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June 24, 2013

Today we will see opening statements made by the statedonwest and the defense in George Zimmerman’s trial.

It’s been reported that Don West will be giving the opening statement for the defense.

I have full confidence that by the end of this trial, the media will be asking why charges were brought.

My heart goes out to the Zimmerman family and I hope the strength and love inside each of them will be powerful enough to give them what they need and some left over to help each other.

It’s time for the Martin family to accept what their son did on February 26, 2012.  It’s way past due that the system tell them officially what fatal decision their son made that cost him his life and gave them their pain.


Thank you to everyone who has helped in the fund-raising effort. I don’t know where the fund is at so after today, I’m going to stop calling for donations until we get an update.  I hope we contributed what they need to get them through.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net

Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


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  1. Charges were brought because the press judged Zimmerman and fanned the flames. Now the press is going to play the incredulity card.

  2. Isn’t Nelson going to hear some arguments first? I wonder how long after 9 AM opening statements will begin?

    • There may be a little bit of action before the jury is brought in, then there is some boilerpalte action by the judge to the jury before the stage is turned over to counsel for opening statements.

  3. I’m wide awake when I should be sound asleep. I can imagine how George, his family and his team feel. No, actually, I really can’t imagine. My prayers go out for them tonight.

    I am thinking who will the state call first? Will it be Sybrina? Much has been made of how she will win the scream debate by sympathy. You know…a mother knows her child’s voice. I hope on cross MOM asks her how many times in her life has she been in a store or elsewhere and turned around when she heard a child call MOM, thinking it was her child. Same with a child crying. Any mother on that jury will know exactly what MOM would be talking about. I doubt there would be any who haven’t had that experience.

  4. Rumpole is offline right now (1:30 AM Pacific), and I was waiting for his OK to post THIS here. But I don’t think he
    nor guitarjeff will mind, and we all would love to see this go V I R A L !!! You can see Jeff’s lyrics by clicking
    “Show more” just below the YT video:

    Rumpole did a beautiful job of putting pix of “Georgie” to the music, and in record time.

    Jeff does all the instrumental (plus drum machine) and vocals, and wrote the lyrics.
    See Jeff @ https://soundcloud.com/jeffguitar/georgie


    • In case you don’t go to YT, Rumpole’s got the lyrics here:

      Published on Jun 23, 2013

      Discussion at “Random Topics”
      Georgie – Lyrics

      Georgie was protecting his own neighborhood
      Neighborhood watch he did the best that he could

      Trayvon was wondering around, acting just like he was stoned
      Georgie tried to keep him in sight, until he got punched in the nose
      Trayvon mounted Georgie and then, beat his head on the cement

      Trayvon wasn’t practicing no stand your ground
      Classic self defense is what the jury found

      Bashing the back of his head, and punching him right in the nose
      He screamed for someone to come help , Johnny then called 911
      When John left Georgie’s heart it just sank, He could have used some purple drank

      Georgie…. I wish you were a neighbor of mine.
      Georgie…. I wish you were a neighbor of mine.

  5. I want to see all out war today….. with guns a blazing. West is good enough to make the defense case while destroying everything BLDR says.

  6. really would like to know why Traymom and Traydad are doing press conferences in the court room, as though approved by the State of Florida. And why they would be there in court if they are witnesses in the case. Seems like their testimony could change depending upon what they hear in court.

  7. only traydad and traymom can be in the courtroom; every other potential witness must leave. MOM wants Crump out!

  8. Morning, all. Nelson is already up to her old tricks:

    State invokes rule of sequestration. Zimmerman’s parents must exit the courtroom, but Martin’s parents and Benjamin Crump can stay.

  9. Guy for the state. West for the defense.
    West asks the court for a ruling on the res gestae. She has not reviewed it yet. She received it while she was working on the Frye motion. She wonders if that will be mentioned in opening. West says yes. So, Nelson says she has to have a hearing on the motion, and decide it. The state claims it has not received a copy of the motion.
    This is what happens with a hurry-up process. I also noticed Nelson said she wanted to get to closing argument. LOL.
    Appears as though the state intends to go scorched earth, by sequestering Robert Sr. and Shellie.

  10. Ruling on res gestae: If GZ’s remarks are excluded, the court is almost forcing GZ to testify–a violation of the 5th Amendment.

  11. Court grans West’s motion in all respects. Sidebar over something or other before the jury is brought in.
    I hope O’Mara can find case law on the conflux of “representative of the family” and “witness.” I would think that the DCA ruling puts this to rest. The fact that Crump hasn;t een deposed yet is irrelevant to the question of whether or not he should be sequestered from trial testimony.

  12. Mom said the court knows why Crump has not been deposed but yet Nelson acts otherwise so why hasn’t he been deposed ?

  13. State has already lied twice: Gun in holster, not waistband. Shot from distance, not put gun onto chest.

    F Bomb Again! Guy is despicable!

  14. Guy is so melodramatic it is nauseating. His attempts at making Z a liar are as thin as the probable cause affidavit.

    We all know this, but the spectacle makes it all the more absurd.

    • compelling, only if you are an idiot who believes murderers notify the cops of their hatred of their black victim minutes before they rid the world of their existence.

  15. That gym class that taught Zimmerman how to kick box and MMA will now see a downturn in business. Or, maybe they have a new style of kick boxing, “lie down first …”

  16. Interesting to see the contrast – Guy’s role was to connect to with the jurors on a personal level. He did that. Now defense setting up video screen and exhibits. Don West readying large photo of George’s bloodied face.

  17. This Guy is so over the top… a complete BS artist. He makes Bernie look good by comparison. What a drama queen he is!

  18. The black female pastor who was talking about how she will do her best with her God-given skills to get her flock to accept a not guilty verdict is sitting very close to me.

  19. “This is a sad case.” “There are no winners.” Fairly somber tone. Tracy and Sybrina are grieving and have a right to feel the way they feel.
    Explains why Zimmerman’s parents aren’t in the courtroom – they are on the witness list, and not related to the deceased. Smart to bring this up, that Zimmerman family is in the courtroom, but is precluded from being in the courtroom becuase of rules.

  20. Zimmerman is not guily of murder. He shot Martin in self defense after being attacked.
    Jury shown aerial view or RTL. I think West is going to describe the paths taken by Martin and Zimmerman.

  21. George is in his truck, going to get groceries. Martin is coming through a place where people would not normally come through.
    West shows a view that captures 7-11 and RTL.

    • Heh. Well, the evidence is what it is. No sense in plugging your ears and going la-la-la-la.
      West describing W-8 Rachael Jentell and Martin’s relationship. West is going to show the call times and gaps relative to the events. There is a 20 second gap in the Martin/W8 call, as Zimmerman is on the phone.

  22. West plays the entire NEN call. That’ll put the “funking punks” in context. Now we hear the call unredacted too.

  23. “These assholes they always get away” in a resigned tone. Not angry with the suspect at all. “Shit, he’s runnin'” Gets out of truck. “OK” to we don’t need you to do that.
    He sure doesn’t sound like a person who is determined to apprehend the suspect. “I don’t know where the kid is.”

  24. The jury has got to be scratching their heads. This murderer called and asked for an officer? They hear the call, which doesn’t show any signs of agitation. They’ll see more of that “not agitated” to the extent the state plays recorded statements by Zimmerman.
    Was he following Martin? Yes. At a distance, and reporting what he was seeing (this is from the Ridgeline).
    Dispatch says “which way is he running?” Which suggests he would like to know from Zimmerman, which way is he running. You can;t drive in there, you can only see if you get out of the vehicle to see where he went. The 20 second gap in connection between Martin and W8 happens right about now – no particular significance, according to W8.

  25. Hopefully West’s powerpoint and opening is more interesting to a jury of folks who haven’t heard all of this information a million times before like we have 🙂

    • Yeah. I agree. I think the only material projected is pieces of the NEN call transcript. The maps are printed 20×30 or so.
      Very good, methodical walkthrough of the details. Zimmerman didn’t know where Martin was. The evidence will show we know one thing, Martin didn’t go home.
      Shows a printed picture taken with a flash – it was really really dark.

  26. “Are you following him?” and Zimmerman answered “Yes.” “We don’t need you to do that.” and Zimmerman answered “OK.”
    Rachael Jentell was 18 at the time, she is 19 now. She came into the case 3 weeks after the event – he’ll have more on that later, to ask the jury to consider about her testimony.
    “Ok, what address are you parked in front of?”

  27. I wonder if the press will drop “got out of the truck after he was told not to.” My guess is some will, others won’t.

    • You don’t know what he had. Mike McDaniel, in “The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 11: The Dee Dee Interview–Kaboom!” (June 13, 2012)—a year ago—said: “This update in the Martin case is devoted to analysis of the interview of “Dee Dee” by Assistant Special Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda—and several others—on April 12, 2012. While I do know this young lady’s name, I choose not to publish it. As one who believes in the rule of law, I believe there is no need to contribute to any intimidation or abuse of potential witnesses in any case.”

      Surely McDaniel can’t have been the only person with this knowledge.

  28. Now he makes the legal point. Do you hear ill will, hatred, spite?
    What W8 will tell you (in West words) is that Martin decided to confront Zimmerman. Martin had plenty of time to get home, a few times, but didn’t.
    Heheh – state’s witness will tell the jury that Martin decided to confront Zimmerman.
    Shows a slide that places evidence and witnesses relative to the “T”

  29. West plays the 911 call, warns jurors this is the call with screams. 40 seconds into the call, is the shot. There is another sound that sounds like one, but it isn’t. There is one shot. The gun only fired one shot, magazine was full, Mr. Guy told you that too.

  30. West explains that the 911 call won’t contain outdoor sounds that aren’t loud. That disposes of Guy’s argument that no 911 call captures Martin’s threat.

  31. cboldt – Thank you & everyone for commenting to help those of us checking in on the openings.

    From your comment you shared: Racheal aka W-8 aka DD will testify “that Martin decided to confront Zimmerman.”

    OMG! This is absolutely huge, most of us suspected that TM shared this w/DD but we didn’t know she would testiy to the fact, it seems to further sink DD as any value to the State.

    • I think that is just W8 recounting that Martin spoke first, but yeah, it is great to hear “Martin decided to confront Zimmerman, and W8 will tell you that.”

    • It happens. Room full of people – low oxygen level plus trying to focus… I see it happen all the time at meetings.

  32. what’s important about the pics after GZ was treated and cleaned up

    the numerous lumps

    forensic expert will testify this is caused by serious trauma to the head

  33. West does a good job talking about the range of “slammed,” from skull fracturing, to causing lumps. Defense will call a pathologist who will testify “he had his head banged pretty hard on cement.”
    When you get your bell rung, (medial) stuff happens.
    West goes through Zimmerman being told, that night, that he won’t be arrested, and is told he can go home.
    Good for West to bring up Osterman too. Show your weakness before the state can make a mountain out of a molehill.

    • The media knows that very few people watch the proceedings. The press characterization will be as always – misleading.

  34. Corey clearly uncomfortable with all this talk about GZ’s injuries and coworkers. She has given several dirty looks to her assistants. I think she was expecting Guy or BDLR to object.

      • N. Jackson says the Martin family has representation even if Crump isn’t there, so, there is no issue to sequester Crump as far as I can see. Plus, the integrity of the proceeding depends on witness sequestration.

        • Does anyone really think Crump will not watch what happened? He will be on the phone with his buddy, Pam, wondering WTH happened.

  35. West doing a great job. He sounds like a teacher explaining the truth to a class. Perfect contrast to Drama Queen before him.

  36. Glad the sequestration issue will be revisited…

    Sybrina getting up and walking out during the 911 call was a blatant ploy for sympathy.

    This needs to stop now…

  37. I find it irksome for Judge N to imply that the Defense has had a month to depose Crump. LOOK at what the Defense has had to do: prepare for the Frye Hearing, Voir Dire, Interviews of Potential witnesses, they continue to do depositions. At every turn, imo, Judge N trivializes what the Defense has been doing to prepare for trial & what they should have been doing which is deposing Crump.

    Let his sorry butt sit outside & fume…………………….I find the States argument sickening standing up for Crump, we saw Parks walk in, the family is more than represented by countless attorneys.

    • It was funny because she had the motion for res gestae since she was working on the Frye opinion (Saturday), and hadn’t reviewed it before today.
      Plus, what is the relevance of Crump having been deposed or not? The point of sequestering him from trial testimony stands, regardless of him having been deposed. Zimmerman’s family was deposed, they are sequestered even though they have deposition testimony as insurance against changing testimony. A person who hasn’t been deposed is all the more candidate for sequestration from trial testimony.

    • They’ve had since October of last year … that’s eight months to depose Crump.

      Oh wait… that’s right, Nelson cancelled the originally scheduled deposition and THEN refused to even allow the deposition altogether.

      That’s the better part of a year lost in preparation for trial thanks to Nelson, and she has the nerve and audacity to blame the defense for the deposition not having taken place yet…?!

  38. Did anyone catch the name West referred to, maybe Dr. Mio, I couldn’t hear him? Did he say ” de Milo” as in Dr. Vincent de Milo?

  39. West revealed that W8 (Rachelle Genteel) sp? was on the phone with Trayvon until 7:15:43. Witness 11’s 911 call (with the screams) connected at 7:16:11

    W11 is quick to call for help in what she heard.

    • West did not relate the 911 call to what Guy said so maybe he hung him out to dry cuz the jury will be waiting for that call. Is there another “Bombshell” 911 call?

      • There are 6 other calls. W11’s is the most revealing and lasts the longest before the gunshot.

        She was the first to connect at 7:16:11 and we hear for 40 seconds what occurred before the gunshot at 7:16:56

  40. West going after the “no Zimmerman DNA on Martin’s hands” and “Martin hands on his chest.” If Martin had his hands there, they’d be bloody. So, maybe the hands weren;t bagged, blood was washed off, etc., so the absence of Zimmerman DNA is not meaningful or helpful.

    • Wow… wet clothes sealed in plastic for several days. DNA evidence degraded and essentially useless.

      This was a HUGE mistake!

      Another Traybot meme thoroughly debunked.

  41. Wet clothing was not bagged in paper bag or dried before being put in plastic bag and sealing it. The combination of wet and sealed in plastic results in degradation of the DNA evidence. Clothing was packaged improperly, but not clear on the significance of the evidence. Still enough DNA to show Martin and Zimmerman were face to face, gunshot shows less than an arm’s length away when shot fired, Martin was leaning over Zimmerman.
    Picture of Martin’s pants with dirt on the knees. “This is circumstantial evidence corroborating what John Good said. It is direct evidence of there being dirt on the knees.”

    • Oh, That nailed it.

      It is pitiful that they did not have enough money for “easy to see” AND understand visual aids. I was hoping for much more professional displays than these. My daughter could have helped them with this. It was a week point in West’s opening and I bet jurors were straining to see.

      How about it, ackbars?

  42. Bringing up the screams and voice ID. Zimmerman told Officer Smith, “I was yelling for help, and nobody helped.” That’s evidence.
    Can science tell us who was yelling for help? No. Voice samples sent to FBI, Nakasone personally evaluated the recording, and said there is not enough sample here; and even moreso because of the nature of screaming.
    It’s accepted that you can’t tell how old somebody is by their scream. 50 y/o man can sound like a 14 y/o girl. So, we are left with people who may be familiar with the voice, when yelling. There is that evidence in this case too. For example, Zimmerman’s uncle heard screams playing on teevee, and he will tell you that he knew it was his nephew, George. Family, friends, co-workers think it is Zimmerman screaming too. OTOH, there will be witnesses who will say that it is Martin, West would expect Sybrina to testify to that, Tracy, and maybe other family members too.
    West is going to educate the jury on Tracy changing his testimony.

  43. Maybe West’s goal was to hypnotize everyone so he could say everything without any objections. Seems to be working so far!

  44. West going into the politicization of the case. Parks is pursing his lips.
    There was a lawsuit to get the recording released to the public. Wolfinger did not want the recoding released (objection from the state – this strays from the evidence – sustained). West continues, there was a meeting on March 16 or so, no law enforcement present, at city hall, family with Crump, Ms. Jackson, and the recordings were played by city manager. Taken out of evidence without LEO present. Not played for each, one by one by one, but everybody listened at once.
    Now the family says the voice is that of Martin. West says the family didn’t study the rest of the evidence (objection – save it for closing argument – sustained). West moves to an RTL resident, black woman, says she knows it is Zimmerman.
    West has more – says there is a lot of information even though the event only took a couple minutes – but he’ll be done fairly soon.
    Describing how “justified use of force” gets to the jury – through jury instructions. Objection – comments on what the evidence was, comments on what the law is. Nelson says that counsel can say what the evidence will show, so West can rephrase to say that the evidence will show physical abilities of Martin vs. Zimmerman.

  45. West on Zimmerman’s gym membership. Gym owner saw Zimmerman a couple days after the incident. Zimmerman was there to lose weight via diet and exercise. Zimmerman took a grappling class and a boxing class. In boxing class, Zimmerman never got past hitting the bag. Pollack considers Zimmerman unskilled and “soft.” Would never consider letting him get in the ring.
    Poof goes Guy’s argument about Zimmerman being in a kickboxing/MMA gym.

  46. West on Zimmerman’s gun ownership. He didn’t brag about it. Most neighbors didn’t know he had a gun. West tells the story about the dog, animal control, and the choice of defensive tool. Pepper spray doesn’t work. So, the choices are be vulnerable or get a gun. Objection, so West limits to Zimmerman got a gun and license.
    Osterman helped Zimmerman choose the gun. DAO, no external safety, best in a panic, don’t have time to think about racking (objection, sustained).
    West would like to address jury on burden of proof and standard of proof. Objection. Nelson sustains. The court will instruct the jury on the law at close. Counsel may then associate the evidence to the law of the case.
    West reminds the jurors they already heard some of that in voir dire – he asks them to remember that. The state objects.
    To “Trayvon Martin was unarmed.” “The evidence will show that is not true. Martin armed himself with a concrete sidewalk.”
    Prosecution goes first – please keep an open mind until you hear all of the evidence. West is done.
    Jury dismissed so court can take up sequestration of Crump.

  47. Cboldt: Are you there> Sounds like you have a front row seat. R U getting the same camera angle as the rest of us?

    Hearing the truth must be killing the Trayvonites.

    • I’m listening through wildabouttrial, look a the picture once in a great while. I’m a thousand miles away from Sanford.

  48. She throws Shellie’s bodyguard out but allows Tracy and his threatening behaviors toward the Zimmerman family to stay in the courtroom…

    Sighing again for the umpteenth time 😦

  49. O’Mara argues that maybe the state is not going to call Mr./Mrs. Zimmerman, diverges into the church members, Nelson moves in to focus O’Mara. Is there prejudice to the defendant? Nelson is going to rule for defense – Crump is excluded, they don’t need a representative, they are here.
    Now, what prejudice is there to defendant if Mr. Mrs. Zimmerman are allowed in the court? If the family members have been deposed, that’s a safeguard.
    Crump? Tracy? has cursed at a family member of Zimmerman.
    Nelson is looking for argument as to why this prejudices George.
    O’Mara says Tracy cursed at a witness in the courtroom. Nelson has not observed any outbursts or remarks. [O’Mara can have a hearing on this if he wants].
    O’Mara back to the question of whether or not the state is going to call Mr./Mrs. Zimmerman, Nelson will not get in the middle of that.
    O’Mara says the prejudice is that there is a lopsided presentation to the jury, as to “mom and dad” of both sides. The law is that the victims family has a right, but defendant’s family is sequestered until after they testify.
    Nelson provides the case cites she relied on to form her order.
    O’Mara calls Mr. Gikulski to the witness stand. He is Zimmerman family, from his badge.

  50. Testimony – coming back from restroom break . . . points at Tracy Martin . . . saw witness and badge and muttered “motherfucker” under his breath.
    What is relation of witness to Zimmerman? Friend. Been in court before? No. Anybody wsay anything before? Are you saying this came out of the blue just today? Yes, that’s what I think I heard. Are you sure? Witness was holding door, Tracy, under his breath, muttered MF. Bernardo wonders if witness might have been concerned about door being smashed.
    Witness, big crowd of people coming out, witness was holding door for a crowd exiting, Tracy looked down at badge, then uttered MF. Bernardo says you assume that, witness says he heard that. Wasn’t a threat. Witness never claimed it was a threat. Why would O’Mara say there was a threat? Who did you tell this to? Shellie Zimmerman. The incident happened a prior day? And you didn’t bring this forward? He did bring it forward. He’s on the witness stand now at court order. He didn’t want to make any ripple about it. He thinks maybe some deputies were told for security purposes, but does not know how O’Mara learned of it. Witness does not want to be in that spot.
    Badge says “Family / Zimmerman” O’Mara could call security as a witness.
    Court’s ruling stands – Tracy stays in court, Sybrina stays in court. There have not been emotional outbusts, the testimony just heard does not concern the court. Crump is out. Mr./Mrs. Zimmerman sequestered until state releases them.
    Getting reading for first witness. 10 minute recess.

    • There was the equivalent of an emotional outburst earlier. When West started playing the 911 call, Sybrina made a big show of getting up and leaving the courtroom, Daryl Parks in tow.

  51. let’s get down to business; i predict MOM will tear apart ALL of the state’s witnesses. West should take a break. He seems to be working too hard.

  52. MOM is in a tough position. He does not want to be too confrontational. He can’t go after the family or a little kid.

  53. Wow. Chad was awake when Tracy and Brandy came home, but didn’t say anything about not being able to reach Trayvon. Chad went to school the next day, came home at the usual time, and Tracy told him Trayvon was dead.

    Cross exam – do you recall Trayvon being on the phone before he left? Doesn’t recall how many hours playing games, doesn’t recall how many hours watching teevee.

    Asked how long it would take him to walk from his home to the dog station at the “T”. Don’t know. Could you throw a baseball that far? Yes. Softball? Don’t know. Football? Yes. Dismissed.

    State’s next witness is Andrew Gaugh.

  54. didn’t Trayvon point to something, like cigars, and Gaugh wouldn’t sell it to him? that’s why the 3 stooges bought the stogies to make into blunts?

  55. Why did Gaugh gesture to the back display where cigars are kept?

    I DON’T REMEMBER! (he doesn’t want anyone coming after him!)

  56. despite all of the conspiracy theories at the CTH, there is no mention of the stooges or lean or blunts! Missed the boat, or part of the BGI story?

    • Not necessarily. This is the state’s presentation.

      As the clerk claims not to recall anything, he won’t be much help.

      We may see in the defense presentation a playing of the video where the state left off and the 3 people who entered the store afterwards may be called.

      We may even see Andrew called back to testify if he remembers them.

  57. Amazing stuff here received in my email but do not know how…..

    Per Mr. Guy’s opening statement, most of the postings on BccList discuss the tangled web of lies that Zimmerman has spun regarding the shooting of Trayvon Martin but here are two pretty decent recaps…





  58. yes, but the wind noises stopped after a few seconds.

    Now you know why i suggested GZ should admit he was trying to keep Trayvon in sight. 1. That is what happened. 2. That is supported by the evidence. 3. Sean is testifying so it could go against GZ’s version.

    • trying to get his flashlight to work; sorry to say, but MOM should have given the opening. West should be used for extraneous matters.

  59. no concern for his safety

    no sir


    you’ve heard that many many times

    yes sir

    that’s right

    any concerns about these words

    no sir

    none whatsoever

    no sir

  60. O’Mara objects to the previous NEN calls. They are not relevant to the charge.
    Mantei says the other calls demonstrate something about the remark “they always get away.” Argues they are relevant to show defendant’s state of mind on 2/26.
    Mantei arguing that Zimmerman has a long-standing frustration with unresolved burglaries, and this state of mind is evidenced by past calls. O’Mara state of mind is a present condition, not past.
    Mantei says past calls go to establish Zimmerman’s state of mind. Nelson asks for legal authority, Maintei has none and suggests recess overnight and he will research. Nelson reads from rules of evidence, state of mind is a “then present” condition.
    Recess – court will take it up at 8:30 am, jury comes in at 9 am.

    • If the shoe were on the other foot would she give the defense overnight to come up with something to get an override of the usual procedure?

  61. George Zimmerman: State praised; defense knocked

    WESH-Channel 2 legal analyst Richard Hornsby said that prosecutor John Guy did “an excellent job” and gave “an amazing opening statement.”

    But Hornsby found defense attorney Don West’s approach “uninspired” and a snoozer. West was still talking when the court took a break for lunch.

    WKMG-Channel 6 legal analyst Luis Calderon gave West a C grade, said he didn’t make any compelling arguments and complained that the defense attorney was missing the forest for the trees. Calderon gave Guy a B plus and predicted the prosecutor’s use of expletives would echo in jurors’ minds.

    But WFTV-Channel 9 legal Bill Sheaffer praised West for slowing down the process and said the attorney was “sneaking in” a lot of argument that would be reserved for closing arguments. “What he’s doing, he’s planting the seeds of reasonable doubt and hope they germinate as the evidence unfolds,” Sheaffer said.

    Sheaffer said he was “sold on” West’s style because Kathi Belich reported that the jury was taking copious notes as the attorney spoke.

    “We may not be entertained like we were with Mr. Guy’s opening,” Sheaffer said. “But it’s not about being entertained.” Sheaffer added that Belich said the jurors weren’t taking notes during Guy’s opening.

    Later, however, Sheaffer said West was “very shaky” and the knock-knock joke was inappropriate. Sheaffer said the prosecutor Guy was powerful, emotional and passionate. “You want to hear that from your advocate,” Sheaffer said.

    Mark NeJame, legal analyst for Central Florida News 13, saw West’s knock-knock joke as a misstep that landed with a thud. NeJame added that the lunch break was a godsend that would allow the defense team to clean up an opening statement that he found weak and rambling.

    Diana Tennis, legal analyst for WOFL-Channel 35, said jurors like people who are funny, but West wasn’t because he used a warning to set up his knock-knock joke. Tennis also complained that West was using material that should be saved for the closing argument.


    • Has BDLR been sidelined? En though it is just the first day, one can only hope. . imo, BDLR is a HUGE liability to the State & has a major conflict since he is going to face a Sanction hearing, AGAIN accused of misdeeds when the trial ends. Does Corey/Bondi think, should there be a conviction, that it would be a problem w/BDLR & an APPEAL issue. Just speculating.

      Hoping/Praying this all ends w/an acquittal.

    • It definitely sounded like it. I thought MOM did an excellent job with the witnesses, especially Sean, but it seems to have escaped the critics. MOM debunked much of the misinformation surrounding the NEN call. In my opinion, most importantly, it seemed clear to me there was no pursue or chase. While the state’s opening was an entertaining fable, it lacked substance and facts. Hopefully, the jury will see beyond the “razzle dazzle”.

      • I spoke with Marinade Dave after court ended at length. He seems like a nice enough guy. However, he absolutely refused to even entertain the idea that Chad was coached. He just chalked it up to O’Mara not asking the questions the right way. I told him it was so obvious that Chad knew the answers to every question that Guy asked him, but as soon as O’Mara started questioning, he suddenly couldn’t remember anything.

        We left it as a point of disagreement. But he is a nice guy. I’ll write some more about that encounter on my blog and link to it later.

        • Nice but not bright. It was so obvious that he was coached, and more to the point what witness is not coached especially in a high profile case?

          Dave has an agenda.

        • You and MD should go find a good place to get plastered in together while you compare notes on the “scenery” in the courtroom.

      • Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us today. I was also passing along your observations to the facebook group. We all appreciated your insights and that you took the time to share it with us.

        • LOL, the one comment Local 6 used from me was me saying that this is one of those trials like the OJ trial where you’ll alts remember where you were when you heard the verdict. I guess my comments about the state relying exclusively on emotion while the defense laid out the facts weren’t in keeping with the tone of their story.

  62. I just read an article by Fox news which included the following paragraph:

    In the call to the dispatcher, Zimmerman said Martin looked suspicious and “black,” and noted that there was a string of recent crime in the neighborhood. The call was the one in which Zimmerman used the obscenities that Guy recalled.

    • I saw that on facebook. I smell a rat. These kids don’t have accounts with their names on it. The account on facebook only has tweets going back to February 2013. She has 24 followers and following 17. One of whom is named Francine. I smell a rat.

      I look forward to seeing this girl in court, not on twitter.

  63. Does the defense know in what order the State is calling witnesses? I’m very surprised they started off with Chad and the store clerk. What are the jurors thinking tonight?

  64. The Martin parents sitting in the courtroom crying and acting out and the Zimmerman being kicked to the curb can’t be okay by the Constitution. Is this another ground for appeal? m

    • ICherpa1 – In all the trials I have watched in Fla., this is customary for the parent’s of the defendant to wait outside UNTIL they have testified, Judge N isn’t pulling a fast one this time.

      KC’s case was the exception because, KC’s parent’s were there to support her, the defendant, but they were too considered Caylee’s representative, Caylee was their only grandchild. Jeff Ashton/Burdick didn’t object, BUT surprisingly Baez/Defense objected because KC didn’t want her parents to attend, Judge Perry ruled to allow George/Cindy to stay in the court room although they played a large part in the trial.

  65. Crump dodged a direct question from Anderson Cooper as to W8, but inferentially suggested that DeeDee he (mis)interviewed last year was the same person as the Rachel who was revealed today.

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