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June 28, 2013

Last Pretrial Hearing Held In Zimmerman Case

It’s possible that Rachel may have opened to the door to bring in Trayvon’s propensity for fighting and his profiling of white people in her testimony today.

The defense reserved its right to proffer evidence to argue the relevancy of this evidence and may need to have Rachel come back and tell the jury what she said in deposition.  In an interview with Anderson Cooper yesterday evening, Mr. O’Mara said depending on how the state proceeds, he may need to proffer this evidence and get it on the record.  We just may learn more about what Rachel revealed in her depositions that spanned more than a day.  Whether the judge allows it in or not, the public will know what it is.  The defense will argue to have the jury hear it too.

A couple commentators who post on the side of the prosecutor have asked me if they can post here.  They enjoy the postings and for the most part the lack of name calling here.  I told them as long as they stay civil, everyone no matter what side you support is welcome to post here.  If name calling starts, I’ll shut it down.  I’m way to busy to babysit children.  Act like an adult and have an adult conversation and know you will be welcomed here even if your view differs from mine.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net

Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


95 thoughts on “June 28, 2013

  1. This case is very interesting. How long must this trial continue before there is a call for a mistrial, or at least he prosecution case totally collapses. The judge does not deserve even traffic court because she is really that bad.

    • As a legal matter, even evidence that is not credible “counts” in favor of the side that would benefit.
      The judge will say that “the jury could find south to north (Bahadoor’s left to right) movement, that Zimmerman was straddling Martin (Mora), that Martin was the one screaming (various) … etc.”
      Mistrial occurs when the jury is exposed to evidence or argument that the court determines prejudices proper deliberation; or if the jury hangs without reaching a verdict.
      Mistrial does not occur just because the evidence is lopsided in favor of the defendant, or because the prosecution witnesses are all unbelievable.

      • I am not arguing mistrial. I have not heard anything that equates to mistrial…. not even a joke worthy of a little bit of a titter.

        I do think that some of those witnesses need to be called by the defense for further questioning.

        Things like seeing Zimmerman straddling Martin is acknowledged as being after the shot. The witness saw nothing prior to the shot….

        The movement, if done by the person in sneakers for example could only be of TM heading to Brandi’s place and then backtracking. GZ had on boots, not sneakers.

        So far I have been reading that the prosecution case is extremely poor and their witnesses have either added information not in any other statement which looks a lot like they have been coached by someone prior to the trial. Even the excuses are the same.

  2. Even if Rachael didn’t open the door, the defense has a right to submit reputation evidence to the jury.
    O’Mara is making or offering a gentleman’s agreement that Martin’s reputation won’t come in, as long as the state doesn’t make Zimmerman’s past an issue. It seems to me that many people mistake this gentleman’s agreement as a rule, and O’Mara somewhat feeds the confusion by using “opened the door” when referring to the gentleman’s agreement.

    • W3 might be of some help. She lives beside John Good and saw a white shirt. W13 is the hubby who took the photographs. I’d have thought when they talked with his wife, he’d be called next, but they skipped over him. I wondered if it was b/c they don’t want the jury to know GZ’s spontaneous utterance, “He was beating me up. I had to shoot him”

      • Yes, I think the state is also avoiding officer Smith for similar reason. That’s a tactical choice, to avoid losing on Motion for Acquittal before the defense even puts a witness on the stand.
        As a tactic, I think that is short sighted. The defense can call the neighbor eyewitness, and Officer Smith, and then argue to the jury that the state deliberately did NOT call those first responders, because their testimony was damaging to the state.

          • You misunderstand the details of the law and the motion and the order. The defense can’t mention a state failure to call, if the defense ALSO fails to call. But, if the defense calls, after the state does not, then the defense can mention the state failed to call, in its closing, and can argue that the state failed to call because the witness contradicts the state’s theory of the incident.

      • Great comment on CTH to Hornsby. I agree completely. I think Hornsby take on GZ’s “God’s plan” comment is misplaced and out of context.

    • The court has to rule on the state introducing the DV complaint and bounce-the-ABC enforcer complaints against Zimmerman. Assuming those are admitted over O’Mara’s objection, the state recalls Jenna Lauer.
      I think the state calls W-6, John, so the state is not exposed to the argument that it deliberately failed to call W-6 because W-6 is unfavorable.
      Gunshot forensics. Guy, in opening, said there would be evidence that Zimmerman pressed the gun into Martin’s chest.
      DNA experts, and arguing absence of Zimmerman DNA on Martin, and absence of Martin DNA on Zimmerman’s gun are circumstantial evidence that Martin didn’t cause Zimmerman’s injuries; and that Martin didn’t touch Zimmerman’s gun.
      Sybrina for the proposition that the 911 screamer is Martin.
      The state won’t call Tracy. To many issues surrounding his professed unawareness, lack of concern that Martin was not in the condo when he got back. Plus, too many issues on his initial statement that the 911 screamer was not his son.
      I wonder if the defense will call Tracy.
      I wonder if the state will call Serino.

    • I’ve heard on the radio this morning that the state will be calling Serino today. A part of their report is that Serino believes that the whole thing could have been avoided if Z stayed in his truck. I’m sure the defense will have their own list of what if’s.

    • I read that docket soundings are usually quite boring. The GZ docket soundings weren’t boring. Who knows, maybe we will see Mr. Crump on the stand being questioned about his lies. As he steps off the stand, the deputy arrests him. Justice.

        • One test for admission to trial is “relevance,” which is more narrow that the standard for allowing deposition, which is “could lead to relevant evidence.”
          And, it is permissible to call witnesses who have not been deposed. Not smart to do so, and rarely done, but there is no rule that says trial appearance must be preceded by deposition.

      • Ok call me slow. But it just hit me lol when I read your post. (and after watching Parks lil presser- where he said he would take questions but that Trayparents couldn’t because they were witnesses) THAT is why CHUMP said in that interview that $ybrina would not address the media til after the trial! DUH lol but he made it sound like she was gonna just concentrate on the trial. Pfft

    • I think Tracy Martin would provide drama. So would some of the investigators. Serino and Wolfinger are on the defense witness list.
      It would be something if Zimmerman’s ex-gf, the one who took out a DV order, were to take the stand and defend his reputation. Same with the ABC officer who arrested Zimmerman.
      Otherwise, I think most of the witnesses represent relative boredom.
      Could be some good legal fireworks touched off by Bernardo.

      • 95% of the scheme team claims are just complete and utter nonsense that do not stand up to any level of scrutiny or critical thinking.

        However, I do have to admit, on the surface, the ex-gf DV order is a stain on GZ’s reputation. I think the ex-gf DV falls in the 5% of the scheme teams claims worthy of looking into further.

        GZ’s reputation is important, because one prerequisite should be for the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt is to stain his character and portray him either as a lunatic, or in the very least an unpredictable loose cannon.

        Not only are both not proven, the last 5 years it is the exact opposite.

        But in GZ’s early twenties they have some evidence but they don’t seem to have gotten too much from them. Considering GZ is married to another woman now, and his ex-gf is not testifying against GZ. It is almost ignorable.

        Yet, it is one of the best evidence the state has. It really would be humorous if it wasn’t so sad.

    • It would appear that George is feeling more confident in his defense team as they have very effectively discredited most of the state’s witnesses they have called so far. In fact the witnesses have mostly backed up George’s self defense claim. West was brilliant in his two pronged approach with Rachel. He not only called into question for the jurors her honesty and truthfulness, he also brilliantly got the prosecution antics with how and where the state did their interview with Rachele on the record. Then again it could just be George being the polite and considerate person that he is.

    • It seems that John Good is a very brave man. It appears he stood by his initial deposition and not changed it out of fear (like quite a few witnesses have done so far for the persecution)

      Whew…..that was a big concern for me.

      • I agree with you but I still wonder why he didn’t intervene more than he did. Even if he did not physically attempt to stop the fight, he might have stood there and helped George yell for help and for someone else to call LE, assuming he did not have his phone on him. Just being honest abouit this, but maybe that does not matter to the jury since in today’s world, it is not uncommon for folks to not get involved in altercations.

        When will the state start to puit on their case?

  3. Has there been any indication of the ping logs issue? Do they have them in evidence? Will they be used? Or does it have something to do with earlier testimony that certain cellphone data is erased six months?

  4. Bill Sheaffer thinks, thus far & he stated “things can change when new testimony comes in, that GZ will have to take the stand.” imo, it seems MOM might have expected much more from John since they are meeting in a room in the Court house.

    John stated GZ’s hands were free at one point in his testimony. imo, GZ could have been dazed/confused. I think I’d be shocked & stunned if someone was pounding me, but its just speculation on my part, GZ had enough sense to defend his own life, thank GOD for that..

    • I disagree with Mr. Sheaffer’s assessment thus far. With what Goodman told us we know who was getting a beating. Why is that important? Because those screams have been characterized by both sides a terrifying, chilling, blood curlding, desparate calls for help. Those screams go to state of mind.

      If you beleive those were George Zimmerman’s screams, you can’t reasonably think he didn’t feel he was in mortal danger. One bang of the sidewalk could have killed him.

      Even without the statement that GZ thought he was going for a gun. I think those screams and evidence it was likely him will be enough. The jurors still don’t get, nor does Mr. Schaeffer why there was no following or confronting. But they will when the neighbor testifies where she saw GZ’s truck and then the timeline gets played for them.

      • I agree. I’m trying to put myself in a jurors position, and at this point I don’t think the defense would need to make a case at all, let alone call Goerge to testify. There is way more than reasonable doubt.

        • Same here. Seems tome that Sheaffer leans to the side of info-tainment too often, he is trying to maintain the suspense to keep people hanging on his words. Sheaffer’s assessment of RJ is so flawed it makes him seem disingenuous.

          • Many of us agree. Nelson should ask the state where they are going with this charade and instruct them to start putting on their case for second degree or give up. I mean she has always been in a rush so why is she letting the state prolong the inevitable?

      • The screams are everything. OMara needs to make it crystal clear that the state has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt (>95%) that the screamer was Trayvon, or else they have no other option but to rule self defense.

        There is no possible way the state can prove beyond 95% that Trayvon was the screamer. It is unfathomable.

        If GZ didn’t scream for 45 seconds, I honestly wouldn’t care too much about this case. Because the state would have a somewhat reasonable case for a low manslaughter charge.

        With the screams, it is beyond obvious this is a show trial and political lynching.

        • There will be a direct relationship between the verdict and the specific jury instructions. If Nelson really and truly wants him to be found guilty, she has the power to do it.

          • If the jury verdict is aquittal or not guilty as GZ pled she has no power . If Defense files immunity motions as a part of the verdict Nelson has choice still to instruct on that immunity or not. Nelson can only recommend sentence on a jury verdict of guilty.

            • I guess I was not clear. I was referring to the instructions she will give BEFORE the jury begins to deliberate on the charge.

              • I worry about that too, but I think she has to give proper instructions, or she will set herself up for an appeal. Also, I think she might not be as pro-State as some have made her out to be. Remember that the vast majority of cases she presides over are legitimate cases where the State is prosecuting a guilty person. Defense attorneys are always making ridiculous arguments which makes her look like she is pro-State. I think once she sees the State has no case she will be fair.

                • If she is really fair, then she will rule that the state has no case, dismiss the charges, and grant George immunity with the defense having to ask for it.

  5. Thus far I have yet to see the state prove GZ had a depraved mind which is an element of 2nd degree murder. Most witnesses have been the states.

    • Rest assured, Danny, it is impossible for the state to prove depraved mind beyond a reasonable doubt unless Nelson changes the definition and also uses inappropriate jury instructions. Even if George’s previous calls come in, they will be hand picked and the defense will counteract with other ones.

      Even if this happens, it should also be revealed that the vast majority of crimes in that community were committed by black males and that others also made similar calls about black males.

      • “inappropriate jury instructions” is where I hear/read problems come in IN the State of Florida in particular. I don’t have any links, but I know I read up on that previously.

        • Ignore who is he and what actually happened in hist particular case.. very long story.. but I am posting this so can see what happened to jury instructions when SYG was added to our SD laws. i, rarely, if ever, see any current lawyers discuss this or bitch about the changes. Are they ALL in collusion? IDK but the instructions now are less favorable to the defendant than before. Most of those applies to the SYG provisions of our law.

          You know that Nelson has already been slapped around for her sadly lacking instructions by the fifth DCA.

          Here ya go:


          Daik’s story here from prison:


          Legal analysis and good links on the left side of this page:


          Caution: It’s easy to get caught up in researching this so maybe it’s best to wait until after the trial. LOL

          • When I said, “Ignore who is he,” I meant that his version of what happened is suspect but his knowledge of law is quite good.

    • Nettles – I had thought of that possibility earlier, GZ/SZ were young & getting by, the medical cost might have truly been a concern for GZ & into thousands of dollars if the hospital ran endless test.

      Too, I don’t know how clearly I could have conversed with anyone after what GZ had gone through that evening, yet GZ did all that was ask of him & tried to answer questions & assist..

  6. George swallowing his own blood serves two good purposes. It might be why there was no blood on Trayvon’s hands, because most of it was flowing down into his mouth. Only after George got up did blood flow onto his lips. Also it would be scary if you feel blood in your mouth and you’re swallowing it: George had reasonable fear.

  7. Ex-Chicago Cop: Zimmerman Acquittal to Cause Race Riots

    As Infowars reported yesterday, following the woeful performance of Rachel Jeantel, the state’s so-called “star witness,” a number of Twitter users took to the social network to express their intention to kill white people in retaliation for Zimmerman going free.
    Tweets included remarks such as “If Zimmerman get off ima shoot the first #hispanic/white I see,” and “If they don’t kill Zimmerman Ima kill me a cracka.

    In an article entitled, America Will See Its Worst Race Riot Yet This Summer, Crime File News’ Paul Huebl remarks that the case against Zimmerman should never have been filed in the first place and that when the trial inevitably collapses with Zimmerman’s acquittal, “I fully expect organized race rioting to begin in every major city to dwarf the Rodney King and the Martin Luther King riots of past decades.”


  8. Materful closing question from O’Mara. My transcription from audio recording, any errors are mine.

    O’Mara: Medically speaking, would you agree that whatever he did to stop the attack allowed him to survive it?

    Folgate: It could have, potentially, yes. It depends on the amount of trauma he was sustaining at the time.

    O’Mara: Stopping the attack is what allowed him to survive it, would you agree?

    Folgate: It could have, yes.

    de la Rionda: Would you agree that is pure speculation on your part?

    Folgate: I wasn’t there at the time of the event, so I don’t know the exact trauma that took place.

    • It was a great way to send the jury to ponder for the week-end. I have followed the case from very early on, and I am still amazed at how easily the case is crumbling for the prosecution. I knew that what was going to be presented would be different to what we know due to rules of evidence and the judge, but not this bad. Got to give lots of credit to the defense team.

  9. Tawana Jeeantile (sp) was advised to cover her azz. She told the defense in the depo that some of her texts were missing. She said that there were multiple people using her phone that day to text or call Trayvon. By claiming that there were multiple people using her phone, she eliminated the ability to “authentic” anything on her phone. That means that the defense is at a total loss to be able to say who said what an when. She knows that she rendered the phone records from Trayvon and her are useless. She made them useless by claiming that multiple people used her phone that day.

      • Of course she can authenticate what she said, where she wants to do that authentication. She claimed that there were others using her phone that day. How do you possibly authenticate what she posted, and what they posted? There is absolutely no way to prove who was posting what, where, when etc.

        Rachele (DD) wasn’t smart enough to know that, no doubt but, someone told her to add the additional people who were using her phone so that there would be no possible way to determine who was on the phone with Trayvon and when.

        If you have a cell phone, and you share that phone with others, there is no trace as to who is actually using that phone. None at all whatsoever. Whoever is handing DD has been very crafty and dishonest.

        • I suppose the discussion turns on how you want to define “authenticate.” The only point I’m making is that for purposes of admissibility (not for purposes of truth), her claiming a text as authored by her is enough to get it past the authentication/admissibility hurdle.
          I believe O’Mara and West already covered this in deposition, getting Rachael to admit her argument with Martin.
          If your point is that we don’t even know if Rachael was on the phone with Martin that day, I agree. This entire construct is hinky.

    • Notice that she said the word ‘lies’, not me:

      “I will not sit back anymore and take the lies that are being told. I’m the one that went to the football games. I’m the one who was there when he was sick. I want people to know that he wanted to live with me and his father.”

      Them simply cutting her out of the loop isn’t a ‘lie’. Shitty thing to do? Yes, and she’s upset about that. But it’s not a lie. So I think she clearly means the lies about Sybrina’s involvement in her son’s life. Pretty clear after this interview that it was a media tactic to keep up a ‘good close-knit family’ appearance for the rallies and TV interviews and such, and Alicia knows that.

      • Well, she was clear about saying that she didn’t know what TM’s and his mother’s relatonshiop was like – and she said she wanted Sabrina to know that she never tried to replace her as mother, rather than stepmother.

        IMO, the “lies” she wants to put a stop to are the ones that say he attacked GZ or that he was anythng but a good, loving kid. He loved kids and animals! She doesn’t watch the trial, so she’s just judging the situation based on her feelings about TM, not on evidence. She said she raised him for 14.5 years, since age 3 – then that means she was around the last few years when he started going bad…. she must be in denial….

        That Anderson guy isn’t much into investigation I guess – he passed up lots of opportunities to add new info to the case.

        – why did Sabrina give up her child at 3 years old?
        – why wasn’t there at least a 50/50 custody arrangement?
        – WHO specifically kept her from sitting with family at the funeral? TrayDad, TrayMom, Crump?

        • Doesn’t watch the trial but refers to specifics from RJ, right…. as if we are all so dim we can’t see through manipulation
          She is clearly mad about not feeling properly respected as the stepmom, but she is in major denial, as is Sean Hannity about TM being just caught in the rain, the tragedy and all… such BS, TM was a racist thug, he beat the creepy ass cracker for thrills.

          • Cassandra, I agree with your take on Sean Hannity. On his radio show yesterday he had on a female prosecutor, Mark Furman and a defense atty. as “analysts.” From the get go the female prosecutor stated emphatically that GZ’s injuries were not bad enough to warrant him killing TM. She brought up that even GZ admitted to the first witness that came out after the shooting that he was getting beaten, so there it proves he was just getting beaten. No one bothered to bring up the fact that the next head blow on the cement could have killed him or caused severe brain damage. She spoke as though TM was punching GZ in the arm, or kicking him on the legs. None of them brought up the fact that GZ didn’t have to have a scratch on him before being in great fear of bodily harm or death. Yet these were spposed to be experts. She said that GZ was told not to follow TM but he continued to do so anyway. She thought that Rachele Jeantile (sp) was a very credible and consistent witness. And this woman is a current prosecutor, obviously of the Angela Corey school of just get as many convictions as you can no matter if they are warranted or not. Hannity even remarked that her rate of convictions was very high.

            And yes, I almost dropped my teeth when Hannity said that TM had every right to be walking up close to the buildings because it was raining. Isn’t that what made GZ suspicious of TM to begin with because he was just walking around looking about as though he was on drugs or something?

            • Cbolt is right, he advises watching TV news just makes people stupider. I have watched these programs because of my obsession about the injustice against an innocent man. I viewed more TV shows via the internet in the last year than in the prior 40 years. The result is I am more anxious about the state of humanity, they celebrate irrational ignorance while pushing out propaganda. Hannity is just as PC as MSNBC. Laura Ingram filling in for O’Reilly had a staged drama between attorneys, the banter was only a step above the standard set by Jerry Springer and Oprah. Tiresome and nauseating.

              A new poster on CTH expressed how the cultural relativism on display in this event is nauseating and permeates the the federal bureaucracy in which they have invested themselves in a long career. They shared that some days they think about quitting their jobs and never leaving the house again. Watching these shows leaves me with the same feeling.

  10. Friar – I had understood that Alicia had raised TM for 10 yrs. but she is saying 14 yrs. I feel terribly for her, she is clearly in pain over TM’s death & the way she’s been treated so disrespectfully, imo, she can’t be faulted for that. I guess it’s too painful for Alicia to grasp who TM really was, if she only read his twitter account, she’d have her eyes open to the drugs & trouble TM had been in.

    Tracy, imo is a grifter, moving from one woman to the next, what a scumbag. Clearly Alicia & her girls aren’t likely to see a dime from Tracy’s settlement. I have no respect for Sybrina, she has been judgemental of GZ & his family but look at the mother she CHOSE to be. Sadly, TM was a product of his environment imo, an unstable home & dumped on anyone that would take him.

    • Yeah it’s a really tragic situation all round. Do we have any info about how long it was between Tracy’s breakup with Alicia and the night of his death and around the time when he was sent to stay at Brandi’s townhouse? Alicia said she raised him for 14 and a half years from when he was about age 3, so that would mean she raised him all the way up to 17 years old. I’ve always got the impression that Trayvon’s bad behavior, drug use, and fighting was fairly recent (perhaps a year or so, though also escalating rapidly), and that prior to that he was in fact the good kid they portray him as. Maybe it was related to losing Alicia as a stable element in his life after the breakup? She seemed to be the only person who really did care for him and take care of him. Really tragic.

    • How many adults does it take to raise a child well? In this extended family, there are plenty and they still failed.

      • cassandra – it’s baffling how many adults were involved in providing the unstable environment TM spiraled out of control in & we don’t exactly know how many. imo, we do know Sybrina bellied up for the HOA settlement when she didn’t actually raise TM but she is the bio MOM & legally entitled.

        We know at one point TM was back living w/Sybrina because she kicked TM out & suggested he live w/his dad & I assume Alicia. We know TM was living w/his Aunt & Uncle the ex marine when he was suspended the 3rd time, made his last trip to Sanford & died.

        How many kids did Tracey produce while married to Alicia, that’s in our out of wedlock, I think several. imo, TM’s friends & his lifestyle were more important to him than any consequence that most young people respond to. I too think it was too late for any adult to make a difference in TM’s life, TM was making his own decisions about the life he wanted. Intervention, imo, should have started before the happy kid was photographed wearing the Hollister T -shirt, which was estimated 3 or 4 yrs. before he died.

        YET Tracy/Sybrina have blamed guns, SYG, the color of TM’s skin, & most importantly, GZ .

        • yep, add to that Miami Gardens influence on teen high risk behavior. When I first saw John Good’s interview the next day and how Tracy and his latest gal reacted, I suspected so much. I did a search for videos of Miami Gardens teens, and lo and behold it was worse than I expected.

          RJ has been outed by her peers in tweets as violent, beating people and tossing them in trash cans. Having seen her behavior attempting to dominant West, I am not sympathetic in the least. She is like so many of these ignorant and hostile teens, they are motivated by the lowest form of communicate, dominance.

  11. John Good, in the hope that you read this, as a Vietnam veteran I salute you. You, unlike so many others, held to the truth as you know it. You demonstrated courage under fire, and I am proud to be your countryman.

    • OK, how did you vote?

      Should George Zimmerman be convicted to prevent race riots?

      He should be convicted because he’s guilty and the abrogation of justice will cause riots
      He should be convicted because America needs healing from disease of racism
      He should be convicted because he’s a ‘creepy a– cracker’
      He should be judged on his guilt or innocence – nothing else
      It’s absurd that this issue is even being raised by some. That kind of talk is provocative and inciteful
      Wasn’t that one of the reasons no one was supposed to talk about Obama’s eligibility, too?

    • I LOVED this. Matt Gutless is one of the true villains in this case. And there will be blood on his hands if the GZ’s acquittal causes riots.

      GUTMAN: It was February 25TH.
      TRUTH: It was February 26th.
      GUTMAN: Trayvon was staying at his stepmother’s.
      TRUTH: Martin was a staying with Brandy Green, a girlfriend of his father’s. His mother and stepmother lived in greater Miami.
      GUTMAN: He left for the store at half-time of the NBA All-Star Game.
      TRUTH: He left hours earlier. He was dead before the game started.
      GUTMAN: The “gunshots” are triggering outrage.
      TRUTH: There was only one gunshot, and it was the media coverage that was triggering outrage.
      GUTMAN: Trayvon was “100 pounds lighter.”
      TRUTH: He was less than 50 pounds lighter. The autopsy recorded Trayvon as weighing 158 pounds. Zimmerman weighed in at the police station at 207, fully clothed.
      GUTMAN: “You can hear him stalk Martin.”
      TRUTH: He did not stalk Martin. When the dispatcher said to Zimmerman, who was following Martin, “OK. We don’t need you to do that,” Zimmerman said “OK” and stopped. Gutman edited out Zimmerman’s “OK” and followed immediately with his own comment, “But then came the gunshots.”
      GUTMAN: Zimmerman had a record – “battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.”
      TRUTH: The charges had been dropped. Gutman did not mention that fact.
      GUTMAN: Police have been accused of “correcting one eyewitness, while ignoring another.”
      TRUTH: Yes, but the Sanford PD did so for good reason. They knew that John Good was the only fully reliable witness. The others had seen only shadows.

      • Matt Gutless should have been disgraced and fired a long time ago. His name should be synonymous with yellow journalism.

        After the trial, I hope some honest media sources begin to aim their guns at him due to his atrocious and dishonest reporting and the shitstorm he stirred up.

  12. Incredibly, my comment was approved. Nettles, you might want to put this on the next thread.

    There are quite a few articles surfacing now that are most favorable to George. Do you remember when we first said we would blast the fiction writers with emails correcting their mistakes? Didn’t they begin to abruptly change as if they overheard our plan to “embarrass “them? Hummm.

    Then, all of your tweets began to be heard loud and clear, You have earned great respect among some of the most visible people in the public eye. Good for you..We have ALL made a difference in turning this evil saga around. Congratulations to us.

    Whatcha think now? Maybe you can post links to the good stuff. It would be nice to watch it change from darkness to daylight.

  13. Somebody please tell me that West was being ironic and celebrating the SCOTUS ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8 by eating at a restaurant well known for its ‘stupidity.’

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