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July 23, 2013

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    • I had the tv on and was doing something else but saw that O’Reilly was talking about race and looked pretty upset so I hit the record button so my husband and I could watch it later. Wow. He was spot on about the problems with the black community. I hope he’s beefed up his security because the black community will not be happy. I hope, though, that this will start an honest discussion and I hope others in the media will follow suit. I’m not holding my breath on the others following suit, but you never know.

    • I do have to take issue with O’Reilly putting the entire onus of birth control and preventing unwanted pregnancies on women.

      If a man is out there dipping his pen in every available ink well and leaving a trail of unwanted children in his wake that he can’t support and has no intention of supporting, get a friggin’ vasectomy already! It’s a simple outpatient procedure that costs roughly half of what just one year’s supply of birth control pills can run.

      It’s just sad to me that “You are not the father / You are the father” has become such a familiar and even accepted part of our culture.

  1. I saw this but I still wonder how much he actually knows about the case. I suspect it’s not very much but at least he finally expressed himself much better than he has in the past.

    • Yeah, he said a couple of things about the case that weren’t right, but I’m glad he was brave enough to speak the truth about the problems in the black community and the solutions for those problems. It’s a start.

  2. I think a lot of us might agree that Obama has a much greater opinion of himself than he deserves. Thinking about how little he has done for the black community during the past five years is it possible that he thinks he is more important than them.. or that he is better than them? Actually what has he done for them? Certainly not anything to improve race relations.

    • Yet another willfully ignorant congressman, member of CBC. They’re stuck on stupid, refuse to accept this was NOT Stand Your Ground, and George was NOT told to stay in his car. He basically said the jury got it wrong, yet he goes on to state falsehoods that were debunked during the trial and over and over again by the defense team. It’s people like him who got it wrong and continue to promote the lies, yes lies, because what they’re saying is not true. Get informed or keep your mouth shut! Otherwise, you’re either ignorant of the facts or a liar.

        • I find this so alarming. We have congress critters voting on bills they don’t read (ie, healthcare bill), politicians and media speaking out about cases without knowing the facts…. I remember when magazines and newspapers had fact checkers because it was so important to get it right. They should be embarassed to speak without all the facts. Why isn’t “looking stupid” something negative to avoid for these people?

          • I am almost 67 and spent most of my adult life in the newspaper industry. I left a major metro in Florida in the seventies to start my own company and had as many as 500 newspaper clients in America and Canada.. maybe more.

            During my era, any reporter who would have submitted such articles without having verification would have been almost immediately fired by any of the managing editors that I knew. In many cites, publishers had more power than mayors or police chiefs but they had integrity and did not abuse the privilege of serving the people with factual content.

            I am not saying that it never happened but there were serious consequences. Apologies and retractions were not uncommon. Lies did not last for very long. Readers would not permit it. I have yet to see anyone in MSM do that.

            Yellow journalism is now being taught in schools. It has been refined to an art.

    • These people are just so dirty. AND an ‘in your face’ kinda’ dirty. They reek of self serving lies . No scruples at all.
      I wonder how long this can go on without consequences…..BIG consequences. Well, I’ll just wait around.

  3. The discovery process and the rules of procedure are pretty clear to me. From the start, I often made comments about it . I never received a clear cut answer when I asked why these rules were not followed. Someone dispelled the rumor that MOM had made a deal about the rules with BLDR. There was a lot of discussion about slowly releasing evidence.

    At any rate, Does anyone know for sure why the rules are not strictly followed and enforced?

    • jordan2222 – a lot is left to the discretion of the Prosecutor or Defense, the rules AREN’T FOLLOWED throughout Fla., it depends on the County, it depends on the Prosecutor/Defense Team.

      Example: Cindy Anthony committed perjury many times during KC’s trial, the death penalty was on the table as it was a Murder 1 case. CA is a blatant liar, the media even reported her lies while she was under oath. Ashton/Burdick/George CHOSE NOT to charge Cindy Anthony with perjury when the trial ended, Cindy would have been convicted but the State CHOSE NOT to charge her. Corey will try SZ & continue to make the lives of GZ/SZ miserable. imo, things don’t look good for SZ, though she will not likely receive jail time, she will receive a felony if convicted & she won’t be able to get a nursing license.

      Example: Baez faced sanctions AFTER KC’s trial just as BDLR does, Ashton/Burdick/George CHOSE not to proceed with the sanctions, it was their discretion, though they would have clearly won against Baez…

      The thing that irks me, is that there is NO consistency, Cindy Anthony was a liar that LIED for KC for the murder of her grandchild, OUTRAGEOUS imo. Cindy Anthony deserved the steepest penalty available under the law but the Prosecutors didn’t bother with it. SZ will not be so lucky imo..

      • I can summarize my thoughts in one sentence. EVERYONE in the criminal justice system should play by the same rules.

      • Shellie’s case is based upon a false affidavit.

        Shellie’s best defense is based upon what was missing from that affidavit, including the fact that BDLR failed to follow up with Robert Zimmerman.

        It was a trap that was set for Shellie to use her as leverage to get George to make a plea bargain.

        Shellie is innocent.

    • Lock the bathrooms, turn the water fountains off, empty the vending machines, lock the doors and don’t let anyone who leaves back into the building.

      Blare music and sirens in the building at night after hours.

      Turn the ac off at night.

      Get creative.

  4. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/petition-to-disbar-angela-corey/

    James Lee (@jlee11435) said:

    July 21, 2013 at 12:12

    Please sign the petition to disbar Florida State Attorney and Special Prosecutor, Angela Corey, for her unethical and illegal handling of the George Zimmerman murder trial.

    Find the petition at the link below, along with the widget code for promoting the petition on your blog/webpage and tools for e-mailing the petition to your contacts:

    Petition to Disbar Angela Corey

    The success of a petition depends on spreading the word! You can also help this petition by adding your comments here in this thread, which will promote the petition to interested people on Stormfront who have not yet seen see this post.

    Thank you!


    Here is our chance to take action.

  5. Angela Corey’s office rebuked for late evidence gaffe in wrongful-termination suit

    The office of State Attorney Angela Corey faces potential sanctions and will have to pay thousands of dollars in taxpayer money after failing to turn over all documents in a wrongful termination case filed by a former employee.

    It prompted a scolding by U.S. District Judge Timothy Corrigan and follows similar criticisms in the failed prosecution of George Zimmerman.

    Julie Lyncker, a former clerk in the Nassau County office, says she was fired after she complained about the way former Assistant State Attorney Wesley White treated her.

    She is asking for undisclosed damages.


    Isn’t this the same White representing the whistle blower that is about to FILE another suit against Corey?

    • Angela Corey’s office rebuked for late evidence gaffe in wrongful-termination suit. So this was a “gaffe?” Holy crap. Mr. Buckley is surely rolling his eyes.

  6. HOLY POOP! NOT ONLY did Corey & the grunts that work for her NOT turn over exculpatory information of important emails, the State Attorney’s Office hired an OUTSIDE attorney to represent them, the HIRED attorney unearthed this information on Saturday & turned it over immediately to Ms. Lyncher’s lawyer, the trial was to start on Monday. . Of course, the trial is delayed, this is going to cost Corey BIG MONEY, the same complaints that we heard in GZ’s trial EXCEPT this Judge gave Corey a well deserved a$$ chewing.

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