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George Zimmerman Discussion Thread – Post Verdict






P. Video Interview

D. Video Interview






Married 10 years, 8 kids

B29 Prosecution

B29 Defense

Recently moved to central Florida from Chicago. She enjoys watching the “Real Housewives” on television and works as a nurse on an Alzheimer’s section of a nursing home. She said she hadn’t paid much attention to the shooting. She said she has been arrested, but her case was disposed of. It’s not clear why she was arrested or exactly what happened to her case, though she said she was treated fairly. She is married and has several children. A prosecutor described her as “black or Hispanic” during jury selection.





Married, 2 kids

B76 Prosecution

B76 Defense

Has lived in central Florida for 18 years. She manages rental properties with her husband of 30 years. She has two adult children, including one who is an attorney. She is involved with rescuing animals in her free time. During jury selection, she said she had been the victim of a nonviolent crime. “Everyone deserves a fair trial,” she said. The prosecutor wanted this juror struck.





Married 20 years, 2 kids

B37 Prosecution

B37 Defense

Volunteers rescuing animals. She is married to an attorney and has two adult children. She said she and her husband used to have concealed weapons permits. During the last round of questioning, she said she had an issue with the type of weapons people are allowed to carry. She also thought weapons’ training was inadequate for people seeking permits. “It should become harder,” she said. She has let her permit lapse.





Unmarried, no kids

B51 Prosecution

B51 Defense

Retired, not married and doesn’t have kids. She has lived in Seminole County for nine years. From Oviedo who has a dog and 20-year-old cat. She has worked in real estate and run a call center where she said she had experience resolving conflicts. When asked if Zimmerman did something wrong by following Martin instead of waiting for police, she said: “Yeah, I guess he did do something wrong.”





Married, 2 kids

E6 Prosecution

E6 Defense

Warned kids not to give “false impression” about themselves. A young white woman and mother who used to work in financial services. She used this case as an example to her adolescent children, warning them to not go out at night.Husband an engineer. Children are 11 and 13. Husband and son have guns. Victim of Domestic Abuse. Unemployed, volunteers at kids’ school. 2-year Seminole Co. resident, had lived in Orange Co. since 2004. Saw an innocent person go to prison. The prosecutor tried 3 times to get this juror struck.





Married, 1 son

E40 Prosecution

E40 Defense

Moved to FL from Iowa in Nov. 2012. She heard national-news reports and recalls the shooting was in a gated community and a teenager was killed. Worked as safety officer, husband is a chemical engineer. Son is 28. Was on jury 20 years ago in Pa. drug dealing case. She shared she has been a victim on a nonviolent crime. She describes herself as a football fan.

194 thoughts on “Post Verdict Discussion Thread

  1. Post verdict discussion? Can anyone tell me how this kind of thing in a church is going to improve race relations? Rhetorical question..


    So far, I have not seen one single event in the news that genuinely promotes harmony. White folks have turned on their own race.It’s getting worse now than ever and I honestly see no way to change things as long as MSM and our government continue to “advertise” their disrespect for the judicial system. Where is the good news?

    • Saying that White people have turn in their own race is rather simplistic, as many Hispanics are also in the same bandwagon. It goes further than that and it has to do with ideology and perhaps most of all with people believing that which they want to.

      Self-delusion is rampant in our country, and it is easy to see why some people want to believe the hype, and why some would protest just to prove how enlightened they all are. Far too many are still reciting the early Narrative as a fact, and are refusing to see what has been in front of them from the beginning.

      • I feel that if they ascribe GZ as white, then we indeed have a white President.
        Now I am enlightened as well.

        • Ah but it does not work that way, you can have a drop of blood of any other race and called your self a minority but it does not work the other way. Weird and stack against whites.

          • Geez Bori, hell my family were WOPs when they came here. They were not accepted cept in Lil Italy. There was segregation of the Italians as well. Irish…etc…

            • Oh I know my one of my grandfathers came through Ellis Island, and the only place he could live was in Spanish Harlem, right next to some WOP’s before they moved on. Only Spics and wop’s live there, it was the way of things but people persevered, worked hard, moved on. I understand but some people prefer to be victims and they will stay that way.

              I had to go to the doctor today, and was talking to a nice black nurse and she was talking about the case, I told her about GZ mentored the black kids, how he had gone to bat for the homeless black guy just the year before, she did not know. She was upset about the rhetoric and how people would use any excuse to fail. She also told me that if she was getting a beat down like she would have shot too. She was also very critical of Rachel, what was wrong with her and 3rd year education.

              So the message is getting out there, some black people are getting tired of the same old tire stories that don’t reflect the truth and portray black people as helpless victims.

              • You said: So the message is getting out there, some black people are getting tired of the same old tire stories that don’t reflect the truth and portray black people as helpless victims.

                It is also white people who fuel the flames. Some of them are worse and I fear they will refuse to change. Think uppity whites.

                • Hey, I grew up in NYC, I met and dealt with plenty and your are right, they are worse. They would not give TM the light of day and would cross the street if they see him coming down on the same street.

                  Yet they sit on their high pedestals and exclusive communities and back any cause to prove that they are morally superior while they dictate to us minions.

                  Wow, sorry I got riled up, I am just tired of people starting things that they will not have to suffer the consequences from. This is not about TM, heck most people know jack-sh*t about TM, he us just being used again for to promote the agendas of others, it is sickening, and downright disgraceful.

    • Lol. I do not feel that equates to profiling under their terms. You have to be black in order for racial profiling to apply.

    • I’m having trouble believing that the word “Creepy” would have been in TM’s every day vocabulary. That was the media narrative version of GZ. Connect the dots.

  2. George Zimmerman a ‘lucky murderer,’ prosecutors say!
    How do prosecutors describe George Zimmerman?

    “Murderer,” Angela Corey says.

    “Lucky,” Bernie de la Rionda says.

    Corey, de la Rionda and John Guy have talked to HLN’s Vinnie Politan. Excerpts will air through the day on HLN and CNN. The full interview can be seen at 10 p.m. Monday on a special edition of “HLN After Dark.”

    The prosecutors weigh in on Zimmerman’s acquittal, the all-female jury, the post-verdict criticism and the nation’s reaction.

    And de la Rionda told ABC that he “prayed that [Zimmerman] would have the courage to take the stand.” The prosecutor gave an example of what he would have asked Zimmerman: “Why did you assume because Martin was wearing a hoodie he was committing a crime? Why did you assume that because he was walking he was doing something improper? Why didn’t you identify yourself? Why did you assume he didn’t belong in the neighborhood?”


    Somebody NEEDS to CONFRONT these LIARS, it won’t be Vinnie Politan!! Corey/BDLR need to be bitch slapped with reality/facts.

    • Surely there has to be a consequence for the prosecutor calling him a “murderer” after he was found not guilty. My understanding is that prosecutors are immune from being sued for the actual prosecution (although Zimmerman can sue the state, correct?), but does that immunity continue to cover statements after the verdict? I hope Corey can be sued for libel/slander and is disbarred for how she has behaved in this case.

      • tnmomof3 – I’ve seen Prosecutor interviews after high profile cases many times, though Jeff Ashton was a gentleman about KC’s guilt, he did say “she was guilty of the murder of Caylee.” Adam Kaufman’s Prosecutors were the absolute worst I’ve ever seen in another high profile case in Fla. & one like GZ’s should have never be tried, the Prosecutors didn’t prove their case but certainly did an interview on 48 hours in which they stated Adam murdered Lina when Kaufman was found “not guilty.” I think it is ongoing cases” they are not allowed to talk about.

        In Ashton’s case, he retired immediately as a Prosecutor, wrote a book & a movie was made, Ashton was free to say anything as he did NOT represent a sitting Prosecutor.

        imo, the Defense needs to do something quickly, hopefully as the Beasley firm has stated, “they will move quickly.” Sadly it is a PR game supporters of GZ are losing on a National basis. I am FURIOUS Obama is NOW going to seize the moment to make this about GUN CONTROL. imo, the MEDIA is again focusing on riots, TM’s family, LIES told by Sharpton, J Jackson, Crump/Handlers DEMANDING charges, the nightmare continues.

      • Her attitude in the HLN interview is that she can say whatever she wants about George. She then looks toward BLDR to give him approval to do the same.

  3. George Zimmerman Prosecutor ‘Prayed’ for Him to Testify

    Corey, the special prosecutor whom Florida Gov. Rick Scott appointed to look into the case in 2012 and who ultimately filed charges, shot back at the assertions from Zimmerman’s legal team and pundits that her office was pressured to file charges in an unwinnable case.

    “To call something an overcharge is to say there was no evidence for the charge,” Mantei said. “There was clearly intentional pulling of the trigger and motive. The question was it justifiable.”

    “I’ve been doing this for 30 years,” said de la Rionda, who has now only lost two murder cases in his career. “We respect our colleagues. I guess they don’t.


    Dan Abrahms should have conducted this interview & he probably conducted the interview of MOM this morning. DA has ALWAYS said this was NOT a winnable case & questioned why it was brought. I am FURIOUS these corrupt Prosecutors WILL NEVER take any responsibility for their action. Due to protest across America, they still have a lot of support.

    • Angela Coreys career days are numbered. They all will be forced to take responsibility. Do not worry. All in due time.

    • This is smoke and mirrors in a foolish attempt to fight back the growing tide of outrage for their criminal misconduct. They know what they are potentially facing and also know the truth of what they have done. I would not expect them to go into hiding. Their strategy can easily backfire as even more attention is drawn to what happened. Several blogs exist that outline the facts of the case from start to finish. I am also noticing that some of the MSM community are at least trying to reveal more than ever before about the events leading up to the arrest. I can only hope that the momentum continues in favor going after Corey and BLDR. Alan’s battle with Corey looks like it may take off. Corey is a childish brat who thinks she is untouchable and is not likely to back down now that it has gone this far. Well, that’s my perspective.

    • “To call something an overcharge is to say there was no evidence for the charge,” Mantei said. “There was clearly intentional pulling of the trigger and motive. The question was it justifiable.”

      Hell yeah, GZ never claimed otherwise, he did not claim it was an accidental shooting, or the gun went off or any other shit like that. You all knew that going in, you know about the injuries that GZ sustained, you knew about TM’s activities and you decided to proceed anyway.

      In the end you wanted the jury, you pleaded for the jury to ignore the facts and render an emotional verdict disregarding the law and inserting their own biases. Now, that it is clear that the State should have never gone ahead their are trying to CYA themselves.

    • Eric Holder. Really? You mean the same Eric Holder who ran guns to Mexico in order for gun legislation Eric Holder? Really?

    • I’ve added the profiles of the jurors at the top of the thread. B37 was in her 50s, married for 20 years and has 2 kids. She volunteers recusing animals.

        • The jurors were described by some in the courtroom as solemn when they entered and they looked drained and exhausted.

          It’s disrespectful of the prosecution team to not encourage people to accept their verdict. But we’ve come to expect a lack of ethics and integrity with the team.

          Angela Corey to use one word to describe GZ said murderer. And to describe Trayvon she used “Prey”.

          What does that tell you about her appreciation of the jurors and their verdict?

    • Nettles – I don’t have a problem with the juror writing a book, it’s America! She is lucky to have a husband that is an attorney.

      Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she stated in her book GZ was “morally guilty” because of the way she worded the jury was bound by the letter of the law.

        • I personally argued the whole “moral” thing here and on diwtamans blog. Not replaying that again.

          • I know, Danny but my question was about this:

            because of the way she worded the jury was bound by the letter of the law.

            That is confusing to me.

            • I do not read much into that statement and here is why. During Jury selection MOM explained emotion vs. law. In closing he did so as well. Coming together for a jury there is law, the expectation of proof of guilt and then reasonable doubt as well as affirmative defense. Emotion for a “victim” during deliberations must be laid aside by letter of the law. Most juries who are aware that a State has not excluded reasonable doubt, will apply it as the defendant is always not guilty unless proven guilty. It is a way for moral correction when there is a moral question to the accusation. The totality is affirmed by applying the evidence AGAINST the claimants right to innocence before proven guilt. Letter of the law and what a juror must exclude including emotion of the circumstances.

          • danny – it doesn’t bother me what some think about “moral guilt,” what was important to me is they separated the law from personal feelings, everyone of them stated “GZ was not guilty under the law.” I don’t think there is a right or wrong on moral guilt as it is merely a personal belief or opinion.

            I feel GZ is NOT GUILTY of anything & am saddened at the backlash the jury brought & the uninformed are being antagonized by Obama.

            • Well some believe they are bound by morality when it comes to finding guilt and innocence. Especially in this case because there are some things that could have been done to avoid the outcome. However, that is a moral thought in what could have, should have, may have, to avoid what actually occured. Morally both men had a choice prior. But when one made the choice to become physical the other had a RIGHT to defend themself. Like I have said before one can only act on the actions of another. My issue always was TM could have made it home. He obviously was not in fear at the time and neither was GZ until GZ was hit did it become a self defense case.

              • Danny -I agree w/your thoughts. I too agree TM had MANY positive things he could have done such as go into Brandi’s condo, BUT, imo, he didn’t want to. WHY didn’t TM just stop beating GZ WHEN John Good warned TM he was calling 911? TM didn’t want to, he wanted to make GZ “bleed a little mo!”

                I too have always thought DD’s “guilt” was because imo, it is plausible that she egged TM on, “go beat that cracka’s a$$.” DD is a liar, that’s how desperate the State was in their case, did they really think anyone would believe that POS?

        • jordan – if you are asking about the juror writing a book, it’s not a new concept, it been done for years & years from Medical Examiners to Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, defendants, or jurors, all have a legal right to write a book and do interviews & make $$$$$. Sitting Prosecutors imo, wouldn’t be able to profit, $$$$, but cboldt would know better on that legal aspect.

          Many legal analyst across America, stated “GZ should not be convicted or charged,” but many stated that though GZ should go free, possibly due to religious beliefs, I am speculating, some thought GZ was “morally guilty,” they didn’t explain but I assume it may have to do w/religion. Mike Iglarsh as well as Alan Dershowitz come to mind.

  4. Nettles.. We are grateful for the profiles, but remember that all I asked is that you maintain an open thread. I don’t think any of us expect you to blog or do anything extra every day since you have other obligations, but thanks for whatever you have time to do. 😀

    • I saw this a while back… his videos and “whatever happened to common sense” (I think that’s the youtube name, but without the spaces maybe). It’s funny he’s actually at some of the events when he’s criticizing the foolishness

      • I have watched him for a long time, He is often called “the angry black man.” Quite a while ago, I made some posts about him referring to myself as the angry white man, and following his narrative, but was vilified for it and called a racist but I think I was completely misunderstood:

        “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance — that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

        Here is his you tube site:

    • Nettles – I can’t stand Whoopie Goldberg imo, she is one of the worst RACIST. She was black balled for years in Hollywood for a stunt she & Ted Danson pulled & they painted Danson as black & had a ludicrous exchange & thought they were entertaining, BUT, Hollywood did not.

      I remain surprised the View does so well, it’s stressful to me with all the fighting that goes on & the backstabbing, I quit watching it. LMAO. Elizabet H. has LEFT the View for a spot on FOX News morning show.

      I was GLAD to see West on the show along w/MOM.

      • The View using the 12 year old picture of Trayvon behind the lawyers as they talked was reprehensible and shows the manipulation of the lawyers as liars.

      • Hopefully they replaced Elizabeth with another conservative. To their credit they came to the defense of Stacey Dash was viciously attacked on twitter when she publicly stated her support of Mitt Romney. Whoopi was infuriated and pointed out the hypocrisy.

    • He should have asked Barbara if she got on an elevator who a black 17 yr old who might be eyeing her purse, would she think he was acting suspicious? Or asked Whoopie, if she got on an elevator with a white thug looking guy, who was acting weird, would she be suspicious? So from now on, no reporting any one who is black for any reason, especially, if they appear suspicious.

    • Humm. Holder even mentioned the “Deltas” today in his lil “I am black and hate the US. Justice process” speech. Not suprised. Wake up America!

    • We have a government that no longer respects the judicial system, as witnessed by the President’s statement, threatened action by the DOJ, NAACP and other national groups. So what recourse is available to ordinary folks? When they become outraged and begin to “take action,” I will not be a bit surprised. Even law abiding citizens have breaking points. I have posted this a few times in the past but it rings true more now than last year:


      Fred Reed is a cool guy,.., intelligent, laid back and has a lot more common sense than the average writer. BTW, he is married to a Mexican lady which sort of muddies the water for those who accuse of him being a racist. He is NOT.

    • Good, enough circus shows, the believers will never considered they are closed minded. O’Mara trying to talk with Whoopie was sad enough, she did not even considered the meaning of his response, just because someone is black does that meant they cannot be suspicious.

      Not only did George get it right in his suspicious of TM as a criminal type, he misjudged how dangerous the kid would be, he thought of him as a burglar not a violent offender as we know him to be.

    • Good for him.. In light of the fact that Piers is a likely target for a civil suit, maybe Robert should never return to his show.

    • I just saw this on Fox.. Eventually, someone will “yank his chain.” If so, I hope it’s a black man who does it. No death threat implied,

  5. Stop me I watched the View for the first time in my whole life.

    Those women and the women in the audience make women look real stupid. sorry, but seriously

      • It’s worse, they cannot follow logical thinking or be interested in the law enough to attempt accuracy. Don West spoke brilliantly to that issue.

  6. Oakland: Police Stood Down As ‘Protesters’ Terrorized Drivers

    One of the questions to emerge out of last night’s unrest in Oakland, where crowds protesting the George Zimmerman verdict turned violent and seized control of a major street for three hours, is why police withdrew from the area and allowed drivers to be terrorized.

    Occupy Oakland is now calling on demonstrators to repeat the stunt tonight, while subtly encouraging violence by mentioning smashing courthouse windows and telling people to wear all black.


    jordan – I truly believed LE would be using the “facial recognition hardware” you shared information on & a link to identify the hellions.

    • I just got off the phone with the Mayor’s office demanding the vandals who spray painted Kill Zimmerman on the courthouse be prosecuted. We are in far months of drama and riots, Sharpton is on the march, he will be coming to Oakland to get it ramp up hate. The Mayor staff promised they are pulling surveillance tapes to charge. I am ill. The police are under a social justice judge consent decree, and every thing they do is heavily scrutinized under citizen oversight, the cops are screwed and miserable.

      • cassandra – KUDOS to you for stepping up & making a statement. I too thought visual facial recognition software & surveillance tapes would be used at the very least.

        You’re right, Sharpton will ratchet up the racist hate until more lose their lives in the name of TM.

        In the link I shared below, Alan Dershowitz stated “GZ’s Civil Rights had been violated by Corey.” I hope MOM/West move quickly against the Prosecutors.

        If MOM/West slapped Crump, Parks/Natty Jack/Sybrina/Tracy/Sharpton w/a Civil Suit for slander,the scumbags would TONE DOWN their hate & lies.

      • Seriously, are you happy living there? You give us a clue, but I cannot even imagine what life must be like there now.

        • It is very hard for me now, I love the bay area for the environment, food and nature. I hate the politics and pandering to thug culture. My husband works for Oakland Unified. I am unemployed because of health issues. My son is at UCB grad school and my other son SF grad school. I am stuck here until my husband can retire, we are not wealthy enough to make choices, we have to work with what we got.

          I am so outraged at the AFT petition and Holder’s NAACP involvement/statement that I resigned membership as a democrat after 40 years.

          This is really getting ugly. Thanks Sybrina and Tracy!

          • You are brave and I will pray for your peace and safety as I have in the past. I suspect your plight has touched many of us.

    • If they are serious about identifying anyone, they would do it but imagine the response to that, or, for that matter, any attempts to arrest anyone. Oakland can burn to the ground for all I care. Long ago, I made a substantial contribution to the Oakland Zoo. In return they put down a brick with my name on it. LOL. I wonder if the zoo still exists. I have not been back in many years and have no interest although at one time, I did enjoy my trips there.

    • I think “standing down” encourages violent behavior. LE was ready in Sanford and because of that for the first time that I’ve observed, the Black Panthers that were there looked like they didn’t want any trouble.

  7. ‘Nothing more than a modern day lynching’: NAACP convention, held just miles from site of George Zimmerman trial, becomes an unofficial ‘Justice For Trayvon’ rally!

    Attorney General Eric Holder will address the convention on Tuesday. The NAACP has collected nearly 300,000 signatures on a petition asking him to prosecute Zimmerman under federal civil rights law, an outcome that could become a reality despite the U.S. Constitution’s protections against double jeopardy.


    Eric Holder to SPEAK at the NAACP convention is OUTRAGEOUS!

    • Do you think it is a coincidence that Nelson rushed the trial for this spectacle? It’s kind of crazy that the defense is still waiting for discovery.. Oh, boy..

      • jordan – you are spot on. How convenient to have so many in town to participate in riots!

        It should be illegal imo for Holder to speak at the convention supporting Blacks, we are ALL AMERICAN, this only promotes more racial division.

        • Imagine if the KKK, the John Birch Society and other such groups were to have huge national conventions.. maybe right next door to the NAACP. Do you think tensions might run over a bit?

    • This may not be accurate, current info, but I read elsewhere quite a while ago, that such a person might also be able to recover damages in an amount equal to what was being sought. Not sure if that was state or federal law. It doesn’t matter. There is no way Crump is stupid enough to go after George. Doncha know that O”Mara has the goods on him.

    • Zimmerman could never have been their target… can’t get blood out of a turnip no matter how hard you squeeze it.

      They had to have had their sites set on deeper pockets… Sanford PD and the state of Florida.

      Corey screwed everything up for them when she actually charged Zimmerman.

      All they have left now are the lies and the trademarks… and if they pursue any civil suits, they won’t even have the lies anymore as everything about TM will come out.

  8. Does anyone know how to find or search for self defense murder cases where there was an acquittal (Black on white)? I would like to have this information to share with Trayvon supporters.

  9. I’m beginning to get angry again at the continued demonization of George Zimmerman. You’d think they’d see by now that the emperor has no clothes, but they’re not backing down. They’re doubling down. In fact they’re escalating, saying things like Zimmerman could become the ‘first legal serial killer’ due to SYG laws, and that Zimmerman has no taste for asking for his gun back. They’re flat out labeling everybody who speaks out as a racist, with moral outrage. It saddens me. At this point these people should feel embarrassed about being hoodwinked and leaping to judgement, but it seems that social outrage never gets directed at liberals no matter what happens. It doesn’t matter how obviously wrong they are; they always have social pressure on their side.

    • I’m getting angry as well! I don’t understand why no one challenges these baseless racist claims. George needs more legal advocates to challenge this on networks like CNN, MSNBC and others.

  10. 800,000 petitions… I wonder if they’re faked. Mickey mouse and dead people registered to vote for Obama… this sounds like acorn.

  11. LOL… HLN just showed the Jahvaris & Trayvon picture taken in the kitchen.

    They blurred out Jahvaris’ face because he’s high #af in the pic.

  12. Wow.. Did the juror state that the times that Rachel & Trayvon were on the phone was the same time George was on the phone and the NEN call would have picked up that conversation????

  13. Wow this juror B37 interview with Anderson Cooper is fantastic. She’s saying all of them except maybe one had no doubt it was George screaming, and didn’t find Rachel credible, etc. Sounds like they didn’t find the prosecutions case convincing at all. Sounds like there was one holdout; probably some stealth Trayvonite. This is doubly funny because of that interview the prosecutors did with HLN that will be aired later, because they will say they proved their case and George simply got lucky, and that Bernie saw the jurors nodding along with him, etc. LMAO.

    • Friar – I’m glad she will be interviewed BUT she may be there to PROMOTE the book she is writing w/her attorney husband also. BET she casually mentions the book OR Anderson will.

      • Why are you so cynical about that book, Art? I think a lot of people would buy it. It’s a good way to understand what happened in the jury room.

        • jordan2222 – I am cynical about the book BECAUSE NOW WE KNOW she thought GZ was “morally culpable for getting out of his truck.” That is her prerogative & her opinion, I personally don’t agree with it. I think GZ is straight up NOT GUILTY.

          If you read up thread, I PREDICTED this would be the case with this juror when she stated “we followed the letter of the law.” (you questioned what that meant,) NOW she has stated exactly that! (up thread where Danny & I discussed moral guilt)

          • I realize that, Art, but you know very well that an awful lot of people think the same thing. Many, many religions teach that any kind of killing is wrong. That is not my belief, nor yours, but I recognize that is very common. I have no major problem with that, certainly not enough to argue about it. Moral issues will never have unanimous agreement.. I would not be surprised if George has difficulty with the moral thing. Didn’t he say as much in one of the interviews?

            • jordan – I agree, I have a lot of friends that thought GZ should not be convicted & thought it was self defense but felt BOTH TM & GZ were responsible for TM’s death. Although I really like GZ & feel sympathy for him as well as SZ, many supporters of GZ don’t feel sympathy for George or TM. I get it.

              I was thinking today HOW shocked the jurors must have been to see ALL the evidence that was not allowed into the trial by Judge N. I wonder what they thought about the pictures, school suspensions, text, etc.

              • I guess you know that there is STILL a lot of evidence that has not even been turned over to the defense, right? If the jury had seen all of the evidence, this would have been a five minute verdict and no doubt, one of them would have spoke up and asked “Why the hell did waste all of my time?”

            • My discussions in the past about the morality of GZ leaving his vehicle being morally right or wrong are not on my blog. But bori wrote a post about it as well. My major posts are at dmans blog. Personally I would not have left the vehicle myself if I look just at that moment. However, when one looks at ALL the circumstances involved in why GZ felt it morally wrong not to leave then the whole moral argument about leaving the vehicle is lost. The jurors did look at everything, all the way back to all the break ins that happened. If you stop with GZ leaving the vehicle then yes I can see where someone believes a death was his fault. But the facts are GZ and other community members experiened actual break ins for up to a yr. prior.
              Traybots hate the jury did not look prior to the “struggle” in order to prove at least manslaughter. Manslaughter requires more then a neligent act anyways. And morality plays no part in any court room. Even a civil court.

              Stating GZ was negligent because someone feels it was morally wrong being forced into self defense by leaving the saftey of his vehicle in order not to be battered is plain immoral. As for what a juror feels. It is okay to feel, we are human, but they focused on everything and concluded it was self defense.

    • It’s a mixed bag. Even though she was one of the initial not guilty votes, she still thinks George was morally culpable for getting out of his truck.

      • Friar – I KNEW she would claim GZ “was morally culpable” WHEN I read she was writing a book & the jurors followed “the letter of the law.” It gives her an out to TM supporters. Not surprising at all!

    • …somebody needs to put a muzzle on that juror

      If she wants to speak about herself, fine, but giving out info about what other jurors were doing and how they were voting… she’s dangerously close to violating the protective order, if she hasn’t crossed it already.

  14. BARBRA Walters INTERVIEWS Gladys & Robert Zimmerman Sr.

    The Zimmermans said that because of “an enormous amount of death threats,” they, too, have remained in hiding and still don’t feel safe enough to return to their home in Orlando, Fla.

    “This is America, and we went through all this through the judicial system,” Gladys Zimmerman said. “They wanted an arrest. They got an arrest. They wanted a verdict … they got a verdict. … He went through the whole process they were searching for, and now they are not happy with the verdict, and I pray that God will touch their hearts.

    “We’ve had enormous amount of death threats. George’s legal counsel has had death threats, the police chief of Sanford, many people have had death threats,” Robert Zimmerman said.”‘Every one of Georgie’s DNA should be killed’ — just every kind of horrible thing you can imagine.”

    Watch Barbara Walters’ exclusive interview on “Nightline” tonight at 12:35 a.m. ET


    Barbara Walters is famous for the “soft interview,” the Zimmerman’s will do well.

  15. Don West BATTLING propaganda with the FACTS in his interview:

    defense attorney Don West called it “the single biggest, most significant piece of misinformation” in the case.

    “It didn’t happen. It flat out didn’t happen like that,” West said.

    Martin made contact with Zimmerman after a four-minute gap in which he could have walked the short distance home, West said. Rachel Jeantel, who was on the phone with Martin shortly before his death, testified that Martin was the first to speak, asking, “What are you following me for?”

    MOM SPEAKS OUT ON DOJ during the same interview:

    O’Mara said he was “not concerned” by a push for the Department of Justice to file civil rights charges against Zimmerman, headed by the NAACP. An online petition urging Attorney General Eric Holder to file federal civil rights charges had garnered 400,000 signatures by Monday.

    “I’m not concerned at all the Department of Justice, they have already done their investigation, the FBI has already looked at this case for over a year, and they never found any evidence of racism or inappropriate actions by George that would suggest a civil rights violation,” O’Mara said.

    O’Mara cited a portion of Florida’s “Stand your Ground” law that says a person is immune from suit if they act reasonably and in self -defense, saying Zimmerman would be immune from another potential legal action – a civil suit from the Martin family.


  16. Rachel Jeantel just said Trayvon didn’t didn’t go home because he didn’t want to lead that creepy-ass cracka back to the house where his little brother was. Why didn’t she say that on the stand then? Fact is that particular argument only started propagating after Rachel Jealtel testified. I never heard it until it was on HLN after dark when one of the mock prosecutors came up with it, and since then everybody has been repeating it. It even became part of John Guy’s closing argument. Now that’s what Rachel Jeantel thinks happened too despite not testifying to that. What BS. That just confirms to me that at the very least her story is affected by what other people tell her.

  17. The interview with the juror appeared to reveal that none of them thought race was involved. Did you hear that, Mr Holder, Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Jackson and the rest of YOUR people.?

  18. SMH in utter disbelief… Rachel is seriously trying to tell folks that “cracker” means someone who acts like a security guard?!

    Ok, if we take her at her word, that just means TM knew George was security of some sort and was on the phone with the police.

    Crump, Sybrina, and Tracy are probably cringing worse than we are right now…

    • She also said parents have got to wise up. Telling kids to run is wrong. It could lead the person back to where Tray’s step-brother was. She didn’t say what Trayvon chose to do instead but the injuries on GZ give us a clue.

    • I watched her for two minutes and switched channels. I don’t know why anyone even bothers with her. How could you believe anything she says? She’s been so manipulated that she doesn’t know the truth herself. I still have my doubts about who she is really is and if there might be another “DEEDEE.”

      Wouldn’t we all love to see transcripts of both her depo and Crump’s? Methinks MOM and West are hiding and holding that for future “developments.”

    • LMAO! Jasmine thinks she is a “social engineer?” Is that the same as “MANIPULATING those that didn’t follow the case as Greta told her”

      From what I am reading across the US by National Legal Analyst, it isn’t likely ANY charges will be made against GZ for hate crimes. The Group MANIPULATED the Governor of Fla. & he got the arrest they demanded by having Corey appointed & it failed. IF Corey/BDLR could have remotely charged this as a “hate crime,” they would have & would have likely gotten a conviction, IT DIDN’T EXIST. why the Handlers CONTINUE to LIE to those they bought into their scam is appalling.

      • I do not think there is any statute of limitations on Federal Civil Rights violations. Someone on Fox mentioned that Holder will keep this open until after the next election.

        At some point, I think that George might be able to file suit himself, but am not sure of that. The language is confusing to me. We know from the juror interview tonight, that he will most likely have the support of all of the jurors since the juror who spoke said race was not even discussed.

        Do we have any lawyer types, like choldt, still posting?

        For sure, the legal opinions about who can sue who, why and how are all over the board.

  19. And when Piers asked Rachel if TM “ever showed any interest in burglaring houses”

    She didn’t say no.

    She gave some convoluted answer about how he didn’t know anybody in the neighborhood and “supposedly had left that night, that day anyway.”

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    • I have only seen the one minute version of Rachel on Piers ( want to see more) being the ghetto dwellers we are, we are busting a gut at Rachel correcting the pronunciation of “whoop ass” to that fool Piers

      this is only the beginning of the exposing the inherent cultural clash, Rachel will be a gold mine

      the woman in the audience face expressing shock and awe when Rachel talks about whoop ass, hella funny.

      most Americans are clueless about hood culture……

  20. Alisia was Cheryl Brown’s lawyer in the GZ case and was very pro-prosecution so her tweet her caught my attention as being very honest.

    • O’Mara said he intends to amend his request for sanctions against the prosecutors in light of testimony from the trial, calling prosecutors’ failure to turn over data from Martin’s phone records for months “an undeniable Brady violation.”

      Wonder if this could be heard by a different judge? OTH, maybe Nelson will come to her senses and see what she has done in allowing the prosecution to get away with all of this and correct her mistakes .Otherwise, she will have endorsed criminal misconduct. Is that a crime?

    • You gotta admire Frank Taffe for persevering and going into the lion’s den night after night. He certainly knows how to remain calm in such ridiculous emotionally charged over talking. I would probably slap the crap out of someone. It’s still on if you can stand it.

  21. Nettles: Thanks again for opening this open thread. I hope you will keep it going.. maybe start a new one after x number of posts. We are close to 200 now.

    I hope everyone is in agreement with me about this.

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