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June 20, 2013 – Voir Dire Part II

The chart below listed the potential jurors (pjs) in the order they were interviewed.  I personally found this very helpful when Mr. de la Rionda went through his questions to each person. The chart is largely due to AJ’s efforts and the Information/Comments from Rene Stutzman and Jeff Weiner of the Orlando Sentinel and also Channel 13 news recaps.

Today we expect the defense to ask more probing questions and not preach to the jurors as we witnessed yesterday. * Updated the Jurors are in red and the alternates are in green.

At 2pm today, the Frye hearing is expected to resume with the state’s rebuttal witness Mr. Tom Owen coming back to give evidence.






P. Video Interview

D. Video Interview







Divorced, 2 kids

B12 Prosecution

B12 Defense

A middle-aged white woman who works the graveyard shift. She likes the crime-forensics show “CSI” and said she’d heard Zimmerman was following Trayvon. Former home health nurse, Moose lodge volunteer, 20-year Seminole Co. resident, Red Hat Society member. Feels press in court violates her rights.





Married 10 years, 8 kids

B29 Prosecution

B29 Defense

Moved to FL from Chicago four months ago, mom of 7. A Hispanic nurse on an Alzheimer’s ward. At current job for 3 months. Oldest son is 20.





Married, 2 kids

B76 Prosecution

B76 Defense

Seminole resident since 1981, could not ID Trayvon’s mom. A white middle-aged woman who said Zimmerman had an “altercation with the young man. There was a struggle, and the gun went off.” Unemployed, owned construction company with husband for 15 years. Older son, 28, is a foreclosure/divorce lawyer. Seminole Co. resident since 1995 (Dates conflict)





Married 10 years, no kids

B7 Prosecution

B7 Defense

Noticed people taking sides, worried about anonymity after trial. A middle-aged white man who listens to NPR. He remembered when Florida implemented its “stand your ground” law and the debate about whether it was needed. At job for 11 years, manages 2-3 people at work. Wife is a teacher. 30-year Seminole Co. resident. Had jury duty 12-15 years ago, only lasted 1 day.





Married 29 years, 1 son

B35 Prosecution

B35 Defense

Tax preparer, no opinion despite “pro-Trayvon” family/friends. A middle-aged black man who owns a vending business. He was critical of the Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and says this case is not racial. Manages tax office, coaches Pop Warner football. Wife works for TV station. Served in Marine Corps Reserves for 6 years.





Married 20 years, 2 kids

B37 Prosecution

B37 Defense

Animal rescue volunteer, has 2 grown daughters, multiple pets. A middle-aged white woman who works for a chiropractor and has many pets. She described protests in Sanford as “rioting.”  . Husband is a space attorney, works with rockets. Father was Air Force captain. 18-year Seminole Co. resident.





Unmarried, no kids

B51 Prosecution

B51 Defense

Shooting “sad on both sides,” no interest in “limelight” A retired white woman from Oviedo who has a dog and 20-year-old cat. She knew a good deal about the case but said: “I’m not rigid in my thinking.” Retired from real estate, 9-year Seminole Co. resident, in Central Fla. since 1987. Was juror 3 years ago, and in 1991 in Orange Co.





Single, 2 kids

B86 Prosecution

B86 Defense

School admin. worker, heard Trayvon was “expelled”. A middle-aged white woman who works at a middle school. She said if Trayvon had not been “expelled” from school in Miami-Dade County — he was actually suspended — “this could have been prevented.”  School administration worker, 10 years at current job. ” Children are 20 and 21.





Married, 2 kids

E6 Prosecution

E6 Defense

Warned kids not to give “false impression” about themselves. A young white woman and mother who used to work in financial services. She used this case as an example to her adolescent children, warning them to not go out at night.  Husband an engineer. Children are 11 and 13. Unemployed, volunteers at kids’ school. 2-year Seminole Co. resident, had lived in Orange Co. since 2004.





Married, 1 son

E40 Prosecution

E40 Defense

Moved to FL from Iowa in Nov. 2012. A white woman in her 60s who lived in Iowa at the time of the shooting. She heard national-news reports and recalls the shooting was in a gated community and a teenager was killed. Moved to Fla. from Iowa in Nov. 2012. Works as safety officer, husband is a chemical engineer. Son is 28. Was on jury 20 years ago in Pa. drug dealing case.





Married 5 years, 2 stepkids

E54 Prosecution

E54 Defense

Stepson wears hoodies, told him to “be careful, be cautious”. A middle-aged white man with a teenage stepson who wears hoodies. He recalled seeing photos of the injuries to Zimmerman’s head and face. Grew up in Central Fla., 14-year Seminole Co. resident. One stepchild is 16, other in late 20s.





Married, 2 kids

E73 Prosecution

E73 Defense

Can’t “conceive” of being armed, son “lives in a hoodie”. A middle-aged white woman active in Sanford’s arts community who is raising her late brother’s 15- and 18-year-old children. The media interjected race in this case, she said. Works as consultant, served on arts councils. Grew up in NY, Husband retired. 13-year Seminole Co. resident. Served on 4 juries, 3 in Seminole. Can’t “conceive” of being armed.





Single, no kids

M75 Prosecution

M75 Defense

Friends split 60-40 for Trayvon, some friends studying law. A young black woman who says many of her friends have opinions on the case, but she doesn’t. Grew up in NY, in Seminole Co. since 2001. Worked as a travel agent and for a theme park, at current job for 2 months. Volunteers at animal shelters. Has friends studying law.





Married 2 months, no kids

B61 Prosecution

B61 Defense

Thought defense fund website was “unique”. A young white woman who remembered that “after the protesters, it seemed to turn more into a racial issue … I don’t think it’s a racial issue.” “Army brat.” Husband a full-time student. Member of church, sorority, business organization. Thought Zimmerman’s defense fund website was “unique.”





Single, no kids

B72 Prosecution

B72 Defense

Arm wrestler, school maintenance technician. A young man who does maintenance at a school and competes in arm-wrestling tournaments. He said he avoids the news because he does not want to be “brainwashed. Arm wrestler, can do “one-armed pull-up.” School maintenance technician, 1 year at current job. 9-year Seminole Co. resident, from Chicago.”





Single, no kids

E22 Prosecution

E22 Defense

Case a “volatile issue,” police “not proactive” enough. A middle-aged black woman who said that after the shooting, Sanford police should have booked Zimmerman and asked him more questions. Member of social service agency affiliated with her employer, at current job for 19 years. 12-year Seminole Co. resident. Gardens, “loves all things food.”





Single, no kids

E13 Prosecution

E13 Defense

Lives with parents, brother is black. A young white woman who goes to college and works two jobs. She heard the shooting was a “racial thing.” Surgical assistant. Lives with parents, brother is black. 17-year Seminole Co. resident. Owns and rides horses.





Married 28 years, 2 kids

E28 Prosecution

E28 Defense

Hospital OR worker (someone’s cell phone went off). A middle-aged white woman who works as a nurse. She said she knew little about the case and has no opinion about Zimmerman’s guilt. Husband a teacher. Children are 28 and 33. Member of professional organization, volunteers for Relay for Life.





Married 15 years, 2 kids

K80 Prosecution

K80 Defense

Sequestration “biggest fear,” judge announced 2-4 weeks. A middle-aged white woman with children who has not followed the case. She considers the “racial undertones” in the case “disturbing.” Seminole Co. resident since 2004, at current job 5 years. Active in church, Girl Scouts, coaches soccer. Sequestration “biggest fear,” judge announced 2-4 week estimate.





Married 15 years, 2 kids

K95 Prosecution

K95 Defense

Parent/student, “At my age, going to school is hard”. A middle-aged woman who’s a full-time student and “IT geek” with two children. She was critical of protests calling for Zimmerman’s arrest. Works as consultant, formerly had her own company, currently in school. 16-year Seminole Co. resident. Children are 18 and 24. Member of multiple organizations.





Married 20 years, 3 kids

P67 Prosecution

P67 Defense

Born in Mexico, wants on jury to “give back” to country. A native of Mexico who seemed eager to serve on the jury, describing it as a civic duty. “Some people think it is a racist thing,” he said of the shooting. Born in Mexico, became U.S. citizen in Chicago, Seminole Co. resident since 2008. Kids are 11, 16 and 18. Wants on jury to “give back” to country. Denied private questioning.





Divorced, 2 kids

G14 Prosecution

G14 Defense

Wants to hear facts, doesn’t want “false assumptions”. A middle-aged white woman. “I remember a lot of anger, a lot of people upset that Mr. Zimmerman was not arrested immediately.” Seminole Co. resident since 2005. Children are 12 and 15. At current job 3 years, involved with Boy Scouts for 6 years. Summoned for jury duty twice before.





Single, no kids

G29 Prosecution

G29 Defense

“I try to stay uninvolved,” reaction to summons: “Not again”. A young black woman who has lived in Seminole County eight months. “There is a lot of racial tension built up,” she said, but she “stayed away from it.” Seminole Co. resident for 9 months. At current job almost 6 years, in current field for 12 years.





Single, no kids

G47 Prosecution

G47 Defense

Restaurant asst. mgr., ignores local news, “happy person”. A young white man who works as assistant manager at restaurant. Zimmerman appears to be “stuck in the worst situation” possible, he said. ” Seminole Co. resident almost 9 years, from Boston. Spends time with “sports, friends, beer.”





Single, no kids

G63 Prosecution

G63 Defense

“Very mixed-race,” talked about “archetypes” like “bro.” A young, unemployed man who described himself as “mixed race.” He knew few details about the case but denounced stereotyping and said people sometimes interject race into cases. Unemployed, worked as teaching assistant. “Very mixed-race,” background German, Filipino, Chinese, Spanish. Plays chess, does Olympic weightlifting.





Widowed, 2 kids

G66 Prosecution

G66 Defense

Watches news every day, protests “disruptive“. A retired white woman who cares for her toddler grandson and moved to Central Florida in 2011. When she saw photos of Zimmerman’s injuries, “I felt sorry for him.” Retired, former financial advisor. 2-year Seminole Co. resident. Children are 32 and 36. Writes for Caretakers, motorcycle club focused on caring for veterans.





Married 19 years, no kids

G81 Prosecution

G81 Defense

Spoke about violence against African-American males. A tall black man who lives less than a half-mile from the scene of the shooting. There is a racial divide in Sanford, he said, but the media have misportrayed the city. 16-year Seminole Co. resident. At current job 19 years. Golfs, travels, watches sports. Spoke about violence against African-American males.





Single, no kids

H6 Prosecution

H6 Defense

Early media coverage favored Trayvon, now balanced. A young white man who heard the phone call Zimmerman made to police before the shooting. “He sounded like he was concerned for his neighborhood.” Seminole Co. resident for 1 year, Florida resident since 2004. At current job 5 months. Served on jury in Orange Co. 2 years ago





Married 44 years, 2 kids

H7 Prosecution

H7 Defense

Dressed in business attire, media sensationalizes and “tries to sell news”. A red-haired man about age 50 in a business suit who recalled “a big brouhaha in Sanford” and said, “I still don’t know why it became a high-profile case.” At current job 40 years. Children are 39 and 41. Boy Scout leader. Recalled “Big brouhaha” in Sanford, media has “anti-gun atmosphere.” Previously served as jury foreman





Divorce in process, 1 daughter

H18 Prosecution

H18 Defense

Prefers Netflix over news.  Mechanic, shop owner. A muscled, dark-skinned man in his 20s with an accent who’s a mechanic and moved here from Kuwait. He said he avoids discussing certain topics. “When it’s politics, religion or race, I just don’t get involved.” Active Army soldier, not in military police. Was overseas since 1996, in Seminole Co. 2 years. Daughter is 7. Self-employed mechanic/contractor.





Divorced, 2 kids

H31 Prosecution

H31 Defense

“Circus came to town” and he tuned it out. A white-haired man who described national civil-rights leaders who led protests in Sanford “a little circus come to town.” It was “negative for the city,” he said 30-year Seminole Co. resident, served in military for 4 years, at current job more than 30 years. Daughters are 28 and 30. Has served on a city board.





Married 5 years, no kids

H35  Prosecution

H35 Defense

Facebook user who “liked” a picture of Trayvon Martin. A young woman who said she knows little about the case. She “liked” a photo of Trayvon on Facebook. She needs to move by the end of June, which she said would be a hardship. 24-year Seminole Co. resident. Unemployed, previously took care of grandfather. Was involved in SPCA. Moving at end of the month, has “social anxiety.”





Married 31 years, 2 kids

H81 Prosecution

H81 Defense

Doesn’t give much credibility to “talking heads.” 2 Civil cases with Judge Nelson overseeing. A middle-aged man who described the shooting as an “incident” between Zimmerman and Trayvon. He called the shooting a “very tragic situation.” Has 2 civil cases pending before same judge. Seminole Co. resident since 2000. Daughter is 25, son in Navy. Served as juror 4-5 years ago.





Married 11 months, pregnant

H69 Prosecution

H69 Defense

Reads WSJ, uses facebook but doesn’t recall seeing anything about the case. A five-months-pregnant woman who said she saw news about the case on television at work. She mentioned several times that she recalled seeing pictures of Trayvon as “a young child” in the media. 5½ months pregnant. Husband a technician. 21-year Seminole Co. resident, at current job 1 year and 8 months.





Single, no kids

H86 Prosecution

H86  Defense

Saw pictures, didn’t hear recordings. Didn’t have a tv until 2 weeks ago. A young white woman who said she knows almost nothing about the case. She keeps up with current events, but “certain cases and things I don’t follow.” Born and raised in Seminole Co. Didn’t follow case, just bought a TV. Active in church and volunteers





Married, 3 kids

I5 Prosecution

I5 Defense

Gentleman defending himself was not “retained” – caused controversy. A middle-aged black man, he said he heard self-defense was involved with the case, at one point referring to Zimmerman as “the gentleman that was defending himself.” 13-year Seminole Co. resident, used to live in Alaska. Served in military. Oldest son is 40. Served as juror twice in Seminole Co., 4 times in Alaska, was foreman twice.





Single, no kids

I19 Prosecution

I19 Defense

Knows bare minimum from mother. Does not watch news. A young white woman who hasn’t followed the case and knows only the basic details: “I don’t watch the news; I don’t read the news,” she said. Grew up in Central Fla. In school, studying to be in health services administrator. Current job won’t pay her for jury duty.





Married 38 years, 2 kids

I24 Prosecution

I24 Defense

Followed case in beginning, then tuned it out. Media reps say 30s and 60s on age. An older white woman who said she followed the case at first, but then “I just kind of tuned out.” Described the case as “a young man lost his life, and another man is fighting for his life.”Has lived in Central Fla. since 1968. Daughters are 22 and 29. At current job almost 42 years. Loves sports, going to the beach, working in her yard.





Married, no kids

I33 Prosecution

I33 Defense

Newspaper reader. “I did feel compassion for both entities.” An older white man who said, “The more I heard, the less I wanted to hear.” Heard there was a 911 call involved in the case and “some controversy as to who was doing the screaming.” 30-year Seminole Co. resident, currently searching for new career, in previous field 30-40 years. Board member of environmental advocacy group. Owns small farm.





Married, 3 kids

I44 Prosecution

I44 Defense

Sports Nut. A father of three who appeared to be in his 30s and said he’s highly skeptical of the media and its “negativity. Let’s be frank, everyone has an opinion and it stinks”. 2-year Seminole Co. resident. Children are 9 months, 10 and 12. Competitively barbecues. Has served as alternate juror. Said, “Everyone has an opinion, and they all stink.”


 Demographics of the Potential Jurors Remaining and those Dismissed.Juror_Pool


DONATE_BUTTON2Thank you to everyone who has helped in the fund-raising effort. Last we heard (4pm June 9th) the fund was in excess of $85K. I’ve been advised that no update will be given until after a jury is selected. I assume all energies are being focussed on jury selection right now. The goal is to get $120K. Please continue to spread the news that help is needed. Even a $5 donation will help. This is one worry we can take off George Zimmerman’s shoulders. Thanks again.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net

Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


203 thoughts on “June 20, 2013 – Voir Dire Part II

      • That’s one of my favorite deps !!! LOL and I would venture to bet that if you posted that on twitter to one of the traybots that they would actually believe that’s what was going on that’s how brain dead they are. Love it and needed a laugh.

  1. I was checking NatJak tweets and some were asking her the disposition of: DEFENDANT’S MOTION IN LIMINE REGARDING THE USE OF CERTAIN INFLAMMATORY TERMS, filed on 6/5. I looked at the Court’s website and did not find anything there. This Judge seems make prompt decisons for the prosecution, however, when it comes to stuff filed by the defense she just leaves it hang out there to the point you forgot about it cause it wasn’t even addressed. what a world what a world.

  2. if the jury likes MOM, and who wouldn’t, they are not going to like BDLR interrupting and the judge stopping a juror from talking. how long will it take for the jury to know that JDN ALWAYS supports the state?

  3. b-37 might be gone; she thinks it’s too easy to get a concealed carry permit; already prejudged case and making it a political issue?

    • It would appear that she may be implying that with George getting a CCP didn’t give him the proper training to have that weapon and how or when to use it. The defense has listed some of the people at the gun ranges where George took lessons and practiced firing his weapon. She is obviously anti-gun and therefore doesn’t belong in the jury on this case. No doubt the defense will use one of it’s preemps on her.

  4. woman who can’t understand the difference between preponderance and Beyond a RD. apples and oranges?

    here’s an easy way to think of it with VERY general numbers, even though there are no set numbers:

    Reasonable Suspicion – the standard for a stop and frisk – maybe 25%

    Probable Cause – the standard for arrest – maybe 40%

    Preponderance of the evidence – more likely than not – standard for civil – 51%

    Clear and convincing evidence – 80-90%

    Beyond a reasonable doubt – the criminal standard – 95%

    • That’s awesome. I never knew it was >= 95%.

      My assumption is that beyond a reasonable doubt was somewhere around 90-95% so I was close.

      I think it would be a very interesting case if GZ had to be proven innocent beyond 95%. Proving him guilty beyond 95% is absolutely preposterous.

  5. so it is easy to see that, even with the same facts, there could be a different result. For example, OJ was found not guilty BRD in his criminal case, but found liable by the preponderance of the evidence in his civil case, so he owes lots of money.

    One final point: Even if a defendant is found not guilty BRD in a criminal case, it does not mean the defendant didn’t do it, as in OJ. All it means is that the prosecutor failed to prove his/her case.

  6. The only suggestion i would make to MOM is that when he finds a problem with a juror, he should ask if anyone else feels the same way.

    And then ask if anyone feels differently. That way the jurors answer their own questions. It is like seeing how they will resolve this issue in deliberation.

  7. Bill Schaeffer, in the recess on WFTV, is talking about how things are going so far. According to his notes, he says Mr. O’Mara has gotten more information out of the jury than in 5 hours of questioning by the state. They listed 25 jurors that have given more information about themselves and 15 who haven’t spoken yet.

    The juror who compared apples/oranges (H69) is the lady who is pregnant. The analysts were impressed how Mark O’Mara used her to teach the others about the difference between civil standard and criminal standard.

    The juror who was really nervous about being there (P67) and didn’t want to talk publicly, Mr. O’Mara put him at such ease, he actually raised his hand and asked a question.

    So far there has been 6 objections from BDLR. The Judge sustained an objection but then used Mark O’Mara’s notes to read the jury instruction.

    They were impressed that in starting with Mr. O’Mara he put his hands on George and told them he is a citizen not a criminal.

    Mr. Shaeffer and the commentator were impressed with the number of times, Mr. O’Mara got the jurors to say not guilty in talking. They think the more jurors say it, the easier it will be to arrive at it. They noted the juror with 7 children said not guilty.

    Court is now coming back in session.

    **George’s family in the courtroom today, Shellie, Gladys, Robert Sr., Gracie and a family female friend (of color).

  8. B29 8 kids? moved here for a better life from Chicago. seems to have had a hard life and has an attitude. Listed as black, but seems to be hispanic.

  9. MOM: that’s what you get for dissing me! MOM using common language to identify with younger jurors who might give him trouble.

  10. MOM shows what an idiot BDLR is and has already won over the jury. Bernie will soon object! He is freaking out!

  11. G81 is being grilled by MOM. I don’t like him. I think the juror consultant has told MOM to go after certain jurors.

    • G81 is the guy who talked about slavery and the Jim Crow laws in his interview. I can’t see G81 making it onto the jury despite that BDLR probably wants him there because BDLR is still trying to imply that GZ racially profiled TM because he was a black boy.

  12. Talking about bias, Mr. O’Mara said we all agree to leave our biases outside the courtroom. Everyone agrees verbally, “yes”. Then he asks, What about witness bias? Some witnesses may bring in their bias and now Mr. O’Mara is explaining how they will judge a witness’s possible bias.

  13. Juror B51, a white woman in her 60s just thanked Mark O’Mara for bringing up this stuff today. She hadn’t considered the job of discerning the bias of a witness. She was concentrating on making sure she kept her own bias out of the trial.

    Mr. O’Mara told her we do this everyday in our daily lives. Decide how much weight we give to other’s observations.

    Now he is having a discussion with various jurors about how they can apply their common sense to judge another’s possible bias.

    • Too bad O’Mara can’t just come right out and ask- if there was an eyewitness who saw TM beating GZ, and there are pictures which showed the result of that beating, why would TM be the one screaming for help? For us who have followed the case, that is the classic definition of common sense.

  14. Now Mr. O’Mara has moved on to sympathy and why that cannot play a role in their decision. The camera just panned to Robert Sr. and he’s got a pen in his hand taking notes. Good Job Mr. Zimmerman!

  15. K80 a white women in her 40s, married for 15 years with 2 kids in regards to the question of sympathy that as jurors we need to rise above the emotion and look at the evidence factually.

  16. Bernie got the jurors to say we can’t take the law into our own hands. MOM is telling how we can. Self-defense?

    yesterday, a juror said citizen’s arrest but bernie ignored him.

  17. Now Mr. O’Mara has moved onto taking the law into your own hands. He starts with yesterday, you all said it is never ok to take the law into your own hands right, he asks. Right they all say. Then he asks about the Good Samaritan Law, is that taking the law into your own hands.

    One juror (I didn’t get her number) said if she witnessing a child getting hurt she would intervene and try to help that person.

    Now he puts in self-defense. Is acting in a self-defense manner taking the law into your hands? He is asking them if the law says you have the right to self-defense and you use it, are you taking the law into your own hands?

  18. what about taking the law into your own hands where there are no police? Or the police are inept? Vigilante justice exists in many other countries. When there are no police, citizens have no choice but to take the law into their own hands.

  19. A male juror said in the heat of the moment, people don’t think about the law, they just act. It’s human nature. If you saw a child in the street would you think about first is this my child, what will happen if I don’t save it? Or would you just react.

    • Bye bye e40. From above, she works as a safety officer, and likely doesn’t hearing that when seconds count, the police are just minutes away. If the state cannot prove their case, what ever would GZ talking have to do with anything. It sounds as though she has already judged the case with that type of comment. Sounds like the PJ from a few days ago that indicated that it was up to the defense to prove that GZ acted properly, rather than recognizing that the burden of proof is with the state to prove that GZ did commit murder.

  20. BDLR just interrupted and they’ve gone to sidebar. Mr. O’Mara was reading what the Judge’s instruction is going to be about self-defense. The Judge asked them to go up to sidebar and said she really doesn’t want counsel reading instructions to the jury. Mr. O’Mara said ‘Yes Mom” As they approached the bench, and before the mic got cut Judge Nelson could be heard saying “I’m really getting tired of this”.

    After a short sidebar, Judge Nelson said the jury will be instructed by her after the evidence is presented. The instruction MAY change slightly but here is the instruction of self-defense. Now is she reading the entire instruction.

  21. MOM needs to ask if state fails to prove case, would juror still want to hear from GZ, which goes to the presumption of innocence.

  22. Mr. O’Mara is reading from his notes to the jurors on the instructions about self-defense. Bernie objects. The Judge says she doesn’t want anything taking out of context and wants to read the entire instruction to them AGAIN. Then she asks for Mark O’Mara’s notes so she can read it to the jury.

    How bizarre!

  23. B7, a white male in his 40s is being asked about a physical fight he was in, in middle school. He said he may have been the bully.

    Mr. O’Mara is asking about his memory when it happened, if he had been hit in the face did he have any problems remembering. The juror said no.

    • That is why BDLR brought up circumstantial evidence yesterday, and tried to say that it is just as important as hard factual evidence This is a self-defense trial, that is what the defense is out to prove. The state already admitted in the first bond hearing that the state has no hard evidence that GZ followed TM, threw the first punch, and that he was not walking back to his truck when TM threw the punch to GZ’s face. It all comes down to the eyewitness seeing TM on top of GZ, beating his head to the point where the next blow could have killed him, or caused severe brain damage. The state is trying to refocus the entire case away from just those few seconds that define the entire case.

      • yes, state does not have enuf to prove 2nd degree murder; but the jury will probably also get reduced charges, like negligent homicide; or manslaughter. but self-defense still applies to all of those reduced charges. this case is about self-defense and the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that GZ was NOT engaged in Self-Defense.

  24. So yesterday Nelson sat back and allowed BDLR to go on for an entire day as a carnival barker, who kept declaring “these shall be” but today she is tired of O’Mara performing as many believe to be correctly professional, and how it should be done. No wonder this creep was booted from the criminal bench where she sat in judgement of other people’s lives and freedoms.

    I can only imagine that BDLR is ready to jump off the cliff today with what appears to be an outstanding performance by O’Mara. Has the camera focused on Sybrina at all today, and any looks on her face as O’Mara makes his points to the PJ’s?

    • Both Guy and de la Rionda have scowls on their faces and keep fidgeting with paper and their sitting positions. Not nearly the jovial guy the jurors saw yesterday with BDLR.

      • Didn’t one of the jurors say earlier today that they hoped it would be a short day today? In other words BDLR bored them to death yesterday, and wasted their time. It sounds like many of the PJ’s are much more engaged today, and are not required to sit there in unison saying “yes” to Bernie when he gave them the answer he wanted to hear, and then expected them to agree.

  25. Hmmmmm…. current pj is recounting how he was attacked by a man who was illegally living with one of his neighbors.

    Bernie will want this one gone!!!!

  26. George looks really sad as the conversation with jurors about physical fights they have had. He keeps looking down and swallowing hard. E6, a woman in her 20s said she did have trouble with her memory after her experience with violence and it came back later.

    • E73 is also the one who said that she can’t conceive of being armed. Perhaps is someone in the home was armed when an intruder killed her nephew, they may have been able to shoot the intruder and the nephew could have been saved. There is an element in society that really seems to believe that any state or country could get rid of all and every gun. Chicago is a gun free city, yet it seems the gun blackmarket is thriving there.

      • yes, i just got back from a foreign country where the only ones with guns are the police and the criminals. Innocent people are easy targets b/c it is very hard to get a gun there legally. but criminals don’t get the guns legally.

  27. Mr. O’Mara took his cell phone and said pretend this is a gun. Who is concerned that I have a gun? Then he put the gun in his shirt pocket and said now that it is concealed, who is concerned about a gun. One male juror said he is concerned b/c he doesn’t know him and if he would be responsible with it.

    Mr. O’Mara took out his wallet and said what if I show you my concealed weapons permit. Does that make you feel better.

    Now there is a lively discussion going on. This is way better than what Bernie did yesterday in extracting information. I’m hearing my concern is, I think that, What if….

    Mr. O’Mara says what if the evidence that there is a fire arm being concealed with a concealed weapons permit would that factor on you in the case. Will it concern you at all.

    One female juror said, I’d only be concerned if I was shown they weren’t responsible with it.

    BDLR just objected to Mr. O’Mara’s question, he asked let me finish first. He finished the question (I missed it) and the Judge sustained the objection.

  28. Final question, Mr. O’Mara is asking about BDLR’s question yesterday about Trayvon’s age and race and asking if his life was important. Of course, he said, you all said yes it’s important.

    The question he asks is should Trayvon’s life be given special consideration b/c he was 17 and not 18 or 28 or 78. Should he be given more consideration because he was black and not another race.

    No one said Trayvon’s life should be considered more valuable than any other life.

  29. Mr. O’Mara just asked with their verdict of not guilty are they prepared to deliver that message to the Martin family. Then he walked over to George, put his hand on his shoulder and asked can you give George Zimmerman a fair hearing. Can you wait to hear all the evidence before deciding. They all said yes and Mr. O’Mara concluded.

    I’m so pissed the Judge interrupted him near the end!

  30. any one think MOM/West are possibly going to lunch?

    no way! The Disneyland train wreck is a’comin.

    Cue Crush Collision March by Scott Joplin.

  31. I thought it interesting that 6 PJ’s don’t like the SYG laws, as they apparently believe that one does have the duty to retreat. I’m wondering if O’Mara still may have a SYG hearing in mind for some point in time. O’Mara has made clear, to anyone listening that this is a straight up self defense hearing, which does include the attempt to retreat requirement. O’Mara has already pointed out that GZ had no ability to retreat as TM had him pinned down as he was straddling him. GZ said that he was wiggling and trying to get away, but TM prevented him from being able to do so.

    I read a tweet from Belich I think which indicated that PJ e7 said he couldn’t obey or follow the law, and then said maybe he could follow the law. e7 is the one who said in his personal interview that he was worried about anonymity after the trial. What better way to get booted than to say you can’t follow the law?

    • I’m wondering if O’Mara still may have a SYG hearing in mind for some point in time.

      Perhaps, but that wouldn’t be relevant for the potential jurors. Any 776.032 immunity hearing would be decided by the judge, not the jury. And regardless of the outcome of any such immunity hearing, the defense can still assert the justifiable use of deadly force in self-defense per 776.013 (the so-called “Stand Your Ground” statute). Although, Zimmerman is doubly justified under standard self-defense per 776.012 (reasonable fear of imminent risk of life or great bodily harm, and the imminent commission of a forcible felony). So, any reliance on 776.013 would most likely just be as a means to increase the reasonable doubt threshold for the State.

  32. I am very leery and unsure of B35. It appears that he really wants to be on this jury. If this black male was seen as voting to acquit GZ, he could not only lose friends, but he could lose business as a tax preparer also. Didn’t Sharpton ask for business boycotts when he rode into Sanford on his race baiting horse? B35 has the possibility of being a very clever stealth juror.

    • From the article:
      “Natalie Jackson, a lawyer who represents Mr. Martin’s family, said the small number of protesters at the courthouse suggested that public anger had not been directed at Mr. Zimmerman, but rather at the local police department.

      “The protests were about unequal justice,” she said. “We just want a fair and transparent process,” she said, adding, “and so far for us, it’s been fair and transparent.”

      What a walk back, by NatJack, transparency, ha.

      As for the Times, so now it is just another criminal case, after trying to sell it as some sort of major Civil Rights story, why don’t you just say you were duped and now their are downplaying the case. It is any wonder that so many people seek alternative means for their news?

      Disgusted with the media and the Scheme Team, after making all those declarations, riling up people for a lie, both of them made sure that the process was neither fair or transparent.

      • the media betrayed the public, they do not deserve our trust.

        I contacted several major papers ombudsmen and was very disappointed in their lack of accountability.
        Washington Post- Capehart
        Atlantic Monthly blog

        are regular offenders whose reputation for credibility is damaged

        • cassandra- The Washington Post is a very well known arm of the Obama WH. Very little, if anything, that they report is based on fact and not pushing the Obama narrative. Since the DOJ, and Obama himself got involved in the case, the WaPo would only report based on those policies.

  33. Back in session. BDLR agrues P67 (the juror who asked for a private mtg). should be dimissed for hardship, knowing what was said on the internet and not undertanding english.

    O’Mara agrues he shouldn’t be excused for cause.

    Judge said she will not excuse for cause.

    • Wow! Diana called that right. M75 is a black female and the defense moved to strike, the state objected that it was based on race. O’Mara said he was concerned about a fact she didn’t disclose but was revealed on facebook and she has had lots of conversations back and forth with a pro-Trayvon entity (I didn’t catch which one)

      BDLR wasn’t aware of facebook posts and defesne is showing it to them now.

  34. M75 is a black women in her 30s. Here is our description of her:
    Friends split 60-40 for Trayvon, some friends studying law. A young black woman who says many of her friends have opinions on the case, but she doesn’t. Grew up in NY, in Seminole Co. since 2001. Worked as a travel agent and for a theme park, at current job for 2 months. Volunteers at animal shelters. Has friends studying law.

  35. brilliant putting B29 as black (and then hispanic); state must have missed that. she is a tough cookie from Chicago with 7 kids; great juror for zimmie!

  36. Here’s the jury, all women: B-29: A Hispanic nurse on an Alzheimer’s ward who has several children and lived in Chicago at the time of shooting. She’s married. She said she doesn’t watch the news, preferring reality television: “Right when we got here, I got cable… I love my reality shows.” During jury selection, she said she was arrested once in Chicago.

    B-76: A white, middle-aged woman who said Zimmerman had an “altercation with the young man. There was a struggle and the gun went off.” Has been married 30 years, and is unemployed. She formerly worked with her husband in his construction company. Her 28-year-old son is an attorney in Seminole County. She also has a daughter, 26, has been a victim of non-violent crime and rescues “a lot of pets.” The state tried to strike her, but was denied.

    B-37: A middle-aged white woman who has worked for a chiropractor for 16 years and has many pets. She described protests in Sanford as “rioting.” Her husband is an attorney. She has two daughters: A 24-year-old dog groomer and a 27-year-old who attends the University of Central Florida. Girls 24, grooms pets. She uused to have concealed weapons permit, but let it lapse. Her husband also has one.

    B-51: A retired white woman from Oviedo who has a dog and 20-year-old cat. She knew a good deal about the case, but said “I’m not rigid in my thinking.” She has been in Seminole County for nine years, is unmarried and has no kids. B-51 previously lived in Atlanta, and used to work in real estate. She also ran a call center in Brevard County which she said had 1,200 employees.

    E-6: A young white woman and mother who used to work in financial services. She used this case as an example to her two adolescent children, warning them to not go out at night. She has lived in Seminole County for eight years, and is married to an engineer. E-6 was arrested in Brevard County, but said she “was treated completely fairly.” Her husband has guns. The state tried to strike her from the jury, but was denied.

    E-40: A white woman in her 60s who lived in Iowa at the time of the shooting. She heard national news reports and recalls the shooting was in a gated community and a teenager was killed. She described herself as safety officer, is married to a chemical engineer and loves football. She has a 28-year-old son who’s out of work. She said she’s very well versed in cell phone technology, and has been a victim of crime.

  37. Now you are going to hear from Traybots that the whole system is poisoned b/c there are 5 white females on the jury (and one tough Hispanic from Chicago with 8 kids!) There goes the state’s case.

    • Leathermans site is pleased with six women. They seem to think that they will empathize with sybrina more. Plus some have kids. They also think that women will think its a child’s voice screaming. Plus what could they do? It’s illegal to strike white people just because you would rather have black people. A lot of them are so confident in GZs guilt, and the overall awesomeness of the state they think even a white jury will convict him.

  38. only concern i have is that female jurors might tend to sympathize with Traymom; that is why it is VERY important for GZ’s mom to be there too!

      • And the beauty of that is is that Gladys doesn’t seem to be a wilting flower. She will go to bat for her son. Seeing the picture of her face from yesterday, you can see tremendous strength and determination there. Now that the trial is almost underway, I wonder if the Zimmerman family is eligible for some kind of security protections.

  39. The judge brought in the 30 jurors and let them go. They are free to talk to whoever they want or not talk to anyone. Then she brought in the 10 jurors, swore them in to promise to be impartial and told them a package was given to them explaining sequestration. She’ll have no more contact with them nor with the attorneys in the case. She will see them back at 9am on Monday morning for opening statements.

    • Ha stevie. As soon as I saw it was 5 whites and one black/hispanic? I thought about all the comments over there claiming that O’Mara wanted an all black jury so he could show them he loves them, or some such. Too funny. BTW, did they ever figure out who the 2 DD’s are? LOL

  40. natjack is already starting to rationalize!

  41. I’ve updated the chart at the top of the chart. The 6 jurors are in red and the alternates in green. You’ll note that 8 jurors got struck by the defense and/or the state. All the jurors after E28 were not considered.

    I’m reading this is the way it works. The first 6 in the box are your jury unless strikes occur and then the next one comes up.

    Initial reaction appears to favor the defense. The state really wanted the domestic violence lady off the jury but O’Mara prevailed and she’s on the jury (E6).

  42. I don’t like it! I keep getting this image of the women on “The View” trying to make a logical decision. I think a couple of males would have been a stabilizing element. I say this with apologies to Nettles and the other females who post here. I’m worried about right hemisphere overload.

    • I should have said left hemisphere…I irrationally spoke without researching. Forget the whole post..:)

    • No need to apologize. I really like this jury. If you have time, listen to their individual interviews. There is a link to their video in the chart above.

      I’m listening to Bill Shaeffer’s observations again and the analyst with him made this observation:

      In Mark O’Mara’s questioning this morning, he asked 3 questions of B29, 4 questions of B76, 6 questions fo B37, 2 questions of B51, 9 questions of E6 and 8 questions of E40. The next juror to have anywhere near that number of questions was H69 (the pregnant juror) who he used as a teaching moment for the others.

      The 6 jurors who made it onto the jury were picked by day 2 to be in the pool. The 4 alternates got on by day 4, after that, the interviews weren’t needed.

      • yes, MOM has already established a rapport with the chosen jurors. They are going to follow him completely. He also had them say NOT GUILTY several times.

    • I’d worry about it if the evidence was equivocal or difficult. The only challenge here is going to be wrapping their arms around the jury instructions. I think these are clear-headed ladies, and I don’t anticipate any catfights in the jury room. I also think that if any of them is a “stealth” juror, the others will rat her out.
      This group is intelligent, mature, and hard working, and responsible. I think they will acquit Zimmerman, and will not have any qualm about that decision at all.

      • I’m reading it was quite a coo on O’Mara’s part to get the Judge to read the instructions not once but twice before the evidence is presented. Most jurors don’t hear the instructions until just before they deliberate. Is that true? Did O’Mara give George some extra help now that the jurors will keep self-defense law in mind when hearing the evidence?

    • I am okay with the jury except it should have one black and a male on the primary. The women will have no validity in the AA community. I do see all 5 women relating to how scary Martin looked in his hoodie in the dark in the rain. Martin is clearly seen in the 7/11 video and the height comparison between him and the clerk.

  43. Frey hearing underway. George asked to waive his appearance, the judge granted it and he and his family left the courtroom. Mr. O’Mara asked to be excused to escort Mr. Zimmerman out.

    Mr. Owen started to testifying and answer Mr. Mantei’s questions when Mr. West objected. It was about the sample being looped. Did he phone the software company and find out if that was appropriate? yes, he did and they tech. guy said…

    Mr. West objected that it was hearsay and to my utter astonishment, the Judge agreed.

  44. Mr. Mantei asked about a relationship between Nakasone and Wayman. Mr. Owen answered and then Mr. Mantei said that is the end of his rebuttal questions.

    I’m befuddled.

    Now Mr. West is up questioning Mr. Owen.

  45. OK that didn’t go well. Mr. West kept interrupting Mr. Owen saying he was being non-responsive and Mr. Owen was getting frustrated to let him finish answering. The Judge asked Mr. West to let him finish answering. After a back and forth of this Mr. West gave up and ended questioning.

    The Judge asked if they wanted to make statements. Mr. Mantei has a poorly bullet-point proof powerpoint presentation to summarize his conclusions. Mr. West said he has nothing in writing because he hasn’t had to time to draft it. The Judge said he could make an oral submission.

    The judge now is listening to Mr. Mantei powerpoint conclusions.

  46. Contrary to Sundance’s criticism I think MOM’s pinky ring wearing ‘prog’ style is going to be the most effective approach in freeing GZ. Challenging the ‘BGI’ will have to wait until after GZ is acquitted. Sorry Sundance.

  47. I wasn’t around for the last few hours of the jury selection but am watching it now. What strikes me so far is that the defense’s investment in monitoring (social) media has paid off big time. They were able to point out posts made by potential jurors and the state was completely oblivious. It seems to me that investment resulted in a huge advantage for the defense. At least in jury selection. And I suspect it will pay off even more as the trial progresses.

      • I clicked into the link Nettles and it brings up a listing of articles at the OS. The article at the top was written by Kathy Schmitz. Here is the little blub that is posted there-

        “Surrounded as we are by a veritable blizzard of news reports, commentaries, rallies and protests, it’s crucial that we not lose sight of the core issues in the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

        -First and foremost, a 17-year-old has been robbed of his future. Why? Because someone thought he didn’t fit an acceptable profile.”

        There you go. The OS is heavily invested in the Trayvon Martin tradegy. They have not the first care or concern of the facts in the case. They could care less about that 17 year old beating the crap out of George. They could care less that the entire Zimmerman family has been terrorized. It’s still all about the profiling, because of race, that still drives Kathy Schmitz.

      • No, this was witness E6. BDLR tried to get her struck 3 times. E6 told the court she recognized 4 names on the witness list. But when BDLR asked all of those jurors who recognized names, I recall there wasn’t anyone who really knew any of the names they recognized.

    • Well the BGI is almost certainly going to lose this battle. The best they can hope for is a mistrial or involuntary manslaughter or something like that. After seeing the jury and the masterful way OMara and West ran circles around the state. This could be over before it started. Or at least I have a hell of a lot of faith it’s going to be a total rout.

      But even when the BGI lose they still win in some ways, as they will reference this case ad nauseum to whine about how oppressed they are, how racist white people are, blah blah blah.

      Hopefully the rioting and racial black on white violence this case spurred on is minimal. But we’ll see. The bloods on Matt Gutless and the other media sources who stirred up the ignorant lynch mob with speculative fantasy.

  48. I’m reading that the prosecutor got out-lawyered today. BDLR tried to strike 2 of the jurors that now sit in the jury.

    BDLR has struck 4 white women in a row (not hard to do b/c the pool had the heaviest mix of white women. O’Mara challenged the State and asked for a non-gender reason for the State’s strikes.

    This strategy was two-fold. To force the Judge to do what she does, give the State what they want but she can’t been seen as too over the top. So she agreed to allow the first 2 strikes and then on E6 (the one BDLR really really wanted off) she didn’t allow the strike nor did she allow the next one.

    The next juror up was a black female that O’Mara moved to strike. BDLR objects and wants a race-free reason why she gets struck and they provide a mountain of evidence in her facebook profile showing bias toward the Trayvon meme.

    In the end, BDLR has for sure 2 women on the jury he really didn’t want. I think he was right. Both women showed signs of giving George Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt.

    Great job Team Zimmerman. To Robert Hirschhorn, thank you so much for your service. You made that process look easy. The team was well-informed and did their homework. Great job all around!

  49. The reports that the jury favors the defense will be turned into that most of the jurors are white, with 1 Hispanic. Guaranteed. I really do expect that the blacks who have been die hard Trayvon supporters will actually start the riots early, even before the trial starts. A mostly white jury, gender ignored, is not going to sit well with those screaming for justice for the black kid that was racially profiled, hunted down, and shot in cold blood. I promise they won’t wait for a verdict, no matter how much NatJac applaudes the jurors. Wait for it, it is going to happen sooner rather than later.

    • I think there is enough information out there now that this has fizzled out. I don’t think they can mount the passion but with a few emotional thinkers.

  50. People talked about threats to jurors if they don’t return the verdict to convict. That is going to be hard to do to threaten women or to show violence to them. Good luck with that for those who like to intimidate others to your way of thinking.

  51. PREDICTION: All female jury = John Guy will get lots of face time in front of these women.

    Research into the phenomenon of “attractiveness bias” has shown that attractive folks are often falsely perceived to be more honest, capable, trustworthy, better at their jobs, etc than they really are based on any objective criteria.

      • I meant that as no offense to anyone else in the courtroom… it’s just that J. Guy looks like he stepped out of the pages of GQ.

        The prosecution is (deservedly) already lacking in the trustworthy department… and we’ve already seen at least one female juror not buying what Bernie’s selling and contradicting his explanation of circumstantial evidence.

        Shellie has also looked quite beautiful this week, stunning even… which actually might NOT be a good thing with an all female jury.

        • I totally agree with your observations. I personally don’t find John Guy attractive but that’s likely b/c he is prosecuting an innocent man.

          I do see where in other circumstances I may have been attracted to him.

  52. Part 1 of today’s Voir Dire. Mr. O’Mara questions the jury pool of 40 candidates.

    Part 2 of Voir Dire begins after lunch and shows the selection of the 10 jurors. Thanks as always AJ.

  53. LOL Nasty Nat needed a dwink? Rough day? bahahaha
    Draft House Pub Orlando, Venue Description
    Draft House Pub – Maybe you’ll see Norm in the corner. Or Cliff sitting next to him. Maybe Sam behind the bar. Yep, Draft House Pub is that comfortable, cozy neighborhood bar – the kind where the bartender seems to know everyone who walks through the door.

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