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July 25, 2013

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    • This is the only juror not to have spoken yet. She is the non-white person on the jury who is married with at least 7 kids. In a conflicting report she said 8 kids.

            • cassandra- IMO B29 can only cash in on being a Zimmerman juror is by saying now what she is. She had complete control over her own vote. If she felt so strongly that GZ was guilty of murder, she would have gone ahead with her convictions and hung the jury. Most believed that that would be the likely outcome anyway.

              The only way B29 can get interviews, airtime, and to write books is to go against her own vote now so she is attractive to the MSM channels who all wanted GZ hung from the get go. She will go on ger apology tour, make some bucks, and all but trash the rest of the jurors that she is all but accusing of making her change her vote.

              B37 said that on the first vote, there was one juror who voted for second degree murder. My thought was-how can someone have just sat through the trial, listened to the evidence and the testimony, even from most of the state witnesses and still believe that GZ acted with a depraved mind, and with indifference. Did she really put any credibility in the state’s star witness Racial Jeantel?

              B29 is looking to cash in pure and simple. Eight kids is lots of pairs of shoes and tons of food to buy.

              • You said: and still believe that GZ acted with a depraved mind, and with indifference

                Well, pinecone, maybe it’s this juror who is acting with a depraved mind, and with indifference

                Where have you been hanging out? Glad you’re back…. 😀

                • I would agree that currently B29 is acting with a depraved mind and indifference, but, for different reasons. There is so much confusion, uncertainty, and questions about what B29 is portraying in her current positions, that she most certainly has some kind of ulterior motives. If she was so convinced that GZ actually “got away with murder” why didn’t she come out right away and make her proclamations? She hired an attorney, went on a news channel that was not pro-GZ, and is now trying to hide behind what the other jurors some how convinced her to do. She is by all means trashing the other jurors, just by saying that she wishes she could change her vote. She appologized to the Martin parents, she implied that the jury instructions didn’t give her any other choice but to find GZ not guilty, not because he was not guilty because the “booklet” told her how she was to vote. She seems to be a very emotional person, and seems that by pure emotions she would have found GZ guilty of second degree murder. She doesn’t seem to have any compassion for George, or any of his family members, but she has boat loads of sympathy for the Martin parents.

                  Her convoluted statements, which in some cases aren’t even rational, speak to me as someone who wants to cash in as a juror on a high profile case. That’s just how I see it. Then again, I am not sure that someone didn’t get to her to convince her to go with the Trayvon was an innocent child, the Martin parent’s lost their child, GZ acted in a criminal manner, and that she is going to run to the other side where most believe GZ is guilty and should just have been hung from the nearest tree, at high noon, in the public square.

                  Why was she so willing to put her face out there, on a channel that was anti-GZ, with a black host asking the questions, and with a lawyer sitting next to her? What’s her motive for putting herself, and her entire family in danger, when it really wasn’t necessary?

                  • The full interview might give us more insight. I will say again that emotional people like her is one huge reason why we have SIX jurors. I really would like to hear you opinion on the comment I made about her statement?

              • She has concerns for her own safety (she doesn’t provide her full name out of fear), She doesn’t want to be treated like a pariah to her own community, and she has financial motivations to come forward (interviews, books)

                Her current opinion is worthless in value, but will serve to further fan the flames (for those of you that like that kind of thing). The media sure likes the web hits.

  1. WOW Nettles, I thought this site was gone. Later in the day of your Goodbye post, I hit the bookmark and a few times got some kind of message that your site was not available or something. I was very happy to see your name over at Mike McDaniels, linking back over to here. Thank you very much for keeping the site up, I appreciate it. There is still so much to come, and hopefully seeing Corey and her cronies disbarred will be one of them. The Kruidbos lawsuit should be fascinating to follow.

    Has anyone heard anything about O’Mara filing a motion for Immunity for GZ? On another site I read, someone said that O’Mara said that in one of his interviews, and that he was confident that Immunity would be granted. I haven’t seen anything else about that anywhere.

    Again, thank you Nettles. I have a lot of catching up to do here.

    • Sorry for the confusion Pinecone. It was your request that I continue to provide a place for people to discuss the case that swayed me to do exactly that.

      I responded to you that I would continue for a time.

      Sundance shut down a number of voices and I didn’t want to be party to giving those who want to speak about the case a place to do so.

      Moderating this site takes no effort. The commenters here are fantastic.

      I’ll continue to put up a daily thread until we ALL decide to move on to other things.

      • Muchas gracias senorita. LOL I hope I spelled those words correctly.

        I never saw your reply to me until I went back and read it today. As I said above, a few times I clicked on this site but got a message that the site was not available. I was thrilled at hearing the words not guilty for George, and then felt a strong sadness that you and this group of people were gone like poooof so quickly.

        How do you like our George rescuing a family from an overturned burning vehicle? As O’Mara said, that is quintisential (sp) George.

    • Minpin, you’re back! I created a site because I liked what you said about me having a ball talking to myself on D-Man’s site. So I made my own blog (click my name) where I can have a ball and decorate the hall as I please. And you swayed Nettles to keep her site open sounds like, couldn’t have been my running after her crying, “Shane come back, we need you.” Naaaaah!

        • You still think I am Sundance? Woman, why would I go get my own blog if I had such a successful one already?! But I am glad you thought the video was cute. Shane is my favorite Western, and note he too was a stranger who came in from out of town to help that community get a sense of moral justice back. It was too appropriate! Hugs!

            • Oh alright then, I’ll be your Sundance proxy. But what was that about my age and Shane? No, actually I did a lot of research with psychology in films, at the University. These old films are too good. I am not gonna give my age, but I am younger than you and Sundance. LOL!

  2. I don’t get how, with a protective order in place, these individual jurors are being allowed to come forward against the wishes of the other jurors?

    It puts them all at risk.

    • The day the verdict was announced (July 13th) in the presser afterwards, Mr. O’Mara answered when asked about a possible civil suit, we will get and we will win immunity.

      In the presser about helping an car accident family out, again Mr. O’Mara was confident about prevailing in any civil suit from the Martin family and in this interview with Steven Malzberg again Mr. O’Mara exudes confidence in prevailing in a civil suit. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2013/07/23/zimmerman_lawyer_trayvon_had_recipe_for_poor_mans_ecstasy.html

      In the media week following the verdict, I heard both Don West and Mark O’Mara allude to the fact civil suits may be coming but GZ will be on the offensive in them, not the defensive.

      • “GZ will be on the offensive in them, not the defensive.”

        Its about damn time. The best defense is a good offense! Poor kid! I hope he gets his mojo back!

  3. Just talking with Sundance (aka Rick) reminded me that no thanks has been given to the defense team for the job they did in getting George Zimmerman acquitted of both murder 2 and manslaughter.

    We can Monday morning quater-back all we like, everything that they did and all the strategy did result in an acquittal. So a huge thank you to Mr. O’Mara, Mr. West and Ms. Truett.

    I spent some time yesterday trying to learn more about the support team that GZ’s lawyers had. I’m not sure why but whenever I read a criticism about the defense team, I always thought to the young people in the office working their asses off and getting criticized for their efforts indirectly. They didn’t deserve it then and they deserve our thanks now.

    The two males we saw in the courtroom were Mike Panella and Josh Martell (dark hair). They were both listed as law clerks and very proudly added to their resumes assisting with the draft of a granted Writ during trial. Hilary Padin (paralegal), Rebecca West (intern), Channa Lloyd (intern) and Brandy Dixon (Legal intern) were all seen at the back table handing the lawyers what they needed when they needed it. Shawn Vincent was amazing in responding to my email inquiries and was the spokesperson for Mr. O’Mara. Shawn got criticized lots about what got posted on the website and how timely it was or wasn’t. He worked his ass off and I got responses back from him after midnight sometimes.

    The defense witnesses in the case appeared prepared and knew what they were there to testify to. Juxtaposed against the state witnesses, you saw the difference in the legal teams support people. The defense was head and shoulders above the state in getting their witnesses ready for the courtroom and the public eye.

    For those of you who missed it, an article written last November about Michael’s desire to join the team was posted online. It’s here: http://www.law.ufl.edu/flalaw/2012/11/3l-works-with-zimmerman-defense-team/ He gets it and he was on the team for the right reason. I’m so glad he pushed to become a part of the team.

    As we witnessed in the George Zimmerman case, sometimes the only thing between an innocent client and the abusive power of the government is his legal counsel.

    I am very grateful as are a number of people who believed in George Zimmerman’s innocence. Thank you so much for your time and effort to get the just result.

    I was willing George to look behind him after the verdict was read and say thank you to you guys who were standing there waiting to get your chance to say congratulations.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I’m certain you all have bright futures in front of you. Look to what the state did and vow to eradicate the behavior from the justice system. Best of luck going forward and thanks again!

    • Why in the world would talking to me remind you to thank the Defense team, Nettles? 🙂 GAH, you’re impossible! lol!

      I thank Mr. West, without him George had no chance. And as for a great job, O’Mara’s closing arguments was “Trayvon was a good person,” and then brings in the slab of concrete to say that he was armed, good grief! How can a good person beat somebody’s head on concrete, I’m still deliberating on that one. No wonder the Jury had such a hard time, half wanted to charge something, and B29 says she thought him guilty, that’s hardly a strong win. And certainly not something to jump up and down about!

      O’Mara could have done a damn site better and he knows it. George is left with the same bias he walked in with, all thanks to O’Mara’s coddling of the Martin family’s thug’s legacy.

      Mr. West really was Daddy Cool to George:

      • I agree, Rick. No offense to you, Nettles, but I think that maybe it was the other jurors were who really sealed the deal by talking B29 out of hanging the jury. We’ll have to hear from the other jurors to see whether or not I am correct in my assumption. I really liked alternate juror e54. He seemed to see the evidence in the same way most of us who believe in George’s innocence see the evidence. There were things that O’Mara said that caused me great anguish like TM was a good kid, he didn’t mean anything by “creepy a$$ cracka,” etc. There is more, but you get the picture.

    • Thank you for all that info. nettles. I sent an email to O’Mara’s email address to thank him, West and all of the staff members who worked so hard, and won a well deserved and rightful not guilty verdict for GZ. Thank you for acknowledging the law clers and other staff members by name. No doubt that these are the people we need in the legal system desperately. They should be very proud of themselves and the great work they did. I’m sure none of them have gotten paid, but I’m confident they will at some point. It will be most wonderful that thopse monies will come from the state from lawsuits.

  4. Zimmerman Juror Says He ‘Got Away With Murder’
    The only minority on the all-female jury that voted to acquit George Zimmerman said today that Zimmerman “got away with murder” for killing Trayvon Martin and feels she owes an apology Martin’s parents.

    “You can’t put the man in jail even though in our hearts we felt he was guilty,” said the woman who was identified only as Juror B29 during the trial. “But we had to grab our hearts and put it aside and look at the evidence.”

    She said the jury was following Florida law and the evidence, she said, did not prove murder.


    • ….groan

      Here’s a woman admitting that she was completely willing to send a man to jail without any proof of guilt, but the law and her fellow jurors wouldn’t allow her to do it.


      Jerry Springer would be proud.

      • I wonder if she thinks that saying this will protect her and her kids and family. She just provided more coal to the fire, though she admits that the evidence was not there. Thank God, the others were able to see past their emotions as the prosecution wanted. I also wonder if she will still feel the same if she knew what we know about the case, not just the little that presented on court.

        • This was my commentary and one comment from Cassandra on Day 1 when B29 was interviewed:


          “B29 female

          They don’t have news in Chicago? She sounds Puerto Rican or something, the accent. She likes drama, bad girls. Doesn’t like the real world!

          Goes to church. Was it one where the trash can tours visited?

          Glad West is doing this juror! Third shift, the other one worked at night. What is this? Night owls, vampires! The Alphabet channels Miss! Nursing home worker?

          Not good with something bad happening. Do people need news Mr. West? What he needs to ask is her ideas about justice and right and wrong and world views?

          Cassandra: she is not believable

          Its the way New Yorkers and I guess Chicagoans talk. Sounds shifty, but its a communication style that is often mistaken for disingenuousness, but its normal. She seems honest. Bummer about the sequestering!

          Several weeks, a few months, she seems like a good candidate, with part time, works because she wants

          Nah, if something happened to her family, she’s a goner, and also its emotionally hard. Idk! GZ likes her. He understands about family.

          B29 thinks Trayvon was 12 or 13. The kid and mom connection, the schema in the brain is set. This was a kid to someone’s mom and then Sybrina with her tears and State with their emotional appeals, she should be out!

          Have the reporter read it West!

          Men or single women would be better at pursuing rationale. Moms who are all about family are way too easily appealed to by emotions! Negativity? This whole case is about negativity!

          But I don’t listen to the news … not trying to be rude but … this case held me up in traffic (lol) we got lots of crime in Chicago … boss told her where to go to get her excuse note …

          Lets do a NO on this one, please!”

          • Funny….

            I knew GZ was innocent when I saw the first local news coverage with John Good behind the door explaining what he saw and Tracy and Brandi’s ‘shock and awe’ how did he get up here he was just out on the porch. Honestly, I felt bad for them, but I also knew they were not being honest and that they felt guilty for not supervising a troubled kid. I lost all patience and empathy for the Martins quickly, long before CTH folks did.

            I am turning into a mean old biddy.

            • I knew (but kept an open mind) when I heard the NEN call. Who calls the police and then goes to murder someone in cold blood? I was late in paying attention to this case, but I was suspicious when I heard DD say he put his hoodie on because it was raining which to my knowledge was after all the uproar over TM looking suspicious because of his hoodie. This was all before I had heard the NEN call. I guess I should admit that I was skeptical about it all anyway since by the time I started paying attention I was aware that Sharpton and the NBPP were involved. When they are involved it is probably a bunch of bull.

          • BINGO…. DING DING DING

            This woman, B29 continued to think that TM the thug and wannabe gang member was only 12 or 13. At no time did she shift in that opinion.

            The media had poisoned her mind before she was selected for jury duty. It remained poisoned even when she saw all the opposing evidence.

            The other women must have had a real battle with this confused specimen.

            • She sent up warning signals when she told them she had 7 kids, but yes she could miss work from a job she just started a month ago and the family could get by if she was sequestered for 4 to 6 weeks!

              None of this matters anymore of course. The group of jurors did their job and no one who isn’t dealing on emotion alone would fault them for the verdict they reached.

              • There is one thing she is correct about. Jury instructions are confusing, even to lawyers. They should be reviewed and changed so that they are more easily understood. They should also be consistent.

                Look at the segment again that “George got away with murder.” I am not convinced that was her view. Is it possible she was merely repeating the statement that was posed to her?. The rest of her response could imply she was saying that what George did was morally wrong but not criminal. There was no break between repeating the statement and the rest of what she said in that sentence so it could be interpreted either way.

                Many people answer a question by repeating the question first before responding.

        • I suspected the juror who first voted for 2nd degree murder was giving an emotional vote. There was no evidence of that. Pretty much everyone who watched the trial agreed with that except Sunny Hostin. 🙂

        • I wondered the same Bori. Did B29 even listen to anything that is out there, and proven about TM’s past since she went home after the verdict. It is interesting that she decided to come out with her emotional statements today, rather than closer to the time of the verdict. If she felt that GZ really was guilty of murder, she had to know that the press would grab her up and give her all the mic time she wants. On the other hand, I understand she has an attorney, and will likely now go on a roll with interviews.

          • Whatever her intent, she has proven 2 things that the prosecutions strategy to appeal to the heart almost worked, and they did not have any evidence to convict. It also shows that people are too easily manipulated by emotion.

            It only makes me wonder how many people are going to jail, because jurors are voting emotionally and not because the evidence exists. We know it happens but to see it, in a case which was so lacking in evidence is scary, and it puts doubt in mind of the system. Sad and troubling.

            • The fact that the State played up on the emotions and was pretty good at it is why I was upset that O’Mara took such a chance in some of the things he did and did not do. Thankfully, justice prevailed, but just barely it seems.

              • Agreed, but let us also remember that Judge Nelson was running interference and was blocking attempts from the Defense to present information that would shed light on the matter.

          • She will soon be an official member of the scheme team, if not already. I think she said something about one of the foundations….

            I fully expect to see photos of her and them together…… maybe even some pressers and nationally televised discussions. Are you getting ill over this? LOL.

            • I was getting ill, but hubby reminded me…NOT GUILTY…and all these idiotic remarks won’t change it. In a few days (OK, maybe weeks) it will be a distant memory. Hopefully, by then we’ll hear about some suits brought against the real criminals in this case and George and his family will see enough money for them to live in peace. I truly believe George has made his peace with his God and no one has the right to say he will have to answer at another time for what he’s done. He’s done nothing wrong, criminally or morally.

              • I’m just listening again to her voir dire. Near the end Mr. West asks her what her friends thought about the case. She said her friends took the child’s side.

                She also thought Trayvon was 12 or 13.

                • She probably caught “he**” when she got home. It appears she had a preconceived determination of 2 degree murder, but once away from the influences of her “friends”, she became confused, had no choice but to abandon her emotions and vote with the law. Now she is conflicted because the outside influences are back. Imagine if her only exposure now is to opinions of her friends, MSM, CNN, HLN MSNBC etc. And then seeing all the rallies and exposure to the grieving parents and their speeches. Apparently, her emotions are what drives her. IMO

                  • I totally agree with that. She is driven by emotion but when sequestered she couldn’t be.

                    Asking to sequester the jury helped with this juror to ensure the group didn’t allow those outside influences in.

                    • I am now in favor of putting some sort of screen up to shield the jurors from seeing everyone in the gallery. Sybrina was doing her level best by getting up and walking out at the most opportune times. Reporters were talking about who was taking notes, what kind of facial expressions they were portraying, and who was paying attention to any given expert on the stand. B29 was seeing Sybrina and Tracy there every day, with various lawyers representing them, family members, and the pastors who were not helpful. George’s parents were barred from the courtroom, and unless any of them picked up on West’s explanation as to why, which was despicable, they didn’t see the same support team as TM’s side had. Then the state never called either of GZ’s parents anyway.

                      I would love to see jurors shielded for their own safety and identification, and also to keep them from seeing what antics are going on in the gallery by some. The Martin parents did everything they could to try to impart guilt on the jurors who would not give them the vote they wanted. B29 seems to have proven that.

                    • To me this was the most outrageous thing that was done. It showed a total lack of respect and compassion. I am convinced that it was intentional and that makes it EVIL.

                      You: George’s parents were barred from the courtroom, and unless any of them picked up on West’s explanation as to why, which was despicable, they didn’t see the same support team as TM’s side had. Then the state never called either of GZ’s parents anyway.

                    • I’m sure Sonny Hostin will have some insight to this juror. Probably one of the ones who was hanging on the prosecutions every word. One of the mother’s who would feel the loss of a child…oh wait this juror did say something along those lines. Sonny will be so happy (sarc).

            • I would be surprised if Sybrina and Tracy embraced her since is responsible for shutting down the money/trash can train. They may publicly “forgive” her but I doubt they will go on tour together unless they think there is money in it. We’ll have to wait and see.

      • A lot of people were blogging and tweeting no on this one, see my commentary below. She seemed too disconnected from reality, but liked watching reality shows!

        • I wanted her struck too. As it turns out, she was the first one seated. She gave the state every chance to get a guilty verdict but the jurors worked as they should. They kept everyone honest and ensured emotions were put to the side and the law followed.

          It appears to me, Juror B29 is experiencing a moral dilemma just like several others have, including George when he asked Singleton is it ever ok to kill another.

          • She can have a moral dilemma, but when she was in deliberations, she almost sent our boy up the river, and that’s a no can do! She gets no empathy from me.

            And George has nothing to feel sorry about for saving his life. This is the big problem with religion, it makes people want to go against their basic human instinct of their own survival. Thank goodness thousands of years of human evolution cannot be undone by religious belief! Thank God, George’s gut kicked in and he shot the guy who was killing him.

              • Bori- If it was a religious dilemma that could be very problematic. We are supposed to have a separation between church and state. If laws are passed, such as the self defense laws, where one has the right to protect their own lives against someone who wants to, or is capable of, taking that persons life, religion shouldn’t have a part in that decision. She did say that GZ will have to answer to God, which I found very troubling, as GZ himself questioned his own actions in taking a life. Does that mean that if someone has the ability, and is trying to kill you you just have to lay there because it was God’s decision to put you there to be killed at that time?

                Isn’t that why the founders were definite on the separation of church and state. How about someone on trial for robbery. Should a Muslim look for a jury instruction to have the hands, feet, legs cut off someone according to their religious beliefs. Should asomeone be burned at the stake because that is the religious belief they have. Should a child female have her genitals mutilated because of religious belief.

                • If she had voted guilty because of a religious or moral problem yes, you point would stand. She was able to separate the two and came to the right decision.

                  It still does not mean that someone cannot have a moral or religious dilemma because of the decision she or he is making. It is only when the two intrude to the detriment of the other that a problem might arise.

                  But, your point is well taken, and she was able to separate the two.

              • It probably is empathy for the family, which I knew was going to happen soon as she said she was a mom and that she thought Trayvon was 12, during the interview.

                As far as the moral dilemma I was responding to Nettles who said, “It appears to me, Juror B29 is experiencing a moral dilemma just like several others have, including George when he asked Singleton is it ever ok to kill another.”

            • Rick, there are plenty of non-religious people who feel the same way George feels. Progressives (many of them atheists) are huge proponents of not defending oneself with deadly force. So you can’t make the blanket statement that religion is the primary cause of going against one’s gut instinct of survival. I know you didn’t say those exact words, but that is what I took away from what you said. Please correct me if I am wrong.

              Besides, there are *many* religious people who do believe in defending oneself with deadly force, if necessary, and I am one of those people. I don’t know what the Catholic church teaches about self defense, but it could very well be that George has misunderstood his religion’s teachings. I’m a Christian (non-denominational) and I know that people often misunderstand the Scriptures or have been mislead through bad teaching. Anyway, I believe God gave us the instinct of survival and we are free to defend ourselves with deadly force when necessary.

              • “Anyway, I believe God gave us the instinct of survival and we are free to defend ourselves with deadly force when necessary.”

                I agree with this statement for sure. I think religious doctrine is often interpreted quite literally, although people claim to have individual beliefs. Do they really know what meat to chew on and what bones to throw out

                And don’t get me started on the Atheists. Every last stinking one of them has failed George.

                The person that I really lost it with is Dan Barker, the reverend who became Atheist and started the Freedom from religion foundation. I called him when I found out that he had signed the Trayvon petition. WTF is what I wanted to say, but I was nice, since his wife picked up.

                I told Mrs Barker how inspiring Dan’s debates have always been, he always points out some ancient God that people no longer believe in, some myth, or made up fantasy and points out how important logic and reason are to humans. And then I asked what was Dan thinking to sign the Trayvon petition? Next thing I know she is dancing, tells me to email my concern, but don’t expect response, because uh ahh, well we’re busy with conferences and we won’t answer the phone much either so uh ahh nice talking to you and click!

                As for the rest of the Atheist clowns they have no problem with Corey praying with the Martin klan or Fulton and gang collecting millions in donations throughout the country, NO, no problem with that. What they do have a problem with is poor George saying that it was God’s will!

                I am that close to turning my blog into a huge diatribe against liberal prog delusional Atheist morons! They support anyone they think is a victim of white Christianity. They begin foaming at the mouth the minute they hear anything about God. They are big advocates of Gays, Muslims, Blacks and animal rights, but God is a megalomaniacal misogynistic bully and a virus of the mind. Where is their stinking reason and science, which they think they invented, when it comes to justice and truth ?

                Whether in church, or in academic groups, every stinking person I knew, and was friends with was a liberal and an atheist, humanist, secularist, free thinking fool, and they were clueless. When in doubt, support victims of whitey, they figured, although they were mostly white themselves. None of them got it, none of them. I will never forgive them the crap they said about George. I will never forget their utter lack of reason.

                • You need to get out more, you are judging people by putting them in tiny little boxes,as Sundance does.

                  I know dozens of atheists who support the principles of fairness and justice, and understand George’s self defense claim without pause.

                  • And I personally know over 200 that don’t, including some very famous and vocal atheists. And that does not take into consideration the thousands of nutjobs on the internet that had far more nastier things to say than the regular progs.

                  • “read neurologist and atheist intellectual Sam Harris on self defense”

                    Why wouldn’t Sam Harris be for self defense? Its common sense, and Harris is certainly common sense if nothing else. What matters to me is he hasn’t said anything about George! And Harris like all the liberal loons wants for gun control, and I am not gonna get into the nuances of his petty variations on that position.

                    This amazing SILENCE from Atheists! The complete INDIFFERENCE about the nation creating a mythological monster called George Zimmerman. You want to stop myth and irrational thought, here was your grand bang opportunity, myth making happening right in front of you. Do something since you’re going around saying how much you care about the world and morality. Oh, no the law will take care of Zimmerman, he’s nothing to us! So many people asked so many of these Atheists, but they could not be bothered. Where was James Randi and Michael Shermer on the fabulous scientists Owen and Reich. No Shermer and Randi keep talking dowsing rods and how they run Uri Geller outta town, and called out psychic frauds. Whoop Dee Doo! That’s all these people are good for! Debunking nonsense and talking nonsense! Atheists care nothing about real justice.

                    Every single stinking famous Atheist who I thought would care to say something, went silent the minute George’s name was mentioned. And they of all people with their activism, their conferences, their meetings, their groups, their social circles, their ads, their blogs, their foundations, their gatherings, their means and networks of getting heard could have helped George in huge ways, but they didn’t!

                    I wish though that Christopher Hitchens was here, he would have called George’s situation out for the National Disgrace it is. He understood justice and was not afraid to stand up for it, no matter how big the enemy, no matter what the pain. He lived under death threats his whole life, he gave them all the finger, his home phone was in the public directory, he wanted to hear from the public. He would’ve been the most vocal in riding Obama’s rear and challenging O’Mara’s lily livered representation of his client; and the Hitch would have been doing this on every liberal channel. It seemed like he died in 2011 and in 2012 the whole damn country went to pot.

  5. So, let me see if I can summarize the stupidity of this juror: says GZ is guilty of murder, but found him not guilty because that’s what the law said. In other words, he’s not a murderer. So she calls him a murderer, even though she voted to acquit. Well, let’s hope GZ adds her name to the list of the other ignorant fools that he sues the pants off of… Enough of this rampant stupidity and tabloid jurisprudence – if she really believed he was guilty, she could have hung the jury; otherwise, shut the hell up, buy some birth control, and crawl back into your miserable little hole. The end.

    • The worst part of her statements is that she wishes she could take back her vote. So she says she allowed the other jurors to convince her that by law GZ was not guilty, but, she would go back now, because she can’t sleep or eat, and vote to have him sent to prison for a very long time for defending himself.

      There is so much that is so stinky and nonsensical about B29’s statements that I can only believe that she is looking to profit from being a Zimmerman juror. It is what happens all too often with jurors on high profile cases. I believe that O’Mara and/or West were asking at least some of the potentials if they wanted to profit from being a juror. I don’t know if they asked this juror that question.

      Again, B29 knows that there is a lot more money to be made on saying what she is, rather then on remaining anonymous or speaking to her decision based on law only. She is using the emotional route which the Trayvonites have been using from the get go. I wonder if she has been gotten to since the verdict by someone. Why does she need a lawyer now?

      • You might have a point, but if I would hazard a guess, she might have other driving factors, like her family or friends. While we may not know who was in the jury, her family, friends and co-workers do. What she is saying now, it is her defense against the pressure she is getting. She has gotten a lawyer and has come forward, hopefully to protect herself and her family. Instead, she is feeding the fire against her, stupid.

        • Yeah really Bori, stupid is an understatement. Jurors thankfully don’t get a do over. She literally said that she wishes she could change her vote, even though she chose herself to vote as she did. No matter what her reasons are for coming out and saying what she has, she still can’t change the fact that she voted not guilty. She can’t change her vote, and she knows that very clearly.

          Why did this juror agree to do this interview, not in silohuette (sp) but with her face right out there for all to see. She knows dang well that anyone who knows who she is would identify her by name, and even likely where she lives. Why would she be willing to do that. She has some kind of ulterior motive, and I don’t see it as being anything about her or her families safety. I understand that her name is already known. No doubt that many will uncover pictures of her family, from facebook or elsewhere, and she just put every one in her family at much higher risk by doing the interview. No matter what she says, no matter how much she apologizes, no matter how much she feels bad for the Martin parents, and no matter how much she can’t eat or sleep, she in fact did vote to find GZ not gulity, and she in essence killed any possible Martin family civil lawsuit against GZ.

          I’ve said B29 can only find the biggest payouts from the media outlets that found GZ guilty even before the trial. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see her on the Nancy Disgrace show. BUT, she voted for the not guilty verdict. Even ABC radio news is playing the segment in the trial where B29 is asked- “is this your verdict” and she clearly says yes.

          • If money was her motive then I hope she gets enough to move, otherwise she has put her family in danger.

            More importantly, I think that the failure of the media of not really investigating the event but still selling the Narrative is what is troubling. She has probably seen how Sybrina and Tracy are deified and TM is seen as a martyr by the politicians, the media, and civil rights groups and thinks she has made a mistake. She was what the prosecutors had hoped for someone that would think with her heart, rather than the evidence, she was played then and is a pawn now.

            • So, now the scheme team and MSM will be demanding a retrial.. Remember the BGI has its own Constitution 😀

              • IDK, her statements are contradictory and a mess. It was a publicity stunt, no charges should have been filed, he was guilty but there was no evidence, the law did not permit a guilty verdict but he is getting away with murder. Shoot, you would think that Obama wrote her script, wanting things both ways.

                • Just want to make sure you know that what I said was my usual sarcasm.

                  Even so, Criump is so crazy he could start a campaign for retrial for any number of reasons. It does not matter that they would be absurd since our POTUS has essentially said that we should honor Trayvon. Keeping his memory alive is one way to do that.

                  By now, logical people should know that there is nothing about Trayvon that should be honored. But just like “George should have stayed in his car,” MSM is very successful at getting people to go along with whatever they say on TV.

                  Crump is already blaming the “white man’s” jury instructions.

                • Bori- By some of the statements by both B29 and B37 I’m embarassed to be a female in this regard. B37 said she wanted new laws written, or something. She said she wanted an option to convict GZ of using bad judgement? Wow, just wow. Can’t believe what I am reading about these two jurors.

                  • MInpin- Don’t be too hard on them, we can blame Judge Nelson for that, by not allowing some of the evidence the jurors are left with the feeling that a good young kid was shot down in cold blood, and put in doubt who started the altercation.

                    We know more about the case than those women will able know, so it is not hard for to conclude that TM precipitated the attack, putting GZ in the position of having to defend himself. Without that and no information about TM, about all the manipulations of the family, the lies of both the family and prosecutors, it made an easy decision a hard one.

                    Luckily, they followed the law which is more than can be said for the prosecution or the family who was skirting it the whole time.

                    • Her comments only reinforce the the “opinions” of so many people that still believe the lies. They have their own facts.

                      DMan made a post long ago about the lies and manipulations. I bet that a lot of folks still believe what he wrote.

                    • Well, one good thing that can come out of her naming being exposed is that someone could send her the information about the *truth* of this case. Then maybe she won’t feel the need to backpedal.

    • It is an excellent article, but I think the author though he alluded to it, missed something. As I said of the NAACP on my blog, this is a struggle for relevance. All of these tenured teachers need to promote that the struggle continues, that they are relevant in today’s society as they were back in the heydays of the civil rights struggle.

      In order to do this they latch themselves to cases like the Zimmerman case, and point to it as proof that what they are teaching is still significant today. It is the same thing with all these civil rights groups, they need their followers to keep believing in them, otherwise they will not have dues paid or students to teach.

    • Thanks Jordan for pointing this out. I reposted it as a comment on the media bias thread on my blog.

      Academic progs drove this monster truck to the height they did. The petition that pushed for the arrest of George Zimmerman was also created and marketed by academics.

  6. This juror has always been suspicious to me. She moves from Chicago eight months before the trial for a part-time nursing job, gets called to Jury duty, has no problem taking off of work for several weeks (again, from a new, part-time job), has someone to look after her seven (or eight!) children, and is probably the one who came in with her mind made up for Murder 2. Everything about her reeks. She needs to answer some questions and do so quickly. All she stands to do now is stir the racial pot – and not in a good way at all. Criminal…

  7. Dispatcher: Can you describe juror B-29?
    GZ: She looks black.
    Dispatcher: She says she’s Puerto Rican.
    GZ: She looks white-Hispanic?
    Dispatcher: Never mind…

  8. Someone should ask her to clearly define how he “got away with murder?”
    MSM will use those words in all of their headlines, as if she said nothing else important. How about her saying that race was not an issue?

    • I just saw a clip of what led her to say that. Robin tells her some people are saying he got away with murder. What do you have to say in response. She says, he got away with murder but he will have questions to answer to to God.

      As usual, the media represents what this juror now believes. She stands by her verdict. The law was followed.

  9. Here is a part of Juror B29’s statement that is bothersome to me-


    When asked by Roberts whether the case should have gone to trial, Maddy said, ‘I don’t think so.’

    ‘I felt like this was a publicity stunt. This whole court service thing to me was publicity,’ she said.

    The Puerto Rico native also revealed she is having trouble sleeping at night as she constantly wrestles with her conscience over whether she made the right decision or not.

    ‘I felt like I let a lot of people down, and I’m thinking to myself, “Did I go the right way? Did I go the wrong way?”‘ she said.

    ‘As much as we were trying to find this man guilty…they give you a booklet that basically tells you the truth, and the truth is that there was nothing that we could do about it. I feel the verdict was already told.’


    As much as “we” were “trying to find this man guilty.” They were trying to find GZ guilty? By saying “we” were trying to find him guilty, she backs up what B37 said “there were some that just wanted to find GZ guilty of something.” Why would any jurors come from the premise that they were “trying to find GZ guilty of something”? That speaks to me of some very illogical applications as to what the responsibility of a juror is.

    More than that, when she says that the trial should not have happened, and that they were given a booklet of “truth” (WTF does that mean) and she seems to imply, at least to me, that she believes that the jury instructions were designed by some kooky conspiracy theorists, the trial was concocted by some conspiracy theorists, and that there was absolutely no choice given to the jurors to look at the evidence and the testimony, because GZ was already declared not guilty, and her time was wasted. Does anyone else believe that she is all but implying that the verdict was already in, and not in a good way, even before jury selection started? Haven’t we been pretty much convinced that the trial, the judge and the bias against the state was where the fix was in, but they just couldn’t quite get there. Is B29 saying that jury trials are meaningless because the verdict is already in even before the circus begins?

    • Her interview is troublesome and fodder for those seeking excuses to justify their own biases. Defense attorneys will tell you the biggest obstacle is usually overcoming the feeling in jurors that where there is smoke, there must be a fire. People feel they need to believe in the system, when prosecutors charge someone it is because a crime has been committed, it is something that is unsaid but both the prosecution and the defense know this.

      I think the interviewer is trying to elicit answers that feed the doubt, not answers that relieve them. That is why her interview is so skewed.

      • Which is exactly why it is so critical that Corey, and everyone involved in the prosecution of GZ need to be punished. If she and they walk away from this railroading, no one will have any confidence in the legal system, at least to those that have been paying attention. And those foolishly believing that just because there were charges brought against someone, they must be true, need to have a rude awakening that they could have done nothing wrong, but will find themselves in front of a Corey type.

        One of the most disgusting things that BDLR said in his post acquittal presser is that this is only the second murder case that he has ever lost. That brought home to me that prosecutors are paid/promoted by their number of convictions. It doesn’t matter whether the person is guilty or not, just get someone convicted of that particular crime. Look at how many people who have spent years and years in jail, only to be proven years later to have been innocent of the crime because of DNA evidence. It makes me shudder to think of those that were put to death because of people like BDLR and Corey, just to have a conviction.

        Prosecutors need a different system of rewards, not based on how many convictions they get. It forces the system into corruption from the get go. That system must change.

        • I agree there has to be consequences of the acts that the prosecution committed. The message it send is that prosecutors are above the law, I believe that needs to be address, as soon as possible.

          Mistakes can happen and that is one thing but intentional acts need to punished, any prosecutorial indemnity must be stricken, At the same time I don’t want to judge the whole system on the acts of the few.

    • The woman was a bimbo! I grew up in a Puerto Rican neighborhood in NY, and I can tell you, the Puerto Rican women, especially the kind that have these many babies, invest nothing in their mental development. And if you look at my commentary above, the first thing she said was she doesn’t watch the news, its too negative. What does she watch then? Reality shows!

      This kind of person is low on the critical thinking spectrum. The way to convince this sort of person would be to connect the pretty little dots, outline, highlight, speak in strong dualities.

      This prog liberal you’re okay, I’m okay crap doesn’t register on the map.

      Instead of O’Mara saying Trayvon was a good person, and then talk about a slab of concrete that he was armed with, it would have made more sense to mom of 8 who plugs her ears on negative details, to tell her plainly, you see this slab of concrete, Trayvon beat George’s head on that, Trayvon not good, George good, comprende? You can’t talk high brow, respect and dignity, noblesse oblige logic, keeping Martin and Zimmerman as equals throughout, without confusing a person who spends no time in thinking. Its gotta be plain and simple. KISS: keep it simple, stupid!

    • B-29 = “As much as we were trying to find this man guilty …”

      Um I don’t think that is how the jury system is supposed to work. My goodness.

      I really don’t get it. Did she and others miss the little detail of George being pinned down on the ground, unable to escape and someone wailing on his head as he is scream and crying out for someone to help him.

      PC run amock.

      Sad commentary on segments of society is all I can think of to say.

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