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June 25, 2013


George Zimmerman’s family gets banned from the courtroom at the request of the State of Florida.  How much more would you like to kick this family around?

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton were allowed to stay in the courtroom, in spite of being potential witnesses as a representative for Trayvon Martin.  If I heard the judge right when also banning Ben Crump that either legal reps. were in the courtroom or the parents were.

When Don West played the 911 tape, Ackbarsays, who was in the courtroom, told us that Sybrina made quite a show on leaving the courtroom.  That won’t be lost on the jury.  In watching Anderson Cooper’s special at 10pm last night, he says the legal analysts thought this may give an unfair advantage to the State.

If this kind of theatrics continue, I’d urge the defense to ask the judge to allow Daryl Parks and Natalie Jackson to sit in on behalf of the family so they won’t be so disruptive to the proceedings when some understandably tough things are dealt with by the court.

Mr. West! I wish I could give you a long warm hug.  You have worked your butt off on this case and I heard you have given a year of your life to this case.  Your work on the last minute “experts” submitted by the state has resulted in a massive savings of people’s time and GZ’s money.  I’m so sorry your joke fell so flat.  It was a risk and let’s face it those who do things will eventually make a mistake.  Those who do nothing, never make mistakes; if you can call doing nothing not a mistake.

I outed a private email, Mr. O’Mara forgot to hand in a passport, Robert Zimmerman Jr. tweeted an unclear message, Shellie & George weren’t forthcoming when they needed to be.  Mistakes happen.  Those of us supporting George so appreciate your time, effort and sacrifice.  Let’s shake it off and focus on bringing the truth to the light.  I suspect most people now see what the truth is.  I heard and read lots yesterday; this is the defense’s case to lose.  The truth is seen and known.  Mr. Crump’s lies are known or suspected.

While Mr. Guy was more dramatic and talked about hearts and stomach, let’s face it, the only thing on the state’s side has been emotion.  That ends now.  Mr. West’s presentation was the facts of the case and if the jury only gets to see the State’s case and George Zimmerman does not need to take the stand, you planted a number of seeds in the heads of the jurors.  I was getting feedback that copious amount of notes were being taken by jurors and at least two were on the edge of the seats, leaning forward and writing their notes.  They will look back to those with each witness you named and see if you were right.  They will find you gave an accurate portrayal of the facts.

I summed up the day this way on twitter:

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net

Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


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  1. I agree with SD on this, the joke that the experts are and people are calling a mistake was exactly the thing needed to reset the mindset of the jurors on what he wanted to say.

    It is just human nature, when we don’t get the punchline we try harder (concentrate) so maybe we get it the next time. It worked, from all accounts the jurors were taking notes, hanging on the edge of their seats listening attentively.

    • Ditto, I totally agree and experienced the “reset’ when the joke was shared. It reminded the jurors of the challenge to weed out stealth jurors with an agenda. West changed the mood after the drama queen’s presentation.

      SD possesses a very astute mind, I really appreciate that.

      A friend delivered West’s joke today to his boss, a person celebrated for their social justice work in education, she laughed very hard to the point of feeling embarrassed.

      The media is stupid, and getting stupider every day. Ignore them.

      • They have a protracted interest in maintaining interest in the story for as long as possible.

        It is sort of funny because I was reading the timeline of quite of few reporters on twitter and their impressions at the time, have a sharp contrast to those reports after they are vetted by the editors.

      • The media is stupid, and getting stupider every day. Ignore them.

        Especially now. This trial is now in the hands of a sequestered jury. What that media think or say about anything that transpires in the courtroom is utterly irrelevant. The jury was clearly invested in West’s opening statement – and that statement utterly destroyed the State’s histrionics.

    • I am so glad you said that Bori. It only matters how it impacted the jurors. Maybe they didn’t “get” the apology. West made it sound like he was talking at a big oval table at a board meeting and ll of the jurors were dutifully and diligently taking notes. He was only talking to SIX people, for crying out loud. Get real.

      • Not that it makes any or much difference, but the jury is now 10 people, two rows of five. After the evidence is heard, they will learn which are alternates, and the alternates remain sequestered, but do not deliberate.

    • that kind of joke sounds silly, but people tend to have a bit of a cackle at these silly jokes. Have heard lots of them in Church where one hears the ripple of laughter afterwards.

  2. John Guy (opening statement) …. “The defendant told the police that at one point… Trayvon Martin ran behind some townhomes and then came back out, circled his car, and then ran back again.”

    Wit 8 (the ‘Trevon’ letter)…. “Then he decided to find a shortcut cause the man wouldn’t follow him. The he said the man didn’t follow him again.”

  3. Kinda shocking how Guy goes on and on about the lack of DNA evidence in his opening, this is proof Trayvon never touched George, yadda, yadda…

    …and then West comes out and reveals that the clothing had been improperly collected and stored wet for days and was essentially rotting inside a sealed plastic bag.

    Guy knew this. He knew that the clothing was essentially useless forensically…. and yet he spins this yarn to the jury anyway.

    If I were a juror right now… I’ve already got a good idea the state is lying to me right out of the gate.

      • Yes that was a big new fact to come out, another imo when West inferred that DD egged TM to confront GZ, again mentioned on twitter live, but not on the printed later reports.

          • Did you see Anderson Cooper, he was asked directly if Rachel was the person he interviewed, he dodged the question though he later inferred that it was. There are too many questions regarding her and her testimony, the Scheme Team seems to think she is not needed as a witness, imo she will only testify is the prosecution sees their case going their way and it won’t endanger their case, what left of it.

        • Damn I missed that part, I believe from the first time I heard DD say I got guilt that she egged TM on, what did West infer? I don’t know about any tweets suggesting such, fill me in.

          I totally believe that is what went down, cause that’s how they roll.

          • West said that Rachael would testify that Martin confronted Zimmerman. That can come straight out of her deposition with Bernardo. Martin is the one who spoke first, by all accounts.

            • Yeah, If I was confronting someone I’d certainly be the first one to speak. Someone trying apprehend someone would yell “Stop right there!” DD doesn’t report anything like that coming from GZ. I think that would be some pretty strong testimony TM confronted GZ.

  4. One way or another, I hope the defense can figure out a way to remind the jury every single day exactly why George’s parents are not in the court room and precisely WHY they aren’t. Maybe the jurors should also be informed that they are sitting in another room feeling sad and like they are branded.

    Maybe choldt can wear a shirt saying “George’s family is next door.” ….

    Seriously doers anyone know how can they do that?

    • Not choldt , I meant ackbar but I think choldt might be there, too, and aln’t telling us cuz he’s eyeballing those hot blondes for himself.

      • I’m listening to the trial, not watching it, and I’m 1,000 miles away from Seminole County, Fla. I answered this to you yesterday, but I’m sure the response is lost in the large volume of chatter 😉

    • When West explained to the jury why George’s parents weren’t in the courtroom the camera panned Corey’s face. I wish there was a screenshot of it, she was obviously pissed. She wouldn’t want the jury to know how truly malicious the state is now would she.

  5. I simply do not have the time to follow the CTH any longer like I once did but I receive their new threads via email and sometimes read what SD has to say. He recently said that DEEDEE will never see a witness stand. Wonder why? He did not elaborate in the post.

    • “As the rules of sequestration have been invoked, that means to any potential witnesses that they’re not to listen to any portion of the trial whether they be at home or here at the courthouse, um, that they’re not to discuss their testimony they will be giving during this trial to anybody other than the attorneys…”

      Hmmmmmm… and here Crump (a potential witness) is on the very night of Nelson’s ruling being interviewed live by Anderson Cooper about the case.

      Flagrantly violating her order and undermining her authority…, and on national television no less.

      Any bets on whether she holds him in contempt… anyone… anyone… no takers?

      • That was Nelson, right? Was Crump in the court to hear her say that? That quote doesn’t mention anything about doing interviews although I would think the relevant rules would. Keep in mind there are well over a hundred potential witnesses that weren’t in court. Did they get a letter instructing them? Maybe one of the more legally inclined will chime in and explain.

        • “That was Nelson, right?”

          Oops.. yes, that was the order Judge Nelson gave today.

          “Was Crump in the court to hear her say that?”

          He mentions the sequestration in the very interview he shouldn’t have been doing… so even if he wasn’t in the courtroom, he’s obviously been made aware of the order.

          • He’s a lawyer. He is supposed to know what the rule of sequestration is about. He knows that Nelson ordered him out of the courtroom in order to sequester him from the trial.

        • IIRC, Nelson told counsel to inform their witnesses that the witnesses were to avoid media and conversational exposure to the case until the witness has been released by the court.

      • And from the sounds of the reports, Crump wasn’t just interviewed about the case, he was talking about the sorts of things he might be asked to testify on. Is Rachael the person he interviewed on March 19 or 20 (I forget the date), 2012? Cooper asked that question, I gather.
        I hope O’Mara brings this up today. Sequestration is serious business.

          • Crump pretty much added himself by inserting into the find and first fact interview of W8.
            He would have avoided that if he had apprised law enforcement of her ID, and let law enforcement do the interview.
            W8 is a hinky, no matter how you slice it, just based on the delay in coming forward. West told the jury that would come up – how and when “the girl on the phone” became known to investigators.

  6. Just thinking, keeping with the theme that everything about this case is upside down (for example, police are on the defense side), it stands to reason that the rules of sequestration would have the opposite effect, too. Wrongful claiming of the “victim” mantle (although in a legally technical sense, Martin is victim as Zimmerman is defendant) is the source of all of the inversions.

    • I had that conversation with Marinade Dave yesterday outside of court. Of course it was lost on him, but the idea that a guy like George, who has claimed self-defense from day one and has strong evidence on his side, should be treated like a common criminal is just ridiculous.

  7. I disagree that the joke helped to reset. Mr. West was attempting to lighten the mood but the joke is all that is being talked about and the defendant using foul language. I didn’t see anyone talking about Sean’s testimony and the news that George was NOT ordered to stay in the car couldn’t be found by me yesterday. All I heard about was the joke and if Don West should be fired.

    It happened, it’s over and hopefully today is a better day for the defense.

    • Nettles – I agree, I understand West was trying to lighten the mood, but imo was inappropriate for whatever reason. Guy got outstanding reviews even called “brilliant” by many media outlets Nationally, it didn’t matter to most that there wasn’t much substance, there was passion, it was opening statements, the facts will all come out during the trial.

      I love Don West, don’t get me wrong, but I would like to see some passion about GZ’s innocence, though it is only the beginning, it may be that neither West nor MOM express passion, they are laid back, confident, professional, but I hope to see some gut filled passion about GZ, the jury need to hear it. jmho.

      It is customary that the parent’s o the deceased are allowed in, they are considered victims. GZ’s parent’s, are victims too but NOT considered victims by the Court system. I had no expectation they would be allowed to sit through the trial until after they testify & surprised that many thought it was their right, it isn’t unfortunately.

      I hope Crump gets his sorry butt chewed today, but I doubt it.

  8. Are we to assume that because GZ called 911 in the past, he finally had enuf and decided to hunt Trayvon? Prior calls don’t seem to support that assertion.

    • Are we to assume that because GZ called 911 in the past, he finally had enuf and decided to hunt Trayvon? Prior calls don’t seem to support that assertion.

      And yet, based on Mantei’s oral argument, that’s exactly what the Sate intends to argue: Zimmerman knew correct behavior, as demonstrated by prior calls. But “building frustration” caused him to behave differently on the night of the altercation, thus evincing a depraved mind.

      (Though, I wouldn’t put it past the state to imply a racial aspect, without stating it explicitly.)

      • wonder if the burglaries by AA males stopped after the shooting?

        seems like it could confuse the jury if that is the argument. wasn’t the last call about a caucasian?

  9. really wish sundance would stop tweeting about how inept MOM is; he is just as extreme as leatherman at this point. Thank God for this blog nettles! The voice of reason.

    • That guy’s not looking around anxious. He’s seated next to Juror HotGirl, and he’s got a direct view of all the blonde hotness if he turns his head a little to his left. He’s about 25 or so, I think. I noticed yesterday that he was looking in the direction of the blondes frequently.

  10. So the wannabe cop declined to enter into the “citizens on patrol” programme, where they act as “volunteer police officers” (her words), even though she tried to recruit him personally?

    • dumb comment from what appears to a smart guy. Dorival is a competent public servant, how refreshing is that? She takes her job and self seriously.

  11. natjack just tweeted that SPD is biased so that explains why Dorival is so in favor of GZ. She quickly erased the tweet!

  12. Surreal, the state has spent over a million dollars on this case and the prosecutors think this country can afford this sh….

    we can’t

    • cassandra – you are spot on, a million dollars to quell the racial unrest & threats of boycotts, violence, & burning. WHAT have they accomplished? imo, not a damn thing.

      The SCHEME Team & professional racist will just ratchet up their racial hate when GZ walks.

    • Is the state’s theory that starting a neighborhood watch is a predicate for depraved mind? LOL.
      O’Brien’s impression is that SPD presentation, if you see something suspicious, call it in, stay away.

    • According to the state’s theory, if you volunteer to be on various committees and neighborhood watch programs and you take your responsibilities seriously, you are a racist murderer.

  13. Can O’Mara question O’Brien about the settlement with Sybrina & Tracy…?!

    It goes to credibility… bias/prejudice.

  14. ROTFL – the stucco guys followed the burglar into the neighborhood and called the police. High praise from the HOA president.

  15. For some reason, all of the stucco guys appeared to be white and they followed the poor AA gentleman burglar.

  16. Funny how JDN does not allow out of court statements told to witnesses being questioned by defense, but state witnesses can testify as to what they heard. Clearly showing prejudice here.

  17. WHY hasn’t the arm flapping BDLR not been in our faces, I’m not complaining, just surprised.

    WILL MOM/West bring to Judge N’s attention that Crump is still doing the media blitz?

    • I have a theory, or perhaps just a thought, since BDLR might be facing sanctions after the trial, keeping his involvement to a mininum is in case they do get a conviction that it would stand.

          • Shaeffer raised a good point this morning. He said normally when one lawyer gets up to question a witness and then the other side starts questioning, if there is an objection, it usually comes from the lawyer who did the initial questioning.

            Yesterday, Shaeffer noticed that BDLR gave an objection to one of Guy’s witnesses. He wondered if BDLR was getting annoyed with Guy for not objecting.

            Shaeffer thinks Guy did a great opening but his performance today has been awful. Wendy Dorival turned into a great defense witness while Guy sat there.

      • boricuafudd – I agree with your thoughts, that too has crossed my mind, that’s the only explanation I can think of that he hasn’t taken over, perhaps he got benched by Corey/Bondi.

        I am very pleased w/the gains garnered by MOM/West from States witnesses, the State is clearly out lawyered imo, I don’t see their case improving.

      • Stevie – TOO, there have been many complaints against BDLR/Corey that didn’t get this far. In addition, countless complaints from the peers of BDLR/Corey, it seems “the punks always get away with it.” Their reputation of intimidation & over charging angers me as they as paid/WORK for the taxpayers.

    • the author, Richardson, is the same one who did the powder puff “interview” with Sybrina et al last November.

  18. Is this true or is Skolnik full of crap as usual: Michael Skolnik ‏@MichaelSkolnik 2h
    JUST IN: person responsible for burglaries had already been caught before Trayvon was killed. He lived within the community, GZ knew this.

  19. Now Nappy Nat is backpeddling from her Mom’s big mouth! Natalie Jackson ‏@NatJackEsq 43m
    @Heaterhotusus @Mickey86440851 @VP_JFGZ My mom (who I love & respect) is her own person w/her own thoughts;don’t know why u r addressing me?
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    • For those interested those tears are where material was cut away to test for blood and DNA. It’s in the first discovery packet. Each mark is numbered so they can track a result back to a physical location on the garment.

      • Notable that she found no prints whatsoever on the flashlight and only one print on the gun…

        O’Mara definitely needs to address this!

        These handheld items should have been covered in prints… and if print evidence was lost due to inclement weather (rain), it only stands to reason that other evidence (touch DNA) was lost as well.

        This is a perfect ‘teaching moment’ for the jury… before the state starts harping on the lack of DNA.

        He also needs to readdress the issue of her having to repackage items of evidence from the ME that were packaged incorrectly (i.e. wet clothes). Guy completely and deliberately glossed over the issue.

  20. Can someone with a twitter send message to Judge Alex Ferrer that Trayvon’s hands were never bagged or tested.

  21. I really hate listening to some of these so called reporters. Holly something carrying on about the crime scene body photos. While it has to be disturbing for the family, she is a little (OK a lot) over the top. She says you can see the bullet went right through the heart. Did I miss it, did they show a picture of the autopsy showing that?

  22. ugh… Idontrecallitis strikes again

    The crime scene tech doesn’t remember whether she removed the blanket or not

  23. touch dna is essentially looking for an invisible needle in a haystack

    a long shot

    if you obtain a good swab, great, but it’s not unusual at all to find nothing

  24. Benjamin Crump, attorney for the Trayvon Martin family, showed up at a rally for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Sanford to push for the conviction of George Zimmerman. “This whole case has always been about equal justice,” he stated. “George Zimmerman is every parent’s worst nightmare … passing judgment on who can and who can’t be in his neighborhood. If you kill an unarmed child you should be arrested.” http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/06/25/First-Day-Zimmerman-Trial-Martin-Attorney

    • I’d think that they’d have delivered the body still clothed to the ME in the next county over, and someone there would have handled gettting the clothing to FDLE instead of having Mrs. Smith drive up just for that.

      • Okay, I could be wrong, I missed the latter part of Tech Smith’s testimony, maybe she did drive to Volusia County for the clothes before Wolfinger called in FDLE.

  25. She’s lying (two figures standing with flayling arms). Her demeanor changed when she lied. It’s all in the eyes baby … all in the eyes. (I play poker).

  26. Liar. and super bizarre that a person who works as an IT analyst for a hospital is so vague and confusing.

    • He was doing “right to left – right to left”, correcting the witness. Man, that was one harsh cross exam. The witness was cool as a cucumber while lying her ass off.

      • cboldt – I don’t think ANY of the local Orlando/Fla. analyst are paid except NeJame, he is a paid Legal Analyst for CNN, he just renewed his contract for his second year.

        There are TOO many Fla. Attorney’s that would like to contribute for the exposure. The Orlando Media doesn’t pay “licensing fees,” or in other words, for interviews either, George/Cindy Anthony didn’t do local Orlando Media EXCEPT when they wanted Holly from FOX Orlando to put out a story that wanted, then they called her & she gladly obliged. The National Media paid the Anthony’s well for their appearances, they didn’t waste their time locally.

  27. LMAO! Bill Sheaffer said “HAD IT NOT FOR BDLR trying to rescue the witness, MOM would NOT have had the opportunity to bring forth Matt Gutman & the interview & have her admit to what the petition she signed said.” He too stated, “this information could have come to MOM late.” MAYBE an arm sleuth detective saved the day!


    • I was impressed that O’Mara didn’t mention the ABC interview on cross exam. Bernardo asked the leading question about not wanting to be a superstar witness and get all sorts of publicity, which was a perfect opening for “what about your half hour interview with Matt Gutman of ABC?”
      Boom – outstanding example of “hoist on his own petard.”

      • cboldt – IANAL, you are, shouldn’t that be one of the first questions the Defense ask of any witness? Have you talked to any media outlet?

        In KC’s case, most were NOT called that did Media interviews.

        • It depends. John, also a witness, not that he gave an interview, but he talked to the press. The state and defense are stuck with the witnesses they have, that exist. The best way to deal with it is to be upfront about it, admit past actions or biases, etc. Be able to explain a change in testimony somehow.
          This witness was a complete failure for the state. A blowout (like a tire blowout, not like winning a game by a fat margin). Not just didn’t deliver good testimony, but actually damaged the credibility of the prosecution.

          • I had already forgotten about my favorite witness, W-6/John talking to the press & I can see where it depends on the witness as how to proceed. The thing about John that I really like, though he changed his story from “it was GZ screaming for help,” he later said something to the effect, “I couldn’t tell, it was dark.”

            Traynuts claimed there would be perjury charges against him, LMAO, & though I was disappointed, he sounded imo as if he were an honest guy just trying to do the right thing.

          • Her refusal to name who she spoke to first about the change in direction, while also inferring that she did tell someone, was very suspicious. In the end she just fell on her sword but the prosecution set up the question that elicited the comment so they knew.

            • There is circumstantial evidence that her adoption of this detail came while the state was providing her and her sister with printed copies of their previous statements and deposition testimony. The state may have suggested that the two of them work out a consistent version for the benefit of the jury, but be careful not to contradict what is in your previous.
              Bernardo was VERY fast on carefully describing the exact meaning of “left to right,” less than one second after the witness gave her answer describing direction to the progress of moving sounds.
              I think the first time this witness discussed this was last week Thursday, and as noted, there is circumstantial evidence that the state was at least aware of this conflation of witness testimony, and may have suggested, coached, or endorsed it.

              • The prosecution knows, BDLR in particular, even Corey left the room prior to her testimony. Is BDLR setting himself for a fall? Does his loyalty to Corey extend that far? He must have known that MOM would not allow the change in testimony without challenging it. I mean MOM looked really upset, that BDLR tried this stunt.

                • Bernardo is emphatically not setting himself up for a fall. There is no honor among thieves. If it’s him or Corey, he’ll throw Corey under the bus.
                  O’Mara was starting a line of questioning exactly along the lines of witness tampering, then said “no more questions.” The state said it didn’t have any more either.
                  “Close call” Probably exhilarating for Bernardo. A thrill! He skates over the edge often, and as long as he is moving fast enough, he won’t get caught.
                  You can bet that “circumstantial evidence” Bernardo will demand bullet-proof direct evidence, when the charge is against him.

  28. MOM was scheduled to appear on Piers Morgan tonight (according to what they said last night), I wonder if that will still be on.

    • He’ll do what he’ll do – but I wouldn’t give the press one instant of my valuable time. There is a trial going on, and many things left to be done. And, when the trial is done? No reason to talk to the press. Let them talk amongst themselves.
      The press is still using Martin in a Holister shirt photo, and is presenting a factually misleading presentation of the trial. I’d not give them so much as a “good day.”

      • agreed

        following the impeachment of W1 several stories lead with GZ called the police on black suspects 6x

        that is not even accurate, much less the big news of the day.

        • Vinnie Politan is tweeting about how W1 testimony contradicts GZ’s to promote his show. No mention of the rest of her testimony and how absurd MOM made that sound.

  29. Did anybody else catch how Sybrina moved to the end of the aisle directly in the witness’s line of sight…

    …nice witness intimidation there.

  30. As so many that made their way onto the jury seemed to be disconnected with social media and news, I’d make sure they know exactly what the Trayvon petition is and what “liking” a page on facebook means. Who knows if any jurors share BDLR’s ignorance on such matters.

    • Good point. And also explain what the Justice for Trayvon ‘movement’ was about and how it related to the protests. It was in large part a social media thing.

  31. It’s interesting to note, that despite W1 clearly wanting to embellish her testimony to help the JFTM cause, she essentially demonstrated and admitted to seeing the same MMA style ground and pound attack that W6 John described…

    So to summarize Day 2 of the state’s case against George, the jury was shown how George was attacked and photos of the injuries he received from that attack.

  32. Tracy has lots of ticks. No, not the lil bugs but mannerisms. He every 10 or 15 seconds wipes/rubs his left eye. He rubs his nose at least at the same intervals. Then he does the squish up your nose like when you are attempting to sneeze. Far cry from Sybrina who is able to sit quietly for the most part without a lot of ticks going on.

    • Ottawa925 – it could possibly be from Tracy’s script to follow provided from his “handlers.” THAT, as well as Sybrina/Tracy taking turns exiting the court room, imo, stupid to be shared on twitter by MEDIA, but it has worked for them.

      • True. It doesn’t make sense that Sybrina can’t stand to be in courtroom while screams tape is played but can stay in there while the body of her son is shown.

        Tracy can handle the screams on the tape and can stay in court but had to leave for the body being shown.

        I’m sure it is tough for them but they have lied and manipulated so much I find everything they do suspect. As has already been noted, you will see the parents sitting like book ends between the lawyer asking questions on camera at the end of the day. Everthing with these guys is staged.

        • Well, I can tell you that the press lies about those exits. I think I saw where they reported yesterday that Sybrina left the courtroom during the 911 call because she was so emotional. I can tell you, because I was looking at her face, that she showed no emotion whatsoever.

  33. For a witness to sign a petition is damaging. Therefore, if I was on the jury, I couldn’t give too much weight on anything said by this last witness. Defense did its job in discrediting her. End of story on that witness. NEXT !!!

  34. Does anyone know why Hornsby is ballistic that MOM screwed up? He’s says MOM should have continued the cross until he impeached her. Legals here have an opinion? Could he impeach her for omitting or adding testimony? I’m leaning more towards MOM is looking at witness tampering.

  35. Christina Vazquez – Local 10

    Bombshell ending to the day!

    George Zimmerman’s defense attorney Mark O’Mara walks a lap top up to a state witness and has her read a post from her FB Wall that read in part, “prosecute the killer of our son 17-year-old Trayvon Martin” in reference to a Change.org petition.

    I asked former felony prosecutor David Weinstein about that moment. He told me over the phone that you can expect the defense to remind jurors that she is not an impartial witness during closing arguments. Also: “If the defense can prove that the prosecution knew about the Facebook post and/or helped the witness to conceal her bias, then they have grounds to move for a mistrial.However, not all motions for mistrial are granted or necessarily result in a “do-over” or are a complete bar to a mistrial.”

    This is the second time Facebook has surfaced during the trial. A “pro-Trayvon” post by one potential juror had him dismissed early on in the process. In part because he had claimed not have posted anything about the case. Here’s a look back at that story:

    Judge confronts potential juror over Facebook post | News – Home http://www.local10.com/news/judge-confronts-potential-juror-over-facebook-post/-/1717324/20558560/-/kktvjc/-/index.html

    • Apologies in advance if this has already been posted.

      I think most folks are missing the point on W1’s testimony. Yes, she never said before that the movement was left to right, yes she signed the Justice for Trayvon petition, but that pales in comparison to what else she said.

      She stated that what she saw was possibly TM straddling GZ. She demonstrated that the arm flailing she witnessed looks suspiciously like “raining down blows”. She admitted that the sounds she heard may have been the very screams captured on the 911 call. In short, she stated that what she saw is entirely consistent with GZ’s version of events.

      The rest is just frosting on the cake.

  36. Calling Beasley: Nancy Grace on HLN is still using GZ’s words as “F’in Coons!” This is so racist! Why keep spreading this hate, Nancy?

    • stevie – Nancy Grace is the # 1 rated HLN show, she actually carries ALL the other offerings of programs on HLN. I don’t have cable anymore, but I used to turn in when she covered high profile missing children cases, no other show does that fr an entire hour. As a child advocate & working w/special needs kids, I find it appalling that few stories of missing/murdered/abused children make the news for more than a week or so even fewer are even prosecuted..

      I can’t stand NG personally, she too has had her share of lawsuits, one case in Fla., I think Duckett was her name committed suicide after NG screamed & accused her of murdering her child. NG PAID A BIG CIVIL SUIT, as she should have. NG whined big time about the Sunshine Law that could have EXPOSED the settlement, somehow, she got around it but HLN acknowledged they paid.

      NG was the nut job that PROMOTED the GUILT of the Duke Lacrosse scandal, night after night screaming about their guilt & convicting them on her program. When they were exonerated, NG NEVER apologized nor did the professional racist grifter Al Sharpton. SHAMELESS imo.

    • good job! Just going to post that.

      Some people believe this is not the original Dee Dee. Please compare her voice testifying to the voice being interviewed by BDLR. Get ready Nettles!

      I am sure they are watching you Nettles! You knew that W1 had signed the petition, and they got that from you! You are GZ’s secret weapon! Keep up the great work!

  37. Who does Frank Taffee think he’s helping? I’m scared for this man to get on the stand. I think he will argue with the state and volunteer a lot of information.

  38. Here’s an interesting way to see JDN’s prejudicial ruling regarding hearsay.

    Hearsay is an out of court statement offered in court to prove the truth of the matter asserted.

    For example, W1 testified that she told her sister about the Left to Right movement. Now anything the sister said outside of court would be hearsay, since she was not there in court to testify.

    An easy way to get around hearsay is to ask what the witness heard. That is NOT hearsay, since it is the witnesses perception. JDN regularly does not allow that for the defense, saying it is hearsay. But when it is the state, it’s OK. Double standard? You betcha!

    This has happened several times so far. It is a clear example of bias on the part of Judge Nelson.

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