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June 21, 2013

hirschhornThank you Robert Hirschhorn, for your work in getting a jury seated for George Zimmerman.

The 10 jurors were quickly chosen yesterday afternoon and below is the table that outlines who they are.  The first six will be on the jury and the other 4 will serve as alternates.  As I understand it, the alternates will not know they are alternates until the time comes to deliberate.

Good luck to threatening this jury of women.  Society won’t stand for it.  This has effectively gagged Mr. Crump I think.

Today in court, the motions in limine will be discussed and perhaps we’ll learn if the state’s experts will be allowed to present.  I’m going to predict the Judge does not allow their testimony.  During the Voir Dire, when BDLR asked about experts, one juror said, well if the court deems they are experts than yes I will go along with what they say.  She assumed the court vetted the expert somehow.  In allowing the state’s witnesses to testify, the court will indeed be saying they are experts and the defense clearly showed they are not and made conclusions that science just does not support.

Opening statements begin on Monday.  If the experts are allowed to testify, it will increase the trial by a week.  If not, I think it will go to the jury after 2 weeks.  Then George will clear his name and look for opportunities to make an impact to the lives of others in a positive way.  Something I think he was attempting to do when Trayvon Martin made his fatal decision.

I’m looking forward to the end of the trial and George’s acquittal. I plan to get out of the blogging world and go back to my life as I knew it.







P. Video Interview

D. Video Interview







Married 10 years, 8 kids

B29 Prosecution

B29 Defense

Recently moved to central Florida from Chicago. She enjoys watching the “Real Housewives” on television and works as a nurse on an Alzheimer’s section of a nursing home. She said she hadn’t paid much attention to the shooting. She said she has been arrested, but her case was disposed of. It’s not clear why she was arrested or exactly what happened to her case, though she said she was treated fairly. She is married and has several children. A prosecutor described her as “black or Hispanic” during jury selection.













Married, 2 kids

B76 Prosecution

B76 Defense

Has lived in central Florida for 18 years. She manages rental properties with her husband of 30 years. She has two adult children, including one who is an attorney. She is involved with rescuing animals in her free time. During jury selection, she said she had been the victim of a nonviolent crime. “Everyone deserves a fair trial,” she said. The prosecutor wanted this juror struck.













Married 20 years, 2 kids

B37 Prosecution

B37 Defense

Volunteers rescuing animals. She is married to an attorney and has two adult children. She said she and her husband used to have concealed weapons permits. During the last round of questioning, she said she had an issue with the type of weapons people are allowed to carry. She also thought weapons’ training was inadequate for people seeking permits. “It should become harder,” she said. She has let her permit  lapse.













Unmarried, no kids

B51 Prosecution

B51 Defense

Retired, not married and doesn’t have kids. She has lived in Seminole County for nine years. From Oviedo who has a dog and 20-year-old cat.  She has worked in real estate and run a call center where she said she had experience resolving conflicts. When asked if Zimmerman did something wrong by following Martin instead of waiting for police, she said: “Yeah, I guess he did do something wrong.”













Married, 2 kids

E6 Prosecution

E6 Defense

Warned kids not to give “false impression” about themselves. A young white woman and mother who used to work in financial services. She used this case as an example to her adolescent children, warning them to not go out at night.  Husband an engineer. Children are 11 and 13. Husband and son have guns.  Victim of Domestic Abuse.  Unemployed, volunteers at kids’ school. 2-year Seminole Co. resident, had lived in Orange Co. since 2004. Saw an innocent person go to prison. The prosecutor tried 3 times to get this juror struck.













Married, 1 son

E40 Prosecution

E40 Defense

Moved to FL from Iowa in Nov. 2012.  She heard national-news reports and recalls the shooting was in a gated community and a teenager was killed.  Worked  as safety officer, husband is a chemical engineer. Son is 28. Was on jury 20 years ago in Pa. drug dealing case. She shared she has been a victim on a nonviolent crime.  She describes herself as a football fan.






Married 5 years, 2 stepkids

E54 Prosecution

E54 Defense

Stepson wears hoodies, told him to “be careful, be cautious”. A middle-aged white man with a teenage stepson who wears hoodies. He recalled seeing photos of the injuries to Zimmerman’s head and face. Grew up in Central Fla., 14-year Seminole Co. resident. One stepchild is 16, other in late 20s.













Single, no kids

B72 Prosecution

B72 Defense

Arm wrestler, school maintenance technician. A young man who does maintenance at a school and competes in arm-wrestling tournaments. He said he avoids the news because he does not want to be “brainwashed. Arm wrestler, can do “one-armed pull-up.” School maintenance technician, 1 year at current job. 9-year Seminole Co. resident, from Chicago.”













Single, no kids

E13 Prosecution

E13 Defense

Lives with parents, brother is black. A young white woman who goes to college and works two jobs. She heard the shooting was a “racial thing.” Surgical assistant. Lives with parents, brother is black. 17-year Seminole Co. resident. Owns and rides horses.













Married 28 years, 2 kids

E28 Prosecution

E28 Defense

Hospital OR worker (someone’s cell phone went off). A middle-aged white woman who works as a nurse. She said she knew little about the case and has no opinion about Zimmerman’s guilt. Husband a teacher. Children are 28 and 33. Member of professional organization, volunteers for Relay for Life.

DONATE_BUTTON2Thank you to everyone who has helped in the fund-raising effort. Last we heard (4pm June 9th) the fund was in excess of $85K. I’ve been advised that no update will be given until after a jury is selected. I assume all energies are being focussed on jury selection right now. The goal is to get $120K. Please continue to spread the news that help is needed. Even a $5 donation will help. This is one worry we can take off George Zimmerman’s shoulders. Thanks again.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net

Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


134 thoughts on “June 21, 2013

  1. “I’m going to predict the Judge does not allow their testimony.”


    I kinda got the feeling when she announced that the jury would be sequestered that she already knew the state’s ‘experts’ weren’t coming in.

    Reich hasn’t even finished his Miracle Ear analysis and report and may not even have it completed before the end of trial…

    And even if she wanted to let Owens and/or Reich testify, the defense’s experts didn’t leave her with very much discretionary wiggle room. Frye states in no uncertain terms that the science must have gained standing and recognition among the authorities on the matter, and dang if MOM and West didn’t go straight to the authorities on the matter 🙂

    • nivico – I hope you are right that the States experts are denied, but, imo, sadly I think Judge N will let them in & say, “I’ll let the jury decide.” Judge N has pandered to Bondi/Corey/BDLR since she stepped in for Lester.

      Judge N is going to Civil Court after this case, by allowing the experts in, she would be kicking the can down the road for an appeal issue, but it would no longer be her head ache, she would have given the State what they wanted which, imo, seems to have been her agenda.

      • arttart – I agree with you. Claiming in is TM screaming has become the key point to the states case. They are building a case around that premise and trying to use the scream as evidence. It is preposterous but it is all they have. The OJ case had the “glove” and this case will have the “yell for help”. Just watched a video of a recent TM dad (with Chump by his side) and their main point towards the case was that the yells were TM’s last words. Judge must be getting pressured to allow the State’s “experts” – without it the State has no other argument to present. They need to prove GZ had the upper hand and committed murder.

        • Sun_Light – LOL, I hadn’t thought about the glove from OJ’s trial in years, but what a “SNAFU” for the Prosecutors, there was no taking back that moment in the trial.

          You’re right about the State having nothing besides the NEN call & TM’s supposed screams. Even if Judge N allows the nut jobs in for the State, imo, MOM/West can shred their testimony, their lack of education would bother me as a juror. Nacasone had a PHD plus 2 Master’s degrees & he works for the FBI.

          TM supporters fail to comprehend that when the FBI didn’t support BDLR’s case, BDLR had to buy an expert that would support his theory. BUT! imo, I think common sense will rule the day for the jury making a decision on who to believe, at least I hope.

    • “I’m going to predict the Judge does not allow their testimony.”


      I wish I could be as confident as you two. For me, all signs point to Nelson still trying to look for some loophole or justification – regardless how tenuous – to allow their testimony.

      I think their testimony will be disallowed, but by 5DCA rather than by Nelson.

  2. I can not believe we are finally at trial, after so many months of reading, watching, writing anything and everything about this case it will actually be strange when its all over,it has been a part of my life for some time now. Maybe just maybe i can get back to cooking, cleaning etc. lols. Good luck George and family, i have hoped and prayed everyday that the light shines and exposes the truth behind this circus that some have caused.

  3. Coreshift- Your comment at the CTH was truly laugh out loud funny-

    “What, exactly, do you think MOM should do? Go into the courtroom with machine guns blazing? Plant some explosives and give West a high five while shouting “Wolverines!”?”

    That was priceless.

    • Agreed, well done!! Clearly O’Mara should just file another motion to continue in order for that one to get denied and be back where they started.

    • thx for the laugh, I needed that. There is nothing funny about any of this, except the idiocy of people exploiting this tragedy. BDLR rapport building joking was obnoxious.

      Learning from RZ how the rumor started (Toure) suggesting he was estranged from GZ was yet another example of how ugly people are behaving in this case.

      SD does so much good, it is just pathetic to see the negative indulgences.

    • “Several defense experts, one of them employed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, testified that the science used by the state shouldn’t be trusted.”

      Wow, talk about downplaying the credentials of Nakasone… as if he’s just some random employee of the FBI?!

      • No. Rene Stutzman reported they did but Natalie Jackson tweeted she was told by the State an agreement had been reached not to use the terms during Voir Dire. The motion in limine was an outstanding issue that court still needed to address.

  4. I missed this morning’s hearing. I was told it lasted about 45 minutes. AJ is uploading it to youtube and the link will be available in about 10 minutes when it finishes.

  5. “Wannabe cop” is an offensive and derogatory term. It denigrates and demoralizes an entire class of privately employed individuals who provide an invaluable service to the public… from campus security, to mall security, to the men and women who protect you every time you walk into a bank.

    And in George’s case, it ascribes ill intentions to anyone who even aspires to work in law enforcement and is working hard towards that goal.

    It is the equivalent of accusing women in the military of being afflicted with ‘penis envy.’

    Judge Nelson, Corey, Bernie, Guy, Bondi, and Mantei should be ashamed of themselves 😦

    • Name calling is part of their “ebidence”. In all my years, I have never seen a court system stoop so low as in this case. You can expect it from the “Scheme Team” but doesn’t the DA office has some minimum standards it must adhere to that would prevent this current travesty of justice and ethics?

    • agreed. does this allow OMara to describe TM as a wannebe gangster, his preferred description of himself.

      • Wouldn’t it be great if MOM filed a motion using the text messages from TM’s phone to use a bunch of those terms? Then use “wannabe gangster” whenever possible and watch BLDR’s reaction. After a while you could make BLDR explode by just saying it…

    • Pure and utter propaganda trying to setup the fallback if they lose to blame white people on how “racist” we are.

      So yes, the persecution is concentrating all their guns on the screaming. The screaming has been the only thing I have been talking about the past year, because it is the key to the case. Now Team Skittles are trying to say that GZ admitted it was he that did not scream when during the interviews he made the remark “that doesnt even sound like me”. It will be obvious to anyone hearing the tape that he made that comment similar to someone who has just heard their own voice on a recording how your voice on recording sounds different than when you speak. Let alone when you are screaming.

      Crump and Sharpton are of course ignoring the other 178 times George has been adamant that he was the one screaming. Including within seconds of the incident to anyone and everyone willing to listen. (The persecution doesnt want the jury to know that (what really happened) of course and are trying to get Judge Nelson to exclude that).

      The only thing Crump and Sharpton are trying to do is incite the lynch mob because the lynch mob is the only weapon the persecution has.

  6. I find it terribly disturbing that Judge N is going to allow some testimony in that the Defense hasn’t even had the opportunity to do a depo on the witness. Baez tried to pull that BS in KC’s trial by having 2 psychologist testify as to what KC had told them, or basically telling her story to the jury, of course, it was ONLY her story & there was no evidence to support it. The Prosecutor’s objected because they had NOT been given the opportunity to do a depo on these guys as they were blindsided by Baez. Chief Judge Perry shut it down, he allowed the Prosecutors the opportunity to do the depositions before anything proceeded.

    Too, Chief Judge P would ONLY allow what was in a deposition to be included in the trial & consistently reminded both sides he read every deposition. It’s disheartening to have watched a Judge act fairly to both sides & to watch Judge N run her kangaroo Court. Sure, there is an ever growing list of issues for the Defense to appeal, but look at the cost.

    I have to wonder how much support Judge N might have possibly been promised from Corey/Bondi on her next run for Judge.

  7. also, does anyone have owen’s youtube explanation of his method which west tried to get into evidence? tia

  8. Who are the six jurors in Zimmerman’s trial?

    How the jurors — six women — and alternates — two women and two men — will weigh lawyers’ arguments, evidence, and witnesses’ testimonies may be impacted by their life experiences, legal experts say. Circuit Judge Debra Nelson made it very clear that jurors must only use evidence presented in court to reach a decision on Zimmerman’s guilt.


      • Nope I agree. Adamson was Cheryl Brown’s lawyer. She interned in Crump’s office and that she doesn’t disclose that before giving her opinions say a lot.

        • i asked her about it and she says she no longer represents Cheryl Brown. Her words were “not at this time.” See my twitter!

          Still, she didn’t think there was a conflict even with the representation, and we agreed to disagree about that. I showed her the Rules of Professional Conduct, showing that she should not offer legal opinion (clearly biased) while representing a potential Witness in the case.

          • didn’t know she interned for Crump; thanks for that info, it explains a lot regarding ethics, or lack thereof.

            • here’s another interesting tidbit about her; she is the only “legal analyst” who did not think that the chosen jury favors the defense. Maybe she is trying to get that message out to her peeps to keep hope alive. But given her prior representation, she may be biased.

              Anyone who feels she is should complain to WESH anytime she is on.

          • Alisia no longer represents Ms. Brown. As a result, there is nothing that prevents her from commenting on the case; especially matters that don’t involve Ms. Brown. More pointedly though, I have not heard her offer one opinion that suggests she can’t be objective. Frankly, I believe she is going out of her way to be fair to both sides. Not to mention that she is an excellent criminal defense lawyer who opines from actual experience.

            • I respectfully disagree. Ms. Adamson chose a side very early on. With her client, she went on television and spread misinformation about how poorly the investigation was being handled. After reading the discovery, many of us were quite surprised to learn just how extensive the investigation had been. She’s tainted in giving an objective opinion now. She showed a vested interest, and surprising for a defense attorney, spoke out before the facts were known.

              • Gotta agree with you nettles. Hornsby doesn’t explain why Adamson would think the chosen jury favors the state when every other rational commentator says the opposite. Just saying something is true doesn’t make it so. We know where Hornsby stands in this case. He has been honest with his criticism of GZ, and thinks GZ made a moral mistake by getting out of his car. (I don’t think he was wrong to keep an eye on Trayvon so he would not get away.) Yet he also thinks GZ should walk because when it comes down to it, GZ was fighting for his life and the struggle ended in classic self-defense. Hornsby can see both sides of the argument, but I have never heard Adamson say anything in favor of the defense, and her tutelage under Crump, one of the worst attorneys I have ever seen, speaks volumes.

                • I would agree that the jury does not seem to favor the prosecution. But, I am not sure that it favors the defense.

    • well if the state fails to prove its case the defense will move for an aquittal; if JDN denies it, then i would actually expect GZ to testify; then all of his words can come into evidence. If he is truly innocent, and the case is not thrown out after the state presents its case, then GZ should testify. Of course Bernie will try to impeach him. Given that, GZ should admit he lied about the paypal account. And he should also admit that he followed trayvon in order to keep him in sight for when the cops got there. His excuse on paypal should be that he never had money like that before and he did not know how to handle it. He knew nothing about trusts and he received no legal or financial advice on how to handle that sum of money. It is completely believable and supported by the evidence that GZ did not want to lose Trayvon, but when Sean told him, “OK, we don’t need you to do that.” GZ said OK, and stopped following him, going back to his truck. just MHO.

      • Here you are LetJusticePrevail. I knew you couldn’t stay away from Nettles blog. LOL It good to see that you are not slaming O’Mara and West at this website. That really wouldn’t go over to well here. You really thought the BDLR did such a great job in his day long preaching and barking to the 30 PJ’s that O’Mara would never be able to recover from that? Really. I thought that your claim that West was so unprepared for Owen’s testimony yesterday that he totally screwed up was ludicrous. Just going from memory and notes, West took over the hearing when he rightfully stated that Owens report and/or testimony “It was a dark and rainy night.” NO? Oh, I know, if you don’t go along with the O’Mara incompetent, and not looking out for the best interest of his client George, you don’t find yourselves in the best graces of the uppers for sure at that website.

        Is the name Hartley Brody familiar to you LetJusticePrevail? I think it should be, and then some. I do believe that this was or is your website-


        Web scraping is “web hacking.” It is illegal, unless of course the right entity hires you, for profit of course, and then it is still illegal. NO? So allow me to ask you Hartley, are you working for Crump and/or Corey? Inquiring minds would like to know.

        Nettles, read the article, and check your website back channels. I’d bet you would find that your website has been “scaraped, ” along with every other GZ supporting site that LetJusticePrevail participates in. In other words, Hartley is data mining for the State and/or Crump for profit. I’ll send you a private email Nettles as to how I know this.

          • After reading Richard Hornsby’s post above, that Alicia Adamson has gone out of her way to be fair to both sides only gives more credibility that LetJusticePrevail is working for the Justice for Trayvon effort. Can’t have anyone disturbing the Crump and/or State narrative now can we. Man did this guy find a welcoming branch at the CTH, despite what they apparently don’t know about him, and his illegal venture into “scraping websites for large downloads of data to be passed back to his employer.

            • Pinecone, most of those who chose to follow this blog are TM supporters. Leatherman, Bigboi, Tracey (special lady).

              I have no idea was scraping a website is but the blog is public. No need to steal anything. It’s free for the taking.

              • I understand that Nettles, that you site is public, and there for all to see. The thing I am referring to is that the scrapers are grabbing the posts here, by everyone, and taking back everything we all say in a file so to speak to hand to the state or whoever they are working for so they can see what the opposition is saying, and use it to their benefit.

                Nettles, they are “hackers.” This guy is saying on his website that you can hack for fun or for profit. This guy stated that “most times his hacking has been legal.”The point should be why is this guy hacking the GZ support sites at all? Do you really believe that BDLR is reading what is written at the CTH? No way. Yet BDLR has been vocal about that particular website in public court hearings. If BDLR had taken the time to read the CTH, he would be well aware that sundance has posted more negative information as to O’Mara, and now even West. Why would BDLR do that unless he knew that sundance may not be on his side, but it sure goes a long way with all the new traffic going to the CTH.

                For so long so very many have linked back to the CTH because they were such a great research site. Over the last few months, how many articles has sundance put out there denigrating, disparaging, discrediting, and outright slamming O’Mara? Last I checked there are over 200 O’Mara articles at the CTH.

                How many people who have been driven to the CTH site are really going to go back to the original articles about this case? Not many. LetJusticePrevail has found a very comfy home, or should I say branch.

                If anyone has the time, or the inclination, go back and read LetJusticePrevail’s comments, particularly at the CTH. You will find that he is very very critical to the defense team, yet posts some little nothing chite to give the impression that he is a GZ supporter. The Alicia Admamson (sp) gripe from him is smoke and mirrors. He knows that in order to survive at the GZ supporting sites, he has to throw a bone a time or two. Hornsby took him to task for his misplaced gripes.

                I am wating for LetJusticePrevail to come here, or somewhere, and prove that I am wrong. I believe you will see him now disappear.

                Come on LetJusticePrevail, prove me wrong.

              • Nettles, I don’t know what “pinecone”‘s issue is with me, but I invite you (and anyone else here who doubts my support for George Zimmerman) to review my posting history at the Huffington Post. I have posted there day and night for some 13 months now, offering nothing but support for George’s cause. You can read every single one of the MORE THAN TWENTY TWO THOUSAND POSTS…. THAT’S RIGHT PINECONE… TWENTY TWO THOUSAND POSTS… that all support George and his family. Oh, and that does NOT include the thousands of posts that were deleted by the rabid TrayHuggers who tormented me daily. I have been (temporarily) banned there three times by bigoted cretins who have sought to silence my voice, merely because I would NOT bend to their will. I have been called every name in the book, my life has been threatened, and I have been told that they hope I rot in hell, and that my family is murdered. But I persevered. I REFUSED to be silenced there because I know full well that a great number of people visit those threads, and they are ENTITLED to hear at LEAST ONE VOICE that does not spout the reverse racist hatred that is spewed there daily.

                Do I have discussions at the CTH that are (sometimes) critical of Mark O’Mara? Occasionally, yes, I do. But you can clearly read in every one of them that I support George, and do NOT doubt his innocence. Not for one moment. Do I bring these discussions here? Certainly not. This is YOUR blog, and you have taken it in a different direction than the one pursued at the CTH. You concentrate on this one case, and the outcome of it, without the behind the scenes politics associated with the prosecution of George Zimmerman. And, since that is your focus (and since I was lurking the CTH-or just beginning to post there when you “left”) I have avoided that topic while posting here, out of respect for YOU.

                You might also note that I post at D-Man’s blog, on occasion, as well has here. And in all four of these sites I use the same name: LetJusticePrevail. Why? Because THAT was the name I started with at the HP, as I began to argue the evidence and the facts with the TrayHuggers, hoping that if my posts were read by any of the lurkers, and I was able to steer them AWAY from the bias of the HP articles, and away from the poisoned mentality of the TrayHuggers. My username was chosen for a specific reason: As a call to people who were advocating violence and hatred to just stop, pause, take a breath and review the evidence WITHOUT reading the BS written by the talking heads in the mainstream media. Because once they did, they would see that the media was either wrong, or just plain lying to them. I wanted them to LET JUSTICE PREVAIL in a court of law.

                As for “pinecone’s” last sentence above, invititing me to “prove him wrong”, well I just don’t know how that can be done, since I’m not really certain what it is that he is accusing me of, to begin with. I see in one of his posts that he suggests I am some person named “Hartley Brody”. Well, I had never heard that name until I read “pinecone’s” accusation. You can bet that I will research it, so I know just what itn is that he claims. But, can I PROVE that I’m not that person? Certainly not, simply because it is impossible to prove a negative. The only thing I can say is review my posts at HP, and see if they coincide with that person’s way of thinking. I believe you will come to a different conclusion than what “pinecone” suggests. In the long run, I couldn’t care LESS if that is what “pinecone” believes. Heck, half the TrayHuggers at the HP claimed (at one time or another) that I was either Robert Sr, Robert Jr, Gladys, Shellie, or George, himself, so what difference does it make to me if he calls me one more name?

                Now, apparently, “pinecone” takes exception to my posting here, but since this is YOUR blog, not his, I addressed this matter to you, so I apologize for “putting you in the middle” of this petty bickering. I have tons of respect for what you do for George, and his family, and would NEVER seek to be a disruption to your threads, or your blog. If you, personally, do not wish for me to contribute here, that’s fine, just say the word and I will “never darken your door again.”

                  • As you know, I do not comment here often, but I do lurk quite a bit, and this is the only time that I have been met with a comment (“pinecone’s) of that nature. So, yes, I do feel comfortable and appreciate your hospitality. If, for any reason, my sporadic participation causes a disruption to your threads, feel free to let me know. I am a guest here, and (like any guest) I respect the wishes of my hostess or host.

                    Occasionally I see a acquaintance or two here (Such as Jordan2222 or nivico) who may have shared a trench with me at the HP threads, and I enjoy the opportunity to converse with them (here) without the perpetual sniping of the TrayHuggers. It is a therapeutic thing that helps to deal with the “shellshock” from the constant bombardment of negativity I face at the HP. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity for the “R+R”.

                    • I know your pain. I’ve been on a debate page with some rabid TM supporters and it can be tough. I like to come here and hear from more like-minded individuals. It helps a lot. Thanks for being a part of it.

                    • It takes a real trooper/treeper to endure the perpetual unrelenting bombardment of hate at the HP. You are a rare breed. Thank you for your service.

                    • I agree. The HP is tough. I got buried in nasty emails when I appealed to the readers there to let Shellie have her day in court before calling her a liar. Tough crowd of readers there.

            • OK, let’s get one thing straight, right now. I have made over 22,000 post on the HP threads that SUPPORT George Zimmerman, using the very same name. I post there DAILY fighting the TrayHuggers who seek to poison as many minds as possible with their mindless idiotic nonsense. If you care to, you check through my posting history there. Are 22,000 bones enough for you?

              You may not like the fact that I have some criticisms of the tactics used by Mark O.Mara, but if you take the time to read my comments you will find that my opinions are quite mild compared to others, and a lot less frequent.

              In fact, I wonder how you even DARE to insinuate that I am “Hartley Brody (whoever the heck that is). What is your motive for offering such ridiculous speculation?

              • We have known each other for a long time, LetJusticePrevai, maybe even from the beginning at HP. I supported George for quite a while at HP and then opted out. Part of the reason was that my association with you made me a target and many of my posts were deleted. You may recall how some of the comments made to my posts about you specifically and how we were both labeled as “loonie toons’ and worse in their comments to me. I decided to let you carry the torch.

                I cannot fathom anyone questioning your loyalty. You are a fierce and knowledgeable advocate for George. You might remember that the admin at CTH questioned mine. too, and more than once. I decided to leave because I did not feel free to speak my mind and my sarcasm was also a liability so I did not “fit in there” and a few friends brought it to my attention as well. I did not have any major conflicts with SD and had a few private email exchanges with him. He is very bright and well grounded in his conservative political views and also in this case.

                My point is that our loyalty is always, to some degree, “suspect” to a few folks (gate keepers, maybe?) and this can happen to any of us and anyone can instigate it.

                Nerves are getting frazzled and some of us may not be thinking with a clear head… maybe even drinking on the job. /sarc and LOL. I (Nettles, too) say we focus on George and not each other or any other petty matters. Are not SD’s motives also being questioned? There you go.. Maybe we are all spies getting paid by the BGI.Some of us need the money. LMAO.

                I truly value Minpin’s input. She is extremely knowledgeable. What makes her so amazing is that she lives out in the country, “farms” so to speak, and actually uses a dial up connection. That’s incredible to me!!! So she is limited to what information she can even access, certainly not all that is available to you and me. Ask her sometimes. She is also, like Nettles, very protective of George. Once in a while she goes off of someone as she has done with me but quite a few others have experienced her wrath. NONE of us are safe. Have you ever wondered if she is a male in disguise:? /sarc and LOL

                Here I am defending both of you when neither of you should require that so forgive me if I am out of bounds but I prefer peace among us.

                • I too have felt the wrath of Minpin. She is not shy to share her true feelings and I love that about her. I’m not about to discourage that in her at all. It’s valued and it’s appreciated.

                  Minpin has a perspective on a number of matters that I have never considered. For that reason, I really appreciate the views she puts forth to allows other avenues to open my thinking.

                  I have found her a bit too quick to jump on others and would caution her give benefit of the doubt. It is so hard to read tone and expression on this black and white forum.

                  If anyone is using the information posted here to help the prosecution convict George, it simply will not work. George has the truth on his side. The prosecution has the media and political support on their side.

                  I’ll bet on the truth every time to win, place and show.

                  I know this blog has more readers than posters. I appreciate you all for participating. At the end of the trial, and an acquittal, this blog will cease to exist.

                  Use it and make it what you need it to be. Thanks to all for being a part of it.

                • Yes, you and I have fought side by side at the HP on more than ONE occasion, haven’t we? LOL You might even find it fun to know that *everyone* who posts there (in favor of George) is eventually accused of being me, so I now keep track of how long it takes for that to happen. Whenever I notice a “Newbie” who shows up, and catches a dose of it, I give them a “welcome to the club” reply.. The current record is 1 hr and 7 minutes from the time his(her?) first post landed, until he (she?) was called “LJP”! And that’s pretty quick, when you consider it sometimes take 20 minutes or longer for a post to “land”.

                  But, enough of that. Nettles didn’t launch this blog for me to drag those stories over here, or to bicker with others. I spoke my peace, and I’m done with that. It IS good to see you here, though. If ever I can help, let me know. (You’ll know where to find me….)

      • His segment was pretty good. He show replays at 10pm and I think the segment will air just after the 10:30 mark.

        Randi Kaye did a report about Owen and Hakasone. She played the 911 tape and then showed W18 in shadow saying she thought a little boy was screaming. I tweeted her my thoughts on her piece.

        Then Anderson had Mark Geragos and Marcia Clarke who both agreed, the screaming scientists are junk science and shouldn’t be allowed in.

            • One small note: The 911 call played in the newscast was made by witness 11, but the newscaster said that the caller who made the call believed it was a youthful person person who was screaming in the background. She then played a recording of witness 18. Witness 18 was “a” 911 caller, but she was not THAT 911 caller. Witness 18’s 911 call did not connect until nearly 12 seconds *after* the shot was fired.

              Also, witness 11 lived right at the “T” and was the ONLY witness who claimed to know either Trayvon’s or George’s voice, and witness 11 said that “it was George yelling the whole time.” Witness 18 lived farther away in the building that forms the crossbar of the “T” and was viewing from her upstairs bedroom. There are many discrepencies and contradictions in witness 18’s multiple statements.

  9. Reminder on June 6th, Mr. O’Mara was addressing a motion to keep some witnesses anonymous. At 2:30 of this video we learn that the defense learned of a witness who saw the altercation between TM and GZ on February 26, 2012 and had been frightened to come forward. I’m hearing, in anticipation of the witness lists being made public (possibly this weekend) we are going to hear more about this witness. We know he/she was deposed on June 5th. Thanks to Coreshift for the recording.

    • As much as many want to believe that it is W6, I do not believe that. O’Mara knew about W6 from early on, and would not be talking about someone who was scared to come forward at that late date. I’m very curious to know who it is, unless of course the witness got scared away with not being able to rmain anonoymous (sp). Why do so mant people walk right past a beating or killing, and refuse to come forward as witnesses? They are scared to death that “snitches get stitches. It doesn’t matter the race.

      • I agree. I think this is someone we don’t know or I think Austin revealed more than he did originally. I noted the defense filed 4 videos of Austin in the 3rd Supplemental.

    • O’Mara would not be making such a huge deal about this unless one or more of these witnesses really saw the altercation and/or have direct knowledge or something that none of us know anything about, Can’t remember how Nelson ruled and what protection the witnesses will now have.

      • I vaguely recall some talk about a young witness that observed the entire event from a porch. I dismissed it because there wasn’t any support for the existence of such a witness. I think there may also have been some talk about a phone call to SPD from or about such a witness.

          • Yup, that’s it. I expected you’d be able to pinpoint it. You are truly amazing.

            I suppose it’s possible that the 8 y/o female witness actually exists. The identity and even existence of a witness that young would likely have been kept from public knowledge. I guess we may find out at trial.

            • I am wondering if BLDR and MOM might have made a deal to “hide” these 6 people and not even putting them into discovery in the normal manner like they did by agreeing to “slow roll” discovery clearly not in accordance with normal rules of discovery. If BLDR knows to what they will testify.. well what does that tell you?

              NOTHING should surprise us any longer. It is one mystery after another.

        • Thanks. I am aware of the 8 year old girl but the report says she was not located. I guess it’s possible that the defense did. However, I am not sure that is the witness to which MOM refers but he also mentioned 3,and possibly as many as 6, who wanted anonymity. Do you know how Nelson ruled and how the six will be protected? I missed it .

          • Nelson ruled there will be no special protections. It’s right there on the video. Everyone who testifies will have to do so in open court and be revealed. No special consideration.

            • Thank you. I stopped the video before her video. O’Mara might have mentioned how some witnesses get special protection in mob trials. He did allude to the fact that this case was the first of its kind. She soooo much sides with the state even when they don’t ask her to. Looks like she is a member of their team and thinks of things that they do not.

              Any speculation as to who the SIX witnesses are? MOM did say 3 and as many as six, right?:

      • I will offer an opinion here, for what it is worth. The unknown witness reported by the crimeline tipster was reported to be an eight year old *female*, but O’Mara (in the video) O’Mara speaks of a male, so I do not believe that the witness he is referring to is the “crimeline witness.” Nor do I believe there is another “new” witness who has yet to come forward. I believe that O’Mara was making reference to one of the male witnesses we already know about, who saw part of the struggle, or came outside right after, but still not the initial confrontation or verbal exchange. That could only be one of three people. Either witness 6, witness 13 or witness 14.

        Now, remember, the issue that Mark is arguing in the video above is in regards to the need for “witness anonymity” and his desire that the media not be allowed to photograph the witnesses. After Matt Gutman’s blunder, EVERYONE knows what witness 14 looks like, so I don’t think it is him. even though his mother might still have concerns over further exposure. Witness 13 did not come out until afterwards, so (since O’Mara is saying this witness saw part of the struggle) I also do not believe it is #13.

        That, in my mind, only leaves witness 6 who, even though he had news cameras at his door, was careful to keep out of their view. I do believe that HE is the one who O’Mara is referring to, and I believe that it is O’Mara’s concern that witness 6 has a lot more to say about the interview he gave to the FDLE and BDLR. This sounds like “conspiracy theory” stuff, but I recall one of O’Mara’s remarks from last summer, when he said that witnesses were changing their statements AFTER the prosecutors and the FDLE talked to them.

        Now, if I was witness 6, and I felt that my statement had been “steered” (for lack of a better word) away from what I had originally said, I would definitely want to keep my face out of the media. Especially if what I had to say would blow a big hole in the prosecutor’s case.

        Now, bear in mind, this is all “what if” and conjecture, but doesn’t that make a lot of sense? If there was a NEW witness, I truly believe that we would have heard all about him from SOMEBODY by now. And Mark is going to great pains to establish as much of a “comfort zone” as possible for his existing witnesses. Why would he worry about that, unless one of his witnesses told him something new during a deposition, or through some other communication? Something that Mark wants to bring out, but has concerns that the witness won’t repeat on the stand?

        • Well, of course what you say makes sense but conspiracies and newly discovered, previously unknown witnesses are so much more fun. Will THEIR testimony be “significant” and have a “substantial” impact on the jury? Isn’t that what MOM said and didn’t he say it more than once and in such a a convincing manner that even BLDR did not fly out of his chair? Maybe something substantial and significant is afoot again.

          So what did Nelson decide to do?

          Stick around, LetJusticePrevail. It’s a nice, friendly self moderated place and you have a lot to contribute. We need guys like you here.

    • Wishful thinking, but maybe Brandy finally came to her senses about there being no future with Tracy… and finally let Chad speak.

      I’m guessing that Tracy probably wasn’t honest with her either about Trayvon before he sent him to stay with her and her son, and now that the texts and photos from Trayvon’s phone have come out… I’m guessing she might be more than a little po’ed.

        • I haven’t heard. Tracy filed to divorce Alicia on August 6, 2012 and I know Brandy gave Tracy a son in January of 2013.

          Sybrina has also posted that she is in a new relationship.

          Life goes on.

          • Yes, life does go on, and despite all of the turmoil they have caused for George and his family, I truly hope that Trayvon’s family is able to finally find peace in their lives, as well. Maybe some day they will finally come to grips with the reality that Trayvon contributed to his own death, and learn to live with the truth of that. Only then will they truly be able to heal, and overcome their loss. But, as it stands right now, they appear to be building their future based on denial and untruths, and this will haunt them and consume their souls like a cancer working from the inside. Hatred and anger both work that way, and nothing good ever comes from the dark places where those emotions lead us.

            • LJP- I saw some of the interviews that Tracey has participated in lately, my opinion is that they know the truth, the whole truth. The are justifying what is happening in 2 ways; they wanted equal justice- the system is prejudice against them and TM was a teenager, I can’t watch 24/7 he would have outgrown this phase.

              The first one has nothing to do with TM, it was more IMO the biases and prejudices of his legal team that led to we only want an arrest. The second is more personal, but justifying TM’s wrongdoing as a phased that “normal” teen go through, in other words it was out of their hands, it was just normal thing to happen. It assuages any guilt they might feel as it excuses for their actions or non-actions.

              To me that says that they know and have known all along, passing the buck and holding GZ accountable allows them to avoid the self-reflection that will come in time.

      • I have long believed that Chad knows a LOT more than has been revealed and it is clear he was told to lie,and he knew the they were serious lies. By now, he must know he has to tell the truth. His friends might ridicule him. The basketball game lie is a HUGE burden to bear. There are many possibilities but what he has said is not one of them. Did Mom or West give him a dozen packs of skittles for the truth?

    • Why would they want to do that, as far as they are concerned they never existed. The problem for the Defense is that if they call on them, they by virtue of their report give credence to some of what Dr. Reich will be testifying about. Namely that there are 2 voices in the tape, opening the door for Dr. Reich to say what does 2 voices were saying, even if they don’t correspond completely it resuscitates Dr. Reich testimony and strengthens it.

      The Defense does not want any of the testimony to come in, as it is inconclusive and can be damaging.

  10. I have been studying voice recognition and have spent approximately 100 hours listening to the 911 tape and can say without a doubt I know who’s scream that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOWARD DEAN ! What he was doing there I’ll never know..

  11. Wow – says armed robbery (soda can)…. so the obvious question- does that mean a can of Arizona Water Mellon Juice mean TM was not the “unarmed child”?

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