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July 4, 2013

Justice for

Happy July 4th to all my American friends. Enjoy your day and stay safe.


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  1. In case you missed anything yesterday, here is AJ’s recording of the events in court. Thanks again to all those who share their skills with recordings so we can catch up on what we missed.

    July 3, 2013 – Trial Day 8 – Part I – Thank AJ.

    July 3, 2013 – Trial Day 8 – Part II – Thanks AJ.

    • You know they will be prepping with her all day.

      I’m really kind of torn as to if the defense should cross her or not.

      WE know all about Sybrina. What she’s done, what she hasn’t, what she never did, etc… The thing is I seriously doubt the Pros will introduce any of that on direct. I wonder what the state will even ask her except, is that Trayvon on the 911? I mean honestly what are they going to ask her besides that? They can’t ask her what type of kid her son was (door), or was he capable of the things the defense is saying (door)…

      If the defense does cross, they will have to do it with kid gloves. The jurors are all women, most, I think 5, are mothers, who knows how they will take it. If they rake her over the coals, who knows what impression that will leave on them. However, their impression of the defense team shouldn’t play into their verdict, but who knows what those women are thinking.

      I also think that it would be a great disservice to the defense not to cross her but I guess it all depends on what it asked on direct..

      • HiT – you make many good points, we are all wondering the same & expect an Oscar worthy performance.

        I’ve seen several interviews of those that have lost loved ones and & the interviewer will ask, “what do you want us to know about your loved one?” I guess BDLR could ask something like that, Sybrina could say he loved playing football, loved family, loved children, loved smothered steak. Besides testifying to that or his age, she will be very limited.

        cboldt – an attorney & contributor here pointed out a few things the Defense could ask of Sybrina yesterday, like how many people were in the room w/her when she listened to the audio. They too could ask if she ever heard TM scream in fear of his life. Of course most of us expect her to lie, why would she stop lying now?

    • Does anyone else have the feeling that the prosecution will extend their day and have Sybrina on at the close of Friday? That way the jury stews on her words for a couple of days before court is resumed. I felt that was what was planned for yesterday but it did not work out that way.

      • kadar – I agree, just as I read some criticism of West saying that he “filibustered” during the cross on the DNA Guy because the Defense didn’t want the jury to think about Sybrina’s testimony. They pointed out that West really didn’t score many points & most of his cross was spent repeating what had already been testified to.

        Strategy, LMAO. Thank God they had a deposition @ 5:30.

        • I was just reading Jeralyn’s thoughts at Talk Left and she commented on how bizarre it is to still have discovery going on in this case and the State is about the rest.

          While the judge is of the opinion, they have had more than enough time to prepare, obviously more time was needed. These guys are doing depositions after court for pete’s sake. Rene tweeted yesterday she overhead O’Mara out in the hallway on Mantei’s phone deposing the skype school instructor. It’s insane.

  2. Breakfast suggestion.. Buttered cream of wheat mixed with fresh, very ripe, Georgia peaches that have been coated with sugar and left in the refrigerator overnight. The combination of hot and cold will make your day. Apply calories directly to your thighs.

    Did the defense every complete their argument for needing more time? What is going to happen with Crump’s depo?

    • I forgot about the country ham.. the real stuff. Soak a few pieces in water overnight .Cook in a cast iron skillet, saving all of the bits and pieces. Add steaming hot black coffee. bring to a boil and let sit for a few minutes to make the best ever red eye gravy. Pour over hot oven baked biscuits and pretend you grew up poor in the South.

          • The first time that I flew to the USA back in 1984 we were presented with “biscuits” for breakfast on that flight. They were scones 🙂

            I guess it depends where you are and how they are made. Scones are round, but your “biscuits” are square 🙂

            • My biscuits are round and require a lot of time and effort including a trained nose to tell you when they are done. I have published 37 cookbooks but my best recipes were never in print. Let me know if you are interested and I will post a few at your blog.

              • Alas I am not a good cook, but I would be interested in the recipe :), by all means post the recipes at my blog it is open threads 🙂

  3. Happy Fourth, George – pretty soon your own individual day of freedom will be here!

    I’ve been wondering – has George been having to be staying at a jail cell attached to courthouse since jury selection began?

    Re: keeping George’s parents out of courtroom – yeah, I think the State knew they weren’t calling them as witnesses, and were just being nasty.

      • Is the autopsy report, along with the full toxicology report, automatically given to the jurors, or would the prosecution have to put the ME Shiping Bao on the stand in order to have it entered into the evidence the jurors get for their deliberations?

        I read in the last day or so that Shiping Bao said he expected the defense to attack him, something about his time as an ME in Texas. I remember reading somewhere that the samples sent away to the tox lab were not taken properly. I believe the DNA guy yesterday may have said that scrapings were only taken from one fingernail on each hand. I’ve read that no search was done by the ME to look for trauma under the unbroken skin on TM’s hands. The autopsy was done the ay after the shooting. Serino was the contact person with the ME office. I would think after Serino’s long night of questioning with George, and George telling him that TM was beating him on the head, that someone would have asked the ME to search for that evidence on TM’s hands.

        Didn’t Bao add language to his autopsy report that was his opinion and unnecessary for a ME report?

        If Bao is called to the witness stand on Fri. morning, I expect that we won’t be seeing Sybrina as early in the morning as some have anticipated. I wouldn’t be surprised if the defense doesn’t begin the presentation of their case until Mon. morning.

        • If they don’t put Bao on the stand, they can’t introduce the autopsy report. I think if they failed to do that, then they would technically fail to prove that (1) Trayvon is dead and (2) that he died as a result if the gunshot wound. He will be called.

          • I am not so sure that he will be called, there is testimony from GZ via the statements, from the first officer on the scene and the EMT to establish that a) GZ shot TM, b) TM died shortly thereafter c) no other wounds on TM with the exception of the raw knuckles and small laceration. So there is enough circumstancial evidence that TM died from the gunshot.

            If the ME is called to the stand the issues of the botched autopsy, the Tox Report all have to come in, as they are part of the ME’s report. i don’t think that MOM will argue that TM died of something other than the gunshot wound, they don’t have to. Just my opinion.

          • boricuafudd ~ Too, the defense can call the ME as their witness, he will be a Defense Witness anyway considering the damning information he brings to the case, especially for the State. The State said they had 8 witnesses to get through on Wednesday, they got through 7 & Sybrina was expected to be the last. They only stopped because of the Defenses deposition at 5:30.

            GZ has stated through other testimony such as Osterman/re-enactment video, Sean Hannity he shot TM & since TM was shot/died & GZ is charged w/Murder 2, I don’t think the State had to introduce the ME. The State may come up with other witnesses since they have until Friday morning to put them in, but I’d be surprised if Tracy were added,

            I would speculate Dr. De maio will testify right after the ME in the Defense case. He is an American pathologist and a nationally renowned expert on the subject of gunshot wounds Dr. Di Maio is a board-certified anatomical, clinical and forensic pathologist, and a private forensic pathology consultant.

            Though the Defense has been stressed for monies, I am impressed at where they spent their monies, their witnesses have been the best, KUDOS to MOM/West. Dr. De maio has done many many high profile cases, he’ll be great.

            • That has been an interesting dynamic the contrast of the level and quality of the Prosecution and the those of the Defense. That might be another reason not to call the ME for the prosecution, since they know that GZ has his own expert he would not be able to rebut his findings.

              • I would be shocked if the defense doesn’t call the ME that completed the autopsy, if the state doesn’t call him. They have a wealth of information that can be gotten from the ME as to the shoddy collection of samples among other things. . The state has put on experts who have covered dna testing, the gun lady, and even Serino said he would agree with the ME findings. They called some of the first responders, and questioned the police who did CPR. Once the defense calls the ME, again if the state doesn’t, then the autopsy report, along with the Toxicology report, will make it into the hands of the jurors. They will see that TM had pot in his system among other things, as O’Mara said. It may be the only way the defense can get any drug info to the jurors.

                • Jeralyn stated in a comment the State ” may be saving him, (ME) for rebuttal after the Defense has firearm expert Dr. De maio on.”

  4. I’m leaning towards the state throwing in a few more witnesses to bring Sybrina closer to the end of the day. Or, It also wouldn’t surprise me if Nelson has a change of heart and recesses after Sybrina’s grand finale. That way it would appear she is granting the defense’s wish to depose Crump on Friday, all the while giving the state the benefit of enabling the jury to be left with Sybrina’s “emotional” testimony for the weekend.

    • That reminded me of O’Mara’s question to some of the potential jurors during jury selection when he asked if they would be able to get beyond Trayvon Martin’s mother’s tears, and to be able to decide based on the facts and evidence presented during trial.

      Hopefully the jurors have been reminded enough that emotions cannot be a part of their decisions, and that they will rely on the facts and the evidence. I am all but certain that the defense will have some bombshells during their presentation. They will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that George properly acted to defend his own life, even though they are not responsible to prove anything. They will also prove that it was TM’s himself that caused his own demise. Friday won’t be the only emotional display from Sybrina. When Bernie is giving his closing arguments he will be again pointing to that poor poor mother who lost her son, and she will be crying bucket loads again.

      • I think the jurors are smart and in tune to the emotional games being played in court.

        I recall one incident where the body of TM was being shown on the screen and Tracy and Daryl got up to leave the courtoom. The reporters tweeted not one juror looked their way.

        Sybrina had drawn some attention the day before leaving nosily when the screaming tape was played.

        After failing to get their attention when Tracy left, I haven’t seen the family using that tactic since. Both sat in the courtroom and listened to the screamnig tapes several times since the jurors telegraphed the message.

        • Wed SF was wearing glasses, a prop, which would have to be removed drawing more attention to her crying.

    • CCG – I just read at Jeralyn’s that the State would be calling “TM’s brother” on Friday Morning in addition to Sybrina, I think Parks said it on a talk show last night.

  5. I just checked the gzlegal site and I got some strange message that the site had crased and needed to be repaired. I’m wondering if they were downloading more discovery to the site.

  6. I’m thinking about the uproar over Don West’s daughter’s ice cream caper. DW didn’t make excuses, said what, as a father, he needed to say. Then you have SF /TM, never acknowledging their son was capable of doing exactly what he did. Who do I have more respect for?

  7. If anyone in George Zimmerman’s family sees this message, please tell him if he insists on taking the stand and giving testimony in this criminal case, I will nag the hell out of him for years to come.

    I publicly supported the stupid idea to do the Hannity interview b/c what could I do, it had already been done. I tried to put the best spin on it. Whoever’s idea that was wasn’t thinking clearly. While it wasn’t a total disaster, it helps if you don’t have to argue things that didn’t get said.

    George, if you take the stand in this case, I’ll nag the hell out of you. Don’t do it. You have nothing more to give them. You’ve given them 6 statements. That’s more than enough.

      • Nettles – I don’t think there is much chance that GZ would take the stand, imo, it would be a disaster. Didn’t Hannity donate a large sum of money to GZ possibly giving GZ the incentive to do that interview? Networks can’t pay for interviews, but they can donate to funds set up like Dr. Phil donating $ 600,000.00 to the Caylee Foundation, GA/CA promptly withdrew the money & shut the foundation down.

        Of course GZ could defy the advice of MOM/West, he certainly isn’t stupid and at this point, he might be reminded of past mistakes which caused him to draw criticism, he’s almost home now, no need to screw it up imo.

      • You can add me to the list of those that would be nagging him, constantly. If wants to say something he can do it from the steps of the courthouse once he is acquitted.

    • Nettles- I’m remembering one of the potential frmale jurors saying that she would need to hear directly from George. Was she one of the ones selected? If she is, hopefully the reenactment video, plus the Serino interrogation tape will satisfy her need to hear directly from George.

  8. So I read that Crump was served with a subpoena from the defense that he is to testify in court. No doubt his relationship to the Martin parents will be brought out in direct. I don’t know if the HOA settlement will be allowed but, I would think that he would be asked to explain his role as the parents attorney, and that his goal is to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against George Zimmerman. No doubt the defense will ask him when he was hired by them, and will hear that it was just a few days after the shooting. DD talked about Crump in her testimony, and IANAL but I believe she opened the door to a lot of questions that can be asked of Crump.

    The only thing I would like the defense to ask Sybrina is why she kicked him out, and sent him to live with his father. I wouldn’t consider that badgering her but more so a line of questiong as to why he was in Sanford at that time and not in Miami where he supposedly lived. I believe the jurors have heard that he was in Sanford visiting and that they have a right to know why he was there.

    • What responsible parent sends a kid on a holiday adventure when under a 10 day suspension. My teenager would have been in the dog house under guard with mean looks from me every hour.

    • minpin – I agree with your thoughts, DD exposed not only Crump, but BDLR, Tracy/Sybrina & Natty Jack. I hope the Defense ask Crump WHY he felt the need to COACH DD, what was his agenda in controlling her statement. WHY he lied in his affidavit to the court.

      LMAO, if Crump tries to lie, they can call DD back & she is subject to being recalled imo for this very reason. LMAO, the wrath of DD being inconvenienced.

      • If you noticed, DD does not like lying. That explains her stranger mannerisms on the stand, such as touching her ear. She was forced to give a testimony that on its face was nothing more than a lie. She might have been on the phone at times but she did not hear the confrontation and she did not hear the wet grass as it rose up to slap George Zimmerman around.

        I do think that when DD is recalled that she will spill the beans about Crump and Sybrina’s dirty scheme.

      • You mean the bald headed guy, and the guy she kept referring to as Crump. LOL When Nelson cut O’Mara’s time short with Serino she said the defense could call him back, and I believe O’Mara said that he will. I think there is still a lot of info. to get out of Serino. Since he already brought up the pressure he was under, I would love to hear him say who was bringing that pressure, including the 3 SPD officers.

        Despite what some analysts are suggesting, I don’t honestly believe that the defense is going to bring up just a few witnesses, and that they will be done in a few days. I do believe that even though the defense doesn’t have any burden to prove anything, O’Mara and West are going for as much overkill, so to speak, as they can afford. I really believe that they want to clear GZ’s name, prove he isn’t a racist, and that he acted very appropriately. I envision these people being called-

        DiMaio (sp)
        Shiping Bao (if the state doesn’t call him)
        FBI rep. who has knowledge of the investigation into George being a racist or not.
        Robert or Gladys Zimm to say it was their son screaming for help
        DD (if Crump’s depo or testimony warrants more questions of her
        Whoever the defense wanted to be able to testify anonomously besides John Good
        SPD officers who were shocked that Serino filed charges after everyone in the daily meetings agreed not enough evidence to charge GZ
        Chief Lee
        Firing range personnel who could testify that George took classes with them
        Store personnel who could authenticate video if TM was seen on those tapes, especially using a slim jim
        The guy from the state who can talk about the short and long term drug effects (this is why I think they will get Bao up first to get the toxicology report on the record)
        Forensic expert(s) to talk about the degradation of the dna and blood evidence, the samples that were taken improperly, and the lack of fingerprints on the gun etc

        I’m sure there are other possibilities that I am not remembering right now. I may be totally off base but, I really do believe that O’Mara/West are going to go for clearing George’s name in addition to getting him acquitted. When they write a book on this case it needs to be titled “Against All Odds.” Hey, maybe George can write that book.

        • There’s also Austin Brown. The state didn’t call him and the defense put 4 of his videos into discovery. If I read it right, he or his mom was deposed twice.

          I think the defense will put on a case. The world is watching and they can get some things revealed. The rush was to hide as much of the misconduct and abuse of power.

          The defense needs to be careful though not to take advantage of a sequestered jury and take their time up for something that has failed to be proven.

          • IMO, the jury is thirsty to hear the defense case so they can conclusively seal the deal and proudly leave that courthouse knowing they did the right thing without any qualified criticism. They are still taking notes so they have not lost interest,, many, many thanks to the knock knock joke.. perhaps the most brilliant move of the trial that even baffled all of the so called media “experts.”

            They have heard George’s testimony multiple times and all but one was under duress. O’Mara and West have brilliantly maneuvered this case to prove self defense without ever calling a single one of their own witnesses so far.

            What is left will be the total annihilation of the well know scheme team narrative including, “He shudna got outta da ca.” and the satisfaction in knowing the defense now has a chance to hang them all publicly. When Bernie loses the case, watch how much attention will be drawn to those sanctions. By then, even Nelson will understand how much she screwed up and is now under fire.

            Maybe I am not on planet earth, but I think the rest of this trail presents the best opportunity ever to get to the bad guys. The defense can do that without even playing hard ball and subjecting George to the whims of the jury.

            Last line for O’Mara in his closing statement:

            President Obama opined that ‘if he had a son, he would look exactly like Trayvon.” I repeat, he said : ‘if he had a son, he would look just like Trayvon.”

            Would any of you want such a son?

            From Wayne’s World.

          • You’re right, I forgot about Austin Brown. I’m sure that he would sound much like Chad, he doesn’t remember anything. If O’Mara could read him his original statement, that the guy in red was on the bottom, and that it was him screaming for help, it would get that in front of the jurors. It would place him close to the scene as he was walking his dog. I highly doubt he would say that he never said that.

        • I don’t know the name of the “time line expert” that MOM has referred to in interviews, but, imo, he will take a good bit of time but I do think they will conclude next week.

          DD is subject to recall.

          TM’s brother is to testify on Friday for the State along w/Sybrina.

          The ME is said to testify in the States Rebuttal case.

          Nettles – in the big scheme of things, Jodi Arpas’ trial took 4 months, and their going to do it again. This has been a relatively short trial if it ends in the next 2 weeks and it’s predicted to end before that depending on deliberation.

          • I wonder why they are calling Jaharvis to testify? Surely it is not to say that it is Trayvon screaming on the 911 tape?! There is video of him saying he cannot say for sure that it is Trayvon.

  9. George Zimmerman: How long will defense go?

    Jose Baez predicted that forensic pathologist Vincent Di Maio will take center stage in the defense’s case. “You don’t hire a superstar like that and not call them,” said the attorney who successfully defended Casey Anthony.

    “The defense has been able to try their case within the prosecution’s case,” Marcia Clark told Cooper. “So I do think it will be relatively brief. I think they will rest next week.”

    Sunny Hostin agreed. “I don’t think the defense is going to put on a long case, at all, maybe two or three witnesses at most,” she told Cooper. “We could be looking at a verdict, I think, by next week.”

    The CNN analysts saw problems for the state with Capt. Carter’s testimony.

    “I’m a little shocked that the judge allowed this type of testimony to be admitted to begin with,” Baez told Cooper. “I’ve never heard of a witness instructing the jury on the law. That’s generally reserved for the judge to do.” The defense score “a grand slam” with “dream witness” Carter, Baez said.

    Mark Geragos, who has repeatedly slammed the state’s performance, told Cooper: “What I don’t understand is why didn’t the prosecution object to this? When the question is asked, objection, motion to strike?”

    Hostin agreed that the defense used Carter to instruct the jury a bit about stand your ground law. But she said “the biggest takeaway” from Carter’s testimony was Zimmerman’s lying about not knowing stand your ground law.

    (negative opinions were too included in the article at link)

    I disregard everything Sunny Hostin says, she is consistantly wrong. Though I dispised Baez on KC’s case since he was so inexperienced, (3 yrs. as an attorney,) & Cheif Judge Perry had to walk him through everything including asking permission to approach a witness or properly filling out his paperwork, I have agreed w/his opinions about this case. He is especially correct about Dr. Di Maio & that he doesn’t think the State can prove their case.

    • “Mark Geragos, who has repeatedly slammed the state’s performance, told Cooper: “What I don’t understand is why didn’t the prosecution object to this?”

      On what grounds could they realistically object, though…?

      This was the prosecution’s witness and their entire argument for violating FERPA and having his instructor testify was to prove that George was familiar with self defense laws, or in the very least had ‘access’ to such information.

      They couldn’t then turn around and argue that what he was specifically taught in class was irrelevant and therefore inadmissible… that the jury should be left to speculate or guess about what that specific information was.

      • During my senior year at USF, I took an MBA course, entitled “Advanced Corporate Finance.” I was required to write a course long thesis about the Modigliani–Miller theorem. I got an A but I can also tell you that it confused the hell out of me and I never wanted to discuss it ever again.

    • I dont think George is a liar. I just wonder why George said he did not know about SYG. I’m wondering if he, at the time of the incident, only knew of self defense as The Castle Doctrine and not SYG. And that he knew what Sean was getting at but did not want to open up that line of questioning from Sean. So he basically told the truth but avoided the subject.

      • Isn’t SYG just a nickname? Could he have known about it by whatever its official name is and didn’t realize that was the same thing? Or was he just like me and forgot everything that he learned in a class after it was over?

        • http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0700-0799/0776/0776.html

          How many times is stand your ground mentioned in our statutes aside from this single reference which does not even apply in George’s case:? +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

          (3) A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

      • I picked that out when watching the livestream. Guy asked Carter if the SYG law was born out of the Castle Doctrine law. He said yes. Then Guy said and that’s the law you instructed the students on? Carter said yes.

        So was it the Castle Doctrine law or SYG law and were the words SYG law used in class? As I understood it, the book the state relied on doesn’t have Florida’s SYG law in it. I’m left confused on the whole matter as to what GZ was taught in that class.

        To me, not knowing much about laws, this communicates that the state thinks GZ’s statements fit self defense and they are trying to say his course gave him the tools to construct it. That George gave 3 statements the very night of the shooting dispels a whole lot of constructing in my mind.

        I think GZ did embellish at parts to make himself look better but it doesn’t rise to the manipulations of a guilty person trying to get away with murder, imo.

        • Nettles, There are 22 other States that also have a form of SYG, my State included, Louisiana. There are variations of SYG & I think one of recommendations made by the Governor’s committee on SYG was that “the wording be more clearly to defined.”

          I too agree that GZ possibly embellished, I too think he was dishonest about remembering his class in which he was knew about SYG but I agree, they doesn’t make him a murderer. My son is GZ’s age, and although an adult, I watch him make bad decisions at times & imo, sometimes, it could be immaturity or lack of life experiences.

          I understand GZ’s mind was probably reeling from his experience, he was trying to possibly think of anything incriminating. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t was GZ’s choice if he admitted to be familiarity w/SYG it would be used against him & if he lied, he might get away with it. GZ haters have labeled GZ a liar which I don’t care about, but it will be used against him in closing for the State. They will suggest, “you can’t believe anything he says.”

          If the State does claim GZ can’t be believed, then the jury can depend on John Good’s testimony as to the attack, Dr, Di miaeo’s testimony as to trajectory of the shot as well as to the wound itself & the timeline expert. imo, they overcome the States argument.

      • SYG was no big deal to us when it was passed here except that serious SD advocates pointed out how the revised jury instructions gave more power to the state in simple SD jury instructions and remains like that to this day;

      • Sunny Hostim reminds me very much of Soledad O’Brien, formerly from CNN. I’ve read that she was fired by CNN because she always made everything about race. She has been picked up by Al Jezzera which will be a much better fit for her.

    • Nelson to Jury after giving jury instructions: Please take your time.

      Jury foreman: We have listened to this crap for 2 weeks. We are soooooo disappointed in you and your decisions. There is nothing to deliberate except your fate.

  10. I posted elsewhere:
    My guess on how it will go if sybrina testifies:
    Bernie: Have you had an opportunity to listen to the 911 tape with someone screaming in the background?
    Sybrina: Yes, I have.
    Bernie: And do you recognize that voice?
    Sybrina: Yes, I do.
    Bernie: And can you tell the court who you believe that voice to be?
    Sybrina: My son Trayvon.
    Bernie: No further questions.
    O’Mara: We have no questions for this witness.

    • Then O’Mara will put Robert Zimm Sr., or better yet, George’s mother Gladys, on the stand and ask him/her if he recognizes the voice screaming for help, and Robert/Gladys will say yes that it is their son George screaming for help. There has already been testimony from the FBI voice expert saying that no outside sources could accurately make the determination. He said it would fall to the family members to say who they thought it is. He also said that whoever it was was in imminent danger From John Good’s testimony saying that he saw what he now knows to be TM throwing down punches to what we know know was George. I have faith that the jurors will use their “God given common sense” and ask themselves why the guy throwing the punches, and doing the beating would be screaming for help, or why TM didn’t get off George and run again when John Good came out shouting for them to stop.

      • I wonder how much weight the jury would give testimony by either family about who’s voice it is. Clearly they both have an agenda. I agree with you that goods testimony and common sense will probably provide the answer.

  11. I expect the state to march into court tomorrow morning and to object to Carter’s testimony from yesterday. They will say that Carter was instructing the jurors on the law, and that that is up to the judge to do when she hands the case over to them for deliberations. Da Judge will then instruct the jurors to pretend they never heard Carter’s testimony, as she plays back the part of the testimony they are supposed to forget.

  12. Someone on facebook observed that GZ saw TM suspicious and called the police and was labelled the aggressor. TM called GZ a crazy ass cracker and the “n” word and he was labelled the victim.

    • That question is almost a given. The police first rolled TM over to perform CPR. His body was not covered which is understandable as his life was the first priority. What is questionable is that when they knew he would not be recovered, and later taken over by the EMT’s there obviously weren’t evidence saving techniques done.

      I will never knock the police, or the EMT’s as their first priority must be with the saving of a life, and be damned with every other crime scene protections. As we’ve heard it was raining, and it is very likely any evidence from TM’s hands etc was washed away in that rain. Heck even the pictures of the yellow blanket over him couldn not erase away that he was lying in the wet grass for a long period of time, and with his hands tucked underneath him in the wet grass.

    • LOL – Talk about a misshapen head, check out Crumps! Maybe it is common for those with poor judgement.

  13. Just for fun, Imagine

    That George ran after he murdered Martin.
    Then he refused to talk wtth LE after being caught but wanted to know if that damn nig**a was dead
    Said his wounds were no big deal and he could not afford to waste his money on a nig___
    IOW, suppose he acted like most nigg++s

  14. I got this message sent to me via facebook inbox…..good question here.

    here’s a good question that ive not heard asked..

    If Rachel told her mother she didn’t want to testify and Rachel left in the middle of Sybrina’s “three-way” permission call, then (without a translator) how did Sybrina communicate and convince Rachel’s Haitian mother … who only spoke Creole?
    Still think Sybrina will take the stand?

    • Nettles, on the stand, DD said that she spoke English in the home (and born and raised here, went to English speaking schools). Personally, I haven’t seen anything that says the parents only speak their first languages. Has a reliable source said that her parents don’t speak English?

      Commenters on other blogs say that English was DD’s 3rd language, but there’s been no proof that I’ve seen that she speaks her parents’ two languages – or English even lol

      • Lorac – I read somewhere that DD’s mom was employed & worked for either the city or state. If that is the case, then she speaks english.

      • “Personally, I haven’t seen anything that says the parents only speak their first languages.”

        …and one would presume that she was speaking English when talking with Sybrina over the phone.

    • Nettles- Perhaps you can go back and bring forward Rachele’s teatimony when BDLR seemed to indicate that English wasn’t spoken in her home. If I read it correctly, RJ seemed to be adamant that English is spoken in her home, and seemed upset that Bernie would even say such a thing. That was from the witness herself. The language issue seems to me to be a non-issue which is just more smoke and mirrors. RJ surely texted in English. It is entirely possible that the parents may not be legal, but Rachele was considered legal because she was an anchor baby. There are way to many connections between Rachele and Sybrina to give anyone comfort. It may have actually been why Rachele didn’t want to testify to begin with. With Sybrina asking to talk to the mother, and the mother saying yes can possibly introduce further evidence. Weren’t there some kind of stories way back when that Rachele’s mother had called Wolfinger or the SPD? If true, someone got to Rachele and her mother.

  15. Interesting going back rehearing this interview with Jahvaris, some things pop out. They did not think they would get that much support, things got away from them. It is obvious the brothers were not very close, he did not know much about TM. Jahvaris is trying very hard to maintain the Narrative but even he is unsure, as he lets out that he would tell TM how to avert the situation. He knows the screams are not TM, he does not say it but it is in the eyes, they get shifty and he starts looking to the right away from the reporter. See the video below.


  16. I’m thinking that when the State rests it’s case, the jurors will look at each other in amazement, as if too say “That’s it??”

    • I’ve been thinking it would be just for the jurors, after they acquit GZ, to publicly condemn the state, and to say that if it wouldn’t have stolen even more of the taxpayers’ money, they would have levied a huge fine on the state for such an unnecessary, malicious prosecution.

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