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July 13, 2013


Verdict Watch

Verdict Form

Jury Instructions

I pray for a fair and just verdict.Β  My support and thoughts go out to the Zimmerman family and the defense team as we wait.


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    • Glad you brought this over to today’s thread, nettles…

      I think it’s fairly safe to say that there is no chance of Bernie being sanctioned now over the discovery violations.

      Everybody who was honorable in this case has been fired, demoted, forced out, etc… while all the scum not only still have their jobs but some have even been rewarded handsomely for their corruption.

      • nivico – IF GZ is found NOT GUILTY, the sanctions go away. The Court will say GZ got a fair trial & the accusation DIDN’T prevent a jury from finding him NOT GUILTY.

        This too happened in KC’s case w/sanctions against Baez, they evaporated. Cindy Anthony COMMITTED blatant perjury in a capitol murder case that carried the death penalty as an option, BUT, Ashton/Burdick/George CHOSE NOT to charge her, is reinforces what an a$$ Corey is.

    • What a F’n liar Parks is. And what an incestuous relationship there is between the media and the scheme team. They never challenge the lies so that the schemers agree to come back on the show again…

  1. I am not looking forward to going to sleep tonight, not knowing what the jury will decide. What is worse, they never got to take into consideration that Trayvon’s last words were “you got it” and not “you got me”. The difference is significant where this case is concerned.

  2. Had this thought before I went to sleep last night. WHAT IF THE ? The jurors were getting at was WHERE IS THE TOX REPORT?

    • correct me if I am wrong, but the Judge allowed it into evidence when she ruled the Defense could bring it up if they wanted

      If it is, they may very well request to see it (although, I think they probably assume it is dirty after West talking about it so much, Zimmerman claiming to see him light something up in at least one of his statements, and the Prosecution not trying to pick that up as one of their so-called “lies” they were desperately reaching for…)

    • mimi – as you know, Kathi Belich is an award winning investigative reporter, I wish she would take on this fight.

      • I personally cant stand her lol but IMHO she has been pretty good (to me from somewhere else reading) on this case

  3. Robert Zimmerman Jr. releases statement today for family:

    From the onset of this tragic event our family has been clear to express our trust in the judicial system. A jury of one’s peers is the hallmark of our country’s judicial system. The American justice system is the finest in the world. George’s fate is now in the hands of the jury, who will make their decision based on evidence and the facts of the case.

    “As we await a verdict we will remain hopeful and ask for the public to remain peaceful, no matter the outcome. Though we maintain George committed no crime whatsoever, we acknowledge that the people who called for George’s arrest and subsequent trial have now witnessed both events come to pass. We hope now that as Americans we will all respect the rule of law, which begins with respecting the verdict. The judicial system has run its course – pray for justice, pray for peace, pray for our country.”


    Though RJ Jr states the family trust the judicial system, that is a different opinion in which Glady’s wrote how
    “the Judicial System had failed them,” maybe he forgot.

    • I have a strong impression he feels the same way that Gladys does and is just trying to show respect to the judicial “system”. I would say it’s not the system that’s failing the Zimmermans, it’s corruption and abuse.

  4. I don’t care what anyone says; manslaughter is completely wrong and if that’s the verdict, I can’t respect it. It terrifies me that a lot of smart people are expecting it. The word is two jurors were wiping away tears and another was visibly shaken during Guy’s closing. I mean, come on. Not only is Zimmerman not guilty, but he’s clearly innocent beyond a reasonable doubt.

    • The rumor about emotional jurors is just that a rumor. The most biased opinions I’ve seen from someone in the courtroom who sees the jurors is Sunny Hostin on CNN.

      She never mentioned last night that jurors were crying.

      I was encouraged with the decision to stop at 6pm. If they took a vote and found they were split I think this jury would have asked to stay at the courthouse until 8 or 9 o’clock. The Judge had signalled she’d keep going as long as they needed.

      Asking for the evidence list may have been so they could find the homework that Mr. O’Mara gave them. For example, he pointed out to them the state put in 5 of the 6 calls GZ made but they didn’t give you the 6th call. I put that into evidence and ask you as you listen to it, wonder why the state didn’t give you that one. This is suppose to be about justice and truth.

      To do their homework, it’s much easier to find the evidence with an itemized listing. Bring us Exhibit such and such.

      Also, they are aware that this is important. They can’t appear to have not carefully weighed it.

      If we don’t get a verdict today, I’ll start to worry but the 6pm stopping yesterday, I found to be very encouraging that they are close if not there already.

    • Agreed, wholeheartedly.

      I might add that the smearing of GZ and abuse of his rights has affected me deeply, connected directly to similar but minor by comparison injustice perpetrated on my sons by the local BGI and unaccountable public officials. I am suffering with such deep empathy for George’s family that I am having a tough time concentrated on my own responsibilities.

      I find the threat to community standards , vengeance over justice, under these circumstances so perverse my stomach hurts.

    • Klieman says that the prosecution witnesses looked like defense witnesses, and that the defense witnesses looked like prosecution witnesses. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???

      Which defense witnesses looked like prosecution witnesses???

  5. Safest place for Geo to be.

  6. I wish that in high profile cases, the jury would be privately escorted out of the courthouse in vehicles to an unknown location, so as to keep their anonymity and safety.

    • From everything I understand they are. and afterwards, IF the jurors wish to speak thats their choice to say yes or no.

  7. >>>>Richard Hornsby @TennisLaw @debraferwerda Yes, and if mistrial, State can file additional charges to really f%#k #GeorgeZimmerman over.<<<<

    I'm thinking if the State can file additional charges, then Zimmerman should be able to bring in all the evidence of obstruction of justice, and cell phone activities.

    • IANAL, but I believe what TM did qualifies as felony assault. The defense, however, did not ask the court to include prevention of a felony as grounds for justifiable homicide in the self defense instructions given to the jury.

    • The problem for the State is, they probably wont want to try it again

      They have already played their evidence games, and said games have played out

      Any future trial will have the Defense using the Pot, Texts and phone Photos the State desperately wanted out, where here they were not allowed/able to do so because of said games.

      A future trial will likely involve much more ‘corruption’ aspects used by the Defense as well since more and more of it has come to light at this point then had at the start of this trial

      • I was thinking the same thing… the State probably wants nothing more to do with this trial. Also the wording “State CAN retry” … does that infer that they may choose not to?

    • imo, there would be another trial if the Jury hangs.. But the 2nd trial would favor the Prosecutors, not GZ. Although some a few legal analyst stated
      the there should have been no charges, ALL stated case was overcharged, & many analyst thought GZ should have always been charged with Manslaughter.” We are ALL PRAYING FOR NOT GUILTY.

      1. The State/Governor/Bondi bent over backwards for the BGI, there is absolutely no reason to think they wouldn’t do the same again, the threats of violence, riots, boycotts would remain.

      2. The conviction rate is about 75 % (from memory,) on retrial convictions..

      3. The State WON’T be so stupid next time. They WON’T imo show the Hannity video or the re-enactment & that would force GZ to testify. Though Osterman could retail what GZ told him, it would not be the same as GZ telling his story as he did in the re-enactment/Hannity. HENCE: forcing GZ to take the stand & tell his story.

      4. Who would defend GZ? imo, GZ would likely be declared “indigent.” imo, a Public Defender & the Attorney’s assistant would handle it, thats all that would be covered for indigent status or attorneys & that’s ONLY at a fraction of what a private attorney makes, though other expenses are paid .. MOM/West imo, won’t likely do the re-tral at no salary, how could they? The good news would be that most of the hard work has been done.

      5. M2 could be taken off the table & Manslaughter could be the charge w/the lesser includeds including M3. The State would gear their case to include what is needed for the charge of M3.

      6. Prosecutors work for the Taxpayers, they make the same amount of money whether they win r lose & in this case, the public will demand it, the State clearly would benefit from the knowledge garnered from the 1st trial, imo, NOT GZ.

      7. Who would support GZ? imo, he may possibly get enough donations to live on, IDK. Would monies be donated for a defense? IDK, I do think it would take someone wealthy like Cheney Mason whom I can’t stand to step forward that is wealthy, but he just did KC’s trial w/Baez PRO BONO & bitched incessantly about the cost of food & lodging. The STATE didn’t pay ANY of KC’s legal fees BECAUSE Baez took $ 89,000.00 from KC’s ABC money for photos & Baez/Mason were disqualified for indigent Attorney’s monies BECAUSE they were classified as “private attorneys hired by KC privately BEFORE she was indigent,” they couldn’t be reclassified as public defenders,” ONLY attorney’s such as MOM/West would qualify for payment BECAUSE they have not taken a dime from GZ.

      Should it be retried? imo, hell no, GZ needs to walk away CLEAN from this nightmare.

  8. If they are looking at manslaughter that must mean they have discounted 2nd degree. There could be 1 or 2 who is not totally sold on self-defense and wants to know exactly what would have to occur to convict on manslaughter.

    Once they get the answer that they would have to believe GZ intended to kill Trayvon Martin and he is dead, I think those for self defense will convince the holdouts, the GZ couldn’t have intended to kill if he didn’t know the kid was killed until Singleton told him.

    Also in his statements, GZ thought he missed him and shot only once.

    Man, I’m nervous.

    • Nettles – the “manslaughter” consideration is terribly disturbing. Bill Sheaffer said, “if they don’t find GZ guilty of M2, they shouldn’t find him guilty of manslaughter.”

      The BIGGEST fear is the “compromised verdict,” which would be “manslaughter.”

      • Discounting or getting past murder 2 means they don’t buy “fscking punks” and “azzholes” as expressions of anger, ill will, spite, depraved mind. If they thought it was murder 2, they don’t even get to the manslaughter page.
        It’s really no consolation to Zimmerman. From Zimmerman’s point of view, it was justified self defense.

        • I agree with Jeralyn. If you look at the jury instructions they were to consider M2 first, if they found it didn’t meet the burden , they were to go on to manslaughter. In reading it, I’d be sending a question to the court too. The instruction on what manslaughter is is confusing.

          After the manslaughter instruction comes the Self-Defense instruction. That’s when they will decide if the killing was justifiable for SD reasons.

          Just because O’Mara told them to look at self-defense first doesn’t mean they will follow him. They kept hearing from the Judge, I will instruct you on the law, not the lawyers. Her instructions say consider M2 first, failing that, consider manslaughter and finally consider SD.

          Hang in there folks. George Zimmerman will be acquitted.

      • It might be that they are being methodical. If as we think M2 is off the table, then they have moved to look at manslaughter. If it is simply that they do not understand the difference, then they need clarification. It does not mean that SD is off the table.

        Have some faith, and pray to God that this jury lets GZ go free.

    • No intent to kill in manslaughter, or even in murder 2. Murder 1 is the intent to kill one, with premeditation. Murder 2 is a dangerous act with depraved mind. Manslaughter is a dangerous act that happens to cause death.
      Roughly speaking.

      • “To prove the crime of Manslaughter, the State must prove the following two elements beyond a reasonable doubt:
        1. Trayvon Martin is dead.
        2. George Zimmerman intentionally committed an act or acts that caused the death of Trayvon Martin.

        George Zimmerman cannot be guilty of manslaughter by committing a merely negligent act or if the killing was either justifiable or excusable homicide

        In order to convict of manslaughter by act, it is not necessary for the State to prove that George Zimmerman had an intent to cause death, only an intent to commit an act that was not merely negligent, justified, or excusable and which caused death,

        If you find George Zimmerman committed Manslaughter and you also find beyond a reasonable doubt that during the commission of the Manslaughter, George Zimmerman carried, displayed, used, threatened to use, or attempted to use a firearm, you should check the appropriate box on the verdict form which I will discuss with you later in these instructions.”

  9. I think someone should make a movie, instead of “Twelve Angry Men” dealing with racism with 1 convincing the others to not be racist, it should be “Six Angry Women” dealing with racism against whites and race baiting – one of them is not racial, and convinces the other 5 to stop being racist/race baiters.

  10. If I asked the question and wasn’t given an explanation and am left still unclear, I’d have to waive it b/c I’m not convicting a man on a charge I don’t fully understand.

  11. I have never seen so many looney toons comment about this case. Did you know that there is now definitive proof that George chased Martin, gun in hand, before shooting him at point blank range? I have heard so much BS today, I am wondering how we could have possibly digressed to such stupidity.

    • jordan2222 – Bill Sheaffer said this week, “if there is a conviction, GZ will immediately be taken into custody. There,he will remain UNLESS he gets an appeal for a new trial which doesn’t happen for some time, in some cases, up to a year & a half, some sooner. I assume the reason being that MOST defendants appeal if convicted if they have grounds.

      • Reality is setting in. George is screwed. How could he ever raise enough money for an appeal? Who would take that case knowing how much he still owes the defense plus who knows what other expenses he has incurred? I sure hope Robert and others have signed onto lucrative book deals just in case this does not work out.

          • kadar – you are correct, but it is perturbing to know Judge N is going to be the Judge on that case too since the is moving to Civil Court & that is a civil case but the Beasley Firm is going to represent GZ in that case, maybe Judge N might like them better. She hasn’t seemed to have given the Defense many breaks, just those she couldn’t deny because the law was so clearly on the Defenses side..


      • Bond during an appeal is discretionary, but available under the conditions discussed in Younghans v. State, 90 So. 2d 308 (Fla. 1956).

        Diana Tennis thinks the public defender appeals division is very good.

        • MJW – I read several legal analyst that practice in Fla. in Seminole, Brevard, Orange County. & surrounding counties say the same, “that the appeal attorneys are good” which is encouraging, though I pray GZ doesn’t need one.

          Some analyst too said during KC’s trial, the Public Defenders that handle “death penalty cases” were excellent, because that’s all they did.

          It was a PUBLIC Defender that won a new trial, a self defense case, AGAINST Judge N, so they are good!!

          I laughed when I heard a National Analyst say, “people FORGET Judge’s are lawyers that wear robes, they make mistakes.”

        • If I am not mistaken didn’t Don West come from the public defenders appeals division?

          I’ve read somewhere that when a lawyer objects, it is important to get their reson for objection in the record in case of an appeal. When Nelson overruled West when he objected to Nelson asking if GZ was going to testify. She never gave him the opportunity to get his reason for the objection on record. She plowed forward with asking GZ if he was going to testify, even before the defense rested. When she plowed forward, West objected again, she was disgraceful when she said to West you are O V E R ruled, and never allowed him to get his reason for the objection into the record.

          Nelson knew she was out of line in her questioning of GZ before the defense rested. On the talk radio station I listened to (WMAL) on one particular day, after the 10 pm night in court, every single host talked about Nelson’s judicial temperment, and the fact that she has acted actually hostile to the defense. That was even before her outburst against West objecting to her questioning of his client even before the defense rested.

          That is why I had, and have a major problem with O’Mara saying that he has known Nelson for years, and that he has alot of respect for her.

          Nelson should be removed from the bench, even in divorce court. There had to be a very good reason why Nelson was removed from the criminal court, which takes extra qualifications to sit on. From what I’ve read she is very often ruled against by the DCA.

          • pinecone – I don’t know if you saw the link I posted the other night or not, there is SO much reading to keep up with that is interesting, but, BOTH MOM & West contributed to Nelson’s campaign for Judge in years past. Then another time she ran for Judge, she financed it herself & repaid herself I assume with donations.

            No doubt about it. I think it was Jeralyn that said when Judge N was pressing GZ for an answer BEFORE the Defense was through calling witnesses, it was because she was going to help the State out as how to proceed w/their case.

            Nelson is elected just like Corey/Bondi, I wish they would all be voted out.

  12. Nettles- I remember reading a comment by you a day or so ago claiming that if the defense brought up the toxicology report, then the state wanted to bring up the medications that GZ was on. Do you have any proof of that?

    I’m reading that George asked why the pot wasn’t brought up. I’m reading screams from everyone that the defense was in fact allowed to bring the toxicology report into the trial but for some reason chose not to?

    I’m trying to figure out if there was a valid reason for not bring the toxicology evidence into trial.

    • Pinecone, when I made that comment I was opining why the defense made the deliberate calculation not to have Dr. di Maio not tell the jurors about the toxicology report. I didn’t know for sure why they didn’t though.

      In yesterday’s thread comment here: https://annettekblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/july-12-2013/#comment-11525 I showed the actual videos in the hearing where someone was saying George asked Lorna Truett about the marijuana. It clearly shows the tape that alleges that was doctored.

      The Judge questioned George about the lawyers telling her that Dr. di Maio’s testimony would have something carved out. That’s when I thought it was the toxicology report. The judge asked George if that was his decision and he said yes it was.

      I agree with their decision not to include it. Others don’t.

      • Sorry Nettles but, I guess I took your comment/opining to be a very plausible explanation. It did make some sense to me that if the state wanted to bring in George’s prescription list, it would have gone back to the Crump team screaming that GZ wasn’t drug tested that night, but TM was in the autopsy. Do you remember those arguments from the Scheme team? I do.

        The ME’s testimony can’t be taken as anything but bizzare. We heard that the clothing evidence of DNA and blood was tainted because the cloting had rotted by being packaged in plastic. We heard by the forensics expert that he wasn’t sure if the fingernail scrapings were from one finger on each hand, or if the same stick was used to scrape all fingernails. We’ve read that the toxicology smaples were taken incorrectly. We’ve read that there wasn’t even TM DNA on the fingernail scrapings.

        It was very interesting to me that the ME Dr. Bao wanted to change his testimony to say that yes the pot level was enough to cause impairment of TM. It was more interesting to0 read that BDLR met with Dr. Bao in his Volusia office the dat before his testimony, which put that meeting at July 4. Bao said that he apparently had a discusion with BDLR that he thought it was necessary to include the toxicoly report, while BDLR didn’t think it should be included. Bao had previously said that the amount of pot was too little to make any difference. He changed that testimony while under oath.

        I doubt many will give much credence to Bao. He is obviously as much a paid hack as Rao. BUT, the jurors never heard those exchanges, and they have no clue that TM had pot in his syetm that night. I also go back to O’Mara saying that TM had pot in his system, in addition to other things. What “other things were in the tox report.” I doubt it would have been an aspirin.

        • minpin, I have often given a response to the absurdity of those claims about George’s medication. I will do it again so that people can understand that George’s medications had no bearing on what happened that night:

          1. George was diagnosed with ADHD. He takes pure amphetamine to control this condition. When people with this condition are properly diagnosed, and placed on pure amphetamine, it must be understood that the amphetamine actually works to slow down and calm down an overactive brain. I am not sure how best this can be described other than in this case pure amphetamine has the direct opposite result on someone with ADHD than it would on someone who did not have that condition. People who take methamphetamine which is manufactured, are often violent, and there is a tendency within this group to end up with schizophrenia (yes a member of the extended family, now divorced has a history along those lines.)

          2. George was prescribed Temazepam when he was staying at the hospital to look after his grandmother. Temazepam treats a sleep disorder.
          I can speak on this particular medication because I have used it in the past to treat my own sleep difficulties due to back problems. It is the back problem that is relevant because, like George I have had a diagnosis suggesting sacroiliitis.
          Without going into greater detail, it is sufficient to state that George would not have been driving to the shops if he had taken Temaze because he could fall asleep at the wheel! So, there would be little to no possibility that any Temaze would appear in any Tox report.

          The fact is that George was not tested because the police, observing his behaviour, did not think that he exhibited behaviour that would show he was on any form of drugs.

    • I agree with Merritt cassandra. From what I’m reading from the twitter feed at LI, I understand that the jury wanted a “clarification of the manslaughter charge. The judge said that she can’t have a conversation with them, but that she would answer any specific question they may have. They have the jury instructions on the charges. Would they actually ask such an open ended question of a “clarification on the chage”? For what purpose? The compromise verdict is surely what the state was going after, and they may just get that compromise verdict from the ladies. I am really really truly concerned.

  13. Here is what I will have a problem with. I will have a problem with a jury that wanted clarification on manslaughter, was told if they have a specific question on manslaughter, never asks a specific question or questions, and the votes for manslaughter. THAT I will have a problem with cause they ASKED for clarification and then when ahead and voted for manslaughter. Let’s hope that is not the case.

  14. Awesome, just awesome. Justice for GZ and Al Sharpton has already called it an ‘atrocity’. That’s what I call a two-fer!

    • Thank God! Sanity.

      I have never been invested in a trial before, but this was truly an important case to care about. I am still crying with relief.

      As for the Martin and Crump, he kept saying that they were committed to this trial so that Trayvon’s death would not be in vain. Vengeance does not change the fact that Trayvon death was in vain, it was Trayvon vanity that caused his death.

  15. I pray safety for the Zimmermans… thank you so much Mark O’Mara, Don West and the whole defense team..

  16. Corey, BDLR, Guy about to speak, THEN, the GREATEST DEFENSE ATTORNEY’S will have their say.

    GOD Bless America! GOD Bless the Zimmerman family.

  17. Go away Angela Corey, I don’t want to see you again until the photo of you being removed from office, hopefully prosecuted for hiding evidence.

  18. Oy. There’s a protestor holding a sign that says “stop stand your ground abuse” – yeah, that person knows a lot about the case SMH

    Ugh Corey is back –
    She says they were trying to show that people get GZ’s injuries all the time and go right back to work – she’s still misrepresenting it – it has to do with fear of great bodily harm, no injuries required!!!

  19. Corey also said that GZ couldn’t have gotten his gun out while being on the ground straddled – so we’re supposed to believe he had it out and pointed at Martin and Martin just kept beating him, didn’t push the gun arm away or take control of GZ’s gun arm? Yeah, right.

  20. Congratz to you Nettles you put a great deal of effort into this case and the Right verdict was reached, George Zimmerman is NOt Guilty; George Zimmerman is innocent, it was George Zimmerman that was victimized on February 26, 2012.
    H/T to everyone here at this blog likewise for your effort in this behalf..

  21. Isn’t it highly inappropriate for Corey to be out there still telling the press in so many words that George is guilty…?!

    • As emotionally charged as this trial is, and death threats given… it’s so innapropriate. It seems like she would want to try to encourage the public to respect the jury’s verdict.

  22. MOM says (not exact words) – the jury looked at the evidence – they didn’t have all evidence – but saw enough to find GZ not gulty

    I say – yah, MOM, now it’s time to start suing about all that other evidence !!!!

  23. Nettles, I want to thank you for giving us a temporary home to support George, to deal with the anxiety of all this injustice, and to give us a safe blog where the attention could be on George and not on criticisms of his hard working attorneys

  24. “It wouldn’t have happened if he was Black”… MOM’s honesty spoken with respect is going to generate the right conversation on major news network…

  25. I hope everyone takes the time to send emails of support to George Zimmerman. He still has to live with with killing a man (yes, in self defense) and he, like any person, is likely questioning everything that happened to him and I expect, like our honorable soldiers who have been in combat, he needs support and likely is still suffering. Also, his wife is still in legal limbo for the absurd charge of perjury for this exchange in court:

    Q: How much money is in that website right now? How much money as a result of that website was β€”

    A: Currently, I do not know.

    Q: Who would know that?

    A: That would be my brother-in-law.

    Q: And is he β€” I know he’s not in the same room as you, but is he available so we can speak to him, too, or the Court can inquire through the State or the Defense?

    A: I’m sure that we could probably get him on the phone.

  26. Whoa ROFL MOM just said judge runs a good courtroom, and West did a major eye roll ROFL

    They have different styles (because I think when MOM talks like that, it’s more a show of strict professionalism than his opinion, I’m certain his wife hears an earful) but I think they complemented each other well

  27. On this wonderful evening I want to thank CTH for all their work even tho they kicked me out. I want to thank Nettles for her steadfast faith in the defense of this case. I want to thank Dman and Rumpole2 for their devotion to keep the documents, discovery and videos on this case, along with extra efforts by Dman to create many tools for us to use, and last, but certainly not least .. all my fellow posters who did everything and anything possible to support George and defense and for the collective brain power and getting the word out to press. Just a fab job by all. I’m so proud of all of you, Americans, Aussies, Canadians … all of you from everywhere — THANK YOU.

  28. Crump says that MLK Jr’s daughter tweeted him this morning to say that no matter the verdict, everyone has to remain non-violent, as MLK would have wanted. He concludes a few minutes later in his own words saying that everyone needs to be peaceful.

    Yeah, maybe she has your number, Crump, and knows you’ve caused all this division. And maybe it’s good to point out that you and your followers should not copy TM and be violent.

  29. MOM said if anyone files a civil suit, they’ll go to court to get immunity for George. Does anyone know – is there a statute of limitations, so one day George can stop holding his breath?

  30. Wow – TM supporter saying 911 call told George to stay in his vehicle – wrong on 2 counts. Neither Geraldo nor his brother correct these people. Hearing these supporters and seeing their signs really reinforces to me that they are reacting based on race, because they sure don’t know the facts of the case.

  31. Now that the trial is over, can somebody correct the New Black Panther Party entry on Wiki? The entry claims, “Another controversy occurred in 2012 after the NBPP offered a $10,000 bounty for the “legal citizen’s arrest” of George Zimmerman.” I’m pretty sure it was a Wanted Dead or Alive poster.

  32. Isn’t it great how one case can bring the races so much closer together? /sarc

    Have racial division ever been worse? It’s appalling that after almost half a century, the races still cannot live in harmony. Wonder why our President has not opined and pointed out how charges should have never been brought against George? If our leader cannot admit mistakes.. then what can we expect?

    • How can he? He DOJ was involved in the incitement early on. And some are expecting to use this as a wedge for the upcoming 2014 elections. Division is profitable for them, it maintains their power and control. AA are 25% of the Democratic vote that is a big chunk.

    • In 2007, if someone would’ve have asked me if there would be this much racial tension in 2013, I wouldn’t have believed it. Our President’s behavior is shameful.

      • Will you continue your blog? I hope someone will follow all that will surely follow. I just heard that the DOJ may be going after George for civil rights violations.

        • Jordan I haven’t kept up with mine, I’m hoping Nettles will keep her’s going and maybe others can help moderate so she can return to her responsibilities. What about Bori’s and Danny’s blog?

        • I think some of those laws have done some great good, but have been abused. I went to a multiracial school in California in my early childhood and then again in Junior and Senior high school; my friend went to an all Black school all of her life. I had friends of all races, my friend didn’t and she had a negative attitude about other races right into her adulthood.

  33. If I am attacked on the street, I hope there is a concerned man like George Zimmerman with a legal firearm to protect me. That’s all I want to say. Thank you Nettles for letting me post here. All my love to George and his family.

    • I wish he lived in my neighborhood…but I’m thankful my neighbors are different races and we all look out for each other.

    • You best be prepared to defend yourself. The fact that person is armed for self defense does not mean he/she is going to go out on a limb for a stranger. Too easy to shoot the innocent person, and even if you get the right person, you’re in for a ride with the law.
      But, if you defend yourself, much less likely the criminal justice system will Zimmerman you.

  34. Thank you Nettles. Knowing that you believed we were right was very important to all of us. You didn’t hide behind a user name. You are the definition of courage. I can’t begin to tell you how much I respect you.

  35. Thank You, Nettles, for providing this forum for all the posters here like Coreyshift, Jordan, Art, Minpin, Arkansas Mimi, letjusticeprevail, rumpole, d-man, dannywarrior, rejoicenhim, cassandra , lorac1, cbolt, chip, AJ, freegz and many other that I can think of right now, to be able to add our voices in protest in this travesty of a case. I has been a real pleasure to have joined all of you in this endeavor and it is even better to have come victorious. God bless all of you and GZ family be safe all of you. Here is my e-mail, I am trying to put something together if anyone is interested in contributing your story about GZ you can e-mail me at boricuafudd@gmail.com.

  36. I also want to thank CTH, for without that site I wouldn’t have met so many caring people …. hopefully this site doesn’t close down before we figure out if anyone is going to host George’s civil suit.

  37. Does anyone remember whether or not GZ actually went on patrols in his neighborhood? I’m almost positive I heard that GZ did NOT patrol the neighborhood, but was the liaison between the NEN and the residents. Of course he did keep an eye out when he was out and about but was not officially on NIght Watch Patrol. I’m thinking I may have either heard during the trial or from Frank Taaffe.

    • That is a good question but I recall MSM claiming he was on patrol the day of the incident instead of on his way to Target. Short answer is IDK.

      • Thanks for your answer even though you don’t know. πŸ™‚ Yes, the MSM claimed he was on NWP the night of this tragic incident, but, as you stated, he was actually on his way to Target.

  38. I think the threats of a federal investigation will fall flat. There’s no new evidence. God bless the Zimmermans

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