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July 9, 2013


What do you think Bernie and Don are saying here?  This picture was taken as they waited for Mr. Schumaker to arrive in court.  The reporters tweeted it was a terse exchange.

I am feeling very very good about the way things are going.  Once people understand the timeline, this case is won.  I was very impressed with Mr. O’Mara’s performance yesterday in court and on Piers Morgan last night.  George picked himself a great defense team.  I can’t wait to see what today brings.  I hear there is a chance the defense may rest today or for sure Wednesday.  George could be free be the weekend!

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Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


244 thoughts on “July 9, 2013

  1. George, I’ve been thinking about you a lot today. The testimony today laid your life bare.

    To hear from friends who donated money and took you food and bought some clothes for court. I know how hard that is for you to have to accept the help of others. You are a giver and tried to give to others and worked to make the community safer. That you have been left without a job, any way of earning a living and begging strangers to help you finance a defense and help you with your living expenses is very sad.

    I volunteer at a soup kitchen and food bank and I see it everyday, how hard it is for some to ask others for help. Even when they are going hungry. It’s not easy to do. It truly takes a brave person to ask for help when needed.

    Then, your personal trainer comes into court and talks about your body and athletic abilities or lack thereof. I could stand to lose 30 lbs. and have no muscle either. You are a very brave man to lay it all out there to get people to understand what happened.

    You picked a fantastic defense team. Mr. O’Mara and Mr. West are phenomenal. I’m well aware that there is a small support team that helps them and donates their own time to help you fight this malicious charge. It was very visible today, that the defense witnesses are much more prepared than the state witnesses appeared to be.

    Keep thinking positive thoughts and know that the voices in your corner grow every day.

    Be Well.

    • The Executive Director of the food bank called me and said there were people in my own community that need my help and attention and it’s time to concentrate on them again. As I’ve told her for quite some time, George Zimmerman’s life matters too. It’s about time people get that.

      • I don’t know if GZ or his family will ever thank you, I know I appreciate your efforts as many others that visit the site feel the same way. So thanks, again your efforts have not gone unnoticed and unappreciated.

          • I agree youwantthattoo…………she also made my eyes well up and sting with tears. Her sincerity just gets ya in the heart. Beautiful, sensitive, loving lady for sure.
            And George, more than deserving of each and every kind thought and deed. He sure comes from a remarkable family. From the little I know and have seen of them I am beyond impressed.
            I don’t have the words to express how I admire them in every way imaginable.

      • You handled that nicely Nettles. Its very difficult to explain how this case has touched the humanity in all of us. The poor we will always have with us. But if we walk away from George today, and the unfathomable happens tomorrow, how will we go on, knowing that it was put on our hearts to support him and get him through this.

        My biggest concern is this swearing on the NEN call, the State keeps bringing it up and equating it with ill will, spite and hate. I’ve lived in the south most of my life and the people are brought up way too polite for their own good. The jury will struggle to reconcile the swearing and cussing. Some of the witnesses have done good to make excuses, but an expert in psycho sociolinguistics is needed here.

        If anyone with connections to the Defense can let O’Mara know they could use an expert like Psycholinguist Dr. Steven Pinker to talk about why George is actually swearing on the NEN call:

        • Rick, I am HARD CORE against cussing. I was disappointed to hear GZ cussing on the NEN call, but I did NOT hold it against him. He showed NO ill will, spite or hatred when he cussed. He was more resigned to the fact that these “a**holes” always get away and when he realized that TM was probably gone and uttered “fing punks” under his breath was simply disappointment that police probably would not get there in time to question Martin to see what he was up to because Martin appeared to be long gone. So, I would think that the jurors will forgive GZ for his cussing.

          • You have to be a mother to be able to reconcile how that took place. I was brought up never to use those words. I am a mother of 3 sons, so I had to learn to deal with the swearing. Now, I sometimes let fly because I recognize its effectiveness if you know what I mean. There are some words that will never pass my lips and George did not mutter those particular words.

            Since I never actually heard the words on the tape, and I have listened to the tape, I cannot opine on how it was said. However, I do get the gist of the context and I go with the non-spite response.

  2. Nettles- while I read here quite often, I’ve only now after reading the first post you made tonight, felt compelled to share. You’re a special lady, and that post really got me. Thanks for all you do- you truly are a blessing for George and wonderful human being.

  3. https://twitter.com/Tsaw33/status/354481988155088896

    The vile Trent Sawyer doxes Jenna Lauer. And he wonders why he wasn’t allowed in the courtroom? This guy is the lowest of the low. Apparently he thinks Jenna said on the stand that she had moved out. Was he not paying attention? Bernie said “I’m not going to ask you for your current address, but in February of 2012 were you living at Retreat at Twin Lakes complex?” That doesn’t mean she told them she had moved out. Bernie asked that the same way for ALL RATL witnesses, so hopefully idiots like Trent Sawyer wouldn’t go and stalk them if they happened to still live there. Trent better hope he isn’t falsely accused of murder so that all of HIS vile language and downright creepy behavior will be used against him.

  4. From CTH:

    “They’re talking about the THC levels on AC360 and the medical expert explained that how much effect if any the level of THC found in TM’s blood would have on TM would absolutely depend on how frequently he used marijuana.

    For an occasional user, it is a substantial amount… but for a chronic user it’s insignificant.

    This puts the prosecution in the position of having to argue that Trayvon was an avid drug user.”

    Wow, that’s brilliant. So either the state will try to argue he was an occasional user, in which case the amount of THC in his system could have impaired him that night, or they try to argue he was a chronic user, which is bad character evidence and also opens up the argument that he could have been anxious and agitated from withdrawals. It could also open the door to Trayvon’s past drug use by itself, as a means of interpreting the toxicology data.

  5. What do you think Bernie and Don are saying here? This picture was taken as they waited for Mr. Shumaker to arrive in court. The reporters tweeted it was a terse exchange.

    West: “You know, Bernie, you really should try the all-shaved look. Leaving the balding doughnut is so outdated.”
    Bernie: “Oh come on now, Don; don’t make me start flapping my arms.”
    West: “No, really, Bernie. Have you seen the photos of a younger me? No flattering, at all.”
    Bernie: “But I couldn’t. Corey wouldn’t let me.”
    West: “Seriously? She told me she liked the look.”
    Bernie: “Corey said she likes the look? When exactly were we going to find out about that?

  6. Shoemaker is impressive, attorney’s were talking yesterday about how common this has become in Criminal cases. Even Kathy Belich has tweeted she has seen this in another case.

    • That came up in court yesterday. Mr. Mantei when he tried to get Mr. Donnelly’s testimony stricken, he said he sat in the courtroom.

      It wasn’t decided he’d be a witness until Saturday when he listened to the tape and called Mark O’Mara. The judge allowed it anyway.

      • Yes I remb that. Didnt know it they got resolved. I was holding my breath. Just being truthful. Thanks Nettles

  7. You can count on Judge N to bitch about the time, her obsession drives me crazy with her schedule which she incessantly whines about. What is more important? The jury OR important evidence in this case?

    imo, she’s already made up her mind anyway, IF legally she can’t deny it, it’s in, IF it is subjective as to her decision, it’s out.

  8. Bless his heart, Mantei looks like his face has a normal frown when he is just standing around. Noticed it many times.

      • So what is the State arguing about? The admissibility of this experts testimony or HOW he is going to admit it? The State will have opportunity to impeach him. So what are they arguing?

      • oh, I didn’t even think about that

        They switched from Frye to Daubert midstream… I thought Frye applied for the duration of the trial since the trial started under Frye?

        • Well yeah because I heard the State mention Frye. The examination for the court seemed more Frye related then Daubert. That is why I asked. What exactly are they arguing?

    • I missed the start of this. Yesterday, the state conceded a Daubert hearing won’t be needed b/c they thought it met the standard.

      Not sure why a Daubert hearing is being held but WFTV is saying that is what this hearing is.

      • Yes Nettles I am confused at this point. I heard that yesterday. I heard MOM state they fixed the issues the State had. State then had issue with both experts talking about something. Asked for depos. Stated they had no Daubert issue. Then raised some issue this morning about what they got out of depos. I missed parts so I am confused as to what exactly the State is aruging. Judge said yesterday State could impeach and that while they waited to work out diffrences.

      • Nettles, WFTV too predicts it will be allowed into the case. Most know but for those that don’t, Jeff Ashton was the first to argue to allow DNA evidence into cases in Fla.. THANK GOD he was successful.

        LOL! Bill Sheaffer just said: “The State is ONLY limited by their imagination” As we have seen in many Fla. cases, the State/Prosecutors have deep pockets, they could have prepared a visual, they CHOSE not to.

        I LMAO yesterday when Judge N said to the State: “you have the opportunity at the deposition, you didn’t ask.”

  9. I am confused so maybe someone knows what has happened but what is the deal with Crump? Is he going to take the stand?If the Defense plans to rest by tomorrow, then I do not see it happening .

    • jordan2222 – we don’t know yet, I hope they tell Crump they MAY call him & let him sit his sorry butt outside playing on his iphone. I had hoped that Crump would testify as to his Coaching of DD & why he lied, then RJ/Diamond DD/Precious would be called back to validate the coaching. imo, it would discredit her testimony imo.

      I’d be surprised if the Defense rested tomorrow, but it is possible when the Defense said that, they didn’t anticipate how long their defense of Schumaker would take, in addition, more time for the State to argue against it. That time is not spent presenting their case, so we’ll see.

  10. We have said it before, but I will say again. That Hoodie framed, makes the Hoodie look larger and put in more context to the size of TM. Not the 12 yr old pix

    • The Judge said Dr. Vincent D. M. testimony would be pared down according to Kathy Belich’s tweets, WHY? I missed it.

      Nettles, is it the his testimony on the THC levels?

      • This came after the bench hearing this morning. Perhaps the state was going to argue about medications that George was on and the defense made a decision instead of getting into the fight about it, just let the THC issue go. They really don’t need it anyway.

  11. Kathi Belich, WFTV @KBelichWFTV

    Di Maio says he doesn’t work on many criminal cases for the defense.. roughly 2-3 a year.

    WOW, just wow.

  12. I think Wes White is sitting beside Shellie’s grandmother in the family row. Mr. White is the former state attorney who phoned Mr. O’Mara about Ben Kruidbos worries about the contents of Tray’s phone not being disclosed to the defense.

    BDLR must love having Mr. White in the courtroom and sitting in GZ’s family row. LOL

  13. As Rachel would say… WHAT!!!!! dont want the Dr.s CV to be put into evidence. Are not all of the CV in evidence? maybe not

  14. The State will likely ask Dr. Vincent D M was paid, UNFORTUNATELY, the jury will never know how much $$$$ the State squandered of taxpayers $$$$$$$$$$ TRYING to buy themselves a couple of audi nnut jobs.

  15. And the TRAYBOTS HEADS EXPLODE! 1-2-3

    • mimi – I’m lost. WHY would Trent have a problem w/Crump, I thought he was their biggest cheer leader, but then again, I haven’t followed the nut job and don’t know much about him except what is shared here.

      • I think that Trent got more than he reckoned for. I wouldnt doubt that he was given some type papers or something. To be all hush hush now lol to turn his tail and run back straight home to TN and also take down his videos 🙂

      • Trent Got kicked out of court yesterday. They would not let him in the court house. He is asking for crumps help.

        • Preston, hell, Crump can’t even get in himself, LMAO! Must be killing him not being able hear the “ebidence” first hand & hold news conferences for himself. It’s over his head anyway.

  16. BDLR could appear more bored, can’t wait to get up & flap his gums & talk loudly, imo, the State should just pass on the witness.

  17. At the 2:40:30 mark of yesterday afternoon hearing, the jury was just excused for the day while the court took up 6 motions. The state had filed two motions to strike Serino and Singleton’s testimony and the judge asked the state now that Tracy Martin was called to testify does that satisfy your issue and the state said yes. Then they moved on to a Richardson hearing (found at the 2:43:30 mark) to strike Mr. Donnelly’s testimony and Mantei told the Judge that Mr. Donnelly had sat in court during testimony. The Judge replied that he didn’t become a witness until Saturday and asked how the state was hurt by that.

    While the reporters may think they found something, the court is already aware Mr. Donnelly had sat in court in it was expected he wouldn’t be called to testify.

    • Actually just before the 2:45 mark, when Mantei tells Judge Nelson Mr. Donnelly may have sat in on testimony last week, she said that wouldn’t be part of the Richardson hearing, that would be another issue.

      • Schaeffer on channel 9 is making a big deal out of this. Didn’t Donnelly decide to be a witness after attending the court sessions on those days?

        • Yes. He said he listened to the tape on his own on Saturday, realized he could say truthfully he could say it was George and he called Mark O’Mara on Saturday to advise him.

          • Seems to me that makes the sequester issues not applicable with this witness, agree?

            I find the news station commentary overly dramatic and inflammatory.

        • cassandra – isn’t the worse thing that could happen is that Judge N tells the jury to strike his entire testimony? The thing is, boo yaaaaaaa, you can’t unring that bell.

          imo, if I were participating on that jury, I would suggest that common sense should prevail, WITHOUT considering any family or friends testifying for GZ or TM on the audio screaming for help, be dismissed during the discussion because all the witnesses may have believed for whatever reason it was their loved one.

          • Yes.

            I think it was strategically brilliant that O’Mara used co-workers and friends as character witnesses and voice ID.

  18. somebody needs to rip out BDLR’s heart so he would SHUT UP after 10 – 15 seconds. It’s always painful to watch BDLR acting a fool.

    • Branca, the self defense lawyer posting daily about the cae said that what the defense was able to get out of Bonaparte was that law enforcement was banned when the 911 tapes were played for the Martin family in the mayor’s office. He stated directly that the Martin family requested that no law enforcement be present during their listening session. DD also stated that no law enforcement was present during her BDLR interview which took place at Sybrina Fulton’s home. She clearly stated that there were Martin family attorney’s present, and the bald guy.

      Please give these jurors some credit for putting two and two together. They have to be seeing a pattern that this entire case has all been about appeasing the Martin parents, and the Zimmerman family be damned. Hell, they have to be aware that the Zimmerman parents have been missing from the courteroom, despite Gladys’s testimont saying it was her son screaming.

      Anyone who doesn’t see the bend over backwards treatment of the Martin parents, and the shoddy treatment of the Zimmerman parents is not paying attention. I’m confident that has not been lost on the jurors.

  19. George Zimmerman: ‘Dr. D’ earns raves

    Fellow WESH analyst Alisia Adamson said Di Maio explained that Zimmerman’s injuries could be life-threatening and those insights could be very damaging to state’s case.

    WOFL-Channel 35 legal analyst Diana Tennis praised Di Maio’s credible style and comfort in giving opinions — another difference from Bao. Di Maio clarified what the defense was saying about the positioning of Zimmerman and Trayvon when the teen was shot, Tennis said. “This was a very good witness for the defense,” Tennis said.

    WKMG-Channel 6’s Tony Pipitone said Di Maio gave “a very scientific account” and the jurors were paying a lot of attention and taking a lot of notes. Di Maio had a “commanding, authoritative presence,” Pipitone said. Di Maio couldn’t be more different from Bao, Pipitone added.

    Michael Knox, a forensic consultant working for WKMG, said Di Maio came in and told a story that tied everything together — something the state hadn’t done.

    WKMG legal analyst Luis Calderon said Di Maio gave testimony that lined up with Zimmerman’s account of the deadly encounter with Trayvon.

    “The science tells it all,” legal analyst Mark NeJame said on CNN. NeJame highlighted that Di Maio was saying Trayvon was leaning atop Zimmerman and the shooting couldn’t have happened any other way.


  20. I am so grateful the Defense was able to pay for Dr. V D M to testify in person. imo, his presence there to explain to the jury his testimony was so powerful. Though testimony has been garnered through SKYPE, some of that testimony has been more effective than others, nothing compares to the testimony given from the stand imo.

  21. Too funny.

    George’s neighbor Ms Delagard does not know the name of the street either, she calls it RTV not Twin Trees. So many people, otherwise smart folks commenting on Talk Left spent much of last year calling George a big fat liar willing to murder in cold blood because they would not accept he did not know the inside street names of the Retreat complex.


    • Trouble is she needed to corroborate the location of the truck, but she didn’t help in that regard. She just made it more confusing if anything. It’s theoretically possible George lied about where he parked, so having another witness to corroborate it would have been good. For instance, he could have parked at the clubhouse and chased Trayvon on foot all the way down to the T. But if the truck is located near to the scene of the incident where George said, it doesn’t support the “chase” theory since it would be too short a distance covered over the period of time.

      I don’t think she understood where O’Mara was talking about when he asked her about Lauer’s house, because she said the house she was thinking of faces Retreat View Circle and the truck would have been southwards from it. So that might confuse the jury. On Skype they can’t ask her to point to a map of where the truck was. Would have been a lot better if she was in court. She even said at one point that the truck was parked on Retreat View Circle. Just a mess 😦 though I don’t think it will matter anyway. The jury have seen the recreation video and I don’t think they will conclude George lied about where he parked.

      • From what I read today, it seems the most important part of Mrs. Delagard’s testimony was her statements about the early FBI investigation. She said that the FBI agent told her that there was absolutely no indication that George Zimmerman was a racist. That was very very important. The community, and surrounding areas are gearing up for riots. I read that Daryl Parks said that the defense was racist. There is speculation about the DOJ filing charges against Zimmerman for hate crimes. It was critical that a black woman who knew Zimmerman went to bat for him, though she will likely be shunned by those in her own black race.

  22. WFTV said there would be “no rebuttal for the State OR sur rebutta for the defense.”

    I guess that’s always subject to change

    • The state can rebut material that came out in the defense case, and the defense can “surrebut” new material that comes in during the state rebuttal.

    • Mantei is trying to act like Bernie lol…

      That’s why I call Mantei Mini-Me

      Trying to be cocky and he looks stupid

      In that regard, he is exactly like Bernie.

      • It was interesting to hear that Wesley White was in the courtroom, sitting near some Zimmerman family members. Do you know if it is possible for George Zimmerman to bring prosecutorial misconduct charges against Angela Corey’s office? I find it hard to believe that White, and his client Boudaris (sp) would have been willing to fall on the sword, so to speak, just to walk away and drop the discovery violations they were willing to testify about in the Richardson hearing. I know Nelson is supposed to address the sanctions hearing after the trial, but I have no faith at all that she will do anything much at all.

      • I have went out and watered my flowers and came back in to see if ruling made. Couldnt believe they were still at it

    • Nettles – Monday at noon had been declared “an hour for praying in this case in Sanford & ALL the churches were open” as had been promoted in the MEDIA. Ironically, one church had 2 people, the most I saw were 10 participants, probably the minsters family. Seems the power of Ministers has been over rated in this case as well as ALL the potential protesters the Media hyped would show up everyday. I think there were 2 seats available in public seating in the Court room today.

  23. Gunshot wound expert testifies that powder marks on Trayvon Martin’s chest show he was on top of George Zimmerman when he was shot

    Dr Vincent Di Maio said Trayvon would only have lived for three minutes after being shot

    This refutes Dr Bao’s earlier testimony that he suffered in pain for ten minutes

    Said that when someone is shot in the heart they can still walk and talk for up to 15 seconds

    Zimmerman’s injuries are consistent with being slammed on to the concrete, Dr di Maio said

    Neighbor Eloise Dilligard said Zimmerman’s nose was ‘very disfigured’ when she saw him after the shooting


    • Nettles…Something odd about Eloise Dillligard…Why was she not ask what Tm was doing when she saw him..Why would the state not ask…..I get why mom may not have wanted to go there…do you get my point..

      • I would have ask 100 questions….mom didn’t go there..the state did not go there…this is very odd to..could just be me…

        • Because when she saw him during the day had no nexus to the incident. TM could have been playing football in the dog walk grassy area during the day, but it has absolutely nothing to do with what happened that night.

          Again, IMO her testimony had much more to do with her statements that the FBI started an investigation early on. Then an FBI agent told her that GZ was not a rascist in the least.

          I’m amused that some are at the point where if a defense witness doesn’t set off bomshells, whistles, and fireworks, they are unworthy witnesses. Those that have been screaming that the defense should be fighting the entire BGI network, but now complain that the defense team has been incompetent because they didn’t go there are just a tad uninformed and unaware of the impact that Mrs. Delegard (sp) testified to today. For some the defense just can’t win no matter what they do.

  24. OHHHH this guy Mr Cooper is how Def figured out didnt have all the phone stuff from state. THAT one reason why West was insistant on him being sworn in!!!! GO WEST

    • lmao West is getting all this on the record! Purchase of gun convo with Diamond! who is Rachel !!!!

    • In the Richardson hearing Mr. White introduced his client Boudaris (sp) still at the time a current employee in the Corey state office. That was until minutes later when the state office put him on leave because of his testimony in that hearing. Who is Me. Cooper?

      • Forensic Computer guy. Also an atty. Member of the FL Bar, he the one that found a bunch of files that FDLE didnt have in their reports….

  25. February 18th is Sybrina’s birthday. You may recall the pictures of Trayvon horseback riding that day for his Mom’s birthday. While the family ate at the restaurant, he was outside texting Diamond about a gun.

    • And the text messages at that time say so much, how much more authentication is needed considering that cell phones are very personal items.

      Nelson is ridiculous.

    • Nettles- Could that possibly be that the judge didn’t allow any of his texts to be brought forth at trial. How could the defense argue that point when the judge would most likely have declared that that had nothing to do with the incident? Do you think she would have considered that “relevant” when even things that were absolutely relevant were to be excluded like his propensity to get in fights. He was in a fight with his so-called girl friend. Don West didn’t even ask her about the fighting they were doing that day when he slammed her on the witness stand when she testified. The judge has been hell bent on anything negative to Trayvon was to be eliminated from the trial. Dem’s the facts like them or not.

  26. I thought Guy was going to come out of his shoes. FOR SURE, this text evidence comes in … case is OVER and George walks free.

      • What happened in court or her changing the time for tomorrow hearing up 1 hour? Either way based on West statements, the grounds have been established. I think the case is Ferrer, where a judge force the attorney to continue for extended times and lost the trial. The Defense has been working extra hours before the trial even started, long days, she has extended court in the morning and evening. Weekends have been taken doing depositions, etc.

        Also wanted to mention that Guy when he asked West to apologize did not say that “they knew about” but that he knew about it. Reading between the lines he threw BDLR under the bus, implying he is not responsible for BDLR’s doing.

        • Please explain what you mean by this in more detail:

          Also wanted to mention that Guy when he asked West to apologize did not say that “they knew about” but that he knew about it. Reading between the lines he threw BDLR under the bus, implying he is not responsible for BDLR’s doing.

          • During West’s outburst he pointed out that Guy was concern about the texts not being authenticated. He mentioned the Feb 22nd hearing when BDLR in response to a question from the Judge said that they had turn over everything they had from the phone, Guy was next to BDLR, which was a lie as they finally turned over the rest of the evidence on June 6th.

            So West pointed out that Guy was standing next to BDLR when they lied to the court and the defense and now they have problems with the authentication when it was their delay in turning in the evidence that did not allow the defense time to find and authenticate the calls. West said “they lied to us”.

            After West outburst, Guy stood up and asked the Judge for West to apologize for accusing him of lying, but he said “accusing me” not accusing us of lying and hiding the evidence.

            • OK, I got it but doesn’t that now make Nelson just as culpable as Bernie? She cannot have it both ways so I see no way that she can make a decision regarding sanctions. Is she subject to sanctions? At the end of the day, what good are sanctions after the trial is over anyway?

                • As you know, I do not follow the Trayvoinite sites so do you have one that you can recommend that will give me an ides of what they are saying now ?

              • Remember the expression ” Elections have consequences”, it up to the people if the other systems fail, for us to talk and make ourselves heard at ballot time. Corey is an elected official, so is Judge Nelson but both of them did not have an opponent so they kept their job for 4 more years. Sanctions are supposed to keep things like this from happening but ultimately if we don’t speak up at the ballot box, they are all just slaps on the wrist.

                • I hear you but none of this helps George and I seriously doubt that any of the true bad guys will ever be punished.

                  • That is what I am talking about, you feel that no punishment will come to the perpetrators, you are giving up before the fight started.

                    The punishment if their is any punishment had to come from us. We cannot delegate it to others be it the Florida Bar or the government Federal or Local.

                    I think that Americans have been spoiled into thinking that someone will hold people accountable, someone just not me. Or thinking that their vote those not count, why bother, especially if they lost a few elections. This leads to a general Apathy in the public, over issues, and by the time elections come around we have forgotten why their were angry in the first place..

                    • I have offered many solutions to what we could do as grass roots activists. Aside from six patriots, I got no support. Sadly we love to talk but no one wants to take action.

                    • That is true, we need to start by informing people, our family, our friends to start. Baby steps, but another thing is we need do it at the right time, trying to do something right now is futile, as the outcomes are not cleared, elections just passed and many are licking their wounds.

                      It takes planning, baby steps, information and most of all a message that resonates with people. It is not easy, we need to find groups or organizations that share common goals and something very important patience.

                      In 1996 DOMA passed with little opposition, yet we know where we are today, patience and perseverance are key. I give you another example, 1993 the First World Trade Center bombing, it did not collapse the towers as they wanted, but 8 years later and they accomplished their goal. Both groups want to drastically change our society, and have the patience to work towards their goal, we must be just as patience, pick ourselves up when we fall, and keep at it.

  27. Since we have no poll, I want to state an opinion and ask for feedback:

    I think that this case is a good test of the IQ and common sense of America. I guess I could also add it that is pretty good proof that birds of a feather flock together. Does anyone else see it that way?

    • I get the gist here. Whoever uploaded the video has done a great plain English job of explaining the consequence. It is a case of Nelson having FUBAR this time.

    • the person who uploaded this video made a very interesting and good point about the State implying that George was the one who was aggressive by allowing Linzee Folgate to comment on the alleged MMA training.

      If the State can mention something that turned out to be frivolous, then the defense should have the right to introduce material that is on Trayvon Martin’s phone proving that he was the one who was the real aggressor.

      Nelson is totally wrong on how she has been conducting this case. If there is a guilty verdict then it must be immediately appealed to the DCA.

      • This case is a reflection on all Floridians and our judicial system. The DCA surely is watching all of this. Wonder what they are thinking and if they have any authority to step in.

        • the world is watching this case and Nelson has committed FUBAR.

          I would state that in a much cruder way but will refrain because I think that she “”” up royally in this case.

  28. Nettles, BEST POST of the day concerning texts. From Lorac at CTH:

    “Ok, if they cannot authenticate these text messages as being from Trayvon, then why in the hell is the US govn’t looking at our emails and text messages and phone calls after all they could never authenticate that it is that individual who’s email account it is or who’s phone it is after all a 7 yr old could access all of it……for lands sake this judge is a friggin idiot!”

    Nettles can you begin a campaign on twitter to ask press, attorneys, any media this same question? to demonstrate the absurdity in this situation.

  29. I think we should all keep in mind that all that matters is what the jury heard in court. I am trying to separate all of that., and maybe I missed something but what could they have possibly heard to convict George of anything?

    • I haven’t heard any evidence either, but BDLR continues projecting ill will every time he references George’s NEN phone conversation.

      • There is 2.5 minutes between that call ending and the assault at the T intersection. The state has shown no evidence that ill will and hatred was present then.

        • We here all know where the hatred and ill will are – they’re in a charging document with no evidence in it and which omits exculpatory information, they’re in prosecutors who lie and cheat at trial to persecute an innocent person, who did nothing other than any of them would have done in the same situation….

          • the state’s charging affidavit was a lie

            the state’s opening statement was a lie

            the state’s JOA argument was a lie

            anybody here think the state will be honest in it’s closing arguments, lol

  30. I believe it was too late in the evening for shows like Anderson Cooper 360 late night show devoted to the Zimmerman case to comment on texts argument because that portion in court ended just as the show started, so you saw shows covering the animation and witnesses of the day. HOWEVER, tomorrow watch for the courageous delivery of Don West to Nelson splash all over the airways. The mild mannered man with patience of gold finally having had it with Nelson AND the State. His words should be played over and over and over until people start getting the message that George is being railroaded by a Judge who wouldn’t give the defense air if they were corked in a bottle, allowed them NO continuance of ANY kind, pushed aside the issue of the State hiding evidence which resulted in hamstringing of the defense to prepare evidence that certainly was important to the defense of their client. Shameful, awful. Judge Nelson is a disgusting human being.

    • The panel said the meme I’ve grown so tired of – GZ couldn’t have known about the texts, the desire to buy a gun, the history of fighting (so no reason to suspect TM) – I say, yes, sure, but that’s totally ignoring the fact that those very things, while not influencng GZ, certainly influenced TM himself and led him to be the kind of person who would attack GZ!

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