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The verdict is in and it’s time to say good-bye. I am not a blogger. Only got into the situation because Sundance banned my voice on his blog and Diwataman continued to criticize the lawyers who were helping George Zimmerman fight this malicious charge on his blog. I do appreciate and admire both bloggers in their efforts in the case over the course of the events leading up to the trial though. Make no mistake on that.

I’ve been through, for the first time in my life, the legal process of a criminal trial in an American courtroom. For those who don’t know, I’m Canadian and have no legal knowledge. I have no political agenda nor do I have any agenda except for the fact, I found the facts of the case led me to believe I was witnessing a political railroading and an abuse of power. My efforts were to fight against that.

It’s now time to say good-bye and leave the tax payers of the state of Florida to fix what is wrong in their state.

Did the school system fail Trayvon Martin? I have no doubt his parents failed Trayvon Martin. They won’t get peace in their life until they take an honest look at that. I’ve come to believe that Tracy Martin is a racist. He taught his son to be a racist. I don’t see many diverse pictures of the older Martin with white people. I suggest he open his heart and interact with a more diverse population in the years ahead. He may learn something and save the lives of his sons and daughter by not putting a chip on their shoulders.

I learned through this case that some black people see things differently than I do. Some black people are the racists that they accuse others of being. The lawyers for the Martin family demonstrated on several occasions their racists views of white people. The pastors of black churches described GZ supporters as racist in May 2012. Until this case, I believed only white people could be racist. The George Zimmerman case left no doubt in my mind; some of the black population saw “code” where no one else did.

It’s been a pleasure getting to know all of you over the course of this case. You are an amazing person to spend any time on a case that has no personal reward for you. It’s the notion of right and wrong.

My name is Annette Elaine Kelly. I’m on facebook. Feel free to check in with me and let me know how you are doing. It’s time for me to concentrate on the poor, hungry and homeless in my hometown. I wish you all great health, much love and loads of success in the rest of your journey on plant earth. ♥ Be kind to one and other. ♥


72 thoughts on “Good-Bye

  1. Thank you for all you’ve done, but I think you might be premature. GZ is free, but now we need justice for GZ. The people that did this to him need to be punished.

    • Nettles, what coreshift said. I agree with that POV being expressed. Justice for GZ is needed.

      Also, I agree with your reason for being involved. I understand about the need for having a voice, totally.

  2. Nettles, thank you so much for welcoming me here to ask my questions, share my fears, laugh and cry. I pray blessings upon you and your loved ones.

  3. Americans need more Canadians like you. 😀

    It has been great knowing you on this blog, Annette. You are an inspiration to all truth seekers. Thanks for your tireless dedication in helping to free an innocent man.

  4. One question: Will you be commenting on Facebook or anywhere else on the aftermath of the case? By that, I mean civil suits and investigations of the true criminals.

  5. Take care of yourself, kid.

    I assume that me posting here via WordPress gives you my email address in case you ever need or want it.

  6. Great job, Nettles! I bet you will sleep well tonight!

    But please keep your great blog going for a while. There is so much to do! There is no way this is finished until the culprits are brought to justice!
    I am very happy that there was no gloating from Zimmie’s supporters. It was very professional. I wonder how it would have been if the State of Florida had gained an unlawful conviction.

    Now you see why our justice system is so great! The jury got it right!

    And the best part of this is that all of the racebaiters and ignoramuses, including Leatherman, have finally shut up! They lost and they really have nothing to say.

    We all know this was just a show trial, so that the State of Florida did not have to show any courage. The was a political prosecution and there still are lots of loose ends. As I said before, in the bizarro world, the 3 prosecutors would have doubles of the 3 stooges who showed up at the 7/11.

    I doubt that anyone will ever really know the truth about this case. It sure was fun though, pursuing this case which should never have been brought.

    I am so glad that you Nettles, and most of your followers, had the conviction to be on the right side of this controvery–to pursue it and stick up for MOM when he needed it. You have proved both extremist views to be ridiculous. Sundance may be done a lot for this case–but did he really? It seems to me he did a lot more for the State’s case. He gave lots of (stupid) ideas to Crump and Bernie.

    I would expect never to hear again from SD, and really wish it were he saying goodbye forever.

    Don’t do it Nettles! Your voice is important and must be heard!

    All the best!

  7. Nettles – you have been a tireless advocate for GZ, thanks for all you have contributed to the case & especially for providing a great BLOG where some of the best bloggers on the case shared information, links, & opinions.

    I will always think of you as “Nettlepedia” as you are so fast on the facts in the case, it has been a pleasure having you as a friend.

  8. Annette, it has been my great pleasure to have experienced the hospitality of your blog, and to have witnessed the kindness in your soul. I thank you for sharing both with me, and wish you all of the best. You are one in a million, and those who have the good fortune to have you in their lives are certainly lucky. For you, I offer this:

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face;
    the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
    may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

  9. Thanks for being such a wonderful person and for all your time & effort with this blog. The world would be a far better place if there were more people like you around. George was blessed to have your support.

  10. Thank you Annette. Truly appreciate everything you have done and for providing a place to talk freely! Take care! Justice for Tugboat!

  11. Thank you Nettles. Please remember, though, Shellie still needs voices. I hope you will continue your blog for her as well.

  12. Since Nettles is saying goodbye, this might be helpful for anyone just recently stopping in. SD has posted an excellent synopsis of the case. This is the story in a nutshell.


    Update 20 is also good background material.


  13. Tears of Joy for Geo and his family. And now tears of sadness, as reading this if feels like we are losing one of our own family! Thank you soo much for having this blog so we could continue to stand together! What lucky people your area are to have such an awesome advocate, such a strong conviction for the rights of others! May GOD bless you in all that you do! Hope to see you again soon! Hugs and much Love, Mimi

  14. Nettles, come on you can’t go. Dept. of Justice is next to go after George. Hope you change your mind. I echo arkansasmimi … hugs and much love, indeed.

    I know this is good-bye thread, but I just have to take this opportunity to say

    To BigBoitheDog:

    Hoodies down. There is no “monster”. There never was. Just your hatred and that is something you should be afraid of. So instead of “one day closer to justice”, yes, that day finally arrived … today … and now a falsely accused, innocent man walks free. Now go out and sign a petition for the Justice Department to do something about all the black on black crime and you might actually be doing something constructive. Over and Out.

  15. Annette, it was such a pleasure to get to know you through this case. Thank you for allowing this platform for those of us who wanted to express our opinions about this case. You were a GREAT help to George Zimmerman and I believe he is grateful for your support. Your community is blessed to have such a caring and giving person as you in their midst who is actively living out her beliefs in helping the poor. May God Bless you and your efforts.

  16. Annette, sister you are AWESOME

    to all the brother and sisters who cared enough to support George and his family and fight this travesty of justice, you are AWESOME.

    my faith in humanity has been greatly improved having known all of you just from this little blog.

    Thank you so much!!

  17. You are a blessing to many others. May you be blessed in all you do.
    Thanks for letting me lurk and read and listen and think about this with you…
    Take care.

  18. This from Ann Coulter:

    There were at least eight burglaries in the 14 months before Zimmerman’s encounter with Martin. Numerous media accounts admit that “most” of these were committed by black males. I’m waiting to hear about a single crime at Twin Lakes that was not committed by a black male.

  19. Though I hate to see you stop your blog, I do understand it is a lot of work and much dedication. You are an example for us all, I will visit your facebook page and of course shoot you an e-mail from time to time. You have many admirers and supporters out here as well you should. Thanks again for all of your work and dedication to this just cause, as you have stated you have learned something just as we have learned from you. Cheers. Bon Voyage don’t forget about us and check back on us, I think you know where to find us.

    PS I sent you an e-mail yesterday did you receive it. Look forward to hearing from you in the future and wish you the best in your endeavors. Finally, I can finally say I have a friend in Canada, just as you can here in the US.

  20. OMGoodness! Say it ain’t so Nettles! But I do understand why you must move on and I admire you for what you do in taking care of others they are truly blessed to have one as caring as you.
    Thank you for taking time away from your “world” to hang out with us in supporting George and his family.

    Gosh! Even tho I don’t comment here (read only) I feel like I’m losing a friend.

    I thank you for sharing your insight, levelheadedness, and kind, peaceful spirit. I admire you so much.
    You sure will be missed.

    That pic at top is a tear jerker but could not be more apropos.

    Thanks again for all you have done. Blessings for you as you travel this road of life spreading kindness and love may it came back to you 100 fold.

  21. A great loss, a great blog from an even greater person. Kudos to the job you’ve done and what you have done for the community. It restores my faith in this world, not just country, that the man represented by people like you found justice instead of those represented by Al Sharpton and the liberal media elite.

    Thank you and best wishes to you.

  22. Nettles, GZ was very lucky to have someone like you on his side. You were vigorous in your support, but never stooped to hatred or ad hominem. Like many others, I initially followed the case at the CTH until my disgust with the anti-MOM rhetoric pushed me away. Your blog was a nice cushy place to land, and I thank you.

  23. I just want to add my words to those here. You provided a place to come to for facts and information.. Your devotion to George, his family and his”team” was unwaivering. Thank you for a voice of reason, when it was badly needed.

  24. Goodbye my friend. I appreciate your detication. I wish towards the end I could have maintained a bigger presence. As you know I created my blog for the same purpose and had the same experience as you being a GZ supporter. Life for me just got too busy to keep up. But you never wavered. Even in your support for me.

    In the end we sought truth and truth prevailed. God bless you Nettles.

  25. Thank you Nettles.
    Please reconsider on shutting down the blog. George’s fight is not completely over yet.
    Maybe reduce the blog to one day a week, then if the situation needs be increase it to more.
    I may not have posted much here but I have read almost every post made. I have a feeling of a family here as compaired to else where.

    Again, Thank you.

    • I second your idea kadar. George is a free man, thank you God. George’s dad Robert indicated that he will do all he can to legally go after all those that did this to George. Shellie is still unfortunately still facing Corey’s prosecutors, and the nasty witch in a black robe. O’Mara said he is going to write a book. Crump needs badly to face charges of obstruction of justice. God Bless Don West, he needs to get some rest and peace.

      Nettles, would you reconsider and keep the blog here and just update when there is something new? I know your heart is with the homeless in your town but, there is still much justice to be sought against all those that so completely destroyed an entire families lives. Speaking of the homeless, how in the heck is George and Shellie going to live when it has been made impossible for them to get jobs? I hope the lawsuits start pretty darn soon.

      • As some here want a place to come and talk, yes I’ll provide a page to facilitate to help those who want to help to strategize and share their thoughts.

        Thanks everyone for your kind words.

        • Nettles, your voice has been much appreciated and admired from back on the Facebook page at GZ Legal, to CTH, to Diwataman’s blog and then your own. I like the way your handle and say things, as you said once, you are a lover, not a fighter.

          Thank you also for the money, time, determination and dedication to help an American, who was being railroaded by his own government. If you haven’t heard from the Zimmerman family, I know they must appreciate your monetary and moral support, and for bringing people together to do research and help the defense win George’s case.

          I am not a blogger either, but I put up my blog to post each day’s commentary to make it a quick and easy read. I might continue when Shellie’s case comes up, or the sanctions hearing, or George’s case against NBC.

          I know you have a busy life, but I hope you can come back for those hearings also. I cannot imagine you not being around for those.

  26. Thanks Nettles. I am hoping that we unite in support of a righteous back lash against all those responsible for this fraud against justice.

    In my hometown last night vandals and anarchists spray painted the Oakland court house with Kill Zimmerman, cops cars were damaged, fires were set in the street, the police wasn’t resources in one of America’s murder capitals on ignorant people rioting.
    I will demand the pandering Mayor direct an investigation and prosecution of the vandals who posted a death threat. I will be ignored of course, but my voice will not be lost.

    To my friends here, first you would be proud of my 23 year old son who read nonsense from friends on his Facebook network and responded with evidence dispelling myths. Naturally he was called out as just another white privileged male, his response was so legit he generated support from black posters apologizing to him for having been the victim of violence and bigotry.

    Please post links to cable news video, particularly those in which the West, O’Mara and Robert Jr challenge the lies. thanks

  27. Nettles – I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and all the comments here. You also did a great job calling people out on Twitter! Thank you for all of your hard work and compassion!

  28. But while the not guilty verdict is disappointing, it’s not outrageous. And Zimmerman’s legal defense is not yet over, because of the fact that Zimmerman has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations — money that he is unlikely to prove, with probable cause, that he should be able to keep. While I don’t find the result of the criminal case particularly upsetting, I would be outraged if Zimmerman is able to financially benefit from his decision to kill a kid. Luckily, I don’t expect that to happen. There should be a civil suit here, and all of Zimmerman’s blood money should go to Trayvon Martin’s estate.

    More here:


  29. Great job nettles. I like all three of the websites, including yours, that you mentioned precisely because the bloggers had different views. I hope that you would consider coming back if there is ever federal charges brought against GZ. You provided a valuable service and did it on a way that was unique. I thought that your decision to allow pro TM posters to comment was a great decision. Differences of opinion, when expressed civily, and the right to speak them is part of what makes countries like the us and Canada so amazing and its clear that you possess that spirit.

    • He is absolutely correct in words but I would sure like to see him take some real action to have her disbarred. Anyone can do that but I would think he knows the best way to accomplish that. If he were to do that publicly, a lot of us would feel a bit better knowing she faces consequences. As it is now, we are all just hoping and wondering if anything will be done. I feel hopeless, frustrated and empty.

      While he’s at it, he might as well go after Crump, too.

  30. Annette: Will you consider starting a simple open discussion thread so that those who want to do so can make general posts? We do not need a topic.. just a place to vent and make general comments or provide links to news in the case. I think we have proven ourselves to be self moderating so it should not require much of your time.

  31. Dear Nettles, It has been an honor to know you. I have not posted in a long while, but have kept up with everything. Thank you Dear Lady for everything you did for George and all of us. As a a resident and taxpayer of Florida, I will be forever grateful to you.

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