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June 18, 2013


Thank you to AJ for updating the potential jurors. The remaining group is overstated by 1 juror.  We aren’t sure who it was eliminated last Friday, but the jurors from last Friday were ordered to return today at 9am so we’ll be on the lookout for who didn’t come back.

Yesterday they started with potential juror (pj) H-7 and ended with pj H-35.  So in total they interviewed 8 jurors and half made it through to the next stage and half went home. Today they will begin with pj H-69.


The longest interview was H-27.  He was a white man in his late 50s with a grey beard down to his chest.  He shared that he donated $20 to the GZ defense fund.  While I found him on the mark with his observations, I was puzzled why BDLR spent close to an hour interviewing him.  If I was the Martin family, I wouldn’t want a juror who donated to the defense fund.  As a supporter of GZ, I don’t want a juror who donated to the family’s foundation or participated in the rallies for an arrest.  Why BDLR took so long may have something to do with getting the juror dismissed for cause or using a strike.  I’m not sure but it seemed like a waste of time to me. Perhaps as a fund-raiser for George we could sell Carole’s custom designed T-shirts? What do you think?


Sitting in court with Shellie yesterday was the 3rd man in this picture from George’s 2005 myspace page. He’s a large man. Tony Pipitone who sat behind Shellie was having a hard time seeing around this man to tweet out about the pjs. One reporter tweeted this man was wearing a family badge around his neck. Robert Zimmerman Jr. was not in court nor was Tracy Martin. Ms. Fulton and Mr. Crump were there but left before the Frye hearing got started. Natalie Jackson came into the courtroom mid-afternoon and didn’t stay long. One protester was outside. The Frye hearing lasted almost 4.5 hours. The defense put on an impressive response to the state’s experts. Mr. Mantei appeared to be feeling the pressure and came across childish at times with his objections. He got loud a few times and fidgeted in his chair. He advised the court, he’ll be bringing Mr. Owen back to rebutt and will need about an hour. That got scheduled for Wednesday at 4pm. The judge should be ashamed in how she has handled George’s due process in the case. The lawyers are all exhausted and the first witness hasn’t been called. Mr. West mentioned a few times, he was tired and was losing his train of thought in interviewing Mr. Wayman in London. It’s a pathetic sight to see what the Judge has done in denying the motions to continue.

 DONATE_BUTTON2Thank you to everyone who has helped in the fund-raising effort. Last we heard (4pm June 9th) the fund was in excess of $85K.  I’ve been advised that no update will be given until after a jury is selected.  I assume all energies are being focussed on jury selection right now.  The goal is to get $120K. Please continue to spread the news that help is needed.  Even a $5 donation will help.  This is one worry we can take off George Zimmerman’s shoulders. Thanks again.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net

Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


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  1. All I can do is pray. I have donated money, but I cannot give the judge a brain. Even a brain cell would help, but alas, she is a lost cause. I just pray that God will intervene.

      • Shes had enough facts to fill a brothel and it hasn’t mattered an ounce! There have been many times when an honest judge would have listened to what had been going on and stopped the process right there. What more could she possibly hear that would alert her fine senses to the criminal acts by the procsecution? the total lack of evidence and fact to support the pca? the evidence that screams self defense? The State doesn’t have a case, but Judge Ne’er do well is trying her darndest to make one for them.

  2. I’m feeling kind of angry at these media organizations fighting that jurors’ names may be kept private for 6 months. They didn’t investigate, they just repeated Crump’s narrative, some like Renee-whoever had to always mention TM’s race – in short, they did whatever they could to sensationalize the case and divide the populace, stirring up the hatred. Now they want to make things more dangerous for the jurors, when they’re largely responsible for the danger in the first place.

    • Oh darn, they released him. Yes, Bernie, let’s load the jury up with people who lie and say they have no opinion but actually have an opinion simply based on race. Someone who actually formed a working opinion based on the evidence? They have to go! No focusing on evidence allowed, because none of it favors Bernie!

      That poor juror. It must be so tedious to sit there for over an hour and have Bernie asking the same things over and over and trying to put words in your mouth…

    • Reading the article I found out that this years NAACP National Convention is in Orlando starting July 13th. Last year their were about 8000 at their Convention in Houston, which got me thinking if this is the reason Judge Nelson is trying to hurry this along before the attendees to the convention arrive. It is only about 35 miles to Sanford from Orlando she may be trying to get the jury picked and sequestered before then.

      This timing is terrible, and fortuitous depending on which side your on, and it can definitely impact the case. I don’t think anybody else has mentioned this before, and I am wondering if the defense knows this.


        • SD mentioned Nettles, minpin, art, me and others in an article. I wrote to him because he just took a small except from my comment and it mischaracterized my comment.

              • boricuafudd – Sundance, as USUAL, feels the need to address & try to control comments of those that don’t give a RATS ASS about anything he thinks, he can’t accept or control anyone’s opinion but his own, he should know that but apparently he doesn’t, he continues to try to control things beyond his control. ..

                Why would you care what Sundance thinks boricuafudd of any comment you made?

                It reminds me of when Nettles wrote her last comment there, Sundance couldn’t be respectful of Nettle’s opinion & allow the comment to stand, he felt the need to address every paragraph, it was not ONLY distracting & disrespectful, Sundance has little tolerance for anyone elses opinion but that of his own.

                Sundance is NOT a Legal Analyst nor is he an attorney.

                Sundance has ONLY one opinion, it is NOT WORTH MORE than anyone’s else’s opinion EXCEPT in Sundance’s mind!

                “Fire in the Hole” is from the series “Justified,” an Elmore Lenard series on FX, my favorite. One of the commenters at the treehouse uses it frequently, but its NOT an ORIGINAL thought!

                • Art- I never made the connection to Leonard, but I believe your are right. To me it was not about what SD said but by truncating my comment he gave it a different connoctation to what I said so I wrote back to correct that.

                  Otherwise, I would not have even commented on it. To me it is water under the bridge, Jordan made the inquiry I guess he missed it, I provided the information.

                  • boricuafudd – I have always found your comments fair & well thought out so I couldn’t understand WHY you would care what Sundance thought. I understand now that your thoughts/commment had been misrepresented. I am a stickler myself if someone repeats in a comment referring to me at something I didn’t say. I understand why you addressed it.

                    As our friend coreshift says, “following…………….”

        • I think I’ve been mentioned in a couple. I don’t care and I’m not even a little bit curious. Feel free to not inform me of his mentions of me. I’m afraid I’ll have to treat him like the dog pound and ignore him.

      • During the George Zimmerman Trial, the NAACP says they do not want people showing up and protesting outside the courthouse.

        “We encourage people to stay home because the trial has to take its course,” Riley said. “By going down and doing demonstrations and things is not what needs to be happening at this time.”


          • Then there is also the possibility that the NAACP convention will bring many more blacks to Fla. to in fact add their voices and support to the protesters. The Gov. campaign season is already starting to get under way in Fla., and I understand that Scott will likely have some primary challengers. Scott and Bondi must have this trial over with ASAP so that they can distance themselves from the outcome, whatever it is. Scott appointed the special prosecutor in order to avoid riots, mayhem, property destruction, and injuries last year in his state. No Gov. wants to have that happening on their watch, and Scott took the pansy way out, instead of calling in the national guard and everyone else he should have to stop the rioters, and arrest enough of them to send a strong and clear message.

            • Where do 8000 of them get the money for such a trip? Must be those who are paid by the gubmint and stuff or sumptin’

    • Here is my take on it… There is nobody protesting now (well there was one guy there by himself). So the NAACP says do not protest and it looks like they are calling the shots. If people disobey and protest then the NAACP is even happier… its a “win-win” situation.

      • Pretty much. Even if some people were inclined to listen to the NAACP (and actually got the memo) many others wouldn’t. Nobody is showing up because nobody cares. IMO the ‘movement’ has fizzled out. It started to fizzle out many months ago when the facts of the case started coming out. People should be extremely angry at how they were manipulated but I suspect many are just embarrassed.

        • Nothing about the protests was spontaneous. If an established group does not plan a protest almost no one will show up.

  3. As to PJ H27, who was dismissed and escorted to his car by a deputy, I’m wondering if that may have been because of the lady who testified in favor of GZ last week, and someone on tweet said she should be murdered as she was leaving the courtroom.

    lorac, I agree with you in being angry at the media for wanting to get the jurors names. They could care less about the safety of the jurors. I also wonder if it isn’t an intimidation tactic so the jurors vote the “correct” way. Wasn’t the media attorney that wanted the names released representing those media outlets that have been all Trayvon all the time?

    • I’m wondering if that may have been because of the lady who testified in favor of GZ last week, and someone on tweet said she should be murdered as she was leaving the courtroom.

      Funny, all the people calling for thought police and hate crimes investigations are shockingly silent in response to such overt hatred and bigotry. It’s as if they have some ulterior agenda, or something…

      • That is so true Chip. Something that has impressed me is the number of PJ’s who have brought up the fact of “those coming from out of town” to do protests and rallies. At least one mentioned that it was the reverends who showed up and caused the problems in Sanford, or something like that. The number of people who have blamed the media for the ensuing circus has also been impressive. Of course that doesn’t mean that any of them will stop selling their sensationalism.

        BTW, it’s good to see you here Chip. Would love to see your logical and common sense take on things more often right here on these pages. I hate having to chase your comments down elsewhere.

        • where is your blog, chip?

          My website is (should be?) linked via my name: chipbennett.net 🙂

          But, I rarely have time to write much. The last thing I posted was almost a year ago.

  4. if you haven’t learned at all, if your phone goes off, you’re out of the courtroom.

    Teacher “Please be seated, class” Debby.

  5. If they’re really my friends they’re going to know that I stand by what I believe.

    MOM wants him! Possible jury foreperson?

  6. Good Morning! I missed the first candidate. It appears the defense objected when pj H69 said “people are killed all the time” and BDLR repeated back to her, “so people are murdered all the time”. The defense objected and they went to sidebar. The court reporter is reading back to the group what she took down.

  7. PJ H69 said people are killed all the time and Bernie turned that into Murder!

    This is the problem with having an absolutely corrupt prosecutor who has lied and NOT been reined in. There is no way this charade can keep going. Nelson has turned this proceeding into a joke by siding with Bernie the Clown!

  8. hornsby brought up an interesting point: Traymom might be called to identify screams on the tape as Trayvon’s. He thinks this could pull on the jury’s heartstrings. But what about if Traymom is lying. And Traydad changed his mind?

    Would love to hear from others on what effect this would have. Is Traymom believable? How can her testimony be countered?

    • It’s going to be tough to overcome. Sybrina taking the stand could open the door to reputation evidence.

      George’s parents will be needed to remind jurors, he’s someone’s kid too. It won’t be as powerful b/c GZ is still with us and Tray isn’t but it will help.

      Also the settlement of the HOA will put doubt in the jurors’ mind I think when Mr. O’Mara/Mr. West point out the financial incentive Ms. Fulton has to say its Trayvon.

      • of course #traymom will cry. Sure she is sad to lose a son, but to lie in order to get money when she knows it is not trayvon is sort of despicable. How long before that money is gone? #karma!

        • Oh Yeah, she’ll cry. She cried during the first day of jury selection. Hard to believe that made her cry but listening to the tape of the screams in an earlier hearing she sat stone-faced. Give.me.a.break.

          Too many lies told by this family. Their motivation is transparent. They want paid for the loss of their son.

            • stevie g – Crump was only one recipient of the monies from the HOA, Sybrina/Tracy are too represented by Parks & Natty Jack, though Crump seems to be the spokesperson for the group. MANY had their hands out for the HOA settlement & got paid.

              In the wrongful death of my sister, the attorney’s got 40% of the settlement, BUT, attorney’s get ALL of their costs paid, in other words, the Attorney’s get more than the families in most Civil Cases. Imagine the costs Crump, Natty Jack, & Parks ran up, every document copied & every letter sent is at a cost to Sybrina/Tracy.

      • Nettle’s – BDLR will ask both of GZ’s parents if they still see or talk to GZ, it won’t be lost on the jury the Zimmerman’s still have a living son, Sybrina/Tracy don’t. MAYBE GZ’s parent’s won’t be called, they are as limited as Sybrina/Tracy as to what they can say about GZ, they too walk a fine line as to not open any doors for the State.

      • Nah….Sybie’s claim the screams came from Traydemark is really easy to overcome. She told ABC news through Crump when the infamous cellphone bum fight video was released that she is not sure if the voice in that video is Traydemark yet this is the same audio that was provided to H & H and magic ears Reich as Traydemark’s exemplar. Once you factor in the HOA payout and Sybie’s questionable role in W8’s interviews and the curious convaluted story of the dee dee letter Sybie’s claim is TOAST !

      • Also the settlement of the HOA will put doubt in the jurors’ mind I think when Mr. O’Mara/Mr. West point out the financial incentive Ms. Fulton has to say its Trayvon.

        Do you think they might bring that up? I was thinking they might shy away from that, to not look like mean peopole and turn jury off of George….?

        Also, I’ve seen people refer to what might happen when Chad or Austin takes the stand – but I thought they usually try to avoid putting kids on the stand….? IANAL but I watch them on fictional tv shows lol

        • Yes, they will politely bring it up to raise doubt about motivation.

          There is something going on with Austin I think. He may have helped the defense a great deal in deposition. You may have noted the defense submitted 4 videos of Austin into discovery in the 3rd supplemental. When Mr. O’Mara motioned to have some witnesses protected when testifying, he mentioned one who saw the assault. I thought of W6 but it was right on the heels of putting 4 videos of Austin into discovery.

  9. could it be that the jury is stacked with AA’s so that when/if there is an acquittal, the BGI can hardly complain?

    • imo, if 2 or more AA are on the jury, imo, there may likely be a “Hung Jury” which would be financially disastrous to GZ/Defense. Should that happen, the case would be retried & the costs would remain expensive, too, a lot of times if there is a Hung Jury, the original defense attorney’s no longer represent the defendant & go back to their practices. It would be hard to imagine MOM or West being able to financially suffer themselves through another 18 months without a salary should the case be retried.

      • well i know the state needs 6 jurors to convict, which i doubt they could ever get.

        But how many jurors needed to acquit? Anyone know?

        • stevie g – it’s common to hear high profile Criminal Attorney’s such as Mark Geragos claim, “it only takes one juror to hang the jury.” MANY see a Hung Jury as a win, I guess if you are wealthy & guilty as was the case of Phil Spector, it bought him MORE freedom before the second trial in which he was convicted. (One hold out for his hung jury, an engineer)

          imo, in cases like GZ of an innocent person, it only delays his freedom & continues to put an unimaginable financial hardship on all involved.

          • ok, thanks. yes, agree. But here, if GZ ever gets any money, there are probably about $1 million in attorney fees.

              • The State could opt not to try the case again in the case of a Hung Jury, but if the State bent to racial tension before, imo, they’ll bend again to shut them up.

                • I have no idea how Bernie will present his case now that the the defense won their motion in limine and bernie cannot say profiled, told not to follow, vigalante, confronted TM, or self appointed neighborhood watch

                • Art- Do you really believe that the state would ever retry this case? They know now they have no evidence to prove anything. They have already done everything they could including hiding evidence from the defense. I honestly don’t bel;ieve that this case will ever see the light of day again after the DCA gets done with it. I honestly believe that most everything the defense has done up until now has been to get every last little piece of info they can onto the record for the appeal they know will be taking place. Nelson will not survive that appeal.

                  • pinecone – I think it would depend on what the division was. If there was 1 hold out for a guilty verdict, the pressure would still be on the State Prosecutors to try the case again from Bondi/Governor & the BGI/Crump would ratchet up the pressure all over again. It certainly isn’t right, it wasn’t right to charge GZ the first time but the process is so tainted, imo, Corey won’t go quietly.

                    The Defense could appeal IF GZ got a GUILTY Verdict but if there is a hung jury, I don’t know that appealing would do them any good. Appeals are for defendants that want new trials in hopes of getting a different verdict. If the case was retried, Judge N wouldn’t be the Judge since she is going to Civil Court after this case. I PRAY there isn’t a Hung Jury but I fear the likelihood is great that it might be depending on the racial makeup of the jury.

                    • The Defense could appeal IF GZ got a GUILTY Verdict but if there is a hung jury, I don’t know that appealing would do them any good. Appeals are for defendants that want new trials in hopes of getting a different verdict. If the case was retried, Judge N wouldn’t be the Judge since she is going to Civil Court after this case. I PRAY there isn’t a Hung Jury but I fear the likelihood is great that it might be depending on the racial makeup of the jury.

                      What about Nelson’s anticipated denial of the defense’s anticipated motion to acquit at the conclusion of the State’s presentation? Isn’t that a reversible error, for which the remedy is acquittal on appeal? If the appeals court agrees that the State failed to present a case, they can reverse that decision and acquit, can’t they?

            • stevie g – you are exactly correct. In KC’s case which she is fighting at this time to DISMISS any Judgements through bankruptsy, including the nearly $ 300,000.00 she owes the State of Fla. for lying & causing wasted investigation time & searches, Baez is listed as OWED $ 500,000.00 for attorney fees KC owes.

              I assume MOM/West will be listed as owed 1 million plus, PLUS others that have worked at reduced fees & put of getting paid UNTIL hopefully GZ comes into some money when he is found NOT GUILTY.

              Too, Crump/Sybrina/Tracy/Handlers have to file the suit against GZ, THEN, it will slowly roll through the legal system. GZ/SZ could buy a home & cars PLUS pay off all their debts, pay everybody affiliated with MOM/West before the case was ever heard & none of those assets could be taken.. You can ONLY collect monies when there is a Judgement in place & defendanants such as the Handlers CAN’T free GZ’s assets, imo, it’s not likely whomever represents GZ will settle a Civil Suit, they will try it hoping to win for GZ.

              Remember, OJ was found NOT GUILTY by jury, but found GUILTY in his Civil Suit to the tune of 33 million owed to the family of Ron Goldman. Collecting a Judgement is harder than getting one imo, just ask the Goldman family.

  10. “Correct” race is not always a slam dunk!

  11. i think Bernie is making a big mistake here, assuming that b/c I5 is black, he will favor the prosecution. Let’s see what West uncovers. I will bet that West will like him.

  12. Court administrator telling reporters motions in limine for defense is still an open issue. In spite of what Rene Stutzman reported yesterday.

  13. It appears Shellie is sitting in the family row alone again today. Both of Trayvon’s parents are on the prosecution side. Tracy’s press was done yesterday and will air on HLN tomorrow night. I can’t recall Trayvon’s siblings attending any of the court time. I’m pretty sure Jahavis rallied for it. Why isn’t he there to witness the process he wanted? I’m getting the vibe it isn’t the trial they wanted. It’s the money they can negotiate from others that’s the draw. What do you think?

    • You are absolutely correct Nettles, it’s all about the potential millions they hope to extort from anyone and anywhere they can. Tracy and Sybrina, their various lawyers, and the pastors all showing up to court each day is for one purpose only, the “optics” and the “emotions” which they hope will intimidate the PJ’s, and to keep the masses riled up. Hopefully at least some are paying attention to what I am reading about some of Sybrina’s nasty looks, giving the evil eye when she doesn’t like what some are saying, and displaying just a nasty and mean demeanor to others in the courtroom. No question she will do the same during the trial hopefully for the jurors to see.

      You had mentioned above about the impact Sybrina will have if she testifies and claims it is TM screaming, while the crockadile tears will be pouring. Don’t forget that if that happens, it will be during the prosecution’s show. The defense which will go last, if at all, will have the witnesses who saw TM on top of GZ beating him up. There are the bloody head pictures to prove the beating he got from TM. If there is the slightest modicum of honesty among the jurors, they will easily figure out that it is very unlikely that the guy doing the beating would be the one screaming for help at the same time. Reich, the so-called voice expert will look like a total fool and bufoon when he tries to claim that TM was yelling stop, and I’m begging you. Let’s see how far Bernie will go down the rabbit hole to try to discredit the eyewitnesses. IMO, they are the entire case.

      • pinecone – I agree that the witnesses are the entire case for GZ. I read over & over TM supporters pissing & moaning about GZ’s exit from the car, they whine he had a gun even though he legally possessed it, BUT they can NEVER address the fact that TM was astride GZ, beating GZ & even when bystanders yelled at TM to stop as they were calling 911, TM chose to continue the beat down. imo, nothing can overcome those facts, thank GOD witness 6/John saw TM astride GZ.

  14. anyone watching HLN for information on this trial should be immediately disqualified for being an idiot! LOL!

  15. Just saw a HLN clip where tracy martin was whining how difficult it is sitting in the courtroom with GZ thinking GZ di did nothing wrong. Uhhhhh Tracy when are you going to own up to the fact that Traydemark attacked GZ?

    • good! i didn’t “like” him. maybe Judge Debby is gonna get serious to PJ’s lying? highly doubtful!

  16. There are 2 guys sitting with Shellie since after lunch. They could be her brother-in-laws. Her laywer, Kelly Simms is there again but sitting apart from the family but in the same row.

  17. following the captain’s suggestion, doesn’t Alicia Adamson have a conflict reporting the news for WESH if she represents a potential witness in this case?

    • others have commented that traymom is giving the evil eye to anyone who speaks against the state or in favor of zimmie.

      and judge debby is pretending she is disneyland’s fairy godmother! So lovely!

      • Yet another item to add to the long and growing list for the eventual appeal. If that isn’t jury intimidation, then I don’t know what is. The reason I asked the question originally is that so many seem to feel compelled to say how bad they feel about the kids death, and how bad they feel for the family. I don’t believe that many said they felt bad for GZ to have to defend his life from a beat down, or how bad they feel for the Zimmerman family that has literally been terrorized. The Martin parents are showing everyone that what TM did was learned from them. If you feel dissed, or things don’t go your way, get mean and get even.

  18. Here’s the 40 pooled jurors: B12 B29 B76 B7 B35 B37 B51 B86 E6 E40 E54 E73 M75 B61 B72 E22 E13 E28 K80 K95 P67.. G14 G29 G47 G63 G66 G81 H6 H7 H18 H29 H35 H81 H69 H86 UI5 I19 I24 I33 I44. – Thanks to Lisa on facebook.

      • wtf, somewhere show me where white America is. There is no such thing or place as white America, these racialist are truly irrational.

    • I’ve never watched a jury selection before. I have no idea what happens next except 30 of them will be questioned as a group. The one juror that we were out on in the excel spreadsheet was juror B55. We had her listed as making it but she doesn’t appear on the final tally. She was the Indian student who was planning a trip to Dubai at the end of June/beginning of July.

      • Nettles- Why would only 30 of them be questioned as a group when 40 have made it through the first round? Did you mean 40? I’ve never watched a jury selection before either. Is it normal to do a first round only asking about their media knowledge? or is it just because this case has been considered high profile thanks to Crump, Sharpton and Jackson, along with their media shennanigans?

        • Minpin, I thought the same as you. Why only 30? But 30 is what the judge said at the end of the hearing today. I don’t know if she misspoke or if that was correct. Hopefully some people who know what’s coming will drop by here and explain it to the both of us.

            • If I am understanding those tweets correctly, the last 10 PJ’s not dismissed, will only make it into the original requested pool of 30 if anyone from the original poll is dismissed for cause. Is that correct?

              The defense and the state, as far as I know, have not yet used their 10 options to eliminate for no cause each. The jury will be 6 jurors and 4 alternates. NO? That would mean that each side will have to start using there “nuclear options” so to speak to get jurors dismissed, if some don’t eliminate themselves for cause.

              Why was the Hispanic man who has a mechanic business pushed forward when he said his finances would be severly impacted if he was sequestered for the trial? Why was he not dismissed for cause with all of the others that were dismissed because of financial hardship? Something just doesn’t sit right with that. Are they trying desperately to get at least one Hispanic on the jury? Anyone have any thoughts on that?

              • yes, you got it right pinecone.

                If each side gets 10 preempts (or nuclears as you say), then 30 – 10 – 10 = 10 jurors. The extra 10 are for cause, which can still happen at this point. In order to use preempts, neither side has to give a reason, but they can’t be based solely on race. The judge can challenge the elimination of any AA juror, but if the defense can state a non-racial reason, then it is OK.

                At this point, the questions will be more about opinions on SYG, guns, self-defense, race and any other thing the parties would like to know which could influence the case. The standard question is on presumption of innocence: If the state fails to prove its case, could you decide that GZ is innocent or would you want to hear from him. If the latter, then you could be dismissed.

    • I read somewhere that the jurors may be ask their feelings about guns or gun control & it that’s true, it would seem it would weed out some. If a person is against guns, gun control r whatever, & TM died because of a gun shot wound, could that person truly not hold that against GZ for protecting is life with his gun? . I have read a hundred times that if GZ hadn’t had a gun, TM would still be alive. BULL CHIT! GZ might be dead, we’ll never know.

      Like those that say, if GZ hadn’t have had a gun, TM would be alive. I think it’s ridiculous, but I’m not a potential juror. .

  19. A great big thanks to AJ again for all his work summarizing the potential jurors interviews. Below find links to AJ’s youtube videos on the interviews done with each candidate. The link will take you to the start of the interview with the State or with the Defense. When the video is available for today’s interviews, I’ll link them here.


    Total Time Interviewed

    P. Video Interview

    D. Video Interview




    B12 Prosecution

    B12 Defense

    1st interviewed, grandmother, lives 10 miles from scene



    B29 Prosecution

    B29 Defense

    Moved to FL from Chicago four months ago, mom of 7



    B76 Prosecution

    B76 Defense

    Seminole resident since 1981, could not ID Trayvon’s mom



    B7 Prosecution

    B7 Defense

    Noticed people taking sides, worried about anonymity after trial



    B35 Prosecution

    B35 Defense

    Tax preparer, no opinion despite “pro-Trayvon” family/friends



    B37 Prosecution

    B37 Defense

    Animal rescue volunteer, has 2 grown daughters, multiple pets



    B51 Prosecution

    B51 Defense

    Retired, shooting “sad on both sides,” no interest in “limelight”



    B86 Prosecution

    B86 Defense

    School admin. worker, heard Trayvon was “expelled”



    E6 Prosecution

    E6 Defense

    Warned kids not to give “false impression” about themselves



    E40 Prosecution

    E40 Defense

    Moved to FL from Iowa in Nov. 2012



    E54 Prosecution

    E54 Defense

    Son wears hoodies, told him to “be careful, be cautious”



    E73 Prosecution

    E73 Defense

    Can’t “conceive” of being armed, son “lives in a hoodie”



    M75 Prosecution

    M75 Defense

    Friends split 60-40 for Trayvon, some friends studying law



    B61 Prosecution

    B61 Defense

    Thought defense fund website was “unique”



    B72 Prosecution

    B72 Defense

    Arm wrestler, school maintenance technician



    E22 Prosecution

    E22 Defense

    Case a “volatile issue,” police “not proactive” enough



    E13 Prosecution

    E13 Defense

    Lives with parents, brother is black



    E28 Prosecution

    E28 Defense

    Hospital OR worker (someone’s cell phone went off)



    K80 Prosecution

    K80 Defense

    Sequestration “biggest fear,” judge announced 2-4 weeks



    K95 Prosecution

    K95 Defense

    Parent/student, “At my age, going to school is hard”



    P67 Prosecution

    P67 Defense

    Born in Mexico, wants on jury to “give back” to country



    G14 Prosecution

    G14 Defense

    Wants to hear facts, doesn’t want “false assumptions”



    G29 Prosecution

    G29 Defense

    “I try to stay uninvolved,” reaction to summons: “Not again”



    G47 Prosecution

    G47 Defense

    Restaurant asst. mgr., ignores local news, “happy person”



    G63 Prosecution

    G63 Defense

    “Very mixed-race,” talked about “archetypes” like “bro.”



    G66 Prosecution

    G66 Defense

    Watches news every day, protests “disruptive”



    G81 Prosecution

    G81 Defense

    Spoke about violence against African-American males



    H6 Prosecution

    H6 Defense

    Early media coveraged favored Trayvon, now balanced



    H7 Prosecution

    H7 Defense

    Dressed in business attire, media sensationalizes and “tries to sell news”



    H18 Prosecution

    H18 Defense

    Prefers Netflix over news. Mechanic, shop owner.



    H31 Prosecution

    H31 Defense

    “Circus came to town” and he tuned it out



    H81 Prosecution

    H81 Defense

    Facebook user who “liked” a picture of Trayvon Martin





    Doesn’t give much credibility to “talking heads.” 2 Civil cases with Judge Nelson overseeing.





    Reads WSJ, uses facebook but doesn’t recall seeing anything about the case.





    Saw pictures, didn’t hear recordings. Didn’t have a tv until 2 weeks ago.





    Gentleman defending himself was not “retained” – caused controversy.





    Knows bare minimum from mother. Does not watch news.





    Followed case in beginning, then tuned it out. Media reps say 30s and 60s on age.





    Newspaper reader. “I did feel compassion for both entities.”





    Sports Nut. ‘Lets be frank, everyone has an opinion and it stinks”

    • I do appreciate AJ, whoever he is, that did the spreadsheet. The problem I have with the spreadsheet is that he reduces the commentary of the jurors to a soundbite, or less. The spreadsheet is helpful in knowing the ages, the races, the gender of those who made it through the first round. It gives no clue however to those interested in who made it and what they said. Kudos for his work, but I want more explanation of who these potentials are.

    • I hope the next stop for him is defendant in a civil suit brought against him as the ring leader of the scheme team. Criminal fraud charges are also in order. Mister “connect the dots” using a fabricated witness. There are enough real dots out there to connect Chump right to the state penitentiary.

  20. There is something seriously wrong with Nelson who agreed to get to 40 instead of 30, not telling anyone at the time that that last 10 would be considered almost as alternates if any of the 30 were excused for cause. Am I nuts or did anyone hear Nelson ever say she would go 10 higher just to set them aside in case of cause dismissals? Has that ever happened before? Does anyone remember hearing from Nelson that the last 10 would only be used in case of cause dismissals?

    • It’s pretty silly to suggest MOM isn’t going full out to get GZ acquitted. All the evidence is in GZ’s favor and MOM will look completely inept (read as lose potential clients and reputation) if GZ is convicted. On the other hand he’ll look awesome to clients and his reputation will soar if he wins. It’s in his own interest to win. SD is on some kind of personal vendetta against MOM.

    • Exactly what is Sundance trying to accomplish here? He has to be scaring the hell out of GZ and his family with this constant barrage of doubt about a lawyer who is now in trial to defend this charge. By all accounts, Mr. O’Mara and Don West are doing the best they can with the challenges they have been presented.

      I appeal to Sundance’s friends. Grab him by the scruff of the neck and shake some sense into him. George Zimmerman needs positive reinforcement right now. Sundance.Knock.It.Off!

      • If he has an ulterior motive, as many say, then maybe such people should consider that he does not want George and Mom to win? Can you blast MOM and then say you are still pulling for George to win. Aren’t they on the same team? Just wondering out loud.

  21. Question- Is Rick Madigan a body language expert? He had ever facial expression, every finger movement, every quiver of the chin, every frown line posted as to every move George Zimmerman did through the first round of PJ questioning, as well as Shellie. I would very much have appreciated if he did his body language analysis on Sybrina Fulton, and at least one or two of the Schemers. George was resigned, flat, had given up, and was just there for the ride according to Rick. I wasn’t watching the proceeding. Were his body language expert opinions shared by those here. Seemed as though George possibly being sick with a cold or flu or something never entered the lexicon. Hey, the trial is going to move forward whether George is as sick as a dog, no matter what. Even if George is in the hospital for some reason, the show must go on. Right?

    I am seriously asking, is Rick Madigan a body language expert, if anyone knows?

    • Has he posted at the treehouse again? Let me guess, his conversations are with Sundance right? I believe he is Sundance. He posted under Rick Madigan when he came to Diwataman’s blog to invite all the banned users back to bash Mr. O’Mara. No one but Sundance has the right to invite banned users back. I’d been told a few months earlier Rick was Sundance. I didn’t believe it at first but the conversation were always about bashing MOM and they were held with Sundance. It was funny to watch. When he came onto Diwataman’s blog telling me how Sundance feels and inviting me back to post I was then certain Rick is Sundance. He denied it. I don’t believe him.

      • Nettles- Rick M. was doing the running commentary at Dmans site through the entire PJ interviews. For whatever reason Dman seems to hold the same beliefs about O’Mara that sundance does. It was really very creepy how Rick kept focusing on every move GZ made facially, with his hands, his posture, and his interactions with the consultant and West and O”mara. Yes, he did mention that O’Mara almost never interacted with George, except behind his back. The funny part, Madigan had the whole Dman blog to himself for the last few days with input from Dman, and/or two or three other comments over the entire period. He was having a ball talking to himself.

        • LOL, that’s hilarious.

          Diwataman has criticisms and some of them I agree with. Others come across as personal attacks. Diwataman usually shows more class though but man is that guy pessimistic. He has a wonderful sense of humor and I wonder how he can find humor when he sees it raining all the time.

          • A genuine sleuth cover uncover the truth.. The problem I have always had with this is that SD could not possibly follow jury selection, follow and comment on each thread, and still write all those posts at CTH, unless someone else is writing those posts. He is NOT superhuman.

  22. Wesh TV is reporting Jerry C, the stealth juror, filed a civil claim against Mr. O’Mara claiming defamation.

    “Counelis claims defense attorney Mark O’Mara defamed him afterwards when O’Mara called Counelis a “stealth juror.”

    Counelis filed a civil complaint. O’Mara said he won’t apologize.:

    Read more: http://www.wesh.com/news/central-florida/zimmerman/dismissed-jury-candidate-says-george-zimmermans-defense-defamed-him/-/20559290/20623830/-/13ip2g5z/-/index.html#ixzz2WcopApri

    • The atraving unemployed guitarist really needs some attention, huh. Or has someone else put him up to it? I thought his gripe was that his identity was outed? I guess he or his atty. decided it really was the judge who outed his identity. There were many many others who described the creep as a stealth juror, including some other attorney’s. Is he going to try to sue them all? His claim will never be accepted as valid by any judge, unless of course he filed in Nelson’s civil division. Haha. What a cluster furk.

      • His problem is with Mr. O’Mara’s presser held in which Mr. O’Mara called him a stealth juror.

        It’s clear, Jerry wants to stick it to the defense one way or another.

      • How appalling Jerry the POS stealth juror wannabe didn’t care about GZ’s Civil Rights when he was willing to lie his way onto a jury.

        MOM will eat him for lunch, LOL, I have a feeling MORE bad publicity is coming for Jerry.

      • Notice how much attention the media is paying to that perjury charge. Hummm.What’s that all about? Why is her attorney there and who’s paying him?

  23. This post is for Sundance Cracker- Your personal animosities against Mark O’Mara, George Zimmerman, and the entire Zimmerman family have become only what one can describe as grotesque. No one can doubt your political ideology, it is displayed for all to see with your “other” daily posts which support your beliefs. Do you not know that many who still post on your George Zimmerman threads surely do not support your ideologicalism (coined)? Because Mark O’Mara has been described by you as being a “prog” he is not fit to represent George Zimmerman, simply because of his supposed party affiliation, and by extension your description of his love of the BGI, your inferences of his close relationships with Corey, BDLR and even Nelson. George himself was described as a Democrat who supported Barack Obama. Does that make any difference at all whatsoever to you that even “progs” can and do hold the due process laws of this country in esteem? Apparently not.

    Your reputation as a great researcher, truth teller, and justice seeker has been overshadowed by constant and repetitive bloviating, opining, and outright trashing of the defense team that George Zimmerman has hired, and stuck by through thick and thin. It is George’s choice no matter what you may think. Have you really gotten to the point of a willingness to throw the very same man many many of your early posts supported by what evidence was known at the time. I’ve noticed your ire of the last few months seems to have been hijacked with forgetting about the Scheme Teams antics, but has resolutely settled on the dire incompetence of George’s attorney of choice, namely Mark O’Mara. Do you really and honestly believe even for one minute that your little man opinions matter not at all despite your overwhelming quest to the Zimmerman’s, by phone, or by written posts on your website, that they talk George into dumping the attorney you find repulsive, and who is not looking out for George’s best interests, according to you, and those you have successfuly convinced as such? He doth protest too much comes to mind.

    Because you have particular interests in certain areas, which you obviously consider the priorities and ultimate interests in the trial George is facing does not make them so. If that is your area of interest and inquest, go after them on your own dime, and in your own time. You obviously have had little impact with the Zimmerman family, George’s decision of defense representation, and absolutely no impact on the defense strategy. Perhaps you might want to consider that there are those of all stripes, opinions, ideologies, and beliefs systems that have been supportive of George. That should never be forgotten in the man’s search for freedom from a malicious prosecution. Even those that don’t support your political ideology do in fact support George whether you like them or not.

    From what started out to be a search for truth, as you have put it, has become a personal vendetta because you have not been able to control the case as you would like to see it. That makes you the tyrant you claim to despise, the dictator who must be respected and honored at every turn, and the ego driven personality you claim to hate. Get over yourself already and put what happens with George, and all those that will be railroaded after him in the proper perspective. As you have displayed in the past, I do expect to see you dig your heels in deeper, because that is what children do when Mom won’t buy them the toy they insist on having.

    • I would also like to add over the last few months Sundance has made multiple big claims and made “teasers” about inside info and has failed to deliver every single time. He only delivered about 2/3 of the 1000 page MD-spd report, made claims regarding finally identifying dee dee, and made claims of identifying “Francine” but has consistently failed at “delivering the goods”. After this latest drivel off his keyboard I officially dub Sundance the Frederick leatherman of the far right.

    • …your inferences of his close relationships with Corey….

      Pinecone, you obviously have forgotten about the photo of MOM and Corey and “the look” – what more proof do you need? lol

      Perhaps you might want to consider that there are those of all stripes, opinions, ideologies, and beliefs systems that have been supportive of George…. Even those that don’t support your political ideology do in fact support George whether you like them or not.

      My personal journey (others’ mileage may vary) has led me to be done with political parties. I now focus on issues or causes. I’ll join with the left on X issue if we are in agreement, and I’ll join with the right on Y issue if we are in agreement. I’ve come to feel that political parties really just exist for their own benefit. I’ve taken my vote back, and I’ll vote for whomever I like the best, and I’ll work with anyone without regard for party on an issue by issue basis. But especially in a situation like George’s trial – parties have nothing to do with it, ideology has nothing to do with it – why must some insert it in everything? Join with everyone who supports George! Otherwise it’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

      Get over yourself already and put what happens with George, and all those that will be railroaded after him in the proper perspective.

      That’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it? Put it in perspective.

    • Ridiculous that we are spread to the 4 winds isn’t it? Oh well, it is what it is. The case only has 2 to 4 weeks left in it starting next week.

      Then we can all get back to living a normal life. I’ve no doubt GZ will prevail. Even the State knows he should. Not sure if they have shared that with the Martin family yet. But someone better tell them. Your son did assault the man.

  24. In case you missed it, here is Part 1 of today’s hearing. It takes you up to lunch. As always, thanks to AJ. Do you have an assistant AJ? Whatever we are paying you AJ, give yourself more. 😆

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