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July 3, 2013

George Injuries

Everyone can relate to how they would react to another slamming our head into a sidewalk. The screams for help leave no doubt about George’s state of mind at the time of the shot.

Notice the state is staying away from the timeline.  The defense will put on an expert for the timeline and seal the deal.  The hardest part of the state’s case will be the emotion that the family and their legal representatives have used to get the case this far.  Sybrina Fulton’s expected testimony will be hard for those who don’t know about the lies she has told before taking the stand.  The HOA settlement will help the jury to know that Sybrina has a financial stake in the outcome and the fact that she said she couldn’t identify Trayvon’s voice in a video taken from his phone.  The state, of course, gave this tape to their “experts” as an authentic sample of Trayvon’s voice.  It’s also troubling the family and friends failed to come up with any recording to help determine the answer.

For newcomers, please know that racist remarks will be trashed. If you are presenting yourself as a George Zimmerman supporter, please keep in mind this man is in a fight for his life. Conduct yourself in a way that won’t bring heartache and/or embarrassment to the Zimmerman family.

Anyone who wants to share something privately, email me at nettles@bell.net

Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


158 thoughts on “July 3, 2013

    • Chip, I have been “up late” for so long that I cannot remember a proper night’s sleep. since I work 2 jobs, keep my house, cook, and do market for my family, “Late” is the only time I have to search the credible sites for news of George. I always seek out your posts. I especially enjoy your “work” over at Mike McDaniel’s blog- great stuff, my friend. <

    • I believe Nettles is talking about how if you are unaware of the all the lies and issues involved which the Jury may or may not know, and the Prosecution does not open the door for any of those issues to come in, she might come out as a sympathetic witness if only as a mother who lost her child.

      • OK.

        She should be ashamed of what her son did and how his actions brought so much misery and pain into their lives.

        Listening to that confused young attorney Rand trained in disinformation Crump style was a case study in co-option and projection.

  1. O’MARA: And in that sense, you said that there was no evidence that Trayvon Martin was doing anything wrong, correct?

    SERINO: None whatsoever.

    O’MARA: You don’t know that, though, correct?

    SERINO: No, I do not.

    O’MARA: Right. You know that whatever he may have been planning just wasn’t completed, correct?

    SERINO: I wouldn’t know. I wouldn’t know. There was no evidence to suggest that at all.

    O’MARA: As a matter of fact, there was a type of a tool found in the area where Trayvon Martin may have been hiding, wasn’t there?

    SERINO: Approximately five, six days after the investigation at the scene, yes.

    O’MARA: Right. When you went back, you looked in the bushes and you found, what was it?

    SERINO: It was a piece of an awning belonging to — I believe it was a piece of a window — piece of hardware basically. Looked like a slim Jim.

    O’MARA: Slim Jim, and what’s a slim Jim?

    SERINO: A slim Jim is a device used to jimmy locks on vehicles primarily.

    O’MARA: To break into a vehicle?

    SERINO: Yes, sir.

    O’MARA: And that was found a few days after this event?

    SERINO: Yes, sir.

    O’MARA: Not particularly tied to this event by you, but it was there, wasn’t it?

    SERINO: Yes, it was.

    O’MARA: In the bushes just off of one of the residences, correct?

    SERINO: In the bushes behind Jonathan Manalo’s residence.

    • Unless that piece of awning had a notch filed into it on one end, it was probably just left over damage from the last hurricane.

      Still an interesting co-incidence that out of all the houses in that neighborhood it winds up behind that one.

    • I think MOM brought it up to plant the seed. I think we’ll see the connection when the defense presents it’s case. They will explain the missing approximately 20/30 minutes on the return trip from 7-11. TM was somewhere other then on a direct path back to RTL, MOM mention TM being further west I believe. The defense also has video of a store parking lot. What does the video show? Perhaps TM trying to use that tool to break into cars? RJ has no recollection of her conversation with TM during this time, mmmmm. If you believe her testimony, TM made it back to Brandi’s house. Coupled with Brandi’s TV interview stating TM was on the back porch, why did Brandi believe TM was there? Did TM leave something there? I don’t know if TM intention was to go back to attack George or was heading back for some other reason. Once he realized he hadn’t shook George, he then confronted him, sucker punched him and continued his violent assault. Just a theory, but a possibility.

      • It could be that he was on the porch and that he spoke to Chad before he returned to the T. This is just speculation based upon the fact that I do not believe Chad Joseph with his testimony. He is hiding facts.

      • You think he has something else?

        I hope so otherwise the slim jim seems very typical to the exact kind of evidence that the scheme team is using to attack George.

        Just complete and utter horsesh%t. The prosecution case is throw a ton of cr@p against the wall and hope something sticks.

        Of all the very valid critique against Trayvon’s character, the slim jim is very low on that list.

        • It’s a danger that the defense might go too far. They might try to explore theories that some blogs have put forth and risk GZ in the process. (Exposing the BGI, etc). I don’t care if TM was a criminal (or about exposing the BGI) unless that helps GZ get acquitted. The ONLY thing that’s important right now is GZ being free. Whatever happened to not leaving a man behind? We’ll deal with the BGI later.

        • I beg to differ. The fact that the item was found in that particular bush is very relevant to this case. It is yet another piece of evidence that the Persecution was hiding.

  2. The HLN crowd is making a big deal about the ME who testified that GZ’s injuries were “insignificant.”

    A couple MEs I saw on TV did not agree.

    I’m sure the defensne had its own expert.

    Is it possible that on some of the occasions TM was banging GZs head on the wet grass and GZ thought it was the concrete?


  3. according to Jeralyn:

    “O’Mara keeps saying to her, “Your testimony is….” Why? Because he will call an expert who contradicts her testimony. His expert is Vincent di Maio, one of the country’s foremost experts on gunshots and firearms evidence and a pathologist/medical examiner. He will testify Zimmerman’s injuries are consistent with Zimmerman’s account, and they were very serious.”


    • Of course the injuries are very serious. are people kidding themselves?

      The denial of FACTS in this persecution never ceases to amaze me, I just listen to Shaeffer respond to the emotional plea to feel the pain of a dead 17 year old, and he ignored the obvious response based on the evidence presented in the courtroom, that GZ was the victim of a forcible felony which is the other legal application of self defense.

      The ability of the news caster to morph into pandering fools is beyond belief. The informed public is going to react with a back lash against the talking heads.

  4. I see the defense is going to have a “timeline expert.” I think this is the one thing the defense hasn’t emphasized enough.

    • I agree. I’m not a lawyer but do get the sense they are restricted on what they can ask on cross. The state is staying away from timeline but the idea that GZ continued to follow after being told not to will be debunked when people realize where TM was when George said “Shit he’s running”.

      I don’t think most who still hold on to GZ is guilty of something, gets that yet.

  5. I think this is going to back-fire on the state. It looks desperate. They have given no evidence of murder yet and now to shore that up they are going to argue that his statements did point to self-defense. The state wants us to beleive it was because the courses he took and he knew how to make it look like self-defense.

    As he didn’t have any time to gather his thoughts before he gave 3 statements to police the night of the shooting and the adreneline of just have killed someone, it’s hardly likely he drew on his class 2 years prior to craft his statement.

    WFTV is saying the state thinks it will call 8 more witnesses and then rest. O’Mara gave all indications yesterday, the defense is going to put on a case.

    • ” They have given no evidence of murder yet and now to shore that up they are going to argue that his statements did point to self-defense. ”

      Literally, some of the stupidest cr@p I’ve ever heard. You can’t make this stuff up it’s so ridiculous.

      The next persecution witness will be someone who saw George watch an episode of Dateline.

  6. Now we are hearing testimony that GZ’s application to become a police officer doesn’t exist.
    Scott Kerns on the stand testifying now.

    State is already finished and Don West is cross-examining (I should like a court reporter 😉

  7. West to Carter “You don’t have to wait until you are almost dead before you act, do you?” Carter to the jury “Nooooo, I recommend you don’t do that” Courtroom laughs including George. He quickly recovers and gets serious again.

    • Re: Mike De forest tweet. Too bad defense had no clue what state would pull, or they could easily have dismissed half their workload and expense in this case, but with all the deception and with holding, they had to prepare for all and anything. As mike states and as we have seen this past week, defense only needed to cross state witnesses. (Great place you have here annette).

  8. PD Admin. guy testified that George applied and went on a ride-along with police. He couldn’t testify to George’s comments about that ride-along so he was excused. We’ll likely see the defense call someone who witnessed George’s criticism of the police as a result of the ride-along. they have it on tape at a community meeting about police handling of Sherman Ware case.

  9. Is there anyone on planet earth other than Sunny Hostin who thinks this testimony is helping the state?


  10. Nettles – Thanks for all you do, I couldn’t sleep last night & when I finally fell asleep I didn’t wake up to see the professor testify. You saved the day with your sharing of the testimony, OMG, I’m sorry I missed West at his best, AGAIN, claiming the States witness as their own extracting important information for the jurors to understand, but then to seize the opportunity to educate the jury on SYG, I bet BDLR was furious BUT the moron AGAIN opened the door & it hit him in the a$$.. There’s no doubt, imo, how masterful MOM/West are, they quickly regroup & make it a positive.

    Vincent di Maio, is to testify next week for the Defense. Though the Defense did not have a big financial budget, they have gotten one of the best in his field. I have seen Dr. Maio testify in many high profile cases, beyond excellent. It’s amazing how much money the State wasted on an expert that heard scripture ramblings, when they could have had the best like Dr. Maio testify in another area of their case. I guess that just proves how much weight the state had put on the screams. For anyone not familiar with V Di Maio, I encourage you to google him.

    • “It’s amazing how much money the State wasted on an expert that heard scripture ramblings, when they could have had the best like Dr. Maio testify in another area of their case.”

      …they may have approached him (or someone else of his caliber) but didn’t get the ‘opinion’ they needed

      Like the audio… first the FBI, then H&H, t h e n Owens and Reich

      They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for experts.

  11. Gorden Pleasant testified over Skype. The state didn’t ask him many question and O’Mara elicited that Stand Your Ground wasn’t taught nor was the text book the state put into evidence needed to be read to take the tests and quizzes. He also got Mr. Pleansant to reveal that GZ had said he wanted to be a prosecutor in the future. Debunks the wannabe cop.

    Mr. Pleasant actively demonstrated for George’s arrest. That didn’t come up in testimony.

  12. Jury is getting something special at lunch today and was given more time. Hopefully, its a visit with some family members. They will be back at 1:45pm

  13. From a leatherhead straw grasper: “The gun kickback could easily have been what ‘punched him in the nose.’ The ejecting shell casing could have also hit him in the face, nose, and/or head.”

    • From a leatherhead straw grasper: “The gun kickback could easily have been what ‘punched him in the nose.’ The ejecting shell casing could have also hit him in the face, nose, and/or head.”

      Pistol recoil is primarily up, not back, because of the short length of the gun.

      Shell casings eject up and to the side, not back. And while a 9mm casing is hot immediately after being ejected, the only real risk of injury is to the eye. Anywhere else, and it’s not hot enough or traveling fast enough to cause injury to the skin.

      Maybe some of these people should spend less time watching The First 48 and more time on the range.

  14. OMG, The State will REST today if they get through Sybrina & the ME’s testimony. This would be great news!

    I’m more appalled that I had anticipated at the LACK of evidence the State had, I kept thinking maybe they had something that the Defense had seen & the public didn’t, but they didn’t. They didn’t have diddly squat.

    To think BDLR makes $ 150,000.00 a year PLUS lucrative benefits, had a $ 100,000.00 added to his retirement fund at taxpayers expense, & has made a mockery, yet again, of the State of Fla. BDLR may need to retire imo, his lack of forethought has shown BDLR may have seen better days.

    • Just wait. The state has telephone ping logs and satellite surveillance in infrared (cuts through cloud cover) and they will show EVERYTHING about how Zimmerman chased Martin down.
      Unicorn department is upstairs, but out of stock.

  15. Is the defense going to show the jury the games Mr. Crump played to get an arrest?

  16. George Zimmerman: Is state throwing the case?

    Jasmine Rand, an attorney for the Martin family, told Cooper that the prosecution has “done exceptionally well in this case.”

    But Geragos wasn’t done ripping the state. “If this judge actually did her job, she would say there is not enough evidence to put this case in front of the jury,” Geragos said. And he called de la Rionda “that kind of Bozo the Clown prosecutor.”

    ABC’s “Good Morning America” took a dim view of the prosecution’s performance Wednesday morning. Reporter Matt Gutman said “the prosecution’s case has been limping along, there is no smoking gun, [and] the witnesses they have put on the stand have turned against it.”
    George Zimmerman: Is state throwing the case?

    ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams added that the prosecution’s “best case is George Zimmerman’s story doesn’t make sense. The problem is the inconsistencies they’re talking about are relatively minor compared to the consistency of the major issues in George Zimmerman’s account. I think that is the reason we will not see George Zimmerman take the stand.”


    Even Matt Gutman has joined the criticism of the State, I guess to save face. I bet the Governor, Bondi, Corey, & BDLR were pooping their pants to read this.

    HAPPY 4th to everyone tomorrow, REMEMBER, those with a racial agenda that we have observed can try to take your freedom just as they have done GZ’s!

    • I bet O’Mara will have a motion for judgment of acquittal up by late tomorrow, if the state rests today. The state has not disproved self defense. All it has provided is smoke and “maybe, somewhere in there, Zimmerman did what we claim.”
      I would not expect Nelson to grant the motion, unless the state signals, somehow, that it does not want the defense to put on its case.

        • Hopefully there will be some mutiual destruction. Maybe the state will turn on the press, too. After all, it is the press that enabled whipping the public into a frenzy on false and misleading reports. This case started with the press, not with the state.

  17. SD and some of you here indicate we may see Sybrina today. SD is of the mind they will not call Tracy because of the lies he told. My question to you is could defense ask her “what is your understanding of how Trayvon got to Sanford?” <<< can they ask her? Can they ask her "did you kick Trayvon out of the house? if so, why?" Sybrina was nowhere near Sanford on the day of the incident, so to me the only testimony she can give is: 1) Trayvon as her child; 2) about Trayvon going to Sanford, and 3) events after the shooting after she was notified. She cannot provide ANY details as to the events that night … so what's to ask her about?

    • I’d be interested to hear how much she was in Trayvon’s life. In light of Alicia’s interview on Anderson Cooper. She may not be the best person to testify to Trayvon’s screaming voice.

    • Assuming the state only questions her on voice/scream recognition, the defense can ask about the last time she heard him, how much of his time growing up was spent under her care vs. with his stepmother. That’s about it.

    • Oops. Defense could also ask about the circumstances of the voice ID activity in this case. Had Tracy told her he heard the voice, if so, when. Who was in the room when you heard the recording? Who was first to speak/ID the scream?

      • 00000000000000 excellent, good point cboldt, I didn’t think of those questions.

        I hope she opens the door for the record of the REAL TM to come through, the jury deserves to know the whole truth.

      • CCG ~ I too had the same question. Since TM didn’t live w/Sybrina most of his life, the State must be comfortable she can’t be ask the important questions!

        cboldt ~ Can the defense call Sybrina next week as their witness to answer their questions? Such as, where was TM living?
        WHY was Precious/Diamond/DD/RJ at your home for her interview? WHY were you sitting next to RJ? Do you like our NEW Lexus provided to you by TM/HOA?

        • I think the defence can elicit where Martin was living, on cross examination. The defense can call her, but IMO, shouldn’t. At least not in this trial. If there is a hearing as to Crump (ethics violation or a criminal charge for tampering with a witness), she should definitely testify

  18. Judge N is the worst I’ve ever seen, consistently more concerned w/her schedule & NOT concerned w/GZ’s rights to a fair trial. Chief Judge Perry held Court on Saturday, I don’t get the feeling that is Judge N’s work ethic since I think she once did something on Saturday BUT she REMINDED everyone she did. Judge Perry also had the jury work through one holiday, I don’t remember which one, but it was for the sake of the sequestered jurors.

    No doubt, Crump is still PLAYING games, I hope the Defense SLAMS that unethical POS w/a Lawsuit so big he spends his entire portion of the HOA settlement to pay an attorney to defend him. RANT OVER!

      • But maybe the Defense can return the insult in kind by doing the same for Crump, it has to be upsetting for him to be sidelined & hopefully the Defense just lets him rot outside & never calls him.

        But I’m hoping they call him in to admit he coached DD/Diamond/Precious/RJ & why he felt he had to manipulate the interview. If the Defense is forced to do the depo on Sunday evening, I hope Crump is charged double because it’s a weekend. LOL!

  19. I see Nettles posted one of these. Thought you’d like to see them all.

  20. So nobody swabbed TM’s hands? Am I getting that right? Seems they just scraped under his fingernails, but didn’t take a sample from the palms of his hands. All that bluster about ‘no Zimmerman blood on Trayvon hands after smothering’ is rubbish. They didn’t test for it. Just a visual scan at best, and even then they didn’t do a chemical test on the hands to detect blood.

    • Mr. West said in his opening that a mistake was made at the scene. Trayvon had been left exposed to the rain and his hands were not bagged to perserve what was on his hands.

      He said that Trayvon cupped his heart and one would expect to find his own blood on his hand but none was found, indicating rain had washed it away.

    • No, Sybrina is expected to testify at 8:30 am Friday morning and then the State is expected to rest unless they change their minds come Friday morning to call others.

      • I think the medical examiner will testify as to cause of death. That will be short limited testimony, but I believe it is necessary. Then, if it wants to, the state will put up family member or members who will identify the screams. In its affidavit in support of probable cuse, the state named “Travon’s mother.”

  21. George Zimmerman: State ‘devastated’ again

    WOFL-Channel 35 analyst Diana Tennis said defense attorney Don West had turned Carter, a state witness, into a defense witness. “This was a little lesson for the jury that seemed to fit with the defense case,” she said.

    WFTV anchor Greg Warmoth wondered how the state could overcome its witness Carter.

    “This is the state’s case. You’re not expecting that the case has to bounce back from anything,” Sheaffer said. “The defense hasn’t even presented its case yet.”

    Sheaffer later said that his heart went out to Trayvon Martin’s family, but he was talking about the application of the law.

    On CNN, there was a discussion about Zimmerman’s laughing at one point during Carter’s testimony. Drew Findling, a criminal defense attorney, said that the chuckling humanized Zimmerman.

    “Seeing that guy smile for the first time in two weeks was probably more important than anything the defense managed to say,” HLN contributor Jason Johnson said. “To see George Zimmerman not seem like a stoic, detached monster for the first time was probably the best thing the defense had happen.”

    But the WESH-Channel 2 team saw hope for the state in the testimony of firearms analyst Amy Siewert of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. “This is the heart of the case,” analyst Jeff Deen said. “When George Zimmerman put this bullet in his gun, remember he was going to the store. He made assumptions about Trayvon Martin in seconds.”

    Deen raised other points: An argument could now be made whether Zimmerman had a depraved mind. When you carry a gun ready to fire, Deen said, you’re responsible for the consequences, whether you’re right or wrong.

    More analyst comments at length:

    • The amount of ignorance about guns in media still amazes, even after testimony that this is the correct way to carry a gun, you can’t ask excuse TM I need to remove the safety or slide my gun, could you give a second while getting a beat down. If you are going to carry for an emergency it needs to be ready, nothing unusual or depraved about that. Those precious seconds could be the difference between your life or your assailants life.

      In contrast has anybody said how depraved it is to slam someone’s head into the concrete sidewalk repeatedly. That is not only depraved but sadistic yet not one is mentioning that.

      • boricuafudd – I never thought of TM as having a “depraved mind,” but I guess he did. You’re right, seconds count, common sense doesn’t prevail when those that want to argue about guns spin it.

        I am so looking forward to the Defenses case, I think we may be surprised by several things they present. We saw most of the evidence, but we didn’t see all of it. MOM/West have done a superb job for GZ.

        Do we know who the Defense had a deposition with @ 5:30 this afternoon?

          • Defense doesn’t have to depose its own witnesses, at least not the ones that are defense witnesses in principle. Those witnesses appear and discuss off the record.
            But, in this case, defense has many witnesses who are technically on the state’s side – Serino, Crump, Medical Examiner, etc. – some of which may side with the state, others which do not.

              • Nominally, the police always side with the state. They are state witnesses. In this case, the police have evidence that exonerates Zimmerman, so even thogh the police are usually state witnesses, in this case, they make better defense witnesses.

      • Bori a good point about TM’s depraved mind. I think you have something because he intended the beat down of George. In my mind what he did was depraved.

  22. Besides GZ’s interviews with the police I have not seen one shred of evidence that he pulled the trigger.

    • You expected otherwise?

      O’Mara should open the defense presentation with both of them testifying regarding the voice identification – then be sure each one in turn has a seat waiting in the gallery, so the jury sees them going to sit down where they should have been all along.

  23. Daryl Parks just told Jean Dinosaurus that Sybrina would probably testify to the screams and to who Trayvon was to humanize him. The door apparently will open.

  24. ok, if Sybrina is going to be the last weapon in the State’s arsenal, then WE KNOW what the State is going for is “EMOTION”. Tricky business, but if they want “tears” to determine whether George spends 25 years behind bars, then I say gut her. They will know how to smooth it over after the gutting. The truth must be told that Sybrina was birth mother, but that she was not in Trayvon’s life to any great degree. That a woman known as Alicia Stanely was the ONLY ONE that could have been called a mother to Trayvon. Then show how this boy was totally troubled and it was because his real parents were too concerned with their own lives. It has to be done. You cannot allow that jury to leave with pictures of Sybrina crying like Mary at the foot of the cross. Cannot allow that. That has be be diluted, disolved, etc. What say you guys?

    • Yes, but what if the Prosecution calls Alicia she is on the witness list. Another thing the most messed up his family life, the more likely some women will feel sympathy for TM. It’s a fine line, I guess we will have to see how Sybrina goes about it in her testimony.

      • The state won’t call Alicia. She’s on the discovery list, and all of those people are potential witnesses.

    • I can’t be objective with Sybrina anymore. I just see her lies and the careless remarks about racism. She’s a racist herself.

      I think the family knows what Trayvon did and they have known since the beginning. Chad’s calls shows he did know something was up with Trayvon and the comments by both Tracy, Brandy and Rachel about Trayvon being at the porch or by his daddy’s house, they know.

      Sybrina is so greedy for that money, she is going to take the stand and lie. A mother does know her son’s voice and she knows it isn’t Trayvon. That the family failed to submit a voice samples again is a huge blinking red light for me. They know it isn’t Trayvon and they didn’t want it examined.

      • I agree completely. But I wouldn’t attack Trayvon’s Mom if I was Omara.

        It might backfire, and when you’re up by 3 TD’s in the 3rd quarter, and you have the ball on the opponent’s 1 yard line, you don’t try a double reverse hail mary.

        No need for anything rash.

          • Also agree, but asking if she submitted any voice samples of Trayvon would not be out of line. Further, a friend of mine they may be able to dilute Sybrina by talking to George’s Mother. Let her talk about her loving son.

        • I wouldn’t attack her either. But I would ask when was the last time you saw Trayvon? When was the last time you heard his voice? Over the last year, how many days did Trayvon live with you (rather than his stepmother or uncle)? Last three years?
          I’d have a break between direct and cross exam. Bernardo or Guy is going to have Sybrina in an emotional state – which is a good reason for break. If the defense can get direct answers to those relatively non-confrontational questions, great. If Sybrina shows anger at being asked those questions, that’s okay too. The questions are probative of her basis for knowing Trayvon’s voice on 2/26/2012.

    • Javahris seems like a decent kid. And he seemed uncomfortable lying on national television and saying he knew the screams were Trayvon or something like that. He has a conscience .

    • Wow. Jahvaris said Trayvon was about 6′ 2″ which is what it looks like to me. I wonder if the ME got it wrong?

  25. It’s the fourth of July so will we have a thread today?

    I just read that Legal Insurrection will have a special commentary but it has not posted yet. Fireworks are at 9PM.

  26. I didn’t watch all of RJ’s testimony. From what I recall, Crump said that Tracy called him on a Sunday night with the information that RJ was the last person to talk to TM and that by mid afternoon the next day there was the Crump/ABC interview. This seemed like too little time.

    Any info yet to confirm or refute this?

    • Rachel Jeantel was quite adamant with Don West that Tracy called her on Saturday, March 17th.

      They got the tapes on Friday, March 16th at 9pm

      Lucky break, huh?

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