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June 29, 2013

How close John Good was to the assault

John GoodThis week saw the beginning of the State’s presentation of their case.  We saw the State call the 3 strongest witnesses for George Zimmerman to determine who was beating who; where they first “talked” to each other, and where they tusselled, rolled or moved to when in contact with each other.

On May 27, 2012 after the first evidence dump of discovery was revealed by the state, Jeralyn Merritt posted what she thought the most likely scenario would be told by 4 witnesses.  In the article she describes W-11 (Jenna Lauer), W6 (John Good), W13 (Jonathan Manolo) and the yet to be heard from W20 (Jenna Lauer’s finance Jeremy).  After hearing from 3 of 4 of these witnesses, it is clear that GZ acted in self-defense.

The media still clings to anything that helps to show they didn’t make the wrong call on who the victim was on February 26, 2012 and in talking to others not so familiar with the case, they still want to know why GZ followed Trayvon.  That will get cleared up in my opinion when there is a fuller understanding of where George’s truck was park in relation to where the T intersection is.  Secondly, why would Trayvon who was just heading home from the store all of a sudden want to beat up someone for watching him.

I reflect back on Rachel’s comment and after seeing a tweet from Coreshift about what is meant by Crazy Ass Cracker, I got to thinking what could that mean?  Rachel said after Trayvon told her this man was watching him, she told him he might be a rapist, he doesn’t know the area or who lives there.  She said Trayvon told her not play with him like that.  Was what she was saying putting fear/anger into him?  The comment about a crazy ass cracker, when asked Rachel didn’t think that was a racist term.  If indeed she and Trayvon were talking about rapists, could they have meant an “ass-cracker”, referring to anal sex?  It’s entirely possible.

I came across this video about Rachel’s testimony of the “Crazy Ass Cracker” and I dare you not to laugh when it is finished.

I have missed a lot of the testimony this week and spent some time this morning trying to catch up before posting today’s thread.  I’ll spend the rest of the day watching what occurred this week to get a better understanding.  What do you guys think?  Does the state have you worried at all?

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

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  1. I guess the state will be putting the ME on the stand sometime next week to testify about the gunshot wound etc. It would seem to me that the jury would get a copy of the autopsy report, along with the full Toxicology report. O’Mara mentioned that TM had pot in his system, among other things, so I must believe that the defense did get the full tox report. So even if the defense is not allowed to bring up TM’s past texts and pictures showing him blowing out pot smoke, the jury will still know he had pot in his system at the time of his death. Will the jury in fact be given the full tox report even though it was never released to the public?

    Considering that the jury is made up of mature women, most of them having children, the pot angle likely won’t go over well with them. Some want to excuse the amount of pot found as being inconsequential because of the low levels we know about. Also, didn’t O’Mara talk about having one of the state’s own experts on drug effects over long periods of time vs an occasional smoker? Will O’Mara be able to call the state’s witness to testify because it is a part of the overall autopsy report? Wouldn’t the changes noted in TM’s liver and brain be indicative of drug and/or alcohol abuse?

    • When George’s cousin’s accusation of molestation came out, TM supporters were convinced this proved he was a child molester. I think this part of Rachel’s story was added later to pose this theory, Trayvon thought George was a “pervert”, making Trayvon even more frightened. I hope the state doesn’t go there. Rachel’s story was weaved out of bits and pieces of known information. The “get off” was added because, after Gilbreath’s statements at the bond hearing they needed some “proof” George attacked first.

      • I agree that this is all new stuff being thrown around out there. If I read correctly it was RJ that said to TM that the guy watching him might be a rapist. RJ was on the phone with TM and didn’t see George, and neither of them knew anything about George. IMO it makes RJ somewhat perverted to even come up with such a statement to TM, or in testimony. The Scheme team is losing badly and they know it. They will just keep coming up with more and more wild accusations that have no merit at all. It’s not bad enough that she claims TM said he was a crazy azz cracker, now he’s supposedly a gay crazy azz cracker. It fits in the same category as those, including RJ, that the term cracker isn’t racist, but nigga is. I laughed out loud when some apologists tried to say that cracker is just an old term for a southern cowboy who used to crack the whip. In 2013 everyone knows what the term cracker means, especially when it is coming from a black person. Robert Jr. just announced not long ago that he is gay, so RJ found a way to claim George as being gay also, and very conveniently. Does she even know that George is married to a woman.

        RJ, and those that are controlling her have some pretty wild imaginations.

        I’ve read some speculation that her comments were made in order to bring the counsin’s testimony in at trial. If that is the case then that means that George swings all kinds of ways from being gay, to raping his female cousin, to being a child molester. I guess we will be reading next that George has 4 more wives, with 16 kids hidden all around the state, and he met them all when he went out for some lap dancing.

        • I am seeing signs of witness coaching in this trial. Very quickly when asked why they didn’t say something earlier, they all come up with I wasn’t asked that before. That they all say the same answer is suspicious to me.

          I’ve no faith in the ethics of this prosecution team. Hopefully we will see justice and watch the end of their careers.

          • Nettles this is also what I was thinking when I saw that those witnesses said something that helps the persecution at the trial but had not stated it before in any of their statements. It sounds like either Crump or BDLR has been coaching them.

          • Nettles- As I was reading what was being posted as to what the witnesses were saying, when the second witness claimed that no one asked her about that before, some immediately picked up on that, and had the same thoughts you’ve had. I believe the first one to use that excuse was the hysterical lady on 911 for 16 minutes. Then I think the next one was Jeanne Menalo (sp). Both of those witnesses were completely shredded by the defense for lying. The hysterical lady for lying about not going on national TV, and for sticking to her story that the gunshot happened while she was on the phone, even though she didn’t connect with 911 until after the gunshot, and that the guy standing shot the guy lying on the ground, which we know is impossible. The second lady Manelo was caught up in trying to say she saw something, but later had to admit that she saw nothing.

            I’m also wondering why BDLR was so insistent that it wasn’t raining that much. Is he trying to deny that the blood on TM, and on the sidewalk from GZ head injuries weren’t washed away? Likewise with the finger prints.

            • Witness 12, Jeanne Melano said that she did see blows being struck by the person on top. So couple that with John Good’s testimony that it was indeed Trayvon on top and not sure blows were being struck, Jeanne debunked that.

              The defense team continued with their good work and showed Jeanne how she is likely mistaken about the bigger person on top being GZ because she was influenced by 12 year old pictures of Trayvon.

                • I think the first one to use it was the left to right witness,Selene Bahadoor. This statement popped up in her testimony for the first time ever. BDLR didn’t seem surprised by it and he asked her follow up questions. In reviewing this witnesses testimony that night, I thought for sure BDLR knew she was going to testify to left to right.

                  Mark O’Mara made it known this was the first time she had ever said that fact and I think it was BDLR who asked her well did anyone ever ask you those questions before and she said no. then the next day, School teacher lady right away says no one asks me and Jeanne says no one asked me.

                  I’m thinking to myself and as I saw a twitter, several others are suspicious of witness tampering.

                  Mr. O’Mara discredited her (Selene) with the facebook “like” of Trayvon Martin page and the signing of the Arrest GZ petition on her facebook profile.

                  • Thank you Nettles. I knew you wouldn’t miss who said what. Do you have a photographic memory? I believe you do.

          • I remember that there was something in one of the SPD reports, which claimed that there was an anonomous call where the caller claimed that George was a racist. Of course the SPD had the ability to trace that phone call back to a particular phone number. Tracy was being kept informed about the investigation by the SPD, and especially Serino. No question that Tracy was repeating every thing he heard to Crump et al. Is there a chance that the Scheme team could have found out the cousin’s identity, and then went after her to come on over to their side. Then this cousin Christina comes out with the claim that Gladys said that she didn’t support Obama, and therefore that makes her a racist.

            To be honest, George’s cousin’s statements sound almost like RJ’s.

            Is it customary that a police department would give every bit of information about an investigation to a family member such as Tracy. Do they just give up everything, or would that just be the Serino approach, along with those that pressured him for an arress.

            • Do you remember Chris Serino telling FBI he felt pressure to bring charges in the GZ case from 3 officers. He named the officers, 2 were black and the 3rd was married to a black person. Here is Sernio’s report to FBI – http://www.scribd.com/doc/99942204/Serino-s-FBI-Interview-2-Pges-1

              One of those officers, I believe it was Terkell Perkins, is the officer who took the anonymous call from W9 on February 28th; the day Tracy went to the police station and met with Serino. Serino said he thought Tracy understood why no arrest had been made but then something changed in him and he stopped talking to police.

              I’ve always wondered if Perkins told Tracy about the anonymous call that a racist had shot his son.

  2. Good recap here by Mike McDaniel on witnesses this week. One thing I would point out is the conversation BDLR had with the court about GZ domestic abuse and restraining orders was discussed outside the presence of the jury. The other thing I would point out is Jenna Lauer was indeed a follower of Robert Zimmerman Jr. on twitter at the time of her testimony. It was the person’s twitter account on the laptop who was not a follower and was suggesting they follow Robert too. I looked at her twitter account myself and can confirm she was following him and I take her at her word she doesn’t understand twitter and followed a number of people she doesn’t know.


    • I follow people who I don’t agree with so who you follow doesn’t not necessarily prove anything other than you read what they tweet in your newsfeed.

      • I think I opened aTwitter account a long time ago, but have no idea of the username or password. I do hope Lauer didn’t mess up with this.

        I don’t know if you follow Attorney John Phillips he’s from Jacksonville and the same ilk as NatJack. He’s a commentator on HLN.


        • He’s exactly from the same ilk. He is a civil attorney and representing the family of Jordan Davis.

          He saw a lot of similarities between how Jordan was gunned down and how Trayvon was gunned down. His biased views on the couple of HLN segments I seen, left him useless to me to get facts from. He has an agenda and he doesn’t hide it.

        • Lauer was a great witness for the defense. Almost as good as John Good, because she heard the three part exchange, which corroborates GZ’s story. Rachel only mentioned two parts.

        • Is it really that important about Lauer following Robert? From what I’ve read, it seemed to be an honest mistake in the courtroom. She said that she has never tweeted not once. Heck some of the witnesses are testifying to information they could not possibly have known unless they watched the “news” on TeeVee after the fact, such as the lady who judged who was on top by the pictures she saw of the 12 year old TM that were plastered everywhere.

          I remember reading somewhere that witness recollection of an event is most likely the most accurate if taken immediately. They can have remember another detail after their statement is taken, but it would be proper for them to call the detective back, and relate what they remembered closer to the time of the incident. Now, 16 months later, they probably have forgotten most of what they said at first if not reminded by their statements. I don’t buy RJ’s testimony that TM said GZ was a creepy azz cracker. She said that she lied in the Crump and BDLR interviews because she didn’t want to hurt Sybrina. The whole Scheme team’s narrative from the get go was that GZ was a creepy azz cracker. Why ever would she think Sybrina would be hurt or offended by that?

          • What I find interesting is the dynamic of when you compare what the prosecution is doing and asking and compare it to all the wild allegations of the Dog Pound, Leatherman, etc. To me it seems that the prosecution has adopted all their wild theories without vetting them.

            In fact, it was on their pages that was suggested that TM thought that GZ was a gay rapist, I was so surprised to hear RJ said the same thing on the stand. Similarly some of the other witnesses have said things that were theorize by TM supporters, only to be completely debunked by the Defense on cross. It is amusing to some extent to have those wild theories debunked so publicly, now they are reduced to in essence argue that TM was justified in attacking GZ and GZ used disproportionate force (gun) against TM. Even that is failing dramatically, as the it brings all the injuries GZ received further into the case and it contrast it with TM’s own lack of injuries.

            • I agree, bori… it’s almost as if the prosecution ~and~ the defense are arguing the case of Huffington Post vs Conservative Treehouse.

              It’s absolutely fascinating to see our real-time commentary jump off the discussion thread and get argued in court

          • The initial (uncontaminated) witness recollection has the most validity. Furthermore, it is very likely that a witness will recall further relevant detail subsequently as the subconscious is always sifting memorized events.

            If the initial interviewer is sloppy, such relevant detail may not come out at the first interview.

            The quality of Initial witness recollection varies widely with the individual him/herself. Some witness initial recollections can be given a high degree of accuracy, other recollections may be discounted.

            One good witness recollection can outweigh 10 flawed recollections. The investigator is trained to make assessments. Evidence at the scene and forensic examination aid considerably in assessing memory accuracy of a witness.

            Many witnesses simply are reactive to a situation since they are not trained to observe and note. A lot of their initial recollections can be suspect as to accuracy of detail.

            BDLR’s interview of W8 was simply an abomination – exhibit A in how not to interview a witness. What Crump did not mess up himself, BDLR bulldozed through it later on. There is simply no way to accurately assess the stand-alone credibility of anything that W8 testified to.

            • I agree. I’m sure the jury will learn along the way that the Mayor released all the 911 tapes and GZ’s non-emergency calls on the eve of Tracy contacted Rachel Jeantel to arrange for her first statement ever in this case.

              Her testimony to hearing grass indicates that some knowledge of the scene was given to her prior to her testimony. While the records confirm they were on the phone, what was actually said cannot be trusted. Rachel testified that she wanted to help the Martin family convict George Zimmerman.

              • Does really mean RJ was on the phone? Or does show “someone” was on the phone? She open that can of worms by testifying that other people used her phone.

                  • She testified that other friends used the phone to talk and text TM. The Defense knows this, noticed that they did not ask who they were. I presume because they know who they were.

                    Did you not find it curious that West did not dig further into what TM and RJ said between the 7-11 and TM getting to the complex. It was a large gap there West did not get into. He just ignored it, but if they recall her as their witness you can bet they will get into it.

              • I don’t recall when it came up, but either West or O’Mara told the jury that the town played the 911 calls for the assembly of Tracy, Sybrina, Crump and others, and pointed out that this goes against “Investigation 101,” where witnesses are isolated from one another in order to avoid contamination of testimony.
                I also don’t recall if the timing of that listen, relative to Rachael giving her statement to Crump was brought up, was particularly pointed out.
                I thought it was very good for the defense to get Rachael to say that she shaded her testimony whenever Sybrina was present – and Sybrina was present for every statement except the deposition with defense, and Sybrina was present in the courtroom.

                • I received email complaints about Sybrina being in the courtroom when Rachel testified. If they have evidence that her being there is reason for Rachel to be less than honest than Sybrina should have been asked to leave the courtroom for her testimony.

                  It will be something that the defense can use in closing to remind the jury that Sybrina sat directly in front of her in the courtroom when she testified and has already admitted to that influencing what she chooses to reveal.

                  I thought the best part the defense got out of her was that she agreed to help the family so that George Zimmerman could get arrested.

  3. Thanks to Coreshift for posting Alicia Martin’s interview yesterday with Anderson Cooper. I didn’t get a chance to see it yesterday. Alicia Martin did an interview in April 2012 in which she revealed the last time she saw Trayvon was 3 weeks before the shooting (that was likely his birthday). She said Tracy and her split-up 2 weeks before the incident.

    Ebony, Tracy’s sister, revealed in a radio interview that at the time of the shooting Tracy was living with her and Trayvon was living with an Uncle. In a March 2, 2012 Miami Herald interview, Ron Fulton (Sybrina’s brother) said Travyon was living with him.

    Tracy and Travyon visited Sanford on the weekend of Jan. 13th and it appears that Trayvon was telling his friends on twitter that he was going to be moving. He tweets about not missing the faculty at Krop.

    I think that Tracy’s split with Alicia caused a temporary living condition that put Tracy at his sisters and Trayvon with his Uncle. Likely for school reasons. Trayvon texts a friend about having to attend one school because his dad was out of town working.

    What a messed up life his parents/co-parents gave this kid.

  4. Pokerfacetodd puts together CNN clips showing it’s been a really really good week for George. What is surprising is this is the week the state started his case against him.

    • On Friday night, after reading everything that went on in the courtroom over the past week, I had to wonder what the jurors must be thinking as they break for the weekend.

    • “But your at home, right?”
      “In a closet. You think I wanted to be in a closet that long?”

      She did not confirm or deny she was at home. Someone suggested (@CTH i think), that she was at Sybrina’s in a closet to nullify feedback that could occur due to the amplification used to record the phone call.

    • It may just be me. BUT I don’t think Rachel was AT HER HOME. When West ask why she didn’t just say she didn’t want do it, Rachel says she was already there. West says but you were Home, you were home when you did interview, and she says IN THE CLOSET. I think she was in the CLOSET where ever the interview was taken at JMHO. Maybe Matt G did or didn’t know.

      • Rachel said she turned her phone off after the interview. She didn’t want to talk to any of them. So how did Matt Gutman talk to her in the days that followed? She knows when she talked to him but didn’t want to even guess when that was. I wondered if she talked to him before the March 19th interview.

        I don’t get why hiding in a closet in the same house Crump and the rest of them are in, what benefit that gives if Matt got to meet with her anyway.

        • Could it be when she met Matt? I would think it could poss be, and possible didn’t realize that it was going to be broadcast. My thinking is, if she didn’t want to do this, and didn’t want to be known in public, I don’t think she would want to meet multi times with Matt. Also, as someone else said about the feedback. Another thing, didn’t they do the Chump interview in an office building or something? I was thinking that the BDLR thing was done at Sybrinas house. Poss I am confused. ALSO Rachel said multi times thanks to West, that She was contacted on SATURDAY MARCH 17 NOT ON SUNDAY MARCH 18TH AS TRACY AND SCHEME TEAM CONTEND.

          • I’ve been tweeting that out this morning. Crump played the media.

            He got the tapes released late on March 16th. I think the meeting with the Mayor was set for 5pm and around 8pm, the Mayor said they would be released.

            Now Rachel says Tracy called her on Saturday, March 17th.

            Crump’s interview was March 19th and Matt took it all to air on March 20th. It even appeared on the breakfast show on Mar. 20th.

            • AHH your right. But see I think that’s why West kept at what he was doing making her repeat the 17th he knows they are lying hahahahaha . LOL She even said NO THE 17 Was on a Saturday, it was the 17th. LOL that m ade me literally jump up off the couch! I can not wait for the Def to bring her back!!! 🙂 Would give a pretty penny to have scene Chump face when he hear/heard this lolol Depo gonna be gooood

                • I totally totally agree! Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall in the room Chump is in? OR was in after he realized DD had been called !!!!! YOU know he Knows 🙂

                    • Did West ask Rachel if she had heard the 911 tapes or GZ’s NEN call before giving her first statement to Crump?

                      Could he have slipped into her questioning about Tracy calling her on the 17th that the Mayor released all those calls the very day before TM’s father called her?

                    • I am fixing to try to listen to her calls again tonight. LOL I will try to figure that one out 🙂 Appreciate cha girlie!

                    • Listening to tape I forgot I missed the first lil bit of 2nd day.
                      An ABClady texted got number from Chump and asked if she would speak with her boss. Matt called and gave Matt the name DD. Sometime after March 19 and April 2nd. LOL She doesn’t say if she was in the Closet that time tho 🙂

                    • lol wonder how Rachel knew TM ALWAYS had his earbud in his left ear with the cord hanging down… just seemed funny her explaining that

        • “I don’t get why hiding in a closet in the same house Crump and the rest of them are in, what benefit that gives if Matt got to meet with her anyway.”

          Nat Jack recently Tweeted that folks were probably surprised at who walked through the door to testify at the trial… I think she probably inadvertently gave us a bit of insight there into her own mind. The Scheme Team were probably equally surprised at who walked in that day to be interviewed ~on camera~ by Matt Gutman and his ABC news crew.

          They had never met her before… and I’m guessing she was, shall we say, not quite ready for prime time.

          After watching Alicia’s interview last night, I wonder if Sybrina and Tracy specifically asked Rachel to not attend the funeral or the wake…

    • Maybe to block out any external noises since they were tecording it. Maybe there were other people in the house or she lived on a busy street.

    • Natalie Jackson owes everyone she lied to an apology. They blindly followed her and believed in her. They went to battle for her every day. All the while she was lying to them and hoping to make herself rich off of their work. She’s an absolute disgrace.

        • I’d be saying, I know it’s been a rough week but the state charged him so we look forward to seeing the evidence as to why next week. Hang in there team, it must be coming.

          To tell them things are going great when she knows it’s been a disastrous week speaks to how stupid she thinks her helpers are. She is disgraceful.

            • Someone said in my facebook group some months back, Trayvon could jump out of his grave and tell them why he decided to beat GZ up and some of his supporters would argue with him about it. I believe that to be true.

              • You are right, they would say he has been brain washed into believing that lie. The only good thing I got is that some sound worried and are expressing it, so there is hope for some.

              • More begging. No, there was a site that did sort of an expose on Leatherman, I can’t remember the name right now. I believe they said he was not working, he lives in Kentucky but is not license to practice there, and he gave up his license for Washington. That is all I remember.

          • Nettles, this is in response to this comment:
            “To tell them things are going great when she knows it’s been a disastrous week speaks to how stupid she thinks her helpers are. She is disgraceful.”

            Reading all of the of the recent articles about the coming race riots, and what will happen next, I understand perfectly well what she is doing and why. This is her assignment. For certain, there will be a very strong public reaction to the outcome of this case.

            I don’t have to use but a fraction of my brain to guess what that reaction will be if George is found not guilty. Even without NatJack and others stirring up the pot, it will be bad, but this group want to make it as bad as possible. If there are going to be riots anyway, then why not make them as bloody as possible, at least enough to call great worry and attention to their “cause.” Remember that the current regime is predominately black. The BGI is NOT going to “lose” this 17 month long battle. Their reaction will prove that they won. I think many others are saying much the same thing.

            Her followers are not actually so stupid in that they know what she will want them to do nor is NatJack “disgraceful” to them. She has been educated/school to lie exactly as she does. I bet you have noticed her well considered tactics. They have become instinctive. One has only to look at her face and body when she is on camera to see who she is. Hey, maybe she studied Hitler and others who could mesmerize the ignorant masses.

            Any thoughts?

            • I consider them homegrown terrorists. If they don’t “win”, riots will occur and there will be several deaths in retaliation. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Nettles – I really like Judge Alex, he is a regular on FOX & a great commentator on many high profile cases for years.

      A movie has just been made on a high profile case Judge Alex presided over in Miami. The brutal murder of a young wealthy couple by a couple of thugs that were on parole & ran a gym, they used the gym to target the young & wealthy. The movie was just released staring Mark Walhberg.

      The other guy is confused or hasn’t followed the case. WHAT ebidence could the State have that will turn this case around? Since there are no Perry Mason moments in Fla. trials due to the laws on discovery, MOM/West have everything BDLR is going to use in his case, but we may never know what was succesfully hidden from the Defense. MOM/West appear confident in their case, I am looking forward to the Defense putting on their case.

      What can Sybrina/Tracy testify to except to TM’s age, and they loved him? I wonder if on cross, if MOM/West will ask Sybrina WHY TM was living at his Aunt & Uncles instead of with her or Tracy.

  5. Does anyone know if Corey and BDLR could lose their state government pensions if they are disbarred? I know it’s a different state, but for some reason I thought Nifong lost his. Don’t know if that’s correct or not.

    • I wrote this at the CTH
      IMO, this is guilt talking. Mr. Good has probably relieved that night quite often since the day of the fight. He went outside and unbeknownst to him at the time, not only could he had stopped the fight, but save a life as well. Try to live with that for 16 months.

      I am not saying that he did anything wrong, how could he know for sure but in hindsight that must be tough to bear. Saying that GZ could have gotten out, may be the only consolation he has.

      • I took his comment that way too. I heard Mr. O’Mara wanted to talk with John in the witness room afterward. I’m sure there is concern for his safety now that people know he was that close and decided to help by dialling 911.

        I don’t care how much BDLR tries to minimize the injuries. At the time GZ is getting beat up and he’s screaming for help, his screams communicate to any rational person his state of mind. George didn’t know about skittles and fruit juice. He did know he called the police and they weren’t there. He did know he called for help and no one came and the saw one guy close his patio door. In his statement given that night, he felt TM was reaching for his gun and he had to make a decision. Even w/o the jury hearing TM was reaching for the gun, there is enough to establish justifiable reason for using deadly force.

        • Exactly, I feel bad for John, since he not only has to be concerned about his family but has to live with the doubts. I am not faulting him, he did what society wants us to do call the cops, don’t get involved, but I know it has to bother him.

          That the State compounds that by filling charges, and forces him to put himself out there which compromises him further, is shameful.

          • For those who want to criticize John, they best remember they can’t have it both ways.

            If they thought GZ should have stayed in the truck, they can’t criticize John for deciding to stay in his house.

            Some are asking citizens to not get involved or look to be treated like George Zimmerman. Will we become even less helpful of others as a result of this trial? Will it be even harder to get neighborhood watch programs up and running. I read the police really could use the help. This case won’t help that effort.

            • Excellent point, very true. The issue is compounded when you think that the places that could be best helped are ones less likely to. After this, and what happened to GZ, regardless of verdict, who would?

            • Nettles and those weighing in on my question. I am in no way shape or form criticizing John Good for anything. I was simply asking a technical question as to how someone could claim that George was pinned to the ground, MMA fighting style, and then say that George could have gotten out from under TM. I have never knocked John Good for not “doing more” as some have suggested. John obviously knew that it was a very serious situation, and yes he could have been put in harm’s way himself if he had tried to physically intervene.

              I also read that O’Mara said during his testimony that he had to arrange for security for John. I also read that John was in fact one that wanted to testify behind a screen as he was very freightened for his and his family’s safety. I am sorry for John that the state and the judge wouldn’t allow some scared witnesses to testify anonmously for the population, as the court would have known who John was. Another evil and manipulative move by the prosecution. Perhaps they thought that John would be to scared to testify honestly.

              • I picture Tracy Martin’s reaction to John when I made my comments here. I can see him blaming everyone else but his son for what happened that night. He can’t have it both ways.

            • I do not recall others actually criticizing him. I, along with others, have commented that although he had other options, he apparently did not consider them at the time. The new ways of society have caused many to think they might could be prosecuted for intervening physically even to save someone’s life. That tiny doubt is enough for many to simply call the cops instead of using their basic instincts.

              It makes me wonder if our basic protective instincts can be permanently altered by the gubmint?

  6. Is it true that John Good said on the witness stand that he thought GZ could have gotten out from under TM during the attack? If that is the case, then that doesn’t seem to match his description of TM straddling GZ, and throwing down punches.

    • John was describing what ground and pound was and said the person on the bottom can sometimes get out from that position and also connect blows to the person on top. Mr. O’Mara asked which one would hold the dominate position. He said the guy on top. John also testified to see GZ try to get up.

      I thought immediately of Massad Ayoob who described the Stand Your Ground Law and in the GZ case he describes how it helps him who ends up on the bottom. He talks about disparity of force. A physical advantage that becomes the equivalent of a deadly weapon. A female attacked by a male has a disparity of force. A physical handicap could be a disparity of force. At 7:14 of this tape, he explains a position of advantage could cause a person to use deadly force. He uses the example of a man manages to get you down they have the position of advantage and you can’t roll the punch off or being down and side-step a punch, and your head is between his force and a hard surface, you can use deadly force to stop the position of advantage.

  7. The big news on Monday was the prosecutor swearing in opening statements and the defense team bombing with an ill-timed knock knock joke. Many missed an important witness and the much debated issue of whether GZ was ordered by dispatch to stay in his vehicle and whether or not he ignored that order. Here is Sean Noffke’s testimony after the opening statements were completed.

  8. I just finished watching Rachel Jeantel’s testimony. She was on the phone with Trayvon when Trayvon circled GZ’s car and she doesn’t mention this. It occurred before he “ran”. Her phone call dropped seconds after GZ said “Shit he’s running”. They reconnected 19 seconds later. There is no doubt, Rachel knows exactly why Trayvon went back to George.

    It doesn’t make sense that she wants no part of bringing the person she thinks killed her friend to justice. She most definitely is a reluctant witness.

    She admitted she agreed to help the Martins get George Zimmerman arrested. Not sure why she stills is getting attention. As a juror, I’d ignore her.

    • At the 29 minute mark of this video, Rachel said she didn’t go to the wake b/c she didn’t want to see the body and she had guilt b/c she was the last one to talk to Trayvon. She says “I was the last one to talk to his son. This is evidence that Tracy talked to her before the wake!

      Later when talking to West, I recall her saying that it was Tracy who informed her on March 17th she was the last one to talk to him. She didn’t know that before he told her. She knew he died but she didn’t know exactly when and she doesn’t watch the news. (I’ll have to find that part of her statement) in the videos.

    • I wrote about this on facebook last Thursday. Her and Parks are NOT on the same page with the race message. Natalie said in an interview for local television that the state has never made a case for racial profiling but rather that Trayvon was criminally profiled. She went on to say, the civil lawyers for the family do believe race played a role in George Zimmerman suspecting Trayvon. At Thursday’s presser, Daryl Parks gave a completely different message.

      Here are Natalie tweets for those not on twitter. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lovlgqhqhgu8x1i/2013-06-29_NatJackEsq.pdf

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