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July 5, 2013


On March 16, 2012 Sybrina Fulton came to Sanford for the very first time. Her mission was to make an emotional plea to the Mayor of Sanford and get him to overrule the police and release the 911 tapes. I suspect they knew of Rachel and wanted those tapes before bringing her forward.

In the office of the Mayor was Team Martin with their lawyers. The meeting was described as very emotional and Sybrina did her job. Natalie Jackson described everyone in the room crying. Sybrina Fulton convinced them that the screams on the tapes were her son’s. She is said to have gone running from the room.

The emotional appeal worked and the Mayor released the tapes in the late evening that same night. Rachel Jeantel testified that Tracy called her the next day to advise she was the last one talking to Trayvon and they wanted her to meet with Mr. Crump and give a statement.

From Rachel’s testimony, I suspect Tracy called to advise her that in actuality before Trayvon’s funeral.  I believe the knowledge that she was the last person to talk to Trayvon is the real reason she didn’t attend his funeral.  That information weighed heavily on her.  She thought he was in an every day, garden variety fight and it stressed her so to hear she was the last friend to talk to him.  She couldn’t say this was the reason she didn’t go to the funeral because people would know they lied about when they found out about her.  So she made up a lie about the hospital.  Of course, there is no reason not to tell a mother I couldn’t go to the funeral because I didn’t want to see his body.  A mother would understand such a reason.

Today, it is widely expected that Sybrina will once again use the emotional sadness that the public has for her as a mother whose son died unexpectantly to convince the jury it was Trayvon’s screaming on the tapes.

As the family failed to submit a voice sample of Trayvon’s and his own father and brother have said at one time that it wasn’t Trayvon or I’m not sure it’s him, I believe God-fearing Sybrina Fulton is going to take the stand and knowingly lie to the jurors. A mother knows her son’s voice yet this mother said of the video taken from Trayvon’s phone she couldn’t be sure that was him on the tape. The state authenticated that it was Trayvon and gave it as a sample to their experts to test for a match to the screams heard on Jenna Lauer’s 911 call.

Sybrina is going to lie, under oath for one reason only. Money. Her focus in making money off the death of this tragedy has been apparent in the immediate aftermath. She started a foundation to take donations, she trademarked two phrases the PR firm worked hard to get into the public psychy, “I am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon”. She filed a wrongful death suit against the HOA in the days following the boy’s funeral and it is believed to have been settled out of court for over 1 million dollars.  She filed for victim’s relief fund to have Trayvon’s funeral paid by the state and to be paid for her loss and suffering.Tracy 1

Emotion and sympathy has been exploited by Sybrina, Tracy and their lawyers and it has gotten the case this far. We will soon know if a jury of 6 women, 5 of whom are mothers, will overrule the facts of the case and return a guilty verdict based on emotions Sybrina is able to elicit in them. I don’t think it will.

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Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


104 thoughts on “July 5, 2013

    • Not enough information given in that story. However, I think that I would believe Scott, that the “victim” charged him after being caught trying to break into cars.

  1. My new favorite video from our very own Coreshift. First Daryl Parks sugests all of George’s injuries could have easily been caused by “rolling around in the grass”. After much spin Parks finally admits George’s injuries were the result of Trayvon’s punches. After more spin Parks finally concedes Trayvon whached George’s head on the sidewalk. After some spin parks suggests that since only a small portion of George’s head was whacked on the sidewalk, George was not justified in defending himself. After more spin Parks suggests that George is at fault for not moving his head off the sidewalk sooner and therfore is not justified in defending himself. After more spin parks suggests that since Zimmerman knew the police were on their way he should have just laid their and took the beating until the police arrived but suggests George fired in a rush to judgement and was therefore not justified. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTFeXl1v7eU

  2. Sigh… he rationalizes that it was ok for Trayvon to beat a man because it was a ‘dark alley’ and Trayvon couldn’t know that the man was merely reaching for his phone.

    Well, if that’s scary, imagine the outright terror George felt to be in that same ‘dark alley’ being straddled and beaten by a total stranger.

  3. Did Jahvaris say that Trayvon was living with him, Sybrina, and his uncle? Are they retroactively pretending the uncle was living with Sybrina at the time, so they can say Trayvon was living with her?

    • Part of me felt a little sorry for Jahvaris, but he lost a lot of my sympathy when he chose to lie. He was SO nervous he was having to breath as if he were in a Lamaze class. He was not nervous like that during the television interview when he said he was not sure that was Trayvon’s voice yelling for help.

  4. Dr. Boa testified TM was alive 1- 10 minutes, but that seems grossly exaggerated, if TM had been alive 6-10 minutes wouldn’t LE have been there?

    • When the first police officers arrived, and proceeded to do CPR, one of them said he heard gurgling sounds from TM. TM was very obviously non-responsive. How could the ME even claim that he was having pain and suffering when he wasn’t even consious (sp)? Shouldn’t someone bring that up?

  5. Boa continuing to read definitions is working my nerves, he should be able to do that from memory. (my deceased husband was a physician, that’s why I know that, taught some in Medical School.) Dr. De maeio will explain everything clearly on the trajectory & the wound.

    LOL, Bao has continued to talk when Judge N ask him not to, Dr. Bao is proud of what he did, I bet he gets a little testy when West points out everything he didn’t do.

    • Horrible witness. The states 2 MEs are duds.

      If the state had the money to hire owen and reich, why not hire someone competent on the medcal/gunshot trajectory side?

      • Mark Martinson – I agree, the State has made many bad decisions. Not only did the Defense hire an expert “super star.” De. De maieo, he will explain everything so the jurors understand, the trajectory, the wound, etc.

        To think the State WASTED all that money on Owen & Reich is ridiculous, it is difficult to understand him imo.

  6. Nobody gives a rats ass about how “hard Boa works” as he has stated several times, we CARE about the autopsy being done right, a man is on trial for his life! Dr. Boa is paid by the taxpayers for his hard work, he didn’t perform the autopsy pro bono.

  7. WHY wouldn’t Boa have thew actual notes taken during the autopsy? BO YAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Outstanding, West has gotten Boa’s notes, I’d love to see what he has written.

    This is a terrible witness, defensive, argumentive, talking over Judge. My prediction: he’s gonna blow pretty soon.

  8. The guys reading from notes!

    He has no recollection of something “2 years ago”? It was’t two years ago!

  9. Just heard on the radio that the defense has copies of Bao’s notes that he was reading from. Bao protested to the judge and said that the notes were his own personal notes, and unbelievably she told him that they are to be given to all the attorneys. The cross ought to be very interesting.

    • It was evident when he replied to BDLR’s questions he was also reading from his notes.

      BDLR asked how tall Trayvon was and the ME went into a story that he read about the pain and suffering Trayvon had endured after the shot.

      West asked a question on cross about when the ME first saw the body. According to his autopsy notes, he saw the body unclothed. West was asking what was done before he actually saw the body. How did the wet clothes get put into a plastic bag.

      The ME started reading from his notes about memory and how unreliable it is. West stopped him and asked him if he was reading something. He said, yes, he had spent 100s of hours on his own time to anticipate questions today and had prepared his responses in writing. West asked to see them.

      M.E. got very upset, no these are private but when Judge explained the lawyers have a right to review those notes he handed them over.

      West went back to the defense table and he and O’Mara were reading off the same sheets. As they finished, O’Mara passed the page to BDLR to review.

      O’Mara was smiling as West pointed something out to him on the second page and the ME from that stand asked what is so funny.

      Once they finished scanning the notes, West asked that they break for lunch, be given a copy of the notes to review over lunch and he may have some to proffer after lunch.

      The ME was upset copies would be made of his notes and the Judge told him that after his testimony the copies would be destroyed.

      Some are tweeting if that isn’t destroying evidence in the case.

      I question that if language is a problem for him, why are his notes in English. If he wrote them in another language, the lawyers wouldn’t be able to read them.

      The Judge ordered a break for lunch. They are expected back at 1pm

      • I haven’t found much reason to laugh at much of anything in this trial, and what has been done to George and his entire family. When I was reading the comments around the web as to what was going on with Bao, I literally had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard at how da judge’s courtroom has descended into utter chaos, corruption and disrespect. And the judge orders that the obvious evidence is to be destroyed after court today?????

  10. HLN Is currently kissing Sybrina and Jahavaris ass to an extent that shoudn’t be humanly possible.

    No indication whatsover that there actually might be family bias. No mention of the million dollar lawsuits and financial incentive.

    And did I understand that correctly, Nelson won’t allow Javarhis saying on TV he didn’t know who the screams were to be admitted? So Typical

    • jack203 – there’s a reason HLN/CNN kiss the butts of Sybrina/Javaris is because they want further interviews. The Anthony’s didn’t do interview w/the low budge cable shows BECAUSE they didn’t pay for “licensing fees.” There were TOO MANY National News outlets n/deep pockets willing to pay the ANTS for their appearances in the National Media, they didn’t bother w/low budget cable.

      In exchange, CNN/HLN will allow them to say anything even if its not true, they won’t challenge them. When GZ is found NOT GUILTY, the Media Blitz will start all over for Tracy/Sybrina/Crump & the other 5 attorney’s that represent them.

      Nettles – we called Boa out at the beginning of his testimony w/BDLR, I knew this would BLOW WIDE OPEN, what a waster of taxpayer monies to employ BOA.

  11. Fulton came across as not credible about the circumstances surrounding the family hearing the tape for the first time. I was surprised to see how easily Fulton showed her belligerence.

    George has been very circumspect during the trial yet during Fulton’s testimony his face changed and showed his pain listening to Fulton try to take his voice away, to claim his screams for her benefit, silencing his experience as a victim.

    • George has been very circumspect during the trial yet during Fulton’s testimony his face changed and showed his pain listening to Fulton try to take his voice away, to claim his screams for her benefit, silencing his experience as a victim.

      cassandra, I’ve noticed before, but I see it again here, that you are very perceptive and insightful.

      • thanks for the kindness. I am approaching 60, you would think I have learned something from all the challenges.

  12. Kathi Belich, WFTV

    The defense will argue the state hasn’t proven its case and ask the judge to drop the murder charge. Wins are very rare. #Zimmermanon9

  13. Richard Hornsby ‏@RichardHornsby

    Translation of Dr. Bao: No Mr. West, we half-ass it in every autopsy.

  14. Is BDLR looking for another witness fr the State? Sheaffer/WFTV says BDLR may not want to leave his case on this note.

    Defense could appeal if GZ is convicted on the THC/autopsy. Judge N doesn’t care about her decisions being appealed & granted, she’ll be in Civil Court at that time, any appeal will be someone’s head ache. Sheaffer said it takes a 1 1/2 year for an appeal to run.

        • I just watched it. They have 3 depositions this weekend. Channel 10 overheard that Crump is being deposed at 2pm on Sunday.

          Mr. O’Mara said he has an expert who will say marijuana can have had an affect and then the judge will rule on whether or not she let’s that testimony in.

          • I can’t believe that is even an issue, can you think of a prosecutor that would not want testimony that the defendant was under the influence? Even is the amount is miniscule they would argue that it would be for the jury to decide. Incredible that the Judge is bending over backwards to maintain an image that TM was just an innocent boy, though we know it is not true.

  15. Judge Alex Ferrer ‏@judgealexferrer

    Judge could grant joa on M2 & let trial go forward on manslaughter. GZ still faces up to 30 yrs on that & those elements may be proven.
    Retweeted by Richard Hornsby

    Richard Hornsby ‏@RichardHornsby 1h
    FYI: 99% of Florida Circuit Judges would at least reduce this case to Manslaughter

    • From everything I’ve read about Angela Corey is that she never reduces charges against a defendant during trial. She has a habit of overcharging, and then offering a plea deal to lesser charges. Imagine if a client has no option but to accept a public defender, many of whom are recent law school graduates with little to no experience. If a defendant doesn’t take her plea deal, she goes for the jugular at trial. If I understand correctly she overcharged the guy that shot 2 rounds into the ground to warn off some thugs coming to abuse their elderly relative yet again, at the elderly relatives request. She offered him a plea deal and he didn’t accept it. When the guy was convicted by a jury of his peers (scary) the judge said that to send that guy to prison for that long period was criminal in itself. He reduced the sentence to about 3 years. Corey appealed the judges decision, and unfortunately the appeals court overturned the circuit judges ruling. Then consider her charging a 12 year old as an adult for murder, after she said that she would not charge Christian Fernandez as an adult.

      There is a special place in hel1 for someone like Angela Corey, and those that do her bidding.

      • “There is a special place in hel1 for someone like Angela Corey, and those that do her bidding.”

        Nah, Minpin, I think Corey will be recruited to run hell when she goes below. The thought of a hell run by Corey, should scare some folks straight.

        Btw, I like what you said about me a couple of weeks ago, about how I was having a ball talking to myself. I sure was and I had to have my conversations in a word document for a few days.

        Didn’t wanna do the commitment of a blog, but I missed doing the post by post commentary. So I got my own blog going:


    • Arrgghhh! AGAIN the judge had her answer already written out; she was reading it from a legal pad. Two seconds after MOM finished speaking, she was denying him.

  16. George Zimmerman: How did Mark O’Mara do in questioning Trayvon’s mom?

    WESH’s Hornsby said Bao could unwittingly help the defense if the medical examiner put things in notes that were told to him by the prosecution or different from the autopsy. “That could really become a smoking gun for the defense in attacking the state’s case,” Hornsby said. “The way he’s testified is just so out there. It blows my mind.”

    A witness cannot bring prepared testimony to the stand, Hornsby later explained, and if a person does, the defense team is allowed to look at the material. The notes could undermine Bao’s credibility and suggest he came with an agenda, which no expert witness is supposed to have, Hornsby said.

    WOFL’s Tennis elaborated on bigger problems she sees with this trial. She said the entire trial needs to look like quality to the outside world. Tennis saw problems with the prosecution sitting the state’s star witness, Rachel Jeantel, next to the victim’s grieving mother when questioned by law enforcement.

    “That is not right, and that unfortunately makes a lot of things look bad that may or may not be bad, including Rachel Jeantel’s testimony,” Tennis said. And that puts into question whether Jeantel’s memory was biased, Tennis added.

    (other analyst contribute in article, pro/con)

  17. Just when I thought no one could be sorrier than Corey or BDLR, in strolls Dr. Rao w/her mis-shapen head theory & washing her feet in an autopsy basin, the thought sickens me.

    Dr. Bao showed up today claiming he had a bad memory, imo, he acted paranoid at times, “those are my notes, those are my notes.” “I can’t remember,” “NO, we only take X amount of pictures,” in which you couldn’t wipe the appalled look off West’s face if you tried. WHY wasn’t there an audio running during the autopsy? THEN! Nobody would have to depend on what Bao could or couldn’t remember, the audio would record the information. Of course nothing can be done about the STUPIDITY of packing TM’s wet clothing in plastic INSTEAD of packing them correctly, BUT, Dr. Bao “stated it wasn’t his fault” “I work very hard, I work very hard, I work on the weekend.” PRICELESS Dr. Bao USED Dr. Di maeio’s book for reference.

    imo, the whole ME’s office & Corey’s office need an outside audit & an accountability for their incompetence. These people aren’t pro bono, they get paid a salary by the taxpayers. It’s sad to see the level of incompetence, that, imo, seems to be normal in their work ethic & performance.

    I am beyond disgusted w/Judge N. A masterful presentation by MOM, imo, of the facts thus far & why there should be an acquittal but no one really expected her to be objective, besides being a former Prosecutor, she apparently has no objectivity. She doesn’t care if there’s an appeal, she will be long gone, so will what’s left of GZ’s money if he has to appeal a verdict.

    • You are right nobody expected that Judge Nelson would do her job. I also think that nobody thought that MOM would put such a masterful closing argument which completely eviscerated the prosecution’s theory of the crime and put the “ebidence” in such contrast.

      The State proved that its case was extremely weak, so much so that they sent Mantei to argue against the JOA, do you think that if the case was stronger BDLR would defer its argument? No, he would be up front flapping his arms about it. That he decided to sit tells me that he did not want to take ownership of this crappola of a case and delegated it to his subordinate. He should be ashamed.

  18. boricuafudd – what I thought was so strange about Manei’s argument was that he alluded to GZ having ill intentions or depraved mind,(I can’t remember the exact words,) when he used his gun to defend himself against TM who was beating the crap out of him.

    I am concerned that Judge N didn’t drop Murder 2 charges, can it be done before deliberations? I am concerned the jury might return “manslaughter” as a compromise verdict. I remain concerned but imo, the Defense had another good week.,

    • What does Nelson see that suggest direct evidence? I too am worried, the state has a lot of power. MOM was fantastic.

  19. One of the big questions still unanswered: Who did Trayvon presume George was on the phone with?

    Trayvon obviously felt that George calling someone was important enough to relay this info to Rachel, and Rachel’s response to TM… RUN! So he pulled up his hoodie and he did, if Rachel is to be believed.

    We’ve also got a real-time account of the exact moment TM decided to run preserved on the recorded NEN call… ‘He’s coming to check me out’ then a few seconds later ‘Shit, he’s running.’

    Even the Martin family attorney (recently downgraded to merely their legal consultant) has stated that TM got close enough to George’s vehicle to see inside and then ran. This account had to have come from Rachel.

    Given what we know about TM’s behaviors from the M-DSPD (stolen property, drugs, vandalism, trespass, etc), I don’t believe for one second that this same young man left alone while on a ten day suspension without any supervision whatsoever was just out for a casual stroll in the rain and dark of night to the store and back for candy. It’s logical to infer from his impulsive reaction to run upon seeing someone on the phone watching him that he knew the person was calling the police.

    • “One of the big questions still unanswered: Who did Trayvon presume George was on the phone with?”

      Rachel, no doubt, would know if Trayvon opined about who George was talking to on the phone. I don’t believe she was asked that question on the stand. We may see her called back if the defense feels they need to go there.

      I wonder if the defense will start to present the information they want out there to get civil immunity or if they will save it for presentation when the civil suit is filed.

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