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July 17, 2013

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George Zimmerman Discussion Thread – Post Verdict






P. Video Interview

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Married 10 years, 8 kids

B29 Prosecution

B29 Defense

Recently moved to central Florida from Chicago. She enjoys watching the “Real Housewives” on television and works as a nurse on an Alzheimer’s section of a nursing home. She said she hadn’t paid much attention to the shooting. She said she has been arrested, but her case was disposed of. It’s not clear why she was arrested or exactly what happened to her case, though she said she was treated fairly. She is married and has several children. A prosecutor described her as “black or Hispanic” during jury selection.





Married, 2 kids

B76 Prosecution

B76 Defense

Has lived in central Florida for 18 years. She manages rental properties with her husband of 30 years. She has two adult children, including one who is an attorney. She is involved with rescuing animals in her free time. During jury selection, she said she had been the victim of a nonviolent crime. “Everyone deserves a fair trial,” she said. The prosecutor wanted this juror struck.





Married 20 years, 2 kids

B37 Prosecution

B37 Defense

Volunteers rescuing animals. She is married to an attorney and has two adult children. She said she and her husband used to have concealed weapons permits. During the last round of questioning, she said she had an issue with the type of weapons people are allowed to carry. She also thought weapons’ training was inadequate for people seeking permits. “It should become harder,” she said. She has let her permit lapse.





Unmarried, no kids

B51 Prosecution

B51 Defense

Retired, not married and doesn’t have kids. She has lived in Seminole County for nine years. From Oviedo who has a dog and 20-year-old cat. She has worked in real estate and run a call center where she said she had experience resolving conflicts. When asked if Zimmerman did something wrong by following Martin instead of waiting for police, she said: “Yeah, I guess he did do something wrong.”





Married, 2 kids

E6 Prosecution

E6 Defense

Warned kids not to give “false impression” about themselves. A young white woman and mother who used to work in financial services. She used this case as an example to her adolescent children, warning them to not go out at night.Husband an engineer. Children are 11 and 13. Husband and son have guns. Victim of Domestic Abuse. Unemployed, volunteers at kids’ school. 2-year Seminole Co. resident, had lived in Orange Co. since 2004. Saw an innocent person go to prison. The prosecutor tried 3 times to get this juror struck.





Married, 1 son

E40 Prosecution

E40 Defense

Moved to FL from Iowa in Nov. 2012. She heard national-news reports and recalls the shooting was in a gated community and a teenager was killed. Worked as safety officer, husband is a chemical engineer. Son is 28. Was on jury 20 years ago in Pa. drug dealing case. She shared she has been a victim on a nonviolent crime. She describes herself as a football fan.

88 thoughts on “July 17, 2013

    • I agree. The reaction is like we are right back to March 2012. The media watched the trial and still repeats the myths.

      I agree with your observations on twitter. A number of lawyers are upset by how Team Crump has conducted themselves. I’m seeing a lot of push back from the legal professionals.

      • I am beginning to wonder if this will “end” in our lifetimes. I have lost whatever optimism I had.

        Nettles, you said: The reaction is like we are right back to March 2012.

        How about back to the sixteenth century? What do you think has changed since the Civil Rights Era?

        I tell you what has changed. Some of the “wrong” people got the right to vote. That may sound awful but if you can’t read and understand our Constitution… well, .. I will stop there.. Common sense has left us.

        • The basic facts of this tragedy do not lend themselves to a clean resolution.

          The basic fact of an armed individual (carrying a gun) having killed an unarmed individual (concrete sidewalk, notwithstanding) overwhelms the more complicated issue of the law of this case, the facts presented to the jury, and the deception of the metastasized Crump/Julison narrative.

          There is a virtual army of social engineers (under)mining in the legal profession. There is general decrease in legal literacy among the public at large. There is a free but lazy mass media.

      • Actually I think it is even worse. The “shows” keep framing the narrative as if TM was the boy next door, and the word fight is misused over and over again. There was no fight. Do you think Jeantel lastest revelation that TM thought GZ was security is honest, I do not believe a word out of her mouth, yet always felt he was checking him out in the car to see if he was rent a cop. I think he wanted to GZ got off the phone to jump him. TM was the one who stalked GZ, lay in wait till of with dispatch and then punish him for calling the cops. DUH

  1. Daryl Parks may speak English but he is an idiot. Anyone who watched Greta van Susteran kick his butt tonight, saw exactly the kind of the “conversation” we all we need to have. Social engineering? Please.. please…

    Add Greta to our list of fierce advocates who can make a difference.

    • jordan – “social engineering” was the talking points for Jasmine Parks the night before on Greta, of course Greta called her out. A term we will hear over & over.

      The thing that pisses me off are the groups that say, “we respect the jury, BUT GZ is a murderer.” In essence, they’ve done everything possible to shame the jury process & promote more lies.

      Even former President Carter spoke out today to state “The Jury got it right on the GZ case, the State didn’t prove their case.” Holder/Obama both know it too, but imo, both welcome new drama to avert the public’s attention from ALL the present scandals encompassing their offices.

  2. Riot in Oakland getting smaller, but violence increasing. A waiter protecting the windows of the restaurant he works was hit on the head with a hammer.

  3. I am waiting to see what Mark O’Mara is holding back. He said something about emails. I think Mark and Don will continue to be active in this case, even though the Beasley firm is in control of the civil lawsuit against NBC.

    I doubt that $ybrina Fulton will be in a hurry to sue George Zimmerman because there is a very large dirt file on her precious thug son. Any civil lawsuit will bring about a heap of discovery.

  4. Zimmerman never cited the hoodie as a reason for suspicion. The left just speculated early as to his suspicions and turned the hoodie into a big deal. It became another symbol — the ‘million hoodie march’, pics of people in hoodies with the caption ‘Am I suspicious?’, etc. But after seeing the dead pics, the left are now saying that the hoodie doesn’t even look like a hoodie. They’re all surprised at how it just looks like a normal sweatshirt, apparently not even baggy, and they’re saying that nobody in their right mind could find it suspicious or thug-like. So, of course, they use this to say that George was not in his right mind: that it was even more outrageous of him to find Trayvon’s hoodie suspicious, even though he never said that he did. So it doesn’t look at all like the gangsta hoodie they were expecting to see, even though they’re the ones who brought it up so much and turned it into a big deal, yet it’s STILL used against Zimmerman instead of against their own initial perceptions. The confirmation bias is so thick.

  5. I have 3 children. They are “white”. As a parent I taught them stranger danger. Never did we teach them to “profile” a stranger, we taught them what to do in the event they were profiled by a potential criminal. Child abductors profile children. We went over many instances in what they could to get away or make it more difficult for the person to abduct them. The main lesson is to RUN AND YELL FOR HELP. I never taught my children to approach a stranger.

    On another note. Recently we had to go over a lesson of profiling someone because of their demeanor. This is a white kid in the neighborhood, two of my kids know him because one still attends public school, and the other attends public school for band yet. This kid has gotten into trouble at school. A few weeks ago he and few of his buddies where hanging on our block riding their bicycles going back and forth in front of our home. They are between 13–15. Unbenownst to me my oldest heard them outside and was listening at a window. They were talking about getting one to ring our bell and have my son come out so they could bully him. At that point my youngest who is a female and 10 yrs. Old was also outside playing luckily I went out to move my car to our garage because I was going to wash it. My youngest was walking down the block to friends and tney began following her.
    I could just tell by their actions in that short amount of time that they were up to no good. I called my youngest back. They followed her right in front of me! I told them to ho home. They left.

    Two weeks later my youngest and middle child asked to go for a walk. I allowed them and gave then 15 min. to check in. Here the neighbors dogs got out and were barking at them so they were stuck at the end of the block.
    Of course I went looking for them on foot. There was this kid again circling the beginning of the block on his bike. I got nervous because of his demeanor. He would ride up to me a skid his bike, he was staring at me. Oh btw, he was shirtless. Lol. I was nervous but not scared of this punk, I just focused on getting my kids. Luckily the dogs blocked him from getting to them. So I got the kids. We were walking back with this punk circling us and skidding.We said not a peep to him. He then went further down the block and when we were close to our home he came back to circle one last time, and an 18 in. knife fell from his waist band. I stopped had my kids continue to walk with my wife, and I asked him why he has a weapon? I told him he is looking for trouble. I told him to stay off our block he had no buisness being here.
    Since then he has came around twice. He stays on the other side of the block. But we informed neighbors about this kid. I have not seen him in about a week. But I will not let my kids out alone unless an adult is with them.
    The moral here is some would say I had no reason to criminally profile these kids. But I did. He was not just some kid riding his bike. His jesters, his body language, his demeanor and after the fact my oldest telling me what she heard, and my second encounter confirmed it! He was up to no good and I am mot willing to take the chance because it is the politically correct thing to do. By then it is too late.

    I have a right to keep my family and other community members safe. If it takes profiling someone so be it.
    Blacks use color when convenient, yet want to be treated equal. That is a double standard. If this kid was black he could have stated I was picking on him because he was black. Further from the truth. Yet that would them become the focus. I do not care if you are purple do not be shady and confrontational with a knife might I add.

  6. dannywarrior ~ reading your experience frightens me for your family. We all profile, those that claim they don’t, imo aren’t being honest. Your first impression for concern turned out to be right & you too helped your neighbors by sharing the information about the kid that is a potential problem.

    Sad, kids can’t live without fear, but it is the reality of our times.

    • I am not worried because now I am aware of the danger, so I and my family take precaution. What concerned me is when I called the police for an inquest about youth and weapons they said youth can carry a 18in. knife as long as they do not threaten anyone with it. My concern is that this kid may come across someone who really sees him as a threat or that he and his buddies all carry weapons and are looking for a confrontation because here where I live everyone owns a gun. Back yards are shooting ranges, my friend. We live in the middle on nowhere. We do not even have a police department. We rely on State police who are 40 miles away.

    • I would also like to note I have a ccw. My State has castle doctrine and self defense. I have a firearm similiar to GZs.
      With the shortage of ammo and the threat of disarming legal firearm owners from utilizing the max. capacity of their firearm clips, many people have begun to carry just as GZ had. Police do as well. In my state many non lethal ammo is illegal. I have no issue shooting in self defense, and even retreating if I can to avoid killing someone, even though the law allows me immunity, but the purpose of self defense is to save your life. These anti gun advocates do not believe in self defense because if they did non leathal means of self defense are not available. Police are responders. I prefer them to respond to a crime in progress but what do we do until then?

  7. Angela Corey’s Checkered Past

    Corey’s post-trial performance has been less than admirable as well. Asked in a prime-time interview with HLN how she would describe George Zimmerman, Corey responded, “Murderer.” Attorneys who spoke with me called her refusal to acknowledge the validity of the jury’s verdict everything from “disgusting” to “disgraceful.”

    But will Corey ever be disciplined for prosecutorial abuses? It’s unlikely. State attorneys cannot be brought before the bar while they remain in office. Complaints can be filed against Corey, but they will be deferred until she is no longer state attorney. The governor can remove her from office, but otherwise her position — and her license — are safe.


    • She is despicable and clearly put a lid on it so as to maintain the appearance that she is a legal professional.

      • I noticed the next interview after MOM’s was that “Charlie Rangel wants ZImmerman investigated.”

        WHAT a SORRY POS! It is in fact Charlie Rangel that is under investigation & fraudulently trying to scam the IRS on rental property profits. He is a long time entrepreneurial racist & is the same ilk as Sharpton/J Jackson. Rangel has been DEMOTED, he needs to go home & shut up.

    • Nettles – LOL – in the photo of Norton Jr., he appeared to have a hoodie on. Seems he may be a thug too, how sorry is that to break in, then threaten your mother? Spineless.

    • “WFTV found out that his son was previously arrested in Topeka, Kansas where his father was also the city manager.”


      Little by little the pieces are falling in place, and now we know why the city manager (Bonaparte) was so sympathetic to the parents.

      Silver lining, this should be extremely helpful to ex-Police Chief Bill Lee in his actions against the city.

  8. As hard as it may be my friends, put yourself in the liberal/prog. mind of all things political. From there you can decided what you may take with a grain of salt. These discussions have been ongoing for two and a 1/2 decades.
    The liberal/prog social engineering is nothing more then like a bad Dr. utilizing the disease to keep a patient coming back prolonging suffering. I should know. My Mother just passed away on hospice after only I supported such a decision. She decided the intervetntions would prolong suffering. She had no choice to face the fear of prolonging life at all cost, including suffering, or to accepting death while comfort care was admitted. It was NOT an easy choice. You always hold out hope and I personally would have traveled the world to still have her here. In the end she decided and I could only pray. It would have been much easier to accept if everyone agreed with she and I.
    The choice was hers. I just gave her the option.

    • Danny – I am so sorry for your loss, I too lost my mother to Alzheimers a year ago, your analogy is terribly sad, but it’s true.

      Your mom was brave, I too will make that same decision if I am ever facing the problems your mother did, on top of prolonging life sometimes, it comes at a cost of prolonged pain & knowing one’s health was not ever going to get better, no one knew better than your mom. God Bless!

      • Here is my lesson 30 something young. Whom had plans for death prior to having children at 21. Put in a living will, as well as medical directive what you want. I watched the Terri Schivo case it was horrenous. My Mom was very generic saying she did not want be be a a vegetable. In the end that could mean many things. I was left as next of kin, no legal paper work to decide her choices. So I was stuck making many medical decisons when she was not capable, and at risk of family she also named not legally but was inconsistant with because many years prior to her death she went back and forth. Luckly LEGALLY for the lack of what my Mother did my brother and I had a hand. We did not discuss what finacially or medically we had done with anyone in the family. I always remained a medical director however. My Aunt was my Mothers death insurance beneficuary only 3 days prior to her death.

        Two specialists stated I was medical advocate when Mom refused medical care. Mother became medically incompetant. That is when my Aunt took over because she was aware of hospice. I removed myself. In the two weeks prior to Moms death my Grandfather and Aunt became benificuary and had my Aunts lawyer come to her daughters home. My Aunt moved my Mother not to her home but a home with four children under 13. In that home while she was under hospice they had her make a will. The will yet has be probated. My Mothers life insurance was for $20,000. Her funeral arrangements which only included a burn and ern cost over $5,000.
        I placed a hold on the insurance collection while they consider and investigtion. Tne funeral home however required my signature and my brothers because we were next of kin. The director threatened my brother and I for costs if we did not sign the agreement he made with our Aunt who stated she would pay if we followed written wishes of allowing her to have mothers ashes. There is no such paperwork.

        Wd creamated mother. Aunt has her ashes. Legally though the fight is not over.

        Make your wishes clear, including home hospice. I fought to have Mom brought home with me on hospice. Family and social workers disagreed. Four days later she was on home hospice, five days later she died, and they refused to allow me visits because it was in a private home.

      • Thank you Nettles. You were aware of the back drop and prayed. Mother died peacefully, in her sleep, although it was a big moral fight for me as well as arguing family. But my last weeks were pleasant despite living in a hospital and making tough decisons, this was her way to disconnect and let go. Mother and I had some very good times prior to her death. She was running around to the end, we had such good times.
        We had very very close intimate discussions. She was ready to go home. It is sad and we miss her terriably but I know I made it as fearless, peaceful, and comfortable as I could for her.

        • You can’t ask for more than that Danny. I had a similiar experience with the passing of my father. Just hours before he died, we had the best conversation ever. I got a chance to thank him for his role in my life and he made it clear he was ready to move from this life. He was tired and very sick when he died and ready to go.

          All the same, no matter how much time we get, we always want more. I’m grateful that dad passed without me wishing I had told him something. He heard everything I wanted to say. He told me everthing I needed to hear. That gave me peace.

          • In the end, dying is a part of life. Sometimes we are prepared sometimes not. Just a few years ago we had to send off home a 10 yr. old in our family because he ran in front of a car while his stepfather dropped him off at the bus stop. It was right after Easter break. My cousin hung on me distraught in how he could go on at the funeral, ready to fall in my arms with grief. He spent the Holiday with his son just two days prior. Although his death obviously was horrendous… he was thrown 80 feet and still surived on life support after surgery, he was brain dead. We still talk about the person he was while alive and what he could have been. Even though we know he was taught better, knew better then to cause his own death, it is not easy to accept.

            With Trayvons parents… They have never mourned. They are angry. We were too. This women was a young lady. Had her license only 6 months. She was speeding.
            My family donated Brandons organs. A 17 yr. old got his heart. His lungs were donated to a 6 yr. old. His liver to a 23 yr.old. His kidneys went to two 50 somethings.

            My family reached out to the women who hit Brandon. She was grateful, it helped her move forward. We met some of the people who recieved the organs. And Brandons Mother helps other parents in the church to cope. It helps US move forward.

            Death is just a door.

        • Hey Danny:

          God Bless! Please accept my condolences as well. And thanks for the great advice regarding “death wishes.”

          It is interesting that sometimes people can’t or won’t go until they have the permission of others to let them go. How many others have seen that?

          Family infighting is ugly but my experience is that no good comes from money gotten by screwing over others. I have seen many cases where people fight for money with their family, only to lose everything in the end.

          That you were able to spend quality time with your mother is comforting and that will help you a lot in the future. It takes a while to grieve and it is an important process. Take care of yourself and don’t become overwhelmed by the negativity.

          All the best, Danny!

          • Thank you Stevie. The most hardest thing for me though was not letting Mother die as she wished. That in itself was emotionally hard. I had the best Drs. on the case, I promise.
            It was removing myself to let her go in peace for a measly $20 gs. I could have paid the funeral expenses easily. It was chump change to my brother and I. It was more being theatened by a funeral director that you would incur cost for holding a body in a freezer unless you agree with an agreement he made with someone else. That is how he put it.
            Just hearing where a body was placed by a man who had buisness was emotional itself. Then we were forced to read the process of cremation and sign off on where those remains would go that neither of us were comfortable with in order to get her from the freezer to cremation. It was most inhumane. My brother and I signed for cremation only to get the body into a resting place and out of threezer asbas the director put it. But being Catholic a resting place requires certain things.

            I still am mouring because I do not feel Mother is a peace. But I am leaning on God to direct me in where and how to make comfort possible.

            • Please get a living will, a medical directive, and last will and testimant. Set up your own funeral arrangements prior especially if you are afforded hospice. When one is on hospice you know you have some time. My Mothers case very short but none less planned other then leaving her alone in the wolves amoungst the sheep and medically incompetant. Chose your funeral home directly especially on hospice as each state has different laws. Write your own obituary as my Aunt pretty much left out my brother, I, our spouses, and grand children but placed her own even her great granchild in my Mothers obituary with the help of the director who never saw any legal paperwork. All for legal paperwork because to collect life insurance you need a death certificate, and obituary. If you have will…..as my Pop and Aunt ensured on my Mothers death bed …. You need to be named to view the will and also test it.
              Even after probate, the atty. has no obligation to contact you even if you are next of kin. The probate is public however upon the excutative probating it.
              Ensure you have written a place where your remains will go. And any religous requirements you request prior, during and after your death.
              If you plan on going into home hospice ensure in your living will and medical directive who you chose to visit and see. Most times you will be on comfort care which narcotics are given and declared incompetant if you change anything.
              This is the legal argument we have. Yet we are not arguing until which time my Aunt dies (she herself is sick and old and claims Mother said bury her with her. No paperwork proves that) Mothers remains will be returned to us to place religiously in a crypt. We let Mr. Funeral director know thy brother and I made sure there was no legal contract dispensing what Mr. Director said claimed when we signed papers. As of now Mr. Director is under fire.

    • Nettles – I predicted she would do just that when she stated in her first statement, “we followed the letter of the law.” IN OTHER WORDS: we had NO choice. I stated “she would claim they HAD to find GZ because they followed the law.” SHAME ON HER for being so self absorbed, disregarding the privacy of the other jurors, she like DD, she wanted her 15 minutes of fame & got it.

      imo, she thought like many jurors in past high profile cases that think they can make a buck off a trial BUT she thought she would jump in front of everyone else, write a book, & speak for the others. Now there is racial unrest & her husband, being an attorney may well be “a self employed attorney” & doesn’t need the blow back & negative attention it might bring.

      NOW is the time her husband might say to her, “you need to remain silent.” I bet she got her butt chewed out by the other jurors.

      • I must say art tart you did raise that concern and I was dismissive. Yet we do not know what parts this juror is being questioned about by other jurors bcause the statement of other jurors has been very generic. The fact is some how they all agreed to a not guilty verdict. All must accept that.

      • I agree. Almost all the jurors made it to the jury b/c they had little knowledge of the case. Now that they are no longer sequestered they will watch the news. They will see whatever the most influential in the media have to say. When they are interviewed, what they saw in the post-sequester media will color what they say about what happened in the jury room.

      • freegz – imo, wobbly, outside pressure or not, she should have been prepared to accept whatever blow back came her way & if she thought the blow back would have been positive, she would continue to bask in it & write her book for profit WITHOUT the support of the other jurors.

        MOM fought for the privacy of ALL the jurors, she immediately had decided to write a book, she promoted herself herself & decided to do the media blitz. She could have clearly waited, but she wanted to be first.

        The OS has AGAIN ASK for the 3rd time to have the jurors names released so they can hound the snot out of them & try to deny their privacy. Beth Kasab wrote an article stating why the MEDIA should know who they are, in other words, to PROMOTE the sales of Newspapers. WHAT an idiot.

        coreshift – you are right, I agree the other jurors, when they choose to speak will have their opinions possibly tainted by the blow back we are seeing in MEDIA daily. I hope they SUCK UP ALL the information on TM they weren’t allowed to see, I think its important.

    • I am not surprised, riot ideology, intimidation and fear for her daughters will make her spineless and stupid.
      She was stupid for going public.

    • I thought I heard Anderson Cooper say that she did not get paid for her interview and they would not keep any of the profits from any book that “may” be written as there was not yet any book deal made , and that that would be her first and last interview.

      The talking heads on HLN are twisting her words horribly and it is sickening. I could be wrong, but I believe that the other jurors are distancing themselves mainly because of what she said about Rachel Jeantel’s and how everyone has gone bananas over it and are “outraged” by it. I am upset that she is now bowing to the pressure. I realize that her life is in jeopardy but I think she should have stood firm in her convictions and showed this lynch it was a good verdict.

      The MSM, along with Corey, BDLR, the DOJ and POTUS, are really causing all this anger among the black community and any bloodshed is on their hands and the race baiters’ hands. It will be interesting to see what Sybrina and Tracy have to say now.

  9. The National Rifle Association blasted Eric Holder for using the George Zimmerman case to attack “stand-your-ground” laws, accusing the attorney general of exploiting Trayvon Martin’s shooting death for political gain.

    Holder weighed in on the controversial self-defense laws for the first time on Tuesday during a speech to the annual NAACP convention, calling for a national review of the statutes.

    Scott noted that he already put together a bipartisan commission to examine Florida’s “stand-your-ground” law.

    “Their recommendation is we not make any changes, that it is working the way it was intended,” Scott said.


    imo, Governor Scott is tired of this nightmare he & Bondi created in appointing Corey. NOW! Governor Scott has said, “the jury has spoken, the verdict must be respected.”

    Governor Scott has stated repeatedly, “the Fla. taxpayers WANT stand your ground & support it.” With over 1 million Floridians just like GZ, they carry a permit & a concealed weapon & that doesn’t include ALL the homeowners that own guns but don’t carry them on their person.

    • I just called Scott office again, this time demanding he correct his error today, rescind the appointment of malicious prosecutor Angela Corey. Send the message that the justice system must not be corrupted for political purposes and prosecutors who abuse the laws must be accountable.

    • Nettles – Hannity would probably like to have your information on Uncle Ronald Fulton, that’s the kind of thing he like to harp on.

  10. Listening to Hannity in the car, he said Robert ZImmerman Jr. & an alternate juror would be his guest tonight.

    KUDOS to Hannity for calling out the entrepreneurial professional racist by name & their agenda.

  11. Rachel Jeantel on Nancy Grace tonight… will Nancy coddle her or shred her?

    (* RJ was on Inside Edition last night… it was meh, lot of oh woe is me and my underbite type stuff)

  12. Sharpton, Jackson decry stand-your-ground laws and court’s voting rights limits

    But to get the attention of legislators needed to repeal the law, Martin Luther King III told the crowd that a boycott of Florida orange juice may be necessary.

    “The true way that people understand….is when you exercise your right to buy elsewhere,” King said. “In memory of Trayvon Martin, we’ve got to come together.”

    Governor Scott noted that he already put together a bipartisan commission to examine Florida’s “stand-your-ground” law.
    “Their recommendation is we not make any changes, that it is working the way it was intended,” Scott said.


    Does anyone remember when Tracy/Sybrina/Crump established a Foundation for people to DONATE to them so THEY could donate to the politicians that supported their agenda? Do you remember NO BODY donated?

    Sharpton is such a mental midget, he probably doesn’t know that a FORM OF SYG stands in 23 other states, my state included & more states are considering it!

    • Yeah they would need to boycott all 24 states which is ridiculous… I’m not sure that the people rioting and screaming “no justice no peace”, aren’t buying Florida Orange Juice anyway.

      I haven’t heard whether or not that Foundation was lucrative, but I’m glad nobody is falling for it.

    • Cassandra I have a son that age as well, and he and a friend of his are shaking their heads at the racism directed towards George. Marc Lamont Hill very seldom agrees with anything that doesn’t support the victimization narrative. He took a public spanking when he sympathized with that guy in California that went on a shooting spree.

      • We have that racism and hate right outside our door. Some of the conversation I have heard lately make us nervous. pure racial hate.

  13. Can someone here explain to me why what DD testified to in court (discussion with Trayvon) was not considered “heresay”?

    • I thought hearsay was something someone told you happened, vs you witnessing (hearing or seeing) what happened.

      • As I remember it, it was allowed because these could be viewed as excited utterances of TM.

        The neigbor, Mr. Manolo and Office Tim Smith were allowed to testify to George’s excited utterances of “I was getting beat up and had to shot him” and “I was calling for help but no one came.”

      • Well, I said that White was attorney for IT guy that got fired and was telling court was his client told him when he got stopped by objection/hearsay. That’s when defense brought in IT guy the next day. So you have “hearsay” against Zimmerman and hiding of exculpatory evidence hidden by State.

    • Can someone here explain to me why what DD testified to in court (discussion with Trayvon) was not considered “heresay”?

      It was hearsay, but fell within a couple of hearsay exceptions:

      90.803 Hearsay exceptions; availability of declarant immaterial.—The provision of s. 90.802 to the contrary notwithstanding, the following are not inadmissible as evidence, even though the declarant is available as a witness:

      (1) SPONTANEOUS STATEMENT.—A spontaneous statement describing or explaining an event or condition made while the declarant was perceiving the event or condition, or immediately thereafter, except when such statement is made under circumstances that indicate its lack of trustworthiness.

      * * *

      (a) A statement of the declarant’s then-existing state of mind, emotion, or physical sensation, including a statement of intent, plan, motive, design, mental feeling, pain, or bodily health, when such evidence is offered to:
      1. Prove the declarant’s state of mind, emotion, or physical sensation at that time or at any other time when such state is an issue in the action.
      2. Prove or explain acts of subsequent conduct of the declarant.
      (b) However, this subsection does not make admissible:
      1. An after-the-fact statement of memory or belief to prove the fact remembered or believed, unless such statement relates to the execution, revocation, identification, or terms of the declarant’s will.
      2. A statement made under circumstances that indicate its lack of trustworthiness.


    Black liberals keep bemoaning the danger to their own teenage sons after the “not guilty” verdict in George Zimmerman’s murder trial. To avoid what happened to Trayvon Martin, their boys need only follow this advice: Don’t walk up to a stranger and punch him, ground-and-pound him, MMA-style, and repeatedly smash his head against the pavement.

    The Justice-for-Trayvon crowd keeps pretending there hasn’t been a trial where the evidence overwhelmingly showed that Trayvon committed the first (and only) crime that night by assaulting Zimmerman. Instead, the race agitators are sticking with the original story peddled by the media, back when we had zero facts. To wit, that Zimmerman had stalked a young black child and shot him dead just for being black and wearing a hoodie.


    • what a concept!

      meanwhile back in da hood, 7pm tonight, 3 blocks from my house, black male early 30s shot in the forehead, brains coming out, little info, seem no one witnessed it, one resident came out and saw the aftermath.

      I talked with local cop, very good guy, he tells me the way things are going with the young criminals it is only going get worse. I already knew that.

      don’t tell Piers Morgan though.

    • The alternate juror to speak was the only male on the jury. He’s a white male in his 60s who has been married for 5 years. He has two step-kids. Stepson wears hoodies, told him to “be careful, be cautious”. A middle-aged white man with a teenage stepson who wears hoodies. He recalled seeing photos of the injuries to Zimmerman’s head and face. Grew up in Central Fla., 14-year Seminole Co. resident. One stepchild is 16, other in late 20s.

      He supports the jurors verdict and wished he could have been part of the jury. He thinks of the other jurors as sisters and wants to support them any way he can. He did believe it was GZ on screaming on the tape and thought a key piece of evidence was GZ’s non-emergency call. He heard no ill will, spite or hate. Rachel Jeantel helped to coordinate the time and position Trayvon ran from and gave evidence of about the time the incident between George and Trayvon started.

  15. I’m just now turning on the tv and watching a little bit of Greta’s interview with the alternate juror, but I haven’t heard of any more riots, blocking traffic and marches today. Are things simmering down some today?

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