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Zimmerman Case: Missed opportunities and wrong lessons

Zimmerman Case: Missed opportunities and wrong lessons.


15 thoughts on “Zimmerman Case: Missed opportunities and wrong lessons

  1. STATE: stupidly played the re-enactment video as well as Hannity in an attempt to show GZ a liar. They FAILED to see the big picture: GZ would NEVER have t take the stand, in the videos GZ got t tell his story himself.

    STATE: unable to see the bigger picture of MISSING the opportunity f forcing GZ t testify by their own ineptitude

    Should there be a HUNG Jury & the case is retried, GOD forbid, the STATE has learned their lesson, they wouldn’t likely play the reenactment or Hannity interview in hopes f forcing GZ to the stand. imo, that would be disatrus.

  2. WRONG LESSONS: the State trying the case on EMOTION & not on the evidence.

    Sadly, sometimes it works, as pointed out today that Prosecutors sometimes get convictions when there is n body but they play on emotion. I’ve seen it happen.

  3. MOM/West were blind sided by the State when the State wanted to charge Murder 3 as a lesser included, West even calling it “trickery.” That was KNOWN for weeks to internet bloggers & stated at the OS many times by TM supporters that GZ would be convicted of that option. They too got their talking points from Natty Jack, Natty Jack had promoted that for weeks & Hornsby responded to Natty Jack “as why they couldn’t use it.”

    HAD the State had the foresight & it was part of their case, it would have been an additional less included. imo, if Judge N didn’t think she would have been appealed on that issue, she would have allowed it. Bill Sheaffer suggested Nelson “might have even made calls to other Judges for their opinions BEFORE stating her own that it would not be an option.”

  4. WRONG LESSON: The STATE was so ill prepared & hadn’t remotely prepared their witnesses before trial enough to have any foresight to realize what the Defense might vet from the State witness while they were on the stand being cross examined by the Defense.. HOW could the State not consider what the Defense might ask & glean? State witness after witness became more valuable to GZ due to the skillful cross exams of the Defense time & again.

    imo, the State projected sloppy, lazy, & and an ill prepared case, inexcusable. It’s hard for me to believe BDLR has been a prosecutor for 28 yrs.

    BDLR let his H U B R I S get the best of him & it showed. It SUCKS to be BDLR any day, he is a creep & a dishonest one at that imo.

  5. “As a minority myself, I do realize that we are under more scrutiny that Whites or Asians for the most part, we get profiled more often than others”

    Bori, that’s all I needed to read to see where you are coming from. Hope all is well with you and yours from this “creepy azz cracker.”

    • Thanks, to be honest I have always seen myself as an American, but that is not always sufficient nowadays, I have to have a hyphen before the American, something that bothers me to no end. I will be fine and so will my family, hyphen or no hyphen this spic thanks you.

  6. if Trayvon was so scared about being followed, why didnt he call 911 ?..he had a cell phone. Also where was his “daddy” ? there was NO ONE ( a neighbor, friend, etc in that neighborhood) he could have called ?? This point should have been made somehow.

    • Jeff – you are so right. I was glad to hear MOM mention in closing “WHY DIDN’T TM stop the beating when Good said he was calling 911.”

      TM could have ask DD to call 911, called Chad to call 911 & TM had enough time to go inside Brandi’s condo IF HE WANTED TO.

      I agree, that is a missed opportunity & an important one. The sad fact is, TM wanted to give a “cracka” a beat down & he did just that UNTIL he was stopped. imo, that fact is NOT lost on the lying Sybrina/Tracy.

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