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July 7, 2013


Court to witness: “Do you solemnly swear or affirm that the testimony you shall give will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?”

Sybrina Fulton: “Yes.”

Gladys Zimmerman: “Yes I do, so help me God.”


102 thoughts on “July 7, 2013

  1. I can’t wait for Dr. Vincent DiMaio’s testimony. Many Traybot heads will explode. I also get the impression he’s not very fond of politicians interfering in work best left to professionals.

  2. Posted by Eric Jordan Garrett (the online petition queen) on Trayvon Angel of Justice facebook page

    Trayvon Angel of Justice shared Urban Livin’s photo.
    3 hours ago
    He was going do something with his life. Airline pilot was his dream! Wiped out by a wannabe cop.
    Trayvon Martin
    1. Was an honor student with a 3.7 GPA.
    2. Was accepted at a college on a full ride
    3. Was a volunteer of 600 service hours
    4. Was a devoted member of his church
    5. Was a loyal friend & a loving son
    6. Was an INNOCENT boy

    • Wow talk about the alternate universe and alternate reality.

      where is the evidence of this 3.7 GPA? This is the boy who missed more than 50 days of school.

      Did he really go to Church? yeah pull the other leg.

      Where did he volunteer? Was it at some place where he could get plenty of meat?

      A loving son to which woman? His birth mother, tradetrashcan mom or his step mother, Alicia Stanley?

      An innocent boy my foot. I guess that felony assault is not counted !!

  3. Mantei’s argument is bust! Florida courts have held that an impulsive overreaction to an attack or injury is itself insufficient to prove ill will, hatred, spite, or evil intent. See, e.g., Light v. State, 841 So. 2d 623, 626 (Fla. 2d DCA 2003); McDaniel v. State, 620 So. 2d 1308 (Fla. 4th DCA 1993).

    • I’m guessing state is going to argue (suggest) in closing that in order to hit TM’s heart GZ had to take time and aim carefully. The might also try and argue that between John seeing TM on top, and the shot, GZ managed to get on top of TM (careful aim follows). It’s a Traybot theory I’ve seen a few times. You can also expect the state to argue “inconsistencies”/”lies” in closing. NatJack is working on a list w/ help from Traybots that I’m sure she’ll make available to the state.

      • The state has gotten their cues from the Scheme Team and Traybots so far (which is why things have gone so badly for them) and I’d expect them to continue. They really don’t have anything but such insane and unsupported theories.

      • Of course Jenna Lauer testified the same person was screaming the entire time and it’s quite clear (to me) it’s the same person. So I can’t see how the state could rationally argue TM and GZ switched places at any point after John observed TM on top. The screams would have stopped or a different voice would be heard screaming.

      • Hey NatJack…how come if you KNOW this, the state doesn’t. Or did the state just decide not to address it during their case? Did you notice the absence of recreating the events, no timeline. If you think about it NatJack, the state didn’t present much of anything, now did they? Oh, wait, they did provide at least one thing, REASONABLE DOUBT.

      • coreshift ~ all the drama about the absurd accusations TM supporters continue to make up such as GZ had time to pull his gun & aim will quickly be dispelled by the Dr. Vincent Di M. He will be able to tell ALL those in denial the trajectory of the shot, which is one of the most important facts imo in the case to shut those nit wits down. Dr. Boa was terrible imo on a multitude of levels, but I haven’t read the level of criticism he deserved & I feel for his testimony. I wonder what the jury thought?

        The “time line expert” is going to clear up a lot for us, every minute. I wonder if the time line will begin at the 7-11 when TM was making his purchases & go from there? We know TM took an alternate root, what else was TM up to?

        • Timeline
          6:21:54 – TM enters the 7-11
          6:24:32 – TM exits the 7-11
          6:29:23 – TM leaves the 7-11
          7:04:17 – Chad talks to Trayvon for 19 seconds
          7:08:00 – GZ calls non-emergency to report a suspicious person
          7:09:34 – GZ connected with Sean
          7:10:30 – while on phone w/Rachel, TM approaches GZ’s truck
          7:11:43 – GZ says “Shit he’s running”
          7:11:47 – Rachel’s call with Trayon gets dropped
          7:11:57 – “Are you following him” “Yea” “OK, we don’t need you to do that” “ok”
          7:12:06 – Rachel calls Trayvon back. They talk about the creepy ass cracker
          7:12:07 – Sean to George – “What’s Your Name” “George. He ran”
          7:13:04 – What address are you parked in front of? “I don’t know, It’s a cut-through”
          7:13:40 – George’s call ends
          7:15:43 – Rachel’s call that began at 7:12:06 ends here.
          7:16:11 – Jenna Lauer (W11) connects with 911 (screams can be heard in the background)
          7:16:41 – W3 called 911. She lives on the other side of John Good. Wasn’t called as a witness by state.
          7:16:56 – Gun Shot
          7:17:11 – Office Smith arrives in car at Retreat at Twin Lakes.
          7:19:07 – W13 takes the bloody picture of GZ back of head
          7:19:20 – Officer Tim Smith enters the backyards from Retreat View Circle

              • Thanks for sharing the timelines Nettles, I haven’t trusted some I have seen but I certainly trust yours, thanks.

                Do you think the Defense knows anything else about the 30 minutes it took TM to get back to Twin Lakes?

              • Who is the defense’s “time line” expert?

                It should be obvious even without him that RJ’s description of one long chase is inconsistent with the NEN call, but who knows.

                • Mark – I saw MOM make the statement when he was talking to media saying “we have a lot of witnesses, a timeline expert, ………….” but he didn’t give the name of the expert.

                  imo, it will be good for the jury to see it laid out.

          • 7:22:40 –Chad calls TM goes to voicemail
            7:46:24 –Chad calls TM goes to voicemail
            8:36:06–Chad calls TM goes to voicemail
            8:36:22 –Chad calls TM goes to voicemail
            8:44:46 –Chad calls TM goes to voicemail
            10:03:35 –Chad calls TM goes to voicemail
            10:23:27–Chad calls TM goes to voicemail
            11:42:36 –Chad calls TM goes to voicemail
            12:23:03 am –Chad calls TM goes to voicemail
            12:49:45 am. – Tracy call TM goes to voicemail
            They went to bed. The next morning, Tracy had Brandy call Juvenile Detention to see if they had Trayvon, then they called the police to see if anyone named Trayvon Martin had been arrested and then the 3rd call was to non-emergency to report Trayvon as a missing person.

          • I remember a witness that heard whimpering and muffled noises and then a shot. It’s been well over a year since I listened to that 911 call ( i think it was in a 911 call…not totally sure). I hope she is a witness for the defense. I’ve not heard anyone mention her account. I hope the defense put two and two together with her testimony as the point in time when GZ said TM was smothering him. I mentioned this witness in a comment on the Gz Legal site way back when they first created the site.

      • Natjack is so stupid, it is why I am prepared to use some racist terminology that suits in her case. I will not repeat it here, but I really think it suits her abilities as a lawyer.

  4. The Zimmerman trial has been featured on ‘The Soup’ two weeks running now 🙂

    Last week it was West’s knock knock joke.

    This week it was the Skype hack.

  5. I can’t help but notice the similarities between Sybrina and Glady’s style of dress. Both have on conservative suits, pearl earrings, bracelets, necklaces. Both have on glasses. Now, which one of these two woman do you think has dressed like this on many occasions? Which one has acquired this look for effect? Sybrina’s undergone quite a transformation since this all began. Amazing what a PR man can do to project a false image.

    • On March 15th, Sybrina gave her first interview in the case to the Miami Herald. At the 4:45 mark of the tape the reporter asks her about the button, you’ll note the tape gets edited at 5:02 when the reporter asks why Trayvon was wearing it. The tapes starts up again with the reporter asking why he was wearing it. Was her answer a retake? Not sure what is up with that button but there is something.

      • the person on the button is Corey Johnson. He is a relative of Sybrina Fulton. Corey Johnson committed a murder but I think he got out of it in the end using SYG as an excuse.

  6. Defense has to get those texts in and grill the parents on their lies re: how Tracy ‘drove’ him. I think they are covering up the potential swinging at a bus driver and it is critical to confirm they lied about how he got there. They also need to show Tracy’s organization and the conference he attended was in fact that black free mason convention. Show probable cause as to why they would make this a racial thing from the get go (while then denying it). Show them to be what they are – frauds. This is a huge deal.

    • nomorebsplease ~ The Defense could call Tracy as a witness, but since he is considered a “victim,” they will have to treat him gently as they did Sybrina. No doubt imo Tracy is a real scumbag, sadly NOT removing his gang tats BEFORE TM died is just an example, he didn’t care if TM knew he had belonged to a gang, it was the public Tracy cared about.

      Since Judge N will or will not allow the use of weed into & even though it was mentioned on the autopsy report, imo, if anything is at Judge N’s discretion, you can consider it denied. Hornsby said UNLESS “the law clearly comes down on the side of the Defense,” she won’t allow it in.”

      imo, Tracy will surface during the “Rebuttal Case” for the State & cry before the jury deliberates.

  7. The article by David Horowitz, picked up in part at a Breitbart site has me really pizzed. So much goes for Breitbart’s legacy of honest and truthful journalism, where people actually research the details of an issue before shooting their mouths off with uninformed garbage.


    As soon as I read the Horowitz quote that the SYG laws need to be reformed to only include home invasions, I knew that whatever else Horowitz had to say would be BS. Then he claims that NW programs should not allow their watchmen to carry concealed. It appears that he just crawled out from under a rock and realized the Zimmerman trial is a big deal, so he had to include his very uninformed 2 cents. First of all, Zimmerman isn’t going for a SYG defense. This isn’t a SYG hearing where only the judge will decide on GZ’s guilt or innocense. This is a full fledged self defense trial. GZ was on his way to the store, and legally obtained his concealed carry permit. Because someone volunteers as a NW, does that automatically mean they can never carry their weapon?

    Horowitz seems like a perfect candidate to experiment on. When he is walking down the street, and someone sucker punches him in the face, and then starts beating his head against a concrete sidewalk, let’s see how long it takes him to wish and pray to God that he had a gun on him, as everyone just walks by and doesn’t bother to help him because they don’t want to get involved. Really, what Horowitz is implying is that you should only be able to defend yourself if you are attacked in your own home. Didn’t Fla. pass the SYG laws because of all of the attacks on it’s citizens in places other than in their homes. What an idiot. No I didn’t read his article, I don’t need to waste mt time, or get my blood pressure up even more than it is.

    • Mainstream talking head Republicans have much much higher priorities than GZ.

      From what I can tell, there are plenty on the left that are coming to the defense of George.

      • Really? I don’t in the least.

        The real world is not like the TV show CSI, and I expect the defense experts to cover this.,

        It was a brief confrontation. It was raining. The medical examiner doesnt even remember the autopsy. It was a shoddy job. The police rarely go out of the way with DNA testing when the basic facts of the case are well known (George shot TM).

      • The absence of the evidence is not surprising because the way in which evidence was collected was botched. It is reminding me of the Azaria Chamberlain case where sound deadener in the Chamberlain car was alleged to be fetal blood.

    • After all this is over,it might be fun to look at the pro-TM wacksos and all their crazy theories, such as the state was going to introduce evidece that GZ called Good after the incident, the injuries to the nose were caused by the gun recoiling, GZ inflicted the wounds on himself, cell phone evidence was going to show that GZ was chasing him, etc.

      So far as I can tell, the state has basically conceded the point that at the end of the fight TM was on top of GZ.

  8. Crump’s deposition is about to begin. I have a feeling it’s going to be a lesson in frustration for Mr. O’Mara and Mr. West. The judge will look to protect Mr. Crump and the state.

    • I LOVE Judge Napolitano, he tells it like it is, I haven’t always agreed with his opinion BUT he is spot on in this case. I too respect Judge Alex, he too is a contributor at FOX, he doesn’t mince words either. He pointed out sadly what “manslaughter” means in FLa., our bori had mentioned it several times in the past. That scares the hell out of me.

  9. Hornsby answered a PEEP on his BLAWG about whether “GZ can be sued if found NOT GUILTY.” It comes up on this BLOG at least once a week.
    Here is Hornsby’s response.

    It is my opinion that he would not be immune if he is found Not Guilty. The reasons are:

    Jury can simply find State did not prove a crime occurred and never reach threshold issue of whether Self Defense applies;
    In immunity hearing, burden is on defense, in criminal trial, burden is on State; and

    To find self defense in criminal trial, a mere reasonable doubt as to whether self defense applies requires a jury to vote not guilty, this is much lower standard than preponderance of evidence required for immunity.

    I’ve discussed some of these issues previously: “Did George Zimmerman Waive Stand Your Ground Defense?” With that said, since he has not had an immunity hearing yet, assuming he is found not guilty, I believe he could still request immunity in any civil trial.

  10. My biggest question about the States argument aganinst immunity this week, I mentioned it here, but no one responded as to their opinion, someone else ASK the SAME question at Hornsby’s blog but he hasn’t responded yet.

    The State was arguing that “GZ showed depraved mind” when he shot GZ.” I FAIL to UNDERSTAND how this is depraved mind WHEN GZ had a legal permit for his gun, he was having the Snot beaten out of him, I fail to understand the argument from the States stand point.


  11. Has Nelson completely closed the door to the toxicology report being entered as evidence? Is there still some way the defense can still get their drug expert on the witness stand, perhaps talking about the changes to TM’s liver, and the possible reasons for it?

    • She only closed the door to referring to it in opening statements. In order to bring it up in trial it has to be shown to be relevant. Some argued that Dr. Bao made it relevant when he advised of is change in opinion. Judge Nelson may have committed reversible error but not allowing him to tell the jury about it.

      Dr. Vincent di Maio is expected to give his opinion on the effects of the level of marijuana in Tray’s system and if he convinces the judge it could have affected Tray’s behavior that night, she may let the jury hear about it.

      Most think it is relevant and it will come in.

      • I am confused about what exactly a reversible error is. Can someone explain what this would mean in this case. Also, I was wondering why they had the stipulation entered on Friday, Someone said it was a stipulation that said TM IS DEAD??? Anyone know? Sorry if already been talked about. TIA

        • I think a reversible error is an error in a ruling that a higher court would likely reverse and could result in a mistrial.

          Both sides stipulated that the body that the ME autopsied on Feb. 27th was indeed Trayvon Martin.

          • Thank You. I thought thats what the stipulation was. I think that that is a normal thing also.

            SO if it were a mistrial, that means the state could retry Geo?

            I was off comp most all weekend. I saw a lil trying to catch up that Chump was depoed today. Do we know anything? Again thank you for all that you do here and for GEO and his family in a loving spirit of truth

            • Now that the evidence has been publicly displayed, I doubt they (Martin Family) could mount enough support for a retrial. The facts for a conviction are just not there. It’s why there was no charge in the first place.

              • Gotcha. and I agree on the first place. I pray this doesnt have to go that far but if so that it does get reversed.

  12. Security alert! Looney Tunes Trent may have a ticket for court! T Saw ‏@Tsaw33 2h
    @BTraymartin9 #Justice4Trayvon see you tomorrow in court @NatJackEsq @SybrinaFulton …I’m formally @stateoftheinter
    View conversation Reply Retweet Favorite More

    • He’s opinionated not violent. He actually comes across as a whimp. He was afraid to go onto the courthouse property last week.

      I read some laughing their asses off as he cased the perimeter. Then he posted his walk. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Anyone who knows anything about Angela Corey is that she doesn’t agree to reduce charges against any defendant unless she overchararges, and then gets the defendant to plea down to a lesser charge. Imagine the people who are currently in prison who didin’t have any other choice for their defense other than a public defender, who more often are new untried and untested lawyers. She ran up against a brick wall with GZ actually getting a defense team who was willing to go up against her antics. If Corey doesn’t get her way with plea deals, and another conviction notch on her belt, she has displayed a propensity to go all out for the kill. She would never have agreed that GZ should be charged for a lesser crime. I am actually thankful that the state stayed with their murder 2 charge. There is the fear that the jurors will find that GZ may not have found George guilty of a depraved mined etc., but they may think that he was still responsible for Trayvon’s death. Trayvon is dead, George admitted that he shot him. I don’t think that any other than those that have been following this case as closely as some even have a clue of who and what Angela Corey really is, and what she represents.

        • Nettles – & in that case, it was plead down, the juvenile system sentenced Christian Fernandez & Corey said “it was what they wanted all along.” Outrageous.

          If Fernandez adheres to the conditions of the plea agreement, the 13-year-old will be released from the Department of Juvenile Justice on his 19th birthday in January 2018. Since he was arrested in 2011, that means he would have served 7 years on the manslaughter charge once the sentence is complete. NOTE: all the BS Corey threatened about Christian being an adult was ridiculous, the Juvenile Justice handled the case as it should have all along.

          At the end of the day, Corey went for sensational head lines in the case. Though she drew harsh criticism from the public, Corey has a lot of supporters that include LE as she gets convictions. . I read another case in which Corey/BDLR were accused of hiding evidence by a defendants family, same MO as this case, yet nothing is ever done to Corey. In that particular case, it involved a corrupt cop & Corey covered for him. Corey is more harshly criticized by Criminal Defense Attorneys and their defendants, she just doesn’t care & nothing is ever done to her.

          • In this case, it appears she threw law enforcement under the bus. Sanford police deserved better than they got in this case from my view.

            Chief Lee had only been there for 8 months. He can’t be held responsible for what the previous chief did. Now that they have a black chief I hear it takes times to turn things around. A consideration that wasn’t afforded to Chief Lee.

    • There is stupidity and then there is corruption. Sorry for using my language here but she should be hog tied, naked, and beaten to a pulp. Now., do want to know how I really feel about this POS? After this, how can anyone respect the law?

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