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July 2, 2013

Image: George Zimmerman

Any day now we should see the state put on a case against George Zimmerman

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net

Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


158 thoughts on “July 2, 2013

  1. Yup, any day now. I bet it’s going to be the forensics. Oh wait, that supports GZ’s claim of self-defense as well. There’s gotta be something, right? This couldn’t be a politically motivated and malicious prosecution. Naww.

    • Well, according to the BGI on the interwebs, since Jentel testified you have to understand the “Culture” to understand this whole justice thing. Duh!

  2. Corey herself will testify about how she’s prayed with these sweet parents, and God told her that their son is an innocent angel.

    Richard Hornsby said that after Serino, he’d play the Sean Hannity interview with God’s plan, then call Sybrina Fulton and then rest.

      • I watched some of Hannity tonight and I wanted to scream at the lady prosecutor, who kept saying that GZ was lying. One thing that they always ignore is how did TM ended up back at T. It does not matter if the bushes where there for him to hide or not, the point is there is no evidence that GZ ever left the T until the altercation, but TM had.

        Even RJ say very clearly that TM was at his father house 70 yards away but by the time she and TM got disconnected he was back at the T confronting GZ. It boggles my mind that educated people don’t see this as a problem.

        • Much, but not, all of the time, I like Sean but he is NOT reliable. Remember that he never played his entire interview with George and he NEVER mentioned the defense fund which is one of the reasons that George did the show. He had it on his web page and then abruptly deleted it.

          I also recently watched his show as he allowed two idiots try to destroy George and he never said a word. He can turn on a dime.

          Greta has always been much better when covering legal issues.

            • I am located about twenty minutes from Church of Scientology headquarters in Clearwater. She is one. I also live very close to homes owned by Tom Cruise, Lisa Presley and others. Many of them have homes near me but they try to keep them secret. Truth is they have caused us problems so we wish they would leave. Tom Cruise did not like looking out of one of his windows and seeing a cell phone tower. It is no longer there. Nice guy, huh?

  3. Breaking News from the Farting Gun……

    Unnamed sources are claiming that part of the Zimmerman Defense Fund was used to pay off Bernie de la Ronda to prove self defense in return for the defense helping to provide him security while he lives in Zimmerman’s former safe house.

    It was also reported that Angela Corey and Judge Nelson abruptly ended their torrid affair. Both were recently caught on video with with wads in their panties.

    We are still awaiting verification that Benjamin Crump will legally change his name to Humped, Dumped or Stumped.

    Follow @FartingGun

      • Well, doesn’t it seem like Bernie is no longer interested in proving any of the charges? Have you ever seen or heard of anything like this? No one could ever make up this sh-t. Maybe the intent, all along, was to make a profitable movie cuz this could certainly be one of the most unique and interesting one about our legal system ever.

        At first, most of us thought the system was “rigged” to convict George at any cost. Now the state is doing its best to disprove and undermine their own case. Do you have a realistic explanation as to why that has now so obviously changed?

        I am working on it, but it’s all speculation. I cannot support any of it with facts and I do not want to appear looney tunes yet.. but maybe later.

        I do think it’s possible that just as the arrest and prosecution were tactics to prevent riots, this turnaround might be a new strategy to also prevent riots. Isn’t that ironic?

        Could anyone have projected the profound impact that the slogan, “he shudna got outta da ca,” would make on even normally sane folks? Serino royally screwed up when he wrote that which gave it legs and he knows it now. There are lots of gullible people out there, from all races, who will believe anything if it’s repeated often enough.

        We all wondered how the state could ever possibly get out of this mess with any degree of dignity. DId you or any of us ever think of this?

  4. “Chad talked to Trayvon at 7:04. Then he called him 9 more times that night and it went to voice-mail every time. Did Chad hear the shot? He called Trayvon 5 minutes after the shot. Here are the times Chad called 7:22:40 • 7:46:24 • 8:36 • 8:37 • 8:45 • 10:03 • 10:23 • 11:42 • 12:23am” … Nettles

    It seems fairly obvious the state knew Chad was lying, but they needed to introduce the sympathetic “went to get Skittles for his 12 year old little brother” narrative they mentioned in opening statements. Only the 12 year old little brother as described by Guy in opening statements turned out to be a 15 year old young man who was obviously hiding something (I’m guessing this did not escape the attention of the jury). I went back and transcribed Guy’s questions to Chad, and you can clearly see how they avoided having him lie outright while still getting his implausible “I was in my room all night wearing headphones and didn’t see or hear anything” excuse in.

    Where were you playing video games in your residence?

    Is your room on the first floor or the second floor?

    And does your room face the back grass area of the residence or the street Retreat View Circle?

    Did the Playstation 3 game system you were using have headphones?

    Can you describe those headphones for the jury. (his answer was “covers your ears” lol… he didn’t really answer Guy’s Q)

    And were you using those headphones that evening?

    At any point that evening did you hear anything that sounded like an argument or a gun shot from outside your residence?

    Did you ever go outside your residence that evening?

    Did you ever ‘recall’ looking outside your residence that evening? (not did you ever look outside, did you ever “recall”… complete dodge here)

    Did Trayvon Martin come home that night?

    • Yes, there would have been emergency vehicles both SPD, EMT, and Fire Department that were dispatched with sirens and lights that came up the street his room was facing. In fact if you look the video from FOX from that night you can see the lights of one of these vehicles.

      The more there than meets the eye. But short of a confession, it goes no where.

      • And now, like many other “discrepancies,” it does not matter. Will anyone ever write the ENTIRE TRUTH of what has happened? I know a few who could do a damn good job.. .First.. our very own Nettles, then DMan, Mike McDaniel, Andrew Branca,. Jeralyn Merritt, maybe Rumpole and the Sundance Kid. Who did I miss that blogs aside from you?

          • I was once in the publishing business but am retired and no longer have the connections i once had but I might be able to put you in touch with one old friend who MIGHT could help if you decide to do this. I may also still know some folks at Thomas Nelson Publishing if they are not retired.

    • I did not see the cross examination. Do you or anyone else have it without having to listen to an entire session?

      • I can sum it up in three words for you, Jordan: “I don’t remember”

        That was pretty much his reply to nearly every question from MOM.

        The only useful thing the defense got out of him was that the distance between his home and the T was short enough that he could pitch a baseball or toss a football that far.

        The cross was less than 3 minutes and starts at the 7:30 mark:

  5. Expert: Judge should have scolded Jeantel!

    Many Zimmerman supporters have been critical of her, believing that her pre-trial rulings and an order allowing Zimmerman’s five prior dispatch calls to be admitted reflected a pro-prosecution bias. However, she has ruled in favor of the defense with a most crucial ruling granting the defense’s motion to keep out the state’s audio expert who would have testified that it was Trayvon Martin screaming for help on the 911 tape before he was killed. That expert testimony was expected to be a cornerstone of the State’s case.


    • Totally agree, she allowed Ms. Jeantel to make a mockery of the court. I wonder if she is called back as a Defense witness will she be allowed the same latitude. I don’t think Judge Nelson would, it is her courtroom and for those hours RJ testified she took over, totally embarrassing.

      • I would not be surprised to see her declared to be a hostile witness if some of what I have read is true and the defense gets into it.

        • She was a hostile witness, but not a declared one. It is tricky as if you push too hard she will look sympathetic to the jury. The jury might think that the Defense is badgering the witness and anything gain would be lost.

          • boricuafudd – isn’t the benefit of having a witness declared “hostile” is that you can ask them leading questions? I just don’t understand why the Defense didn’t do so but part of jury instruction, Bill Sheaffer said, is that “jurors can consider behavior, etc. of how a witness acted as to whether they believe that witness to be credible or not.”

            That was the only reason I could figure the Defense allowed her to act a fool, it wasn’t lost on anyone except TM supporters. Am I wrong?

      • Considering the jury will take a witness’ demeanor and behaviors into account when gauging his or her credibility, Nelson probably did the defense (and the truth) a huge favor by letting her behave badly…

        West also seemed somewhat amused by this witness and never objected to her being disrespectful, so maybe Nelson took that into account as well 🙂

        • Good point, I’ll disagree about West, he was amused at times but he was also very annoyed a lot, several times he looked to Judge Nelson as if waiting for her to intervene, but the only time she did was to protect RJ.

        • nivco – I just got to your comment after responding to boricuafudd. I assume then it is a possibility West just gave DD enough rope to hang herself & allowed her to act a fool for the benefit of the jury. When DD reprimanded West over the scheduling of the deposition telling him what he should have done was appalling, it had to make an impression on the 4 women over 50 on the jury.

          DD had an attitude adjustment the second day, I don’t agree that DD is smart as some have opined, is DD crazy like a fox? IDK, I truly believe she couldn’t read.

          • DD is not smart. However, she is not dumb.

            I do in fact think that DD has autism. I think she is in the lower range of autism in that she is able to function in the real world.

            The indicators to me is the fact that she is so exacting when it comes to time and dates. This is something that indicates a high IQ. However, keep in mind that not everyone with a high IQ is a genius.

    • This was at the top of your reply in my email: “Any day now we should see the state put on a case against George Zimmerman.”

      Nettles, you are brilliant.

  6. Don’t Believe Every Tweet You Read!

    Because of some erroneous Tweeting going on in the Twitterverse, I keep receiving the following two recurring questions regarding George Zimmerman’s case:

    1. Is Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child an available lesser offense; and
    2. Does the 10-20-Life firearms enhancement still apply to a Manslaughter charge.

    The answer to both of these questions is nope.


    • So, Hornsby is backing off his “jury can find culpable negligence” schtick? I would say that yes, he is. Good.
      On the point of giving a manslaughter instruction to the jury, that is mandatory. Neither the judge, the prosecutor, nor the defense have an option in that regard.

      • coldt – I was looking into the manslaughter possibilities in FLa. on google & ran across this article which is interesting by Andrew Branca, the Author of “The Law of Self Defense.”


        LOL – I realized we read this guy all the time. I remain confused as to which of the 3 would apply as Hornsby described. Culpable Negligence would carry a possible 60 day jail sentence while the other 2 seemed much longer & sadly at the discretion of Judge N. How is that decided?

        • The only two that apply are Murder 2 and manslaughter. Self defense beats both of those, obviously.
          Culpable negligence with 60 days attaches if there is negligence that exposes a person to injury but does not cause injury. Culpable negligence that results in injury has a one year penalty.
          But culpable negligence isn’t available at all, because the information doesn’t include the elements, and because there is no evidence at trial on a negligence element.

    • Chip:

      I apologize for not including your name in my list about those who know the case well enough to write a documentary or book. Have you considered doing that?

  7. Oh Snap. Veracity of a witness Supra case is being applied against GZ for Serino testimony? Did I catch that right?

  8. Isn’t that great. We ended the day with an awesome question and today the jury is going to get it underscored and asked to ignore it at the beginning of the day.

    Thanks Mr. de la Rionada.

    • It is both good and bad. It’s good that they get to hear it again, but once they start to deliberate, they will not be able to discuss that statement, because it is no longer evidence. Which brings up a point that all the speculators seem to not understand. Each juror must explain to the other jurors what they think based solely on the evidence which has been presented. Nothing else. Having a stealth jurist would not necessarily mean a hung jury. That jurist still has to explain why they feel the way they do based on evidence.

      • They do? I’ve never heard of that. If that IS the case, then they can just make up something and stick to it. They can say they think GZ is lying and that he chased TM and confronted him.

    • Does not matter really. MOM could have fought it more(ie; , United States v. Walker ) and State on direct attacked GZs character…. also the rule has two exceptions: (1) specific instances are provable when they have been the subject of criminal conviction, and (2) specific instances may be inquired into on cross-examination of the principal witness or of a witness giving an opinion of his character for truthfulness. The State really did not remove much from the record of GZs cooperation and truthfulness even when requestioned, and when Serino bluffed. Rewatch Serinos testimony. I was just suprised BDLR was acting like a kid in a candy store when that matter was heard. Besides Bernie, you can instruct someone to unhear a portion but clearly MOM got the point across!

    • Nettles – not saying I told you so, but I warned you about Hosstin’s antics. I have seen her performance so many times in high profile cases, she doesn’t admit to be being wrong when proven to be wrong. The way HLN & Vinnie P kiss her butt because she was a former Federal Prosecutor makes me sick, it is the reason I never watch HLN. It’s scripted, her job is to defend TM in this case, some other commentator will be defending GZ, they divide it up to keep their show conversational.

      As colbt said,” it’s show bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz baby.”

  9. Mark is testifying for GZ, if accurate, it gives the jury more information as to GZ’s words since it is predicted at this point through the testimony of Singleton & Serino saying GZ said it was “self defense,” GZ doesn’t have to take the stand, his story is out.

    Obviously he must have some damning information or why would BDLR call him, disturbing, some friend.

    • …and it can be reasonably inferred that if TM was ditching burglary tool in the bushes, then he knew George was on the phone with the police

  10. Is the Prosecutors case DEAD in the water? Legal Analyst Weigh In.

    But lawyer Mark Geragos basically wrote off the prosecution. “This case is close to being over,” he said. “And Sunny is aptly named, because she is Pollyanna if she can put a sunny face on this prosecution because this prosecution is dead in the water.”

    Geragos listed the way things had gone wrong for the prosecution. “The problem you have got is, they have now put on the videotape of Zimmerman, which I’m sure MarkO’Mara is there thanking the Lord,” Geragos told Cooper. “He will never have to put his client on. … The cops have come in and essentially eviscerated the prosecutor and you’re at a point — you know, the emperor has no clothes.”

    Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin agreed. “The answers were so enthusiastically pro-Zimmerman,” he said. “These cops could have answered these questions in a more neutral way, but they really did seem to be going out of their way to say that George Zimmerman was a great guy.”

    Geragos’ verdict: “This case is dead. The case is dead.”

    On ABC’s “Good Morning America” Tuesday, Dan Abrams said Serino and other witnesses seemed to help the defense more than the prosecution. Abrams said there were inconsistencies in Zimmerman’s statements to law enforcement, “but when you look at the big picture, the statements are strikingly consistent about what happened that night.”

    On NBC’s “Today,” Lisa Bloom said Zimmerman’s biggest inconsistency was about whether he was following Trayvon. But she highlighted that Serino, “the toughest investigator in the case,” believed Zimmerman


    Surprisingly, seems most experts from different networks agree w/the exception of Sunny Hostin in their opinions.

  11. None of this should come as a surprise to anyone here who has followed this case right along.

    They had NOTHING to charge George with, and now you see that is true. Since a trial HAD to occur since they pushed for it … prosecution had to put on some kind of case and this is the result. 99.9% of evidence and witness testimony turns state’s case into epic fail. There’s not a person watching this case that IS NOT part of the Scheme Team or Traybots that don’t see that the prosecution has given us a parade of evidence and people that support the defense. At this point, the prosecution just has to make it LOOK like they are doing their job, but it truly is the only case I know of that was high profile where I have witnessed ANYTHING like this. I’m confident that MOM/West knew this just like we did, and just needed to stand ready for any loose ends. But quite frankly, MOM/West could be receiving a massage, have their nails manicured, or get a trim to hair and beard while the State brings it case. If I was part of the State’s Attorney team I would be embarrassed and angry that I was dragged into a ridiculous charge of Murder2 brought by a self-serving politician (I won’t give her credit for arm of law for State of Florida). People of the State of Florida by some means should push for the removal of this cancer called “Corey” to be removed so that perhaps Florida can return to the true form of justice and remove all this political/BGI business from the courtroom.

    • What a frivolous MOTION BDLR filed, STUPIDITY imo should be posted under his picture. Does anyone know how old West’s daughters are? They appear to be young adults, I’m sure West would not have approved had he known this was going to be posted and imo, BDLR knows that too.

      The State has sabotaged their own case according to many legal analyst. HAD IT NOT been for BDLR’s stupidity of bringing in extra clips of GZ, ALL the information would not have come in as to GZ’s story of the events & MOM’s ability to question Serino about them. BDLR provided GZ’s testimony through his own ignorance which is GREAT for GZ since he doesn’t have to testify now.

      • I’m not a court and crime aficionado, but I have followed some cases and have served on the jury a few times, I have followed this case since last year so the evidence is not a surprise but I am stunned at how inept the Prosecution has been. They have a favorable Judge that has been helping them all along, they had a compliant Media that did their best to present to the public their case but in the courtroom they look like amateur hour. Objections when not needed, soliciting exculpatory testimony, presenting exculpatory evidence, trying to impeach their own witnesses, etc.

        It just makes me think their are bungling the case on purpose, then I read the TM supporters and they feel that things are going good for them and the prosecution. After all the prosecution is doing a carbon copy of what the TM supporters thought would prove GZ’s guilt, it is just bombing, bad. I am wondering at what point will the prosecution realize this or if they have already.

        • boricuafudd – I too am shocked at how TM supporters continue to boast how well the State is doing in their case, I truly don’t think many are even watching the trial & they copy from other blogs supporting TM as their own opinion. . They don’t get it, they don’t want to get, they have chanted their agenda for so long, it’s disturbing. I swear some of those very commenters I think were too screwed/scammed by the best, the Scheme Team, I find most irksome, TM supporters aren’t interested in the search for the truth,

          Geez Louise – I fail to understand why anyone, TM or GZ supporters they don’t weigh each witness for positives/negatives. imo, MOM/West are really going to bring it home in closing, they will connect ALL the dots, point out all the weaknesses & leave the jury with a lot to evaluate.

          I continue to worry about manslaughter as an option, that’s the real wild card. While we all think clearly it should be acquittal/not guilty, we won’t know until it comes down & the verdict read.

  12. ABC radio news on WMAL just reported that the photo was taken and posted as a result of the Rachel Jeantel testimony. I promise they will never ever correct that false report.

  13. The doctor is biased, she says “if I was to hit my nose”

    I have two friends dead from blunt force trauma, neither had any marks on their heads, no where near the injuries on GZ head.

    • cassandra – remember a couple of years ago Natasha Richardson, actress & the wife of Liam Neeson died of a concussion she sustained from a minor fall in a skiing accident & had no visible injuries to her face or head, it happens all the time. I seem to remember the bleeding was inside her head, not on the outside so the severity wasn’t immediately known.

      GZ was lucky, in hindsight, he probably should have gone at least an ENT. (probably what Glady’s told him too!)

      • Exactly, is she suggesting we repeal helmet laws for kids.
        My son joined me for a bit of her bizarre performance, we couldn’t believe she corrected MOM when he describe the head as a sphere, she said the head was an oval, does she know that an oval is a two dimensional shape. Again the notion that education makes people wise is not necessary true.

      • Yes. My husband’s grandmother died as a result of hitting her head on our cars after a fall. There is a bit of a story concerning why our cars were involved… but the short story is that we were in the USA and had only just arrived when we learned that she had passed away.

        Falls and hitting one’s head kills people all of the time. It happens so many times it is not funny. Young people are very vulnerable to this form of injury. They seem ok, then poof and they are dead.

  14. good tactic by the State – having her testify avoids having the ME who did the autopsy from testifying and having to justifying the report and the techniques used to derive the conclusion – particularly the matter of the hanging hoodie at the moment of the shooting.

      • What is interesting about Valerie Rao is that she was appointed by Gov. Rick Scott in late 2011. Her term expired in 7/2012, yet she is still in the job of ME in the Duval, Clay and Nassau countries. Apparently someone called Scott’s office on June 13 for an explanation but they got no reply.

        Who made the decision in accepting Rao as an expert witness? I’m sure Nelson. Did the defense object?

  15. NELSON : Stop this nonsense. Both sides know that no injuries are required to prove self defense. At this point, what difference does it make? I will instructed the reporter to strike all references to injuries, but right now Igottapee.

  16. we’ve been looking for the Geraldo / Daryl Parks interview and it now is up on the foxnews site. The interview was I believe on 6/29, however they have the date of the video on the slide selection as 7/2, so if the exact video doesn’t come up, you can still find it from description of:

    July 2, 2013

    Trayvon Martin family attorney: ‘We’re doing very well’
    Reaction to first week of testimony in murder trial

    here’s the link:


  17. The best part of GZ not having to testify, is that the paypal stuff does not come in–neither do any other lies they think he told but can’t prove. The state testified for GZ. Good job Bernie!

    • Yes. Judge Nelson put the decision about George’s school records off until tomorrow at 8:30 am to jury is to come back at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

      The lawyers have a deposition at 5:30pm today and there is some speculation that it is Mr. Crump. I’m watching the reporters to confirm he entered the courtroom to be deposed.

        • I’m biased and not sure I can be objective. I asked some co-workers today and they had the same thought I did. I reeks of desperation. That the state has to rely on George’s homework and not the evidence of that night.

          • I will be the first to admit that I am biased, but what has knowledge of SYG laws, if in fact GZ took the class that one day are applicable to that night’s events. I would think that if GZ wanted to shoot TM and use SYG law as a defense he would have shot TM when TM approached the vehicle in a threatening manner. GZ was in his car, and this tall, hooded person approaches with his hand on his waist, that would have been the perfect scenario for the use of the law.

            But that is not what happened, instead the scenario is that is getting his head pounded into the cement four times at minimum according to the State’s own witness and possibly twice at many times before he shoots. How does knowledge of the law and its applicability help him there.

            Is the State really claiming that if you have some knowledge of the law, that we will automatically be suspect if we are victims of a crime? If they wanted to make the assertion that GZ was being evasive because of his knowledge of law and criminal procedure, then they had an opportunity to lay the foundation for that testimony with the police personnel that testified, but all of them thought the opposite was true that GZ was helpful and annoying(to the prosecution) truthful.

            I realize that they are trying to impeach their own evidence the Sean Hannity Show, but this is improper impeachment as nobody was there to introduce the video, it was their evidence and now they want to impeach it, with a one day class given many years ago, that they admit to not knowing if GZ was present for.

            This reeks of desperation from the prosecution, if it is allowed it will be another grounds for appeal.

            • boricuafudd – what a pack of scumbags imo, they can’t present honest efforts, it seems they are always walking the edge of dishonesty in some form.

              Will the Defense ask the professor to prove GZ was there when that chapter was taught?

              • Probably but as Mantei said that is not the issue, is that the information was available, so you better be careful, you blog about this things so the information is available to you? OHHH

                • Mr. O’Mara said on channel six, the professor can’t testify to whether GZ was in class that night and the grade GZ got on the class wasn’t one of his best.

                  This will signal the jury how far this case is reaching for anything.

                  I read that 3 jurors today were shaking their heads at various times. I think BDLR read E6 exactly right. I’m hearing she isn’t buying what the state is selling.

                  • It is a low point for the prosecution, with many more to come it seems. The optics are terrible for the State, the message is sending even worse, are there any sane heads in Florida? Is this what they call justice down there? Is this what the Taxpayer subsidizing? The residents need to wake up, they could be next.

  18. Thanks Nettles. Another gal at the other ‘blog’ has asked, a couple of times, for her also. Three of us have known her for way over a year at yet another blog (no longer frequented) so we are aware of the health situation. The last I saw her here she mentioned that she hadn’t been on the computer (or some such) for awhile but no mention as to why so I sure hope she is doing well.
    Again thanks for your quick reply. And thanks for your site! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and the caliber of folks that comment here. You have a lot of real good “stuff” goin on 😉

  19. First depo questions:

    Describe your race, please.

    Are you fluent in speaking, writing and reading English?

    I have some statements here I would like for you to translate into English. Can you do it?

  20. Those witnesses will include family members, friends, neighbors and an expert on a timeline for the night Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin, O’Mara told Tony Pipitone.

    O’Mara said he plans to ask questions “in as sensitive a way as I can” of Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother. “I’m going to try to be aware she’s a grieving mom,” he added.

    His client’s interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity was Zimmerman’s decision, O’Mara said.

    Zimmerman is very worried and afraid, because he has “to trust in a system that, in his mind in some ways, has belittled him, has failed him,” O’Mara said.


    With MOM expecting the trial to conclude next week & the day off Thursday for the 4th, this is surprisingly a short trial. I wonder if the “time line expert” will discredit DD/RJ?

    • RJ’s timeline makes zero sense after the point where she and Zimmerman both say that Trayvon ran. What do you know – that corresponds with the last time George can describe where Trayvon is and what he’s doing on the NEN call, a call that Crump had access to before Rachel was ever contacted. We all know that he supplied her the details she needed to make her story have any truth to it at all. I just hope the jury figures it out.

    • I am sure he will, you see according to RJ and it seem that the prosecution did not dispute it, she places TM by his fathers house at the time the phone cut-off. That is about 70 yards away from where body ended up. They have not conceded that TM returned to confront GZ, and seem to claim that the altercation started close to the Condo. Hence the testimony by W2 that she heard noises going from left to right, but time is an issue, there are about 30 seconds between RJ’s phone cutting off and W 13 getting connected with 911, allowing for 10 seconds for the 911 call to connect that means that GZ and TM traveled 80 yards in 20 sec. to the top of the T, where W 13 and John Good heard the fight start. Could they cover that amount of ground in 20 seconds if they were both sprinting I guess they could, but can anyone really believed that GZ could chase down TM?

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