer successful.


          • I disagree ackbar. The BGI could have and should have been taken out at the knees in the Tawana Brawley case, they weren’t. More recently, they could have and should have been taken out with the Duke LaCross case, they weren’t. It isn’t O’Mara’s, or any other defense attorney representing any client’s job to fight the President, the Atty. Gen., the entire DOJ particularly the civil rights division who was instructed by Holder to not help any whites with their civil rights, the national and local NAACP, the black police chief’s assoc., the black police officer’s assoc., the Fla. Gov., the Fla. atty gen. and on and on. If sundance wants to make it his life’s effort to take down the BGI at it’s knees, then he is welcome to do so in any manner he chooses. I agree the BGI needs to go but, there isn’t even the remotest chance of that at least while we still have Obama in the WH. It is O’Mara’s job to get GZ an acquittal and that’s it. Even trying to accomplish that has been met with roadblock after roadblock by those that keep feeding and fanning the flames of the aggrieved.

  12. AJ has done an awesome job in analyzing the potential jurors. Click on his drop box and look at the Jurors spreadsheet. You can download it to your computer and sort the data any which way you like. He has also linked to video when the prosecutor questions the juror or when the defense questions the juror. So you can find it all at your fingertips with this.

    Awesome job on this AJ and I know it was hours of work. On behalf of the readers here, a big thank you!

    Check it out. Keep this link handy.


  13. I don’t know if this has any bearing but has it occurred to anyone else that O’Mara did in fact okay Zimmerman’s book?

    The reason why it occurs to me is the half-expose on the Scheme Team’s prior efforts at railroading. The slight complaint about O’Mara is to distance O’Mara from the eye-opening exploits of the Scheme Team. It also is to show that other people have connected the dots and this is the Scheme Team’s last hurrah. Never again will any politician will associate themselves with such a conniving group.

    Also, I have noticed a couple of things about O’Mara and George. They act the same. Not bombastic, not dramatic, and not really given to an agenda except to get George’s acquittal. That could be why George picked O’Mara instead of the others.

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