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July 27, 2013

Don+West+Lorna+Truett+Zimmerman+Trial+Enters+hCitxZZCpMpxThe team stood to hear the reading of the verdict.  Notice in George’s left hand he is holding onto something.  Once the verdict is read, he puts it in his right hand and passes it back to Don West and Don puts it in his pants pocket.  Whatever that was for luck, keep it close Don.  It’s magic!.


80 thoughts on “July 27, 2013

    • The difference in the demeanor between the two sides was illustrative. Respectful following the law, the other loud, overbearing, obnoxious and rude. It is good that for once the nice guys won.

      • So true. O’Mara and West were (and are) the Dream Team. It’s a wonderful sight to see two extremely intelligent and thoroughly prepared individuals practice their craft.

        • I heard some people say that they thought the prosecution was throwing the case and not trying to win, I think that they were just out-lawyered and out matched.

          • I think they just didn’t have a case – only so much they could do.

            I’ve been hearing Travoners angry at the prosecution, saying the prosecution didn’t do a good job. Either they are ignorant of the trial process (certainly possible) or they are trying to keep the focus off of the fact that this trial should never have been brought in the first place.

            And I cannot get over all the people who are threatening or committing violence as Justice for Trayvon. Um – Trayvon was all about violence. That was his problem, and what led to his death. Any attempts to prevent what happened from happening again, to get “justice” for Trayvon, would of necessity need to have no violence in it whatsoever. So when they threaten or commit violence in TM’s name, they’re not honoring him, they’re just copying his stupidness – which is not the recipe for success or justice.

          • In spite of having a very flimsy case and a compliant judge, the State made a reasonable run at it – they had nothing to throw! And had they been trying to throw it, they would’ve either not filed perjury against SZ or nol pros’d it at this point. They were in it to win it. Those post-verdict reactions from the State were also genuine – they wanted a conviction in the worst way. A special prosecutor is not going to say ‘Murderer’ and ‘P-R-E-Y’ on a whim.

            • You are correct. They wanted to prosecute Zimmerman in the worst way.

              And proceeded to do exactly that.

              : – )

    • Lorna Truett (sp?) is very pretty when she smiles; her whole face lights up.

      Does she always work for MOM, or was she selected for just this trial?

  1. All of the defense team are charming people.

    I really took to Don West and that young woman; the look on her face says a lot more about George in particular than most people understand.

    • https://mobile.twitter.com/NatJackEsq

      Her twitter feed tells you you need to know about her. She blocks anyone who challenges her narrative. Now George and anyone linked to him is irrelevant, only the MOVEMENT is important. But, but…the MOVEMENT can change in the blink of an eye.

      @zosoangel @KellyFGross I get ur concern BUT MOVEMENT is about Trayvon Martin & preventing future Trayvon Martin’s. They r irrelevant now.
      6:17pm – 26 Jul 13

  2. We see juror B29’s lawyer, David Chico sitting next to her during the Robin Roberts interview. Now it is being posted everywhere that the complete unedited interview never played on any show. Different shows have B29 giving different answers to different questions which was done through editing. Are there no legal contracts or legal protections that an attorney can get for their client insuring that that kind of editing doesn’t happen? I know we are talking about an out of control media who thinks they can show anything they dang well please but, isn’t there any way to avoid that kind of misleading and false editing short of suing the network after they have already done that? I wonder if B29’s lawyer will look into that lawsuit.

    I wonder where the Beasley lawsuit is against NBC. Beasley said shortly after the verdict that they would be moving immediately to take up the case again after they had the stay lifted. I wonder if they are in negotiations, or if Nelson, or whoever, has refused to remove the stay. It would be great if they could ask to have Nelson removed as the judge in that case.

    • What are you expecting from the unedited video?

      I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Her motivations for trying to side with (or beg forgiveness) the lynch mob are pretty clear.

  3. I’m wondering what shoe will drop first-

    Beasley/O’Mara move forward with the NBC lawsuit, to be followed with lawsuits against other networks as well.

    O;Mara/West file a lawsuit against Corey’s office seeking compensation/damages for malicious prosecution.

    White files a wrongful termination lawsuit against Corey on behalf of Ben Kruidbos.

    Nelson rules on the sanctions request against the state for withholding evidence.

    Wishful thinking-

    Someone takes the initiative, in the proper venue, and in the proper manner, to have Nelson removed from the bench for incompetence/collusion with the state/corruption/mishandling of evidence rulings/unethical behavior against the defense especially West.

    West brings a lawsuit against the Scheme team, and highlights the obstruction of justice with Ryan Julison’s blueprint to promote a false and misleading campaign against GZ as a racist, and painting a false public image of TM. Incitement to violence among the black community, and promoting “no justice, no peace” where many were beaten and severly injured in the name of justice for Trayvon.

    Demand that Gov. Scott have a complete investigation of Corey’s state office from an out of state independent team. Shut down the office until the investigation is complete and/or Corey and everyone involved in her corruption scheme is brought to justice. Scott is still allowing her to personally prosecute the Jordan Davis case set for a Sept. trial date. Wonder why her waterboys aren’t doing the prosecution.

    From reading the comments section’s on some Fla. news sites, even those that say they voted for her are now calling for her removal.

  4. From an article about a rapper and Harry Belafonte posted on last thread, these are the reaction words of the author:

    Jay-Z: Your people are suffering unemployment rates that are the worst we’ve seen in decades. We’re being locked away in a mass incarceration epidemic that is as bad as the Jewish holocaust. Kids are finishing high school without even knowing how to read. Young black males who look like you are having their heads blown off on the way to school.

    My question is: What in the h*ell are you gonna do about it? Just show your face and do a few cute little charity events? Or are you going to think like a man and stand up for the people you love?

    My thoughts: it’s great the author brings these issues up, but everyone still poses the problem as though they need whites to fix it for them, the implication is always that the racist white world makes these problems. In reality, anyone who wants to see improvement in the black community, is going to have to start being very clear that only blacks can fix these issues. They’re the ones not studying, they’re the ones shooting each other, they’re the ones in a bad economy showing up for job interviews (if they even are) with their pants around their knees, or looking like a tramp, speaking unintelligible English, they’re the ones getting rich rapping about killing cops, hating whitey, raping women, and they’re the ones holding these rappers up as role models.

    • And I would include MOM – I know he wants to help blacks (he always has an as attorney), but right now the way to help them is to follow up on those sanctions – against Corey, against Crump, against the media, against everyone who thought it was so cool to make this racial when it wasn’t. Fanning the flames of 1960 in 2013 is only keeping blacks from seeing the solutions to their problems – which include self-improvement and personal responsibility (very American* basic values), not sitting around blaming others and feeling self-righteous.

      * and probably Canadian, as well!!

    • I am middle-aged. I have heard the “conversation about race” – from the black point of view – my entire life. I’m feeling somewhat hopeful we are starting to hear the larger picture as part of the “conversation” now (sorry, Eric Holder, you’re running out of time and have lost your pull!) I would like nothing better than for more blacks to become part of mainstream culture and success (sorry, success for most Americans isn’t being rich like a rapper or basketball star), and for those blacks who ARE successful (crime free households, intact relationships, full-time work, parents nurturing their children and passing on values other than chips on shoulders) to speak up and shout down the race baiters.

  5. OMG. On the Tree, at the end of the David Chico thread, the commenters are trying to dox this most recent juror to come out, trying to find her by the list of CNA licenses… not cool….

      • I agree with that. Since you have excellent sources, I am wondering if anyone has heard anything else about or from B29 since the interview, in particular how she feels about the editing.

  6. From your post —>

    “…Once the verdict is read, he puts it in his right hand and passes it back to Don West…”

    That is SO touching!!xo Thank you so much, Nettles, for noticing it and bringing it to our attention. How very, very, special!
    It made my heart smile……….thanks again and may I say “good eye” 🙂

    I’m going to watch the vid 🙂

  7. MOM’s defense fund:

    Has anyone ever seem the trust or a legal summary of it?
    The last update was in June. Who knows how much is in there now?

    I hope these issues will be addressed before the media pounces on them. I have already seen it happening in comments at HP

    • I thought the defense said they were down to the last $5,000, and then collected approx. $85,000. from small and a handful of large donations. Didn’t they say that they needed at least $85,000 in order to put on a decent defense? I would think the account is likely near broke again. I doubt the atty’s or the defense staff have gotten paid, YET.

      If O’Mara/West do in fact file a lawsuit against the prosecutors office, including for compensation, I wonder how much those legal expenses will be for George. I also wonder how much it will cost George for the Beasley lawsuit(s).

      • I have never seen the terms of the trust and I had thought he would provide them. The trust has been “suspicious” from the start to many. The Florida Bar has never handled one like this. IDK, but folks are going to want to see them and also a complete accounting of all of the money from the start. There is no point in keeping it secret and giving the media more fodder. I have read many rumors about it and am personally curious. You may recall that SD said some things that were also called into question.

        • I haven’t seen anything since before the trial. I don’t need an accounting but I guess some do. Carole (my facebook friend) and I invited Mr. O’Mara, Mr. West and some of the team to join us for a facebook question and answer discussion. We got a response back they’d consider it.

          If that happens, I’ll post here for anyone interested in participating. Think of any questions you’d like to ask the team if they are able to spend some time with us on Carole’s facebook page. (link on sidebar).

      • pinecone – in my sister’s wrongful death suit, the going rate was 40% of the Judgement for the Attorneys, PLUS, ALL costs are deducted from the settlement. Every air fare cost, letters written, copies made are deducted from the settlement. Our attorney’s got more money than my family.

        In GZ’s case, I am pretty sure he signed off that MOM/West would be paid first after Beasley took their 40 %. imo, GZ’s legal fees could exceed a million dollars considering both MOM/West haven’t been paid a dime in 16 months & their fees aren’t cheap. The hours they put into this case are overwhelming. Though a lot of the expenses of the defense were paid by the defense fund, it didn’t include the work MOM/West did, many experts worked at reduced rates or agreed to accept the monies later.

        imo, NBC may pay a settlement to the Beasley Firm for GZ, the customary “confidentiality agreement” will likely be signed so we may not know the monetary value.. GZ’s first interview might bring in some monies, but I speculate that would be with Hannity/Fox that have supported GZ throughout the 16 months & continue to defend him. GZ, like KC, may not be marketable, even Jose Baez couldn’t get a publisher to print his book & he won the case labeled “the trial of the century” as it was as big a trial as OJ’s.

        GZ will likely live the same life as KC Anthony, unable to get employment & hated.

        • I didn’t follow the Anthony case (just heard blurbs here and there as it was going on), but my impression is that most regular people think she did kill her child – is that what you have heard?

          If so, I’d say it’s different, because most people understand what George had to do. Rabble rousers want to rouse the rabble lol, they don’t want to learn the facts and come to some peace. That’s their problem – but they’re in the minority – they’re just loud – and threaten violence – so, for that reason I don’t think George can work again – maybe work from a home computer with a fake name, though… hey, maybe he’ll write a book about what happened, find he enjoys writing, and start a new career writing novels under a pseudonym!

          • lorac – KC’s case was a very complicated case, no crime scene, KC lied & claimed Caylee was kidnapped, tons of DNA evidence, tons of experts from both sides, I read once there were 10,000 documents involved, I read them all. It was different in that ALL the information was released except the picture of Caylee’s skull, it eventually made it to the internet. imo, one of the reasons that KC’s case was termed the “case of the century,” is that her Defense Team consisted of many that had worked on OJ’s case, PLUS, KC’s parents didn’t demand JUSTICE for Caylee, their only grandchild, they LIED to protect KC & wanted her freed at any cost. When the grandparents didn’t speak for Caylee, AMERICA did, they demanded JUSTICE. for Caylee & became her voice. There is something overwhelming sad about an innocent child, only 2 1/2 yrs. old being murdered by her mother that inflames everyone, she was an innocent victim. Chief Judge Belvin Perry has said “there was more than enough evidence to convict KC of murder” as did all the legal analyst.

            I’ve read many find Trayvon nor GZ sympathetic because they both contributed to the events that led up to the death of TM. No doubt, imo, poor judgement was shown by both TM & GZ. I fully support GZ, & don’t think charges should have ever been brought. I hope those raising hell will grow bored when they realize SYG is there to stay in Fla. just like in the other 23 States that have it, tyhe taxpayers want it.

            I don’t know how popular a book by GZ would be NOR do I think he would be successful at this time in finding a publisher willing to step up. Jose Baez couldn’t even find a publisher. Of course GZ could raise private funds to have it printed. KC has not had anyone pay her way or rent, she has stayed in churches offering her a place to live in their basements NOR has she had body guards since her case ended except for a couple of weeks after the verdict. KC has no money, I assume her parents send her money for expenses for phone, etc.

            • her Defense Team consisted of many that had worked on OJ’s case, PLUS, KC’s parents didn’t demand JUSTICE for Caylee, their only grandchild, they LIED to protect KC & wanted her freed at any cost. When the grandparents didn’t speak for Caylee, AMERICA did, they demanded JUSTICE. for Caylee & became her voice.

              Thanks, that explains it well. I had never thought of it that way (as I said, I wasn’t following it, just knew that people seemed to think she was guilty, but she got off).

            • I don’t know how popular a book by GZ would be

              But everyone thought Anthony was guilty. From the polls I’ve seen, most people understand what GZ had to do, and also don’t think he should be federally prosecuted. And there’s so much back story he could add – stuff not allowed in at trial, for instance – what that stuff was, and the machinations behind the scenes for people who didn’t watch the trial…. it would take maybe a year to write – I’d buy it!

              • I guess I am the odd man out in Casey’s case. We must respect the verdict in both cases. Otherwise, we are hypocrites. We cannot have it both ways. The same is true of OJ. Who’s “at fault” for not guilty verdicts in all 3 cases? Our opinions do not matter in that they will not change the outcome.

                The evidence simply was not there to convict Casey. No one knows exactly how Caylee died. If I may be permitted to offer my irrelevant opinion, I think this was an accident, and whoever was involved panicked. I dare not offer an opinion insofar as who there. At best, I would only be guessing but I never believed that there was any criminal intent. Casey may be a liar but I have a difficult time believing she would murder her baby.

    • I sign any petition I see that supports George so thanks.

      Wow, that pic of Buckley must have been when he was in 30’s.

    • Wow Hoo Nettles, go get im! Yes, they demanded the railroading of George, they got it, they lost, get over it, and move on.

      I don’t think the threat from Modarres that they will vote him out of office will work out to well for them-

      White alone, percent, 2012 (a) 78.3%
      Black or African American alone, percent, 2012 (a) 16.6%
      American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent, 2012 (a) 0.5%
      Asian alone, percent, 2012 (a) 2.7%
      Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent, 2012 (a) 0.1%
      Two or More Races, percent, 2012 1.9%
      Hispanic or Latino, percent, 2012 (b) 23.2%

    • Thank you for keeping the pressure up Netttles! The leaders of the lynch mob need to be held accountable.

      If nothing else they should not be able to put on their mask and pretend to be moderates when the moment suits them. They are radicals and everyone should know what they are, as Democracy works best when the voters are informed.

  8. I think Gov. Scott ought to send a bill to the organization for security and cleaning. Isn’t the Capital bldg. supposed to be closed and locked at night?

    I seriously doubt that the DreamDemanders will get their way with their demands. Scott appointed a bipartisan commission to review the SYG law, and they recommended no changes. The Fla. legislature, including those from both parties voted for the law overwhelmingly. Scott already told these guys that he will not repeal or alter the SYG laws.

    So who is going to run against Scott and beat him, Ben Crump. LOL

    • You may appreciate this interview. Notice that Agnes does even understand the law. Yet he wants to pick and choose what he wants out of a law he clearly knows little about.


      NOOR: So, Phillip, George Zimmerman, he did not actually use the stand-your-ground law in his defense. Can you explain to us why you so strongly opposed it and why it fits into this bigger picture of racial profiling in Florida?

      AGNEW: Well, it is true that his defense team did not use it in his defense. But it was used liberally in the jury instructions, and many of the jurors have on the record said that that law was the reason they felt they had no other choice but to find him not guilty.


      I live here so I am concerned about this. So far, it has been peaceful but they are still breaking the law. Neither you nor I could sleep there. Anything can trigger a flash point if there numbers grow. At some point, the Capitol will not be able to handle them and things will get uncomfortable inside. Maybe the A/C will break down .

  9. Why does B29 need a lawyer? She wouldn’t be getting any financial gain from this would she???

    Fear and money are both huge motivators. I can understand why she is coming forward and saying the exact things she is saying. I cannot forgive fanning the flames of racial hatred for personal financial gain (Crump, Nat Jax, Tracy, Sylinia), but she also would be a pariah in her own community and live in fear the rest of her life if she did not come forward with the anti-Zimmerman comments.

    Someone in the media should ask her if the violence, rioting, celebrity activism within her own community (and pretty much nobody on GZ’s side besides Larry Elder) has had ANY affect on her “current” opinion.

    • jack203 – We haven’t seen the last of Maddy, imo. The Anthony’s had PRO BONO attorneys that scheduled ALL their National Interviews for them & got them lucrative deals, the attorney was flown w/the Anthony’s on every trip, entertained, etc. Maddy may well get financial gain, if her attorney negotiates deals for her which are are now called “licensing fees,” since Media Outlets can’t outright pay for an interview, there is always a way for the networks to get the money to the person they want interviewed, the attorney’s make it happen.

      HLN/CNN are such low budget cable shows, they don’t pay anything, most wanting to make money prefer to do the big interviews w/the big National Media outlets, they have deeper pockets. Maddy did her interview w/ABC, ABC paid Baez/KC $ 200,000.00 for pictures/videos of Caylee, NBC paid Roy Kronk, the person that found Caylee’s remains $ 10,000.00 for a picture of a snake he killed at the dump site.

  10. “At some point, people need to accept that in this case, the system worked. Charges were brought, a jury was fairly selected, a public trial was held, the state brought its best evidence, and it failed to persuade the jury. To the jury’s credit, they left their personal feelings outside the jury room and decided the case by evaluating the evidence produced in court and the law as instructed by the Judge.” – Jeralyn Merritt


    • Too funny:

      Oh, and an important bit of fact-checking from the delightful idiot Touré, who wants you to know that George Zimmerman is not Hispanic, because he’s actually Peruvian-American, which raises the indescribably delicious questions, “Where does Touré believe Peru is located, and what language does he think is spoken there?”

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