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July 11, 2013



I am absolutely exhausted tonight.  The stress of worrying that George was going to ignore counsel’s advice and take the stand had me freaked out.  To add to my stress, the judge and Mr. West had a back and forth and then Mr. West stopped going to the bench and was talking, talking, talking to George.

I read on twitter some lawyers thought there was a rift between Mr. O’Mara and Mr. West and at least one thought Mr. West was furious.

When George let us all know that he will not take the stand I finally exhaled.  You’d think I was related to the man with the stress I felt about it today.  How I got so invested I have no idea but as the defense rested a calm came over me.

I really like George’s chances here.  The jury consultant got George a very good jury who will be impartial and promised to keep sympathy and emotion at bay.  I read evidence that they ignored some of the emotional tactics going on in the courtroom, so given the women look at the facts and weigh the law, George will be just fine.

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Links to Live Streams (Thanks Carole):

WAT~ http://wildabouttrial.com/trial_videos/watch-the-george-zimmerman-hearing-live/

Local WFTV~ http://www.wftv.com/s/zimmerman-livestream//

Click Orlando~ http://www.clickorlando.com/news/-/1637132/19533480/-/fm5b93z/-/index.html


210 thoughts on “July 11, 2013

  1. Nettles, everything happens when I am in bed asleep. It is so difficult because of the anxiety that I have been feeling over a man that I believe acted in self-defense. Like you, one would think that I was related to the guy instead of just being a foreigner who is interested in the case.

  2. What concerns me right now is the fact that all of the jurors came into this trial being familiar on some level with the Tea & Skittles false narrative, and O’Mara has done very little if anything to dispel this myth… and he admits in his press conference today that he did not vigorously defend his client to the extent that he could have out of respect for the grieving parents. That’s the same excuse Rachel Jeantel used…

    Meanwhile, the prosecution is claiming that George falsely profiled Martin as a criminal, and the jury has heard nothing to contradict that. The gun, the drugs, the violence, the stolen property… none of this has been presented for the jury’s consideration.

    From the jury’s perspective, Trayvon was an innocent child who was shot while defending himself.

    Right now I’m thinking they are going to find George guilty 😦

    • I made a similar point, the Defense did nothing to dispel or to show why TM would attack GZ. It is not their burden but without it the myth of TM lives on, and can cause the jury to convict only because they thought that TM was defending himself from GZ.

      Notice that the prosecution switched tacks and allowed that GZ was on the bottom but that GZ was holding on to him.

    • What you say maybe true, but the prosecution never put on any character witnesses to portray “innocent child, with Skittles and Ice Tea”. The jury will have to wonder. The closest they came was “little brother” Chad, but even he didn’t say much. They did get to see RJ and, by association, could make a few assumptions. And she did allude to fights. On the other hand, the defense, brought in plenty of character witnesses for George, albeit through the back door.

      • Just to add, if the jury heard the narrative before trial, there’s a good chance they heard about the suspensions, fights and drug use as well. Now they have the factual evidence before them, we can only hope they can put 2 & 2 together.

    • Meanwhile, the prosecution is claiming that George falsely profiled Martin as a criminal, and the jury has heard nothing to contradict that. The gun, the drugs, the violence, the stolen property… none of this has been presented for the jury’s consideration.

      None of that matters. The first and only unlawful action that matters is Martin’s assault of Zimmerman.

      Zimmerman was doing nothing unlawful. He was somewhere that he had a right to be. He was the victim of an unprovoked assault that both constituted a forcible felony and caused him reasonable fear of imminent risk of life or great bodily harm.


      But O’Mara getting on TV and talking about preserving the memory of St. Trayvon really pisses me off.

    • nivico, I agree that we can present the evidence and still be sensitive to the grieving parents. However, I have to put a lot of blame for that on Judge Nelson…. MOM and West vigorously tried to get the contents of Trayvon’s phone which was, to me, probably the best evidence of who Trayvon Martin really was. I’m very uncomfortable and don’t feel the jury has heard enough about Trayvon.

      • I saw it suggested yesterday that Nelson didn’t allow the phone data in because if she allowed it in as evidence she would have no other choice but to find the state guilty of discovery violations…

        …interesting theory, and I’d also add that it would have likely resulted in criminal charges over deleted content.

        All I know for sure is that her ‘a seven year old could figure out the passcode’ fell flat on it’s face when West reminded her that it took a host of forensic experts a year to do what she was claiming a child could do. It was clear she was grasping at straws to keep it out.

          • I have to fault West a wee bit here too for not grabbing the opportunity and running with it to make a point in front of God and country that it was Trayvon Martin’s own family who were ultimately responsible for obstructing access to the phone’s contents..

            Sybrina and Tracy refused to cooperate with the investigation they demanded, refused to provide the master PIN, and then when the data was finally unlocked, they refused to authenticate it claiming they couldn’t tell if the voice in the video on the phone was their son’s.

            Their actions were self evident that they knew what investigators were likely to find on the phone, self evident that they knew who their son was and what he was capable of doing.

            • Yes and yes!!! They can’t tell if that’s their son’s voice on the phone, but claim that’s their son’s voice on the 911 recording. I really wish West would have been more aggressive in that regard.

  3. State told the jury three different stories during the trial…..GZ was on top per the crazy teacher ……. then they tried both were standing after loony Mora ….and then they went with GZ on the bottom with Root

    • And even after all of the testimony of how serious George’s injuries were, especially by Dr. DiMaio (sp), Guy tries to say that George might have injured his face and head by hitting it on a tree. These jurors have to be pretty dumb if they don’t see the antics and idiocy coming out of the prosecutors mouths. They actually added more doubt.

      • While it may seemed that way the prosecution was doing this purposely. Part of their burden is to disprove Self Defense. By trying to introduce all of these possibilities they hoped to disprove SD by preponderance of evidence. I think the prosecution realized that they don’t have enough to convict on Murder 2 but, if they can put enough doubt into the Defense theory, not hypothesis as Mantei says, of SD they can get a conviction on the lesser included of Manslaughter or Agg. Assault beyond reasonable doubt. If the Defense proved SD then GZ walks, period.

        • I agree bori. Not matter what chrage it all has to fit without a reasonable doubt. If self defense is part of the instruction,and it is, I feel the jury will have no problem delivering that verdict when reasonable doubt exists within the States own theories. Which they changed a few times themselves during trial, especially towards the end.

  4. Good morning friends. We are so close.

    Nettles, sorry to hear you are so anxious. I believe West was angry because although the court can inquire about the decisons of the defendant usually the Judge would do so prior and at the bench to give attys. a heads up. Especially in a high profile case. I figured GZ would not take the stand. However, it looked as though he was confused in why the Judge was asking right then, and the fact the defense was possibly resting yesterday. This is why a defendant have a right to an atty. to represent them in court.

    I am looking forward to MOMs legal arguments to remove the lesser charges today. I pray he is successful. But I am not holding my breath.

  5. Went over to Leatherheads a lil last night… ROFLMBO LLPapa or whatever his name is, is throughly pissed at the State!!!! Why didnt they do this or present this or that! Tooo Funny! THEY see tha the State didnt prove beyond a reasonable doubt! AND Leatherhead wrote a lil article which is totally messed up and not correct and people were correctilng Leatherhead! LOVE IT!

    • rejoicenhim – you read my mind. The DCA NEEDS to step in, but they won’t. The problem is, if GZ is convicted, it would monetarily break everyone involved in his defense as well as GZ. The cost is expensive for an appeal, many still need to be paid in this case before going forward if a defense team wanted to use the same experts, they would want to be paid first since some put off their salaries or worked at a reduced their fee.

      I would be surprised to see MOM or West involved in an appeal except fr assisting an appeal team since they are both clearly physically beaten down as well as monetarily suffering, who wouldn’t after 16 months?

      • I pray someone wealthy is watching this trial and out of compassion will donate to George’s appeal. My heart is breaking right now.

  6. The act of following Trayvon Martin is not illegal and should be put in the instructions…. What legal standing does the State have to infer “following” is illegal.

    • rejoicehim – Judge N doesn’t give a rats ass if any ruling is appealed or not, she will be in CIvil Court, ALL monies for GZ will be exhausted, “appeal attorneys” usually handle appeals, & besides, how much longer could MOM/West at no salary?

      • I soo want this to be over for George without him having to go to DCA for justice… Judge Nelson responds to West as if what the defense is asking for is beyond George’s right to have a fair trial.

      • Nelson caught herself saying “upheld” and changed it to “appeal” telling West he had recourse in the system. She wants the appeals court to decide the case.

        • cassandra – Judge N imo, knows damn well what further monetary damage would do to GZ. NOT ONLY THAT, but imo, the State would request GZ immediately be taken into custody WHILE waiting on his appeal SINCE appeals can be denied.

          THEN the State would ratchett up SZ’s trial.

          Of course, Judge N might have some discretion, but she isn’t going to help GZ at any cost imo.

      • Oh my wonder if someone thought she was already there and thats why the Bomb threat was at the CiVIL courthouse?

        • I can’t imagine why some wacko would want to bomb the court house prior to the verdict (or after for that matter). I haven’t watched any news on this yet.. hopefully no one was injured.

  7. It appears the pace and games have worn Mr. West down.

    • what especially pisses me off about this charge is that Corey HAD NO PROBLEM charging an actual child that was 12 yrs. old as an adult with murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      TM was no freaking child, I am sick to death of hearing that from TM supporters, what a crock.

  8. Dishonest prosecutors….

    West and MOM, you guys have brought honor to the occupation of defense attorneys! I think it might be time to start sending money for George’s appeals case.

    • rejoicenhim – The State NEVER COULD win this case honestly. Since Corey joined the political lynching, dishonesty has been the rule of the day for the scumbags that work for her. We watched BLDR lie to the Court, sanctions sought for Brady Material. it’s been disheartening to see money, race, racial threats, politics, Sybrina/Tracy & their 5 attorney’s pursing $$$$ at all costs.

      I am overwhelmed w/anxiety fearing the jury may want to find GZ guilty of something, anything would involve jail time & not for a short length of time, but for years, it seems most of his adult life.

      Though as bloggers & supporters of GZ, many of us think GUILTY or NOT GUILTY. We easily say “not guilty,” BUT the law allows for so much more than that, as we are hearing ALL of the possible decisions that will be put on the verdict ballot.

  9. The problem for the jury is they NOT KNOW the consequences of any decision they make if they find GZ guilty, Courts & prosecutors claim that is “not their job to determine.”

    If a juror thinks, well it wasn’t Murder 2, but lets convict him of something because a 17 yr old is dead, that decision alone could be catastrophic for GZ.

    This is terribly stressful, I can’t imagine the stress & anxiety the entire defense team is feeling as well as GZ/SZ & his entire family. Still praying & hoping that Justice will prevail.

    • I agree. This is very stressful. While I know the Judge didn’t like the word trick, as I understand it that is the exact term to use on what prosecutors are attempting to do to the jury.

      A 3rd degree felony on child abuse sounds like a much smaller penalty and the Moms on the jury could see that as a olive branch to the Martin family. Not knowing the penalty would put George Zimmerman in jail for life.

      If this occurs, the jury members are going to be outraged at being tricked. I however, got an indication the Judge is likely not going to allow this in. She hinted that what the prosecutors presented in evidence and what is in the information doesn’t support this charge. Don West to argue it when we come back after lunch.

    • She should strike the child abuse charge completely…she didn’t allow the defense to show thuggish behavior evidence in so she shouldn’t allow child abuse charge to come in AFTER the State and Defense has rested their cases.

  10. I understand how lesser charges can apply. But how can M3 based on the grounds of child abuse be brought if child abuse was never brought out in the trial?
    Defense in courts are so that you can respond to the charges in an attempt to clear yourself. The case is over. GZ has not had a chance to clear himself of child abuse.

  11. STATE – You are D E N I E D ! Judge N DENIED it because, imo, it could easily be appealed. Sheaffer said “she could have spoken w/other Judges before making her decision or she was just being fair.” (I don’t believe she was just being fair, I think it could have been appealed.) BESIDES, as Judge N told the State: ” you didn’t argue child abuse.”

    Hornsby had an article on “Don’t believe everything that is tweeted.” In it, he ran a rumor down to being Natty Jack pumping up TM supporters that “GZ could be charged w/child abuse & fire arm.”

    imo, this came directly from the playbook of BGI/Natty Jack, Crump, Parks , Sybrina/Tracy & the rest of their scumbag attorneys. imo, they are STILL leaning hard on the State & the State is happy to do their bidding.

  12. The term boy, first it is wrong in evaluating age, but more importantly, when has it been PC or even just OK to describe a black teen as a black boy, that’s raaaacissst!

  13. so far the prosecutions closing argument is terrible. It’s hard to be passionate when you’re lying (sp).

  14. The inflection in BDLR’s voice is like fingernails on a chalk board to me.

    The rising & failing of his voice, imo, seems fake. And BLDR says this bull chit is going to go on for 3 hours?

    I’d be surprised if the Defense gave their entire closing today.

      • rejoicenhim – in addition to the Defenses closing, they will refute ALL the lies BDLR is telling and that will be time consuming.

        BDLR referred to RJ/Diamond/Precious/DD as “unsophisticated.” IDIOT! But what about that “ghettotude” DD prjected, the entitlement/superiority she felt to reprimand West as to her deposition & what he should have done for her convenience, her behavior of clearly disrespecting the Court, her behavior when she was told to come back, the LIES she blatantly told that were different from her interview.

        DD is not sophisticated because she couldn’t read cursive, my bet is that she CANNOT read. You can’t teach THOSE such as DD that refuse to learn. NO NEED to MAKE EXCUSES t the jury for DD’S LYING BDLR!

        • Sydika saw shadows and heard voices (younger voice and older voice)!! I’m from Florida.. this is tremendously embarrassing.

          I hope the Defense takes all the time they need.

    • Why or who would be asking any jurors if GZ is innocent or not before they have gotten the case, gone through deliberations, and decided on a verdict? I have never heard of anything like that before. Wouldn’t that be jury tampering by whoever asked them that question?

  15. Now I am really boiling, “poor, poor George Zimmerman”

    this is really hard to take, I am listening while I clean the house, my frustration is getting the floors very clean.

  16. Kathi Belich, WFTV @KBelichWFTV

    The state appears to be trying to create doubt about #Zimmermanon9 ‘s story rather than proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt!

  17. I have to wonder IF Corey/Sybrina/Tracy/ ALL their attrornies are searching the internet for criticism from Legal Analyst to share w/BDLR so he can man up & focus on proving his case “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Oh wait! He can’t!

    Sheaffer comments on performance: ” NOT GOOD! Raising questions but providing NO answers. This is not a good closing beyond any stretch of the imagination. Poor, Poor.”

    Sheaffer said: “If jurors get bored, their not ging to listen. IF I don’t see a turn around, TM deserved BETTER than this.”

    • “Sheaffer said: “If jurors get bored, their not ging to listen. IF I don’t see a turn around, TM deserved BETTER than this.”

      Bdlr has to put on a “performance”. This is what happens when you don’t have probable cause and then resort to LYING.

  18. Ok check this out:

    Two videos of the exact same event at the exact same point in time from two slightly different perspectives. One clearly shows blood on hands and the other doesn’t. The color balance on the camera matters! Pictures of hands at the scene are surely not reliable enough to establish no blood, and probably especially so on black skin where the contrast would be lesser.

    • The skin color and the rain, but the State’s witness said there was DNA that was inconclusive found on TM. Since that amount was very small, it had to be George’s DNA. Couldn’t be that of anyone else ie.,(medical examiner etc)

  19. 72% of the 18,000 participants at the live blog at the OS has voted: BDLR’s PERFORMANCE IS POOR!

    Maybe its time for Guy to tag team BDLR & scream the F word ad nauseam. Maybe Guy will mount the dummy, not referring to BDLR, but the gray dummy from yesterday to break the boredom.

  20. Natalie Jackson ‏@NatJackEsq 2h
    I’ll be commenting live on @CNN during closing argument with @MarkNeJame and @SuzanneMalveaux
    Natalie Jackson ‏@NatJackEsq 5h
    I guess the defense wants to just ignore the testimony of #RachelJeantel as if if never happened.

  21. This is ALL speculation on BDLR’s part. He doesn’t know exactly how the shooting took place, that, imo, is reasonable doubt, NOT “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

    • BDLR started out strong? From everything I’ve heard and read was that he was loud, shouting, in a rage, and turning off about everyone with his rude and obnoxious behavior. I read that one juror refuses to even look at him. He lost the jurors attention by his shouting and obvious lies.

          • with her, Sean and even Bill O’Reilly, I would expect them to pick up on Bdlr’s lack of evidence for anything he said earlier in his closing… but to be fair, she is covering national news and isn’t particularly covering this trial exclusively.

            • rejoice- Greta has in fact been covering this case in detail. She may be covering other stories in her segments but, she has been covering the GZ trial closely. To be fair, she has covered the GZ trial in detail.

              • Okay… lol! No Greta (whom I still have a great deal of respect for)… maybe she was impressed with his emotional display!

    • Nettles – too, the STATE BLEW A WAD on trying to buy an expert that would PROMOTE their theory on the hallucinations Dr. Reich heard BUT he & Owen didn’t pass the Frye Hearing. I don’t know how much money that nut job got paid.

      The STATE, r should I say taxpayers OWE Reich a bucket load of money. 70 hrs. @ $ 100.00 per hour.

  22. I hope Mark O’Mara says this in front of the jury tomorrow:

    “The question of who was screaming that night is inarguably the most important question before you in this case — I think you’ll all agree. Yet Bernie de la Ronda didn’t even address it in his closing arguments!? *Incredulous looks* Has Bernie conceded that it was my client, George Zimmerman, who was screaming?”


    • Do a “what if” slide for Martin. What if he had gone home? What if he had let up when John Good came out? Nice short list.

      • Nettles – I can’t stand Sunny Hosstin because she has an agenda, I told you that, she must have gotten her talking point texted to her by Natty Jack that had promoted that agenda for a couple of months, Hornsby addressed it weeks ago.

        • Sunny took Natalie’s lies to air when she told us (the public) that Crump has gotten a sworn affidavit from Rachel in the March 20th presser.

          In the Feb. 5th affidavit we learn Mr. Crump never placed her under oath. But they told the public she gave her statement with penalty of perjury if lying.

          Sunny had no qualms lying for them and continues to tell the narrative. She might have believed them at first, but to know she was lied to by Natalie and continues to tell her meme tells me she had no qualms about it.

          • Nettles agreed, it’s easy to dismiss Sonny H’s opinion when you can clearly see her agenda. She is clearly argumentive when she has no argument, she has been slapped down so many X’s by Mark Garagos I’m still laughing. He takes no prisoners.

  23. Bernie keeps screeching “Why did he have to lie?!”

    Why did Bernie have to lie when he told the judge there were no other phone data extraction reports?

  24. Is O’Mara going to raise an objection to the state stating, in closing, that there is no evidence that Martin knew how to fight? The reason there is no evidence of that is because the court ruled it inadmissible, and a prosecutor can’t both shield the evidence, then use it as a sword.
    The state got a curative instruction when Serino improperly said that he thought Zimmerman was telling the truth. The defense is entitled to a curative instruction on Bernarodo’s improper argument to the jury in closing.
    The state got this curative instruction by raising it the next day. IOW, even though it failed to object at the moment the answer was elicited, it got a curative instruction, “the jury will disregard.”

  25. I ran an errand as opposed to listening anymore to BDLR & Hannity was GREAT!

    He took calls & SLAPPED DOWN the uninformed. “That’s not in evidence, you regress from the FACTS IN THE CASE, it wasn’t illegal for GZ to get out of his car, it wasn’t illegal for GZ to have a gun, if GZ didn’t have a gun, he could be dead, etc.” Hannity is UP ON THE FACTS, that’s refreshing, he put every argument down brought up in TM’s favor, most were ill informed which is of no surprise imo.

    The tiresome rhetoric TM supporters bring up are not illegal! TM supporters just can’t grasp it.

    TONIGHT ON HANNITY: Sean is having a panel which includes Mark Furham, Jose Baez, Dr. Alex, & others.

    IF anyone can share any of this or tell me how to find it on youtube, I would appreciate it.

    • Isn’t Jose Baez representing one of the attnys on the side of Martin/State?

      Oh and TheCountOne on youtube is a great source for trial videos.

      • rejoicenhim – Jose Baez represented Serinio, he in not a representative of the Sybrina/Tracy hood, he has spoken clearly that “he doesn’t think the State can prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.” Baez supports the defense when speaking out & giving opinions.

  26. Egotistical, aggressive, Rambo wannabes drive Dodge Rams, Silverados, F-250s, and such. George was driving a Honda Ridgeline, so he couldn’t possibly have been confrontational. This makes more sense than the State’s profile of George.

  27. LEGAL Analyst weigh in: Style aside, TV analysts blasted de la Rionda’s content.

    WFTV-Channel 9’s Bill Sheaffer was most critical. During a break in the prosecutor’s closing, Sheaffer said the law was not about finding guilt or innocence based on emotions.

    “It’s about facts and evidence presented to the jury that establishes guilt” beyond a reasonable doubt, Sheaffer said. The legal analyst, a former prosecutor, said de la Rionda did not have a winning argument.

    After de la Rionda finished, Sheaffer said: “It got a little better, but not good enough. It’s not the prosecutor’s job to raise reasonable doubt.”

    On WOFL-Channel 35, Brad Conway was withering. “The defense is sitting back and letting the state do their job for ’em,” he said. De la Rionda didn’t talk about facts or law or the state’s burden, Conway complained at the halfway point.

    Mark NeJame of Central Florida News 13 said the state was going down one path, then changed its strategy two or three days ago, and the jury couldn’t help but notice. NeJame complained that the state’s whole foundation was flawed because of the approach prosecutors had taken.

    “I think they completely blew it by their strategy,” NeJame said. His verdict: That destroyed the state’s case.

    WOFL legal analyst Diana Tennis was not impressed by de la Rionda, either. She questioned his raising questions, which equate with reasonable doubt.

    She called that approach “a risky position” for the state to take when burden is so high.

    WESH-Channel 2 legal analyst Richard Hornsby said de la Rionda never discussed the fight between Zimmerman and Trayvon and never gave a theory about what happened. The state couldn’t rely on the moral high ground to convict, Hornsby said.

    mre legal analyst opinions at link:

  28. Hannity too got the memo on the monies spent by the DOJ on the case, it too will be discussed on his show tonight.

  29. Judge Alex Ferrer on Hannity: It (State’s closing) wasn’t powerful, but thinks they’re saving their best for rebuttal.
    No matter how awful the State does, Anna Siga Nicolazzi seems to think the State has done well. Baez and Furman agree that the State’s case is weak.

    • rejoice- After all of the witnesses who testified in this trial, Bernies closing arguments, and the obvious bias of the judge that the state is really going to come up with some really damaging evidence to GZ? Really, I’m asking seriousl;y. Do you really still believe that the state is going to come up with some earth shattering evidence? I’m asking your personal opinion, not what someone else has opined. Do you believe that the state is purposely going to wait until the very last moment to bring some really big and devasting argument? I really do want to know what you personally believe.

      • I personally believe the State’s case was and is crap. I am concerned and find it interesting what others think about the days event and posted that. Why?

      • pinecone, to be honest I’m confused as to your question. Were you perhaps confusing Judge Alex Ferrer’s opinions about today’s closing argument and last rebuttal and thinking I agreed with that?

        • oh goodness…. as bazaar as this case has been, after thinking about it, they might go out with the screams on the 911 call

    • Ok, I give. How can that be? Obama is half white, half black, one white parent, one black parent. Zimmerman had a black – either grandmother or greatgrandmother, I don’t remember. So he is one quarter – or one eighth – black. The rest is caucasian. How is our math turning out different?

      • Yes I saw pix of him outside. Was just wondering how he knew that if not inside. I didnt see him, but LOL WE know that doesnt mean he wasnt there 🙂

  30. MOM will come into court tomorrow to pick the flies off the fly paper. Greta Van Sustern tonight caught BDLR telling a lie to the jury in trying to prove GZ was liar. You can probably find this video tomorrow on Foxnews in her on air section. Greta played the part in BDLR’s closing where in trying to demonstrate GZ lied he said GZ said he didn’t know he killed Trayvon. And to demonstrate GZ was lying about that he said the neighbor (asian) came out and GZ told him to call his wife and tell her he just “killed someone”. Greta then played the testimony where the neighbor testified to say GZ said “call my wife and tell her I just shot someone”. Greta said she would have jumped up and objected strongly which would have given the jury the que that “heads up and be careful of what BDLR tells you”, that you have to be alert to his mistatements. Another attorney said they believed that defense caught everything and will use BDLR’s lies and mistatements to impeach his closing.

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