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June 26, 2013

Justice for

Please, please, please, don’t call witness 8 today.  I have to rely on my friends to read the posts and watch the video after 6pm tonight.  I’m unavailable today.

I won’t be able to take care of any admin. issues until the evening. I ask for your patience today.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net

Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


138 thoughts on “June 26, 2013

  1. “Please, please, please, don’t call witness 8 today. ”

    I second that emotion.

    The computer with the S-Video output that I was going to run into the TiVo I tricked into thinking it has a satellite receiver hooked up so I can feed in what I want and record it off of channel 1 has decided to start having video card crankiness, so it’ll probably take a day to keep trying beta drivers to get it working again.

    Plus I just found out today about a funeral tomorrow for a guy that worked at at least one of the same radio stations I did back in the day, and he was 3 or 4 years younger than me.

    • I have been around. Mom ended up back in hospital on the 7th. Just got out. We are now on hospice 😦 Lots of family issues/arguing surrounding these decisons I made. I just do not feel like commenting on Gz case pretty much anywhere. Sorry Jordan. But I am watching the case. State has no 2nd degree case AT ALL!

        • Thanks for the well wishes. Do not be sorry about the arguing, it was to be expected from this specific dysfunctional side of the family. But I have had great support from all specialist , and other family.
          Some of these decisons are my Moms which I accept. That is where the arguing comes in with other family. I want comfort care because she chose no mechanical assistance, and DNR. I agree, because we can not have one without the other. But, I was attempting to get her occupational and physical therapy prior to discharge which would have required her a few weeks in a nursing home type setting, or to be brought home on hospice. I am only next of kin. She has no power of attorney, will, or medical directive. So my Aunt and others who are pretty much death bed sitters (hoping for money) got involved. They even did this with my great uncle that just passed. So to take over,they had some one declare her competant and it was then decided she could do whatever. Four specialist left the case. My Mother had me escorted by security from the hospital. My Aunt whom no one gets along with but by Mom, shoved my Mom off to her daughter who she is now staying with. Now my cousin feels stuck, I feel stuck, and there is no talking sensible to either my Mom or my Aunt. They called me yesterday to ask me what to do because they have no clue about her medical conditions. Yet they made it sound like she was dying but refused to allow me to come over. Because my Aunt said my Mom told her she did not want to die in the hospital (a lie)and they knew I would call 911. My incompetant Aunt and Cousin now see why she needed to come home on hospice. My Cousin wants her to come back to me. But since no legal paperwork is drawn up my hands are tied. My Mom listens to everything my Aunt & Grandfather say because she has been finacially dependent on them for years. All I want is to follow Moms wishes but with pallative care. Meaning she has a home nurse most of the time, and if at any time needed they can follow her wishes, but make her comfortable while dying. She has congestive heart failure. She is refusing everything but nasal oxygen and she has a lung infection. She is going to die. It is not an if it is a when. So in essence my Aunt is refusing to call 911 until after she is dead even if she is suffering while dying. Or if simple measures like say an anti biotic may be needed. So I must focus on the legal obsitical for now. Sorry for the long comment.

        • Danny, I am new here and don’t really know you so you may not be interested in what I have to say. But if you would like an opinion from just a strange mom in cyberspace, may I suggest something that may help you and your mother greatly?

          Ask your cousin if she will allow you (unannounced to mom) to visit her. Go to your mom and hold her hand, kiss her, tell her you love her and will abide by her wishes, and spend some special quiet time just making a pleasant memory for you and a peaceful goodbye for her. Allowing someone you love to go with your permission and without any burden of regret may be the best thing you can do for both of you. Having been, ironically, on both sides of your dilemma, for me a terrible illness and 6-wk hospitalization from which I thankfully recovered and in saying goodbye to a very special step-father who was very tired and frail from long illness, maybe it’s the next step that you and your mom fear. Nothing gave me more peace when I was in my worst health than having my daughter to comfort me. And, too, one of my most special moments was holding my step-father’s hand and telling him that my sister and I would take care of our mom (his wife) and it was okay for him to go home. The suffering for him and the worry for us ended peacefully and without any regrets.

          My prayers are with you, whatever you choose. If your mother has truly made her wishes known, let her win this one. But don’t miss your kiss goodbye.

    • Do you understand any of that? Unfortunately I only speak English and the words I use are only at face value. What does “Black everything ready” mean … or “dee ain’t goin to die tonight”? Ok, here’s the deal. We’ve ALL heard her interview by Crump and (sigh) BDLR. Now, if this gal doesn’t sound like the tape … I’m gonna have some serious moonlight problems. That said, I will enjoy when MOM/West sing Let’s Dance to Ms. Jeantel.

      If you should fall into my arms and tremble like a flower … << go MOM/West

      • Thank you! I already know I don’t understand her when she speaks, or when she tweets. But here she is using pretty regular-formed English words, and yet I *still* haven’t a clue what she is saying…..

  2. I think I would be a handful for West. Sorry it’s late and I’m having sexual fantasies. heh. I just mean I could wear him down in an argument is all. I wouldn’t give two cents for a man that couldn’t handle me in a debate. Men think with women it’s all about looks. << if you think that … you are serious moonlight mistaken. (smile).

  3. Does anyone think Def will have some sort of Motions first thing because of the last witness yesterday? I will miss the first bit, but will try to catch up. Some reason I feel it coming on 🙂 Witness Tampering???

    • Nelson will issue her ruling on allowing the past Zimmerman calls to NEN to come in, then I expect the action moves straight on to witnesses.

      • What other witnesses can the state call that supports their theory? Do you think after yesterday they would dare call W1’s sister? Will they but W8, Rachel on? Will they raise the white flag? Stay tuned…

        • When W8 started to show sings of cracking, Natalie Jackson moved on to W18. She live at the end. Her backyard is near the sidewalk that George walked (east/west).

          She is the retired school teacher who became very upset and when she realized someone was shot and in her call to 911 she describes Officer Smith entering the backyards.

          She went on Anderson Cooper and Ashleigh Banfield’s CNN show but was kept in shadow in her interviews,

        • Besides the eyewitnesses, the state will probably call “housekeeping” witnesses such as the medical examiner and the DNA experts. We also know, from the opening, that the state plans to use inconsistencies in Zimmerman’s various recountings, so more of SPD investigators will be coming in too.
          I think the state will call W8. It made a big deal of her testimony in opening, and that is too big of a ball to drop.

          • Maybe my question should have been, who can the state call that will disprove George’s claim of self defense or will not be torn apart on cross?

            • I know of no such witness. The state’s case is based on conjecture, or what Bernardo would call circumstantial evidence.

  4. Wendy Dorival described Gerge as meek. I have no doubt, for George to pull the trigger, he must have been in great fear. For the record:

    Definition of MEEK (from Webster’s Dictonary)

    1. enduring injury with patience and without resentment : mild

    2: deficient in spirit and courage : submissive

    3: not violent or strong : moderate

    Blessed ae the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5

    • freegz – What a SKANK, I don’t see any positive values. Can DD OPEN the DOOR on TM’s character? Like “he wouldn’t fight, he be a good guy, or he just play fights.” “Can we break, I gotta pee, my blood is gettin high, so am I.” GEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ Louise. I am appalled this moron is going to testify. I find it UNBELIEVABLE her parent’s were “concerned & worried about DD” as Crump had described her family. WHAT A SCAM!

      Is it possible DD/Rachael could be treated as a hostile witness?

      How in the hell did she pass the test to get a drivers license? Maybe she doesn’t even have one, the thought of this skank driving a car scares me to death.

  5. Yesterday, we saw an AA witness openly supporting the Scheme Team and willing to go to court to lie so that GZ would spend 25 years in prison. No wonder MOM was pissed!

    We got even more damaging information as well in that both sisters were interviewed together, so that they could go over their testimony together and come up with a “pooled” version. And when MOM asked Serene if her sister told her she was planning on lying and making something up, Serene almost started crying. Clearly MOM is on to something here. Now we have stealth jurors willing to lie when a young man’s life is at stake. SMH.

  6. ROFLMAO That loon Nappy jackson said w18 was “very damaging” Natalie Jackson@NatJackEsq57m
    Teacher W: VERY DAMAGING…when defending a case IF you have to TRY to impeach every witness…not looking good for ur case. #treadcarefully

    • I didn’t see impeach (although, what would she do with BS witnesses?). Defense wanted to hear facts, not assumptions.

      • A typical nonsense remark by Natalie. The state’s witnesses usually produce evidence that goes to guilt, and defendant’s always want to undermine evidence that goes to guilt. Trying to impeach the state’s witnesses is normal.

    • No. Just what comes into evidence during trial. I think the statements used to refresh the witnesses’ memories also do NOT come in, only the remarks of the trial witnesses while on the stand. Some of those remarks are reading from pages of prior testimony, but the pages of prior testimony are NOT evidence otherwise available to the jurors.

  7. cboldt, can the defense impeach it’s own witness?
    (originally a state witness that is called as a defense witness later on).

    • Impeachment is viewed as attaching to cross examination, so the short answer is “no,” you don’t impeach your own witness, because you don’t cross examine your own witness.
      But, you can call a witness, like W-8, to elicit testimony that was not elicited by the state’s examination. This could resemble impeachment, but technically it isn’t.

  8. Nelson wanted counsel to approach before the break. I hope Nelson doesn’t tell West he has to take it easy on this witness. Cause she would have no right to do that. He represents a man that will spend as much as 25 years in prison, so not really concerned about DD.

  9. We need a translator. This is absurd and she either has no shame or is too dumb to get it. Even Nelson cannot comprehend what she is saying but we knew this was coming. I would love to see her depositions. Who the hell could transcribe what she says and be accurate. When she is asked to repeat what she says, it’s a bit different. Poor, poor court reporter.

    Maybe the defense will declare her a hostile witness. LOL.

    • Jordan, CTH members think maybe she was victim of alcohol syndrome from birth. Actually, I thought THIS testimony was more clear than the tapes we heard and that maybe cause I can see her face. But for “first timers hearing this” I do have sympathy for them trying to understand. The request for repeitition is because she is not going according to the script and bernie is trying to get her back to that. I take it that West is gonna get DD. He is a patient man. I think West will be perfect for her cause I think he does a better job of making a witness go off what they’ve been told to do.

      • Has anyone yet compared her voice to the one on the tape? Maybe the state’s voice experts will be called by MOM to declare this is DeeDee number 2 and not number 1. LOL

      • yes, fetal alcohol syndrome plus “ignorant as fuck’ which is current slang, sorry just keeping it real as DeeDee would.

        Rachel is so belligerent, yet lame commentators(Shafer) are pretending poor little young girl must be so scared and overwhelmed. WTF,what kind of teenagers do these professional normally engage with, is this how their kids behave? None of the hundreds of young people I know would be so lame and incapable of managing this situation. They have dead friends, both from shootings and medical problems.

        There she goes again, the hostile biased judge, West, O’Mara and George has demonstrated incredible tolerance and patience.

      • Ottawa – as someone who has worked w/children w/disabilities, mentally challenged children, & have had several children w/fetal alcohol syndrome in my classroom, DD’s facial structure doesn’t reflect she has “fetal alcohol syndrome.” A glaring characteristic of that syndrome is very thin lips, almost no lips at all & a widening between the eyes which is noticeably different n those children or adults are only a few of the distinctive facial abnormalities for children that suffer from that syndrome. , DD doesn’t appear to possess those any of those abnormalities. Many of those children have :tics,” constant twitching & short attention spans also.

        DD may be low functioning, have a multitude of speech problems & poor communication skills, DD could have a thousand things wrong w/her but she functions high enough to drink & drive. I can’t believe she could get into college as a regular student & pass the testing required, I would speculate she didn’t pass high school english, like Trayvon who too possessed poor English & school record, you can’t force young adults to grasp what the teacher presents, especially if they don’t want to..

        • glad you explained art, and I agree totally with your bottomline comment “can’t force young adults to grasp”.

          • cassandra & Ottawa – I agree with everyone, something is not right with DD. There could be multiple problems but she glaringly suffers from imo, a low IQ. A common trait that you see in a lot of struggling kids in high school with lower IQ’s is comprehension of what is read or said, DD seems to have little understanding when spoken to at times. If Forest Gump’s IQ was supposed to be 75 & he wasn’t an asshole, what could DD’s be? Maybe 80?

            Too, her mother could have done drugs while she was pregnant w/DD, but her blatant assinine attitude is unforgivable, that has nothing to do with intelligence, imo, it has to do with upbringing & class in which DD projects she had neither. I have had many many low low functioning kids in my classroom, especially down syndrome kids & they were polite & sweet with their peers. DD is classless, imo.

        • thanks for the info and clarification Art. I speculated based on her drinking habits and constellations of other issues. Nice to have an expert around.

        • she could be mildly autistic. From what I have been reading she has an extraordinary memory for things like time. That is a characteristic of autism… or rather some attention to detail is a characteristic.

  10. ahhh Bernie reminded me of Gimli from Lord of the Rings there (the movie) where like when he fell off the horse he said … it’s OK, that was intentional .. that was intentional (the Cracka / N word testimony from DD).

  11. Tracy is crying but inside he is prolly saying “Damn my boy could be alive right now and I could be visting him in jail.”

  12. The very beautiful girl with the glasses sitting in the front row is named Rachael. I talked to her outside of court the other day. She works at the courthouse while she is on break from law school.

    Sorry, I have an eye for the ladies. What can I say?

  13. OMG the “parents” are laughing at a text message they received right after Rachel belligerently confronts West about blowing off her disposition.

    These people are all sickos and morons. The state has aligned with the worst of the ghetto, truly scary.

  14. We have VBS ( vacation bible school) tonight. I know many here post the trial recordings. My interest and I misssed most up to this point W8s testimony. If some could please if uploaded direct me to the link with this specific part I would appreciate it. Either reply here, or hit link to my blog comment, or email me. Thanks.

  15. Bill Sheaffer stated DD may have done herself “irreparable harm w/her melt down.”

    I only got to see the last few minutes today, it seemed DD was packing a severe “tude,” that certainly doesn’t make her more credible. She acted like a spoiled brat, immature, it only makes her appear as self absorbed & above being questioned on her inconsistent statements.

    West mentioned he needed a couple of more hours, will he ask that she is considered a “hostile witness?” I assume when he mentioned videos, they were of her deposition in which he will impeach her statements if she has changed them.

    • Hostile witness? Yes!!! I am surprised that has not been done cuz she is certainly po’d and wanted to go do her thing tonight.I am guessing that the state is paying her expenses. If she is not hostile, what is hostile? Tomorrow she may jump off of the stand if she has to repeat that Martin started the fight.

      Notice that Bernie made no objections when West was leading her. Her exclamation of WHAT??!!! was ignored by Nelson. What an ending…

  16. Since others used her phone to text Martin without his knowledge, the state cannot even claim that DD was on the phone with him with 100 percent certainty.

    • But she can testify as to which she sent, etc. Not that the jury necessarily believes her, but she is competent to point out which messages are hers, and which are not hers.

        • WILL it be disproven she even attends college? LSU has a “special education” section college which is for 2 years on their campus so special education students can attend, it’s part of the College of Education. A special ed student would have to qualify to attend under that program. Mostly life skills are taught. how to use public transportation, etc., and ONLY those that have never been a discipline problem are considered, imo, DD isn’t functioning that low. imo, DD probably was pushed through the public school system, she isn’t low functioning enough to have been in a self contained special ed class, but she is below average.

          Unless DD got into college & into a program such as that would I believe she would be accepted anywhere to attend college, she appears to be functioning too low & her illiterate english & communication skills are challenging for her. She couldn’t score high enough, imo, on any ACT test to be accepted anywhere. DD is low functioning, but, she will produce numerous children, might marry, drink/drive & own a car, & scam the the system imo, Her outright disrespect for the Courtroom is infuriating.

          I wonder if MOM/West bothered to check if DD actually attended college, it would just be another lie I guess.

          • NO ONE should get a HS diploma without being fluent in English. That means speaking in a manner so as to be understood by the majority of Americans.

  17. coreshift – thank you so much for sharing with us, I will watch the rest this evening from your video.

    • Tray Daddy seemed a little apprehensive about Rachels testimony.

      I wonder why???

      That was a rhetorical question.

      1) she is lying through her teeth
      2) she was utterly terrible on the stand

  18. Twitter Account Gets Scrubbed In Zimmerman Case

    Deletion spree sanitizes postings of teenage prosecution witness

    JUNE 26–In a late-night scrubbing spree, dozens of embarrassing and incriminating posts were deleted Tuesday evening from the Twitter account of a Florida woman who has been described as a star government witness in the George Zimmerman murder case, The Smoking Gun has learned.


    Was Julison (sp) up late last night?

    • Further, Taffe silenced Nancy about who was ontop when he told her that Trayvon’s pants (the knee portion – each side) were stained with grass. There were no such stains on the knee area of George’s pants. kaCHING !!

  19. One thing DeeDee needs to be pressed on is the letter to Sabrina where said she ‘thought it was just a fight’. That’s totally inconsistent with her current version of events. Think about it. She said today that Trayvon described George as creepy and said that she thought he could potentially be a RAPIST! So this creepy potential RAPIST was following Trayvon, and that concerned her enough that she told Trayvon that he better run. Then later, the potential rapist caught up to Trayvon and she dramatically heard the phone fall into the grass and Trayon saying ‘Get off, get off!’ Oh dear, that sounds serious.

    But then she thought it was just a fight – no big deal? Come on! This witness is full of it! Wasn’t she worried that Trayvon was being raped?! That’s way more than ‘just a fight’! How can she think it was ‘just a fight’ if the above version of events is accurate?! Personally I think she heard George saying get off, and she knows Trayvon went to beat up George (which she’s purposefully leaving out of her story, since the rest of it fits with George’s story anyway). So she thought he was winning the fight, so no big deal. She was aware of his previous fighting habits. It wasn’t until she found out that Trayvon was killed and she was pressured by THE MOTHER (and remember she already admitted to lying under oath because she didn’t want to upset Sabrina who was sitting right next to her) to tell a story that would lead to a conviction.

    • Friar – you make good points about DD/fight. DD stated “TM wouldn’t fight.” What a colossal liar, she knew damn well he would fight in a second, no doubt TM bragged about fighting to DD maybe to impress, imo.

      I hope she shows her butt sorry tomorrow, sadly she thinks she’s smart, but West will tolerate little more of her arrogance & probably declaring her “hostile,” should she continue to be a nut imo. You would think she’d want to get more mileage out of her “Court Nails.” LOL.

  20. Thanks Coreshift for posting the video here today. BDLR heard my pleas to not call W8 today and he did anyway. 😦

    This girl sounds like the March 19th girl to me. When asked for a time, she says 6 something. Consistent with her telling the times in March 19th interview. I think parts of her testimony today was honest but because I know the timeline the running, lost him, found him, confrontation doesn’t make sense in relation to where GZ’s truck was parked.

    Know that GZ hung up the phone with Sean at 7:13:41 and we know at that time clearly GZ didn’t know where Trayvon was and had lost him. She likely does know why Trayvon decided to kick George’s ass and it’s likely the reason she has guilt. It angers me that this kid can be so reckless with the truth and she clearly doesn’t have the empathy on what she is doing to an innocent guy. If she is proved to be intentionally lying to convict her, kid or not, she better be charged and jailed.

    I got the distinct impression that Tracy Martin attempted to hid his laughter as breaking down crying when Rachel told Mr. West he could go. He could just go. Mr. West told her sometimes he takes him time to think of the next question and again she said just go. We are to believe this caused Tracy to cry uncontrollably. I checked some twitter messages and sure enough, others thought Tracy was laughing too. I understand he tweeted he is a FAN of Rachel. Good for him then. It also appeared Sybrina was trying hard not to laugh as well. See guys, Don West can be funny!

    I wonder if she can read. Mr. West could have read it out to her so the jury can know what it is but I got the distinct impression that DD may have trouble reading. She can’t be totally illiterate but I think reading may be a problem for her.

    I think she is sincere about the sadness she feels in knowing she was the last person to talk to another. She made a good point. Shouldn’t the police have called me and the answer is yes, they should have. While she could have helped by contacting them early on, surely it’s standard procedure to contact the person on the phone 30 seconds before the first 911 call comes in.

    I won’t be online much tomorrow either, so I’ll catch up to everyone tomorrow night.

    To Danny: I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. I totally understand the diversity of views in families at times like this. Just listen to that voice inside of you and you will know you are making the right decisions to you and your mom. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • I wonder if she can read. Mr. West could have read it out to her so the jury can know what it is but I got the distinct impression that DD may have trouble reading. She can’t be totally illiterate but I think reading may be a problem for her.


      Do you think West knows she cannot read? I look for him to declare her to be a hostile witness and really tear into her.

      Maybe tomorrow, she will be stirred up enough to stop the trial. IIRC, Nelson is supposed to control her court room? Good luck with that.

    • I hope Mr West lets her know that the SPD should have contacted her, but Tracy wouldn’t cooperate with then .

  21. i was elated to see west ask about her two different statements today. this is just the tip of the iceberg. for example, witness testimony shows that the confrontation happened near the T and moved down about 30 feet. trayvon’s phone was found where the struggle ended up not where it started. if rachel could “hear the phone hit the grass thingy” then why couldn’t she hear a full grown person yelling for help? too many contradictions she will be toast tomorrow.

    • …excellent point about the location of the phone!

      Note, too, that she testified today that again she thought it was just a fight… but she added that she heard ‘noises’ or something (paraphrasing here) and thought somebody there would help. It struck me as an odd statement to say she thought somebody would help on the heels of claiming it was just a fight, ho hum. That seems to indicate she KNEW it was serious enough that help was needed.

      This makes me wonder if what she really heard was John (Witness 6) come out and yell at Trayvon… i.e. it wasn’t Trayvon saying “get off,” it was John, and she may have even heard him yell that he was calling the police.

      Which would also mean that she heard George wailing for help as Trayvon beat him…

      • I think it would be IMPOSSIBLE for her to hear ANYTHING after she got off the phone, which was BEFORE the fight started. Am I missing something in the official time logs, nivico?

        • she was on the phone up until about a minute before the first 911 call was placed, and we know that George was screaming for help before the 911 call was placed

          • i have entirely too many phone logs so I disadvantaged because I do not exactly when her call ended and the precise time the first 911 call began. This is what happens when so many versions are presented to be accurate.

            Sounds like you reallly think she might have heard the beginning and maybe even part of the fight. I cannot imagine Martin being on the phone during any of that time, but maybe he tosssed it without ending the call. Surely, George would have noticed if he was on the phone when Marin approached him. No?

            Only the Shadow knows.

            • True… it has been extremely confusing over this last year knowing which version of the timeline is correct, there have been so so many over the last year

              I’m assuming that what we’re hearing in court now has been authenticated and is correct.

  22. Anyone notice this at TalkLeft. Unless I misunderstand our phone laws, Crump DID have to tell her the national media was there recording her. She was duped and obviously not advised that ABC, and maybe others, would be making money by using her.

    When will Crump be deposed? Maybe he will be arrested during the deposition. Wouldn’t that be fun?

    As to Crump’s interview of her, she didn’t take it seriously. She agreed with West that she was told to repeat things to get things the way they wanted them. She was in shock when she heard he released her statements publicly at a press conference. He had told her only the parents and Crump would be there. (No wonder Crump switched the interview at the last moment from in-person to phone: he didn’t have to tell her the national media was there recording her.)

  23. Wow. That West is one patient man lol

    I think I read comments somewhere, people saying that DD was going to college – but in her testimony today (I haven’t watched the 3rd part yet), she said she was going to high school, and would be a senior in the fall. Obviously, she must have been left back two grades. If she graduates with the same high school diploma that regular people get, IMO that will just be outrageous. As I watched West put a transcript in front of her and ask her to read, my first impulse was to ask her IF she can read – no snark intended. I think West was assuming a lot there – although I suppose he could have ascertained her basic ability to read while in the deposition.

    I was wondering people’s opinion – do you think she notices that other people speak differently than she does? I had to chuckle when she characterized her speech as “low” – the answer is not speaking more loudly – that would just be a louder mumble! She needs to enunciate and pronounce words correctly.

    Will anything come of DD saying that no one asked her permission for Gutman to listen and tape her interview with Crump?

    • I think that the illegal, unauthorized phone interview could get Crump,Gutman and others arrested. That includes anyone who used it. HINT HINT.

      If she did not notice no one could understand her, including the court reporter… well, bless her little heart.

      • What I want to know is Guttman said, albeit on Tweets, that he had other conversations with RJ, so it is possible that he obtained a released then. If so those that mean she is lying now? To make her testimony better, by saying she never sought attention, or Guttman lied about her other conversations? That seems far fetched as he had exclusive clips from the subsequent conversations.

        • Another question for THE SHADOW. Do you remember the shadow?

          Do you recall Corey saying no stone will be left unturned? Maybe she has noticed that there is a liar under every single one on the her side of the court.

            • Thanks for this explanation, Chip. For a moment, I felt foolish saying what I knew I had read repeatedly.

              Chip Bennett said:

              June 27, 2013 at 21:10


              Mike, Do you know if it’s true that MOM made a deal with BLDR about slow rolling out the evidence long ago?

              I believe this misconception arose out of an agreement that was made, on the record, to delay the initial discovery disclosure to ensure proper redacting to protect witness anonymity. That agreement has been misconstrued after the fact as an agreement to general slow-rolling of discovery (and has perhaps been abused by BDLR off-the-record, for the actual slow-rolling that clearly took place).

        • Remember how those tapes vanished? …. only one survived. If Gutman knows more about DD after talking to her, doesn’t that make him a witness? Not sure any longer what protections he has…

            • All I want is for George and Shellie to be free and then I want to see ALL of the truly bad guys face serious consequences for their roles in trying to send an innocent man to prison for life. Maybe you and I could get them all together in one room for a money meeting. We probably have similar ideas about how we can escape the serious accident that happens next.

    • I bet Mom and West know the phone forensics do not add up and we will hear that tomorrow. Bad to Worse to Disaster for BDLR and Corey. But they really don’t care they have a cushy government pension.

      I hope SD is successful. It all needs lots of sunshine and disinfectant.

  24. LMAO! An Orlando Sen GZ supporter has coined the term: “ghettotude” for the self absorbed DD.

    Appropriate I think.

  25. Fla. Atty. Gen. Pam Bondi cannot walk away from this railroading of George Zimmerman. While the focus has been on Tracy, Sybrina and Crump in pressuring Rachel (DeeDee) into cooperating, Pam Bondi was obviously working with the family and their attorney to force “Trayvon’s girlfriend” Rachel into something she admitted she wanted no part of-

    Piers Morgan interview with Pam Bondi, March 27, 2012-


    “BONDI: Well what we’ve done is appoint a special prosecutor. And that’s what she’s doing. Conducting a thorough investigation because ” “we” ” need to get Trayvon’s girlfriend to cooperate which I don’t know if was happening previously. And they may have had good reason for that. But she’s cooperating now. And again, a thorough investigation is being done to ensure that justice is sought for that family.”

    Consider how that “thorough investigation” has turned out now more than a year later.

  26. BDLR clearly pissed off. EXPOSED for buffoonery! Crump went along for the ride w/LE to retrieve DD to come back for her interview WHERE BDLR/Sybrina/Natty Jack/Parks/Tracy were waiting to sit in on her interview.

    DD sitting next to Sybrina, GLAD TM supporters are watching but they think EVERYTHING DD has said has helped the States case. You can’t argue w/stupidity. GZ/SZ will hopefully get their lives back & try to mve forward, TM supporters will still be stupid & sadly not grasp why.

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