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June 30, 2013

What is the real reason Rachel Jeantel didn’t go to Trayvon’s wake and funeral? Why did she need to lie about it? At the 1:29:00 minute mark of this video, we find out the real reason Rachel didn’t go and we now know why she needed to lie about it.

Rachel says she didn’t want to see the body. Perhaps true, but why not just say that at the time she is first asked? Why make-up an elaborate lie about hospitalization?

The real reason is clear when you hear why Rachel didn’t go to the wake. BDLR asks why at 1:29:23 mark, why she didn’t go to the wake and funeral? She gets upset and says she doesn’t want to see the body. Then she goes onto answer why she lied about it. She had guilt! She learned she was the last person to talk to Trayvon. She said “I was the last person to talk to his son.” This is evidence that Tracy talked to her before the wake! This tells us why she lied about the hospital. She had to come up with another reason other than being freaked out and devastated from learning from Tracy that she was the last person to talk to Trayvon. They knew about her before Trayvon’s wake but they needed those tapes!

You can then skip to the 2:00 mark of the video where Mr. West questions her and she says she didn’t know she was the last person to talk to Trayvon until Tracy Martin told her. She doesn’t watch the news. Her friends didn’t know.

Rachel was on the phone with Trayvon when he circled George’s truck. When Travyon tells Rachel George is getting closer, this is likely him walking to the T-intersection where he is hiding to see if George Zimmerman comes looking for him. Rachel knows it because she connects with him again 19 seconds after he “ran”.

They knew they were lying to frame an innocent man and they did it anyway.
I’m not a body language expert but I think Rachel has a habit of touching her bangs when she lies.

What do you think?

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

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  1. As Rachel explained to Mr. West, what is the first thing police do when a person dies in the show “The First 48”, they check the phone to see who the last person to talk to them was.

    That is the first thing Crump did when he got this case and Tracy cooperated with Crump’s private investigator. Crump had Tracy call Rachel and let her know she needed to talk to them. Then Tracy told her that Crump would be getting in touch with her. Because of the Radar Online Article that said Crump advised her she was the last one to talk to Trayvon, I think it was indeed Crump who told her this dramatic news.

    She became so overwhelmed with the news, she didn’t attend his funeral. She was emotionally distraught over this news. A source told Radar Online that in April of last year and we heard it ourselves from Rachel in her testimony to BDLR on Wednesday. Upon learning that she was the last one to talk to his son, she had guilt.


      • Feb. 26th – George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in self defense
        Feb. 28th – Tracy told police it wasn’t his son screaming for help on 911 call
        Feb. 28th – Tracy sought help to sue others – calls sister-in-law who calls Crump
        Feb. 29th – Local NAACP Turner Clayton Jr. emailed the police chief asking for mtg. to discuss this case
        Mar. 2nd – Wake held for Trayvon Martin
        Mar. 3rd – Funeral held for Trayvon Martin
        Mar. 8th – Family holds presser at Natalie Jackson’s office. Tracy tells reporters he won’t help police get into his son’s phone
        Mar. 9th – Family files complaint to get 911 tapes and GZ call released to the public
        Mar. 15th – Wolfinger requests FDLE help with investigation of Zimmerman
        Mar. 16th – Family and lawyers get meeting with Mayor to discuss tapes released
        Mar. 16th – At 8pm that night Mayor agrees to make the tapes public; the police didn’t want them released
        Mar. 17th – Tracy calls Rachel Jeantel and says from his phone records she was the last to talk to Trayvon
        Mar. 18th – Crump says Tracy called Rachel late on this day – Rachel contradicted that in her courtroom testimony
        Mar. 19th – Rachel gave “personal letter” to Sybrina, did phone interview with Crump w/ABC present
        Mar. 20th – Crump held a presser telling the world and police about Rachel, Wolfinger announces a Grand Jury will convene
        Mar. 21st – Wolfinger says a subpoena is going out to Rachel Jeantel (Crump refuses to give her info. to Wolfinger)
        Mar. 21st – Students at Trayvon’s school are “officially” told he died
        Mar. 21st – Sybrina Fulton files to trademark 2 phrases “I am Trayvon” “Justice for Trayvon”
        Mar. 22nd – Wolfinger gets called to Gov. Scott’s office with Bondi and agrees to sign a letter asking for a Special Prosecutor
        Mar. 22nd – Chief Lee steps aside
        Mar. 22nd – Scott appoints Angela Corey to investigate and prosecute this case. Bondi promises no stone unturned
        Mar. 27th – Bondi announces Rachel has not been cooperative and she hopes that changes soon on Piers Morgan
        Apr. 2nd – BDLR meets with Rachel Jeantel in Sybrina Fulton’s home. Rachel is told a grand jury testimony likely won’t occur
        Apr. 9th – Corey announces the Grand Jury scheduled to convene the next day will not be needed
        Apr. 9th – GZ sets up his website pleading for financial help
        Apr. 11th – Corey announces 2nd degree murder charges against George Michael Zimmerman

        • Ok, I was thinking about this on Friday night and I was thinking that Rachael knew she was the last one to speak with Trayvon on the phone the night he was killed BEFORE there was any knowledge of that fact and that is WHY she did not go to the wake. It was because she KNEW exactly what had happened and I think she may have heard more than she is admitting. And now that you have done this timeline, I’m sure of it…unless there is something I’m missing. I wonder if the timing on the phone records will show the possibility of her having heard the gunshot.

          I was hoping that West would press her as to why she wasn’t concerned when she could not reach Trayvon later that evening, but for some reason he did not. They had been talking ALL DAY and she can’t reach him and had just heard what she thought was a “fight” and she’s not concerned? I know she tried to text and call him back, but I don’t know how many times she tried. I want to know if the records show her calling him later that night or the next day. I “think” she testified that she had heard rumors the next day at school that he had been killed. I wonder if she tried to call him then?

          • Rachel’s call disconnected from Trayvon at 7:15:43. Jenna Lauer (W11) connected with police at 7:16:11 and the gun shot was at 7:16:56

            Rachel or someone from that phone was talking with Trayvon at the time he circled GZ’s car so yes Rachel does know what Trayvon’s mind was and I suspect she told his parents too but they wanted an arrest and she is trying to help them with that. She admitted it on the stand she was trying to help get him arrested.

            George says “Shit he’s running” at 7:11:40. At that point GZ is sitting in his truck and Trayvon “skips” behind W11’s house and out of sight. It takes GZ 8 seconds to get out of his truck and TM is gone by the time he gets to the T-intersection.

            When Trayvon ran or skipped at 7:11:40, Rachel and TM’s call disconnected or dropped again at 7:11:47. His running likely caused the signal to drop. They reconnect at 7:12:06 and the line remains connected until 7:15:43. So she knows exactly what Trayvon was doing and planning. She wasn’t concerned. As she testified she decided to fix her hair for school during this time of events.

            GZ stood talking to Sean looking down the darkness of the T intersection and finished his call with Sean at 7:13:40.

            I think it was at this time GZ decided to walk through to RVC to get a house number and upon his walk back, he told Det. Singleton that night he looked down the dog-walk again and didn’t see him. When he got beside W11’s house on his way back to his truck TM called out to him. “What are you following me for!!”

            W11’s corroborates that she heard them “talking” to each other there in a 3 part exchange.

            • Where is that video that the defense is holding back?… LOL

              Nettles said: Rachel’s call disconnected from Trayvon at 7:15:43. Jenna Lauer (W11) connected with police at 7:16:11.

              That is a total of 28 seconds. Assuming that it took those 28 seconds for Laurer’s call to connect, then again assuming that DD was actually on the phone when it “disconnected” what do you deduce happened during that time? If Lauer called the very second she first heard noises, then Martin seems to have ditched the phone and started his assault at that moment.

              • I think both Rachel and W11 heard TM call out to GZ at the “T” shortly before 7:15:43 “Why are you following me for?” or “You got a problem, Cracker?”

                I think the exact moment that TM punched GZ in the face is the time that Rachel’s call disconnected; 7:15:43. Jenna Lauer heard them scuffle and move into her backyard and then into John Good’s backyard. She was quick to decide it was serious and after her husband’s cell doesn’t work, she uses her cell to call and she connects at 7:16:11. We can hear 45 seconds of what the neighbors all heard and we heard the gun shot at 7:16:56.

                • In the interview with BDLR, Rachel says, “Trayvon bump…someone bump Trayvon” so it sounds to me like a slip of the tongue and the truth is the first thing Rachel said. Guilty knowledge, thus her feeling guilty.

              • Yes you are right. I had caught it too and as I have an edit button, I changed it to the correct time. 7:11:40 is the right time. I apologize for any confusion.

            • I thought I read that in W11’s testimony she said she heard one person say “You have a problem”? and then “no, I don’t have a problem”, and then “well you do now.” I believe those same words are close to what GZ said in his interrogations at the police headquarters that night. Maybe someone can listen to W11’s testimony again and see if that was what she said.

              • She was clear. She heard voices. She did not hear the words. She described it as a 3 part exchange.

                O’Mara asked her could it be “I have a blue car” and then another person said “No you’re car is red” and then the first person replied “No I’m sure it’s blue”. She said yes, that could be the 3 part exchange she heard but at first she couldn’t tell how many people was out there. The first exchange was dominant the second one quieter and the first one dominant again.

                I noted Mr. O’Mara described the quieter one as “meek”. Jenna agreed. I smiled.

                • She was very clear about the three part exchange, and that is huge. RJ described a two part exchange. She also said she heard someone a couple minutes earlier. That would have probably been George talking to the dispatcher. I doubt she would have heard TM talking, as he was running, or skipping, when he went around the corner at the T

            • George said “He’s running” at 7:11:40, but I have always assumed that TM actually started running away when GZ said “These aholes, they always get away”. Why else would he have said such a thing? If you time it from there, it’s about 40 to 45 seconds before he opens his car door. He clearly didn’t want to give TM the impression that he was pursuing him. Which makes sense when you consider that he thought TM might be armed.

              • I think the “always get away” line may have come as Trayvon walked east on TTL (possibly with George creeping along behind him in the truck), and George thinking he’s going to keep walking until he gets to the back gate and then “get away” before the cops get there.

                Then when Trayvon gets to the east-west sidewalk that forms the crossbar of the “T”, he leaves the street and runs quickly around the northeast corner of 1211 TTL where the truck can’t easily follow him.

                It is, I suspect, at this point that we hear George announce that he is running and then hear George getting out of the truck with great alacrity.

                The part I’m most not sure about is whether the truck was moving (slowly) at the time or if it was already parked (for the second time, the first being at the clubhouse).

            • So this “creepy ass-cracker” is watching Trayvon and Trayvon takes off running and the signal drops and she calls back and it connects.

              And this is such riveting drama that she decides to go work on her hair?

              I guess it must be true, because who could possibly make up something that unlikely sounding?

  2. “I’m not a body language expert but I think Rachel has a habit of touching her bangs when she lies.”

    YES! She acts pitiful and strokes her bangs ~or~ she smiles and looks up and to the right 😉

    I think pitiful is when she can’t remember the lie she’s supposed to tell and she has to think about it, and smiles is when she remembers the lie right off the bat.

    • Notice in this post that Jeralyn Merritt said she received the defense’s first reciprocal discovery yesterday. The tapes of Sam’s Club, etc.

      I would think all the media who has access to get the paid redacted discovery go this information yesterday and we may see news of it pop up today.

    • But they all continue to describe the altercation as a fight, when all the evidence says assault and battery.

        • It appears that the author of the article closes his piece with the fact that he recognizes a familiar travesty brewing. I would bet he is referring to the Tawana Brawley and Chrystal Magnum cases. You would think that even some on the left should start recognizing that when Al Sharpton shows up in town, starts screaming his race baiting meme, the situation is anything but what old Al is claiming it to be. Has Sharpton ever showed up in town and been proven correct that there really was racism involved on the part of the defendants? Not to my knowledge.

          As to the Chicago anti-gun lobby and anti-gun politicians, I keep coming back to the fact that Chicago is one of the toughest on banning guns, yet they likely have the highest murder rate, involving guns. So many have posted the stats on any given day in Chicago on how many were killed or shot in just 24 hours, and it just keeps continuing to happen, over and over. Haven’t I read that black on black crime in Chicago is rampant, and that they are eliminating their own race? Why do some of the loudest mouthed anti gun politicians in Chicago, who are so completely ineffective in stopping the slaughter, so incompetent? Or are they? Then I think of Rham Emmanuels brother Ezikel Emmanuel(sp), and his high placement on the Obamacare death panel. Some lives are more worthy and valuable than others.

          I remember a time when Americans were well known to be able to accomplish anything they set their minds and hearts to. Seems that sentiment now belongs with the dinosaurs.

      • Just as the family is backtracking about race being a motive, the media is following right behind. Funny how they, without admitting they are responsible, say that there might have been a rush to judgement. Hypocrisy at its best.

    • I thought this was both a honest and very disturbing interview.

      challenging him. Hornsby is wrong about his opinion that GZ is a douce, ( what a stupid word to describe what exactly.

      Hornby admitted the unspeakable about GZ fate. GZ has been sacrificed on the altar of black rage. I am profoundly disturbed by this official lynching of an innocent man and the destruction of his family and for what.

      While it seems a positive trend that even idiotic, gun-hating, hypocrite such as Piers Morgan now includes qualified, sensible attorney admitting there is no legal case against GZ, they allowed a horrific travesty of justice, and this does not seem to bother them.

      GZ killed to save his life. I knew this when John Good was interviewed on the Monday following the shooting. But we now have thousands of irrational violent people willing to kill GZ as vengenance for a lie, TM was not innocent, nor was he going to buy Skittles, he was going to get a blunt to smoke dope.

      This month in my hood, two gangsters got into a minor fender bender with an Asian 23 year who was driving home from a Sat night p/u basketball game up at CAL Berkeley. When the young Asian man pulled over the gangsters shot him to death. This is the second murder near this major intersection in which non-blacks were killed during minor fender bender with black self-styled gangsters.

      If blacks want to know what “the TALK” is for a mother of young white adult males is it goes like this, “always, always size up with all your instincts anyone approaching you who represents outwardly as gangster, never I mean never get into any argument, they are looking for an excuse to shoot you”

      My oldest now mid 20 is a bike commuter and racer. During his last year of high school he was riding home from rugby ( he took up rugby after being jumped) I heard an altercation out front and turned my attention from cooking to listened. Altercation go to violence very quickly among wannabe gangsters. It turned out to be my son, a lump rose in my throat, I stood still waiting hoping for the altercation to end peacefully. My son was being harassed by a car load of gangsters who claimed he disrespected by giving them a disapproving look at the last intersection. My son did argue back at them, they got the last word, warning him they would hurt him, they got some psychological satisfaction and it ended there.

      When my son come in rather than show sympathy for the mistreatment he received, I went into survival training mode, and admonished him to never under any circumstance do anything but succumb to their dominance. GZ tried to appease the hostile TM, but it was not enough, TM was out for blood.

      sorry for the long message and terrible outlook, but I needed to get it out, the truth is eating me up inside. I am profoundly disturbed by this TRAVESTY against GZ and his family.

      • one sentence was mistakenly edited out, I wanted to say that I appreciate the great minds at the CTH challenging Hornsby in a dialog.
        forgive any misspelling ie vengeance, I am not focusing well this morning, I am very upset by this injustice and feel helpless against the lies.
        part of me wants to protest out in front of the courthouse that Judge Nelson is allowing an official lynching an a crime victim to appease the hate of black bigots.

  3. I thought that the prosecution usually started strong using their best witnesses first but maybe they are waiting until Monday to get down to business to reveal all of their bombshell stuff.

    OTH, if they started with their best, this week is going to be tiresome but maybe BLDR will make us all laugh.

    So what does everyone think? Have we seen the best they have to offer already? Surely, if their case gets any worse, Nelson will have to think about ending it due to boredom and lack of interest.

    • No, they have laid the groundwork, they still have to connect it to how GZ was this enraged, wannabe cop, criminal mastermind. Since they are proceeding in chronological order, I expect the ME to testify, maybe Serino or Gilbreath as the investigators, and then whatever they plan to use to show GZ was what they are claiming him to be. School professor, MMA instructor, etc. for instance.

      • Wake me up when and if they begin to put on a case. LOL. At this point, there is no evidence whatsoever to support the charges. I would have loved to have been inside the minds of those 6 jurors this weekend who, doubtless, wondered why the state was presenting witnesses and evidence that supports Georges’ claim of self defense. I bet they are saying, “This ain’t the same as TV.”

        • You are right, all they have created is perhaps some doubt. After the ME, is when they will start to connect the objective evidence with the subjective circumstantial evidence they hope to prove GZ is a liar and murderer.

          Nothing of the original evidence proves malicious intent, but combine it with other things like his attending a gym that teaches MMA style fighting, his classes about self-defense law, his denial to the Police Academy, etc hoping to turn the innocuous into a killer.

          • “You are right, all they have created is perhaps some doubt. After the ME, is when they will start to connect the objective evidence with the subjective circumstantial evidence they hope to prove GZ is a liar and murderer.

            Nothing of the original evidence proves malicious intent, but combine it with other things like his attending a gym that teaches MMA style fighting, his classes about self-defense law, his denial to the Police Academy, etc hoping to turn the innocuous into a killer.”

            I simply cannot see how combining any of these things could be connected in any realistic way to prove the elements of second degree murder.

  4. Her feelings of guilt need to be explored by the defense if they can by calling her back. She does exhibit deception in her body language and the defense should get their jury consultant who is an expert on that kind of thing to go over her testimony and decipher when she is being deceptive. When someone finds that they were the last to see or talk to someone alive (in this case it was George Zimmerman and the witness Mr Good and not this witness) they feel sadness and relive what they said or looked like, etc. In this case she was the last person on a phone call and feels guilt? Would she feel guilt if she was talking to him and he died in a car accident? Her language skills and cognitive ability are so poor that we cannot be sure what she means so she needs to clarify what she felt in finding out she was the last friend to talk to him, why she uses the word “guilt” rather than shock or sadness to describe it, and exactly when and who told her she was the last person to talk to him which is a lie as Zimmerman and Good were the last to see and talk to Martin. Does she have survivors guilt? Was she part of the planning to assault Zimmerman?

    • I think she either egged him on or he told her what he was going to do and she thought it was funny. It’s obvious neither of the them liked white people.

    • She got braces back in March according to her Tweets…

      …that can affect your speech depending on the type you get.

      I just find it interesting that a young woman who can’t pay her own phone bill is getting expensive cosmetic orthodontics work done.

      RJ also seemed almost sedated on her second day of testimony, at least compared to the day before… the Scheme Team tried to explain it away as she just got a good night’s sleep (medicated sleep?)

        • Doesn’t anyone think the Crump recording with DD was illegally obtained? We have some damn strict laws in Florida about this. And where is that parental permission form that the parents designed?

          • Could be why ABC / Matt G didn’t play or release their stuff. Chump “released” his recording of DD.

            • Crump is an attorney. ABC is a major network. Both intentionally violated the law as did the other “adults” who were present. ABC profited by their actions and Crump planned to do the same, This is one of the specific reasons for our laws. If ABC threw away any of those tapes as they claim, then they admit to destroying evidence. No one would ever LOSE them accidentally.

              • If those tapes were made without permission, then they have to destroy them. I think that will be their defense. Remember that at the time no charges had been filed and the last major press conference was 3 days earlier when Chief Lee and Serino said that everything they had pointed to Zimmerman’s story.

        • RJ mumbles,she is not one to make an effort to enunciate her words, it is part of her general attitude problem and style, and according to her friends has always had a speech problem. Overbites do not cause speech problem, nor do braces.

      • come to think of it… how does the Scheme Team know whether or not a sequestered witness got a good night’s sleep?

          • Serious questions:

            In a normal trial, what are the consequences to a sequestered witness who violates the court’s order? Next questions are what are the penalties for those who talk to the witness and how can any of this be proven?

        • One of the lawyers on Twitter. I THINK was Hornsby, but could be wrong, stated that the jury is only ones who are sequestered. Witnesses are just under subpoena.

          • Natalie did say that Rachel was in the custody of the state authorities and that they didn’t have access to her. Yet she went on to talk about how tired she was the day before but she got a good night’s sleep and hence the change in court.

            Natalie clearly thinks the public is stupid.

            • Thank You. LOL there is sooo much out there, I know I have missed a lot more. I just remb thinking for some reason that the witnesses were seq too, until that tweet. I had a DUH moment. I feel she prob was out of them trying to keep her from the public. Prob a few more like that too. I remb the commentator for WFTV saying that Nasty Nat had told them the evening before that they had gotten Rachel a good attny, paraphrasing , Now that we know who her attny is, makes me wonder how long he has been.

      • braces do not affect speech. What affects speech is when you have a plate. It is extremely difficult to pronounce a k… I know because I had braces on my lower teeth and plates on my upper teeth during the whole time I was at school.

  5. I have to agree, ackbar. That is not the same voice as that just testified. No way this is RJ on this call. This voice is much higher pitched than RJ.

    • They don’t sound the same. It may be the reason she blew off the questions about the March 19th interview and advised the interview meant nothing to her. If it’s not her, she is related to the person talking. I wonder if Rachel has a younger sister.

      • Syntax, word choice, voice quality and sound, not the same girl.

        Nelson continues to protect Crump. Crump needs to be prosecuted not GZ.

        I wish some local would protest with this on a sign out in front of the court. If I had the cash to waste on a plane flight I would do it.

      • I think the person in the recording has the same qualities in the voice of the person we heard on the witness stand. I think it is Rachel. We saw while on the witness stand that Rachel “could” speak more clearly and quickly when she was mad or when she wanted to. In the interview with Crump, she sounded a bit excited, and maybe it is true she just wanted to hurry up and complete the interview and be done with her involvement in the case. Crump had to tell her to slow down. Or maybe she was on some kind of drug that made her hyper OR she could have been sober. Either way, like I stated before, I can still hear the same quality in the voice of the person on the phone and the person on the stand. I can agree that there is a possibility that it could be someone in Rachel’s family on the phone since family members often sound like one another. Just my two cents. 🙂

        • When I first heard her testify, I thought she was the same girl as the March 19th interview. She does have similar qualities. When ackbarsays tweeted out ABC’s clip today and I listen to it, I can’t picture Rachel Jeantel talking.

          Hoonon1st may have provided reasons for that, the speed of the recording, etc.

          We don’t have enough information to know for sure so until more comes in, I’ll take it at face-value she is the same girl as the March 19th girl.

          • I’ve heard that Easy Bake voice analysis software is selling at bargain basement prices. In case that doesn’t work, Alan Reich can listen to both tapes 700 times each but that can cost you $70,000 easy. LOL

      • We need to hear what the state audio experts have to say on this. That is the one true way to get to the bottom of this.

    • Ackbar – I have to disagree here.

      The url I just listened to sounds like it has been speeded up a bit. Even Crump does not sound like Crump.

      Crump’s voice is a bit higher, and he speaking faster. That is not the way the Crump normally speaks. So I think that the difference between RJ at the trial and the girl on the interview is a matter of the tape being speeded up a bit.

      Secondly, while it is possible, that another girl had been substituted, this would entail a conspiracy involving a lot of people – something that is less likely. The prosecution and the narrative are so far off the tracks that they do not need additional conspiratorial acts to complement their (hopefully, unsuccessful) efforts.

      • why do you think RJ mentioned that other people used her phone that day, the two girls could have been together talking with TM.

        • Cassandra – that exact part escaped me. I understood (and I may be wrong) that RJ said that her phone had been used by others, in addition to there being messages missing, but that she did not precise that the phone interaction during the crucial time period was by anyone than her.

          • I think RJ lied and was evasive. Everyone is trying to fill in the blanks and make sense of the senseless.
            I am hardly a conspiracy type, but I think Crump conspired to create a horrific fraud and we do not have enough information to short it out yet. I truly feel for West and MOM, hands tied by an unjust judge, facing the real potential of a wrongful conviction and criticized publicly for pressing a hostile witness to explain herself.

        • I have to wonder if DD ever told the defense in her deposition that others had used her phone that day. From the texts that were released by the defense in their discovery dump, they indicate some of the texts that were from DD. I believe they included some of the texts that had to do with drugs and guns. Was it DD that said that her mother got her a gun for her protection, or something like that> In court DD said that others were using her phone, and I wonder if that wasn’t introduced so that DD could claim that the texts that could get her in trouble with the police were not hers. I would have to believe that the defense would not have attributed DD texts that she didn’t say in the depo. were hers.

          I personally do not buy the story that DD had guilt because she was the last person to talk to TM. She was likely forced to say she had guilt by those that have manipulated and coached her. I have no doubt that Sybrina tried her damndest to make DD feel guilty because she wasn’t willing to come to the defense of the innocent little black boy, and to defend the black boys against the racist creepy azz crackas. I’m convinced Sybrina threated the family in some way. RJ went from I didn’t go to the funeral because I was in the hospital, to admitting she lied in the Crump and BDLR interviews because she was intimidated by Sybrina, to she didn’t go to the funeral because she doesn’t want to see dead bodies. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to see TM’s dead body. She doesn’t want to see any dead bodies. Rachele Jontel doesn’t like white people, and she agreed to go along with the narrative that we have to get justice for these young blacks that are being killed bu the whites, or the white hispanics. She admitted that she wanted to see GZ arrested, and so did Sybrina also say that they only wanted an arress. Crump admitted that the arress was only the first hurdle to those massive lawsuits for wrongful death.

  6. The way RJ and this Crump interview girl pronounce certain words…I didn’t hear that in RJ’s testimony. Listen to how she pronounces store – as stow (once sounded like stora). Remember how RJ kept saying “Yes, sir?” The girl in the Crump interview would have said, IMHO, “yes, sa.” And, I’m also inclined to believe RJ had all the church tweets because of what the crump girl interviewed had said about church in the beginning of her interview. I think MOM and West need to go over both those interviews, pick out words that are pronounced differently and make RJ repeat them as much as possible.

    • I noticed when Rachel was on the witness stand that she often pronounced the same word differently. She would use the ghetto pronunciation at times and then the next time she said the word or repeated what she had just said because West could not understand her and she would pronounce it correctly. Some in the black community can speak english clearly and precisely, but when they get around their friends or on FB and Twitter they will revert to street slang.

      My husband works with blacks and he can tell when they are on the phone with friends and family vs speaking to colleagues.

  7. If RJ gets recalled and begins pronouncing words differently we’ll know we have 2 different interviewees. It’s beyond me how anyone can say RJ and the Crump girl sound alike…? It’s like night and day to me.

  8. On April 26, 2012, Alan Dershowitz went on Megyn Kelly’s show to explain a Probable Cause Affidavit and how woefully lacking it was in the Zimmerman case. Knowing what we know today, Dershowitz looks brilliant as we look back.

    • It’s too bad that Megan Kelly didn’t take Dershowitz ideas to heart. Lately she has been slamming the defense and GZ if I am reading commentary correctly. Didn’t she spend a lot of time on West’s knock knock joke when there was so much more important things to cover in that testimony? Meghan Kelly has proven that she only takes the side that she is told to take by Fox. She’s done that on a number of occasions. It would be a very hard choice between a high figure salary and taking a stand for what you believe in. I believe Kelly was a former prosecutor. So you have that. So was Nancy Grace a former prosecutor.

  9. Why didn’t Crump want to call Rachel back on a land-line? Do it have anything to do with why she was in a closet and why they couldn’t do the interview face-to-face?

  10. Put on that testimony video at 2:37:00 and watch a bit. Then keep an eye on the blond woman behind the parents. watch her eyes/reactions.

    Then go back to watch when rachel first said “Creepy Ass Crackas”. She does the same thing.

    Who is she? What’s up with her? She seems more invested in it than the parents.

      • I truly hope not.

        Hey if you get a minute and can recall did the 5th DCA provide Nelson with any directions on how to instruct the jury on self defense? or was that discussion here and the CTH referring to the prior appeal by a defendant whose rights were violated when Nelson failed to instruct the jury correctly? do you recall those discussions, and what was the case overturned on appeal?

    • The amount of time that Gutman allocates to a non-sensical inane ice cream story, and makes it the lead, reveals where his head is at. Or more directly, where it isn’t.

    • Do you have a copy of crumps depo he gave the state…Did he not say he had never met DD..yet he was in the car .when they pick her up!!!!!!! am i wrong??

    • That also complicates his assault on George. If he knew or even thought George was on the phone with LE, I doubt he would have attacked George. However, it’s possible that when DD “teased” Martin about the white cracker and inferred that a white gay man was “interested’ in having anal sex with him, he went ballistic. Just a thought.

    • While George was walking down the sidewalk when he lost sight of Trayvon, he was talking on the phone with Sean Noffke. If TM was hiding in the bushes or somewhere close by, he very likely heard George talking to the police. Interesting that TM waited until George hung up the phone with Sean, and then he went after George.

      I haven’t paid close attention to the timeline by the seconds, my bad. When was it that DD was disconnected with TM? Didn’t the TMobile guy say something about voice mail showing up as connected or something like that?

  11. I’m still fascinated and intrigued by Francine Serve, who helped DD write the letter, and also accompanied her on the trip to Jacksonville last Aug., and worked with Sybrina. Didn’t DD tell the defense that she didn’t know Francine’s last name in their depo with her? In court she knew her last name, and disclosed that she worked with Sybrina. I don’t have the slightest doubt that Sybrina has something on DD and/or her family members. Her new lawyer said that she really didn’t want to be in court last week. I believe it. She also said something about not wanting to do the interview with Crump, but Sybrina got her mother to say yes that she would. I hope that whole mystery is revealed.

    • That is why she needs to be recalled but as a defense witness. Those question you brought up could be considered outside the scope, but if she is a defense witness they can ask her what they want. I believe like you there is more there than what has been told, unfortunelately we may never know as the case may be over by then; or the Defense may feel they do not need it to acquit GZ and run the risk of rehabilitating RJ and Sybrina.

      • Good point Bori. Last week reading the comments around the web as West and O’Mara were crossing the witnesses, I was reading you have to ask them this, you have to ask them that. I kept thinking that the defense atty’s were doing cross of witnesses the state called, and some lines of questioning would have been out of the scope, as you have said.

        You mentioned that the case may be over by the time it would go to the defense. I guess many of us never thought it would even get this far. One must wonder just how much bleeding the Corey prosecution office will bear before they call uncle against the brilliance of the defense team. Then I also think about the state atty. gen. stepping in with the Duke LaCross case, and dismissing all charges and declaring the players innocent after he saw the railroading of them that Nifong was doing. Any one willing to take bets on Bondi doing likewise for Zimmerman? I’ll wager a gazillion dollars that she will retain her front row seat on the Orange Blossom Special all the way to the end of the line.

        • One difference is, that in the Duke LaCrosse case the State’s Attorney General, was not involved in the case. In this case Bondi step in it early, so there is no where to hide, she picked Corey, she spoke publicly with TM’s family and she it clear whose side she was on.

          If she gets further involved, it will be for political expediency and the optics are all wrong for her. She is best to do as the Governor and wash her hands of the affair, leave all up to Corey and on Corey.

          • boriuafudd – If I remember correctly, the Civil Suits were Federal in which the players/families/Coaches got the financial settlement from the Duke University. The players had sued originally on their “Civil Rights” being violated.

    • It was “quite a sight to see”. Geraldo laid it out for him on the Zimmerman on bottom Trayvon on top from a witness not more than 15ft. away. Yes, the denial was unbelievable and yes, I’m looking for the same video.

    • I think this is what you may be looking for. It is another good YOUTUBE Channel. Just type in Trayvongeorge

      • Sorry I didn’t do that right, but if you go to that site, it has the video you are looking for. I think that’s the first page there

        • Weird. when I got the email, it was the Daryl Parks interview in it, put what posted here was Bahadoor’s witness tape.

          This happened to me earlier when I posted one of Coreshift’s video’s. I’ve edited your first posting to save the readers any confusion. The one you meant to post is there now.

          • thanks lol it was my fault. the first time, it put the YT CHannel there then I figured out how to do the video I ment, Thank you

      • This is our own Coreshift’s channel. He has done awesome work.

        The video the others are looking for is Gerlado Rivera and Darryl Parks last night on Fox. I haven’t been able to find it either.

        • Don’t know if this works right or not I got this from google and the fb page of this channel

          Fox 35 WOFL

          Geraldo Rivera will join us during our next recess break in our live coverage of the George Zimmerman murder trial.

          WATCH LIVE ONLINE –> http://www.ZimmermanTrialOnFox.com/

  12. Is anyone aware of any case where old Al Sharpie rode into town on his horse named race-baiter, and the so-called victims he was protesting for ever won in a court of law.

    Interesting little factoid. Tawana Brawley changed her name and moved here to VA. A few months ago she was nabbed and taken to court here in VA., and the judge ordered her pay to be garnished until she totally pays the civil judgements awarded to those she falsely accused of raping her. She left town back then and never bothered to pay a penny of those civil awards for those she wronged.

  13. Nettles. Did you see this? I really think you guys should see this:


    Summary: Basically W8 states on the stand that she was in her closet. But the audio from ABC, the clean one, shows off what seems to be a smoke detector chirping due to a need for a new battery. The problem is that it changes from being loud to faint and moves forward. In other words, either the w8 story of being in a static place, such as a closet, is bunk, or it was somebody else entirely (who would have been moving around in the house/apt during that phone call).

    • I hadn’t seen it. Thanks for posting it.

      That is an interesting observation. I recall someone talking about the beeps we heard throughout the recording and there was some talk about it being a timer on the recording equipment.

      I remember thinking I heard thunder on the recording at one point and when I heard Rachel say she was in the closet I wondered if it was b/c of the storm. I quickly discounted that b/c she made it clear that once the call was done, she could get out of the closet.

      • Your right…west ask her about tracy calling her, she says tracy called her 2 times…Its about 10 minutes after west starts talking to her…

  14. Nettles, I agree completely. She was lying through her teeth.

    I would have believed her story if that is what she told the police shortly after the incident. A story concocted in front of Sybina and Crump? No way.

    She knows Trayvon assaulted GZ.

    • The Monitor’s reporting has been very biased on this case, I sent in corrections a few times over the year and never saw changes.

    • As I recall the last time I looked through that quiz at the once respected Christian Science Monitor, I knew more about it than they did.

      But then again, the questions are more about issues surrounding the case than the facts of the case itself.

  15. Attorney for Trayvon Martin’s friend talks about girl’s testimony

    Rachel Jeantel’s attorney calls testifying ‘tremendous experience for her’
    MIAMI –
    An attorney representing the teenager who said that she spoke with Trayvon Martin before his fatal encounter with George Zimmerman called her testimony “a tremendous experience for her.”
    Rachel Jeantel returned to South Florida after taking the stand Wednesday and Thursday. She appeared polite, frustrated, and sometimes combative while testifying.

    “English is not her first language. They made a mockery out of her in some situations in social media,” said Rod Vareen, Jeantel’s attorney. “They talked bad about her. They castigated her in other circles, so she has been listening, if you will, to what people are saying. I’m sure she’s been hearing a little radio. We’re trying to tell her don’t listen to radio, don’t watch television, stay away from this case as much as you can — just go back to being a 19-year-old teenager.”

    • I think it’s a little disingenuous to say “it’s her 3rd language”. On the stand, she said she spoke English at home and at school. We don’t even KNOW if she even speaks her mother’s first language, or her father’s first language, particularly as they apparently spoke English in the home. Her language issues seem to stem from being in a black neighborhood and school where improper English is considered good. Her being 2 grades behind in school may be an interaction between her low intelligence and her participating in the underachieving culture. And as far as her going back to being a regular 19 year old – lol well you can’t go back to what you haven’t achieved yet….. I do believe she’s learned to lie, though, and learned the importance of putting one over on whitey – even if it puts an innocent man in jail – so I can feel no sympathy for her.

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