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July 1, 2013

George Zimmerman trial

It’s expected that Chris Serino will testify today and I’m hearing the state may rest its case as early as Wednesday.  Today is Canada’s 146 Birthday and I plan on watching every minute of today’s testimony uninterrupted.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net

Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


130 thoughts on “July 1, 2013

  1. Happy Canada birthday, Nettles ! I am 1/4 Canadian; my grandma was born and raised in Elora. I remember my family taking her there for the town’s 125th birthday – but that was 80s – so I think maybe Elora is older than the country around it….? In any event, happy Canadian birthday!

    • I used to work for a furniture manufacturer in Elora. It’s a beautiful town. Surrounded by Mennonite workers, they created beautiful pieces. I personally loved the home baking myself.

      Elora was founded in 1832 by a British Officer and incorporated as a village in 1858. So Yes, it’s older than Canada.

      • Exactly correct coreshift. He is the loose cannon.

        Serino was demoted for some reason associated with the case. He was the person who was not all that pleasant with Zimmerman. However, at the end of the day he supported the notion that this was self-defense. Has he changed his mind?

        I wonder what he said when he was deposed by MOM and Don West.

        Remember he is not an eye witness. He is just a detective who was demoted.

        • He will be compromised and will skewer George. He is on record, though, stating IIRC that he felt pressure to press charges but I think, like deedee, he will have to go with a script for his own interests. I don’t trust it. I hope I am 200% wrong.

          • He will be compromised and will skewer George.

            How, exactly? Zimmerman’s allegedly “inconsistent” statements about immaterial aspects of the case?

            if that’s the case, the State opens the door to entering Zimmerman’s testimony-via-statements without ever having to take the stand. I’m not sure that’s a door the State wants to open. But they’re stuck; maybe they’re just desperate enough to try it.

        • LOL It will be funny on cross when they ask him what his current position is and how long he has been in that position!!!!!

        • Notice how they explained those demotions away? They made it sound like it wasn’t a demotion, rather he’s gone back and forth within the department several times. Well, maybe he’s been demoted several times? OR maybe it truly is SOP but they also use these transfers when it is convenient.

  2. No doubt the defense will show the presser Serino did with Chief Lee where he himself said that everything GZ said was lining up. I also wonder if they can bring in Serino’s testimony with the FBI where he said that he filed charges because he was pressured to do so by 2 black officers, and a woman officer who is married to a black man.

    ABC radio news (haha) this morning reported that there will be 2 officers who will testify who did not believe George’s story that night, and of course added that this all could have been avoided if George stayed in the truck. Can’t wait to see O’Mara slam Serino with that only being his opinion, and that George had the right to get out of his truck. How do NW people watch, if they are not allowed to actually watch, which is what Zimm did.

    Reading Zimm articles around the web, the comments sections almost exclusively are supporting George. Of course there are the few holdouts that still think he is guilty of murder because he got out of his truck when he was told not to.

    • If Serino gives that opinion that Zimmerman should have stayed in his truck, I’d like MOM to engage in a series of questions like this:

      Now, officer Serino, how long did you say you’ve been a police officer?
      Okay, good. In that time, can you estimate for me how many people you’ve arrested?
      Okay, good. Of all of those people that you’ve arrested, what percentage of them were arrested for getting out of their truck?
      Okay, good. I have here a copy of the Florida Statutes. Can you tell me which statute is violated when someone gets out of their truck?
      Okay, good. Since you’ve now testified that getting out of your truck is not a crime, would you say that George Zimmerman had a legal right to get out of his truck?
      You certainly wouldn’t have arrested him for it, right?
      Even if you assume that getting out of his truck was somehow the wrong thing to do, does Mr. Zimmerman still retain a legal right to defend himself if attacked?
      If that attack escalated to the point where Mr. Zimmerman feared for his life or feared suffering great bodily injury, wouldn’t you agree that he had a right to use deadly force to stop it?

  3. I am being forced to kicked my feet up for the day. Both my eyes look & feel like I got my a$$ kicked in a ring. Wish I could share a good story. But it appears I am allergic to my kids chinese darwf hamsters! Whodua thunk? I have regular allergies just never had any to any animals. Hamsters? Come on!

      • Nah. I consoled 3 kids after their Teddy Bear hamster Hammy died. (which I had no allergic reaction to at all)
        Hammy is frozen in the freezer being preserved for future revival from science. Lol. Besides if I go near those things again who knows what would happen to me! And one dead hamster in the freezer is enough.

        • So I ponder… They have all live animals now. A Leopard gecko (Severus) & 2 Dumpy Tree Frogs (Romeo & Juliet) Now two hamsters (Lilly & Rose) and refuse to bury their animals when they pass on, what the heck am I gonna do with dead frozen animals when they figure out we cant pull a frankenstien? The joys of parenthood I tell ya!

  4. Baez offered trial analysis and talked about a former client, Chris Serino, who was the lead investigator in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin. Serino had recommended that Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter. Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder.

    “Chris did an extremely thorough job,” Baez said. “As the trial unfolds, there’s been very little criticism about the investigation and the specific work of Chris. He did exactly what he was told through the course of the investigation, until it became outright political.”

    “A first-year law student could win this case with the evidence that they have,” Baez said. “That doesn’t say George Zimmerman is innocent or guilty. I just think that the lack of evidence that this prosecution has … with the inability to rebut the claim of self-defense is really going to be the defense’ case to lose.



  5. Then it should be quite interesting to see a very experienced attorney cross examine Serino.

    Baez is tiresome, so full of himself.

  6. cassadra – no doubt, Baez is full of himself, but imo, he is right in his opinion of this case, he continues to say the State can’t prove their case & he is interviewed in the National Media as opposed to the smaller cable stations which, imo, is good for GZ.

    I guess the next to testify is going to be Sybrina to state again, it was TM’s voice on the audio? Nakasone has already testified a person that has known the person their entire life would be good to recognize the voice. (para phrasing.) I wish the Defense would show just how little Sybrina raised TM but I’d be surprised if the Defense exposed her.

    • Agreed. I doubt Nelson would allow the defense to ask Fulton about where Trayvon lived.

      I find Shaeffer to be biased as well. He wants us to believe that there is only one grieving parent, Sybrina, and that George’s parents can not recgonize their son being attacked.

      I can’t stand to listen to WFTV commentary between testimony, selective in how they frame the issues.

      • Agreed. I doubt Nelson would allow the defense to ask Fulton about where Trayvon lived.

        I disagree. If the State attempts to use Nakasone’s testimony to bolster Sybrina Fulton’s testimony that the screams were Trayvon Martin, and Nakasone’s testimony relies on familiarity, then it is relevant to establish exactly how familiar Fulton is with Martin’s contemporaneous voice.

        • As soon as he said that I thought to Anderson Cooper’s interview with Alicia Stanley who said Trayvon spent 90% of his life at her house.

          She on Dr. Phil wasn’t sure it was Trayvon and she asked Ostermann if he thought it was George screaming.

  7. You know, after listening to Rachel testify about how she and TM were making homophobic comments on the phone about George…

    I’m betting what George actually heard Trayvon say was:

    “You got a fucking problem, homo”

    not homie

    The state is prosecuting the victim of a gay bashing.

  8. I don’t understand the state’s thinking here. They just made the decision to keep George off the stand very very easy. I noted Mark O’Mara had a huge smile on his face all the way through Singleton’s testimony.

    They had set-up quite nicely for us to hear from Sybrina Fulton and then didn’t call her. Are they saving her emotional testimony for the very end? Is so, everyone is going to be so convinced it’s GZ screaming by the time she gets up there, she is going to viewed as not facing reality.

    • I don’t see how they can put either Sybrina or Tracy on the stand:

      Tracy originally claimed it wasn’t TM’s voice…

      Sybrina couldn’t identify his normal speaking voice in the fight video…

      (though I’m guessing she probably could, she just didn’t want them to have an authenticated exemplar for comparison)

      • I agree. I couldn’t believe they put out that statement that she didn’t identify his voice on the video-tape when he was laughing.

        The State had given that to potential experts as an authentic sample of Trayvon’s voice and then his own mother says she’s not sure that’s him.

  9. Bill Sheaffer said “the State has made a fatal mistake. Singleton has testified for GZ, unless there are glaring inconsistencies in other statements/videos GZ has given.” Sheaffer critical of BDLR for “not even preparing Singleton she would read in Court because she didn’t even have her reading glasses.”

  10. Jamie Foxx Wears Trayvon Martin Shirt to BET Awards


    Seems J Foxx is wearing a different T-shirt than the -Shirt he wore at the MTV awards, I HOPE Sandy Hook parents gave Foxx/Scheme Team HELL for promoting TM with their innocent childen’s pictures on that T-Shirt.

    Maybe the Scheme Team thought this shirt might be more profitable with only black ink used, MUCH cheaper to produce & can be sold for less than $ 10.00.

    This is a big platform for Foxx to promote racial hate imo, to young people, their targeted audience.

  11. Nettles – in reading the comments on that article, MANY didn’t fall for this, yet another propaganda opportunity. Many calling Foxx a racist, I agree.

    • I agree. No doubt about, he’s a racist. His comments in New York made it clear to me the Foxx didn’t know the Martin family. He thought Tracy was waiting at home for Trayvon to return from the store.

      He’s not interested in this case for anything more on that it gets him talked about when he goes in public wearing a T-shirt that the foundation hopes to sell.

      • Considering it has since come to light that TM was looking buy a gun…

        Foxx may as well have put Adam Lanza in the center of the t-shirt.

        George likely saved other lives that night besides his own.

        A broken nose wasn’t enough bleeding for TM, he was looking to escalate the violence.

      • I don’t think he’s racist. His wife is white and his daughter is half white. I think he just took a strong stance on something without bothering to find out any facts first and never reassessed that.

        • Yeah….Jamie Foxx is a true believer. A card carrying Trayvonite.

          I somehow suspect he is the type that believes what they want to believe and will gladly fit the evidence to support their preconceived beliefs.

      • Seems to be a flaming conflict of interest. ABC must feel confident in defending themselves in any lawsuits coming their way. Unless someone was following the case closely as we all are, imo, many wouldn’t understand the extent Gutman has manipulated his reporting.

      • Add him to the newly revised NBP “wanted dead or alive” list. He and Bernie can share George’s safe house. Crump & NatJack will have to hide in the back of that “bus.”

    • Singleton said that GZ’s “inconsistencies” were normal.

      What I’ve been saying all along.

      Trayvonites head exploding in anger (and stupidity).

  12. Watching the walk through again I am struck with the fact that George recalled Sean words exactly as he said them, yet he had not heard the NEN call recording. Only an aware, honest and engaged person could do that.

    So many have described GZ as not a very smart person, to me, he is plenty intelligent, trusting, naive but definitely a smart guy.

    • I have to agree. His recall of details is excellent considering what he had just been through. I’m not sure I could have told detective my name after being through what George went through.

  13. Singleton and Serino try to blame GZ for not managing the situation using hypotheticals, GZ gently and not accusatory reminds them the cops did not show up quickly.

  14. Sheaffer stated: “GZ won’t take the stand. The jury heard TM reached for GZ’s gun,” validates GZ’s claim of self defense.

  15. Bill Sheaffer – “big day for the Defense.” Ask of Sheaffer, “the State just picks up their boot straps tomorrow” & Sheaffer responded, “it may be too late.”

    BDLR has left to call: ME, Tracy, Sybrina, & who else?

  16. 4 of 5 Officers working TM’s case are working different jobs.

    Four of the five Sanford police officers most closely involved in the Trayvon Martin homicide investigation are no longer working the same job.

    Chris Serino, the lead detective, transferred voluntarily to road patrol in July. It was not a demotion and he took no pay cut, according to an agency spokesman. Serino took the stand Monday.

    His boss, Sgt. Randy Smith, was promoted to lieutenant two months after the shooting and retired in January.

    Capt. Robert O’Connor, who oversaw this and other major crime investigations, resigned in February and now works as an investigator with the State Attorney’s Office in Daytona Beach.

    Police Chief Bill Lee Jr. was fired by City Manager Norton Bonaparte Jr. in June after Lee took a voluntary paid administrative leave a month after the shooting, saying his continued presence as agency head had become a distraction.


    • Oh, come on. You know damn well they are saving the best for last. The best may very well be Sybrina exposed to be a lying sack of sh-t. MOM can do that with his warm up gloves and never even have to use a knock out punch. She will not even know what hit her until Crump tells her, “Darlin’, they gotcha. Let’s go have a pillow fight.” 😀

  17. Mr. O’Mara asked Chris Serino if he thought George Zimmerman was telling the truth when he said “God, I hope someone taped the whole thing” and Chris Serino said yes.

    Then Mr. O’Mara looked down at his notes, and I’m yelling, pause, pause, pause, don’t ask another question, end it there! and he did!!!!

    Great Job Mr. O’Mara that was fantastic. I’m reading this cross-examination is going to be taught in law schools in the years to come.

    To the entire defense team – thank you for your work in this case. You guys are doing great!

  18. What a difference a year makes. This time last year, we were all hoping Judge Lester would get a 2nd bail and let George out of solitary confinement. You’ll recall it got granted after the July 4th holiday and at the steep amount of one million dollars.

    Reflect on that and what the state has done to this innocent man who tried to look out for his neighbors. This occurred because the state was too afraid to tell the black parents their son caused his own death. So they brought charges in a case that pointed and was corroborated to be self-defense.

    • Art,

      what do you make of Jeralyn equating of the Martin family disinformation with George’s variations in his retelling of his story?

      • cassandra – I too thought that was a little odd that Jeralyn assigned equal weight to GZ & the Martin Group.. It seems the family gets a pass on everything, even from the Defense at times, I assume to keep from appearing they are bashing the loved ones.. We’ll see on cross if MOM or West ask the hard questions like where was TM living when he died, why not w/you Sybrina? Or calling Tracy’s hand on the evening TM died.

        imo, the inconsistencies of GZ’s stories have not been significant/major, but I support GZ. It reminds me of a wreck I had in my twenties, it was pretty bad & I was calm when the police arrived, but when I left the hospital hours later, I fainted. Like a delayed reaction to the traumatic event. For TM supporters that hate GZ & have convicted him without a trial, to them GZ’s minor inconsistencies equate to GZ being a murderer. Man times people remember later more information, I don’t think it’s uncommon imo.

        It does seem Jeralyn has called out “Precious, DD, RJ” spot on, but the jury is going to be left with believing DD or not. The States case is worse than I thought, or it might be that BDLR’s performance is worse than I expected. BDLR acting asinine to Singleton was a mistake imo, there is a side of BDLR that is despicable.

        What are your thoughts?

        • I think GZ is a crime victim. I think when no one came to his aid and TM saw his gun GZ reacted and his life is forever changed, hopefully soem good can be salvaged.

          I do not know if the any of the Martins and their attorneys ever told the truth, except for maybe Jarvis.

          I think everyone should be asking “whose the Emmet Till now ?” it is George. When George violated the first precept of thug culture
          “whats ya looking at” he became a target of Trayvon’s anger.

          Honestly, I am mostly disgusted by the hypocrisy and exploitation evident daily. I agree with DiwataMan that the lack of courage on the part of nearly all except George is truly sad. I was impressed with the intelligent dialog between OMara and Serino today, they were respectful and serious, quite refreshing.

          I think people should blow up their TVs.

          I allowed myself to immerse myself in the case because I hoped that if enough of us supported George we could protect him from the evil coming for him.

          I told my 22 year old son (raised in the capital of social justice:Berkeley) about Serino closing out the trial today. We joked about justice versus social justice, I expressed my personal hope that if Crump and Co is punished just maybe the grievance industry will lose some power. My son was fast to respond. “No, as long as blacks do stupid things they will blame racism”.

          Nothing good will come from this. I am as pessimistic as Diwataman on that point. I greatly admire O’Mara and West and the team. It is apparent they truly care about their client and have the skills and smarts to win this case.

          Today there was a funeral for a young black male at the corner church. I spoke with one of the deceased friends while watering the front yard. The young man was killed in a car crash, wrapped the car around a tree coming home from a party. We talked about risk behaviors and the fragility of life. The friend was a dark skinned tall, thin, and handsome black male, extremely polite and kind. I did not feel any division when sharing thoughts about the human conditions with this young man and we even discussed the fact that his friend might have caused his death by being reckless. TM caused his death, he had a choice. What disturbs me greatly about the social divide in this case is TM supporters, family, friends are so full of hate, anger, and cognitive dissonance, I don’t want to cross their path. I do not trust them. They seem most intent on maintaining their privileges accessed through racial solidarity than on building a shared humanity.

    • Reading Jeralyn’s post and her access to the telephone records in discovery we learn:

      Chad talked to Trayvon at 7:04. Then he called him 9 more times that night and it went to voice-mail every time. Did Chad hear the shot? He called Trayvon 5 minutes after the shot. Here are the times Chad called 7:22:40 • 7:46:24 • 8:36 • 8:37 • 8:45 • 10:03 • 10:23 • 11:42 • 12:23am

      Tracy said he called several times that night looking for Trayvon after he got home but his phone records has only one call on Feb. 27th at 12:49 am.

      • Nettles – do you think Chad was alarmed if he heard the shot & TM not returning home? Chad could have called Tracy & told him TM didn’t return that evening BUT “juvie” was Tracy’s first call when searching for TM, not LE looking for a missing loved one.

        • The times of the calls to Trayvon’s phone does seem to indicate Chad knew something was wrong that night.

          Note Tracy called minutes after Chad’s last call. Did they all go to bed thinking Trayvon had been arrested.

          The next morning Tracy said he made Brandy call Juvenile Detention and then they phone the police to see if anyone named Trayvon Martin has been arrested. Meeting with negative results, the 3rd call was to non-emergency to report a missing person.

          • I had always suspected that Chad knew more than he was letting on. I believe he saw TM on the porch before he returned to confront GZ. It is why RJ says that TM was at his father’s fiancee’s house. It is also why Chad called TM at 7:22 when the emergency vehicles were arriving.

            He may not know or seen what happened but he knew and I believe told Tracy and Brandy when they got home not at 10:30 as they claimed but after to Midnight. It also explains why both Brandy and Tracy were so sure that TM was sitting on the porch that night, Chad told them. I only wish I could prove it.

              • This scenario also explains a lot of the problems with the early narrative, the disappearance of Chad and Brandy from the story, she probably was not willing to get Chad involved. But most of all it shows the depth of the deception by the Family, they were lying from day 1.

                • On a serious note, bori.. Do you think any of those who were duped by Crump will turn on him and renounce his financially motivated, racist tactics? ANY of them?

                  • Most are true believers, some will realize they were used but rationalize it away. Others will go to their graves believing the lies. The one who got duped the worse were the politicians, not the black ones, that ran with his Narrative but will it benefit them to speak against Crump? Unfortunately the answer is no, not only does it make them look stupid, but it would anger a large voting bloc, who has been given inordinate amount of power.

                    That may change now, as a result of the Supreme Court Decision on the Voting Rights, the States no longer have to answer to the DOJ and get their approval for cleaning out voting rolls for instance. We will see how much this levels the playing field.

                    • Stupidity has become popular. It’s part of the new ideology and fits perfectly into Fabian Socialism. Do you think the masses see how the BGI uses certain types of black women to perpetuate stupidity while they really make all black women look dumb and ignorant or, at least, uninformed? Can their leaders really get away with saying it’s simply unintended collateral damage for their “cause?”

                    • Stupidity has actually become popular. It’s part of the new ideology and fits perfectly into Fabian Socialism.

                      Do you think the masses understand how the BGI uses certain types of black women to perpetuate
                      “acceptable” stupidity while they really make all black women look dumb and ignorant or, at least, uninformed? Can their leaders really get away with saying it’s simply unintended collateral damage for their “cause?”

                    • What is ironic is that they claim that it is Conservatives that is waging a War of Women, when it is them that constantly uses them for their agenda, then forgets about them.

                    • The most fiercely combative Conservatives I know are all women.. educated, and either financially independent or married to money. My second best friend is married to my best friend.. both regularly make huge contributions to the Tea Party Patriots. Huge means six figure money. We live in Pinellas County but they virtually bankrolled Allen West.

                      Both are my daughters are far right conservatives, but the oldest is married to a far left attorney. Go figure.

                      Bottom line is that they both have always seen though the liberal lies about women and both think they hurt most women.

                    • Opposites do attract, wow that out to make some fun conversations.

                      Woman usually seek security over liberty and because of that they are easy prey to those ready to take advantage of that. I’m glad your daughters have good head on their shoulders, obviously they had some good influences.

                    • My conservative girlfriends were very successful BEFORE they married wealthy men so the attraction was not necessarily a financial one.

                      I taught both of my daughers American history and the Constitution. I home schooled the youngest, now 20, while she attended Montessori School. She loved it enough to independently study all of the Federalist papers.

                      However, in a sense, it has bothered me that they both became Republicans but after they left the nest, I no longer had the same influence with them.

                    • You laid a great foundation, that is what is important. After they leave the nest all we can do is hope that we did our best and they will continue to make good decisions.

                      I am sure that even if you don’t think you do, you still have influence over them, though it may not be as evident as before.

                    • The tragic irony iof raising children is that if we do a good job, they will no longer need us. However, I was raised to believe that the children have an obligation to take care of their parents when that time comes. We took care of them so they should return the favor, so to speak. If everyone did that, then SS could disappear.

                    • It is the way I was raised, I moved my family to Puerto Rico for 6 years to take care of my Aunt who raised me until she passed. Now we look after my mother in law who is in her 70’s so I completely understand.

                • Well, that’s easy. If they thought he that the juvenile team had detained him, they could have some easier, cheap privacy. I am a bit surprised that they even called anyone. . Aren’t you?

  19. Today a commenter described Serino as looking like a “prop from a 1950’s B movie storage closet.”

    No doubt, Serino imo, looked as if he had aged 5 yrs.

  20. I just saw RJs lawyer on Piers Morgan, and he said RJ didn’t want anything to do with this, but sybrina contacted her and convinced her to testify. Sybrina??

    • My mistake…He was talking about RJ’s mother, and I thought he was talking about TM’s mother. Sorry.

  21. http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/07/zimmerman-trial-day-6-analysis-video-serino-testimony-challenges-very-foundation-of-states-charge//#more

    Nevertheless, the “challenge meeting” was held. In the absence of any real contrary evidence with which to challenge Serino, the Investigator pretended to have some ready to spring. They had discovered, he said, video footage of the events that evening. “And what did Zimmerman say when you told him that?” “He said, Thank God,” Serino answered.

    The last O’Mara question of the day, the last words the jury heard to take with them into the evening recess, could only be characterized as catastrophic for the State’s theory of the case. Looking directly at the man who had been the chief investigator on the case, who had possessed access to ever bit of evidence of any sort, who had interviewed, and re-interviewed, and re-re-interviewed-applying increasing from each interview to the next-O’Mara asked him:

    “Do YOU think George Zimmerman was telling you the truth?”

    Serino succinct answer: “Yes.”

    • It could not have ended any better than that. Yet, he is still not through, much to Bernie’s chagrin.

      Anyone think BLDR is worried about what will happen to him and if that might be why he is so much better behaved?

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