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July 26, 2013

thank youThank you is extended to the defense team for the job they did in getting George Zimmerman acquitted of both murder 2 and manslaughter.

We can Monday morning quaterback all we like, everything that they did and all the strategy did result in an acquittal. So a huge thank you to Mr. O’Mara, Mr. West and Ms. Truett.

I spent some time yesterday trying to learn more about the support team that GZ’s lawyers had. I’m not sure why but whenever I read a criticism about the defense team, I always thought to the young people in the office working their asses off and getting criticized for their efforts indirectly. They didn’t deserve it then and they deserve our thanks now.

The two males we saw in the courtroom were Mike Panella and Josh Martell (dark hair). They were both listed as law clerks and very proudly added to their resumes assisting with the draft of a granted Writ during trial. Hilary Padin (paralegal), Rebecca West (intern), Channa Lloyd (intern) and Brandy Dixon (Legal intern) were all seen at the back table handing the lawyers what they needed when they needed it. Shawn Vincent was amazing in responding to my email inquiries and was the spokesperson for Mr. O’Mara. Shawn got criticized lots about what got posted on the website and how timely it was or wasn’t. He worked his ass off and I got responses back from him after midnight sometimes.

The defense witnesses in the case appeared prepared and knew what they were there to testify to. Juxtaposed against the state witnesses, you saw the difference in the legal teams support people. The defense was head and shoulders above the state in getting their witnesses ready for the courtroom and the public eye.

For those of you who missed it, an article written last November about Michael’s desire to join the team was posted online. It’s here: http://www.law.ufl.edu/flalaw/2012/11/3l-works-with-zimmerman-defense-team/ He gets it and he was on the team for the right reason. I’m so glad he pushed to become a part of the team.

As we witnessed in the George Zimmerman case, sometimes the only thing between an innocent client and the abusive power of the government is his legal counsel.

I am very grateful as are a number of people who believed in George Zimmerman’s innocence. Thank you so much for your time and effort to get the just result.

I was willing George to look behind him after the verdict was read and say thank you to you guys who were standing there waiting to get your chance to say congratulations.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I’m certain you all have bright futures in front of you. Look to what the state did and vow to eradicate the behavior from the justice system. Best of luck going forward and thanks again!


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  1. Only ten minutes.. all edited to distort what she said as well as repeat the same old lies of the past.. even editing the NEN call. BS.

    • I’m getting a chuckle – for 16 months, the Tree has had the vapors because GZ is referred to as a white hispanic, refusing to understand that hispanic is an ethnicity just as Irish is, and that hispanics are either white or black (or both). But because the jury was reported as “all white”, they’re all very happy to proclaim that this juror is black hispanic (which she certainly seems to be), with no apparent recognition of their hypocrisy lol

      • Good collection of falsehoods in Robin’s narrative by LetJusticePrevail at CTH.

        It’s typical teevee presentation. Nothing unusual at all when the presentation is unfaithful to the facts. It is unusual and rare when teevee reports are factual.

        • Oh, and the video snippet that shows Tracy with his face in his hands? The report would have you believe he is experiencing sorrow. In fact, at the moment, he was hiding raucous laughter.

  2. Nettles, you keep up with Facebook stuff so are you or anyone else following what’s going on in our Capitol here in FL?


    Latest news article that I found is here:


    Stand Your Ground law, racial profiling and Trayvon Martin are the agenda. Thank you, Mr Crump, Mr Julison and special thanks to the good old folks who tried to send George to prison for life.

    Video stream here:


  3. From last thread:

    One of the most disgusting things that BDLR said in his post acquittal presser is that this is only the second murder case that he has ever lost. That brought home to me that prosecutors are paid/promoted by their number of convictions. It doesn’t matter whether the person is guilty or not, just get someone convicted of that particular crime.

    Not to detract from your point, minpin – I just wanted to mention that prosecutor stats are somewhat skewed – NORMALLY they only take cases they feel they can win, good evidence, etc. Otherwise they decline to prosecute. So, in a matter of speaking, they start with a “loaded deck”…

    I learned this when I was a rape advocate – the prosecutors don’t pursue most cases because there isn’t “winnable” evidence – just he said/she said kinds of situations, where they can’t prove it wasn’t sex, even rough sex, by mutual consent. I was told at that time, that because prosecutors are elected, they want a high conviction rate, so their priorty is strength of case, not finding the truth, per se…..

    • lorac- The portion of my comment that you picked up had an error in it. I should have referred to BDLR as an Asst. Prosecutor, not a Prosecutor. Angela Corey was the elected Prosecutor in that State Atty. office. BDLR, Mantai (sp), Guy were all hired to their positions in Corey’s office. I remember reading an article from last year, can’t remember where, that claimed that those working as asst. prosecutors in the state atty’s office are promoted/paid based on their number of convictions. Apparently it is Corey who decides what cases will go to trial, and on what charges. The fact that BDLR even made the point in his presser that this is only the second murder case he has ever lost was what I feel was disgusting. In other words, Corey, for political reasons, decided to charge GZ with second degree murder, knowing that she didn’t have any evidence of murder or even manslaughter. BDLR and Guy et al were willing participants in a case they very well knew was bogus, but were willing to throw any morals, decency, ethics, and the law out the window, and willingly acted as co-conspirators against a man who rightfully defended his own life. If I am not mistaken, Kruidbos even mentioned something about Guy knowing that exculpatory evidence was being withheld from the defense. We know BDLR has already been rewarded by Corey for being a willing partner to get convictions in the form of increased pension monies. I’ve also read about BDLR forcing a false deposition from a criminal, and threatened him with perjury charges if he didn’t stick to the forced lies at trial.

      I guess the point I was trying to make is that there are people like BDLR that are so very corrupt, so very unethical, and so very greedy that they would willingly see an innocent man thrown in jail for a very long time, just so they can climb the ladder in a state atty’s office with a knowingly evil prosecutor like Corey. The fact that Guy and Mantai also were willing to go along with what they also had to have known were bogus charges also is disgusting. I would think that people like these guys possibly have hopes to get experience as employees of those like Corey, and then run for positions as elected prosecutors running their own state atty offices in various locations.

      I remember reading a tweet from Jose Baez saying that Guy was so good that he could get an innocent man thrown in prison. Being tough on crime is a worthy goal in getting truly guilty people off the streets. Being a willing partner in an innocent man’s railroading, for political purposes or otherwise, should be enough to have any of the participants punished harshly up to and including disbarment. Both BDLR and GUY were disgraceful in indicating to the jurors that they should not put much weight on the evidence, but to use their hearts and emotions is a complete and total breakdown in a trial by a jury of your peers. It seems that B29 was willing to take their advice, until the other jurors who saw right through them somehow changed her mind. Guy literally told them to use their heart to decide, not 10 minutes before the jury instructions told them not to use their emotions, but to decide based on the evidence. And this is the same state atty. office who is prosecuting the Shellie Zimmerman bogus perjury case.

  4. George Zimmerman juror supplies reasons to cringe!

    But I wonder if the juror, who was identified as Maddy, will stand by this comment: “I’m hurting as much as Trayvon Martin’s mother, ’cause there’s no way that any mother should feel that pain.”

    The comment is presumptuous, self-important and cringe-inducing. There’s something revolting about Maddy equating herself with Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s grieving mother.

    Maddy also told ABC that she cried and screamed after hearing the negative reaction to Zimmerman’s acquittal in Trayvon’s death. As the lone minority member on the jury, she said she felt as if she had let people down. “And I kept saying to myself, ‘I feel like I killed him [Trayvon],” she said.

    “Second thoughts by jurors are fairly common and they have no legal significance,” Toobin said on “AC360.” “You can’t get a verdict set aside. You can’t change, you can’t get a retrial. Nothing can happen as a result of a juror saying, I wish I had voted another way.”

    Whenever Maddy is feeling guilt, she should consider just how bad the prosecution performed.

    Mark Geragos, another guest on “AC360,” said it was “one of the most abysmal prosecutorial presentations I’ve ever seen” and “I can’t say enough horrible things about the prosecution.”

    That’s what the jurors and the public should remember. The state failed everyone in the George Zimmerman case.


    ABC that paid Casey/Baez $ 200,000.00 for pictures/videos of Caylee’s memories. I get it, Maddy got her 15 minutes of fame, ABC flew her & her significant other to New York, put her up probably at the Ritz Carlton, paid for all her fine dining, her incidentals, room service, cab fair, & expenses to see the city, BUT imo, WHY did Maddy feel the need to self promote herself? Mark Garagos is exactly right, Maddy DIDN’T HOLD the State responsible for their miserable performance, NOR did Maddy hold them responsible for presenting NO EVIDENCE that would convict GZ.

    WHY does EVERYONE want to dismiss it was TM that was giving an assault to GZ?

  5. The Buckeye Firearms Foundation told the AP they raised the money because the group believes Zimmerman’s gun rights are being violated.

    Spokesperson Ken Hanson told the AP the group sent Zimmerman a check for $12,150.37 Tuesday.


    Where GZ/SZ ultimately settle, they will need hi-tech security & surveillance for their home, they can certainly use the money for their safety.

  6. Anderson Cooper 7/25/13

    Another juror who acquitted George Zimmerman is speaking out, and she says Trayvon Martin’s family deserves an apology. Juror B29, is calling George Zimmerman a murderer and says she had no choice but to acquit. How could this have happened? What does this say about our justice system? Joining us to discuss it is Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin and criminal defense attorneys Mark Geragos and Jose Baez.


    • Geez, the scheme team, the media, they’ll all right back at it, with long-disproven statements, pouncing on these speaking jurors, trying to cause trouble again… Wow, they must not see the backlash building…. guess by the time they notice, it’s going to crash all over them and knock the dear little sweeties down….

  7. “Professionals in the justice system knew that the prosecution was desperately scraping the bottom of the barrel when they tried to make it look as if George Zimmerman wasn’t justified in shooting Trayvon Martin because Martin hadn’t hurt him badly enough yet.”

  8. The Florida Civil Rights Div. sent a letter to Gov. Scott requesting that Angela Corey be removed as the prosecutor in the Jordan Davis case. She is personally prosecuting the case. I know nothing about the case other than a white guy shot a black 17 year old in a vehicle at a gas station. The Gov’s spokeswoman said that the Governor will not be appointing a special prosecutor as they requested.


    Corey is currently facing a wrongful termination lawsuit in the Julie Lyncker case, who was a former clerk in Corey’s office. Corey’s office was late in turning over important evidence in the lawsuit. Evidence was turned over to the defense on a Friday, with the trial to start the following Mon. That judge continued the case, and sent the 40 jurors home. He said that he just couldn’t understand how something like the late filing could happen. He is making her office reimburse the court the $2,500 it cost the court to bring the potential jurors in.

    Corey will be facing another wrongful termination lawsuit from her former IT director Ben Kruidbos, as he testified in the Zimmerman sanctions hearing that Corey’s office withheld information from the defense.

    It is yet to be seen whether Nelson will in fact bring sanctions against Corey for her many evidence violations in the Zimmerman case.

    Corey was in a world of hurt and had many in the Fla. legal community up in arms, and filing complaints because of her handling of the Christian Fernandez case. She said she would not charge him as an adult, and then turned around and charged the 12 year old as an adult.

    Yet Gov. Scott still refuses to stop the high speed rail of this evil woman who seeks revenge and retaliation even against those that have the nerve to not buy into her plea bargain game. I hope the voters in Fla. remember well just how Gov. Scott seems to support rampant corruption in Corey state office.

    • pinecone – this is where it gets complicated.

      Julie Lyncker complained in Corey’s office ABOUT harassment from Wesley White, she was promptly fired. Lyncker then gets an attorney & sues, & the States hired outside attorney FOUND the exculpatory evidence Corey didn’t turn over & turned it over to Ms. Lynckers attorney immediately.

      Ironically, Wesley White represents Ben Kruidbos in his upcoming suit against Corey.

      It seems Corey protected Wesley White when firing Ms. Lyncher, NOW, Wesley White is bringing a case against Corey.

      This article O.S. ran on Corey: Angela Corey’s office rebuked for late evidence gaffe in wrongful-termination suit


      There will definitely be a Sanctions hearing MOM has stated several times in interviews. Judge Nelson can deny the sanctions against BDLR, but I assume the Defense will APPEAL, both MOM/West have complained in National Media about the States behavior.

      • IMO, there should be a lot more public discussion about the sanctions… more pressers by MOM and West, but others too. By anyone’s definition, lying in this trial directly to the judge is a criminal offense. Sanctions are totally inadequate. BLDR should be in jail and Nelson should have taken action on the spot. The consequences to George could have meant a life behind bars. This is nuts.

        • I agree with that. BDLR and Corey should have been removed from the case immediately when there was absolute proof that they were complicit in a coverup. It only adds to the rest of the demonization and discrediting of the defense which started with Lester, and continued with Nelson. But we know that the orders were given from someone higher up to get Zimmerman at all costs.

          To the best of my knowledge there isn’t any word of any continuation of the sanctions hearing. I would suspect that Nelson could/should rule on the sanctions even without further testimony. Because of all of Nelson’s other actions being anti-defense, I suspect that now that the trial is over, she won’t even revist the issue. GZ was acquitted, end of story for Nelson. The defense will have to go aftwer Corey’s office in some other manner in order to get any relief.

      • art- I don’t profess to know anything much about the Lyneker case. I’ve been trying to poke around today to find some kind of court documents about the filed case with Judge Corrigan’s court. All I can find is that Lyneker claimed that Wesley White violated her “civil rights.” She claims that White asked her if she was having sex with a certain sheriff, because he wanted a closer in with that sheriff. The state claims that Lynecker talked openly in the office about certain sexual practices, that she talked about members of the staff that she wanted to have sex with. She was accused of wearing improper clohting while at work. It is absolutely a he said/she said case, unless there are explicit emails uncovered that show some kind of collusion to frame her as a less than desirable employee unfairly. I have no idea what the emails reveal, but I’ve also read that it was Kruidbos that helped to uncover those emails. I have some doubts that Kruidbos would uncover damaging emails that would target White, and then go to him as his attorney in the wrongful termination lawsuit. I guess we shall see.

        If Wesley White asked Lyneker about her having sex with a sheriff, do you think there may be recorded tapes of that? If Wesley White wanted a better relationship with a sheriff, wouldn’t White have much more pull, as a state’s attorney for that reach out effort. So Lynecker claims that she was supposed to be the stepping stone to the sheriff?

        art, we will just have to see what exactly is going on with this case, and all the gory details. From what little I know right now, I ain’t buying what Lyncker is selling. If her accusations were of a sexual nature, and they seem to be against White, why didn’t she file charges against White for sexual discrimination or something like that. Why is she going after a suit for wrongful termination which I would think would be harder to prove. Oh, and supposedly there were others in the office that attested to the fact that her behavior was not appropriate. It’s like a woman claiming rape, even though they agreed to go to the hotel room with the guy. That’s how I see it anyway. Some of it does seem to get dicey but, it’s Angela Corey’s office after all.

        • Oh, and the case is between Lydecker and Corey’s office. It is entirely possible that Corey could have decided to get rid of Lyneker for any reason she chose to. The emails could prove something entirely different than implicating Wesley White. There is always that angle. It’s possible Wesley White didn’t have anything to do with the firing.

          • pinecone – I think you are correct, White had nothing to do with the firing, but it was Lydecker that complained about White that led Corey to her firing. White appears not to be involved in this case as you stated, it is between Corey & Lydecker. Corey, imo, would be intolerable to work for, she appears to be a bully and surely she uses her intimidation on those in her office. I am not surprised other bad mouthed Lydecker, she had already lost her job, others making statements against Lydecker were trying to hold on to theirs, as you said, we’ll have to see how it plays out.

            I think White is a credible person, he was once the lead State Attorney for Corey & supposedly left her office because he didn’t like her tactics. I think it is the actions Corey took in the firing that has opened a can of worms for Corey & Lydecker then took action. imo, from what I have read on the circumstances, I know first hand those type of things go on all the time across America, gossip about sex, gossip about other employees, etc. Usually, management reprimands the offending party & things work out for all involved, imo, that would be too reasonable for Corey to do, she is the “boss.”

            I’d like to see Corey burned to the ground & lose her job because imo, she’s as corrupt as they come, this judge isn’t playing games w/the sleazy Corey.

  9. @AoSHQ: The New Republic Finally Offers a Genuine Correction to Its Egregious Zimmerman Piece http://bit.ly/14RDMop which links to Instapundit.com:
    OTHER THAN THAT, THE STORY WAS ACCURATE: The New Republic has corrected Richard Thompson Ford’s Zimmerman piece:
    “This article has been corrected. Zimmerman called various law enforcement officials 46 times, not just 911, as originally stated. He made the calls over an eight-year period, not over the course of 15 months, as originally stated. The original sentence also cited a call Zimmerman made about a seven-year-old boy; the clause has been removed as it implied that Zimmerman was reporting suspicious activity. It appears that Zimmerman made the call out of concern. We regret the errors.”

  10. I just heard a soundbite on the radio with Sybrina Fulton saying that her son’s killer got off all because of a law. That was directly in reference to the statements from juror B29. B29 did her job well in giving the Martin parents and attorney’s more talking points. I’ve had a feeling that B29 said what she did in an effort to help the Martin atty’s. and the Obama admin. in their goal of repealing the SYG laws. Those like Crump want the law gone because it bars them from filing wrongful death lawsuits and being able to shakedown everything that moves. I’m convinced that the comments made by B29 were coached, and they worked out as well as Racial Jeantel’s comments. All over the place and a mess.

    I am very confused as to why the lawyer who is representing B29, has some very conflicting articles posted on the law firms website. They make no sense with respect to B29’s comments in her interview.



    • You do know that is B29’s lawyer, David Chico, if you read at the bottom, she is saying what she to cover herself;

      “Just in case the progressives come after her, she can say she tried to do the right thing. And given the ferocity of this case and the absurd and overt racist overtones, they probably will. But Juror B29 has covered her tracks.”

      What kind of lawyer representing me would say such a thing, he just invalidated what she said, by making it clear that she is just covering herself. Way to go! So, now I am having trouble believing anything that was said in that interview, she is just another Rachel, intimidated into saying things that may or may not be the truth in order not to become victims of a lynch mob. The KKK would be jealous at how some have manipulated and intimidated people.

      • I just read at the CTH that Chico was also the prosecutor in Zimmerman’s 2005 assault charge, wow, the Orlando community is really small or there are just too many coincidences.

      • I did pick that up Bori. It was as though the law firm is really not proud of what she chose to say in the interviews, by the other articles they posted, but, seemed determined to give her an out. They post an article saying that she was all over the map in her statements, she was incoherant at times, and that she obviously was conflicted, but hey, she might just escape the liberal Trayvonie media hounds. The article even knocks ABC for their inaccurate and deceiving coverage yet, where does B29 go with Chico sitting next to her, to ABC. It’s just more crazy than one can imagine. Are they somehow trying to have it both ways?

        • I think you just hit it on the nail. I would not be surprise to find out that Chico is connected to the Scheme Team in some way. It does appear that he wants both ways, but trying to do that it makes her statements look even weirder.

          • From where I sit Bori, the law firm look the most weird. Do you think there is some kind of break between the black community and the hispanic community? B29 has been reported to be a black hispanic. B29 may be fighting between her black sode and her hispanic side, with the Chico law firm muddying the waters between the races. I know hispanic is not a race but, I think you know what I mean. From everything I’ve read it seems that the blacks feel that the hispanics are encroaching on their territory. Aren’t there gangs of blacks fighting the hispanic gangs? B29 seems to not know what side she wants to be on. It is very strange to me. I wonder where Chico stood with the Christian Fernandez case.

            • Don’t be misled the Hispanic community is behind George for the most part, the last poll I saw on Univision was something like 70% in favor. The problem is that the major Hispanic groups are in bed with the NAACP and others in the quest for amnesty. The NAACP has in fact written Congress, has filed legal briefs in favor of immigrant rights and so on. Combine that with the job done by the Scheme Team and their enablers to paint GZ as White or a Hispanic that identifies as White, has made supporting George publicly toxic.

              I remember one of the La Raza organizers say on TV that GZ was not Hispanic, another wrote a post in a Progressive Salon, that GZ identified as White and should not receive any support from the community. She went as far as to claim that he was not Hispanic because not Hispanic would find a black person suspicious, so in her mind he was a racist because he identified with White people.

              The ironic thing is that GZ probably supported all these groups and now they have abandoned him to pursued their other Progressive ideas.

              • The trial is over. The verdict is in. Yet we still have a very large number of Trayvon supporters. How about we start a group of Truth supporters, instead of either George or Trayvon supporters. Wouldn’t that be a novelty?

                I am still stunned that so many Americans continue to believe a pack of lies, all of which have been exposed with facts. Sorry but I cannot notice the color of those who refuse to read any of them. Is that a reflection of race or intelligence.. or BOTH?

                • I would not say intelligence, I would ascribe to naivete and ignorance. There is a lot of blind obedience in some ideological groups. Despite evidence to the contrary they refuse to see what is plainly evident to others.

                  The Black community is being played, to the benefit of the leaders, while they are left behind. But until they wake up from their stupor, pointing it out is useless.

                  • We have a choice in remaining ignorant or not. I was not splitting hairs but I am getting totally disgusted with the behavior of so many blacks, and, in particular, their leadership. None of them are interested in bringing dignity to the individuals so they will remain ignorant.

                    • I can not argue that with you, I totally agree. My wife sometimes gets caught up in the BS, but she comes to senses, eventually. Others just want to believe, and accept whatever is shove in front of them, it is hard to understand.

                    • We have discussions, not arguments. LOL. Your views and your blogs are thought provoking.

                    • That’s funny.

                      Digging questions? I used to drive teachers and pastors crazy. I became a Truth Seeker because some of them were never answered by them and I would go back to show them what I had learned.

                    • You see, you answered my statement with a question?LOL!
                      Unfortunately not all questions have satisfying answers and some only lead to more questions.

                    • I never wanted “satisfying” answers and am still that way even if the Truth hurts. I actually like answers that lead to more questions. That has often happened to me on these blogs. The more I know, the more I know that I don’t know. I imagine that knowledge is sort of like infinity.

                      I am still fascinated that so much of the knowledge known to man thus far can be found on a device in the palm of your hand.

                    • I share your wonderment, I wish it was available when I was I lot younger, there is so much that I would have done with the knowledge imparted and shared.

                      I agree knowledge is infinite, the only restraints are those that we put on it. Knowing that it becomes even more baffling how so many people can live in ignorance, willingly.

                    • I Remember my first encyclopedia was printed in 1901, but I read all the 27 volumes several times, I was fascinated by history and knowledge.

                    • Same here. Our first was a new set was Compton’s and then many years later Collier’s. I worked to pay for the Collier’s starting in junior high. We lived almost 20 miles from school so libraries were out of the question.

                    • Same here no library available anywhere near, the set I got I bought from a neighbor who was getting ready to throw it away for 20 bucks, I had to clean pig stalls to earn the money, best investment ever.

                    • I had a very poor childhood. too, and stories like ours are proof that anyone can rise out of poverty. Bori, I gotta get to bed.. cya later.

  11. Has anyone heard a single alternative solution to our SYG laws from those who want it appealed/changed? Surely they could not be serious about abolishing it in its entirety so what is it about the law they want changed?

    If we ever lose our rights to defend ourselves… well, you can guess what that would mean…

    • I think you have to go to Holder for the answer to that, he want people to retreat from danger. To use his example, if someone breaks into your home he want you to leave the home is possible. He wants us to surrender all to the aggressors if a safe retreat is available, if not and only then can we protect ourselves or others.

      • Hey Bori, Joe the Biden said that everyone should buy a shotgun. If someone is breaking into you home, go out back and fire two shots in the air. That’ll scare the bastages off, right? LOL

        I don’t give Holder as much credit as you do Bori. His goal is not for people to run away, it is to ban guns from every citizen in the US, including law abiding citizens who are responsible gun owners. What country in this world has ever banned guns completely? None. Banning guns is the first step to a tyranny taking over the citizens, that have no means to fight back against the tyrannical/dictatorship gov. That’s Holder’s goal pure and simple. Disarm the citizens so they can’t fight back.

        • I don’t give Holder any credit at all, his goal is like you said to disarm the populace, it would mean dependence on the government and it would open the door for his people to claim their reparations from the rest of us.

      • Holder is a true racist. He is irrelevant to me.

        In situations like George’s there is way to retreat. Yet SGY has become a national topic. There is no parallel whatsoever.

        This has gotten out of hand but notice Scott is not going to budge, or so he says. These people may be in it for the long haul. If their numbers continue to grow and they refuse to leave, then there is bound to be violence. If Sharpton issues a “call to arms” so to speak, then watch the crowds swell. This could be much worse than OWS because it’s a hot, current issue for the BGI and, as you can see, they are going to keep it that way. Sybrina, Tracy and the entire scheme team will continue to promote their agenda as long as MSM helps them memorialize Trayvon. The POTUS has put his stamp of approval on this. For some odd reason, I think Holder wants violence.


    • From what I’ve read the legal community is heavily Democrat. The legal community slip and fall, and wrongful death lawsuit attorney’s live for the next ambulance to chase, and unfortunatly juries have been returning very large payouts to those injured or whatever. The practice is very lucrative obviously. Texas passed medical malpractice caps, the doctors went flooding back to Texas. Texas passed loser pays laws, the lawyers went insane. Ben Crump, Daryl Parks and so many lijke them hated the SYG laws because they lost out on a lot of shakedown monies. In a nutshell, that is why Crump and those like him want the immunity portion of the SYG laws gone. They likely do favor that blacks get off more than whites when using STG but, their bottom line $$$ is suffering for it. Have you seen any cases where Crump’s office ever went after anything other than where the big dollars live like the state, the city, the town, the facility, the anything else that can pay big bucks. Hell, for Crump the HOA payout was only pocket change. He promised Sybrina and Tracy a life of caviar dreams and champagne wishes or some such. They are pizzed with the verdict.

    • I’ve read Brad Thor’s books. No question he was a former secret agent for the fed. gov. Most of the guys that write spy thrillers were. Brad Thor was the guy that offered to buy GZ a new gun of his choice. Hopefully GZ took advantage of his offer.

      I’ve been reading today that the B29 interview has been changed from broadcast to broadcast. Some have said that the questions Robin asked have been edited heavily with playing different B29 answers to the same questions Robin asked in the original interview.

      Are these cable channels so stupid, and so cocky because they know they have the Obama regime behind them? The arrogance and stupidity is overwhelming to the average Joe.

      • They had a mission. They accomplished it. By simply repeating a statement, the other side has their “proof” that George is guilty of murder.

    • That is exactly what I posted as soon as I saw the interview. She was only repeating the statement. What happened to the full interview? It as supposed to air this morning. Something is fishy. The ABC preview reports about the interview and when it would be aired in parts and then the entire interview have changed even before the ten minute segment Night Line segment aired. I notice that yesterday and a few of comments reflect that. I was posting what I was reading at the time.

      Maybe this juror will speak out (LO) and correct what ABC has done. They put words in her mouth to make it appear that is what she believed.

      • So B29 sits for this interview with ABC with her lawyer sitting next to her. The interview is spliced, diced, edited, and some answers don’t match some of the original questions. Her lawyers firm puts out articles talking about the malicious prosection by Corey of Zimmerman, and the fact that B29’s statements were a mess, all over the map, and incoherent at times. B29 from seeing those interviews doesn’t appear to have the elevator going to the top floor, but hey GZ is a murderer. The evidence proved that he was a murderer, but the law wouldn’t allow B29 to vote to convict him of murder. God will take care of that bastage George Zimmerman. He has a lot of splin’ to do with the big guy upstairs. He should have just laid their and took his beatin’ like a man. She got this “booklet” that spoke the truth, but the way the law was “read to her” she wanted in her heart to convict George, but that damn pesky law wouldn’t allow her to, or maybe it was those evil white women that just made her change her mind from second degree murder to not guilty.

        The entire B29 thing is so far beyond weird it’s like a nightmare or some kind of aberation.

        • I am reading a lot of stuff that implies to me that the full unedited interview will never be aired. All of that ABC talk in advance of showing it was another pack of lies. I was following it every hour or so looking for more than what I first saw.

          This juror knows what she said and meant. She just might be pissed. I am not going to be harsh on her yet. It’s not her fault that her story was not told truthfully. I think we might all have a different perspective of her if we ever hear the entire thing, but IDK, minpin. We all know how comments can be taken out of context. I picked up on that right away, probably I saw the first part of what she said before they began to change it.

          • Maybe someone appearing on a show needs the attorney in the edit room, not so much in the interview room….. this editing to change the substance is horrifying, and does not bode well… the media is supposed to protect us from the government. But we need someone to protect us from the media. Media is a big fail. I think everyone should insist on a contract that stipulates that the interview will be aired without edit – other than agreed upon “clean cuts” that are shorter (teasers) and can be used when advertising the show will be on tv.

            I am so serious. The media cannot be trusted to even make simple edits (for commercial break, etc). Everyone should demand a contract, all edits must be approved by the interviewee, and everyone gets a copy of the entire interview, so they can readily prove the media wrong if they still try an edit to make something more salacious.

            • You said: we need someone to protect us from the media.

              Exactly but who would that be? MSM can tell whatever version of a story they want as we have just witnessed and they are still doing it. Their role in telling the truth is extinct. Money is much more important than the truth. This became increasingly more prevalent as print media began its slow death spiral.

  12. pinecone – Ironically, the Jacksonville newspaper had an article on Corey today.

    From the article:
    What really happened inside the state attorney’s office will be decided on by the judge and jury when the case goes to trial. But after being postponed, a new date hasn’t been set yet.

    Birk said the first matter of business for the judge is to decide what went wrong when the state attorney’s office didn’t hand over everything that was asked of it.

    “If that happens by, say, the negligence of one of the parties’ attorneys, then somebody’s going to have to be held responsible for that,” Birk said.

    Article/Video/Picture of Lydeker

    • Ordinarily I’d say never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence, but in the case of Corey and anyone associated with her I’m willing to make an exception.

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