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June 19, 2013 – Voir Dire

A great big thanks to AJ again for all his work summarizing the potential jurors’ interviews.  Below find links to AJ’s youtube videos on the interviews done with each candidate.  The link will take you to the start of the interview with the State or with the Defense. Thanks to Pinecone’s suggestion, Rene Stutzman and Jeff Weiners’ descriptions of the potential jurors has been added to the information column to give a more rounded view of the potential juror. 




Total Time Interviewed

P. Video Interview

D. Video Interview





B12 Prosecution

B12 Defense

Divorced, 2 kids

A middle-aged white woman who works the graveyard shift. She likes the crime-forensics show “CSI” and said she’d heard Zimmerman was following Trayvon. Former home health nurse, Moose lodge volunteer, 20-year Seminole Co. resident, Red Hat Society member. Feels press in court violates her rights.



B29 Prosecution

B29 Defense

Married 10 years, 8 kids

Moved to FL from Chicago four months ago, mom of 7. A Hispanic nurse on an Alzheimer’s ward. At current job for 3 months. Oldest son is 20.



B76 Prosecution

B76 Defense

Married, 2 kids

Seminole resident since 1981, could not ID Trayvon’s mom. A white middle-aged woman who said Zimmerman had an “altercation with the young man. There was a struggle, and the gun went off.” Unemployed, owned construction company with husband for 15 years. Older son, 28, is a foreclosure/divorce lawyer. Seminole Co. resident since 1995 (Dates conflict)



B7 Prosecution

B7 Defense

Married 10 years, no kids

Noticed people taking sides, worried about anonymity after trial. A middle-aged white man who listens to NPR. He remembered when Florida implemented its “stand your ground” law and the debate about whether it was needed. At job for 11 years, manages 2-3 people at work. Wife is a teacher. 30-year Seminole Co. resident. Had jury duty 12-15 years ago, only lasted 1 day.



B35 Prosecution

B35 Defense

Married 29 years, 1 son

Tax preparer, no opinion despite “pro-Trayvon” family/friends. A middle-aged black man who owns a vending business. He was critical of the Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and says this case is not racial. Manages tax office, coaches Pop Warner football. Wife works for TV station. Served in Marine Corps Reserves for 6 years.



B37 Prosecution

B37 Defense

Married 20 years, 2 kids

Animal rescue volunteer, has 2 grown daughters, multiple pets. A middle-aged white woman who works for a chiropractor and has many pets. She described protests in Sanford as “rioting.”  . Husband is a space attorney, works with rockets. Father was Air Force captain. 18-year Seminole Co. resident.



B51 Prosecution

B51 Defense

Unmarried, no kids

Shooting “sad on both sides,” no interest in “limelight” A retired white woman from Oviedo who has a dog and 20-year-old cat. She knew a good deal about the case but said: “I’m not rigid in my thinking.” Retired from real estate, 9-year Seminole Co. resident, in Central Fla. since 1987. Was juror 3 years ago, and in 1991 in Orange Co.



B86 Prosecution

B86 Defense

Single, 2 kids

School admin. worker, heard Trayvon was “expelled”. A middle-aged white woman who works at a middle school. She said if Trayvon had not been “expelled” from school in Miami-Dade County — he was actually suspended — “this could have been prevented.”  School administration worker, 10 years at current job. ” Children are 20 and 21.



E6 Prosecution

E6 Defense

Married, 2 kids

Warned kids not to give “false impression” about themselves. A young white woman and mother who used to work in financial services. She used this case as an example to her adolescent children, warning them to not go out at night.  Husband an engineer. Children are 11 and 13. Unemployed, volunteers at kids’ school. 2-year Seminole Co. resident, had lived in Orange Co. since 2004.



E40 Prosecution

E40 Defense

Married, 1 son

Moved to FL from Iowa in Nov. 2012. A white woman in her 60s who lived in Iowa at the time of the shooting. She heard national-news reports and recalls the shooting was in a gated community and a teenager was killed. Moved to Fla. from Iowa in Nov. 2012. Works as safety officer, husband is a chemical engineer. Son is 28. Was on jury 20 years ago in Pa. drug dealing case.



E54 Prosecution

E54 Defense

Married 5 years, 2 stepkids

Stepson wears hoodies, told him to “be careful, be cautious”. A middle-aged white man with a teenage stepson who wears hoodies. He recalled seeing photos of the injuries to Zimmerman’s head and face. Grew up in Central Fla., 14-year Seminole Co. resident. One stepchild is 16, other in late 20s.



E73 Prosecution

E73 Defense

Married, 2 kids

Can’t “conceive” of being armed, son “lives in a hoodie”. A middle-aged white woman active in Sanford’s arts community who is raising her late brother’s 15- and 18-year-old children. The media interjected race in this case, she said. Works as consultant, served on arts councils. Grew up in NY, Husband retired. 13-year Seminole Co. resident. Served on 4 juries, 3 in Seminole. Can’t “conceive” of being armed.



M75 Prosecution

M75 Defense

Single, no kids

Friends split 60-40 for Trayvon, some friends studying law. A young black woman who says many of her friends have opinions on the case, but she doesn’t. Grew up in NY, in Seminole Co. since 2001. Worked as a travel agent and for a theme park, at current job for 2 months. Volunteers at animal shelters. Has friends studying law.



B61 Prosecution

B61 Defense

Married 2 months, no kids

Thought defense fund website was “unique”. A young white woman who remembered that “after the protesters, it seemed to turn more into a racial issue … I don’t think it’s a racial issue.” “Army brat.” Husband a full-time student. Member of church, sorority, business organization. Thought Zimmerman’s defense fund website was “unique.”



B72 Prosecution

B72 Defense

Single, no kids

Arm wrestler, school maintenance technician. A young man who does maintenance at a school and competes in arm-wrestling tournaments. He said he avoids the news because he does not want to be “brainwashed. Arm wrestler, can do “one-armed pull-up.” School maintenance technician, 1 year at current job. 9-year Seminole Co. resident, from Chicago.”



E22 Prosecution

E22 Defense

Single, no kids

Case a “volatile issue,” police “not proactive” enough. A middle-aged black woman who said that after the shooting, Sanford police should have booked Zimmerman and asked him more questions. Member of social service agency affiliated with her employer, at current job for 19 years. 12-year Seminole Co. resident. Gardens, “loves all things food.”



E13 Prosecution

E13 Defense

Single, no kids

Lives with parents, brother is black. A young white woman who goes to college and works two jobs. She heard the shooting was a “racial thing.” Surgical assistant. Lives with parents, brother is black. 17-year Seminole Co. resident. Owns and rides horses.



E28 Prosecution

E28 Defense

Married 28 years, 2 kids

Hospital OR worker (someone’s cell phone went off). A middle-aged white woman who works as a nurse. She said she knew little about the case and has no opinion about Zimmerman’s guilt. Husband a teacher. Children are 28 and 33. Member of professional organization, volunteers for Relay for Life.



K80 Prosecution

K80 Defense

Married 15 years, 2 kids

Sequestration “biggest fear,” judge announced 2-4 weeks. A middle-aged white woman with children who has not followed the case. She considers the “racial undertones” in the case “disturbing.” Seminole Co. resident since 2004, at current job 5 years. Active in church, Girl Scouts, coaches soccer. Sequestration “biggest fear,” judge announced 2-4 week estimate.



K95 Prosecution

K95 Defense

Married 15 years, 2 kids

Parent/student, “At my age, going to school is hard”. A middle-aged woman who’s a full-time student and “IT geek” with two children. She was critical of protests calling for Zimmerman’s arrest. Works as consultant, formerly had her own company, currently in school. 16-year Seminole Co. resident. Children are 18 and 24. Member of multiple organizations.



P67 Prosecution

P67 Defense

Married 20 years, 3 kids

Born in Mexico, wants on jury to “give back” to country. A native of Mexico who seemed eager to serve on the jury, describing it as a civic duty. “Some people think it is a racist thing,” he said of the shooting. Born in Mexico, became U.S. citizen in Chicago, Seminole Co. resident since 2008. Kids are 11, 16 and 18. Wants on jury to “give back” to country. Denied private questioning.



G14 Prosecution

G14 Defense

Divorced, 2 kids

Wants to hear facts, doesn’t want “false assumptions”. A middle-aged white woman. “I remember a lot of anger, a lot of people upset that Mr. Zimmerman was not arrested immediately.” Seminole Co. resident since 2005. Children are 12 and 15. At current job 3 years, involved with Boy Scouts for 6 years. Summoned for jury duty twice before.



G29 Prosecution

G29 Defense

Single, no kids

“I try to stay uninvolved,” reaction to summons: “Not again”. A young black woman who has lived in Seminole County eight months. “There is a lot of racial tension built up,” she said, but she “stayed away from it.” Seminole Co. resident for 9 months. At current job almost 6 years, in current field for 12 years.



G47 Prosecution

G47 Defense

Single, no kids

Restaurant asst. mgr., ignores local news, “happy person”. A young white man who works as assistant manager at restaurant. Zimmerman appears to be “stuck in the worst situation” possible, he said. ” Seminole Co. resident almost 9 years, from Boston. Spends time with “sports, friends, beer.”



G63 Prosecution

G63 Defense

Single, no kids

“Very mixed-race,” talked about “archetypes” like “bro.” A young, unemployed man who described himself as “mixed race.” He knew few details about the case but denounced stereotyping and said people sometimes interject race into cases. Unemployed, worked as teaching assistant. “Very mixed-race,” background German, Filipino, Chinese, Spanish. Plays chess, does Olympic weightlifting.



G66 Prosecution

G66 Defense

Widowed, 2 kids

Watches news every day, protests “disruptive“. A retired white woman who cares for her toddler grandson and moved to Central Florida in 2011. When she saw photos of Zimmerman’s injuries, “I felt sorry for him.” Retired, former financial advisor. 2-year Seminole Co. resident. Children are 32 and 36. Writes for Caretakers, motorcycle club focused on caring for veterans.



G81 Prosecution

G81 Defense

Married 19 years, no kids

Spoke about violence against African-American males. A tall black man who lives less than a half-mile from the scene of the shooting. There is a racial divide in Sanford, he said, but the media have misportrayed the city. 16-year Seminole Co. resident. At current job 19 years. Golfs, travels, watches sports. Spoke about violence against African-American males.



H6 Prosecution

H6 Defense

Single, no kids

Early media coverage favored Trayvon, now balanced. A young white man who heard the phone call Zimmerman made to police before the shooting. “He sounded like he was concerned for his neighborhood.” Seminole Co. resident for 1 year, Florida resident since 2004. At current job 5 months. Served on jury in Orange Co. 2 years ago



H7 Prosecution

H7 Defense

Married 44 years, 2 kids

Dressed in business attire, media sensationalizes and “tries to sell news”. A red-haired man about age 50 in a business suit who recalled “a big brouhaha in Sanford” and said, “I still don’t know why it became a high-profile case.” At current job 40 years. Children are 39 and 41. Boy Scout leader. Recalled “Big brouhaha” in Sanford, media has “anti-gun atmosphere.” Previously served as jury foreman



H18 Prosecution

H18 Defense

Divorce in process, 1 daughter

Prefers Netflix over news.  Mechanic, shop owner. A muscled, dark-skinned man in his 20s with an accent who’s a mechanic and moved here from Kuwait. He said he avoids discussing certain topics. “When it’s politics, religion or race, I just don’t get involved.” Active Army soldier, not in military police. Was overseas since 1996, in Seminole Co. 2 years. Daughter is 7. Self-employed mechanic/contractor.



H31 Prosecution

H31 Defense

Divorced, 2 kids

“Circus came to town” and he tuned it out. A white-haired man who described national civil-rights leaders who led protests in Sanford “a little circus come to town.” It was “negative for the city,” he said 30-year Seminole Co. resident, served in military for 4 years, at current job more than 30 years. Daughters are 28 and 30. Has served on a city board.



H35  Prosecution

H35 Defense

Married 5 years, no kids

Facebook user who “liked” a picture of Trayvon Martin. A young woman who said she knows little about the case. She “liked” a photo of Trayvon on Facebook. She needs to move by the end of June, which she said would be a hardship. 24-year Seminole Co. resident. Unemployed, previously took care of grandfather. Was involved in SPCA. Moving at end of the month, has “social anxiety.”



H81 Prosecution

H81 Defense

Married 31 years, 2 kids

Doesn’t give much credibility to “talking heads.” 2 Civil cases with Judge Nelson overseeing. A middle-aged man who described the shooting as an “incident” between Zimmerman and Trayvon. He called the shooting a “very tragic situation.” Has 2 civil cases pending before same judge. Seminole Co. resident since 2000. Daughter is 25, son in Navy. Served as juror 4-5 years ago.



H69 Prosecution

H69 Defense

Married 11 months, pregnant

Reads WSJ, uses facebook but doesn’t recall seeing anything about the case. A five-months-pregnant woman who said she saw news about the case on television at work. She mentioned several times that she recalled seeing pictures of Trayvon as “a young child” in the media. 5½ months pregnant. Husband a technician. 21-year Seminole Co. resident, at current job 1 year and 8 months.



H86 Prosecution

H86  Defense

Single, no kids

Saw pictures, didn’t hear recordings. Didn’t have a tv until 2 weeks ago. A young white woman who said she knows almost nothing about the case. She keeps up with current events, but “certain cases and things I don’t follow.” Born and raised in Seminole Co. Didn’t follow case, just bought a TV. Active in church and volunteers



I5 Prosecution

I5 Defense

Married, 3 kids

Gentleman defending himself was not “retained” – caused controversy. A middle-aged black man, he said he heard self-defense was involved with the case, at one point referring to Zimmerman as “the gentleman that was defending himself.” 13-year Seminole Co. resident, used to live in Alaska. Served in military. Oldest son is 40. Served as juror twice in Seminole Co., 4 times in Alaska, was foreman twice.



I19 Prosecution

I19 Defense

Single, no kids

Knows bare minimum from mother. Does not watch news. A young white woman who hasn’t followed the case and knows only the basic details: “I don’t watch the news; I don’t read the news,” she said. Grew up in Central Fla. In school, studying to be in health services administrator. Current job won’t pay her for jury duty.



I24 Prosecution

I24 Defense

Married 38 years, 2 kids

Followed case in beginning, then tuned it out. Media reps say 30s and 60s on age. An older white woman who said she followed the case at first, but then “I just kind of tuned out.” Described the case as “a young man lost his life, and another man is fighting for his life.”Has lived in Central Fla. since 1968. Daughters are 22 and 29. At current job almost 42 years. Loves sports, going to the beach, working in her yard.



I33 Prosecution

I33 Defense

Married, no kids

Newspaper reader. “I did feel compassion for both entities.” An older white man who said, “The more I heard, the less I wanted to hear.” Heard there was a 911 call involved in the case and “some controversy as to who was doing the screaming.” 30-year Seminole Co. resident, currently searching for new career, in previous field 30-40 years. Board member of environmental advocacy group. Owns small farm.



I44 Prosecution

I44 Defense

Married, 3 kids

Sports Nut. A father of three who appeared to be in his 30s and said he’s highly skeptical of the media and its “negativity. Let’s be frank, everyone has an opinion and it stinks”. 2-year Seminole Co. resident. Children are 9 months, 10 and 12. Competitively barbecues. Has served as alternate juror. Said, “Everyone has an opinion, and they all stink.”


 Demographics of the Potential Jurors Remaining and those Dismissed.Juror_Pool


DONATE_BUTTON2Thank you to everyone who has helped in the fund-raising effort. Last we heard (4pm June 9th) the fund was in excess of $85K. I’ve been advised that no update will be given until after a jury is selected. I assume all energies are being focussed on jury selection right now. The goal is to get $120K. Please continue to spread the news that help is needed. Even a $5 donation will help. This is one worry we can take off George Zimmerman’s shoulders. Thanks again.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net

Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


193 thoughts on “June 19, 2013 – Voir Dire

    • Today’s going to be an interesting day. I’ve never seen a jury be picked before. I pray George gets the open-minded on his jury. There are a couple I’m worried about.

      • I pray George gets the open-minded on his jury. There are a couple I’m worried about.

        With the obvious gerrymandering of the jury pool, at this point I’m just hoping Zimmerman gets one or two jurors to ensure a hung jury.

  1. P67 concerns me… the criminal justice system in Mexico is the polar opposite of our system; guilty until proven innocent.

    E22 also concerns me for similar reasons… her basic understanding of how our criminal justice system works seems to be severely compromised by the cart-before-the-horse nonsense the Scheme Team was peddling. We don’t arrest people and ~then~ try to prove they’re guilty.

    H81… how on earth was this particular pj NOT immediately disqualified/excused?! He has two pending civil cases before Judge Nelson, and they involve HOA matters.

  2. Someone needs to Baker Act that asshat Sundance and throw him straightjacketed into a room with padded wallpaper. Now he claims we were banned from CTH for “refusing to accept reality” sundance says:
    June 18, 2013 at 11:18 pm
    Nice to see you (and those of similar constitution) finally coming around to the reality this is a “POLITICAL” case (in construct and disposition), and not a “legal case”.

    Hence the The Last Refuge disconnected itself, or at least tried to, from those who chose not to accept that reality for the past year+….

    This case has never been about “law”, or the processes of “law”. Hence, fighting this unjust prosecution in the realm of law has been, and continues to be futile.

    • He may have recently come to the opinion there is nothing that can be done, but quite obviously that is not what he thought for the past year or he wouldn’t have been posting and doing what he’s been doing.

      I’m feeling o.k. about jury selection so far. I do have confidence in Mark O’Mara and Don West. Everything I’ve read about Robert Hirschhorn is very good. I get the impression the professionals in the courtroom is the defense.

      It agree this is a political case and this is a show trial. At the end of it, there will be no doubt in people’s minds why George Zimmerman was found not guilty of the charge and why he should be left alone for the rest of his life.

      At the time that George and his team made the decision the waive the pre-trial hearing, it became George Zimmerman who wants a jury to look at the case. I agree with George on that. It gives him the best chance of getting people to realize what happened to him.

  3. George Zimmerman trial: Round 2 of jury selection today!

    Possible questions for jurors from the OS article:

    For example: They may be asked whether they’ve ever been arrested, if they trust the testimony of a police officer more than a civilian witness or whether they have a medical condition that makes it hard for them to sit in court all day.


  4. I’m just tuning in. Yippeee!!! George’s parents and sister are in the courtroom today.

    The Judge gave the pjs a witness list and asking them if they recognize names. Some jurors do and are telling the Judge the witnesses’ initial of last name and initial of first name on the list that they recognize.

    • George’s large friend is there too. He is on the aisle seat. GZ’s family row appears to be full! Great job guys, I know it’s hard and I’m so proud and glad you found the courage to be there.

      • Just saw a full-shot of George’s family row. Shellie is against the wall, her grandmother is beside her, then George’s father, George’s mother, George’s sister and his friend from My Space photo on the aisle.

      • Good to know that Gladys must be feeling better. Good to see GZ’s parents there to counter Sybrina and Tracy. Someone posted yesterday that Tracy said in an interview to come that it is so hard to sit in the courtroom with George who doesn’t think he didn’t anything wrong. Someone needs to remind him that he committed the first wrong with bringing Trayvon to Sanford, knowing that Trayvon was suspended from school, yet again, for drugs, and allowing him to run loose while he was away with his “bae” having a good old time. Just give the kid, already having a drug problem a hundred bucks for a pizza and forget about him.

        Thank you Nettles, and AJ your crush LOL, for the above info. on the 40 chosen PJ’s. Looks terrific.

      • Courage? I think they made logical decision to be present when it really matters and save themselves the challenges of security, not being followed home. The first phase of jury selection was of no real consequence to them.

  5. It looks like the prosecutor and defense tables are facing the jury boxes. I think the jury is sitting in 30 chairs and the State and Defense tables have been turned to face the jury chairs. BDLR is speaking now.

    • stevie g. – thanks for sharing the video of Hornsby being interviewed. I was not familiar with “culpable negligence” but the definition is: Culpable negligence is an offense that stems from failure to exercise the caution of a reasonable person. An individual may be accused of this offense if she engages in reckless actions that could harm others.

      I can see where if this were an option to the jury, it might be considered. It falls in line with “he shouldna got outta da kar.” Hornsby mentioned how many PJ’s had mentioned this & though it wasn’t illegal for GZ to get out of the car, TM is dead. It’s complicated. I think I will ask Hornsby on his BLOG how this is a consideration for the jury, is it automatically put on the verdict ballot? I think GZ should have never been charged, as Bori says, “his Civil Rights were violated.” BUT! A jury may want to impose a punishment of the least degree on GZ, that is reality imo.

      TOO, a lot was brought up as to BDLR’s potential strategy which I haven’t even be able to predict. I fear that a jury, even though imo GZ should walk, may not see it as clearly as I do, if they don’t “culpable negligence” is 60 days in jail, then it’s over, then the Civil Suit is filed against GZ but that’s inevitable.

      I am trying to now look at this from the juries standpoint and how the State is going to present their case. I think MOM/West will do an excellent job, they are beyond outstanding imho, GZ is lucky to have them.

  6. Something was said in the courtroom and they all laughed. I missed what was said but the camera was on GZ’s parents and his mom gave no reaction at all. It occurred to me she may have difficulty understanding. I have noticed Grace talking to her, perhaps she is telling her in Spanish what was said.

  7. George looks really tired today. BDLR is asking each juror in order to how they were questioned about pre-trial publicity, their martial status, have kids, how long they live in Seminole, how long they worked at their job, he’s asking where the adult kids work, military service and finally prior jury service and details.

    • maybe he stayed up to watch the NBA freak show last night.

      PJ said he was on previous jury and he liked it. BDLR asked if everyone heard that. PJ said it was only 1 day and NOT sequestered. (BIG LAUGH!)

    • BDLR’s questions don’t seem very probing. I was expecting questions more related to a juror’s beliefs about guns and self-defense. His questions are almost trivial. Did I miss something? Is there another phase of questioning after this round?

      • That’s my reaction too. I found the same thing in the individuals interviews. BDLR does not ask probing questions. I noted the past 2 days, BDLR started asking some of the questions that Mr. O’Mara and Mr. West had been asking.

  8. Juror P67 really wants to be questioned in private. He is the pjs from Mexico and a new citizen to the States. He thought this would be a learning experience but its turning into a nightmare for him. He does not want this to impact his family what so ever. He had 3 kids and married for 20 years.

  9. Tracy Martin is going to be on HLN tonight with Vinnie Politan. He keeps talking about “preserving Trayvon’s legacy” …..not sure what that means (legacy of purchasing stolen firearms, drugs, nude underage women, expulsion, street violence ?) and Tracy’s new goal of “clearing Trayvon’s name” (whatever that means). I’m wondering if they have told so many lies in presenting 14 year old saint Trayvon to the world that they have convinced themselves that is who he was at 17.

    I’m also disappointed that HLN hasnt provided Zimmerman’s family with equal time for rebuttal.

    • i no longer watch HLN for this trial; they are clueless! Just trying to do anything to get viewers. They seem to be going after the lowest of the low.

  10. here is a question the defense will ask on presumption of innocence:

    If state fails to prove its case, would you still want to hear from GZ? Some jurors will say they would still want to hear from him.

  11. BDLR explained the difference between direct evidence an circumstantial evidence. Alarm bells went off on twitter. People are getting an indication the state doesn’t have a case.

    • “Alarm bells went off on twitter.”

      I’m sure alarm bells went off in the jury box, as well…

      If I was a pj, right now I’d be thinking “You $#@!, you want to sequester me for four weeks, cause me to lose four weeks of pay, potentially put my life in danger, and you’re telling me now in so many words that you don’t even have a strong case against the defendant?!”

  12. I’m exhausted listening to BDLR, something about that man wears me out, he probably belongs to a community drama club. He tries too hard to be liked imo, MAYBE it’s because I don’t like him & I know what he’s about, but I just wish he would sit down & shut effing up. We need some MOM & West!

    • think of him as bozo the clown! He should not even be there, since he has been accused of a crime. He taints the entire system.

      • I keep questioning that as well. How does Judge Nelson allow him to continue with the public allegations and prove given.

        Fine if she wants to put it off until after the trial but a guy who has been accused of meddling with the defendants right to a fair trial SHOULD NOT be allowed to continue prosecuting.

  13. BDLR’s entire line of questioning right now re circumstantial evidence and CSI …

    He stated that circumstantial evidence is just as good as direct evidence…?!

    Is O’Mara allowed to object during jury questioning?

  14. BDLR is asking individuals jurors how will they ensure they are not bringing in their opinions and biases into the verdict. He asked 3 of the jurors and they said it would be hard to do. How can you find out people’s bias and opinions? Four jurors now have not said they don’t know and they just have to hope people don’t do that. BDLR should be telling them how to do it.

    When giving your opinion, you question the person why they arrived at it. Their evidence should be all from what they heard in the courtroom. ie: the juror who thought Tracy Martin wasn’t a “present” father in Trayvon’s life. How did she arrive at that opinion?

    The jurors will have to keep each other honest by forcing the person to say why they think what they do and they will have to call out anyone who brings in information that wasn’t from the courtroom’s presentation.

    Hopefully Mr. O’Mara/Mr. West will help the jurors with this challenge. BDLR just kept asking will you agree not to bring in your biases. Do you all agree to do that.

    Give them the skills BLDR. Help them with it.

    • jurors must always use their opinions. They must judge credibility, evidence and reasonableness. BDLR probably wants people who have no opinions and will just listen like robots. Ask 2 people about the strength of the evidence and you will get 2 different opinions.

  15. the jurors actually seem somewhat excited to be there. they realize that this is a big case. Also, free hotel and, if you believe me, free beer!

  16. H7 was prosecuted in the State of Texas.

    Our description of H7
    Dressed in business attire, media sensationalizes and “tries to sell news”. A red-haired man about age 50 in a business suit who recalled “a big brouhaha in Sanford” and said, “I still don’t know why it became a high-profile case.”

  17. I33 was arrested, didn’t feel he was treated fairly. He won’t hold it against either party.

    Our description of I33
    Newspaper reader. “I did feel compassion for both entities.” An older white man who said, “The more I heard, the less I wanted to hear.” Heard there was a 911 call involved in the case and “some controversy as to who was doing the screaming.”

  18. K95 had a friend and was treated unfairly.

    Our description of K95
    Parent/student, “At my age, going to school is hard”. A middle-aged woman who’s a full-time student and “IT geek” with two children. She was critical of protests calling for Zimmerman’s arrest.

  19. About the male PJ that sounded Hispanic and had moved to FL from Chicago and wanted to answer questions in private: It is not uncommon here in Chicago that gang members need to hide from gang members. That may include leaving the state in order to not only protect themselves, but to protect their families. Don’t use the stereotypical picture of what your mind might conjure up. Gang members can wear anything from baggy pants to an expensive silk suit and everything in between. They hold jobs, they have families, they move about and blend in unnoticed most of the time. There’s an old saying here in Chicago and that is: If you can’t make it here? You can’t make it anywhere. This town caters to Hispanics for jobs of all sorts, so has the question been asked of the PJ why he moved to Florida, or why any of these PJ’s have moved? Yesterday my family put my sister’s husband to rest, so as arrangements are being made for his resting place I am reading here to fill my time. I may have missed if the “why did you move to Florida” questions were asked, so please bear with me.

    • thanks for the info ottawa, and God Bless!

      didn’t hear the question yet, but MOM/West still have to question. maybe they will ask.

      • Thank you Stevie. And since I do have an audience here … let me warn all of you strongly … never under ANY circumstances allow any doctor or any hospital to administer to you the drug Amiodarone. My bro-in-law would still be here if not for that drug.

        • never heard of that drug, but when things settle down, you might want to consult with a medmal attorney. most usually give a free consultation.

        • I looked up this medication http://www.drugs.com/amiodarone.html

          one thing that struck me: Amiodarone is for use only in life-threatening situations. This medication has the potential to cause side effects that could be fatal, and you will receive your first few doses in a hospital setting.

    • Nettles: Why do our Northern neighbors have more common sense that we do and ask such logical questions as seen in this article? Do blacks in Canada carry on like they do here?

  20. Tennis tweeted:

    Diana Tennis ‏@TennisLaw 57m

    NOTE: BDLR talking about “hidden bias”, he is setting up argument that GZ was racially motivated – must have “animosity” for 2d Murder

  21. Going back to Jeff Deens tweet that Bernie saying circumstantial evidence is just as strong as direct evidence is the first confession by the state that they have no direct evidence would not be exactly the truth. Dale Gilbreath already admitted in the first bond hearing that the state had no proof that GZ followed TM, was first to confront TM, and that GZ didn’t in fact turn to walk back to his truck when the NEN said we don’t need you to do that. So all of these months later we are right back to the same place the prosecution was back then.

    The female juror who said yesterday that GZ should have just been arrested, and then the investigation should take place later actually should see that that is exactly what happened. After all the time and expense that the state utilized, they did in fact arrest first, and investigate later They came up with the answer they wanted, and then went in search of a question..

      • stevie- It was juror E 22, and she did make the cut. Here is Andrew Branca’s write up on her from her original interview-

        “A middle-aged black woman, E22 expressed her strongest opinion not about Trayvon or Zimmerman, but about the Stanford Police. She felt that she couldn’t have an opinion on Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence because she didn’t have all the information, but came down hard on the SPD for not having investigated Zimmerman further before deciding not to arrest him, saying “the police should have been a bit more proactive in their investigation.” She indicated that the police should have arrested Zimmerman right away instead of concluding already what happened. She recalled the news reporting that “one individual was following Martin, not for good reasons, that’s how it started.” Curiously, de la Rionda asked if she was trying to get on the jury for a secret agenda. She denied this. She expressed sympathy for Witness #11 whose 911 call recorded the fatal shot.”

  22. Let’s change BDLR’s example of circumstantial evidence a wee bit to more closely resemble the situation at hand…

    Suppose he hears his two, now teenaged, daughters downstairs making a huge ruckus.

    He rushes down and finds one without a scratch on her and the other covered in blood with a broken nose and lacerations.

    And let’s say the one without a scratch on her has been having severe disciplinary problems recently… she’s been in several other fights, has been caught with drugs and stolen property, appears to be high on something at the time, was suspended from school countless times, her own mother threw her out of the house and refuses to put up with her criminal behaviors, etc, etc, etc.

    It’s fairly clear what the circumstantial evidence should be telling Bernie.

    Furthermore, let’s say the blinds were open and several neighbors actually saw the one daughter on top of the the other daughter violently beating her.

    Now we have both direct and circumstantial evidence that point directly to the one daughter being the aggressor.

    Unfortunately for the victim daughter, Bernie has a special bond with and affection for the assailant daughter… so he ignores what the evidence is telling him and punishes the victim daughter. After all, she shouldn’t have gotten out of bed knowing that her violent sister was in a bad mood.

  23. Shellie’s lawyer Kelly Simms had continued to join the galley after lunch. He is sitting between George’s sister and friend. George’s parents have been shown to still be there. Not sure if Shellie’s Grandma is still there.

    • Oops, Kelly is sitting in the first row not in the family row. Family row is 2nd row. First row is suppose to be empty for security. The sherriff’s deputy is usually in it.

  24. B35 called out for closing his eyes. BDLR asked him if he stayed up late last night. He said he helped his brother move.

    Our description of B35

    Tax preparer, no opinion despite “pro-Trayvon” family/friends. A middle-aged black man who owns a vending business. He was critical of the Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and says this case is not racial. Manages tax office, coaches Pop Warner football. Wife works for TV station. Served in Marine Corps Reserves for 6 years.

      • No it’s still BDLR asking them non-probing questions. Now he is asking who has been in the court system. some are identifying being deposed in the past.

        E6 – involved in a custody battle and domestic violence

        E40 – was a witness to a car accident. Felt she was treated fairly. It was about 20 yrs ago.

  25. What a waste of time. BDLR asks if the law should apply to the rich and the poor equally. Does he really think anyway is going to say no? Does it apply equally to race, gender, etc.

    Way to get information from them BDLR. /sarc

  26. BDLR is talking to a pj about a witness they pj may know. The intiials are CB. BDLR are talking in a roundabout way so as to not identify the witness. The first name could have been a woman or man. I immediately thought of an example of Chris. Then BDLR says I know I’m talking code here but I don’t want to reveal this person.

    Does that sound familiar? When Shellie and George talked in code were they trying to be deceptive or were they trying not to reveal to criminals the amount of money they were talking about.

    BDLR just gave us an example of talking in code for reason not for deceiving others. Remember this for Shellie’s trial Mr. Simms.

    • “”Our parents: Mr. & Mrs. Zimmerman, along with our sister, are in court today supporting George. Despite safety considerations, the time was right to do what they could to visibly advocate for George’s innocence.

      Our parents have avoided showing their face on camera because of numerous death threats directed at our entire family. Our parents have served as primary caretakers for our grandmother, Cristina, for years. Alzheimer’s disease has left her requiring round-the-clock care and supervision. I am happy to care for our grandmother, as George, our sister and I were raised largely with her help and consider her a parent.

      Going forward, security and other concerns are paramount, and our periodic absence from court should not be misinterpreted as a withdrawal of support. Our position as a family has been clear and consistent since the night George was attacked: We are all sympathetic to the tragic reality of outliving a son or daughter, however, George acted in self-defense. Self-defense should not be criminalized, and we stand by George, because he told the truth.

      Robert Zimmerman Jr.”

  27. Now BDLR is asking about experts. If they would rely on the opinions of experts.

    All the jurors he asks say yes they would rely on the experts opinion.

    This is another example of how crazy this case is. The lawyers don’t know at this point if the juror will hear any experts. The Frye hearing is due to continue tomorrow at 2pm

    • Bernie is making clear to Nelson that if she grants O’Mara’s motion to preclude voice experts, the state will appeal.

      • but wouldn’t that delay the trial? Look how long it took for the Defense to get an answer.

        Will the Daubert Standard THEN be in effect? 7/1/13 is not far off.

        • It would delay the trial. That’s at least partly why Nelson won’t grant O’Mara’s motion to preclude the experts from giving testimony. And now, since Bernardo told the jurors about expert testimony, Nelson knows that the state is determined to have the experts before the jury. If she makes an error by allowing the experts, the trial goes on its current schedule.
          I don’t think the Frye/Daubert distinction matters at all. In principle, Daubert relaxes the scientific rigor, compared with Frye. The state’s experts don’t make it either way, if the standard is properly applied. But that is academic. This case is not being decided on legal principles. This is the court contributing its heft to the state, in an improvidently brought prosecution.
          If you ever entertained the idea that the court is there to balance the rights of the individual against the power of the state, maybe this case will cause you to rethink. The function of the Courts is to “legitimize” the state, not to challenge its powers.

          • cboldt – you make excellent points as always. Wendy Murphy, National Legal Analyst, Author, & Former Prosecutor in Fla. stated that :”even if BDLR’s expert’s come in, it will be a difficult hurdle to convince a jury that it was TM screaming as he was the one on top, common sense will prevail.”

            I fully expect Judge N to allow the States experts, she has bent over backwards for the BDLR & Crump, imo, she is only going through the formality of the Frye hearing because she has to. Like everything else, her mind is made up.

    • Listening to BDLR is awful. Now he’s asking if race should factor in.

      O’Mara has asked to approach. He sounds annoyed. So are we. His questions aren’t enlightening or extracting any information. He’s been preaching to them.

  28. BDLR asks if the jurors thinks Martin’s life is worth less b/c he’s a minor and he is African American. I sure am glad he asked that question to get the bigots and racists off the jury. /sarc

    Now he’s onto gun opinions.

  29. been busy as hell so am just checking in.. what happened in the fry hearing.. did nelson rule the state’s experts were dummies or will we hear from them….gotta run but will check back later. 😀

  30. P67 has obviously been violating Nelson’s orders not to speak with anybody regarding the case…

    He’s describing info from the internet that his family has seen describing him as Mexican.

  31. There was lots of questions from the jurors about sequestration near the end. It has freaked a few of them out I think.

    Bernie’s questions were awful. Not probing at all. I felt he was presenting his case to them…getting a head start so to speak.

    “Can we all agree people need to be accountable for the actions” asks Bernie of the jurors. “yes” says the jurors.

    I agree and Bernie should explain to the Martins why Trayvon is accountable and should be held responsible in their minds for assaulting a guy trying to keep an eye on him.

    • mimi – I feel so badly for Robert Sr. Those seats are comparable to church pews it appears, but thankfully Church is over in an hour or 2, it had to be difficult to sit there all day listening to the bobble headed BDLR entertain himself.

      I enjoy watching on WFTV, & Bill Sheaffer made the point BDLR ask long winded questions that ONLY required a yes or no answer. The POINT IS that it is a time for the PJ’s to do the talking stated Sheaffer. imo, we’ll see a completely different approach by MOM/West with the jury.

      • I worry about Robert Sr.’s health. He got into a couple of coughing jags this afternoon. The toll this is taking on the family is immense. Their presence in the courtroom today was amazing. I hope they find the strength to continue.

      • That was my first thoughts too, and he is an older man so I know it had to be uncomfortable. On the WFTV I get better sound quality

  32. Heard WFTV B. Sheaffer state that Omara will have at least if not more time with the PJ tomm , what about the 2 pm rebuttal witness/Frye Hearing? Maybe they spoke of that at the Bench and have decided on Friday? Would not be “fair” to the Def but what would be new. Anyone think they will move it again?

      • Of course the defense won’t need as much time as BDLR. They are not there to preach, bloviate, and confuse the potential jurors, not to speak of boring them to death. If there is nothing more that Bernie accomplished today is that he is not a very likable person. OTOH, no doubt tomorrow between O’Mara and West they will be the professionals, the leaders, the skilled lawyers, and the most credible for at least some of the jurors that have a modicum of intelligence. From everything I read about Bernie’s time today, doing nothing more than trying to run out the clock, and keeping the defense in the little box the state is trying to do, O’Mara/West will bring brevity into the courtroom tomorrow, and no question the most of the jurors will be relieved.

  33. Wasn’t there supposed to be some kind of surprise revelation today via twitter, the tennis lawyer, or something like that?

    • Diana has a zinger to tweet when Owen is testifying. She tweeted a heads up and told us to get ready for it. We’ll look for her jab when the Frye hearing gets underway.

  34. the CTH celebrated its 10,000,000th visitor today. Unfortunately, the offender was promptly banned from the site for taking the spotlight off of sundance.

    • Too funny stevie. Great minds think alike. Just posted that their hits have likely come from BDLR and the state dept.. Stella posted a day or so ago that their hits have not decreased, likely because of comments that most all of the original posters there have left or have been banned. Well duhhh. Not exactly something to celebrate when you know your site is being followed by the government entities you hate so much.

      • The CTH has struck a nerve in the internet political world which is not fully appreciated yet.

        Sundance is opinionated to the nth degree but is also indefatigable in his energy and the numbers of issues that he covers and tracks.

        He is walking point on a lot of broader issues that deserve wider discussion in our society. Anyone walking point draws the fire.

  35. I’m laughing at the TH celebration with having the 10 millionity visitor today. How many of those hits came from BDLR and the Fla. state dept, the FBI, the DOJ, the NAACP and the Scheme team.? Hahaha.

      • And also thank BDLR for mentioning the TH in court which drove people to a site, that hates O’Mara. How good is that for the TH to try to convince everyone that O’Mara is not looking out for the best interests GZ.. If you don’t agree with the sun king, you are too stupid to breathe oxygen.

      • Hi Nettles. Just checking in to see if you have any recent news in regards to the defense fund. Last I saw, their last push had collected $85k as of 6/9/13, which was about $35k short of what they needed. Any chance of getting a more recent estimate from them?

      • That’s actually evidence Nettles that Nelson is still working with the extortionists. The state is not in control of anything without Nelson’s approval.

        Every day I am more and more convinced that the defense is just going along with the state and Nelson knowing their case before the DCA is stronger. The defense knew long ago that they are trying to get the canoe uphill with no oars. The defense is allowing the state and Nelson to hang themselves, and are handing them more rope along the way. Never stop the enemy when they are in the middle of self imploding. Even allowing Bernie to turn off every possible juror today was strategic.

        • It was the judges job today to stop the prosecution from making what amounted to an opening statement in front of the PJ’s. She allowed it to go on. That’s on her. Tomorrow when the defense questions the jurors, Bernie will be objecting right and left. If Nelson sustains, that’s even better.

          • I agree. Best to let the jurors see what they are dealing with. The defense sat quiet and except for once at the end, Mr. O’Mara apologized for interrupting but could we approach?

            If the State doesn’t give the same consideration tomorrow, jurors will note the intrusions and hopefully hold them against the interrupter.

            I don’t think the judge is going to allow the experts to testify. The jurors said today, that yes, we’d expect the experts to have been vetted and if you bring them into court, we’d expect them to be experts in their fields. For the Judge to bring the State’s experts into court would make the Frye hearing a sham.

            Does it set precedent for voice identification in future trials? If it does, even more so the Judge will do the state a favor and not bring them in before the jury.

            If she does again as we are all thinking, it’s a joke. Even the biased HLN was asking what is the State thinking with these guys?

            • Precedent can only be set by the appellate courts. Trial courts make mistakes all the time. No trial is error free.
              The Frye hearing is not a sham – it is bona fide. What will be a sham is the opinion concluding the state’s experts may testify under Florida law. That will be an error by Nelson. I think she knows it is an error, but will rule that way anyway. I see no way to prove that she knows it to be error; and even if she did know it, defendant’s remedy in the law is the same – take it to the DCA afer the trial and argue the ruling was wrong.

  36. I’ve been reflecting on why Mr. O’Mara worked hard to have a man stay in the pool who clearly wanted out. I can’t imagine he wants this man on his jury as his understanding of English isn’t stellar as evidenced by getting help from his wife in drafting a letter to the court.

    This man must play into the strategy with strikes that Team Zimmerman needs. Diana Tennis and Richard Hornsby were tweeting each other saying that to get a jury seated, Mr. O’Mara may have to leave some strikes on the table. I take it that they think there are more than 10 that will be dismissed for cause. If that’s the case and both the State and Defense use all their strikes that would leave less than 10 left. As I understand it if that happens, the whole pool gets thrown out and they start over.

    This man P67 is needed for Team Zimmerman’s strategy game. I hope he comes back and agrees to serve. I think it’s unlikely he’ll be chosen anyway but he must be able to play a role in the defense strategy of manipulating the state’s strikes.

    Anyone got any ideas? They really are in a chess game right now.

    • that’s the way I understood it too Nettles. B. Sheaffer was talking about it earlier today also. Sorry, don’t remb all, but what you stated was the jest I got from him too

    • that’s correct nettles; it could also be that MOM wants the state to use one of its strikes to get rid of a latino.

      • also, i don’t think the whole pool gets thrown out; but rather they keep the chosen jurors and get perhaps 10 more; or JDN might agree to go with only 2 or 3 alternates; i don’t see this express train stopping to start over no matter what.

  37. IMHO, Excellent comment:

    treewig says:

    June 19, 2013 at 11:18 pm

    So BDLR made a ridiculous comment today about circumstantial evidence being equal with real evidence and provided his definition in “laymans” terms: “If a cookie jar is broken and one child has crumbs on her lips and the other does not, it’s obvious who is guilty.”

    I would hope MOM would address this directly tomorrow and mention that circumstantial evidence is important and to be considered, but its not equal to direct evidence. He should reference BDLR’s scenario, then say what if I told you that the mother states she gave one child the cookie for being good and didn’t give one to the other, then left the room. Now who do you think broke the cookie jar?

    • It’s obvious as to who was eating a cookie in a sloppy manner. It’s still not obvious who broke the cookie jar.

    • I have one better if a two guys are in incident, one says that the other attack him, he has a broken, bruises on face, lacerations on his back, and his back is covered with grass. The other has not injuries, stains on his knees, bruise on one knuckle then we know who was attacking whom.

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